OLTL Transcript Tuesday 1/17/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 1/17/06


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Adriana: How's your cut?

Rex: Ok, I guess.  I haven't popped a stitch, if that's what you mean.

Adriana: Good.  Should be a lot easier to pick up women now, not that you have a problem in that area anyway.

Rex: Do you really want to talk about Nina again?  I thought we were done with that subject.

Adriana: Uh, you're the one that just brought her up.

Rex: Well, who just made the crack about me picking up chicks?

Adriana: That was a joke.  Why don't you get over yourself?

Rex: Oh, I already have.  I did that a long time ago.  But you, duchess -- you're a whole nother story.

[Knock on door]

Carlotta: Hi, mijo.  Thought you could use a home-cooked meal.

John: What is this, huh?  A little payback?

Natalie: John, wait, let me explain.  It's not --

John: Is that what it is, a little payback?

Dr. Crosby: All right, detective --

John: Is that what you want to explain to me?

Dr. Crosby: Calm down here.

John: Stay out of this!  This is between me and her.  Go ahead.  Explain.

Nash: I just spoke to the groundskeeper.  He hasn't seen Tess.

Antonio: They need to hire some new security.  I'm going to call Viki and Clint.

Nash: You think that's a good idea?  Come on.

Antonio: Maybe you're right.  Look, but if we're going to find Tess, we're going to need to work together.

Jessica: Tess?

Tess: Oh, my God.  You again?  Nobody has asked for your opinion!

Jessica: It's my baby, too.  I have a right to know.  What are you planning on doing with that sample?

Hugh: Miss Cramer, do you believe that Todd Manning is guilty of murdering Margaret Cochran and their unborn child?

Evangeline: Objection, your honor.  Miss Cramer's opinion is totally irrelevant.

Judge: Sustained.  Move on, Mr. Hughes.

Hugh: No further questions.  Thank you, your honor.

Evangeline: Tell me, Miss Cramer, you were also victimized by Margaret's psychosis.  Why should we believe you didn't kill her?

Hugh: Objection, your honor.  The witness is not on trial here.

Evangeline: Your honor, this goes toward reasonable doubt.

Todd: Evangeline, go easy on her.

Judge: One more word, Mr. Manning, and I will have you removed from this courtroom.  Objection is overruled.  Go ahead, ms. Williamson.

Evangeline: The police never considered you a suspect, never checked your alibi.  Isn't it possible that you were the one who left your penthouse that night so filled with hatred at Margaret Cochran that you yourself killed her to make her pay for everything that she did to you and your family?

Blair: Yeah.  I hated her enough to kill her myself.  Is that what you wanted to hear?

Todd: Evangeline, please, I told you -- please --

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order.  Order!

Bailiff: Sit down, Manning.

Evangeline: Todd, sit down.

Judge: Sit down, Mr. Manning!

John: Forget it.  I knew this was a bad idea.

Natalie: John, wait.  Wait.  John, wait.

John: What?  What?

Natalie: Look, I didn't know.  Dr. Crosby called me.  He said he wanted to talk to me about Statesville.  He didn't tell me he was going to ask questions about you.  I didn't know it was a setup.

John: Son of a bitch.  It's like entrapment with these guys.

Natalie: I don't think that's a medical term.

John: What'd you tell him?

Natalie: Nothing.  Nothing.  But, John, on the record, I'm really worried about you. I have never seen you get this angry.  Ok, and no matter what happened between us, I did love you.

Jessica: That vial you're holding?  It means everything to me.  Don't do anything stupid, please.

Tess: No, stupid would be letting is little science experiment determine the rest of my life.  No way.

Jessica: Please, Tess, just listen to me!

Tess: No!

David: Hey.  Why aren't you returning my calls?

Spencer: I'm a busy man, Dave.

David: Spencer, what's the deal with that photo?

Spencer: You know who she is.

David: Of course I know who she is.  What does she have to do with Asa?

Spencer: You know, I told you at your, well, almost wedding that I had additional plans, didn't I?

David: I've got a feeling that those additional plans are about to become more personal for me.  This doesn't have to do just with the murder, does it?  Damn it, Spencer, would you tell me what the hell is going on?

Starr: Hey.

David: "Hey," yourself.

Spencer: Hey, look who's here.  How are you guys doing?  What are you up to?

David: Aren't you two supposed to be in high school by now?

Starr: We need your help.  We want to see our dad.

Evangeline: Todd, what are you doing?

Todd: Please, go easy on her.

Judge: Ms. Williamson, would you like a moment with your client?

Evangeline: No, your honor.  No, Miss Cramer's given us all we need.  Thank you.

Hugh: Redirect, your honor?

Judge: Go ahead.

Hugh: Miss Cramer, do you need a break before we continue?

Blair: No, I'd like this to be over with, please.

Hugh: That was quite an admission, that you were angry enough to kill Margaret Cochran.

Blair: Margaret Cochran deserved to die.  She kidnapped Todd on our wedding day.  She locked me in a trunk of a car for days.  I almost died in a junkyard.  She held a piece of glass to my daughter's throat and tried to kill her.  Any mother would feel the way I feel.

Hugh: And any father, as well?

Evangeline: Objection.

Judge: Sustained.  Move on, Mr. Hughes.

Hugh: It's understandable to want to kill someone who did all of those horrible things, but to kill an innocent baby?

Evangeline: Objection, your honor.  Is there a question in there?

Hugh: I'll rephrase.  Miss Cramer, are you capable of murdering a pregnant woman, even one who is pregnant with your own fiancée’s baby?

Blair: No.

Hugh: I didn't hear you, Miss Cramer.  Could you please repeat your answer for the court?

Blair: I said no.  The baby was innocent.  He didn't do anything.

Hugh: And was the defendant aware of that?

Blair: No.  Well, I mean, yes, but he --

Hugh: Just answer the question, Miss Cramer.

Evangeline: Objection.  Your honor, how can Miss Cramer know what the defendant was thinking?

Hugh: I'm merely asking what the defendant knew as far as the witness was concerned.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Blair: Todd didn't want anyone to know that Margaret was pregnant with a baby.  He couldn't even bring himself to tell me.  When I think about how much he must have hated that baby --

Evangeline: Objection!

Hugh: Withdrawn.  No further questions.

Judge: You may step down.

Judge: Call your next witness, Mr. Hughes.

Hugh: The commonwealth calls Mr. Kevin Buchanan to the stand.

Kevin: You should go talk to her.

Kelly: Are you sure?

Kevin: Yes.

Kelly: Ok.

Judge: Mr. Buchanan?

Kevin: Yes, your honor.  Coming.

Kelly: Look, I know I'm probably the last person you want to see or talk to right now.

Blair: I just don't know what's happening, Kelly.

Adriana: So this is how it's going to be now, just going to keep bickering with each other till the end of time?

Rex: Hey, I was minding my own business you're the one who started up about me coming on to other girls.  And, no, by the way, I'm not apologizing for Nina again.

Adriana: Fine, because I don't want to hear it.  And since we're both moving on, I guess there's nothing more to say.

Rex: Exactly.  Whatever this was, you know, it's done.  So go find yourself another duke or earl or prince if that's what you're into because I am definitely not what you're looking for.

Man: Hey, I don't have much time.  You ready to talk?

Rex: Could you just hold on a minute?  I'm -- I'm in the middle of something here.

Adriana: Actually, we're done.  See ya.

Cristian: Thanks.  I haven't eaten anything all day.

Carlotta: This painting -- it's not like anything else you've ever done.

Cristian: It's not finished.  Or maybe it is.

Carlotta: Is that supposed to be Natalie's wedding dress?

Cristian: Am I that easy to read?

Carlotta: I know you, mijo, and I know how much you're hurting.

Cristian: I went by Llanfair earlier.  There was no one home.  The dress was, in the trash.

Carlotta: I'm so sorry.

Cristian: Yeah, so am I.  This is just about -- I don't know, getting it out of my system.

Carlotta: I just wish your art could me more of a positive outlet for you.  I just hate to think of you here all alone, just reliving your heartbreak over and over again.

Cristian: That's not all I'm doing.  Evangeline stopped by.  She commissioned me to do a painting for her.

Carlotta: Well, I hope you're going to do it.

Cristian: I'm going to give it a shot.  I owe it to her.  She's done a lot for me.

Carlotta: I'm glad.  Cristian, you know that I'm not saying that you should avoid your feelings, you know, about losing Natalie, but you need some balance in your life.  There's a lot of good out there in the world.  Some of it is meant for you.  Well, I'll let you eat and get back to work.

Cristian: Thanks again.

Carlotta: Dios te bendiga.

Cristian: Gracias.

Dr. Crosby: Why don't you come back into my office and we'll talk about this together.

Natalie: You expect me to talk to you after you set me up?

Dr. Crosby: I didn't misrepresent myself.

Natalie: You sure as hell did.  You made me think that that I.A. was investigating me.

Dr. Crosby: As far as your relationship with lieutenant Mc Bain, we are.

John: Hey, doc, I'm right here in the room.  Talk to me.  This is between you and me and nobody else.

Dr. Crosby: You have residual issues with Ms. Buchanan, issues that are distracting you from your work.

Natalie: What?  I never said that.

Dr. Crosby: No, I saw it just now.  I have the lieutenant's career in my hands, and he knows it.

Natalie: Well, I'm not going to let you use me against him.

Dr. Crosby: I don't think you understand my position here.

Natalie: Well, here's my position, doc -- John Mc Bain is a hero, and I'm not going to let some shrink twist around my words so you can railroad him out of a job, ok?  You want to talk about some issues?  Here.

Dr. Crosby: Excuse me?

Natalie: Check my note.  Or don't they teach you four-letter words in shrink school?

Dr. Crosby: You're on thin ice here, Ms. Buchanan.  You both are.

Natalie: You know, I knew this whole counseling thing was crap from the get-go.  This man -- he puts his life on the line every single day for other people, and now you're just going to turn on him, try to prove that he's out of his mind or something?  Well, you know what, you're not going to get any more ammunition out of me!

John: Me, neither.  I'm done here.  You can do whatever you want to.

Dr. Crosby: All right, you know, that's your call, but internal affairs is expecting a report.  Are you ready to face those consequences?

Natalie: John, I don't want to ruin your career.

John: It's ok.  You're right.  This guy's out of his mind.

Dr. Crosby: Mc Bain --

Natalie: I'm done here.

Dr. Crosby: Mc Bain -- no, hey, John, don't do this.  Your job is your life.

John: You know, all this quality time we spent together, you still don't know a thing about me.  Tell I.A. whatever you want.  These "therapy sessions" are over.  Natalie, wait up.

Antonio: Thanks.  I got some friends on the L.P.D. that are checking around town for Tess.

Nash: All right.  I'll go check the bars.

Antonio: I'm coming with you.

Nash: Ooh, bad idea.  If Tess feels ganged up on, she'll split, all right?

Antonio: I don't give a damn.  I'm not taking a chance that you'll run off with her.

Nash: I won't do that, all right?  Besides, whatever happened to "we got to work together," huh?

Antonio: Fine.  I guess we could cover more ground if we separate.

Nash: Good.  Where have you been?

Antonio: What have you done now, Tess?

Jack: Dr. Spencer, will you help us see our dad?

Spencer: I tell you what, why don't we step in this room over here and we'll talk about it, ok?

Jack: Ok.

Spencer: Come on.

David: Starr, what has gotten into you?  Did you kidnap Jack from school?

Starr: It's cool.  I forged a letter from my mom.

David: Good thinking, but next time you run the forgery past me.

Starr: Ok, I will, but I'm glad you're here.

David: You're glad?  Why?  I thought you came here to see Spencer.

Starr: Because you're a much better option.  Now, sit down.

David: Here?

Starr: Yeah.

David: Ok.  Well, what?

Starr: You're sneakier than anybody I know, so I figured that you'd be a great person to help us see our dad.

David: Starr, that is probably the nicest thing anyone your age has ever said to me.  But you're talking about sneaking into jail. I don't even know if I could pull that off.  And besides, I don't think Blair and Dorian, especially, would like to know that you and I were hanging out when you should be dissecting frogs -- which, incidentally, made me queasy when I was your age.  They'd probably have me arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Starr: You dumped Dorian on her wedding day.  Since when do you care what she and my mom think?

Spencer: I have cool stuff, don't I?

Jack: Yeah.

Spencer: Yeah, but what you really want is to see your mom and dad, isn't it?

Jack: Right.

Spencer: Yeah.  Well, don't you worry, your mommy's going to be home real soon, ok?

Jack: What about daddy?

Spencer: I bet you really miss him, don't you?

Jack: Yeah, he's in jail.  They won't let him come home.

Spencer: Oh, I see.  Well, I'll tell you what -- from now on, if you have any problems with anything, if you need anything at all, you just call me, all right?

Jack: Ok.

Spencer: Ok?

Jack: Maybe sometimes we can hang out with your son?

Spencer: You know, actually, I don't have a son.  But I hope that someday I do have one just exactly like you.

Rex: Here's what we know so far.  The kid was born in 1980 at Trenton General.

Man: You know the name of the mother?

Rex: No.

Man: You should steer clear of guys like that.  They don't know how to treat their women.

Adriana: You're right.  They sure don't.

Rex: I need whatever you can get yesterday.  It's for a good friend of mine.

Hugh: Thanks for taking the time to be here, Mr. Buchanan. I know you've been ill recently.

Kevin: I needed to be here for my family.

Hugh: Of course.  Family's important to us all.

Evangeline: Objection, your honor.  How is this banter relevant to the proceedings?

Judge: Get on with it, Mr. Hughes.

Hugh: You and Mr. Manning share a familial relationship, isn't that correct?

Blair: So go ahead and say it.

Kelly: Say what?

Blair: "I told you so."  You heard me up there on the stand.  I practically admitted that Todd was --

Kelly: Guilty?

[Blair sighs]

Blair: I feel like I am on a railroad track, and I see the lights and I hear the brakes screeching, but I swear to you, as much as I tell myself that I've got to get off, I can't.  I feel like I'm paralyzed.

Kelly: Blair, you're in an impossible situation.  I don't know how I would handle this if I were in your shoes.

Blair: I'm not handling it.  That's -- that's the point, I'm not.

Kelly: Look, you love Todd and he loves you.  You both hated Margaret -- with good reason, I might add.  You add the evidence to that, it's only natural that you would have doubts.  Anyone would.

Blair: He's the father of my children, Kelly, and I can't even look him in the eye.  I want to get back in there.  What's going on?

Kelly: Kevin's testifying.

Blair: Why?  All he would say is he hates Todd.

Kelly: Well, actually, there's something you might want to know.

Blair: What?

Hugh: On the evening of August 30, 2005, you were with your fiancée at a motel, is that correct?

Kevin: Yes.

Kelly: Blair, we really need to talk about something.

Hugh: But that romantic evening was interrupted, wasn't it?

Kevin: Yes, I heard some noises in the hallway, a man and a woman fighting, and I was worried that someone might be hurt.

Hugh: So when you left your room to check it out, what did you see?

Kevin: I saw Todd Manning with his hands around Margaret Cochran's neck, strangling her.

John: Uh -- I shouldn't have jumped down your throat like that.

Natalie: I understand.  Look, if I had known what Dr. Crosby was going to do, I never would've come down here.

John: Yeah, well, I'm not looking forward to what Bo has to say about it.

Natalie: I'll back you up.  Crosby was way out of line.

John: You really came through for me in there.  You could've hung me out to dry.

Natalie: I would never do that to you.

Tess: I went for a walk.

Antonio: You're lying.

Tess: You're paranoid.

Nash: Don't listen to him.

Tess: You guys looked mighty cozy right before I walked in.

Nash: Yes.

Tess: Real sweet.

Nash: We have come to an understanding.

Tess: Oh, really?

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Tess: So, what, you forgive Nash now for the Reston incident?  Why?  Is it because I did?

Antonio: Well, there's no reason for us to fight anymore.  I mean, I figure once we find out whose baby it is, everything else will work itself out.

Tess: Yeah, I hope so.

Nash: Well, I know it will.  Hey, if there's one thing we've proven to him and the Buchanan family, it's that we can overcome anything.

Starr: Jack?

David: I know what you're thinking.  I can practically read your brain waves.

Paige: It is just so infuriating to listen to Spencer ingratiate himself to that little boy when all he wants is to worm his way into Blair's life.  It's just disgusting.

David: You don't know the half of it.

Paige: Yeah, I heard the two of you talking.  What is this about some woman in a photograph?

David: Drop it.  You don't want to get involved in this.

Paige: Oh, God, I thought all this stuff with Spencer was going to get easier.  It just gets worse.  Never mind that Bo is now looking for our son.  Now the two of you have something going on with a mystery woman?

David: Better go call Blair, tell her where the kids are.  Dorian turned off my cell phone.  I'll go see if I can find an unmanned nurses' station.  I'll see you later.

Spencer: See if you can find your own heartbeat, ok?  How's that?

Jack: Ok.

Spencer: Ok?  Here.  There you go.  Can I ask you a question?

Starr: Yeah.

Spencer: I know you're a very smart young lady and very proficient on the Internet.  Have you been following your father's trial online?

Starr: Yeah, but I don't care what people say, my dad is innocent and ms. Williamson is going to prove that in court.  I just want to tell my dad something about my mom.

Spencer: Oh, what about her?

Starr: Last night when she was tucking Jack in, she never even talked about my dad.  And then when I asked her how court went, she completely changed the subject.  If I didn't know any better, I'd think she's given up on dad.

Hugh: What happened when you saw the defendant strangling Ms. Cochran?

Kevin: I pulled him off of her.  That's when I saw she was pregnant.

Hugh: And did Mr. Manning show any remorse for what he'd done?

Kevin: Remorse?  No, not at all.

Evangeline: Objection, your honor.  That's nothing but conjecture.

Judge: Sustained.

Hugh: What do you think would've happened had you not come out of your room?

Kevin: I have no doubt he would've killed her.

Evangeline: Move to strike, your honor.

Judge: So moved.

Hugh: No further questions.

Evangeline: Mr. Buchanan, you've testified that you saw Todd Manning with his hands around Margaret Cochran's throat, is that right?

Kevin: Yes.

Evangeline: Was Margaret Cochran armed at the time?

Kevin: Uh -- she may have had a gun.

Evangeline: Margaret Cochran had a gun, and you didn't think that was important to share with the court?

Hugh: Objection.  Argumentative.

Judge: Point taken, Ms. Williamson.

Evangeline: And since Margaret Cochran was the one with the gun, isn't it entirely possible that Todd Manning was fighting for his life?  A simple yes or no will suffice.

Kevin: Yes, I suppose it was self-defense.

Evangeline: And when you went to the police to report the incident, um -- I seem to have misplaced your statement.  Perhaps you could recount the highlights for the court.

Kevin: There is no statement.

Evangeline: Why not?

Kevin: Because I didn't go to the police.

Evangeline: No, you didn't.  In fact, there's no record other than your word that this ever happened at all.  So tell me, Mr. Buchanan, since you so conspicuously omit crucial parts of the story, how do we know you didn't make the whole thing up?

Hugh: Objection.

Judge: You made your bed, counselor.

Evangeline: That's all right, your honor.  No further questions.

Judge: Care to redirect, Mr. Hughes?

Hugh: Yes, your honor.  You were at the defendant's home on September 23, 2005, is that correct?

Kevin: Yes.

Hugh: Could you describe his behavior at that time?

Kevin: Yes, he was -- he was very calm, weirdly calm.  He was different.  He -- he said that he had taken care of Margaret, that she had left town for good.

Hugh: And in that moment, did you think back to prying the defendant's hands from Margaret Cochran's throat?

Kevin: Of course.

Hugh: And when you heard that Ms. Cochran had, in fact, been strangled to death, did you think back to that moment again?

Kevin: Yes.

Hugh: And did you think that Todd Manning had finally finished what he started back at that motel?

Evangeline: Objection.

Hugh: Withdrawn.  No further questions.  The commonwealth rests.

Judge: You may step down.  We'll recess for two hours.  When we resume, we'll hear from the defense.  Court's adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Kevin: Blair, wait.

Todd: Blair, stop.  Blair --

Blair: Let go of me, Todd.

[Knock on door]

Cristian: Come in.

Man: One iced tea, extra lemon.

Adriana: Thanks.

Man: Don't mention it.  I'm celebrating.  I just closed on the greatest apartment you have ever seen.

Adriana: Good for you.

Man: Yeah, yeah, life's pretty sweet these days.  Just got a job as an associate at Brownstein & Locke.

Adriana: Is that a law firm?

Man: Top-notch.  Yeah, nothing but the finest cases.

Second man: Hey.  Anything else?

Rex: No, that's it.  Just get to jersey and find out what you can.

Man: Will do.  See ya.

Second man: Yeah, I was -- I was pretty much guaranteed a primo job, number 10 in my class at Harvard law.

Natalie: Something new?

Cristian: Yeah.  It's for Evangeline.

Natalie: Oh.  You two are friends now?

Cristian: Yes, we are.  Why are you here?

Natalie: I found these cufflinks up in the attic.  They were your father's and you wore them on our wedding day.  I thought maybe you would want them.  I mean, I forgot to get them to Carlotta before.

Cristian: When my parents got married, they were so poor, my dad had to borrow a suit and couldn't afford cufflinks.  He could barely afford the wedding rings.  And years later in Llanview, when they were running the diner together, my mom saved all of her tips and bought these for him, for their anniversary.  He still didn't own a suit.  But by that time, he said he didn't need it.  He didn't want it.  He said he wasn't the suit-and-tie type.

Natalie: So what did he do with the cufflinks?

Cristian: He kept them on the dresser, said it was a constant reminder of how far he had come, how much he and my mother loved each other.

Natalie: So our wedding day was the first time those had ever been worn.

Cristian: Yep.  I'm glad you didn't give them to my mother.  She's lost so much.  She didn't need another reminder of it.

Natalie: Well, you know, your mother, she's changed a lot since you've come back.  I mean, she's almost her old self again.

Cristian: Really?  To me she seems sad, and I did that to her.

Natalie: No, life did that to her, Cristian.

Cristian: And I made it worse.  I know that, and so do you.

Todd: Hey, I know how this looks, but you've got to listen to me.

Blair: No, Todd.  I'm through listening.  Kevin told the truth.

Todd: Blair, please.

Kevin: I thought we were friends.

Evangeline: We are friends, Kevin, but my job is to save Todd's life.

Kevin: Yeah, I know that.  I'm just disappointed, that's all.  I mean, you made my mother look like a lunatic, you accused me of perjury.  Guess I just thought I knew you.

[Evangeline sighs]

John: Well, I've had a real crap day.  How was yours?

Evangeline: John.  You know, I'm so sorry for what I had to do today.

John: You took a shot.  It's not going to change the outcome.  And testifying was just the beginning of it.  I just told the I.A. shrink where he could stick his therapy, and I got at least two days' worth of work to make up for by morning.

Evangeline: Ok, I'll trade you.  I have a few hours to convince that jury that Todd Manning isn't a baby killer.

John: That's a good one.  You win.  Well, there may be just enough in there for two -- if you're interested.

Evangeline: Pour.

Lab tech: "Buchanan."  Would you please page Dr. Jacobs?  It's an emergency.

Nash: You hungry?  We could, you know, go out and grab something.

Tess: And I suppose I'm paying?

Nash: That's not funny.

Tess: It was a little bit funny.  Come on.  Listen, would you mind going to get some takeout?  Some thai, maybe?

Nash: Sure.  Yeah.  You want something?

Antonio: I'll pass.

Nash: Well, I'll be back.

Tess: Ok.

Antonio: I know what's going on with the jokes.  You're scared.

Tess: You have no idea how I feel.

Antonio: Right.  You claim to forgive Nash for everything he did to Claudia, but then you make a wisecrack remark about him using you for your money?

Tess: Nash and I love each other.

Antonio: Sure you do.

Tess: We do.  Whatever happened with Claudia Reston has absolutely nothing to do with us.

Antonio: Try telling the Restons that.

Tess: What's that supposed to mean?

Antonio: You think they beat up Nash once and now it's over?  They tracked him all the way to Napa.  What makes you think they're not going to track him here to Llanview, to Llanfair?  And then what?  I mean, come on, Tess, you two will always be on the run.  And then what happens when he's no longer the target, when it's you and that baby?  Then what?  Then what are you going to do?

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Think about what I just said.

Tess: Yes, hi, I need a number in Manhattan.  The name's Reston.

Cristian: Don't look at --

Natalie: Is that my -- my wedding dress?

Cristian: Yeah, I went by your house.  Saw it in the trash.

Natalie: I -- I was going to give it to charity.

Cristian: Stuffed in a garbage bag?

Natalie: I was angry.

Cristian: So was I.  You know, you looked beautiful in that dress.

Natalie: Thank you.  Maybe somebody else could get some good use out of it, somebody who can't afford their own wedding dress.

Cristian: Well, whoever gets it, I hope things work out different for them.

Natalie: Me, too.

Singer: I have seen peace I have seen pain resting on the shoulders of your name do you see the truth through all their lies?  Do you see the world through troubled eyes? And if you want to talk about it anymore lie here on the floor

Singers: And cry

Singer: On my shoulder I'm a friend

Nash: I'm back.  Tess?  Tess?

[Phone rings]

Nash: Davidson residence.  Dr. Jacobs, it's Nash Brennan speaking.  What's up?  The sample what?  I'll call you right back.

Antonio: Did you answer the phone?

Nash: It was the hospital.  Something's happened to the sample they took from Tess.

Antonio: What do you mean?

Nash: I don't know.  It's been destroyed.

Antonio: I'm going over there.

Nash: Yeah.  You, um -- you seen Tess?

Antonio: She's upstairs.  She was tired, she's getting some rest.

Nash: Tess?

Clerk: May I help you?

Tess: Yes, may I have a one-way ticket to Penn Station, please?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Adriana: Mother, hire him, and then do what he tells you to do.

Cristian: I think we should sit down together and figure out a way to find her.

Tess: I'm in love with Nash Brennan.

Rex: There's nothing to find out. It's over.

Blair: Help me let go of todd.

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