OLTL Transcript Thursday 12/15/05

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/15/05


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Dr. Fox: I want you to take a breath and go back in your mind, back to when Jessica was a little girl, back to that incident.  I want you to describe it to me.

Niki: Ok.  Tell you what -- I'm going to spill the beans, but you got to do something for me first.

Spencer: That's right, I am the same Dr. Truman who took out your appendix.  How about that?  Yeah.  Listen, I was hoping you could squeeze me in on New Year's Eve.  Party of two, something nice and private?  Excellent.  Well, thank you very much.  See you then.

Paige: New Year's Eve?  Who's the unlucky woman?

Blair: You think you were framed for Margaret's murder?

Todd: It's the only thing that makes sense to me.  Check this out.  She said she couldn't swim, right?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: It's her.  She's a champion swimmer.

Blair: Well, who would set you up like this?

Todd: It's obvious, isn't it?

Rex: Back on the job already?

Bo: Yeah, cover for me, Balsom, ok, because Paige thinks that I should get some more rest.

Rex: Eh, doctors.  What do they know?  Natty's in on it, too, huh?  This is hers.

Bo: Yeah, she's visiting.  She just went to refill my water.

Rex: I'll keep her seat warm till she gets back.  That the Mason Jewelers case?

Bo: This would be official business.

Rex: I'm as ready to get back on the job as you are.

Bo: You know, we've talked about this before, Balsom.  You don't work for me.

Rex: Technicality, which brings me to the Todd Manning case.

Bo: Nice segue.

Rex: This is big, boss.

Bo: Yeah, but I don't have time.  You see, I have other fires that I have to put out now.

Rex: Like that Cristian and Mc Bain thing?  Talk about a train wreck, huh?  Natty, you ok?

Natalie: No.  No, I'm not ok.  Nothing is ok, nothing will ever be ok again.

Cristian: Didn't think I'd ever see you here.

John: Me, neither.

Cristian: So what do you want?

John: Sorry to hear the appeals board wouldn't overturn your conviction.

Cristian: Evangeline's taking it to the state supreme court.

John: I'll be glad to testify for you.

Cristian: I don't need your help.

John: Well, I need yours.  That's why I'm here.

Bruce: Nash is back.

Nash: What do you want, Bruce?

Bruce: Where is the hot blonde?

Nash: I'm not talking to you about Tess.

Bruce: Oh.  She blew you off, huh?  Ah, no surprise.  Probably getting naked right now at somebody else's pool party.

Nash: Tell me what you want or get the hell out of here.

Bruce: Oh.  That problem I'm handling for you -- I ran into a little bump.

Nash: You told me you were taking care of that.  I paid you good bucks for it.

Bruce: Legally, it's cool.  But the Restonís are still pretty pissed off at you.  The old man especially.  She's just not getting over what you did to her.

Nash: I did everything they wanted.  I moved across the country, for God's sakes.

Bruce: Oh, blue-blood clan like that doesn't just forgive and forget.

Nash: And what does that blue-blood clan want?

Bruce: Their memory might fade for the right price.

Nash: They've got more money than God.  What do they want with my money?

Bruce: Old man Reston's a sadist.  Wants to watch you suffer.

Nash: Well, I'm all tapped out.  Everything I've got is wrapped up in this vineyard, at least until I start turning over a good crop.

Bruce: Then we've got a problem.

Dr. Fox: So what is it you want, Niki?

Niki: I ain't stupid, doc.  I'm onto you.  I know as soon as I spill the goods you're going to come in and I'll be out of here, right?  You got to swear to me that ain't going to happen.

Clint: He can't do that.

Niki: Hey!

Dr. Fox: Mr. Buchanan, I appreciate you being here for support, but really I can handle this, really.

Clint: We can't be making deals with her.

Jessica: Dad, we just got to go with it.

Antonio: I've had to try and learn how to do it myself.  I know, I know it's not easy.

Dr. Fox: You willing to cooperate?

Niki: If you are.

Dr. Fox: Ok.  Now, you know how Dissociative Identity Disorder works, don't you?

Niki: Yeah.  It's dog eat dog, right, doc?  And I'm having Viki for breakfast.

Dr. Fox: Ok.  Well, if you feel that way, why are you so scared?

Niki: I ain't scared!

Dr. Fox: Then why do you feel you need to negotiate some sort of deal with me in order to share this information?

Niki: I don't!  I mean, I -- I ain't worried.  Go ahead, ask your questions.  Shoot.

Dr. Fox: All right.  I want you to close your eyes, and I want you to go back to when Jessica was a little girl and you used to take her to those bars.

Niki: I didn't take her all over town, you know.  I only took her to one bar.  It was my favorite.

Dr. Fox: Do you see this favorite place now?

Niki: Hey!  Hey, what's a girl got to do get a drink around here?

Dr. Fox: Do you see Jessica there?

Niki: Eh, she's around somewhere.

Dr. Fox: But you did bring her?

Niki: Yeah, but I told her to stay in the car.  She followed me in.

Dr. Fox: So she is there?

Niki: Yeah, she's here.

Dr. Fox: What's she doing?

Spencer: We're divorced, Paige. How can my love life possibly be of any concern of yours?

Paige: My love life certainly seems to concern you quite a bit.  Do you really enjoy it that much, dangling my past mistakes in front of Bo, just hoping he'll take the bait?

Spencer: Well, I don't do it for pleasure, Paige.

Paige: No.  You do it to make sure that I will use my position as chief of staff to do your dirty work.  How long is this going to go on, Spencer?

Spencer: Well, it depends on how long you want to keep Bo in the dark about his girlfriend being a murderer.

Paige: I didn't mean for that man to die.

Spencer: No, I'm sure you didn't.  However, the law is pretty specific about those kind of things.

Paige: I wish I'd never met you.

Spencer: And miss out on all the fun?

Paige: I can't live with all these secrets.

Spencer: That's the thing about secrets.  Once one person finds out about it --

[Spencer whistles]

Paige: Like you don't have a few of your own.

Spencer: Just find Margaret Cochran before Todd Manning does!  Everybody's got secrets.

Blair: Who do you think is framing you?

Todd: Margaret.

Blair: Margaret?

Todd: Just think about it.  She's the one that called me.

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: She determined the location, which was secluded but not so secluded that there wouldn't be people around, people as witnesses.  It was her idea to grab a boat and have a little talk.  She wanted to get on the boat, go to the island, even though she said she couldn't swim.  Got it?

Blair: Yeah, I'm following you here.

Todd: Well, obviously, she could swim.  She could swim like a fish.  We know that now.  So we got in the middle of that lake and she knows I'm going to fight her.  She knows something's going on, so she makes a bunch of noise hoping people would hear.  And then she takes the dive.  Although, she wasn't killing herself.  She -- she knew she could swim away underwater long enough that I wouldn't know whether to go in or --

Blair: But, Todd, come on, how would she know that -- that someone would think that she'd drown, though? It --

Todd: I don't know, maybe she planned on kicking off her shoes or -- I don't know, she was going to leave something in the water to make people believe she's been there.

Blair: Well, she was very pregnant, and it had to have been difficult for her to swim at the time.

Todd: It's possible she didn't realize that.

Blair: Come on, now, the -- the autopsy, both of them, said that she was strangled.

Todd: Maybe -- maybe she got caught on something in the water and it got wrapped around her neck.  I don't know.  But it's possible, right?  I mean, at least it's reasonable doubt.

Blair: Well, Todd, maybe -- I -- you know, but that don't make --

Todd: Ok, no, she figured it out.  She knew that she could never have me.  And so she decided to exact revenge on me, and what better revenge -- to frame me.

Blair: Well -- maybe, maybe you're right about this.

Todd: I know I'm right.  I'm going to get off, honey.  I'm going to get out of here.

Blair: We just have one big problem here, Todd.  If all that did happen, she's the only one that can corroborate your story.  And she's dead. 

Todd: We just have to create reasonable doubt, right?  And I think this being-able-to-swim thing does that. We'll just give it to Evangeline, she'll run with it.  She knows what to do with this kind of thing.

Blair: Todd, the coroner's report -- both of them said that she was strangled --

Todd: No, I got that covered.

Blair: Before she hit the water.  She stopped breathing before that.  Now, how do you explain it?

Todd: It's not true.

Blair: But the D.A. doesn't know that. Nobody does.

Todd: I think what we ought to do is have another autopsy done, or at least get another expert.

Blair: Look, we did it once, we did it twice, same results.  And if we do it again -- I think I should talk to Spencer.

Todd: Hey, now, Blair, I want you to stay away from Spencer.

Blair: Why?  After everything he's done for us? What are you talking about?

Todd: What's he done for us?

Blair: Well, he saved your life, he saved Jack's.

Todd: Yeah, he's a doctor.  That's what he's supposed to do.

Blair: Oh, come on, he's done more than that.

Todd: Because he's after you.

Blair: Oh, please.

Todd: Did you get that?  I told him a couple nights ago, I told him, "I know what you're up to, buddy."

Blair: Wait a minute, Spencer was here?

Todd: That's right.

Blair: Why?

Todd: Oh, some bogus offer to help me.

Blair: And how was he going to help you, Todd?

Todd: Oh, he was going to testify in my defense.  I told him to go to hell.

Blair: Why did you do that?

Todd: He's just trying to make himself look good to you.

Blair: Well, who cares what he's trying to do as long as he gets you out of here!  That would be great!

Todd: I can get out of here on my own.

Blair: Yeah, how are you going to do that?  Huh?  Do you know how hard it is for me out there?  I've been all alone, doing this all by myself.  Spencer is the only one that even believes that you didn't kill Margaret.  I swear to God, if it weren't for him, I'd be falling apart.  I mean, he came over this morning, and I don't know what I would've done.

Todd: What'd he do this morning?

Blair: It's no big deal.  It's -- it was -- I was having problems with the Christmas tree and he helped me --

Todd: Christmas tree?

Blair: Yeah.  Oh, you know what, don't even start with the jealousy stuff.  Why don't you think about your kids?  You know how hard it is for them to think that you are --

Todd: I swear to God, if he tries to muscle in --

Blair: What are you going to do, Todd?  Are you going to kill him?

Spencer: All right, look, I have a consult soon, ok?  So I have to go.  Listen, did you stop by for a particular reason?

Paige: I know that you operated on Kelly Cramer.

Spencer: Oh, then you know the operation was a success and that Kevin and Kelly can now carry a baby to full term.

Paige: And they owe it all to you.

Spencer: But that's not why I did it.

Paige: Why else would you help a Buchanan?

Spencer: Same reason I saved Bo.

Paige: Yeah.  You said there'd be a price for that.  Please, Spencer, tell me that you've changed your mind, that you no longer are interested in hurting Bo's family.  Please, just tell me that it's over and that I can relax and enjoy a future with Matthew and Bo.

Natalie: I'm really sorry.  I'll get you some more water.

Bo: No, no, hey, forget about the water, honey.  Come here.

Rex: Yeah, just listen to him and chill.

Bo: It's ok if she's upset.

Rex: What, over a couple of jerks like Cristian --

Bo: In your own words, Balsom.

Rex: Chill.

Bo: Right.

Rex: Got it.  I'll just go.  Natty, I'm outside if you need me.

Bo: Talk to me.

Natalie: You've got your own problems.

Bo: Yeah, but you know what?  I got a whole medical staff out there helping me with mine.  You can't take a pill or get a shot or, you know, an operation for what you're going through right now.

Natalie: So what am I supposed to do?

Bo: Well, you turn to your family.

Natalie: My family is too busy with Jessica.  Mom's even gone.

Bo: So what am I?  What, am I a stranger or something?  Now, come on, here, sit down.  Just unload on your old uncle.  Give me a chance to think about something other than a pain in the neck.

Rex: What are you doing here?

Adriana: Picking up a prescription for Kelly.  I'd better get it.

Rex: Adriana, wait.

Adriana: Why?

Rex: Look, I need to talk to you about Ginger's funeral.  I crossed the line there --

Adriana: It's ok.

Rex: No.

Adriana: Rex --

Rex: It's not.

Adriana: Really, it's fine.  Let's just forget about it.

Rex: Sure, push it under the rug.  Act as if it never happened. It's not real, not like that thing you think you've got going on with Duke.

Adriana: Rex, come on.

Rex: You can go back to duke it you want.  Ok, it's your business.  But do not tell me what's real and what's not, because I know real and that was you and me.

Adriana: We were never together.

Rex: You wanted it as much as I did.

Adriana: Rex, look, ok, please don't do this now, all right?  I have enough to be stressed about.

Rex: What's wrong?  You ok?

Adriana: It's not me.  It's Cristian.

Rex: What's the problem?

Adriana: I tried visiting him.  They wouldn't let me -- immediate family only, like "cousin" doesn't count for anything.

Rex: It's not like there's anything you can do for him anyway.

Adriana: But we would always help each other.  He would take my side when I was living with tia Carlotta and he'd listen to me.

Rex: So who needs this visit more -- you or him?

Adriana: I need to see him.

Bo: I'm sorry you had to find out about Cristian the way you did.  I found out about it.  It was right before that siege at the prison.

Natalie: I just can't believe that John knew all this time and didn't tell anybody.  You know, when I see him, all I want to do is punch out his lights.  And now Cristian's probably going to get out of prison.  That means I'm going to have to deal with him.  How do I do that?

Bo: You know, you come from some tough stock.  I just want you to remember one thing.  Ok, honey?  None of this is your fault.  You didn't do anything wrong.

Natalie: I know.  What I don't know is what's right anymore.

Cristian: You want me to help you?

John: Not me.  Natalie.

Cristian: Well, what about her?  Is she all right?

John: What do you think?

Cristian: Yeah.  I know it's tough on her.

John: It's been hell for her, just like I knew it would be when she found out the truth.

Cristian: What are you saying, it's all my fault now?

John: No.  No, it's not your fault.  I could've told her, too.

Cristian: I'll get her to understand.  I'll make her feel better.

John: Not that easy, Cris.  For what it's worth, I -- I think she hates both of us.

Cristian: For now.

John: She's not going to get over this easy, Cris, if at all.  She's going to need time to heal.  I want you to know that I'm backing off.  I'm -- I'm going to stay away from her.

Cristian: Good.  It's better that way.

John: You'll probably be getting out soon.  And when you do, you might want to think about doing the same thing.

Cristian: I'm still Natalie's husband.

John: Just give her some room.

Cristian: You're doing this already.

John: She's not ready to make any decisions or have them made for her.

Cristian: And when she is?  What if it me and not you?  Can you handle that?  Staying away from Natalie, letting her be my wife?  Because that's the way it's going to be, Mc Bain.

Bo: Well, I'm glad you decided to keep working at the station.  Ahem.

Natalie: If only all my decisions were that easy.

Bo: Yeah, but don't rush your decision between John and Cristian, ok?

Natalie: Or neither of them.

Bo: Well, they're not pushing you, are they?

Natalie: No, no, they don't have to.  I mean, I have my family and my friends and now God.  Carlotta reminded me of that -- the vows I took with Cristian.

Bo: Oy, no pressure there.

Natalie: What am I supposed to do?

Bo: Honey, only you can answer that.

Natalie: No help?  Just a little suggestion maybe?

Bo: No.  I can tell you this -- you need to vent, let off some steam, maybe even cry on somebody's shoulder.  And if you do that, I'm your guy.

Natalie: Thank you.

Bo: I wish I could do more, but your heart's going to have to do the thinking about this one.

Natalie: Maybe it already has.  I got to go.

Bo: Oh.

Natalie: Thank you for listening.

Rex: Natty, where you going?

Natalie: I'll talk to you later, Rex.

Adriana: You should go after her.

Rex: I -- you're not getting out of this that easily.

Adriana: You are the last person I should be telling my problems to.

Rex: Seeing as I am the problem?

Adriana: I'm leaving.

Rex: Adriana, wait, wait.  You want to see Cristian?  I can make it happen.

Adriana: How?

Nash: I used all the cash I had fixing this place up.  Everything else is in the winery.  I can't raise the kind of cash you're talking about.

Bruce: Huh.  Well -- so, she's still in the picture.  Wonder how she'll take it when she hears about what you did.

Nash: Tess can't deal with --

Bruce: Deal with what?  What does she have to deal with?

Nash: I know you're trying to squeeze me here.  All right?  But I haven't got it. I can't pay what you're asking for.  All I've got is this vineyard.

Bruce: Then I guess you'll have to sell it.

Dr. Fox: Ok, Niki.  Now, tell me what Jessica's doing at this bar you took her to.

Niki: I don't know.  I got better stuff to do than baby sit some brat.

Dr. Fox: Ok.  I want you to tell me what else is going on, then.

Niki: Place is packed.  It's really cool.  Great music, too -- real sexy stuff.

Dr. Fox: Look around.  Do you see Jessica there?

Niki I see two guys over at the bar.  I wouldn't mind getting it on with them.

Dr. Fox: Niki, I need you to focus your awareness and tell me where Jessica is.

Niki: I don't know, she's wandering around.  Thing is I told that kid to sit at a table.  The kid doesn't listen.

Dr. Fox: Is she talking to anyone?

Niki: No, not that I can see.

Dr. Fox: Is anyone talking to her?


Young Jessica: Can you help me?  Can you take me home?

Man: What's your name, little girl?

Young Jessica: It's Jessica.

Man: Jessica?  That's real pretty, just like you.

Jessica: Stop, stop.

Clint: Jess!

Bruce: You and your girlfriend didn't do such a bad job with the place -- should get a decent price for it.

Nash: You can't put a decent price on a dream, Brucie.

Bruce: Ah, you always wake up anyway.

Nash: I guess there will be other dreams, huh?

Bruce: Oh.  I'll take that as a yes?  You'll sell?

Nash: I'll do whatever I have to for Tess.  It's going to take some time.

Bruce: We, I'm a patient guy.  I'll make sure the Restonís are, too -- for, say, at least two weeks?

Nash: Two weeks?  I can't get the cash in two weeks.

Bruce: Well, try.  Otherwise, my patience is going to get thin.

Clint: Honey, you fainted.

Antonio: Don't be scared, honey.  We're here, ok?

Dr. Fox: Jessica, are you all right?

Jessica: Yeah, I just feel a little dizzy.

Niki: Hey!  I mean, why'd she go and do that?  What's wrong with her?

Dr. Fox: Look, I need to deal with Jessica right now, and I want to deal with her, so we're going to end our session now.  So when I count from one to three, you'll come back bright and alert.  Do you understand?

Niki: Uh-huh.

Dr. Fox: One, two, and three.  Wide awake.  Jessica?  Tell me, do you feel anything besides dizziness, maybe a headache or double vision?

Jessica: No, I'm fine.  I'm not even really that dizzy anymore.

Viki: Oh, my God.  Dorian.  Wait a minute, we were in father's mausoleum.

Clint: Viki?  Viki, is it you?

Jessica: Mom?

Viki: Oh, my God, it worked, didn't it?  We brought Niki out.

Clint: Yeah, it worked, but I could just strangle --

Viki: Clint, please, please don't be angry with me now, ok?  There's time for that later.  Jessie, sweetheart.  You ok?

Jessica: Yeah, I just -- I fainted.

Viki: What?

Jessica: It's probably just from being pregnant.

Viki: Oh, what -- what's going on here?

Clint: Niki was back.

Viki: For how long?

Clint: For several days.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Clint: And we had Dr. Fox here come over and hypnotize her.

Viki: Did it work?  Did you find out anything?

Jessica: Well, Niki told us that she took me to a bar when I was little.

Viki: Did she tell you anything about it?

Jessica: She said she didn't remember anything else.

Antonio: But what she did remember about the place bothered you.  That's why you fainted.

Dr. Fox: Guys, that just means we're getting close to understanding what caused Jessica to split.

Viki: Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.

Jessica: Oh, mom, it wasn't you.  I know it wasn't you.  I'm just so happy that you're back.

Viki: Sweetheart, I would never, ever leave you for good.  You have to know that.  You have to believe me when I say I would never have let Niki come out if I wasn't sure that I could come back.

Clint: But you didn't care anything about yourself.  You just didn't want Jessie to suffer.

Viki: Clint, she needs Niki.  It's the only way she's going to find out why this is happening to her.  Doctor, would you please put me under again and maybe we can get the truth out of Niki this time?

Jessica: No.  No.

Clint: No, no, no, no, that is far too dangerous.  Plus, it is bad for your heart.

Viki: It's not very good for my heart to see my daughter suffering.

Jessica: I can handle it, mom.

Viki: No, you cannot handle it, sweetheart.  You fainted, right?

Jessica: Well --

Viki: Sweetheart, this is the only way that you can heal.

Jessica: There might be another way.  Maybe I can't handle it, but we know that Tess can.

Antonio: No.  No, there's no way in hell I'm letting you do what you're thinking.

Spencer: All right, Paige.  Where were we?

Paige: Just tell me you won't hurt Bo.

Spencer: Oh, right.  Bo, yes.  Well, as long as you keep doing what you're supposed to, everything should be fine.

Paige: "Should"?  I need answers, Spencer.  Tell me you won't do anything to Bo.

Spencer: Or what, Paige?  What are you going to do?  Are you going to get me?  You going to make me pay?

Paige: You will pay.  It may not be by me, but anybody who does as much damage as you do always pays in the end.

Spencer: Truman.  You found Margaret Cochran?  Oh, that is excellent.  Oh, Paige.  If you only knew the half of it.

Todd: I can't help it.  I don't want Spencer Truman around my family.

Blair: Can we just not talk about Spencer, please?  Let's try and figure out a way to get you out of here, Todd.

Todd: I am on to something here.  She lied about not being able to swim.  Balsom really came through.

Blair: Well, it might not be as easy as you think, sweetheart.

Todd: Why?

Blair: You're the only one that heard her say that she couldn't swim.  The prosecution -- they'll just say you made it up, that you are the one that lied.

Todd: Is that what you think?

Nash: The advertisement should read "vineyard with attached cottage.  Lots of touches from a happy couple."  Thank you.  If there was any other way, Tess --

Antonio: Hey, look, I'm offering you some money to help you get your business back on your feet.  Take it or leave it.  We already talked about this.

Jessica: Well --

Antonio: We can't let Tess back out.

Jessica: It's not up to you, Antonio.

Clint: Jessie, I'm with him this time.

Viki: Darling, we all are.  It's really much too dangerous.

Jessica: Oh, and it wasn't for you?  You have a serious heart condition.

Viki: But, darling, you have a baby growing inside you.

Jessica: All the more reason for me to find out what is going on.  I have to find out why I split off into Tess.  It's the only way that I can heal.  She could pop out at any time and take off again.  She could do something to the baby.

Antonio: Jess, we won't let that happen.

Jessica: You're not really in control of that, Antonio.  The only one that's in control of that is me and Tess.  Can you back me up here, Dr. Fox?

Dr. Fox: Guys, she's right.  We really didn't get that far with Niki, so --

Jessica: That's because it wasn't Niki's memory that caused me to split.  It was mine.  I'm going to do this.  And I don't need your permission, but I'd really like your support.

Viki: Doctor, please, please take care with her.

Antonio: I love you.  Take that with you.

Rex: So, since you said you owed me one --

Bo: I don't remember ever saying that.

Rex: Not in as many words, maybe, but I did break some big cases for you.

Bo: You helped.

Rex: It's worth something, isn't it?

Bo: What do you want, Balsom?

Rex: Adriana wants to see Cristian, but the powers that be won't let her since she's just a cousin and all, and I was think--

Bo: Done.  Ahem.

Rex: What?

Bo: I'll make the call as soon as I get the clearance.  Then Adriana can see Cristian.  Now, is there anything else?

Rex: Uh, no.  Thanks.  Thank you.

Bo: Balsom?

Rex: Yeah?

Bo: Do you see the bandage on my neck?

Rex: Yep.

Adriana: So, did you talk to him?

Rex: Well, it wasn't easy.  I had to work him, but I wasn't leaving till I got you what you wanted.

Adriana: So?

Rex: He's going to make a call.  As soon as Bo gets the ok, you can start baking that cake with the file in it.

Adriana: Oh, my -- thank you!  Thank you so much.  This doesn't change anything between us.

Rex: No, why would it?

John: I already told you.  If Natalie wants you, I gave you my word I won't get in your way.

Cristian: There is no "if."  She will.

John: Ok.  Whatever happens, I'll expect you to do what's best for Natalie.

Cristian: I'll always do that.

John: Let's hope next time we see each other, it'll be on the outside.

Guard: You're a celebrity around here.

Cristian: Yeah?

Guard: Front-page news.

Cristian: So?

Guard: I read your story.  Good luck, man.

[Phone rings]

Guard: Yeah?  Ok.  You got another visitor.  Whoa.

Cristian: Hey.  I'm glad you're here.  I -- I hope this means --

Natalie: I want a divorce.

Paige: You are so busted, commissioner Buchanan.

Bo: Well, honey, I can't just sit around here doing nothing.  I got too much work to do. 

Paige: Ok.

Bo: So you're not going to get on my case?

Paige: Nope.

Bo: Oh.

Paige: I want you to get it all done so that we can go somewhere.  Matthew will be out of school for vacation, and it'd be a great chance for all of us to get somewhere away from all of our problems here.

Bo: And there's nothing I'd like to do more than that, but I can't take Matthew away from Nora, not right now.

Paige: Oh, I'm so sorry.  I should've realized.  I'm sorry.

Bo: Why?  Why?  For wanting me to be happy?  Come on.  I am happy.  I'm happy wherever you are.  You know, and it's not like we have anything that we have to run away from as far as problems.

John: I'm sorry, am I interrupting?

Bo: Hey, John.  Good to see you.

Paige: I have some work I have to do anyway.  Just don't you go heaping any more work on him. I'll be back in a little bit.

Bo: All right, thanks, honey.

John: Some bedside manner.

Bo: Yeah.  Ok, what's going on with the A.T.M. robberies?

John: Unfortunately, nothing new.  And it gets worse.  I did those anti-drug talks at the high school for you.  I think I got booed.  You know how much I love public speaking.

Bo: Yeah, but it's good for you.

John: Hmm.

Bo: How you doing?

John: Isn't that what I'm supposed to be asking you?

Bo: Well, I think things are kind of worse for you right now than they are me.  Natalie was here a while ago.

John: She ok?

Bo: Just be careful with her, John.  You know, she's been through so much lately.

John: You know, she and I, we started out as friends, you know?  We were friends a long time.  I wish I could be that for her.  I wish I could be that for her right now, you know, now that she really needs someone.

Bo: I know.  I'm trying to be, too, if she'll let me -- you know, if she'll let anybody.

Natalie: Please don't fight men this, Cristian.  I think a divorce is what's best for us both.

Cristian: Yeah, for who?  Not me.  And certainly not you.  Look, Natalie, I could tell that when you kissed me --

Natalie: No, you kissed me.

Cristian: Well, you didn't stop me.

Natalie: I should've.

Cristian: Why?  Because of John?

Natalie: No, I'm not -- I'm not doing this so that I can get back with John.

Cristian: Then why?

Natalie: Because I need -- because I need to just be me.  Not your wife.  Not John's girlfriend.  Just me, and to be able to do the things that I want to do and need to do and not have to worry about someone hurting me or -- anyway, they wouldn't let me bring the divorce papers in here, so I left them with the security guard and they'll be in your cell when you get back.  Sign them.

Dr. Fox: I want you to count back from five to one.

Antonio: I hope we're doing the right thing.

Dr. Fox: Count one --

Clint: What choice do we have?  Jessie's going to do this with us or without us.

Viki: Clint, she's right, ok?  It's the only way that she can heal.

Jessica: Four --

Viki: Unfortunately, even if she does find out what caused her to split, it's just the beginning.

Jessica: Two, one.

Dr. Fox: Can you hear me, Jessica?  Ok.  I want to talk to someone else now.  I want to talk to the woman who calls herself Tess.  Please allow Tess to come forward now.

Tess: Nash.

Nash: Tess.

Blair: I said the prosecution might think that.  Not me.

Todd: So you believe me?

Blair: Of course I do.

Guard: Time's up.  You got to go now.

Todd: All right.  Take this to Evangeline.  Tell her to contact Rex.  He'll confirm it all.

Todd: This will work, honey.

Blair: If we just had someone, someone that knew what happened to Margaret.

Todd: I know.


Margaret: Who's there?  I've got a gun!  Who is it?  I swear I'll shoot!

[Margaret screams]

Spencer: Hello, Margaret.  Poor Margaret.  Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Man: Hello, Nash.  Long time no see.

Blair: I bet a lot of men wanted her dead.  I just have to find out the one that had the most to gain from it.

Viki: Please tell me what happened.

Tess: Maybe I'll just do that.

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