OLTL Transcript Thursday 1/26/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 1/26/06


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R.J.: "The judge has set Mr. Manning's sentencing for February 3."  They got him, Nora.  All the money in the world can't clear him of this, or what he did to you, tea, and the others.  But enough of that, because I have some very big, very, very exciting news -- well, for me, anyway -and it's about Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh, Michael, hi.

Michael: Mrs. Rappaport.  Are you looking for someone?

Lindsay: Actually, I am.  Have you seen R.J.?

Michael: Yes.  He's in Nora's room.

Lindsay: Thank you.

R.J.: Ok.  Today I'm going to ask Lindsay to marry me.

Dorian: "Todd Manning found guilty."  Ha!  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Adriana: Oh.  You're already here.

Dorian: Yes.  I had a sudden burst of energy this morning.

Adriana: Huh.  Would that have anything to do with Todd being found guilty?

Dorian: Well, it works for me.

Adriana: What about Blair and Starr and Jack?

Dorian: They'll get used to it.  Eventually they'll adapt, and in the meantime, we are going to do an absolutely fabulous job running this magazine.  Oh, ooh, ooh, wait a minute.  Uh, what is her name?  Minn? Minnie, Millie?

Adriana: Minnie.

Dorian: Minnie.  Minnie.  Would you get to Minnie and tell her that I still don't have the paper proof of our February cover.

Adriana: Uh, actually, she gave it to me in my way in.

Dorian: Oh.

Adriana: There's something you should know.  We had to replace the model at the last minute.

Dorian: And why wasn't I told about this?

[Adriana sighs]

Dorian: What?

Dorian: Good heavens.

Adriana: You hate it, don't you?

Dorian: You look beautiful.  But I did not go through 14 hours of hard labor to have you become a fashion model.  Who is behind this, hmm?

Bo: What do you think you're doing?

Rex: Sorry, I was waiting for you.  I've got some information.

Bo: Is it on Paige's son?

Rex: Yeah, she called me last night.  She recognized one of the names on the list I gave her.

Bo: Yeah, she told me that she's pretty sure that it's this hospital worker who helped arrange her baby's adoption.  You already tracked this guy down?

Rex: Yeah.  That's the good news.

John: Yeah, doc, I'm all jammed up here at work and I'm not going to be able to make our session.  I'll -- I'll call you.  Hey.  What the hell's going on?  This guy's supposed to be downstairs in his cell.

Officer: Not anymore.

Man: I got rights.

John: You shot a woman over 16 bucks.  You ain't got nothing.

Officer: Judge cut him loose, said we didn't have enough probable to justify the search.

Man: See ya.

John: Not enough probable?  What the --

Man: Hey, will you watch where you're going?

Natalie: Sorry.

Man: Well, maybe you'd like to make it up to me?  Could always go back to my place if you want.  Will you cut it out?  Hey.

John: Shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you.

Cristian: Ok, you stay here, play with the kids, and Abuelita and I will watch you from over there, ok?

Carlotta: Whoa!  You know, that was really nice of you to give Antonio that time with Jessica.

Cristian: I did it for me.  When I was in prison, I missed this family so much.

Carlotta: And Natalie?

Cristian: Always Natalie.

Carlotta: You know, I hated lying to her.

Cristian: Yeah.  But don't you think it was worth it?  She didn't run away when she figured it out.  We had a whole cup of coffee.  And I started to get through to her.  She started to remember what we were like.

Carlotta: I hope so.  So what's the next move?

Cristian: You make it sound like it's some kind of battle plan.

Carlotta: Isn't it?

Cristian: Yeah, it is.  But I think the next move is up to Natalie.

Natalie: John!

John: Tell you what -- apologize to the lady.

Man: Getting it on with her?

John: Not very smart, are you?

Officer: Mc Bain, let it go.  He's not worth it!

John: All right.  All right, listen to me, you walk out that door, you don't look back, you don't say a word.  You do, you won't be walking for a long time.  Get out.  Get out!

Ed: I got your message about canceling your appointment.  You do know that's not what we mean by "community outreach?"

Minister: That was wonderful!

Marcie: Thank you.  I am glad you liked it

Minister: It was also the way you sang it -- full of joy.  I sense you're feeling much happier these days?

Marcie: I am.  Michael and I, my ex -- do you remember him?  Well, anyway, we got back together again.

Minister: I remember the two of you together when you were working on the love center project.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

Minister: I always thought you two made a great couple.

Marcie: Well, took us a lot longer to figure that one out.  Our two-year anniversary's coming up.  Well, if you don't count all the times that we split up.

Minister: See?  Now that you're back together, those times weren't breakups, they were transitions.

Marcie: Really?  You know, that almost makes it sound like we were meant to be apart.

Minister: Maybe it was.  Sometimes you don't know what you have until you give it up.  The fact that you and Michael have found your way back together should tell you something.

Marcie: Then why am I afraid that I'm just going to mess it up?

R.J.: Well, come on, you can't lay there and try to tell me you ever thought you'd see me take that leap -- and with Lindsay?

Michael: Are you ok?

Lindsay: Yeah.  Yeah, I'm great.  I'm -- I'm great.

Michael: Are you sure?  Because you look like you just got punched.

Lindsay: No, I just heard something really unexpected.

R.J.: Did you hear what I said?  Nora, I said I am going to marry Lindsay Rappaport, your sworn enemy.  This is where you hop out of the bed and slap some sense into me, tell me I'm -- I'm making the biggest mistake of my life!  Guess it was worth a shot.  I figured if anything was going to knock you out of that coma, hearing me say I was -- you know, the problem here is that you are just a little too damn smart for your own good.  You know me just a little bit too well.  Even comatose, you can spot a liar a mile away.

Michael: Are you sure you're ok?  Because you look a little pale.

Lindsay: Yes, I just -- I just heard R.J. say something that was kind of shocking to Nora.  But if you don't mind, I'd really rather him not know that I heard it, so --

Michael: Ok.

Lindsay: All right.  Thanks.  I got to go.

Cristian: You know, I'm really trying to see this from Natalie's point of view.

Carlotta: You should've done that before you let her think you were dead.

Cristian: I thought about it, Mami.  That's all I thought about for months.  You know, what about what I went through?  I made a sacrifice, a choice for Natalie because I love her, because I was trying to do what I thought was best for her.

Carlotta: I know, you've been through so much.  But so did Natalie.  I can understand how she feels the way she does.

Cristian: What about me?  Do you understand how I feel?

Carlotta: Of course.  You're my son.  I feel what you feel and I know that you love her.

Cristian: Yeah.  I think I have to lay low, give her a chance to think it over.  I feel like I'm pushing myself on her.  I hate it.

[Cristian sighs]

Carlotta: You know, men always feel like they have to do something. If you're starting to think about how it makes the other person feel, maybe there is hope for you.

Cristian: Maybe.  At least she knows how sorry I am.  You know, I know you can't make somebody love you, but if she'd just give me another chance --

Carlotta: Well, that's up to Natalie, though.  And you know how stubborn she is.  The more you push her --

Cristian: The more she pushes back, yeah.

Carlotta: Exactly.  But don't give up hope.  You know, when a woman loves a man the way Natalie loved you, there's always part of her that wants that back.  You keep the faith.

Cristian: It's all I got left.

Jamie: Uncle Cristian, come play.

Cristian: Jamie, stay right there.  Don't move.  Ok, here, I'll help you, ok?  There you go.

Man: Hey, lady.  Got any spare change?

Carlotta: I'm sorry, I -- I don't.  Um, I'm trying to se my granddaughter.  Could you move a bit?

Man: It's a free country, isn't it?  Huh?

Rex: So the good news is, I found the guy who handled the adoption.  The bad news is that he's dead.  So I think now would be a good time for someone who knows what they're doing -- namely you -- to take over.

Bo: Balsom, we've been over this.  I cannot use the department's resources investigate Paige's personal life.

Rex: Yeah, but the guy's dead.  Which means the name of the family who adopted Paige's kid is sort of dead, too.

Bo: But the guy must've kept some kind of records.

Rex: If he did, no one I talked to knew about them.  I don't know what to do next.

Bo: Can I give you some advice?

Rex: Absolutely.  What?

Bo: Find the records.

Rex: That was sarcastic.

Bo: Balsom, there's no computer program in how to conduct an investigation.  You go where things happen.  You talk to any and everybody.  You use your common sense.  And you, unlike me, you don't have to play by the rules.  Forget I said that.

Rex: Um, well, I was thinking of going to New Jersey, talking to his friends and family.

Bo: Excellent.

Rex: Maybe I'll get a beat-up trench coat and mumble.

Bo: That would be very good.

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: Yeah, people love to confide in a flasher.

Rex: It's great to have a mentor.

Bo: Yeah, well, you have all the right instincts, Balsom, and, seriously, Paige and appreciate someone that we can trust helping.

Rex: You know, trusting me hasn't worked out for a lot of people.

Bo: That's because they can't throw you in jail if you screw up.

Rex: Better make it work, then.

Bo: Yeah.  Put the chair back, Balsom.

Rex: I'm on it.

Bo: And enjoy New Jersey.

John: He was threatening a department employee.

Natalie: John, let it go.

Ed: So you retaliated with your on personal version of the chokehold?

John: And what should I have done, Doc, ask him to tell me about his childhood?

Ed: The man was in bad shape when he left here.

John: That man shot a woman over 16 bucks and, because of a technicality, he was free to harass Natalie.

Ed: Oh, so once again, you're defending Natalie's honor?

John: Hey, you know what?  While we're standing here talking, there's a junkie out there who's desperate to score, who will do anything to score.  So instead of talking to you, I'm following him.

Ed: Assign the case to somebody else because you're not leaving this building.

John: Get out of my way, Crosby.

Ed: Or what?  Just what will you do, detective?  I let stress get under my skin.

Dorian: I can't believe this.  I mean, I -- I really cannot believe this.

Adriana: So, what, you think modeling is beneath me?

Dorian: Who, exactly, chose this outfit?

Adriana: You did!  For the model that didn't show up.

Dorian: Well, it's absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong for you.  You -- you have a more refined, elegant kind of beauty.

Adriana: Mom, I was the only person there who could wear the outfit so the magazine could come out on time, ok?  I'm sorry if you hate the cover.

Dorian: Did I say that?  No!  I mean, you're absolutely beautiful.  The camera loves you.  You're a natural.  I love the cover.  I just --

Adriana: Wish it was you?

Dorian: That's not funny.  Why, I think it's absolutely detestable when mothers compete with their daughters.  No!  I'm proud of you.

Adriana: You are?

Dorian: Yes!  I mean, not just because you're drop-dead gorgeous, but because you displayed really quick thinking, you -- you jumped into the breach, and you made an excellent executive decision.

Adriana: Well, it wasn't my decision, it was Rex's.

Dorian: Oh, Rex?  And I thought he just showed up with some ad copy, some really late ad copy.

Adriana: He did.  But then he was still here when the model didn't show up and I was panicked.

Dorian: Oh.  So then it was his idea to get you into the miniskirt and the --

[Adriana sighs]

Dorian: You know, open up the blouse button by button till it exposed your little lace bra so that he could sit there during the photo shoot just drooling?  Hmm?

Adriana: It wasn't like that, ok?  He was trying to help.

Dorian: Oh.  How utterly selfless of him.

Adriana: Mom?  Rex saved our butts, ok?  If he hadn't pushed me to do it, we'd be missing February entirely . Besides, you said you liked it.

Dorian: I do.

Adriana: Then stop fighting with me and sign off on it.

Dorian: Goodness gracious.  All right.  I will.  This is me signing off.

Adriana: Thank you.

Dorian: It just -- ahem -- it's inescapable, darling, that Rex is very, very attracted to you and you are very attracted to him.

Adriana: So what?

Dorian: That's my girl.  "So what," right?  My girl is too smart to get involved with a big old bad boy like Rex.  That would spell disaster, wouldn't it?  Hmm.  Good for you.  Okey-dokey.  Oh, wait a minute.  I'm going to run this over to what's-her-name, and then would you take this proof and fax it, darling, over to the ad agency?  Yes, thank you.  That's a dear.  Do it before I get back.

Adriana: Ok.

[Fax machine beeps]

Rex: What seems to be the problem, ma'am?

Adriana: My fax.  It's too hot.

Rex: That can be a problem.

Adriana: Can you fix it?

Rex: I'll do my best, ma'am.

Rex: It's hot in here.

Adriana: Well, maybe I can do something about that.

Man: I said I need money, lady

Carlotta: And I said I didn't bring my purse.

Man: And that's not the answer I'm looking for.  Hey, get your --

Cristian: Get off of her.  Get out.  Move!  You ok?

Carlotta: Did Jamie see that?

Cristian: No, no, she's with Mrs. Reyes.  You sure you're all right, mom?

Carlotta: Yeah, I -- I knew you were here, I knew that I'd be ok, but I -- I looked into that man's eyes and I was so scared.

Ed: Are you threatening me, lieutenant?

John: How the hell would I know what I'm doing, you know?  I -- I need an expert like yourself to tell me what I'm doing, right?

Natalie: John, knock it off.

John: And thank God you're here to tell me what I'm doing wrong because, you know, I might hurt that man's feelings.

Ed: You do know you're not helping yourself out here, right?

Natalie: Ok, sir, I was really scared.  There was something wrong with that guy.

John: Forget about it, Natalie.  Don't even try.  This guy doesn't care about reality.  You know what he cares about?  He cares about emotions and feelings.

Natalie: I'm just trying to help.

John: Don't do it!  Don't do it.

Natalie: Ok.  Fine.  Sorry, I forgot that I'm not supposed to interrupt you while you're telling off the world.

John: Hey, look, that's not what I was saying, all right?

Bo: What's going on out here?

Ed: Lieutenant Mc Bain missed one of his sessions.  We were just talking it over.

Bo: Maybe we could just table this discussion for a moment?  Natalie, why don't you take lunch. John, my office.  And, Dr. Crosby, maybe we can have a little talk, all right?  That's an order, lieutenant.

Young John: Did you hear what they said at the church, Michael?  He was a good cop.  That's the best thing you can be.

Lindsay: Ok.  Keep it natural.  Very natural.

Waiter: Hey, how are you?  What can I get for you?

Lindsay: Uh, do you have green tea?

Waiter: No.  Sorry.

Lindsay: Ok.  Make it a vodka, double, on the rocks, hold the lime.

Waiter: Ok.

Lindsay: Mm-hmm.  "Oh, R.J.  I had no idea!  Oh, it's -- it's incredible.  Oh, my God!"

Rex: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh, my God!  Would you not sneak up on me like that?

Rex: Hey, what's up?  You're wired to the gills.

Lindsay: Does it show?

Rex: No.  Just the talking to yourself, the jumping out of your chair when I talk to you, the babbling.  Only signs.

Lindsay: I heard R.J.  Tell Nora he's going to ask me to marry him.

Rex: And he was telling her because?  Lindsay, she's in a coma.

Lindsay: I'm being serious.  I'm being completely serious.  He's coming here, meeting me for lunch.  He's going to propose to me.  We have never discussed marriage.  What am I going to say?

Rex: How about if you want to marry him you say yes, and if you don't you say no?

Lindsay: It was a rhetorical question.

Rex: Uh --

Lindsay: Thank you.

Waiter: Drink?

Rex: Coffee.  Thanks, Eddie.  So what's it going to be?  Do you want to marry R.J. or not?

Lindsay: I think I do.

Michael: Excuse me.  May I help you with something?

Man: My back is killing me.  I need something for pain.

Michael: Yeah, well, you can't get that here, ok?  I don't even know what you're doing on this floor.  All right, you're going to have to go downstairs to E.R. --

Man: I tried that.  They keep you waiting down there forever . I'm telling you, my back is killing me.  You're a doctor.  Can't you give me a little something?

Michael: No.  Now, get the hell out of here before I call security.  Go!

Cristian: Mami, you're shaking.

Carlotta: Cristian, can you help me with that?

Cristian: Ok.

Carlotta: I'm cold.

Cristian: All right, there you go.

Jamie: Thanks, Tio.

Cristian: You're very welcome, beautiful.

Bo: You ok?

John: How would you be if you had a shrink watching your every move?

Bo: We going to go through this again?

John: No.  Just want to make sure you know that I hate it.

Bo: John, do you think that there is a chance that you could change your attitude?

John: No.  Oh, come on, Bo.  You know those shrinks are for people who like to talk about themselves too much.  You know, "daddy didn't love me and mom never hugged me enough."  That's not me.  And how the hell am I supposed to do my job with this guy Crosby, every time I turn around, he's standing there?

Bo: You show up at your sessions, then he won't have to.  You know, John, something's eating at you.  Everybody's noticing it, and I think that it's gotten even worse since you lost Natalie.

John: So what?  When haven't I done the job right?

Bo: Well, you overreacted with that guy this morning.  I think you were out of line.

John: That guy?  That guy's dangerous and he's back out on the streets.  You know, putting people like that away -- that's what helps gets me through the night.  That's my therapy.  It's better than any shrink.

Dorian you're doing it all wrong.

Adriana: What?  What did you say?

Dorian: I'm fairly certain you're supposed to turn it --

[Fax machine beeps]

Dorian: That way.

Adriana: Oh.  Guess I wasn't paying attention.

Dorian: Well, I heard some really interesting news.

Adriana: Yeah?  What's that?

Dorian: I called the modeling agency to read them the riot act about the model who failed to show up when we had a deadline to meet.  Guess what they told me.

Adriana: What?

Dorian: She did show up.  But she left when she was told that she was going to have to pose with several real snakes.

Adriana: What?

Dorian: Yeah.

Adriana: Are you kidding me?  Who would do something like that?

Dorian: Yeah.  That's what I was asking myself.

Adriana: Well, I mean, the only people in the room at the time were the photographer and me and --

Rex: I got to tell you I don't see the problem here.  R.J. wants to marry you, you want to marry him.  I wish my life were that simple.

Lindsay: The more I think about it, the more I like it.  It feels so good, it feels so right -- R.J. and me married!

Rex: Maybe you sort of forgot what "happy" feels like.  I know I did.

Lindsay: You better now?

[Phone rings]

Rex: G-g-go.

Adriana: No, you go to my mother's office right now.

Rex: Adriana -- ahem.

Lindsay: Something wrong?

Rex: Uh -- R.J.'S here!

Lindsay: Oh, my God.  Oh, my God, this is it!

Rex: Congratulations.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Rex: Hey.  Good luck, man.

R.J.: Thanks.  Hey.

Lindsay: Hey, you.  So?  How was your day?

R.J.: Well, I -- well, I just came from seeing Nora.

Lindsay: Oh, yeah.  That must've been kind of tough.

R.J.: Yeah.  Oh!  I have a little something for you.

Lindsay: You do?  What is it?  Wait.  Wait.  Stop.  Before you show me the ring, I just want you to know that my answer is yes.  I would be proud to marry you.

Minister: By the way, one of the members of my confirmation class is a fan of yours --

Marcie: Mm-hmm?

Minister: And she left her copy of "The Killing Club" and asked me if I'd get you to autograph it.

Marcie: Oh, yeah, sure.

Minister: I told my mother you were one of my parishioners.  She says she'd like a copy of the book.

Marcie: Oh, well, you know what, you should tell her that she has to wait until February 1 because it's coming out in paperback and she can save a whole lot of money that way.

Minister: Only you, Marcie, would tell other people how not to put money in your pocket.

Michael: Marcie?  Man.  I was sure she'd be here.  Huh.  Oh.

Man: Hey, Doc.

Michael: Hey.

Man: You wouldn't give me the pills I asked for.

Michael: Yeah, that's right.

Man: Well, now, see?  I'm not asking.  You should've gave me that stuff.  Uh-huh.  Could've saved yourself a whole lot of trouble.

Cristian: Mom and I brought Jamie out to play.

Natalie: Hey, Jamie.  Hi Carlotta.

Carlotta: Hi, Natalie.

Cristian: You know, Natalie's a great tag player.

Natalie: Uh, no, not today.  I just ran out for a quick bite of lunch.

Carlotta: So, Jamie, you want to come inside and have some chocolate caliente?

Natalie: Oh, you don't have to leave because I showed up.

Carlotta: Oh, we're not.  Come on, Jamie.

Cristian: I'll be right behind you.

Carlotta: Mm-hmm.

Cristian: When I went away, she was just a baby.  Now she's like a person.

Natalie: Yeah, they grow up so fast.  I -- I got to go.

Cristian: Do you remember that we wanted to have three?

Natalie: How could I forget?

Cristian: Two girls and a boy.

Natalie: It was two boys and a girl.

Cristian: Well, I didn't really care, as long as they all had red hair like their mother.

Natalie: Cristian --

Cristian: We had so many dreams.

Natalie: Yeah.  Yeah, we did.  And they all died when you died.

Cristian: But I'm not dead.

R.J.: You'll do what?

Lindsay: Marry you.

R.J.: No, I think maybe --

Lindsay: Ok, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry if I spoiled your surprise.  It's just that I went to the hospital.

R.J.: Oh, you were there?

Lindsay: Yeah, I didn't want you to have to face going to see Nora by yourself.  So I went to the hospital and I was standing outside of her room and I heard you tell her that you were going to ask me to marry you.

R.J.: Right.

Lindsay: And I have to tell you I was just absolutely --

R.J.: Freaked out.

Lindsay: Freaked out, absolutely.

R.J.: I get that.

Lindsay: Yeah, but then I thought about it and I was like, "why not?"  I mean, we are great together, aren't we?

R.J.: Yeah.

Lindsay: And I love you.  And I know you love me.  So if you want to marry me, damn it, I want to marry you!

R.J.: Oh, baby, I do love you, and I need you in my life.

Lindsay: Oh, R.J.

R.J.: But I think -- I think we have just, uh, a little problem here.

Lindsay: What?

R.J.: Well, I, um -- I wasn't really planning on proposing.

Lindsay: But I heard you.

R.J.: Yeah, I can imagine what you heard.  I was -- I was trying to shock Nora out of that coma.

Lindsay: By telling her that you were going to propose to me.

R.J.: Lindsay --

Lindsay: No.  Um -- you said that you had something for me?

R.J.: Oh.  Yeah, I do, but, I mean, it's not a ring.  It's -- well, it's -- it's just this.

Lindsay: Wow.  Silly me.

R.J.: Baby --

Lindsay: No, please don't.  Don't touch me.  Don't touch me.

[Knock on door]

Dorian: Come in!

Rex: Still didn't find a secretary, huh?

Dorian: Uh-oh.  You know what?  I think that this is my cue to leave.

Adriana: Oh, you don't need to be gone very long.

Dorian: That's all right.  Take all the time you need, dear.

Rex: Your mother was nice to me.  What's going on?

Adriana: Does the word "snake" have a familiar ring?

Rex: Oh, that.

Adriana: Are you out of your mind?

Rex: I did it for you.

Adriana: Who the hell are you to come in here and start making decisions about my life?

Dorian: That's my girl.

Rex: You -- you said you wanted to be a model when you were a little girl.

Adriana: I wanted to be a professional windsurfer, too.  Do you want to arrange that?

Rex: I wasn't trying to arrange anything.  I just -- look, I wanted to be the guy who made your dreams come true.

Adriana: Well, I don't need a guy to do that for me.

Rex: How can you be upset about that?

Adriana: Just stay out of my dreams, Rex, ok?

Rex: Whoa.  Wait a minute.  I'm in your dreams?

Michael: Look, you don't need to do this, ok?

Man: You're not --

Michael: Put the gun down!

Man: You're not giving the orders, Doc.  Oh, those days are over.

Michael: Ok, ok, we can -- we can talk about this.

Man: There's nothing to talk about, all right?  You screwed me over, and I'm about to return the favor.

Michael: Look --

Man: Stop!  I may be strung out, all right, but I'm not stupid.  You're going for your phone, right?

Michael: No.  No, no, no!

Man: Don't lie to me!  Take the phone out.  Take it out slowly.

Michael: Ok.

Man: Put it over there.

Michael: Ok.

Man: Easy.

Michael: Yes, easy.

Man: You do this easy.

Michael: Easy.

Man: Or you're dead.

Michael: Ok, I'm listening to you, ok?  I'm -- I'm going to do everything, everything that you tell me to do.  Nobody has to get hurt here, ok?

Man: Hey, you have no decision in that.

Michael: Give me it!

John: Not now, Mick.  Natalie not back from lunch?

Officer: No, I haven't seen her.

John: Ok.  All right.

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah.  Mc Bain.

Minister: This is Reverend Stevens at St. James.  There is a very disturbed man here.  He has a gun trained on someone.

John: Ok, sit tight, don't do a thing.  We're on our way.  I need backup, St. James church.  Suspect's armed and dangerous.

Rex: So I've made an appearance in your dreams?

Adriana: I don't mean my nighttime dreams.  What I meant was that what you did was sneaky and underhanded.

Rex: And not worthy of you.  Yeah, I remember.

Adriana: Is everything a joke to you?

Rex: No.  Not really.

Adriana: Nice move, Rex.  Like I didn't see that coming.  Ok, I want you to leave.

Rex: You're the boss.

Adriana: And what's more, I don't ever want to see you again.

Rex: See you in your dreams.

Natalie: Cristian, don't.  Don't do that again.

Cristian: Don't tell me you didn't feel anything.

Natalie: I didn't feel anything.

Cristian: Wow.  I guess some things don't change.  Like I know when you're lying.

Man: You made a big mistake, Doc!  I came to you for help, and what did you do, huh?  You turn your back on me!  You won't turn your back on anyone anymore.  Huh?  Take a step and the doc here is dead.

John: Picked the wrong day to screw with the L.P.D.

Man: What you want to do, negotiate?

John: Yeah.  Like this.

Man: I mean it, I'll shoot!

John: Drop it.

Man: Stop first!

John: Drop it or I drop you.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Nash: You and Tess.  You're a lot more like her than you think.

Blair: I don't care if Todd rots in prison for the rest of his sorry life.

Todd: You keep claiming that I'm innocent.  It's not going to make a difference, Viki.

John: If I had to do it all over again, I would've done the exact same thing.

Bo: Give me your gun, John.

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