OLTL Transcript Tuesday 12/27/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 12/27/05


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Dorian: Step lively, Edwards.  We have Christmas presents to deliver.

Edwards: Yes, ma'am.

Dorian: It's already the day after Christmas.  What is it you British call it, Boxing Day?

Edwards: Quite right, ma'am.

Dorian: Oh.  Well, well, well.  What a surprise meeting you here.  Pardon me for asking, but, David, what are you doing in this neighborhood?

David: Well, I'm staying at the Angel Square hotel till I get a better offer.  What's your excuse?

Dorian: I was delivering presents to the Vegas -- earrings and a gift certificate to a health spa for Carlotta, and, oh, yes, cashmere sweaters, originally intended for someone else, for Antonio and Cristian.

David: You gave my cashmere sweaters to the Vega’s?

Dorian: Oh, those dear boys deserve the very best.  After all, they were practically raised in my home.

Antonio: Come on, Tess, I know you're in there.  Nash, Tess, come on, one of you open the door.  Damn it, where the hell are they?

Nash: I thought I was dreaming.

Tess: That real enough for you?

Nash: Can't believe the nurses let you stay here all night.

Tess: Well, I think I scared them.  I said that if they didn't let me see you you'd die on Christmas and that Santa would put really nasty stuff in their stockings.

Nash: You weren't lying. I was dying without you.

Tess: What happened to you?

Nash: What, this?  Forget about it.  How'd you get away?  I didn't think Jessica's family would let you out of their sight.

Tess: Well, they don't know I'm gone.  I pretended to be Jessica to get away from them.

Nash: Hmm.

[Doorbell rings]

Viki: Clint.  Well, come in.  You're out early this morning.

Clint: Yes, I wanted to stop by to see how Jessica's doing.  You know, I'm a little surprised to see you here.  I thought you'd be at the courthouse supporting your brother.  I mean, Todd's trial starts today, doesn't it?

Viki: Yes, it does, but it's jury selection and the judge has closed the courtroom.  Otherwise, yes, I would be there.

Clint: Oh.  So you don't think he's guilty?

Viki: No, I do not.

Clint: Awful lot of evidence against him.

Viki: In other words, you think he did it.

Clint: Yeah, I wouldn't put anything past Todd.

Viki: Well, you've always hated my brother, haven't you?

Clint: If you're going to put it that way, yeah.

Evangeline: Counselor.

Hugh: Counselor.  You're sitting there?

Evangeline: Yes, I want my client sitting right here, where the jury can get a better look at an innocent man.  Worried?

Hugh: Nope.  Just making sure I get a jury that'll nail manning to the wall.

Evangeline: Why you taking this case so personally?

Spencer: Hey.

Blair: Spencer.  What are you doing here?

Spencer: I just came by to wish you and Todd luck.

Blair: It's just jury selection.

Spencer: "Just?" Jury selection's very important.

Blair: I know.

Spencer: You want me to stay?

Blair: No, it's -- it's closed to the public.  Evangeline said I was lucky that she could get me in.

Spencer: Listen, if there were anything I could do, you know I would, right?

Blair: I know.  I know.

Spencer: Oh, I know, I know.  It's ok.

Todd: Hey, get away from my wife.

Blair: Todd!

Antonio: Jessica!  Jessica, are you here?

Man: Who are you?

Antonio: Take it easy, all right?  I'm a friend.  I'm a friend.

Man: How did you get in?

Antonio: The door was open, all right?  Look, I'm looking for Nash Brennan and Tess.  Ok, do you know where -- I'm a friend, really.  Do you know what happened here?  Do you know where they are?

Man: The hospital.

Antonio: Thank you.

Nash: It's not going to take long for Antonio to track us down.

Tess: You're right.  We got to get you out of here.

Nash: And go where?  He's found us every other time.

Tess: Well, then I'll just have to get rid of Jessica for good.  That way when he finds us, it won't matter.  Here.

Nash: How are you going to do that?  Jessica is a part of you, Tess.

Tess: Well, we'll find a doctor, we'll tell the doctor that I'm the main personality and Jessica's the alter, and then he'll have to integrate Jessica into me.  That'll work.

Nash: Ok.  But what are you going to do then?  I mean, what if the baby is Jessica and Antonio's?

Tess: It's not.

Nash: It could be.

Tess: I hate Antonio, Nash, and I don't even know him.

Nash: What will you do if Antonio is the father?

Tess: Nash, this baby is ours, yours and mine.

Nash: Ok.  Let's assume that the baby is ours, but what then?

Tess: What do you mean?

Nash: You weren't exactly happy when you first found out.  You wanted to get rid of it.

Tess: Well, it's getting a little late now, don't you think?

Nash: So you're ok?  You're happy to have him?

Tess: Or her.

Nash: So you think it's a girl?

Tess: You know, Nash, I don't know what the hell this is.  But I do know one thing for sure.  Whatever this baby is, it's going to have one really screwed-up mother.

Paige: Hey, hey, hey!  You have to take it easy!

Bo: Honey, I'm not going to start skipping rope or anything like that.  I just missed being at home.  I hardly even recognize the place, except -- yeah.

Paige: You still have to be careful.  You're recovering from surgery.  You have to follow doctor's orders.

Bo: Well, as long as you're the doctor.

Paige: Ooh.

Matthew: Hey, dad.

Bo: Huh?

Matthew: I think we should add a secret compartment to the floor.

Bo: You're talking about the tree house now, right, not --

Matthew: Yeah.

Bo: Ok.

Paige: Ooh, why do you need a secret compartment?

Matthew: You know, for secret stuff.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, secret stuff.

Matthew: Yeah.

Bo: All right, we can have a secret compartment in the tree house, as long as you remember one thing.  No secrets in the house, ok?

Matthew: Hmm?

Bo: I mean, you can always tell me anything.  That's the deal between fathers and sons, between parents and all kids.  See, they have this trust.  No matter where you are, where you're going, there's this bond, and nobody can take it away, ever.

Paige: Take care of my son, wherever he is.

Hugh: I'm adopted.

Evangeline: You're adopted.  That's wonderful.  But what in the world does that have to do with Margaret Cochran?

Hugh: Her baby.  Todd never wanted it, Margaret did, but she wouldn't have been allowed to raise the child.

Evangeline: If she'd been caught.

Hugh: Either way, that kid would've been better off with different parents.

Evangeline: Adoptive parents.  Ok, I'm getting it.

Hugh: Yeah, people who would've loved him, people who would've given him a good life.  Margaret Cochran's baby deserved a shot at that, but he never got it because of Todd Manning.

Evangeline: I respect your wanting justice for that baby.  I do.  The problem is that Todd Manning did not kill him.

Hugh: Well, that's for a jury to decide, and they will.

Blair: Todd, stop it!  Stop it.  Nothing happened here, all right?  Spencer's here to show support.

Todd: Oh, I know what he's trying to show.

Spencer: I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way.

Todd: I didn't take it the wrong way.  I'm right.

Blair: Spencer, I am so sorry.

Todd: Don't -- don't you apologize to him.  You don't owe him a damn thing.

Bailiff: Judge mc Clellan is here.  We're ready to start.

Todd: Are you coming?

Blair: Yes.  Sorry.  I let stress get under my skin.

David: Edwards.  How's the rolls running, old man?  Got yourself a pair of new shoes?  What are you looking at?  Edwards?

Dorian: Edwards has been instructed not to acknowledge your existence.  So has the entire staff at La Boulaie.  You are persona non grata.

David: Come on, Dorian, it's not like I'm dead.

Dorian: Oh?  You are to me.

David: No, I'm alive.  I'm standing right here in front of you, in love with you as much as you are with me.

Dorian: I stopped loving you the minute you walked out on our wedding.

David: I -- I -- listen to me.  I told you why I had to do that.

Dorian: You didn't have to do it, David.  You chose to do it.

David: I admit it, I made a mistake.  I chose not going to jail over marrying you, but Spencer was talking about sending me up for murder.  I panicked.

Dorian: Why didn't you come to me?  Why didn't you tell me about it?  We could have handled it, David.  But instead, you kept it from me, just as you have in the past, just as you will in the future, because you will never change.

David: You're right, I will never change.  I will never stop loving you.

Dorian: What difference does that make?

David: It makes all the difference.  Look, I may have made bad choices.  That doesn't mean that you have to make bad choices, too.  You could choose to forgive me.

Dorian: And why should I do that?

David: Because it's the season.

Dorian: How do you know that, David, from some Christmas card somebody sent you?  I doubt it, because you're a pariah in this town and nobody sends you anything.

David: That's not true.  I have friends.  I have lots of friends.

Dorian: Name one.

David: Paige Miller.  Paige Miller told me I should talk to you, that I should beg your forgiveness, throw myself on your mercy.  She said I should get down on one knee if necessary.

Dorian: Dr. Miller told you to do that?

David: I don't know, it may have been Renee.  The point is I miss you.  I will do anything that you want.  I just can't live without you.

Dorian: A new beginning.  That's what I want, too, a fresh start -- without you!  Edwards, come on, we have Christmas gifts we need to deliver.  Who's next on the list?

Edwards: Victoria Davidson, ma'am.

David: Viki?  You won't forgive me, but you'll give a Christmas present to Viki, who you hate?

Dorian: Viki never broke my heart.

Viki: Well, I suppose you're free to hate Todd if you want to, but he's never done anything to you.

Clint: No, just my daughter.  I mean, Mitch Laurence almost killed Natalie because of Todd.  And look what he did to you -- tricked you into thinking that he himself had D.I.D. I mean, he used the thing, the most painful thing to save his own neck.

Viki: And I forgave him.  I don't know why you can't.

Clint: I guess you're a little more forgiving than I am.

Viki: Tell me about it.

Clint: And what's that supposed to mean?

Viki: I'm sorry, I should not have said that.

Clint: Yeah, but you did say it.  You meant it.  Is that what you think of me, that I'm unforgiving?

Viki: No, no, I really don't.

Clint: Well, Viki, what do you think of me?

Viki: I think that you are a very, very good man.  But as good as you are, you're also a Buchanan, which makes you 10 times as stubborn.

Bo: All right, and then you just push this little board over right here and -- boom --

Matthew: Oh, sweet.

Bo: There's your secret compartment.

Matthew: Awesome.

Bo: Uh, why don't you figure out where we're going to put furniture and stuff?  I want a long chaise lounge right there.  Hey, hey, hey.  Something wrong?

Paige: No, I'm just -- I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

Bo: Oh.  Those don't seem like happy tears.

Paige: They are.  I'm just so happy that you're home and that you're ok and -- oh, to think that I could've lost you.  I mean, I can't stand to lose anyone else.

Bo: Who did you lose before?

Paige: I'm -- I'm -- it was a long time ago, and, you know, I can't really talk about this.

Bo: Hey, we won't talk about it, then.  It's ok, it's ok.  Why don't you help us with this tree house?

Paige: No, no, that's your thing with him.  I just remembered that I forgot your meds at the hospital, so I'm just going to run to the pharmacy and pick you up a refill.

Bo: You call down there, they'll send them right up.

Paige: I could use the walk.

Bo: Ok.  You sure you're ok?

Paige: I'll be ok, Bo.

David: You know, some guardian angel you are.  Can't you do something?  Make Dorian give me a little slack.  Hello, marble lady?  Guess I'm dead to you, too.  Hey, Paige.

Paige: Uh, hi, David.

David: Paige, what's wrong?

Paige: Nothing.  I'm fine.

David: No, you're not.  What did Spencer do this time?

Paige: It's not Spencer, not the way you think.

David: What is that supposed to mean?

Nash: Oh, don't say that.  Don't call yourself screwed up.

Tess: I'm 1/2 of a split personality.  What the hell would you call it?

Nash: Well, I would call you amazing and incredible and the best thing that ever happened to me, and that's what you'll be with this baby.

Tess: How, Nash?  How?  I drink.  I smoke.  I'm a complete flake.  I'm probably going to leave the baby at home or forget it at a bar.

Nash: You won't do that.

Tess: How do you know?

Nash: Because you will love this baby as much as we love each other.

Tess: I don't even know what to do with a baby.

Nash: You think I do?  We'll get a book, we'll read all the books, and what we can't figure out we'll make up as we go along.

Tess: Well, when you say it like that, it almost sounds ok.

Nash: It'll be even better than that.  It'll be amazing.  It'll be the best thing that ever happened to us.

Tess: So are you going to tell me how you got into the mess you got into?

Nash: God.  I -- I was at a bar.  I had a little bit too much merlot and got into it with a bunch of the lowlifes there.

Tess: A bar?  Really?  Where?

Nash: What difference does it make?

Tess: You are so lying.

Clint: I didn't come here to fight with you about your brother.  I came here to find out about Jessica.

Viki: Well, actually, I haven't talked to Jessica yet this morning, ok, but I know she was with Antonio all day yesterday, so I'm sure she's fine.

Clint: Well, when is it we start worrying?

Viki: When did we stop?

Clint: I don't like this at all.  I mean, Tess could hijack Jessica at any given moment and there is nothing that we can do about it.

Viki: Well, that's not true.  You see, there is something we can do about it, but you're not going to like it.

Clint: You're not thinking about Niki, are you?

Viki: It almost worked last time.

Clint: No, it did not work at all.  Niki said she had no idea why Jessica split.

Viki: Niki's lying.

Clint: Maybe she's not.

Viki: Well, maybe she is!  Come on, Clint, she wouldn't still exist if she didn't know something.

Clint: Well, what if she did know something?  It's not like we could force it out of her.

Viki: Well, we have to try.

Clint: No, what we have to do is stick with the program.  Jessica has to continue seeing Dr. Jamison.  He said it'll work.  It'll just take time.

Viki: And in the meantime, she's getting worse!

Clint: Well, I can deal with that, not Niki.  You know, I did everything I could to contain her.  I locked her in your bedroom for days on end, turned this house upside down like I told you I would, but did you listen to me?  No.

Viki: Well, I don't really think that this is the time for finger-pointing!

Clint: I think it is exactly the time for that, and I'm laying the blame right on you!

Dorian: Dear, oh, dear.  Please excuse me.  Are you two at each other's throats again?

David: Look at you, you're shaking.

Paige: It's freezing out here.

David: It's not that cold.  Paige, I've known you a long time.  As a matter of fact, I remember you in shoulder pads and leg warmers, and the only thing worse than my mullet was your mullet.  See, that's better.  Better than crying, right?

Paige: David, please don't push me on this.

David: Look, I know Spencer's done something, and it may not be what I think it is, but you should tell me.  Come on, you'll feel a lot better if you tell your old brother-in-law Dave.

Paige: Nothing can make me feel better about what I did.

David: There, we're onto something, something you did.  So what did you do?

Paige: I can't tell you.

David: Why not?

Paige: It's too awful.

David: It's not like you killed somebody.  Scratch that.  It's not like you made a pact with the devil and gave away your firstborn son.  Did you make a pact with the devil and give away your firstborn son?

Judge: The first of the prospective jurors have been briefed on the facts of the case.  Both sides will now have the chance to question them.  Each side will get six peremptory challenges, which, as you know, means that you may excuse up to six potential jurors without giving a reason.  Other jurors may be challenged for cause.  The prosecution will go first.  And juror number 47 has been randomly selected.

Hugh: Thank you, your honor.  My name is Hugh Hughes.  I'm the prosecutor of this case.  It says here in your questionnaire that you are married.

Woman: That's right.

Hugh: Any children?

Woman: Two.  My little boy is 3, and I have a baby girl, 11 months old.

Evangeline: Your honor, I would like to stipulate that this juror be excused.

Judge: All right, you're excused.  I call juror number 16.

Todd: Now, is this because she's a mother?

Evangeline: Yes, Todd, she's a mother with babies.  She could identify with Margaret.

Todd: We can't get rid of all the mothers.

Hugh: You're retired.

Man: Yes.

Hugh: What was your previous job?

Man: I was a C.P.A.

Hugh: A certified public accountant, just like the deceased, Margaret Cochran?

Man: Yes.

Hugh: Did you ever work with Ms. Cochran?

Man: Heard she was a top numbers-cruncher.  Nice lady, too.

Evangeline: Your honor, I'd like to stipulate.

Judge: You're excused.

Todd: So -- one, two -- so you've only got four more of those stipulate -- whatever things.  What if I get left with some kind of bloodthirsty mob?

Nash: What makes you think I'm lying?

Tess: Well, merlot in a biker bar?

Nash: It's wine country.

Tess: Anybody that orders merlot in a dive deserves to get beaten up.  So either you tell me the truth or I'll pound you myself.

Nash: You remember back in New York we were talking that both of us had done things that we regretted?

Tess: I remember.

Nash: It's kind of why I got beat up.

Tess: What'd you do?

Nash: I hurt somebody.  I hurt somebody I shouldn't have, and I kind of --

Antonio: Get off the bed.

Viki: Dorian.  What are you doing here?

Dorian: Lois let me in so I could give you your Christmas present.

Viki: Oh.

Dorian: But perhaps this isn't a good time.

Viki: Actually, it's not, so if you don't mind --

Dorian: Oh, it's perfectly all right.  Edwards, just give me the little red bag -- thank you -- and take the rest and wait in the car for me.

Edwards: Yes, ma'am.

Dorian: Thank you.

Viki: I meant for both of you to go.

Dorian: But perhaps I can be of help.  Now, Viki, what have you done this time?

Viki: Well, that's none of your business!

Clint: I'm afraid you made it her business by asking her to bring Niki out.

Dorian: Oh, no, you are not thinking about doing that again.  To even consider it is sheer madness.

Clint: That is what I've been trying to explain to her.

Viki: Ok, and neither one of you have any say in the matter!

Dorian: I get a say because Niki knocked me unconscious in the mausoleum.

Viki: And I have apologized to you and told you I am very, very sorry, but, as you know, it wasn't my doing.  I was not in control of my actions.

Clint: And that is the point.  You can't control Niki.  You can't, I can't, nobody can.  What's it going to take for you to realize that?

Dorian: Yes, Viki, what is it going to take?

Tess: Antonio, get the hell out of here.

Antonio: I'm not going anywhere, not without Jessica.

Tess: Well, look around, because Jessica's not here and she's not coming back.

Nash: You are not making things any better here.

Antonio: What happened to you?

Tess: Antonio, get a clue!  Nobody wants you here!

Antonio: Jessica does.  Right, baby?  Come on, Jess, I know you can hear me.  I know you're in there.

Tess: Shut up.

Antonio: I love you.  You're everything to me.

Tess: Did you hear me?  I said shut up!

Antonio: You, honey.

Nash: Antonio, back off.

Antonio: You and Jamie and that baby that you're carrying.  Think about that love.  Think about that.

Tess: No.

Antonio: Yes.

Nash: Tess --

Antonio: Yes, it's true.  I love you, and I know you love me.

Nash: Tess?  Tess.

Jessica: Antonio.

Antonio: Jess.

Jessica: Antonio.  Oh, my God.

Antonio: Hey.  You ok?

Jessica: What happened?  Nash.  Oh, my -- oh, my god, are you all right?

Nash: Oh, I'm fine.  At least I was until Tess left.

Jessica: I'm -- I'm sorry, but I don't feel like I should have to apologize for --

Antonio: You don't have to.  It's your body.

Nash: It's Tess' body, too, and so is the baby that she's carrying.

Antonio: For the last time, it's not Tess' baby or yours.

Nash: You don't know that.

Antonio: We will.  We scheduled a paternity test.

Matthew: Why don't you just call Paige if you're that worried about her?

Bo: Who says I'm worried?

Matthew: Well, you keep staring at the door.  Maybe she just had to run to the hospital.

Bo: She said she was just going to the drugstore.

Matthew: Do you think something happened to mom --

Bo: Hmm?

Matthew: And that's why she's not home, and they called Paige?

Bo: No, no, no.  Matthew, listen to me, if anything happened to your mom, they would call here.

Matthew: I guess you're right.

Bo: Yeah.  I think we're both just worried about nothing.

David: You gave away your son?  What son?  You never had a son.

Paige: You just never knew about him.  I gave him up for adoption.

David: When?

Paige: Right after Spencer and I split up.

David: Exactly how long after?

Paige: Nine months.

David: Paige, are you aware of the possibility --

Paige: David, Spencer is the father.

David: I'm an uncle?

Paige: I found out just before the divorce was final.

David: Why didn't you ever tell Spencer this?

Paige: And let him take my child away from me?

David: What, so you let strangers do that instead?

Paige: It was better than the alternative.  Can you imagine what kind of father Spencer would've been?

David: He would've been a lot worse than our own father.

Paige: Yeah.  It was the hardest, most painful thing I've ever had to do.

David: Are you sure that Spencer never found out?

Paige: No.  He would've staked his claim long before now.

David: Why didn't you ever tell me this before now?

Paige: Why, what would've been the point?

David: Paige, this is great news.  We finally have Spencer exactly where we want him.

Nash: A paternity test?  That's great, let's get a nurse in here.  I'll give a blood sample.

Antonio: I'm the father.  I'll give the sample.

Nash: Well, it'll rule it out either way, won't it?

Antonio: Not going to happen.  Besides, Jess and I already discussed it.  We're going to raise this baby together.

Nash: Whoa.  The hell you will.  If that baby is mine, I got more of a right to it than you or Jessica, I'm sorry.

Jessica: Let's not do this, ok?  Let's just wait till we find out the results of the blood test.

Nash: That's a great idea.  Let's do this.  Nurse!

Antonio: You know, Nash, if I were you, I'd hold on to the little bit of blood that you might have left.  There was a lot of blood on that floor after I spoke to your neighbor.  He said if he hadn't called the cops you'd be dead by now.  Want to tell us who tried to kill you?

David: I can't believe you never told me that you and Spencer had a son.  He's been holding this murder over our heads for years.  This is exactly the kind of leverage that we need.

Paige: David, I will never use my son as leverage against Spencer.

David: No, just think about it.  Spencer is a megalomaniac who would kill to have a son.  We dangle this piece of information under his nose, we got him.

Paige: For what?

David: He makes the evidence against us go away, we tell him where his kid is.

Paige: David, I don't know where my son is.  I don't even know who he is.  And if I did, I certainly wouldn't tell Spencer.  I don't want him anywhere near my son.  That is why I gave him away in the first place, so that Spencer couldn't ruin his life the way he does everybody he comes in contact with.

David: I understand.  But if you would just think about it --

Paige: No, David.  The answer is no.  And you have to promise me that you will not tell anyone, especially Spencer.

Spencer: Talking about me again?  What is it this time?

Evangeline: Have you heard or read anything about this case?

Woman: Oh, just the usual gossip at the store where I work.

Evangeline: Oh, you're a cashier at a convenience store, right?

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: Do you ever pick up the tabloids at the counter?

Woman: Oh, all the time.

Evangeline: Have you ever read "The Sun"?

Woman: That's my favorite one!

Hugh: Your honor, I move to excuse this juror.  So you have the utmost respect for law officers?

Man: Yes, sir.

Hugh: Do you personally know any law enforcement officers?

Man: Practically everybody in my family.  I'm starting police academy this spring.

Evangeline: I stipulate, your honor.  If it came to a penalty phase, could you consider the death sentence?

Woman: If someone kills, they should burn in hell.

Evangeline: I stipulate, your honor.

Hugh: Stipulate.

Evangeline: Stipulate.

Hugh: I move to excuse, your honor.

Evangeline: I move to excuse for cause.

Hugh: Agreed.

Evangeline: Agreed.

Hugh: I have no further questions.  Thank you, your honor.

Evangeline: No further questions.

Judge: The court will stand in recess until after the new year, at which time the trial will commence. The defendant will remain in custody until such time.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Todd: How'd we do?

Evangeline: Not as well as I'd hoped.

Blair: But you'll be able to work with it, right?

Evangeline: Oh, yeah, I'll do my best, but we do have our work cut out for us.

Guard: Time to go.

Evangeline: Hang in there.

Hugh: All in all, not a bad jury.

Evangeline: I'm great with it.

Hugh: Nice try, but it's pro-prosecution and you know it.  So I'm going to offer you a deal.  I'm offering you one last chance to save your client's life.

Dorian: Come on, Viki, open up my present.  I just love looking at people's faces when they open my gifts.

Viki: Thank you, Dorian, but you don't want to see mine.

Dorian: You're just upset because you had a fight with Clint.

Viki: We're not fighting!

Clint: What would you call it?

Viki: Well, I would call it a discussion.

Clint: Viki, it was a fight.  And I'm warning you -- you bring Niki out again, you are on your own.  I'm not going to be chasing after her.

Dorian: Bully for you, cowboy.

Viki: Who asked you?

Clint: Thank you, Dorian.

Dorian: I have a present for you, too.  Would you like to open it now, or shall I wait and bring it over to Asa's later?

Clint: Uh, now would be good.  Yeah, I was just leaving anyway.

Dorian: Wonderful.

Clint: Want me to walk you to the car?

Dorian: Absolutely, thank you.  And, Viki, a very Merry Christmas to you.

Spencer: I could swear I heard my name mentioned.  Is there something I should know about?

David: Oh, you're going to want to know this.  Spencer, it's a new year.  I'm tired of fighting.  I'd like to maybe give this brother thing a try,  see if maybe we can be on the same team after all.

Spencer: And you were trying to talk him out of it, no doubt?

Paige: Oh, if David wants to ruin his life, I certainly can't stop him.  I just hope he doesn't plan on taking anyone else down with him.  I have to go.

Spencer: So what were you two really talking about?

David: Just what I said.  What else would it be?

Spencer: Paige insinuated that she knew some secret about me, and I'm betting that you know what it is.

Hugh: With the jury we just landed, Todd Manning's as good as dead, so I'm willing to cut a deal.

Evangeline: I'm listening.

Hugh: Todd pleads guilty, I agree to life in prison, no parole.  It's either that or he's dead man walking.  So what's it going to be?

Spencer: Does Paige think she has some secret on me?  Is that it?

David: Spencer, if I knew, I could use it against you, and then there goes our new brotherly bond.

Paige: Hey.

Bo: Hi.

Paige: Got the prescription.

Bo: Thank you.  Drugstore must have really been crowded, huh?  You were gone for a while.

Paige: I needed to clear my head.

Bo: About what?

Paige: Where's Matthew?

Bo: He went downstairs to visit his buddy.  Thought we needed a little time to talk.

Paige: I don't deserve you.

Bo: Honey, come on.  What's going on?

Paige: Bo, I need your help.

Bo: Ok.  You know whatever it is, you got it.

Paige: You don't know what it is yet.

Bo: Ok.  Tell me.

Paige: I need you to help me find my son.

Nash: I don't know what you're talking about.  No one tried to kill me.

Antonio: No, of course they didn't.  Your face must have assaulted somebody's fist, is that it?

Nash: I walked into a door.

Antonio: Suit yourself, Nash.  I really don't care.  Let's go.

Jessica: Wait, wait.  Nash, are you going to be ok?

Nash: I miss tTess.

Antonio: Come on, let's go.

Nash: It's all right, walk.  Go on.  But I won't give up on her.  I never will!

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Bo: If you find him, are you going to tell him who his father is?

Cristian: I think Natalie's still in love with John.

Natalie: I'm just trying to show a little concern for you.  Is that a problem?

John: We're not together, so you don't need to be concerned.

Margaret: We're back!

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