OLTL Transcript Monday 12/26/05

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 12/26/05


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Clint: I can get out of any sort of work, can't I, if I give you my present now?

Natalie: It depends on how good it is.

Clint: It's a ticket to London.  You're going to come, we're going to spend some quality time together.

Natalie: Dad, you are so transparent.  Do you really think that if I just go to London I'm going to forget about John and Cristian?

Evangeline: Why, Mr. Scrooge.  Another Christmas in the workplace?

John: Bah-humbug, I got a lot of paperwork to do.

Evangeline: Uh-huh. Want to talk about whatever it is you're trying to avoid?

Carlotta: Angel Square stays up late on Christmas Eve.

Cristian: Never thought I'd see it again.

Carlotta: Once again, father Gregory preached on miracles.  But this year god gave me my own miracle.  He gave me my son back.

Cristian: Evangeline Williamson did that and a bunch of judges up in Harrisburg.

Carlotta: I hope prison didn't make you cynical, because God didn't give you your life back to be miserable.  Remember, nothing is out of our reach if we have faith.

Cristian: I know, Mami.  And I'm going to do whatever it takes to get Natalie back.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: Hey!

Antonio: Hey. Merry Christmas.

Jessica: I was just about to call you.

Antonio: I dropped off Jamie with Lindsay and R.J.  We stopped off to see the living nativity first.

Jessica: Oh, wow. I wish I was able to see her face.

Antonio: Christmas will be a lot easier next year.

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: So how are you?

Jessica: I was a little shaky earlier, because I knew Tess was trying to get control.

Antonio: But you held on, which means you're getting stronger.

Jessica: Well, I don't know about that. But I do know that things are a lot easier now that Nash is out of the picture.

Nash: Damn it, Tess, turn on your phone.

[Phone beeps]

Nash: No, not the battery. Come on.

Matthew: Dad gets to go home.  It's like this great Christmas present.  So maybe for Hanukkah --

Bo: It's ok, son.  No, it's ok.

Matthew: No, it's not.  I can't cry.  It'll make her sad.

Bo: No. No, you could never make mom sad.  Both your mom and I know what an incredibly strong and incredibly brave son that we have.

Matthew: I am not.

Bo: Listen, do you think if you cry that that's not being brave?  Because being brave means that you face whatever it is that's making you sad and you go on.  And that's what you've been doing, alone.  Right, Nora?

Matthew: Do you think we could set up the menorah early?

Bo: Sure.

Matthew: I know you say electric menorahs are lazy, but we're not allowed to light candles in here.

Bo: She'll understand, bud.

Carlotta: So, how do you plan on winning Natalie back?

Cristian: I dot know yet.

Carlotta: Listen to me.  Just be the man that she fell in love with.

Cristian: You make that sound so simple.

Carlotta: Cristian, Natalie is hurt and confused.  Give her time.  Soon, she'll see you for who you are, and very soon she'll remember all the good things you had together.

Adriana: Merry Christmas!

Carlotta: Ooh, Merry Christmas!

Adriana: I can't stay long. I just came to drop these off.

Carlotta: Well you can stay long enough to have some pasteles.

Adriana: Ooh, maybe one.

Carlotta: Good I'll let you know when they're ready.

Adriana: She's so happy.  We all are.  Is Natalie coming?

Cristian: Natalie hates me.  Well, at least she hates me and Mc Bain equally.

Adriana: It's not hate, Cristian.  She loves you both.

Cristian: That's not possible. A person can't love two people at the same time.

Adriana: I used to think that.  But sometimes something just happens that you didn't see coming.

Natalie: Thank you, dad, for this, really. I mean it.  But it would be running away, and I can't do that.

Clint: You know something?  And I hate to say this, but I agree with you.  Natalie, you've become a strong young woman, and I'm so proud of you.

Natalie: Thank you, daddy.  Merry Christmas.

Clint: And Merry Christmas to you, too, sweetheart.

Natalie: Oh. Could you do me a favor and go socialize for the both of us?  I just want to get some fresh air.

Clint: Sure.

Natalie: Thank you.

Natalie: You know, Rex, we have a front door.  I thought you weren't coming.

Rex: I got a message from Bo to meet him here.

Natalie: Bo's in the hospital.

Rex: Yeah, I know, but he said it was an order.

Natalie: Adriana isn't here.

Kelly: Hey.  Where's Adriana?

Duke: Who knows?  Maybe she's not going to show at all.

Kelly: Oh.

Duke: You know, these days I don't know what she's going to do.  One minute she wants to be with me, then the next she's breaking it off.

Kelly: Well, she's young.  Maybe she doesn't know what she wants.

Duke: Yeah, I don't think this has to do with her age.

Kelly: When you get a little older, you figure out what it is you want.

Duke: What, like you?

Kelly: Yeah, like me.

Duke: Well, I'd take someone like you any day.

Kelly: And as usual, you say exactly the right thing.

Duke: Merry Christmas, Kelly.

Kelly: Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Duke: Oh, hey, dad.  Did you talk to uncle Joey yet?

Kevin: No. I'm waiting my turn.

Kelly: Duke was just telling me how wonderful I am.  You want to join in?

Kevin: No. I think he's doing ok himself.

Antonio: Merry Christmas.

Natalie: Well, merry Christmas, Antonio.  Jessica seems like she's doing well tonight.

Antonio: Yes, she's doing much better.  We haven't talked about Cristian.

Natalie: That wasn't a mistake.

Antonio: You know what happened, and it wasn't his fault.

Natalie: It's Christmas.

Antonio: I know.  But it wasn't easy for him in there. He didn't plan for it to turn out the way it did.

Natalie: I get that.  But he had a chance to tell me the truth --

Antonio: Yes.

Natalie: And he lied.

Antonio: To protect you.  Natalie, love makes you do some crazy things sometimes.  Trust me.  I know.

Evangeline: Let me guess.  You don't want to talk about it?

John: No. I'll talk.

Evangeline: Maybe you'd rather talk about the Eagles' lack of defense.

John: Wow, you must really miss all the great conversations we had.

Evangeline: I just -- you know, I wish I could have gotten a word in once in a while.

John: Merry Christmas.

Evangeline: Merry Christmas to you, John.  In spite of everything, I -- I do still care.

John: Ok. Well, being that it's Christmas and all, I'm going to say this out loud.  For the record, I care about you, too.

Evangeline: Now, that is a Christmas present.  I hope you find whatever the hell it is that'll get you out of here on Christmas Eve.

Officer: Thank the Lord for this locker.  Your mother scours the house from top to bottom looking for her presents.

Boy: What if it smells like sweat socks?

Officer: It's her fault for being so impatient, right?  Now, look, I'm putting you in charge of having the presents underneath the tree by tomorrow morning, all right?

Boy: Do you have to work tomorrow?

Officer: Son, I will work any time of the day or night 364 days a year.  But when you have a family like mine, that man does not work on Christmas day.

Boy: You always say that.

Officer: Christmas with your family is God's greatest gift, son.  Your old man would be sad if he forgot that.  What was I thinking? - I love that dress.

Viki: Merry Christmas.

Renee: Merry Christmas, darling.  Oh, you know, it is so great to have Clint home.  He's looking mighty handsome these days.  Don't you think?

Viki: You think so?

Duke: Merry Christmas, grandpa.

Asa: Hey.

Duke: Here you go, grandpa.

Asa: Well, at last Manning's not here, or that wife of his.

Kevin: Oh, you better not let mom hear you say that.

Clint: Yeah, try to remember it's Christmas.

Viki: Look what Santa Claus brought.

Man: Hey!

Clint: Hey, boy, you got bailed out, huh?

Bo: Yeah, this was my Christmas present.

Paige: Can I put these under the tree?

Clint: Oh, go ahead, if you find any room.

Paige: Well, I brought my expert assistant.

Clint: Go to it.

Asa: You ok?

Bo: Yeah, pa, I'm ok.

Asa: It is Christmas.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Oh. Hello.

Nash: Tess?  Oh, you picked up! I've left, like, a million messages.

Jessica: Nash?

Nash: Jessica.

Jessica: Yeah, it's Jessica, and this really isn't a good time.

Nash: Jessica, my cell phone is about to go dead, and I can't call long distance from my room.

Jessica: There's a party going on.  I --

Nash: No, no, no -- Jessica, please listen to me.  Don't hang up.

Natalie: So, you still haven't given up on her, huh?

Rex: Do I tell you who to care about?

Natalie: Duke is my nephew.

Rex: Let's talk about something else.  So, what do you want for Christmas?  Or should I say who?

Carlotta: So I hope you guys are going to come back to the house later for the re celebration.

Cristian: We don't have a choice, so you have to say yes.

Evangeline: Oh, we'd love to.

Layla: We're looking for a place to hang on Christmas Eve.

Carlotta: You don't have family?

Layla: Tons. And we'll be with all of them tomorrow.  But Christmas Eve is when aunt Cheryl has everyone over for her famous goulash.

Evangeline: Last year Layla and I decided never again.

Carlotta: I have my son back because of you, and I'll never forget it.  And thank you, Layla, for what you did helping Antonio and Jamie.

Layla: I didn't do anything.  Can my present be you showing me how to make this?

Carlotta: I knew I liked these girls for some reason.  Come on.

Cristian: I think my mom wants to adopt the two of you.

Evangeline: It already feels so much like family here.

Cristian: Where are you going?

Evangeline: You'll see. This is for you.

Cristian: Evangeline, you've already given me enough.

Evangeline: Come on, open it.

Cristian: A canvas.

Evangeline: Now you have no excuse.

Cristian: Your fee.

Evangeline: No, no, no, that can wait.  This -- this is for you to paint whatever you feel like.  You know, getting you t only matters if you really live your life, and for you, that's your art.

Cristian: You know, I've seen and done some pretty horrible things.  I almost forgot there were people like you in the world.  Good people.  Thank you.  Not a lot of men get a chance to start over.

Michael: Johnny?

John: When do you get off duty, Mike?

Michael: Not till tomorrow. I'm pulling a double, bro.

John: You know, you shouldn't work on Christmas.

Michael: What happened, John?  You fall asleep and get visited by some ghosts?

John: You're not funny.  You know that?  You think you're funny.  That's part of the problem.

Officer: Now, you promise me, at Christmas you go to mass, you get down on your knees, and you say a big fat thank-you.

John: I will, dad.

Officer: And you thank him for your brother, Michael.  If you have nothing else in this world, you have a brother who loves you.  And that's a gift.

John: Hey, look, this may sound strange, but I was thinking that -- well, maybe we should go to church.

Michael: Wow.  I really saw that coming.  What's going on, John?

John: I made a promise to the old man a long time ago, and I'm going to start keeping it, which means you and are going to midnight mass.

Michael: What are you looking for, John, salvation or absolution?

Michael: Are you ok, John?

John: I don't know. You know, I had this conversation with Bo, and he thinks that I -- I need to see someone, you know, like a -- a shrink-type person.

Michael: Yeah.

John: Yeah. He's -- he's making me go.  No shrink, no badge.

Michael: Wow.

John: You agree with him, don't you?  Don't try to deny it.  I see it in your eyes.  You think I've went way past the fundamental Irish guilt and I'm headed for the nut house on the hill, don't you?

Michael: Would you cut the crap, John?  I think you're in pain, ok?  But I always have.  And seeing a shrink does not mean you're nuts.  It means that you need some help, for a while, you know?  Like at this moment in time.

John: Fine, I'll go to church on my own.  I'll pray for the soul of my wayward brother.

Michael: You do that, John.  Man, you drive me nuts sometimes.

John: Yeah.

Michael: So? Tomorrow?  Chili, football?

John: Yeah. You know, I've been thinking a lot about the old man lately, and I realized he wasn't wrong about too many things.

Michael: No, no, he wasn't, except for when it came time to pick out a tie.  You remember that one with the drink recipes on it?

John: Yeah.  You know, I'm trying to say is he told me once I was lucky to have you as a brother.  He was right.

Cristian: I remember when my mom was teaching Natalie about Christmas in Puerto Rico.  She loved being part of this family.

Evangeline: I can see why.

Cristian: You know, I -- I gave her those divorce papers back.  I didn't sign them.  She's still my wife.

Evangeline: Whether she wants to be or not.

Cristian: Well, she hasn't had time to figure that out yet.

Evangeline: Cristian, you know, I think one of the things that makes Natalie so angry is having the men she's involved with make decisions about her life for her.

Cristian: She made her decision when she married me, Evangeline.  She's my wife.  And she always will be.

Evangeline: Well, but she doesn't really need your signature.  She'll have no trouble proving the time required for a no-fault divorce.

Cristian: Yeah, but you see, she didn't do that.  She gave me papers.  And that tells me that she's not ready to let go.  And if that's the truth, then I'm going to hold on with everything I got.

Rex: Well, it's just like Christmas with Roxy, huh?  Where are they going to set up the beer pong?

Natalie: Would you stop?  This is actually really nice.  This is the way Christmas is supposed to be

Rex: Well, Renee keeps looking at me like I'm going to swipe silver.  You're afraid I'm going to mess things up for Adriana and baby Buchanan.  Why the hell did Bo want to meet me here, anyway?

Bo: Because I have something for you, that's why.

Jessica: I'm sorry, Nash, but I can't talk to you right now.

Nash: Jessica, just listen, don't talk, ok?  Look, I don't know how this works.  I don't know if Tess can hear me or if you can tell her what I said.

Jessica: Nash, I --

Nash: I told her I was coming, but something happened, and I'm in the hospital.

Jessica: What?

Nash: Look, it's ok.  She's got to know that I didn't abandon her.  I do love her, and I would do anything to be with her.  Jessica?  Jessica, are you there?  Tess?

Tess: He does love me.

Antonio: Jess?  Hey, what are you doing out here?

Tess: Just listening to everybody laughing, you know, being together, my family.

Antonio: Merry Christmas, Jess.

Tess: Merry Christmas.  Could you do me a favor?  I need you to get more cheese and crackers for the cheese plate.  Would you mind going to get them?  I haven't spoken to my grandfather, really, since he's gotten here.

Antonio: Sure. I'll do that.

Jessica: Thanks.

Rex: A compass?

Bo: You see, that was Drew's.  Before he was a cop, he kind of lost his way.  But he said that that compass always reminded him what direction he should take.

Rex: Thanks.  I mean it.  I'll take good care of it.

Bo: Good.

Paige: That was so sweet.  Unfortunately, I have to go to the hospital for a while.

Bo: No. Are you coming back?

Paige: Absolutely.  I have to make sure you don't overdo it.

Bo: I won't.  Hey, take a look at that, doc, huh, at the greatest medicine in the world.

Asa: Now, you try that, Matthew.  Your grandpa needs a refill.

Tess: Grandpa, why don't you let me do that for you.  Besides, I want to butter you up so I can ask you for a favor.

Asa: Well, have I ever denied you anything within reason?

Tess: Well, I hope not.  Well, you see, Antonio and I, with a baby on the way and everything, the doctor said if we want to take a trip we should do it soon.

Asa: Done.  What do you want?

Tess: Your private jet?

Asa: Ooh. Well, I'll tell you what.  Call Philip and give him the code.

Tess: Thank you, grandpa.  Merry Christmas.  And what's the code again, though?

Tess: Thanks, grandpa.  And would you mind not telling anybody about this, especially Antonio?  You see, I want it to be a really big surprise.

[Nash groans]

Nurse: Are you crazy?  You'll kill yourself!

Nash: Tess!  I got to get out of here! Agh!  Agh!  Ow! 


[Woman sings "Ave Maria"]

Thomas: You mind telling me what's so funny?

Michael: You're wearing the drinks tie.  Mom's going to kill you when she sees it.

Thomas: Yeah, maybe, but she'd be proud of you.  I can hear her now telling all her friends that those two ill-behaved ruffians are mine.

John: You're not really mad.  I know you're not.

Thomas: Look, instead of making fun of my attire here, why don't we tell him how lucky we are and give him a bit of thanks?

Michael: Can we ask him to look after you?

Thomas: Of course you can.  Never worry about anything, or you have something you want to ask him, you can always ask him.  That's what he's there for.

[Woman sings]

John: Help.

Natalie: That was really nice of Bo.

Rex: Yeah.

Antonio: Excuse me.

Rex: I didn't expect -- you know, after everything that's happened --

Natalie: Listen, I sent your gift over to the loft since I didn't think you were coming.  Oh, my God.

Rex: What?

Natalie: I forgot something.  Just tell mom -- tell mom I'll be right back.

Antonio: Oh, this is a great idea.  I could use some fresh air, too.

Tess: Oh. Great.

Clint: Everybody, now that --

Kevin: Oh.

Clint: Now that you're all having a good time, I think I should interrupt and make a long, boring toast.

Viki: To remind us of Christmasí past.

Clint: Thank you.  Anyway, I can't tell you how much it means for me to be here this Christmas surrounded by family, from the old coots --

Asa: You say something, Clint?

Clint: To the young kids.

Matthew: I'm the only kid here.

Antonio: Wait till next year.

Kevin: Yeah, who knows?  It might be time for a new generation of cousins.

Renee: Ahem.  Kelly?

Kelly: Not yet, but we're working on it.

Duke: That's great!  That's great!

Kelly: Yeah.

Clint: Merry Christmas, everybody.

All: Merry Christmas.

Viki: Cheers.

Antonio: We better get going.

Tess: Oh, already?

Antonio: Well, I got to go pick up Jamie and then go by the diner.

Tess: Ok.  But would you mind going to get my coat first and I'll meet you in the foyer?

Antonio: Ok.  Be right back.

Viki: Hey, darling.

Tess: Mom?  Hi.

Viki: Yeah, honey.  What?

Tess: Listen, I know that you were looking forward to spending Christmas dinner morrow with all of us, but I just feel with all the problems that Antonio and I have had that maybe a nice, quiet Christmas would be better for us.

Viki: Oh. Well, ok.  I mean, I certainly understand what you mean, and that's fine, if that's what you want, but we'll miss you, honey.  We will definitely miss you.

Tess: Well, I'll miss you, too.

Viki: Thank you, baby.

Tess: Merry Christmas, Kelly.

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Te: Merry Christmas, mom.

Viki: Merry Christmas, sweetheart.  I love you so much.  Get home safe, ok?

Tess: Yep.

Antonio: All right.  Ready?

Tess: Antonio?

Antonio: What's wrong?

Tess: I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't go to R.J.'s with you.  I don't want him to start in on me.

Antonio: Ok.  Do want me to bring Jamie here?

Tess: No. I think I should meet you at the diner.

Antonio: Ok.  I'll see you later.

Tess: Ok.

Tess: Philip?  Hi.  It's Jessica Buchanan.  I'm going to be needing my grandfather's jet tonight.  Yeah, yeah.  He gave me the code.

Viki: Oh, thank you very much.

Clint: Well, thank you.

Viki: For what?

Clint: For inviting my family here tonight.

Viki: Clint, they're my family, too, and the children's family.

Clint: Yeah. You know, I haven't exactly been filled with the Christmas spirit, but looking around this room tonight, I realize how much I have to be thankful for.  And once we get Jessica through this, next year at this time --

Viki: We'll be grandparents again.

Clint: Yeah.  Does that make us old?

Viki: No.  It keeps us young.

Rex: So, matter where you are, you always know which direction is north.

Matthew: Awesome.

Rex: That way you can always find your way home.

Adriana: Sure are a lot of presents under that tree.

Duke: Yeah. And some of them are from me.

Adriana: No kidding.

Duke: Mm-hmm. There's an MP3 player for Matthew.

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Duke: There's a bracelet for grandma.

Adriana: Me, me.  Hello, me.

Duke: Hey, you know, there might be something under there for you.

Adriana: Can I open it tonight?

Duke: Well, I don't know.  I was sort of thinking that New Year's eve we'd go to The Palace.  I made us a reservation.

Adriana: Oh.

Duke: Hmm.  All right, what's wrong?

Adriana: I don't know how to say this. I just -- I think things got messed up between us last time because I got that room without talking about it with you first --

Duke: Hey, yeah --

Adriana: And I just don't want things to get messed up again.

Duke: Adriana, hey, hey -- Adriana?

Adriana: Yeah?

Duke: I made us a dinner reservation.

Adriana: Oh.

Duke: Yeah.

Matthew: Rex, tell dad.  Rex says he can make a professional blueprint for our tree house.

Bo: Well, Matthew, Rex is a man of many talents.

Matthew: I can't wait to tell Paige.

Bo: Oh, well, she's at the hospital right now, but she'll be back pretty soon.  You know what?  There are a lot of packages over there under that tree with your name on them.  Poor little guy.  You know, he had to leave his mother at the hospital tonight to come over here.

Rex: At least he has Paige, right?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, and, you know, she has a gift for acting like his mother without trying to replace Nora.  It's really too bad that she didn't have kids of her own because she's a natural.

Paige: Take care of my son, wherever he is.  And please, help him to forgive me for giving him away all those years ago.

Carlotta: They're here! Antonio!  Oh, Feliz Navidad!  Mija!

Antonio: Feliz Navidad, Mami!

Carlotta: Feliz!

Jamie: Layla!

Layla: Hey, good-looking!

Antonio: Merry Christmas.

Layla: Ooh!  Did you get that baby for Christmas, hmm?  She's so pretty -- but not as pretty as you.  Give me a kiss.

Cristian: I hope you didn't eat too much over at Viki's.

Carlotta: You better not have.  This year, I really felt like cooking.  I have my sons back and my granddaughter and our new friends.

Antonio: Yes, we owe these two ladies a great debt.

Cristian: That's a fact.

Evangeline: Please, don't, don't mention it.

Layla: I was glad to do it.

Carlotta: I thought Jessica was coming with you.

Antonio: Ah, she should be here any minute.

Singers: We wish you a Merry Christmas

Carlotta: The Paranderos!  Come!  Jamie, we've got to go help --

Antonio: Hey!

Carlotta: Get some cookies and hot chocolate ready for them!

John: What are you doing?

Natalie: I -- well, I thought I was going to get away clean.

John: What is it?

Natalie: It's -- it's your Christmas present. I had it -- had it sent to the station because I knew you'd be working, and I thought you'd open it and come home to me.  Don't worry, it's -- it's not a gift at shows you my undying love.

John: Should I still open it?

Natalie: Sure.  It's St. Jude.

John: Now, how'd you know about St. Jude?

Natalie: Cristian.

John: Yes, he was.  It was a little joke.

Natalie: Hmm.

John: Cris, right?

Natalie: Yeah, they -- they say that St. Jude's supposed to look after cops.

John: Actually, St. Michael is the patron saint of policemen.  St. Jude is for lost causes.

Natalie: Really?

John: Yeah, he's supposed to make the impossible possible.

Natalie: Big job.  Merry Christmas, John.

John: Merry Christmas.

[Door closes]

Layla: Now, that was Christmassy.

Carlotta: Oh!  Oh!

Cristian: Latin families make Christmas go on for as long as possible.

Evangeline: Oh!  That was awesome.

Cristian: Yeah, but we still have three kings day, which is January 6 -- twice the fun.

Carlotta: Is something wrong

Antonio: Jessica should have been here by now.  I'm going to give her a call.

Carlotta: So, did you guys have any family traditions?

Layla: Some good ones and some horrible ones.

Evangeline: Yeah.  Every year starting after Thanksgiving, my mother would rehearse us on some Christmas song or another, and then she would dress us up in these awful matching outfits.

Layla: Ugh, and then make us sing in front of the whole family.

Jamie: I want you to sing.

Carlotta: Antonio?

Antonio: Mami, can you keep Jamie occupied for me for a little while?

Carlotta: Of course.  Is something wrong?

Antonio: I spoke to the housekeeper at Llanfair.  Jessica left a long time ago.

Carlotta: Do you think something happened?

Antonio: I don't know.  Look, I'm going to call the loft, but if she's not there, then --

Carlotta: Ok, just do what you got to do, ok?

Antonio: Thanks, Mami.

Jamie: Sing, Layla, please.

Layla: Only for you, baby girl.  O holy night

Both: The stars are brightly shining it is the night of our dear savior's birth long lay the world in sin and error pining till he appeared and the soul felt its worth a thrill of hope the weary world rejoices for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn fall on your knees o, hear the angel voices o night divine o night when Christ was born o night divine o night o night divine

Singers: Round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace

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