OLTL Transcript Wednesday 1/11/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 1/11/06


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Nash: The Merlot, please.

Spencer: You'll be disappointed.

Nash: Huh?

Spencer: Starts dull, has an insipid finish.

Nash: "Insipid."

Spencer: You are a connoisseur, right?

Nash: Dr. --

Spencer: Truman.

Nash: Truman.

Spencer: Spencer Truman.  And you're Nash Brennan, aren't you?

Nash: Yeah. Yeah, you were in the hospital when Tess -- Jessica Buchanan was in the emergency room. Dr. Miller was taking care of her.

Spencer: I hope somebody took care of you.  Looks like that bruise was delivered by a real pro.

Nash: You're an observant fellow.

Spencer: I am a diagnostician.

Nash: Hmm.

Spencer: And my diagnosis says somebody beat the crap out of you.

Nash: Hmm.  Well, you should see the other guy, not a bruise on his face.

Spencer: Can I just give you a little word of unsolicited advice?  Try to avoid physical confrontations.  There are so many more effective ways to deal with our problems.  That couple in the corner there -- did they come in together?

Maitre d': I couldn't say.

Spencer: Sure you can.

Maitre d': Uh, yes, Mr. Buchanan and Dr. Lord did come in together.

Dorian: I think you'll find the coquille St. Jacques very agreeable, and perhaps a bottle of Sancerre.

Clint: Not very likely.

Dorian: "Not very likely."  You Buchananís, you're like 5-year-olds, contrary just for the sake of contrariness.

Clint: Contrary because I don't like scallops.  I like steak.

Dorian: Oh.  Such a shame we can't just take a bow and arrow and go out and bag our lunch, roast it over an open fire.

Clint: Dorian, I am not David Vickers, so stop treating me like I am.

Maitre d': Table for one?

Cristian: Two.  I'm early.  But my date should be here pretty soon.

Tess: That's sweet, but I'm really not hungry.

Natalie: Hi. I'm Natalie.  I'm -- I'm Jessica's twin sister, the one you said killed herself.

Tess: Wow.  It's obvious which twin got the looks part of the deal.

Natalie: At least I'm real.

Tess: Ooh, I sense some hostility.

Natalie: And I sense that you finally met the person who's not going to put up with your crap.

David: I can't believe it.

Woman: Mr. Buchanan?

David: Oh.  Ah.

Rex: You're working for the cops now?

Evangeline: I'm going through Todd's statement, seeing if I missed anything.

Rex: Or if he ever said the same thing twice.

Evangeline: You know, I don't need anyone else giving me grief about Todd.

Rex: I'm not.  Remember?  We're all on the same side in this one.

Todd: All right.  I'll give you any amount you want.  Don't you even think about telling anybody that I killed Margaret.

Denton: Ahem.  I admire that.  Shrewd move.  I'll expect the money in my account by the end of business today.

Todd: Well, you know, I don't really have access to an A.T.M. in here.

Denton: Oh, you're breaking my heart.  You'll figure something out, I'm sure.

Todd: Son of a bitch.

Denton: You'd better watch yourself.  I'm the guy that can get you back on the street and back to that gorgeous wife of yours.

Rex: Look, I'm strictly on the up-and-up these days.

Evangeline: Oh, that is so reassuring coming from you.

Rex: Why are you giving me such a hard time?

Evangeline: Ok, let's say you did find something that could help Todd and I put you on the stand.  Don't you think the D.A. would, I don't know, mention your history of manufacturing evidence and framing people?

Rex: Listen, I'm not talking about being a witness, just getting at the truth.  Because as slimy as he is, as much as he lies, I don't think that Todd did this.

Evangeline: Me, neither.

Bo: Yeah?

Antonio: Can I talk to you a minute about -- about Jess?

Bo: Sure, come on in.  Help yourself to coffee.

Antonio: Listen, this guy Nash --

Bo: Let me stop you right there, ok, because this guy has rights.  I can't just run him out of town.

Antonio: I know. Look, I don't like it, but I know.

Bo: And, plus, I don't think he's going anywhere until he finds out whether or not he's the father of this baby, and as I understand it, the paternity test is tomorrow?

Antonio: Right.

Bo: Antonio, I think that you're going to have to find a way to accept the situation.

Antonio: What if I tell you there's more, that Jess could be hurt?

Bo: Why do you say that?

Antonio: Nash was beat up in California.  Now, whoever did it put him in the hospital, all right?  Now, he won't explain it at all, not to me or Tess.

Bo: So you want to find out who he crossed?

Antonio: There's more.  There's a woman out there who took out a restraining order against Nash.  All right, now, I know you don't want Jess or Tess trusting some guy that another woman is afraid of.

Bo: Yeah, ok, you're preaching to the choir right now, ok?  Just give me what you got and I'll see what I can find out.

Natalie: Look, I know how this works, so don't try to pull anything on me.  I may feel sorry for Jessica --

Tess: Don't you dare feel sorry for me, thanks.

Natalie: Oh, honey.  You're just a fragment, another personality, and not a very nice one.  In fact, I don't know why we're all running around pretending like you're not a spoiled brat and a dangerous person.

Tess: Wow, you've got a hell of a lot of nerve.

Natalie: Well, I'm nothing compared to you.  You framed Antonio for murder.

Tess: What?

Natalie: Oh, don't act innocent.  Last year, Jessica saw someone pull the plug on Tico Santi, and then she conveniently had this blackout and she blamed Antonio for it, swore she saw him do it, and then got him charged for murder, and I know that blackout was you.  And let's not forget that you tried to kill my mother.

Tess: And I like to put my feet up on the furniture, too.  Let's not forget that.

Natalie: Mainly, we need to not forget that you are carrying a baby.

Tess: You know --

Natalie: And you are responsible for a human life.

Tess: When people fantasize about their long-lost twin sister, their new best friend, I don't know if they rarely think about a self-righteous, stuck-up little --

Natalie: Watch it.

Tess: Do you want to fill in the blank?

Natalie: Lois said that you have not been eating.  I'm going to tell you right now that that's going to change.  You are going to start taking care of yourself and you are going to take care of my little niece or nephew, and I mean it.

Tess: I take damn good care of this baby.  And, Natalie, I know how to take care of myself, thank you.  What the hell is this?  Is this some kind of joke?

Maid: Mr. Buchanan?

Maid: Hmm.

David: Oh, Spencer, why are you dragging her into this?

Todd: Hey.  I didn't know you were -- did the -- did the guard let you --

Blair: There's no guard.  No Denton, no cops, no wires -- just me.  Why did you just tell Denton that you murdered Margaret Cochran?

Natalie: What in the hell are you talking about?

Tess: What, did you get your rich friends at the paper to make this up?

Natalie: Make what up?

Tess: Here.  This story.  The trial story -- it says that Ginger Foley is dead!

Natalie: Did you know her?

Tess: No, I didn't "know" her.  She was my best friend.  My best friend!  My only friend.

Natalie: I -- I didn't know.

Tess: How did she die?

Natalie: Car accident.

Tess: Did she -- did it take long?

Natalie: I don't -- I don't think she suffered very much.

Tess: She liked -- she liked to laugh.  You know, she wasn't uptight like everybody else around here.  She was on my side.

Natalie: Look, I'm really sorry that you had to find out like this.

Tess: I can't believe this.  You know, this family has me locked up in some bedroom, my best friend gets killed, and I have to read about it in a newspaper weeks afterwards?

Lindsay: Oh, my God, it's so good to see you.

Cristian: It's good to see you, too.

Lindsay: Oh. It's like seeing a ghost.

Cristian: I -- I heard about Jen.  I'm really sorry.

Lindsay: Yeah, thank you.

Cristian: She was a great girl.  I loved her.

Lindsay: Who didn't.

Dorian: Did I say a word about David?

Clint: It was between the lines.  You know, I'm only here because Asa was feeling a little sorry for you.

Dorian: I don't believe that.  You're a grown man.  It's been years since you've done pa's bidding.

Clint: He's not feeling well lately, you know.

Dorian: Hmm.  And if he knew that I was dating you, it would probably kill him, so don't blame pa.  You're here because you want to be here.  You know it, I know it.  Besides, you've always had a thing for me.

Clint: Dorian -- would you relax, Dorian?

Dorian: Oh?  Should we call Asa just to let him know how things are going?

Clint: No, no, I think I'll pass on that.

Dorian: No, no, no, please, use my phone.

Clint: No, pipe down, woman.

Dorian: "Pipe down?"

Clint: Pipe down.  I came here hoping to have a good time.

Dorian: So you admit it.  So did I.

Clint: How's it going so far?

Dorian: Works for me.

Clint: Yeah, if I buy you some scallops and watch you eat them, could we do this all over again?

Dorian: I've changed my mind.  I'd like to have a steak -- medium-rare, pink in the middle, charred on the outside -- and a baked potato -- no sour cream, just butter. And how about a nice bottle of red wine, California red?

Clint: Well, good for you, and when you're done with that, I'll get my rifle and I'll shoot us some dessert.

David: Hi there.  You and I are going to have a little talk.

Antonio: You got something, didn't you?

Bo: Yes, I did.  Nash Brennan dated Claudia Reston.  While they were together, thousands of dollars found its way from her bank account into his.

Antonio: He wasn't arrested?

Bo: No, because she gave him the money, he didn't steal it.  Everything was legal. But now she's in some kind of a rehab unit.

Antonio: I knew he was no good.

Bo: Well, I think her family shares your opinion, especially her old man.  He's not the kind of guy you want for an enemy.

Antonio: Is he the one who beat him up?

Bo: Well, it might be. We don't know the whole story yet.

Antonio: I see that Nash put a woman in the hospital.

Bo: Yeah, but there's no way that he can get his hands on Jessica's money because I know for a fact it's being held in a trust until she's 30 years old.

Antonio: Well, that makes me feel a lot better.

Bo: Antonio, before you take this news to Jess, I want you to think about it, ok, because she might be too fragile to deal with something like this right now.

Antonio: Yeah.  Yeah, you're right, no, I won't do anything stupid, but I am going to tell Viki, all right, and we'll figure it out.

Bo: Good.  Good.  It won't be as much fun as finishing up what Mr. Reston started, but I think it's going to be better for Jess.

Antonio: Yeah.

Bo: So, just keep her safe, ok, Antonio?

Antonio: Always.

Rex: Todd hasn't done much to help himself, has he?

Evangeline: Yeah, I have to convince 12 people to believe what he says, and considering his history, it's not going to be easy.

Rex: Technically, don't you only have to convince one?

Evangeline: Well, yeah, sure, I could try to get a hung jury, but that would just buy me time and I'd have to try the case all over again, so --

Rex: So what's your strategy?

Evangeline: So far?  Blair.  I want that jury to look at her and to think if she believes in this guy, he must be telling the truth.

Todd: You believe Denton over me?

Blair: No. I believed you when you said you murdered Margaret.

Todd: Are you interested in hearing my side of the story?

Blair: Your side of the story?  That's all I've been hearing for months, Todd -- your side, your revisions of your side, your explanation of why the last time your side was a lie!  And then, oh, no, no, no, this time it's really, really true -- until you make up another version of your side.  My side doesn't change, though.  My side's always the same.  It's how are we going to get our kids through this, how am I going to push down my fear for another day, another month, another year, because this nightmare never seems to end for me!

Todd: I know that you --

Blair: Don't you even think about touching me.  Don't you think about it because I swear to god I'm at the edge.  And, as usual, I'm alone.

Todd: I'm right here.  I am in this cell, I'm in this situation fighting for you!  For our children!  For my life!  And everything and everyone is against me, and now you --

Todd: I'm sorry.  Blair, I can't lose you.  I can't.

Blair: Well, you know what?  It's not up to you anymore.

Natalie: Look, I -- I'm sorry.  I wouldn't have brought you the paper if I had known.

Tess: Known what?  That I care about somebody other than myself?

Natalie: Well, I mean, I don't -- I don't know. I'm not a psychiatrist.  I just met you.  I don't know what you feel and what you don't feel.

Tess: I clean up the messes for Jessica, ok?  I have to be tough enough to deal with the jerks that she lets into her life, jerks like Tico Santi.  But with Nash, I found out that I'm not just a tough girl.  Not that you care.

Natalie: Tough's cool.  It works for me.

Tess: Yeah.  It takes a real thick skin to survive hanging out in a mansion.

Natalie: You know what?  You don't know me, either, ok?  That man that you saw kill Tico Santi?  That was my husband.  My husband who had no idea what he was doing, but went to prison anyway, but then made me believe he was dead, and then guess what -- I fell in love with the cop who put him there, who also didn't tell me that Cristian was alive, and they both lied to me, so I told them both to shove it and I had to start my life over again.

Tess: Wow.  We really are twins.

Dorian: Mmm. Mmm. Mmm!  I had forgotten how delicious a simple baked potato could be.

Clint: You know, Viki and I, we used to take these babies and we'd wrap them in foil, take about 20 steps back, pitch them in the fireplace and watch them bake.  $5 says that you'll never do that at La Boulaie.

Dorian: Huh.  Did you know that Viki invited David to live with her, mm-hmm, during one of our temporary separations?

Clint: From what I heard, that was Kelly's doing.

Dorian: Oh, no.  There is no limit to Viki's treachery.  I think she encouraged me to take David back because she knew he'd break my heart.

Clint: Viki's not the kind of person to wish heartbreak on anybody.

Dorian: Oh, no?  She manipulated me until I was finally convinced that I simply couldn't live without David.  And then after -- after she promised that she would be my matron of honor, she of course didn't come to the ceremony and she wasn't there when he stood me up at the altar and I was humiliated in front of everyone.  Oh, my goodness, when she read about it in the newspapers, it must have made Viki's year.  Viki's and Niki's and sleepy and grumpy and bashful and all the rest of her warped personalities.  I can tell you, you are so lucky.  You were smart.  You got out while you could.  I don't even know, I fail to understand, what made you come back.

Clint: My daughter.  I came back because of my daughter, and that's why I'm still here.  What happened to you?  You used to be a force to be reckoned with.  Now you're just a spoiled child badmouthing everybody who comes along.  You know what I think?  I think that you're terrified that if you turn that magnifying glass of yours on to yourself you'll burst into flames.

Dorian: Where are you going?

Clint: I'm getting out while I still can.

Lindsay: Clint?

Clint: Oh, Lindsay.  Hello.

Lindsay: I heard you were back in town.

Clint: Yeah, my stay is a little longer than I thought, but, you know, Jessica's having some problems and so is --

Cristian: Natalie.  Because of me.

Spencer: Good work, Davey.  You obviously recognized the photograph.

David: How couldn't I recognize the photograph?  What does she have to do with why you're here in Llanview?

Todd: What, are you scared of me?

Blair: You really don't want to know what I feel right now.

Todd: Ok, I lost it for a second.  I'm sorry.  I've been in this cell for so long.  You know how I hate to be locked up.  I -- it's everything I can do to stay sane.

Blair: Margaret push you past that point?

Todd: No.  Blair, you know that I didn't kill her.  You know it.  I can't lose you.  You can't turn against me.

Blair: Todd, I heard you tell Denton not to tell anyone, that you would pay him not to tell anyone.

Todd: I would pay anybody any amount of money to say that.

Blair: He's not anyone, Todd!  He's your right-hand man.  He's the one that fixed that phony alibi for you.  He's the one that gave you the disguise so you could go on the run when they found Margaret's body that night.

Todd: I -- ok. I didn't go on the run because I was guilty.

Blair: Oh.

Todd: I was --

Blair: That's right.  That's right, you didn't lie because you were guilty.  You -- you didn't need a phony alibi because you were guilty.  You didn't go on the run because you were guilty.  You didn't pay Denton off because you were guilty!  Well, you know what I think, Todd?  You know?

Todd: Hold on!  I think you don't understand.  I love you so much.  Please -- no, wait, Blair, hold on a second.  Blair!  Blair

Clint: Cristian, now is not the time or the place to discuss what's going on with you and Natalie.

Cristian: Yes, I know, I just -- I just wanted you to know that I never meant to hurt her.

Clint: I appreciate that.  And I also appreciate the fact that you helped put a stop to the media frenzy on Christmas Eve.  The last thing Natalie needs is to see her face all over the tabloids.

Cristian: I agree.

Clint: She told me that you smashed one of their cameras.

Cristian: She told you that?

Clint: Yeah, she did. Good for you.

Lindsay: Yeah, that was some Christmas.

Clint: Yes, without Jen.  I'm so sorry.

Lindsay: Thank you for your note.  It was very kind, and I'm going to keep it.

Clint: All right.  Well, let's hope that next year's a little better for all of us.  Take care.

Lindsay: Ok.  What are you thinking?

Cristian: This could be a better year.

Nash: Clint. Hey.

Clint: Hey.

Nash: I saw you having lunch with that lady over there.

Clint: That was no lady, that was Dorian Lord.

Nash: Hmm.

Clint: Never mind.  What's going on?

Nash: I just wanted to see how Tess is doing.

Clint: As well as can be expected.  How about you?

Nash: Fine, good, thanks.

Clint: Nash, people who are fine don't have bruises on their face and they're not half in the bag in the middle of the day.

Nash: I had a glass of wine.

Clint: How many?

Nash: Three, four.

Clint: All right.  Why?

Nash: Tess is going to find out about me.

Clint: What do you mean?

Nash: Well, she's going to find out what kind of a guy I am -- you all are -- and then it will be over.

Natalie: Look, you know what, if I hurt you, I'm sorry.

Tess: Natalie, don't sweat it.  I wasn't trying to bond with you or anything.

Natalie: There really is no getting through to you, is there?

Tess: You know, just stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours.

[Doorbell rings]

Natalie: Wait, you eat everything on that tray.

Antonio: Hey.

Natalie: Hey.

Antonio: You ok?

Natalie: Mm-hmm.  Yeah, I just had some face time with Tess.

Antonio: Oh.  Well, she can be pretty vicious sometimes.  Just try and ignore anything she says.

Natalie: Yeah, it's kind of hard to when she's right.

Antonio: Right?  About what?

Natalie: You know, I got to -- I got to go out.  Do you mind just sticking around in case she does something?

Antonio: She in there?

Natalie: Yeah.

Antonio: Sure, no problem.

Natalie: Thanks.

Tess: Oh, great.  Antonio.  Run and get me some salad dressing?

Antonio: You're mentally impaired, not physically.  Get it yourself.

Tess: That's not very nice.  What are you reading?  Looks interesting.

Rex: Thanks, Larry.

Todd: Took you long enough.

Rex: I have a life, Todd. I'm not just standing around waiting for you to call.

Todd: So I figured out who set me up.

Rex: Who?

Todd: Denton.  And you're going to nail him for me.

Dorian: Oh, Blair, honey --

Blair: Not now, Dorian.

David: I don't want another of your slick answers, I want the truth.

Blair: So do I!

Spencer: Blair, what --

Antonio: You know, I don't want to argue with you, Tess.  I need to talk to Viki.

Tess: Oh, she's napping.  Uncle Todd's trial was a little bit too much for her.  That's why the redhead was in charge.

Antonio: Got it.  Come on, Tess, please.

Tess: What is this, a lockdown?

Antonio: Only if you want it to be.  Look, you know, you keep talking to me like I'm the enemy.

Tess: Wow, you have a firm grasp of the obvious.

Antonio: Well, I'm not the one who's keeping secrets from you.  Has Nash told you who beat him up yet?

Tess: You know, you're pretty cocky for a member of the Santi family.

Antonio: Hmm.  That's why I'm cocky, Tess.  You know, I used to think that keeping secrets from Jessica was the way to go, but it didn't work for me, and it's not going to work for Nash.  He's in trouble.

Tess: You don't know what you're talking about.

Antonio: No?  All right.  You ever think about what you would do if Nash weren't around to keep you going?

Tess: I don't need anybody.

Antonio: Well, he's been taking care of you pretty much since day one, and now you're pregnant.

Tess: Well, Nash wouldn't leave me.

Antonio: No, you're right, he wouldn't, but he might not have a choice.  Then what would you do?

Tess: You're just trying to scare me.

Antonio: No, I'm trying to help you.  Stop fighting the integration process, Tess.  It's a battle you can't win.

Clint: Nash, Tess is my daughter just as much as Jessica is.  I'm going to see that nothing happens to her.  So if you want to get near her anytime soon, you better start talking.

Nash: There was another woman, before I met Tess.  It was a few years ago, and I hurt her.  It wasn't my intention, but I hurt her.

Clint: Nash, what are you trying to say?

Lindsay: Why the sudden lunch invitation?  Does it have something to do with your art?

Cristian: Well, I set up an art studio.

Lindsay: So you are painting new pieces?

Cristian: Yes, and I want you to be my dealer again.  See, the thing is I need to make money.

Lindsay: Oh, Cristian.  Um, I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to have to be blunt.  I don't think I can help you.

Spencer: You have a fairly mean right hook.

Blair: David, could I have a word alone with Spencer, please?

David: Blair, you don't know what you just walked --

Blair: Get out, David.

David: Well, since it appears that you hit harder than any woman in Llanview, I will take my leave.  And as for you -- that was more of a roundhouse than a right hook.  I'll be right in there. We're not done.

Blair: Well, that was quite a speech you made up there on the stand today.

Spencer: I had no choice, Blair.

Blair: There's always a choice with me.  You knew that Margaret was pregnant with Todd's baby, yet you let me sit there and wonder for months why she was coming after me and my kids.

Spencer: I couldn't tell you still.  Todd was my patient when I learned about Margaret.  He's the one who asked me not to tell anyone.

Blair: I'm not "anyone."

Spencer: Blair, I could've lost my license.

Blair: You didn't have any problem on the stand today!

Spencer: No, but Todd's accused of murder.  That changes all the rules, and the D.A. assured me that I had no choice but to tell the truth.

Blair: Right, because you handed him the case!  I thought I meant something to you.

Spencer: I'm not willing to risk my career on "something."

Blair: What's that mean?

Spencer: You see me like a friendly acquaintance, a shoulder to cry on every now and then.  But other than that, what are we?  Right now, what are we?

Blair: Are you saying this is my fault?

Spencer: No, I'm not saying it's your fault, but it certainly isn't mine.  It's the fault of whoever killed Margaret Cochran.

Blair: Do you -- do you have any idea what it's like for me sitting in that courtroom thinking, "look, here's my friend, here's the one person that knows that I need him?"  I felt like a fool, Spencer.  You know, I felt -- I felt like a complete idiot to put my trust in you, to have faith in you, to believe that you would tell me the truth!

Spencer: Listen -- you need to do some thinking about who you're angry with and who you're going to choose to believe.

Rex: You think Denton killed Margaret?

Todd: Oh.  That -- that makes sense.  Because he knew what I was up against.  So what he probably did is he probably followed me to the lake and he killed Margaret after I left.

Rex: Why would he do that?

Todd: So he could shake me down, blackmail me.  He was just here.  He says that I have to transfer $100,000 into his bank account by the end of the business day or he's going to go to the cops and tell them that I confessed.

Rex: That guy is as dumb as a bag of hair.  He couldn't pull off something like that.

Todd: All right, now listen to me.  I have agreed to pay him off.

Rex: Tell me you didn't really do that.

Todd: No, look, I want to string him along, I want to -- I want to make him relax, make him think that he's got me on the ropes.

Rex: It sounds like he kind of does.

Todd: No, not if you figure out what he's up to.  Give me your cell phone.

Rex: What, are you calling the psychic hotline?

Todd: Transfer of funds.

Rex: Have you thought about how this is going to look?

Todd: What I'm thinking about is how this little punk is going to pay for what he's doing to me.

Natalie: Well, well, well.  What do you know.

Evangeline: I was just leaving.

Natalie: No. No, you're not.  I have a few questions for you, like, who the hell do you think you are?

Antonio: How long do you think you can hold on by yourself?  You need Nash and he's not here.

Tess: He will be, Antonio.

Antonio: Not tonight, and not tomorrow for your amnio.

Tess: You know, Jessica's not in right now, so why don't you call back later?

Antonio: Ok.

Tess: Much later.

Antonio: All right.  You know, I heard you when -- when you were saying that Jessica needed you.

Tess: Wow.  I feel so validated.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.  Well, do you think that maybe at times you need her, too?

Tess: I'm here to stay, pal, ok?  There's nothing you can do about it.

Antonio: I'm sorry I upset you, really.

Nash: I took Claudia Reston's money because she wanted me to have it.  It was easy.  So I took it.

Clint: And dangerous, apparently.

Nash: I deserved it.  The problem is it didn't help Claudia.  I hurt Claudia, and nothing will ever be able to change that.  Can I tell you something?

Clint: Go ahead.

Nash: I never really understood how much I hurt Claudia until I fell in love with Tess.

Clint: Well, you're involved with my daughter now.  And you've been very fair so far, considering the circumstances.  But if you hurt her, I will not be quite so understanding as whoever did this to you.

Nash: Sir, I do not want to hurt her.

Clint: Ok.

Nash: What I'm trying to tell you -- what I -- I will do anything I can to help Tess get better.  I mean that.

Clint: Well, at this point, we don't know what that is.  Staying sober would be a good start, though.

Nash: Gotcha.

Dorian: So how about you tell me what was going on out there?  Is Blair all right?

David: Well.  Hello.  Am I no longer dead?

Dorian: David, Blair is in a very vulnerable state, and if your snake of a brother has done something to upset her --

David: Dorian, you can relax.  Blair didn't go out there to seek his comfort, she went out there to punch him.

Dorian: I know.  I saw.  It was a true Cramer woman moment.  Maybe now she's finally ready to listen to reason.

David: Wait.  Hold it.  Don't go barging out there in your usual fashion, ok?  It might backfire. It might send her right back into Spencer's arms.

Dorian: You're right.  You're still dead, but you're right.

Lindsay: See, the reason that the value of your paintings soared was because --

Cristian: Because everyone loves a dead artist.

Lindsay: Well, you don't look so upset about it.

Cristian: I started with nothing.  I could do it again.

Lindsay: So you're going to continue to paint?

Cristian: What I'm going to do is be the man that Natalie fell in love with, no matter what it takes.

Natalie: Was it fun, what you did to my mother, telling the entire world what's going on with her?

Evangeline: I am trying to defend your uncle on a murder charge. My job is to do whatever --

Natalie: Oh, God.  You know, you are such a lawyer!  You people ruin people's lives and then you go around acting like you're trying to save the world.

Evangeline: Oh, we're all expected to bend the rules when it comes to saving your life, Natalie, but now that it's not you, all of a sudden you have a problem with that?  Of course.

Natalie: You say one more word against my family and I'll destroy you.  Got it?

Rex: You know, you're playing with fire here.

Todd: I don't think I have a choice. So find out what he's up to, but, of course, don't let him get onto you. He's got to think he's in the clear.

Rex: Well, with the money you gave him, it sounds like he could be in the clear -- in Aruba.

Todd: Nah, I think he's a little too greedy to get lost, and that's how we're going to find him.

Denton: How you doing?  I'm told the beautiful Blair Cramer is here.  Is that right?

Maitre d': She's on the terrace.

Denton: Get me a bottle of your best bubbly, boss.  Brr.  It's cold out here.  Why don't you come inside and I'll buy you a drink.  See, I, uh, just came into some money, a nice little windfall, you could say, so I decided to see the world.  There's a letter of resignation on your husband's desk.  But considering how he's tied up, I figured I'd just tell you, as a courtesy.  "Did my heart love till now?  Forswear it, sight, for I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."  You change your mind about that drink, I'll be inside.

Blair: I can't fight it.  I can't deny the truth.  You killed Margaret.  You -- you killed your own child.  You -- you killed your own child.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: You convince Adriana she should be with Rex, I convince Natalie she should be with Cristian.

Evangeline: I thought maybe you could use a friend.

John: You want me to open up?

Antonio: Seems he's got a few skeletons, ones that may be a threat to your daughter.

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