OLTL Transcript Thursday 1/5/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 1/5/06


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Dorian: Adriana --

Adriana: I'm in a rush.

Dorian: Pick a card, any card.

Adriana: I will see you later, ok?

Dorian: We're talking major plastic here, girl, not just shopping.  Let's go get manicures, pedicures, girlie things, anything to make us forget about men.

Adriana: I can't, ok?  I have to do this now before I start over-thinking everything.

Dorian: I don't care if you break up with duke, but to rebound to Rex?

Adriana: Mom, it isn't a rebound.  It's the real thing, and nothing is going to keep me from being with Rex this time.  Nothing.

Dorian: But -- honey --

Adriana's voice: Rex is -- one minute he's the only person who ever really listened to me, the next he's all smooth-talking player.  He's exactly the kind of guy the nuns told us to stay away from.

Blair: Oh, jeez.  Hey, Spencer, it's Blair.  Look, I'm sorry that I missed you, but Starr told me how you helped her with her science project and I can't tell you how grateful I am, but that's not actually the reason I'm calling.  I'm down here at the courthouse and Todd's trial is about to begin, and I know you said that we should keep our distance, but I was -- well, to tell you the truth, I could really use a friend right now, so if you get this message, will you give me a call if you can?  Thanks.

Marcie: Hugh.

Hugh: Hey, Marcie.

Marcie: Hi.  I know you're crazy stressed, but I just wanted to wish you good luck.

Hugh: Oh, there's no need for luck.  This case is open and shut.

Marcie: But this is your first case as District Attorney.

Hugh: You wouldn't be trying to freak me out, would you?

Marcie: No!  No, all I meant was, you know, this is kind of like the first time I ever give me book to somebody.  Sometimes, you know, you start to second-guess yourself.

Evangeline: Hey.  Nervous, rookie?

Todd: What, no lynch mob?  Where's Kevin and Kelly and Dorian?  Probably looking for a tree to hang me from.

Blair: Todd, don't, don't.

Todd: And also no police contingency.  Surprising. I would think that after everything that Mc Bain and Bo did to put me on death row, they'd -- they'd want a front-row seat here.

John: Think you're some sort of tough guy.

Man: No.

John: Selling drugs at the high school, sell Meth to little kids?  What kind of scum does that?

Man: Please, I didn't mean to.

John: Shut up.  This is my time.  You listen, I talk.  Hey, you know what I'm going to do?  I'm going to give you a chance to show me how tough you really are.

Man: What?

John: Come on, you and me, right now.  There's no one looking.  What do you say, you take your best shot.

Bo: Lieutenant?

John: Go ahead, take the shot.

Bo: Lieutenant!  Can I see you outside, please, right now?

John: Sit down.

Bo: See what you can get out of this guy.

Detective: Right, commissioner.

Bo: What are you doing in there?

John: My job, trying to shake this guy up a little bit.

Bo: You're walking a thin line right now, John.  You're threatening a suspect?

John: This guy?  This guy's selling drugs at the high schools to little kids, all right?  He should be wiped off the face of the earth, Bo.

Bo: Well, a jury gets to decide that, all right?

John: Ah --

Bo: No, not us.  Look, I'm not here talking to you as your boss right now.  I'm your friend and I'm worried about you.

John: You can stop worrying about me, I'm fine.

Bo: Oh, yeah?  Is that why that I.A. shrink is ready to bench you permanently?  What were you thinking going after that guy?  Look, John, I know you've been through hell lately, but if you don't get it together, you don't play by the rules, and I mean follow the letter of the law, then you're going to kiss your career goodbye.

Hugh: You guys aren't going to get me.

Evangeline: You look a little rattled.

Hugh: On the contrary, I've never felt more confident.  I've got motive, means, and opportunity, not to mention a little thing call evidence on my side.

Evangeline: Hmm, then all you're missing is the truth.

Hugh: Hmm.  My first case fresh out of law school, the guy swore up and down that he was innocent, but I put him away.  The victim's family was so grateful, his kid brother insisted on paying me with this.  I haven't lost a case since.

Evangeline: That's so cute.  It's a little lucky charm?  You use little lucky charms to win cases?  That's cute.

Hugh: No, counselor, no.  I won because I got the defendant to break down on the stand and confess to everything.  The golden dollar's just a fun little story to tell.  Hmm, now who's got the jitters?

Evangeline: Must be me.

Hugh: Yes, must be.

Marcie: Well, I guess you don't need me to wish you good luck, so I think I'm going to get going.

Hugh: I thought I was going to throw up all morning.  But I have a job to do.  Todd Manning killed an innocent child, and there's no way I'm going to let him walk out of here a free man.

Marcie: You're going to be fine.

Todd: I wish to hell you didn't have to go through this, hearing every bad thing I've ever done in my life.

Blair: I know who you are, Todd.  I know that you're innocent.  I believe in you.

Evangeline: That's good to hear, Blair, because we're in for a fight.

Duke: How about two blueberry muffins and two coffees to go, please.

Waitress: What are the candles for?

Duke: Oh, for a belated new year's with the girlfriend.

Waitress: Oh, ok.  That's cute.  Hi, Dr. Mc Bain.  I'll see if your order's ready.

Duke: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Hey, how you doing, Duke?  You planning on sneaking some food back to your dad?

Duke: No way.  No, actually, it's for Adriana and me.  We sort of -- well, Kelly and I sort of got stuck at the hospital all night, and so we completely missed New Year's.

Michael: Well, I'm sure that Adriana understands.

Duke: Yeah, I haven't actually had a chance to tell her yet.  I mean, what could I do, you know?  I had to stay with my dad.  He was in bad shape.

Michael: Yeah.

Waitress: Two blueberry muffins and coffee to go.

Duke: Oh, great.  You know what?  Here, keep the change.

Waitress: Oh, thank you.

Duke: Well, I'll see you, Michael.  You know what?  Thanks for taking such good care of my dad.

Michael: Oh, it's really no problem, no problem at all.  See ya, Duke.

Duke: See ya.

Michael: Hey, is there any way that I could cancel that order?  Because there's somebody that I have to go see.

John: Is this another one of your "you need to take a night off" speeches?

Bo: No.  We're past that.  What happened in there just now has nothing to do with you being overworked.  Now, you can't even conduct a routine interrogation without flying off the handle now.  You've been pushing it since Statesville.

John: Statesville's over.

Bo: The riot is over.  You're still there, John.

John: All this, Bo, because I get in the face of some drug dealer?

Bo: You've been getting in everybody's face, including your own men.

John: All right, I admit it, I've been a little edgy lately.

Bo: Ok, and I can understand why.  I was at Statesville, too.  I almost died there.

John: Well, maybe it hit me a little harder than I care to admit.  I'll settle down.

Bo: How?  I mean, you can't even adjust to how it ended with Cristian and Natalie, not to mention Evangeline. You're not really leaving me much of a choice, John.

John: Don't do this, Bo.

Bo: I don't have any options.

John: Don't.

Bo: Either you actively participate in those therapy sessions with Dr. Crosby and you get it all together or you're facing indefinite suspension.

Adriana: Ok.  I can do this.

Rex: Hold on, I'm coming.

Rex: Adriana.  Hey.  What are you doing here?

Adriana: I've made up my mind, Rex, and I think that we just --

Nina: Rex, don't we have some unfinished business?  Hi.

John: Back to suspending me if I won't see the shrink.

Bo: This is not about you overreacting in one interrogation.  Now, I've tried to stay out of this, tried not to take sides --

John: Take sides?  What are you talking about?

Bo: Natalie's my niece, and your relationship --

John: There is no relationship, Bo.  We work together, that's it.

Bo: Yeah, but you guys can't even do that anymore.  She does everything she can to avoid being here when you are.

John: Look, can we just leave Natalie out of this, all right?  She has nothing to do with this.

Bo: Fine.  If it's not Natalie, then what is it?

John: I --

Michael: Am I interrupting something?

John: No.  Look, Bo, I get the message loud and clear.

Bo: Dr. Crosby is going to call to reschedule.  Take the call, John.

Michael: Maybe I can get through to him.

Nina: Excuse me.

[Door opens and closes]

Rex: I don't know what to say, except this is exactly what it looks like.

Adriana: Well, at least you're being honest.  Got to give you points for that.

Rex: Look, we were just making out.  Look, if I'd known that you were going to come over, I --

Adriana: Oh, if you knew I was coming over, what, you would've saved me a seat, a spot on the corner of the couch?

Rex: No, that's not fair.

Adriana: Oh, you have no right to use that word with me.  Obviously, what happened on New Year's meant nothing to you.

Rex: Are you out of your mind?  It meant everything to me!

Michael: John.

John: Don't have time, Mike.

Michael: Yeah, well, make time, John.

John: I got work to do.

Michael: Yeah, I heard about your work, ok?  From a couple of your guys.  They said you lost it in the interrogation room, roughed up a suspect?

John: Who told you that, which guy?

Michael: Like I'm going to tell you names, John.  What's going on with you, bro?

John: I just have a lot on my mind lately.

Michael: Classic Mc Bain, mumbling nonspecific answers to my nonspecific questions.  Been playing this game a long time, John, and it usually ends when one of us gets bored and says what he really thinks.  So here we go.  Maybe everybody thinks that this is about what happened at Statesville or your breakup with Natalie, but I know better.  This is about dad, isn't it?

Dorian: Excuse me, the Manning trial, what room?

Officer: I need to see your credentials.

Dorian: I'm family.

Officer: Didn't you work for "The Intruder"?

Dorian: I used to own it.

Todd: Wicked witch, 5:00.

Blair: All right, you know what, if you're here to cheer on the prosecution, you just turn around and go home, and I'm asking you nicely.

Dorian: No, you're not, you're bullying me and I'm not going to take it.

Blair: Which is stronger, Dorian, your hate for Todd or your love for me?  Because if it's the hate -- I can't take it today.

Dorian: Honey, I'll keep my mouth shut.

Blair: You promise me?

Dorian: I swear.  I can't let you go through this alone, but I won't do anything at all to make things worse for you.

Blair: Ok, well, then you can stay.

Dorian: Thank you.

Bailiff: All rise.  Oyez, oyez, Superior Court of Llantano County's now in session, the honorable judge Terrence Mc Clellan presiding. You may be seated.

Judge: This is the case of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Todd Manning.  Is counsel prepared to proceed?

Evangeline: Yes, your honor.

Hugh: I am, your honor.

Judge: The court will hear the district attorney's opening statement.  Mr. Hughes?

Adriana: You know, I knew you were sleazy, but this --

Rex: You're not listening to me.

Adriana: You know, we spend what was possibly the most romantic night of my life together --

Rex: Mine, too!

Adriana: And not but 24 hours later --

Rex: Could you just let me --

Adriana: You're ready to jump in the sack with one of your employees!

Rex: No, but I didn't!  No, nobody jumped in!  No jumping!  We were just hanging out, I swear!

Adriana: You know, I came here to tell you that I really appreciated the way that you were with me the other night, but you -- you said you didn't want me to do anything that I would regret the next day.  Now I see what you meant, because I would've regretted it.  You acted like such a gentleman, but --

Rex: I know!  I'm not, I'm a lowlife jerk.  I get it.

Adriana: So you put the brakes on going all the way with me not because you respected me but, what?  Do I not turn you on enough?

Rex: Were you not paying attention?  I've never wanted anybody so much in my entire life!

Adriana: I don't believe you.

Rex: Why not?

Adriana: Because I just caught you with someone else, which means you don't give a damn about me!

Rex: Oh, no, no, no, you have it backwards.  You don't give a damn about me.

Adriana: Go to hell.

Rex: I'm already there, baby!

John: Tell me something -- why are you bringing up dad out of the blue?

Michael: It's not out of the blue, John.  It's never out of the blue.  You're a cop, he was a cop.

John: Different.  Different.  By the time dad was my age --

Michael: By the time dad was your age, he had two kids and a wife.  Don't tell me you never think about it because I know you too well, John.

John: Oh, yeah?  You know me so well?  You know me so well, Mike?  Then you should know why I do what I do.  I don't react well to drug dealers, all right?  That scum shouldn't even have rights.

Michael: Yeah, well, he does, John, sorry.

John: Hey, you have any idea what Meth does to kids?  It destroys their --

Michael: I don't want to talk about the damn drug dealer, John!  You always had your dark times ever since dad died, but you always pulled yourself out because you had your work.  What are you going to do if you're not a cop, John?  How are you going to avenge dad's death then?

Hugh: Over the coming weeks, you'll the hear the story of an emotionally twisted, mentally disturbed individual -- a rapist --

Hugh: A kidnapper -- a child abuser --

Hugh: And, to be blunt, a sociopath.

Hugh: Margaret Cochran was not a well woman.  That is a fact, and the prosecution will not deny it.  When the defense presents its case and offers evidence of Ms. Cochran's insanity and how she cruelly and viciously pursued the destruction of the Manning-Cramer family, you will hear no objection from me, that I promise you.  Margaret Cochran was a terrorist, plain and simple, a woman who needed -- no, deserved incarceration.  She deserved rehabilitation.  What she did not deserve was to be murdered.  No civilized society can condone murder under any circumstances.  Mr. Manning had numerous opportunities to turn to the proper authorities, but he didn't, and the results were horrific beyond words.  Todd Manning murdered Margaret Cochran.  But that crime was nothing compared to what he did to an innocent baby, his child, his own flesh and blood.  Todd Manning committed infanticide, perhaps one of the most heinous and unforgivable of crimes.  And this wasn't a crime of passion done in the heat of the moment.  It was all meticulously plotted.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, in the coming days you will be told of an emotionally twisted, mentally disturbed individual, rapist, kidnapper, child abuser, sociopath.  And he's sitting right there, on trial for murdering a woman who was all of those things, as well.  With one difference.  She wanted to give an innocent baby a chance to live.

Starr: That is a lie.

Blair: Starr --

Starr: Dad would not do any of those things, ok?

Judge: Order!  Order!

Starr: He would not do anything to me or Jack or any --

Judge: I will not tolerate outbursts in my courtroom!

Starr: He just wouldn't, mom!

Judge: Bailiff, remove her!

Blair: Starr, come on.

Starr: He wouldn't do any of that!  Do you understand me?  Dad! 

Judge: I understand that emotions run high in trials such as these, but this court will not tolerate disruptive behavior.

Blair: Look, you have got to go back to school.

Starr: I don't care about school.

Blair: Yes, you do.

Starr: Mom, all the kids do in there is make fun of me, and I have to try not to hear it.  I want to be here and support my dad.

Blair: I know that you do, but your daddy needs you to be in school.  He wants you to be in school.

Dorian: Your mother is right.  Your father would want you to be in school.

Starr: Don't even talk about that, aunt Dorian, because you don't even care about my dad.

Dorian: I do care about him.  And I am your aunt Dorian, and I care very much about you.  Don't you ever forget that.

Starr: I'm not going anywhere, mom.

Blair: Yes, sweetheart, we need you to go back, please.

Starr: I'm going back in that courtroom and -- Ms. Williamson, will you please get me on the stand?

Evangeline: I'm sorry, honey.  It won't help, not right now.

Blair: Starr, you're not a little girl anymore.  I mean, you are becoming a beautiful grown woman, and, you know, your father and I trust you to make the right decision, for everybody.

Starr: So you're saying that what I said and did in there didn't help?

Evangeline: You meant well, and we all knew that.  But the only way we can really help your father's case right now is to do exactly what the judge wants.

Starr: And he wants me to go to school?

Evangeline: Yeah.

Blair: Dorian, will you take her?

Starr: Ok, fine.

Dorian: Of course I will.  Come on, sweetheart.

Evangeline: Come on, Blair.

Judge: Ms. Williamson, would you care to bring the court up to date on what's going on?

Evangeline: Your honor, Starr, Mr. Manning's daughter, has left the building.

Judge: Good.  Then I'm confident that there will be no further histrionics?

Evangeline: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Good.  It's obvious how much young Miss Manning loves her father, but I must ask you not to take that into consideration as you weigh the defendant's guilt or innocence.  A child's love is unconditional, but the law is a very different matter.  Compelling as it is, emotion has no place in these proceedings.  And I will not tolerate disruptive behavior in my courtroom.

John: Old man was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  That's it, end of story.

Michael: I'm not saying that there is any more to the story, John.  I'm just saying that when you freak out on your shrink the same week as the anniversary of dad's death, it doesn't take a degree in psych to figure out what's going on here, buddy.

John: Hey, look, Mike, just because I don't want to tell my life story to some departmental hack does not mean --

Michael: Do you want to save your job?

Michael: Look, I understand you not wanting to talk, John.  You remember when mom sent us to that grief counselor?  Lasted all of 40 minutes.

John: Dr. Dumbass?

Michael: Dr. Dumbass.  I think it was Dumas.

John: Dumas.

Michael: Dumas, yeah.

John: Yeah.

Michael: I still think about dad all the time.  I miss him.  You know, just because we're not the type of guys who sit around hashing out our -- I guess what I'm trying to say here, John, is that just because I'm not a department-certified -- if you ever want to talk --

John: Thanks, Mike, it means a lot.

Michael: I'll see you around.

John: I'll see you.

Michael: One more thing.  Go and see the shrink.  Ok?  Ok, make fun of his name, call me up and tell me what a quack he was -- whatever.  Just do it.  I know how much you love this job.  I'm real proud of you, real proud of what you've done for this town.  I know that dad would be, too.  I know he would.  Don't screw it up.

Nina: Sorry, Rex.

Rex: Forget it.

Nina: Oh, it's not like anything really happened with us anyway.  I mean, not yet, anyway.

Rex: Look, I'm -- I don't mean to be rude, Nina, but could you just go?

Nina: Now?

Rex: Yeah, I'm sorry.  I should've never let things go where they went.  It was a mistake.

Nina: Fine, if that's how you want it.

Rex: It is.

Duke: Happy New Year!  Ok, ok, ok, I know that we didn't spend New Year's together, but I can explain, ok?  This thing happened with my dad.  He was sick, he passed out in the snow.  So we took him to the hospital, but he's going to be ok.  You know what?  Forget it.  Doesn't matter.  Doesn't matter because what matters is that you are here.  And I know it might be a little past midnight, but maybe we could have a little New Year's kiss anyway.

Bo: I just wanted you to know that I spoke with lieutenant Mc Bain, and I hope that your next session goes as planned.  All right, well, thank you, Dr. Crosby.  Just keep me posted, ok?

Rex: I'm here, I'm on the case.  Let's find baby boy X.

Bo: Whoa, whoa.  Slow down.

Rex: What?  I  thought you were all hot to find this mystery kid -- or mystery adult now.  26?  That's -- you know.

Bo: What's going on, Balsom?

Rex: The girl I'm in love with thinks that I'm scum of the earth, and today I proved her right.

Duke: Adriana, hey.  Hey, what's wrong?

Adriana: I can't do this.  I can't keep hanging on to what we used to have.  It's not fair to either one of us.

Duke: Hey, hey, wait, wait.  Where is this coming from?  I mean, look, if this is about last night or -- it's not Rex again?

Adriana: For the first time in months, this isn't about you or Rex or anyone else.  It's about what I want.

Duke: Are you breaking up with me?

Adriana: What we had was wonderful, but it ended a while ago and we just didn't want to admit it.

Duke: Ok, so I'm supposed to just stand here and watch you walk out the door and into Balsom's arms?

Adriana: You're not listening, ok?  I have nothing with Rex.  He's moved on to his next victim, and I'm moving on, too.

Duke: Moving on -- you're moving on from me?

Adriana: No.  From me, from the person I was to the person I'm supposed to be.  I'm sorry, Duke, but I need to do that alone.

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Marcie: You meeting someone?

Michael: No.  It's just me.

Marcie: Well, can I sit down?  Can I join you?

Michael: Yeah, please, I would love the company.

Marcie: So, what's going on?  Is everything ok?  Something wrong?

Michael: Marcie, do you ever have a hard time talking to your brothers about your mom?

Marcie: Oh.  Um, well, Ron actually likes talking about her.  You know, he used to tell me stories about her all the time.  We would sit and we would go through old photo albums, and it really helped.  You know, the stories and the photos, it kind of made her real.

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: But Eric and Jerry, they don't -- they never talk about her.  They don't like it.  Why you asking?

Michael: It's John.  Something's really eating him, you know?  I thought at first that it was this Statesville thing, but it's something else.  My father's death.  You know, all these years later it's still haunting him, and I don't know what to do about it.

Evangeline: Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to bear witness to some of the most graphic, violent images you've ever seen.  Over and over you will be subjected to them.  In addition to that, you will hear all about a man with a background that is in many ways less than honorable.  But this trial is not about the kind of man Todd Manning was.  No, this trial is about a monster who did everything in her power to annihilate Todd Manning, to destroy Blair Cramer, and who, among many other heinous acts, attempted to slit the throat of their oldest daughter.  In the coming days, you and I will be compelled to look at horrific pictures and evidence, and you will want to turn away and pretend that things like this just can't happen to the people who live next door.  I'll want to turn away, too.  But I won't, because an innocent man is facing life in prison.  If District Attorney Hughes is willing to sign off on the fact that Margaret Cochran was certifiably psychotic with no objection, then the defense is equally willing to sign off on the fact that Todd Manning did lure Margaret Cochran out of hiding on the night in question.  He was at the end of his rope.  There is no doubt about that.  Margaret Cochran had stabbed him, and she had vowed to kill his wife and daughter.  How far would any of us go to protect and defend our family?  You will all hear testimony that Todd Manning was at Llantano lake on that night.  Was he?  Yes.  Was he terrified that Margaret would bury him and his family?  Of course he was.  But Todd Manning is not on trial for his intentions, only for his actions.  And when the moment came, he couldn't go through with it.  Todd Manning felt his baby kick in its mother's womb, and he couldn't do it.  He couldn't kill her.  Because in spite of what the prosecution would lead you to believe, Todd Manning is a changed man.  He's a loving man.  He is an innocent man who could never hurt any of his children.  And this isn't just his attorney talking.  No, we all just witnessed the depth of a daughter's love for her father, and his for her. Todd manning may be many things, but a cold-blooded murderer he is not.  At the conclusion of this trial, ladies and gentlemen, I promise you, you will have more than reasonable doubt that Todd Manning could possibly be guilty of the murders of Margaret Cochran and his unborn child.  Thank you.

Marcie: Well, you know, maybe John would open up to you if -- you know, if you --

Michael: If I what?

Marcie: Well, you can be really hard to talk to sometimes.

Michael: Me?

Marcie: Not all the time, just, well, most of the time.

Michael: I don't believe this.  Marcie, I am extremely easy to talk to, ok?  I'm a great listener, I don't judge, and I am unbelievably understanding.

Marcie: Yeah, that's just it, Michael.  You're too understanding.  You're so cool about everything all the time . You're laid back, you take life as it comes at you, and that can make it really difficult.

Michael: For who?

Marcie: For me, for John, for people like me and John.  Look, we -- we tend to get wrapped up in our own little worlds, and then maybe, you know, we're afraid that you might get angry and, you know, you just might not get it.  Nothing ever seems to go wrong for you, Michael, and if it does, you don't show it.

Michael: Marcie, I have almost lost it all a couple of times.  I have to get back to work.  You want to split this burger?

Marcie: Only if I can have the pickle.

Michael: You want the --

Marcie: It's the best part.

Michael: Ok.

[Marcie laughs]

Duke: So this is -- this is it, then?

Adriana: You're a great guy, duke, but I'm not in love with you -- not the way I should be, not the way you deserve.

Duke: Being in love, being in a relationship, it takes work.

Adriana: Not this much work.

Dorian: Hello, Duke.  Hmm.  Well.  He used to be such a polite fellow.  You know, always a "howdy, ma'am," or something.  But he's Kevin's son, so what can you expect?

Adriana: Mom.

Dorian: I had the most horrendous day.  Let me tell you about it.  First of all, little Starr decided not to go to school and showed up at her father's trial.  Can you imagine?  And just when I talked her into going back to school and --

Dorian: You broke up with Duke, didn't you?

Dorian: I know what you're going through.  When I broke up with David -- oh, I felt so empowered.  I thought, "oh, at last I can finally be the kind of woman I want to be."  I even thought I didn't need to be held ever again.  But I was wrong.

Bo: Well, whatever you did, it can't be that bad.

Rex: Well, you should've seen Adriana's face.  It was -- oops.

Bo: Adriana, huh?  Hmm.

Rex: So, are you going to kick me out on my sorry butt now that you know I'm into your nephew's girlfriend?

Bo: Well, you got to know that the men in the Buchanan family always put family first.  But it's lucky for you that with me that includes extended family.

Rex: You mean that?

Bo: Don't -- don't make me say it again, Balsom.

Rex: I won't.  Thanks.

Bo: Sure.

Rex: You have any last words of advice before I crawl home with my tail between my legs?

Bo: Yes.  Don't crawl.  That's not your style.  And don't worry, because things have a way of working themselves out.

Rex: I don't think so, Bo.  I don't think there's any bouncing back from this.

Judge: The court will stand in recess for 90 minutes, at which time the prosecution will call its first witness.

Bailiff: All rise.

Blair: You know what?  I think -- I think it helped, don't you?  Evangeline, with Starr -- even as upsetting as it was, I think it helped the case, don't you?

Evangeline: Well, let's hope.

Evangeline: Hey.

John: Hey.  Well, I ain't a lawyer, but your opening statement seemed real strong.

Evangeline: Well, my argument will hardly be flattering to Llanview's finest.  You can't be too happy about that.

John: As long as justice is served.

Evangeline: Is that the only reason you're here?

John: As you know, I found that baby's body floating in the lake.  I felt I should be here -- for him, no matter what the verdict is.

Todd: I didn't want Starr to see me like this again, you know?

Guard: Time to take you to the holding cell.

Todd: Look, I -- I have to make sure you understand, that you believe me.

Blair: I believe you, Todd.

Todd: Please.

Blair: I know you're innocent.

Todd: Ok.

Blair: I love you!

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rourke: Too bad we don't got no sparring partner for you.

Cristian: Will I do?

Viki: I've no interest in Clint.

Dorian: But you don't want me dating him.

Antonio: I'm afraid that Brennan could be a serious threat to Jessica.

Nash: Tell me, Tess.  What is it that Jessica couldn't handle?  What's your secret?

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