OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/21/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/21/06


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Todd: All right, what do I do?

John: I suggest you pray.


Blair: No!  Todd.

Adriana: All right, what's going on here -- the truth?

Rex: The truth?  None of your business.

Kelly: Yes, exactly.  Now you're getting it.

Duke: This isn't right, Kelly.  This isn't going to solve anything.

Kelly: What?

Hugh: Look, I'm going -- I'm going to go.  Um -- thanks, though.

Kelly: Yeah, it was really good talking to you.

Hugh: Yeah.

Kelly: I'll see you around.  Oh, please.  He was asking me about what I was reading.  I told him about this book and we were talking about fictional characters.

Duke: You were reading in a bar?

Kelly: Just wanted to get out of the house.

Duke: I can see why.  You and dad were really going at it.

Kelly: Yeah, we've been having a rough time lately.  So I just wanted to get out and have a drink and talk about something other than myself.

Duke: I'm really worried about you and dad.

Kelly: So am I.

Kevin: Listen, Dad, I'm -- I'm sorry about everything, you know, that happened.

Clint: It's all right.  It's not a big deal.  Around here, things have to be an absolute disaster before it's a big deal.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I've been going through a rough time with Kelly, ok, and it just -- after I heard about this last go-around with Mom and Jess, you know, I just -- well, in this mature way I have, I took it out on everyone else and you.

Clint: I'd never do something like that.  I'm always in complete control, like last night.  I had this business call to London.  And it wasn't until 10 minutes into the call, this Brit started telling me, "Mr. Buchanan, I can hear you very well indeed," and I realized I'd been screaming.

Kevin: I took a sledgehammer to a wall.

Clint: Hey, that sounds like fun.

Kevin: Yeah.

[Kevin laughs]

Clint: Kevin, I'm glad you're here.  I'm glad this day is coming to an end.

Asa: What?  What -- what in the hell are you two doing here?

Nash: Don't worry, Tess, I'm always going to keep you safe.

Spencer: Margaret and Todd's little son are -- are dead this time for real.

Paige: You're sick.

Spencer: And you know who killed them?  You did, you and Bo -- well, of course, that's the tale that the evidence will tell.  Are you sure you've really thought this through?

Bo: Keep me posted.

Dr. Crosby: Are you all right?

Starr: Mom.

Blair: Starr.  Hey, what woke you up?

Starr: I heard a voice.

Blair: Yeah, that was me.  I'm sorry.  I was having a bad dream.  I'm sorry if I scared you.

Starr: It's not your fault.  It was a bad dream.

Blair: Yeah.  Now, that's all it was.  But you know what?  I think -- I think things are going to get better for us now.  I -- I just believe that.

Starr: Yeah.

Blair: Things are all right between us, aren't they?

Starr: Tell me a story.

Blair: What kind of story you want me to tell you?

Starr: A re one, about when you and dad were happy.  Or can't you remember any of those?

Blair: Yeah.  I can remember a lot of them, baby.  I can remember a lot of them.

Paige: I can't believe you had the nerve to come here.

Spencer: If you're having a sudden attack of conscience, you'd do well to consider the consequences.

Paige: Oh, and you're going to lay them out for me, right?  Because you enjoy watching me suffer.

Spencer: Hey, I'm on your side, Paige.  I'm the one giving you a way out of all this.

Paige: My way out of all this is in that office over there.

Spencer: If you say one word to Bo --

Paige: I'm not saying anything to Bo.

Spencer: What?

Paige: I can't understand why, sick as you are, you want to destroy Bo along with me. What did he ever do to you?

Spencer: He took what belonged to me.

Paige: I never belonged to you, not even when I was with you.  You know, you're giving me two choices.  I can either walk away from Bo for good, maybe spare him the pain of finding out the truth about me, or I can stay and hate myself forever for giving in to you.

Spencer: Why are you moral types always so melodramatic?

Paige: I am not going to set Bo up for a fall.  I love him.  That means I think about what's best for him before I act.

Spencer: Oh, I could make a few suggestions, if you're at a loss.

Paige: Oh, loving someone -- loving someone means taking care of them, making sure they're safe and free and not coerced into loving you.

Spencer: I thought it meant never having to say you're sorry.

Paige: You go ahead.

Spencer: Ahem.

Paige: Make your jokes, have your fun.  But the next time you look into Blair's eyes, ask yourself -- "does she really love me or did I simply give her no choice?"

Spencer: All right, now you'd better be careful.

Paige: You know deep down that if anybody ever really knew you, really knew who you are, they could never, ever love you.

Spencer: We're not talking about my life, Paige.  We're talking about yours, and right now, no matter what you do, it's in my hands.

Bo: Air traffic control lost track of the flight on radar about 15 minutes ago.  And now there's a fire in the mountains on the flight path.

Dr. Crosby: The plane with Manning and Mc Bain, they're saying it crashed?

Bo: They thought so before.  Now they're sure of it.

Asa: I am at Llanfair.  Meet me here pronto.

Kevin: Yeah, I'm sure that dad doesn't mind you setting up a meeting at Mom's house, even though we don't know where Mom is.

Asa: Sue me.  I didn't expect to see half the family here, either.

Clint: Oh, well, of course.  No, you thought the place would be empty.

Asa: Clint, get off your high horse.  You know that Renee does not like surprises.  That woman is -- is very nosy.

Kevin: Oh.  He came here to surprise Renee.

Clint: Oh, yeah.  Well, why didn't I think of that?

Asa: I'm meeting a jeweler here, all right?  How was I supposed to know you were here?

Kevin: What, you couldn't meet this guy someplace else?

Asa: And you.  What is -- what is with the third degree?  I didn't come here to steal the silver.

Kevin: No, no, I didn't think you came here to steal the silver, Grandpa.  Even if you had, I'm pretty sure Lois could take you.

Asa: Uh -- Clint, tell your son never to underestimate another Buchanan.

Clint: Well, I think he knows that, Pa.  Listen, I'm going to go check on Jessica.

Asa: Oh.  Oh, ask her to come down, let her Grandpa give her a big hug.  I haven't seen her lately.

Clint: All right.  I'll see if she's up to it.

Asa: What -- what the hell do you think you're doing?

Kevin: What?  I just thought maybe I'd help you out -- you know, pick out something nice for Kelly.

Asa: Oh.  You want diamonds?  Get your own.  Now, skedaddle.

Kevin: Fine.

Asa: Oh.  Why did you come back in my life, woman?  And who put you there?

Adriana: I thought you and I were really getting somewhere.

Rex: Me, too.

Adriana: So why are you trying to score with Fifi over there?

Rex: I wasn't trying to score with Fifi.  I was trying to score with -- you know, this isn't the first stop I made tonight.  I went by your office first.

Adriana: You did?  Why didn't you come in?

Rex: Well, I wasn't about to interrupt the little chat you were having with your mother.  You were riffing about what a jerk I am.

Adriana: I was not.

Rex: I know what I heard.

Adriana: Even if I was mad at you, why would I tell my mother about it?

Rex: Let me refresh your memory.  You said that the only reason you were nice to me at the party the other night was because you didn't want to be rude and now I'm practically stalking you.  Then there was something about not being able to take a hint.

Adriana: You moron.

Rex: It's all coming back now, right?

Adriana: I was talking about that agent -- Giovanni?

Rex: You were?

Adriana: Call yourself a P.I.?  Your eavesdropping really sucks.

Rex: I don't know.

Adriana: Don't you feel silly now?

Rex: Well, I would if it hadn't happened before.

Paige: Oh, I'm sorry.

Dr. Crosby: No, it's ok.  I'm -- I'm just leaving.  Look, I have got to check in with the brass at I.A.

Bo: Right.

Dr. Crosby: I'll get back to you.

Bo: Ok.

Dr. Crosby: Excuse me.

Paige: Something's happened.

Bo: I was wondering where you went.

Paige: Tell me.

Bo: Ok.  John Mc Bain was escorting Todd Manning to federal prison.

Paige: I know.

Bo: The plane they were on went down.

Paige: Oh, my God.  Oh, my God.

Bo: Paige, listen, we don't know how bad it is yet, honey.

Paige: Oh, I can't stand this.

Bo: Paige --

Paige: Neither of those men should've been on that plane.

Bo: Why would you say that?

Rex: You know, it's not like it was the first time I heard you dissing me to Mommy dearest.

Adriana: I don't know what you're talking about.

Rex: I went over to your house on New Year's Day because I couldn't stop thinking about you, what we almost did in that car.

Adriana: I was thinking about you, too.

Rex: Not the same way, obviously.

Adriana: Would you just tell me what happened?

Rex: Well, the kitchen door was open for some reason, and --

Adriana: Yeah, I remember.  The toaster was smoking.

Rex: And I heard something said about me being "a cheap hustler."

Adriana: Oh, no.

Rex: No, wait, wait, wait -- there's more.  "A cheap hustler who is so comfortable with the lowlifes that Bo uses me as an informant --"

Adriana: Ok, I did say that, but I said a lot more.

Rex: Oh, I'll bet.  I didn't stick around for that.

Adriana: Well, you should have.

Rex: Why?

Adriana: Because you would've heard me say that --

Jolie: Here you are.  I have been so lonely.

Rex: Heard you say what?  What?

Adriana: Uh --

Kelly: You know, when I first got back together with Kevin, I just wanted to fix everything that was broken between us, and when Spencer told me I could have a child, it just seemed like a sign.  You know, we would never forget the baby that we lost, we would never forget Ace, but this was a chance to have a child of our own that we could raise together.

Duke: And now he can't.  So he isn't --

Kelly: No.  And I can't convince him that it doesn't matter.

Duke: Because it does, doesn't it?

Kelly: All I want is him.

[Knock on door]

Nash: Mr. Buchanan.

Clint: So how's my girl?

Nash: Sleeping.  I hate that we sedated her, but it was the right thing to do, right?

Clint: Jamison is good.  He wouldn't give her anything that would hurt the baby.

Nash: When you just called her your "little girl" just now, did you mean Tess?

Clint: She's my daughter, just as much as Jessie.

Nash: Yeah, that's an easy idea in theory, you know, but I was just looking at a picture of Jessie, Jessica.

Clint: Yeah.  You having second thoughts?

Nash: Always having second thoughts, third, fourth.  There'd be something wrong with me if I wasn't, right?  Oh, no, if you're asking if I'm bailing on Tess, no, sir.  What we have, it's the real thing.  Tess and that baby are the only family I've got.

Paige: No, it's just a -- a small plane in this weather.    They never -- they never should have taken off.

Bo: Oh, hey. What --

Paige: No, more people are dead, they're dead.

Bo: Don't -- honey, we don't know for a fact that they are dead.

[Phone rings]

Bo: I got to take this.  Buchanan.  All right, I'll be right down.  A fax is coming in about the crash.  I don't want to wait around for somebody to bring it up.

Paige: Yeah, no, no, go, go.

Bo: Ok, you stay here, though.  I want to talk to you.

Paige: I'll be here when you get back.  I know how much John means to you.

Bo: Thanks, honey.

Paige: Margaret, that little baby, and now John and Todd.  Oh.  Damn you, Spencer.  When is this going to end?

Blair: Who is it?

Spencer: Spencer.  Open up.

Blair: Um -- look, Spencer, I can't let you in.

Spencer: What do you mean, you can't let me in?  Open up.  Come on, what's -- what's going on?  Are you all right?

Blair: I still love Todd.  And nothing is ever going to change that.

John: What happened?

Todd: The plane crashed.

John: We came in too fast.

Todd: No kidding.

John: Easy.

Todd: You landed it.

John: I don't remember much.

Todd: It's just as well.  Where are the keys?

John: Where's my gun?

Todd: It's probably still on the plane.  We got to get the keys.

John: No.  Soon, these fuel thanks -- these fuel tanks -- we got to get out of here.  Listen to me.  We got to move, man.  Let's move!

Todd: Ugh.

John: Got to move.

 Jolie: And they say it is the French who are standoffish.

Rex: Well, I can't imagine anyone ever saying that about you.

Hugh: Jolie, Michelle left already, so I can get you a cab back to your hotel, if you like.

Jolie: Oh, this man is the pooper de la party, no?

Adriana: Isn't she adorable, with her little accent?

Jolie: And you -- you are the extra wheel, no?

Adriana: My French is so rusty.  Ditez-moi, Mademoiselle, en Francais, comment-on dit "drunk," "slut?"

Rex: Yeah, that's going to help.

Jolie: Ah.  Tu parles francais?

Adriana: 12 years of convent school, honey.

Jolie: Alors, tu comprend  quand je dit que tu est non  seulement une perdante --

Adriana: Allons thee, bitch.

Jolie: Ah.  Un moment.  Let go of me!

Adriana: You and me -- we're going to go phone the taxi.

Rex: I didn't know Adriana could speak French.  Huh.

Hugh: Good accent, too.

Rex: You think they're going to kill each other?

Hugh: It kind of looks that way.

Rex: I guess we should stop it.

Hugh: Yeah.

Rex: It's kind of great, though, huh?

Hugh: Girl fight?

Rex: Well, yeah, no, that.  But what I was thinking was for just once, the girls to be the stupid jerks.

Hugh: Hmm.

Kelly: I don't know what I'm going to do.

Duke: I just wish there was something I could do to help.

Kelly: You're listening.  That means a lot.  And Kevin doesn't want help from anyone right now.  I'm going to go splash some cold water on my face.  You know, Fitzgerald always makes me kind of weepy.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Yeah?

Duke: Yeah, it's me, Dad.

Kevin: What's up?

Duke: I -- I'm at Ultra Violet.  And I ran into Kelly.

Kevin: Yeah?

Duke: Yeah.  I think you should come down here, Dad.

Asa: What kept you?

Man: I'm early.

Asa: With what I am paying you, you don't dare argue with me.  So why?

Man: Why what?

Asa: "Why what?"  What -- what kind of a private eye are you?  Why was that photo of a dead woman that I knew years ago left in my lodge on a night that I don't remember a damn thing?

P.I.: Look, I got a hold of the woman's medical records, her death certificate.  There wasn't a lot to go on, so I headed out west to the woman's last known residence, and I did some digging.  And I heard so pretty -- well, I heard some pretty interesting stories about that woman and you.

Spencer: Come on, Blair, open up.  Please?

Blair: I'm sorry, but I can't do this.

Spencer: Can't do what?  What has happened?

Blair: Look at you.  You're -- you're here with a flower?  Like you want to start up some romance.  We can't start anything, Spencer.

Spencer: You look upset.

Blair: Well, yeah, I'm upset.  Look, I'm -- I'm trying to be straight with you.  We were together because you wanted me.

[Spencer sighs]

Blair: And I needed you.

Spencer: I think it was a little more than that.

Blair: Well, then I'm sorry.  You know, I shouldn't have used you that way.  And I still love Todd.  I hate what he did, but I still love him, and I can't just switch off my feelings like that.

Spencer: Well, I'm not asking you to.

Blair: Yeah, you are.  You're asking more than I can offer.

Spencer: You told me you were over him, Blair.

Blair: Look, on New Year's Eve, I sat outside his jail cell and I held his hand.  I was there with him because I didn't want him to be alone, and I told him that I loved him.

Spencer: Well, you were just doing the right thing, that's all.

Blair: I told him the truth.

Spencer: Well, I remember the night you and I spent together, and --

Blair: So do I.  I was just trying to numb myself from the pain.  I was trying to forget and pretend that the man that I love didn't matter to me.

Spencer: He's gone, Blair. It's over.

Blair: Well, that's where you're wrong, Spencer, because, see, it's never over with Todd and me.  And I -- you know, I -- I don't -- I don't want to use you.  And -- we had sex, or slept together because of my need, and for your sake, it just can't happen again.

Spencer: No, it wasn't out of need, and it wasn't just sex, either, not for either one of us.

Blair: Well, I'm sorry, it was for me.

Spencer: Listen, we are not done here.

Todd: Hey.  Hey.  Come on, wake up.  Hey, hey, wake up.  John, wake up.  Come on.  Come on.  Wake up. 

Adriana: And if you think you're fooling anyone with this "I've had too much to drink" routine you can just forget it!  All right?

Hugh: Adriana, it's not a routine, ok?  Just let me get her back to her hotel, all right?  Please don't let her throw up in my car.

Adriana: I didn't know you were there.

Rex: Never had a girl fight for me before.  Not bad.

Adriana: Yeah, well, next time you're annoyed with me, could you just tell me instead of trying to come on to the first bimbo you see?

Rex: Hey, she was a model.

Adriana: I'm a model.  You want to fawn over a model, you make sure it's me, all right?

[Phone rings]

Adriana: Do you want to get that?

Rex: It's about a case I'm working on.

Adriana: Well, then take it.  But answer one question.  Are we in this, whatever "this" is, or aren't we?

Rex: When I came by your office, I was bringing flowers.  If you had seen the card I put with them, you'd have your answer to that question.


Adriana: What flowers?  Where are they?

Rex: I'm tired of making things easy for you.  Talk to me.

Nash: So how's Jessica's -- um -- Niki Smith?

Clint: Yeah, she's still riding the wind, but I got people searching for her.  And with you back to look after Tess, that helps a lot.

Kevin: "Look after Tess?"

Nash: Oh --

Kevin: That's a bad idea, dad.  This guy is the key to keeping Jessica's alter around.  Why are you encouraging that?

Clint: Kevin, Nash brought Tess back when he didn't even have to.  She wanted to run.  If he had agreed to that, I'd never see Jessie again.

Kevin: Well, she's back now, ok?  The more he hangs around, the harder it will be for my sister to come back out.

Nash: Do you have any idea how much I didn't want to come back?  Tess wanted us to disappear, to run away, to start over so that she would never have to see you all again.  Unfortunately, I know better.  I understand what we're dealing with here, how dangerous it is.  But, having said that, I'm getting a little bit sick of you and Natalie and that Antonio guy hearing only what you want to hear.  When are you going to get it through your thick skulls that Tess is right in there?  She's real.  How we feel about each other -- it's kind of real.  The fact -- hello? -- The fact that she's probably carrying my baby -- that's very, very real.

Clint: Kevin, he's right about that.

Nash: You know, because I care about Tess, I'm going to go back in there so that she doesn't have to wake up alone with no family.

Clint: Kevin, don't.

[Door opens and closes]

Clint: Son, this is the way it has to be done.

Asa: I gave you 50 grand.

P.I.: I know.

Asa: And all you know is that a woman is dead, and I knew her?  I know I knew her.  But the question is, who around here knows that?  And who left this anonymous gift?

P.I.: Mr. Buchanan, are you all right?

Asa: Oh, I just feel like -- like somebody's sitting on my chest, is all.

P.I.: Yeah, well, should I call somebody or --

Asa: No, no.  Just give me the answers for what I paid for.

P.I.: Well, the dirt I dug up -- it could be a little more expensive.

Asa: Huh.  You -- you are one oily, slick son of bitch.  I -- I gave you 50 grand, and you gave me nothing but old news.

P.I.: Yeah, well, it's just that I've been putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and from what I can figure --

Asa: Now, you tell me what you know, because I'm going to count to three.  I'm going to ask you to start talking, or I swear, I'll blow --

P.I.: All right, the woman --

Asa: I'll blow your damn head off!

P.I.: The woman!

Asa: What woman?

P.I.: The woman -- she had two kids.

Asa: Oh -- wait.

P.I.: Sons.

Asa: Ah -- wait, what?  She had --

P.I.: The woman from the picture --

Asa: She had two sons?

P.I.: Two illegitimate sons.  Mr. Buchanan -- somebody help us!  Somebody help us.  Please, this man needs help.

Clint: Pa?  What the hell happened?

P.I.: Look, we were just talking.  He grabbed his -- his chest and he passed out.

Clint: Pa, can you hear me?  Pa?  Just don't stand there.  Call 911!  Come on, Asa, talk to me.  Talk to me, Asa.

Paige's voice: I can't understand why, sick as you are, you want to destroy Bo along with me.  What did he ever do to you?

Spencer: He took what belonged to me.

Paige: This is about more than me.  It has to be.

Spencer: I know that you love Todd, and you've loved him all along, and I've accepted that.

Blair: Oh -- the worst thing I could have done in all of this was turn to you.

Spencer: No, no, no --

Blair: Yes, it --

Spencer: That's not right.

Blair: Yes!  It was wrong.  And it wasn't fair to you.

Spencer: Well, why don't you let me decide what's fair for?

Blair: You know what?  I'm sick of people making decisions for me, even you, Spencer.  And you have no right to get angry at me about that.

Spencer: I'm sorry.  It's just that I care about you so, so very much.  And I cannot stand to see you go through this alone.

Blair: Well, you're wrong about that, too.  Because I'm not alone.  I have my kids.

Spencer: Oh, yeah, I know.  And you feel guilty because of them also.

Blair: No.

Spencer: I saw the way Starr treated you the night that I brought you home.  She was furious at you for being out with me.

Blair: Of course she was furious with me.  She had every right to be furious with me, and -- a lot of reasons.

Spencer: I'm not going to let you spend the rest of your life with no one to love you.  I'm not going to let you do it to yourself or to us.

Blair: Spencer --

Spencer: Listen, I understand that you still love Todd, but you and your children need to face the fact that he is not coming back.  You know I'm right.  You are never going to see Todd again.

Todd: Mc Bain!  John, wake up!  Wake up.  Wake up!  Come on, you son of a bitch!  Don't you die on me.  I didn't kill anybody!  You die on me, I swear to God, I'm going to kill you.  Get up!

John: Please, just get off me and shut up.  Try to give me mouth-to-mouth, I'll kill you.

[John coughs]

Todd: You're welcome.

Tess: Stop fighting.

Nash: Sorry.  Go back to sleep.

Tess: Antonio --

Nash: No, it's me, Nash.

Tess: No, no -- his baby --

Nash: What?

Tess: It could be --

Nash: I know.  It's ok.

Tess: I ruined that test.

Nash: I know.  It's ok, go back to sleep.

Tess: I didn't want to know it was Antonio's baby.

Clint: Asa, open your eyes.  Yeah.  Did you get a call to send an ambulance to 117 Regency Drive?  Would you tell them to hurry?  Yeah.  It's Asa Buchanan.  I don't know.  I think he's had a heart attack.

Kelly: Thanks for listening.

Duke: I -- I did something.

Kelly: What?

Duke: I called my dad.  And I told him to come down here.

Kelly: Is he coming?

Duke: He didn't say.

Kelly: Well, it's probably best if he doesn't come.  You know, we need a little space right now, and -- it's just that we're both so sad.

Duke: Kelly, hey, come here.

Adriana: Ew, ick.  Ugh.  This must be love.  Didn't even tell me that this is where he --

Adriana: White roses.  My favorite.

Adriana: "You deserve a whole garden of these.  Rex."

Spencer: Thanks for letting me in.  Listen, I just want to be clear about something.  You keep talking about my feelings and how you feel like you've taken advantage of me.  Let me tell you that there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you, Blair.  Especially if it means extinguishing some of these bad feelings and memories about Todd.  You understand?

Blair: Well, you can't do that.  No one can.

Spencer: Are you absolutely sure?

Blair: Ok, you know what?  I -- said I can't forget about Todd.  I didn't say I wasn't attracted to you.  And you have been there for me through the worst time in my life, but, Spencer, I am not going to use you to forget about Todd.  It won't work.  You know that and so do I.

Spencer: Ok.  If you want to punish yourself for loving the wrong man for too long, then there's nothing I can do about it.  You want to tell yourself your feelings for me are not important -- if you want to close off the feelings that I know you have for me -- fine, there's nothing I can do about that, either.  But I remember the night we spent together.  And you were not just going through the motions.  You were not just taking comfort where you could find it.  You felt what I felt, Blair.  It was very real.  And when you're ready to let yourself feel that again, then you let me know.

Paige: Have you heard anything?

Bo: They think they've found where the plane went down, and the state police are organizing a search and rescue.

Paige: Is it possible anyone survived?

Bo: They'd have to be real lucky.

Paige: Oh, please, God.  Oh, please.

John: Wallace?  Craig?  Anybody hear me?

[John coughs]

Todd: All right.  I'm going to get us out of here.  And I'm going to prove to you once and for all I'm innocent.

John: Wallace!  Yeah, well, you'd better focus on the getting-out part.  Because if we don't find shelter soon, we're going to freeze to death.  Wallace?  Come on.  Craig?  Come on.  Wallace!

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Adriana: How about the mystery of your love life?  Think you ever might want to straighten that out?

Nash: I need you to keep fighting to be with me, no matter what happens.

Natalie: They spotted the wreckage from the air.  They doubt that there were any survivors.

John: What's it going to be?  Live or die, you choose.

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