OLTL Transcript Wednesday 2/1/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/1/06


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Rex: Hey, man, how's it going?

Inmate: They still let you wander around free, Balsom?

Rex: Ah, you know, so far, so good.

Guard: Can it, meat.

Rex: You slip in the shower?

Todd: I can take care of myself.

Rex: Yeah, looks like you're doing a hell of a job.

Todd: Ahem. I've been in here before. I can handle anything they throw at me. What I can't handle is life without Blair.

Adriana: I'm alone, I'm alone.

Blair: If I have to look at another reporter --

Adriana: The doorman's keeping them all out.

Blair: Well, they have a way of slipping through the cracks and past the doorman.

Adriana: Well, don't worry, I think the doorman sealed all the cracks.

[Blair sighs]

Adriana: Can I talk to my mother?

Blair: What makes you think she's here?

Adriana: Well, she wasn't at home.  I -- I figured, where else would she be?

Dorian: Everybody out.  This was a brilliant idea.  I'm telling you, that bar was so noisy, I could hardly hear myself drink.  Did I just say I could hardly hear myself drink?

Clint: Yeah.

Dorian: I mean "think."

Clint: Well, it's so noisy down there, you couldn't hear yourself think.

Dorian: That's what I just said.

Clint: I know that.  This will be a lot quieter, I can guarantee.  In fact, it will be -- you will be able to hear yourself drink.  Go on.

Dorian: Let's try it out.  And you know, I find it so impressive when room service beats you to the room.  Yum, yum, yum.  Mmm.

Clint: Yeah, well, it helps a little bit that your stepmother owns the place.

Dorian: Ah, yes.

Waiter: May I uncork the wine for you, sir?

Clint: No, no, no, that's awfully bad luck.  That's bad.  I've been opening my own bottle since I was a pup of about 18.  You take care.

Waiter: Thank you.

Clint: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: I'm feeling too short here.  Just a moment.  That's better.

Clint: There you are.  Wow, this is -- uh --

Dorian: Deja vu?

Clint: Yeah. You took the French right out of my mouth.  I'm going to uncork my wine.  Want to watch.

John: Did my name come up?

Evangeline: It was out of concern, John.  We really we not trying --

John: It's ok.

Evangeline: To talk about you.

John: It's ok, no explanations necessary.  I'll -- I'll see if I can have Dr. Crosby send over my chart for you.

Cristian: Nothing like a little tension to cut the tension, huh?  Look, it's getting a little crowded for me in here.  I'm going to take off.  If Antonio comes back, tell him I went home, ok?

Evangeline: Ok.  See ya.

Cristian: See ya.

Antonio: Damn it.

Nash: Voicemail again?

Antonio: Yes.

Nash: Yeah.

Antonio: Voicemail.

Nash: Are you sure that it was that the sound of screeching tires that you heard when the phone got cut off?

Antonio: I think so.  I don't know.

Nash: You don't know.  Well, that's great.  You don't know?  Jessica, Viki, and the baby -- who knows what kind of trouble they could be in.

Antonio: You have any suggestions?

Nash: Well, you can stand here and talk to Viki's voicemail as long as you'd like, but I'm going to find them.

Antonio: You're not going anywhere, pal.

Tess: Leave me alone! Go find your own cabin!

Niki: Jeez, ain't you the little princess!  You grabbed the steering wheel!  You drove the car into a ditch!  Now you're yelling at me?  I think you got this backwards.  You know, my back hurts and my feet are freezing.  From now on, you're going to be listening to me!

Niki: Hang on.  Must be a key here.  See, smarty?  Get out of way.  Ta-da!

Tess: So help me God, there better be a phone in here.

Niki: Oh, yeah, or what?

Tess: You're lucky.

Niki: Oh, great -- no electricity. You know what?  If you hadn't stranded us in the middle of nowhere, we'd be just fine because my cell phone was working until you broke it.

Tess: You know, you're really getting on my nerves, so why don't you just shut up for now, ok?  And there's no dial tone.

Niki: Surprise. You know what?  We're going to get to do our little mommy-daughter thing.

Nash: You touch me again, you'll wish you hadn't, pal.

Antonio: Look, just don't go running off without thinking, that's all.  All right, you don't even know where Jessica and Viki were going, and besides, you don't even know if it was Jessica or Viki.

Nash: You think it might've been Tess?

Antonio: Look, all I know is we're not getting anywhere by scratching and clawing, trying to see who gets to her first.

Nash: All right, so what's your brilliant plan, pal?

Bo: No, Paige, it's ok.  Look, that's what doctors do.  I don't think Carl would mind if we pushed the reservation back by 20 minutes.  Ok. I love you, too.  I'll see you soon.  Hey, Carl, I just heard from Dr. Miller and she's running a little late, so might be another 20 minutes or so?

Carl: You know that's never a problem.  Anyway, you've got your brother here to keep you company.

Bo: Clint's here?  Where?

Carl: Yeah, well, he was sitting right there at the end of the bar.  Maybe he's in the men's room.

Bo: Oh.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Ok, thanks.  Excuse me.

Carl: Sure.

Bo: Bo Buchanan.

Antonio: Hey, Bo, it's Antonio.  Listen, I've been looking for Clint, no one seems to know where he is.

Bo: Yeah, he's right here.  He's at The Palace.  Why, what's up?

Antonio: Jessica and Viki.  They're missing.  They might be in trouble.

Tess: Oh. Come on.  Oh, give me a signal, please?

Niki: Hey, I got a great idea! Go stand on the roof! Maybe you'll fall off. You ain't going to get a signal until it stops snowing.

Tess: You're a pessimistic pig and you're useless.

Niki: Oh, yeah?  Why don't you watch miss useless light the fire and save us from freezing our keisters off.

Tess: Well, fire's not going to help you.  You are the coldest, meanest --

Niki: You know what? I'm saving your butt. Just say "thank you."

Tess: You did this on purpose.  This was your plan all along!  You wanted to bring me here --

Niki: My plan?  Did I turn the steering wheel?  Did I take the car off the road?

Tess: You are just as much to blame for this as I am.

Niki: Oh, you figure?  Was it my voice in your head told you to do that?  Listen, you got to face what you are up against, ok?  You're a loser.  You'll always be a loser.  Jessica will always be the winner.  One of these days, when Jessie don't need you no more, she's going to dump you and she's going to ride off into the sunset with Mr. Boyfriend Nash.  And Tess ain't going to be around anymore!

Tess: Stop.  Stop it.  Stop it!

Jessica: Mom!

David: Spencer, pick up the phone or I'll just keep calling.  You know, you can't avoid me after you told me what you did to Kevin.  All right, fine, I'm coming over there, then -- and don't think that I've forgotten how to break into a locked door.  How am I going to break into that locked door?

Natalie: I told Jessica --

Cristian: I didn't think -- look, I was -- I was going to leave, so why don't you stay?

John: A beer, anything in a bottle.  Thanks.

Evangeline: John. I am worried about you.

John: Well, look, if this is about what happened at the church, I didn't do anything wrong.

Evangeline: Well, I know you.  Something is eating at you.  And if it's not that, then what?

John: I'm not even sure anymore.

Evangeline: I hope that means you're thinking about talking to Dr. Crosby again.

Adriana: How are the kids?

Blair: Well, Jack, I don't think any of this has sunk in, and Starr, she's -- she's hanging in there.  But know what, I don't want to talk about Todd.

Adriana: I'm sorry.

Blair: No, don't, don't apologize.  I just -- I just want to talk about something positive and good.  So, you can tell me how it's going over at "Craze."

Adriana: Great, thanks to you.  Although I'm sure you're ready to throw your cell phone under a truck every time you see it's me calling.

Blair: Oh, that's not true, I like hearing from you.  I like to know that you're asking questions and I can answer them.  I feel like I have a life outside of here.

Adriana: Well, everybody really misses you.

Blair: I miss them, too.  But the staff says that you're doing great guns over there.  I mean, you make me proud.

Adriana: Thanks.  Yeah, mom and I are really enjoying it -- not at the same time.

Blair: Well, that's one thing that's never going to change and that's Dorian.  So, how are things with you and Duke?

Adriana: Not so much.

Blair: Oh, I'm sorry.  You know, that's right.  Kelly or Dorian or somebody mentioned that you guys broke up.  It's my mind.  I have a hard time.  I need to focus.

Adriana: Blair, don't worry.  My love life has to be pretty far down your list of priorities.

Blair: Oh, stop it.  I care about you.  So, I mean, come on, are you seeing anybody else?

Adriana: Uh -- it's not worth getting into.

Blair: Oh, come on.

Adriana: No, you know, I have a great job and that's where my focus should be.

Blair: It's not a 24-hour job and I'm sure there's time for other things.  Now, if you find some other man that's making you happier than Duke Buchanan, you should go.

Adriana: Oh, Blair, don't get me started.  He is more work than an 8:00-to-5:00, ok?  He's crude and arrogant, annoying, irritating -- extremely irritating.  You see, he comes off as this bad boy, but deep down he's really good.  And he's everything a mother tells her daughter to stay away from.  But you know what?  I can't stop thinking about him.

Blair: Yeah.  I know the feeling.

Todd: You got good news for me?

Rex: I wish.

Todd: What about Denton?

Rex: I've been looking for him, but he's a ghost.

Todd: Is he dead?

Rex: No, I don't think so.  It's just he always seems to be one step ahead of me and anyone else who might be looking for him.

Todd: What makes you say that?

Rex: The dude's slippery.  I tracked him to one hotel, but just missed him.  I spotted his truck at another hotel and he slipped out.  The guy's definitely on the move.

Todd: Yeah. He's got something to hide.

Rex: Yeah, you think?

Todd: You got to find this guy.  He's my only chance of getting out of here, proving that I'm innocent.

Rex: Look, with all due respect, it is going to take a ton of proving to overturn the conviction.

Todd: I don't care about the conviction, I care about Blair.  I want to prove it to her.

Rex: That's all well and good, but she is not the one who's going to let you walk out that front gate.

Todd: Well, I don't care about walking out the front gate if she's not there waiting for me.

Rex: Do they have mirrors in here?  If they do, you should look into one because you are not going to make it if you don't get sprung.  And being dead is not going to help your relationship with Blair.

Todd: You don't get it.  I have screwed up so many times with her and I've been guilty and she's forgiven me.  This time I'm not guilty, I'm innocent, and she won't forgive me and I don't know why.  Something's keeping her from --

Guard: Everybody out.  Happy hour's over, hmm?  Come on, Manning.

Todd: Hey, I want you to find Denton.  Get whatever he knows to Evangeline.  If you see Blair --

Inmate: You have a nice visit, baby killer?  Almost time for fun and games in the yard!

Todd: Oh!

Bo: Yeah, Lois, but if you hear from Clint or Viki, I want you to call me right away, all right?  Thank you.

Carl: Chief, found your brother.  He's in suite 2115.

Bo: My brother's staying with my father.  So why would he check in here?  Doesn't make any sense.

[Dorian sighs]

Clint: Here is the glass of wine.

Dorian: Thank you so much.

Clint: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: You wouldn't be plying me with liquor, would you?

Clint: I don't know.

Dorian: You sure you're not trying to get me drunk or drunker?

Clint: Why would I do that?

Dorian: Duh. To have your way with me.

Clint: We're in a suite, sharing some cheese and some wine.  Just because I eat cheese with you, that doesn't mean I want to have sex with you.

Dorian: Really?

Clint: You know, in fact, if I wanted to have an affair, I don't think that I would pick you.

Dorian: Hey, Clint, don't mince words.  Tell me exactly how you feel.

David: Spencer!  Open up!  Spencer!

Dorian: Oh, no.  That's David.  Spencer's room must be on the same floor that we are.

Clint: Oh, good.

Dorian: "Good?"

Jessica: Mom?  Mommy?  Please, I need your help.

Niki: You know what, Jessica, this ain't about you, ok?  Stay out of it.  This is between me and Tess.

Tess’ voice: Get out, Jessica.  Get out!

Jessica: This isn't about you, it's about my baby.  I need to make sure it's all right.

Niki: Tess, snap out of it!

Tess: Shut up!  I can't think!  Stop talking!

Niki: Hey, that's not you thinking, that's Jessica thinking.  If you give it up to her right now, you know what's going to happen?  It'll be all over.  Is that what you want?  You want to be a puppet?

Jessica's voice: Don't listen to her.  She's the one pulling the strings.

Niki: Look, I know a hell of a lot more about this than either one of you.  You give up now, Tess, and it's over, it's finished, and you can just wave goodbye to Jessica and the little old winemaker!

Tess: You leave me alone.  I told you leave me alone and just shut up!

David: Spencer, open the damn door!  I know you're in there, Spencer!

Bo: Hey, Clint?

Dorian: No!

Bo: It's an emergency.  I can't get ahold -- what are you -- I've been trying to call you for a half-hour, and you're, what, you're in here, you're locked in a room with Dorian?

Dorian: Can we please close the door before what began as a somewhat awkward moment turns into something really humiliating?

David: What the --

Dorian: Too late.

Adriana: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean the conversation to get steered towards Todd.

Blair: Oh, come on.  Everything makes me think of Todd these days.  You say chair, I see him sitting in it.  That's why it hurts so much, and I'm just hoping that tomorrow it won't hurt as much.

Adriana: Maybe it wouldn't hurt so much if you left some hope in your heart.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello?  Um -- yeah.  Sure, send him up.  Huh.  Why in the world would Rex Balsom want to talk to me about anything?

Adriana: Rex is here, now, coming up at the door?

Blair: Oh, your bad boy.

Adriana: You have to help me, please.

Blair: What?  I told him that he could come up.

Adriana: Well, no, I've already seen him once tonight, ok?  I can't see him again.  I can't handle it.

Blair: Ok, relax, relax, relax.  We'll figure -- here, just go upstairs.

Adriana: Ok.

Blair: There you go.  Take your coffee!

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Yeah.  That's mine, but -- ugh.  Hey, Rex.  What's going on?

Rex: Sorry to bug you like this, but it won't take long.

Blair: I actually know why you're here, anyway.

Rex: Great, because he can't do this without you.

Blair: "He?"

Rex: Yeah.  Todd.


John: I'm not going back to Crosby.  Internal Affairs isn't there to build you up, they're there to tear you down.

Evangeline: What if he can help?

John: Help what?  At the end of the day, I did my job.  And you know what?  If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a damn thing.  I walked away, Mike walked away, the bad guy won't be walking the streets anymore.  And for all that I got suspended from active duty, so I guess it doesn't matter much anyway, does it?  Now, if you'll excuse me, I just want to drink my drink in peace.

Natalie: Excuse me, I'd like to go get a drink.  Hey.  I heard what happened today with Michael.

John: Yeah, well, guess that's life.  Or maybe it's the opposite, I don't know.

Natalie: Don't be so glib.  What are you going to do?

John: Well, I'll tell you what I'm not going to do.  I'm not going to jump through any more psych evaluation hoops.

Natalie: So you're quitting?

John: I only want to be on one side of the job.  I can't fight both sides.

Natalie: Where do you belong, John?

John: Right now, I don't know.

Natalie: Then why did you save me?  Why didn't you just let me rot in that pit that Hayes threw me in, let me die?

John: What kind of question is that?

Natalie: The answer is because you're a cop.  That's what cops do -- good ones, anyway -- they save people.  I know you're hurting, but give this so time.

John: I don't need any more of your "bare your soul" speeches.  You know, I've already been getting it from -- from the doctor, I got it from Evangeline.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I'm not Evangeline.  And the doctor?  Dr. Crosby doesn't know his butt from a nervous tic.

John: Yeah, well, that's not what you said before.

Natalie: Look, I didn't think it would hurt for you to go see him.  Not because I thought that he could cure the flawed Mc Bain, but at least he could help you get your badge back.

John: What's your motive here?  Huh?  I mean, you really think there's a chance in hell that I can be cured?

Natalie: Don't you think that you overreacted just a tiny bit when you fired three shots into some junkie in a church?  I'm not saying that you need a shrink.  Look, I -- I know you.  I know you deal with your problems in your own way -- maybe not the best ways -- but you will pull through this.

John: Nobody can solve my problems, let alone Crosby.

Natalie: But he can get you reinstated.  Come on, just play the stupid game, ok?

John: Ok.

Natalie: Ok?  Just like that, "ok?"

John: Just like that.  I hurt you and I hurt Evangeline.  I mean, I'm just tired of, you know, of hurting the people that I care about.  So if it'll make you all happy for me to answer some of Crosby's questions, then so be it.

Natalie: Maybe it'll help.

John: Huh.  Well, I -- uh -- I doubt that very much, but I'll do it, anyway.  Probably should've done it a long time ago.

Evangeline: I'm not looking at that -- and neither should you.

Cristian: Good plan.  I think you're much more interesting, anyway.

Evangeline: We both are.  And we are here to have a good time, ostensibly.  And that's not a good time for us back there.  I'm not letting them ruin my evening.

Cristian: Ok.  I'm in.  So what do you say we dance?

Antonio: Yeah, thanks, Bo.

Nash: Well?

Antonio: He found Clint and he's bringing him up to speed.  They're going to meet us here in a couple minutes.

Nash: Look, we don't have the luxury of waiting.  The snow is really starting to come down.  If something just happened --

Antonio: Look, Viki won't let anything happen to Jessica or her grandchild.

Nash: What makes you so sure that it's Viki who Jessica's with?

Niki: Couple cans of tuna out there if you're hungry.

Tess: Tuna has mercury in it.  Read some crap somewhere that it's bad for the baby.

Niki: Ain't you going to be the sweetest little mommy.

Tess: I'm so not getting into this with you.

Niki: Fine.  Ugh!  Ok.  Eventually, kid, we're going to have to figure out a way to get out of this dump.

Tess: "We?"

Niki: Yeah.

Tess: Oh, that's cute.  That's really cute.  You care about one person and one person only -- that's Niki Smith.  You don't give a damn about me except to play some games.  I'm not playing anymore.

Niki: Ain't we getting a little Tess-ty?

Tess: I hate you.  I hate you!  I am not listening to another word that comes out of your lying mouth.  You're a manipulative liar.

Niki: Me?  Nah.  Your boyfriend's the liar, kid.  He lied about his drug-addicted girlfriend, lied about how he feels about Jessica.

Tess: I'm not listening to this anymore.  I'm going to sit in the car.

Niki: Oh, that's a great idea!  Really, really good idea.  You know what?  While you're out there, you should write a little story, like, for "The Banner."  It could be a farewell story.  You could write about how your fingers are getting numb and -- and you're all cold and you're getting sleepy, because that's what happens just before you freeze to death.  Oh, make sure you write about the baby and how t baby was only survived by the father -- well, you can't write about that because we don't know who the father is.  Never mind, we'll fill that bit in later.

Tess: You're a bitch.

Niki: You know what?  Get lost. Who's begging you to stay?  Oh, man, look at it snow.  You know what, you're going have to write a little quicker because the end is going to come a lot faster.

Tess: I won't give you the pleasure.

Niki: Hmm.

Tess: I can deal with you.

Niki: And I thought you could.  I remember hearing you say, "I will only talk to Niki Smith."  No?  "I will only talk --" yeah, that's what I heard.  So here I am.  Talk.

David: What is this?  You having a fling with Clint?  Are you aware that he's a Buchanan?

Dorian: Things are not necessarily --

Bo: You know what, we don't have time for this.  Viki and Jess are missing.

Clint: What?

Bo: I don't have any details, but Nash and Antonio, they're waiting for us at Capricorn, so --

Clint: Well, let's get going.

Bo: All right.  Excuse me.

Dorian: Oh, dear.  Clint, let me know how things turn out, all right?

Clint: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dorian: I tell you, he is so concerned about Viki and Jessica.  Clint has really turned out to be a very caring and compassionate man.

Blair: So you went to see Todd again?

Rex: I just came from his home away from home, and he's not looking too good.  Seems as though his buddies at the prison are treating him like a piñata.

Blair: Ok, you know what, I -- I don't want to hear any of that.

Rex: I'm sorry.  But you didn't see the look on his face when I mentioned your name.  I know what it's like to screw things up with someone you lo-- uh -- with someone that you care about, to the point where they can't even look at you in the eye. It blows.

Blair: Well, Todd really screwed things up.

Rex: No doubt.  But you had a life together, kids.  Now, he swears he's innocent, and, I got to tell you, I don't know what to believe.  But for what it's worth, life isn't worth anything to him without you.

Blair: Well, thank you for that bit of information, but you should go.

Adriana: I had no idea he was here to talk about Todd.

Blair: What are they doing to him in there?

Adriana: I'm so sorry, Blair.

Blair: Adriana, can you stay here for a while?  Jack and Starr are going to be coming back from the library.  I just -- I want to -- I need to take care of something.

Adriana: Of course.  No problem.

Blair: Ok, thank you.

Evangeline: You want me to dance with you?

Cristian: Why not?

Evangeline: Maybe because I don't want to be dangled like a biscuit in front of a -- female dog.

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Evangeline: You, me, dancing, Natalie jealous?

Cristian: Maybe I just like to dance with pretty women.  It might just add to my inspiration for your painting.

[Music plays]

Natalie: No way.

John: Way.  Hey, hey, hey.  Look, I've made mistakes by not listening to advice, so think before you act.

Natalie: Don't worry.

John: I'm worried.

Natalie: Ahem.  Excuse me.  May I cut in?

Evangeline: Woof.

Natalie: Sorry, I'm not trying to start anything.  I just need to talk to Cristian, alone, if you don't mind.

Evangeline: Yeah, I mind.  But this is just too weird.  The biscuit will be over there.

Cristian: Don't go too far.  If you think that was all about ticking you off, it wasn't.

Natalie: Sorry, I just didn't realize the pickings were so slim.  I mean, you do have over 20 women you could be dancing with, and you chose Evangeline.

Cristian: Because Evangeline is my friend.  She's my good friend.  She fought for me, got me out of prison, and there's no reason why I should feel guilty for dancing with her.

Natalie: Isn't this because I took sides with John?

Cristian: You know, I'm glad I saw that.  Because I took one look at John tonight and I realized I feel bad for him.  I really do.  I would never want to be him.

Natalie: You two are nothing alike.

Cristian: Oh, and believe me, I am very blessed.  See, I spent a year in Statesville and that place is full of guys like Mc Bain -- tough guys, you know, with tattoos on their necks, flexing their clout, hiding their hurt.  I can't think of anything sorrier than being a John Mc Bain.

Natalie: What about being a Cristian Vega.

Cristian: Well, you can pull out a calendar and erase that year of my life because I got a new calendar.  I had you penciled in on the first day -- and the next and the next, but didn't really work out the way I thought it would.  And then there was that kiss in Angel Square, where I felt something.

Natalie: What did you feel?

Cristian: I don't know, you might've had a new calendar, too.  But looks like you don't.  So on today's date in my new calendar, I have my friend Evangeline penciled in.  Excuse me, I'm going to go dance with a friend.

Cristian: Ok, so, how about that dance?

Antonio: And what makes you think it's Niki?

Nash: Because where there's trouble, there is niki.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Yeah, Bo?

Nash: Don't worry, Tess, I'm going to find you.  I'm going to bring you and our baby home.

Tess: I never wanted to talk to you.

Niki: Then why the hell did you say you wanted to talk to Niki Smith, huh?

Tess: I didn't think you had the guts to come out.

Niki: Surprise.  Hey, we can have a little chat.  Go ahead

Tess: Anything I tell you you're just going to use against me.

Niki: Try me.

Tess: No.

Niki: Hmm.  You're still stewing about Nash, ain't you?  Let me splain a little something to you.  You were created for one reason, and only one reason -- to play by your own rules.  And rule number one?  Detachment.  You know that.

Tess: I love Nash.

Niki: Yeah, you love Nash.  The thing is that when something ties Tess down, Tess has got to cut the ties, ok?  Detachment.  That's why you exist.  That's why we both exist.  Now, you may be selfish and manipulative, but you ain't stupid.

Tess: I don't want to be that person anymore.

Niki: Honey, you got no choice.  That's who you are.  That's why you are.  You know, you got this dream about a family with Nash and the baby and getting rid of Jessie forever.  The way things are going now, that ain't going to happen.  Eventually, Jessica would get rid of you.

Tess: You.

Niki: Me?

Tess: You!  You are the reason that this happened! It is all because of you!

Niki: You know, you keep saying that.  Why the hell don't you just tell me what you're talking about?

Guard: You're Mr. Popularity today.

Todd: Is it the same guy as before?

Guard: Nope.  This one's a pretty blond.

Todd: Is it -- Blair?

Guard: All right, no keys, no cell one, no food.

Blair: Wait.

Guard: What's wrong?  Change your mind?

David: That tasted funny.  Let's try it again.

Blair: I don't think I can face him.  I don't -- I don't think I can do it.

Guard: I understand, Ms. Cramer.  I can't figure how a nice woman like yourself could even know a baby killer like that.

Blair: I don't think I know him at all.

Guard: I'm sorry, bud.  Hmm.  Case of mistaken identity.  She said she didn't know you.

Todd: That was Blair, wasn't it?

Guard: Take him back.

Todd: Blair?

Blair: Todd.

Todd: Blair?

Rex's voice: I know what it's like to screw things up with someone you lo-- uh -- with someone that you care about, to the point where they can't even look at you in the eye.

[Music plays]

Cristian: Thank you.

Evangeline: For the dance?

Cristian: No, for helping me forget what a load of life I stepped into.

Evangeline: Well, you got to be scraping off your shoe or buy a new pair.

Cristian: As long as they're not prison-issue.

Evangeline: We fought hard to get you out of there.  And that's just the first in a long line of wonderful things that are going to happen for you.

Cristian: I say we drink to that.

Evangeline: Ok.  Whoo!

Natalie: Just ignore them.

John: I wasn't thinking about them.

Natalie: You're thinking about something.

John: Just life and regret and taking responsibility, all that stuff.  You know what the good thing is?  The good thing is it's not your responsibility anymore.

Natalie: John, wait.

Nash: This is stupid!  It is not going to get any easier to find them with this snow piling up!

Antonio: Clint will be here any minute.

Nash: We won't be able to drive if it gets any worse.

Antonio: Clint.  Is Bo with you?

Clint: Bo and some of his men have already started the search.  Where's Nash?

Antonio: He's right -- damn it.

Clint: Come on, we don't have time to wait for him.  Jessie and Viki need to be found.

Antonio: All right.

Tess: You know damn well what you did!

Niki: No, I don't!  Ok, you know what?  We'll play a little game.  It's called "what's my trauma?"

Tess: You are afraid.  You're afraid that if you say it out loud you're going to have to hold yourself accountable.

Niki: Accountable?  I didn't do nothing!  What?

Tess: How can you not remember?  How?  How can you not remember the hellhole that you let your little girl fall down?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: Tell me it's better with him than it was with me.

Tess: You and I both know why I got created.  The only person I blame for it is you.

Nash: I can't find her.  Tess is gone.

John: Why don't you just walk away from this?

Natalie: I can't.

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