OLTL Transcript Monday 12/12/05

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 12/12/05


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Natalie: If you'd kindly let me pass, I need to clear out my desk.

John: I -- uh -- heard you resigned.

Natalie: Yeah, well, word gets around, doesn't it?

John: You sure you want to do that?

Natalie: I don't have anything to say to you.  You know what?  Actually, yes, I do.  I have a question for you, assuming that you're capable of giving me an honest answer.

Bo: Busted.

Paige: Yeah, big time.  Where did you get that -- whatever it is?

Bo: This -- this is the best, the thickest, the sweetest chocolate shake this side of the Mississippi.

Paige: And who gave it to you?

Bo: I can't answer without having a lawyer present.

Paige: Well, I know it wasn't one of the nurses.  Do I need to check your visitors list?

Bo: All right.  It was my buddy Balsom.  He brought it to me from the diner.

Paige: Well, he is no buddy if he's bringing you milk shakes.

Bo: Oh, honey, come on, this -- this thing is chockfull of protein powder.

Paige: Fat is what that's full of.

Bo: No, no, but it's the good kind of fat.

[Paige laughs]

Bo: No, it is.  I read this in a medical journal earlier.  Oh, come on, you got to have a heart, babe.  I -- you know, this hospital food -- it's inedible.  I'm starving to death.

Paige: You know, you are lucky that I find you irresistible, commissioner Buchanan.

Spencer: Somebody's feeling better.

Bo: Yeah, thanks to you, doc.  From what I understand, I owe you my life.

David: I'm in possession of some information I think you’d find very interesting, Asa.

Asa: Nothing that comes out of your mouth interests me.

David: Even if it concerns your family?

Asa: This better be good.

David: Oh, it -- it is.  It's very, very good.

Bartender: What can I get you?

Nash: Wine.  What do you got by the glass?  Beer, whatever you got on tap.

Rex: Problem with the wine list?

Nash: Yeah, it sucks.  But, as my problems go, it'd say it's pretty close to the bottom of the list.

Rex: What's on top?

Nash: The guy who is standing between me and the woman I love.

Carlotta: Never before, tonio.  You -- I have never gotten an order so wrong today!  You have no idea how I've been messing up.

Antonio: Well, Mami, maybe you should take the rest of the day off and go home and relax.

Carlotta: No, no, no, no, I'm too happy to relax.  My son Cristian is alive.  I have to say it out loud so I can actually start to believe it.

Antonio: Mami, but you realize it might take a while for his conviction to be overturned?

Carlotta: I understand.  It's all been explained to me, but, you know, as long as I know it will happen.  Natalie needs him home.  Oh, look.  No one, not even that man, is going to upset me.  Not today.

Antonio: It's ok.  I knew he was coming.  We planned the meeting.

Carlotta: About Jamie?

Antonio: I got it all under control, ok?

Carlotta: Ok.

Antonio: How you doing?  You're early.

R.J.: Yeah, I was a little anxious for some resolution.

Antonio: Have a seat.

R.J.: So, you talked to the feds?

Antonio: I -- I haven't had a chance.  I've had a lot going on.

R.J.: Well, there's always some excuse with you, isn't there?  I mean, you're too busy to raise my daughter's child, and now you're too busy to keep your word?

Antonio: I said I would speak to them.

R.J.: Get on it, man!  Look, if these charges against me don't disappear, then the world is going to find out that your girlfriend, like her mother, is mad as a hatter.

Niki: Yeah, one pie, large.  Um -- anchovies and lots of extra cheese.  Address?  Llanfair.  Well, it's a big fancy-schmancy estate on the main drag. How hard could it be to find?  Yeah . Ok, how much is it?  You're kidding!  Well, no, that's ok, that's ok.  It's not like I'm paying for it.  Oh, and make it snappy, will you?  I'm starving.  Got to have some real food to eat, especially before the show starts.  Because they ain't going to know what hit them.

Clint: All right, I just talked to Dr. Jamison and he's on his way over here.  You all right, hon?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm ok.  No sign of Tess so far yet today.  But I was wondering, are we going to include Niki in all of this?

Clint: Oh, no, way too dangerous.  You know, I think we should let her sweat for a little while longer.  Who knows?  A couple more days under lock and key could loosen up her tongue.  Better yet, Viki might come back.

Jessica: Well, we can't keep her locked up there forever.  What if she refuses to talk?

[Doorbell rings]

Clint: Ah.  Maybe that's Jamison.

Clint: Who are you?

Man: Vinnie Stokes, attorney at law.  I'm here to see my client, Niki Smith?

Clint: What in the world are you talking about?  How could you know Niki Smith?

Vinnie: She hired me to be her attorney.  Funny lady.  She cracks me up.

Clint: No, that's -- unless you met her at that bar.

Vinnie: No, no, no way.  I don't hang out in places like that, certainly not in the wee hours of the morning, which is when she retained me.

Clint: Well, that's not possible.  She has not left this house.

Vinnie: You know, that's why they invented the telephone -- let your fingers do the walking?

Clint: Where would Niki get a phone?  You wait here.  Yell if you need me.

Vinnie: So you're her kid, huh?

Jessica: Yeah, sort of.  Why?

Vinnie: I'm just wondering how you can let this go on.  I mean, she's your mom, all right?  Have a heart.

Jessica: What are you talking about?

Vinnie: You can drop the innocent act with me, kid.  I know what's been going on here, and I want you to know that I think it's disgusting, which is why I'm going to see to it personally that my client is set free.

Niki: Nah, you tell me what you're wearing first.  You're kidding!  That's it?

Clint: That's enough, thank you.

Niki: What is the big deal?  It's only 3.99 a minute.

Clint: Where did you get this phone?

Niki: I lifted it off Jessica.  Kid should be a lot more careful with her stuff.

Clint: Jessica came here to see you?

Niki: Yep, last night.  What's the matter?  She didn't tell you?  Ooh!

Clint: There's an ambulance chaser downstairs who said he's representing you.

Niki: Ambulance chaser?  Well, by that, you surely must mean my lawyer, whom I hired to protect my rights, which you are violating.

Clint: Oh, dear god.

Niki: So I went right to the yellow pages and got myself an attorney.

Clint: Yeah, well, you picked yourself a winner.

Niki: Hey, he said he's going to get me out of here today, even if he has to go to the cops to do it.

Bo: I understand it was a difficult surgery.

Spencer: Well, I did have to ad-lib a little bit, but your darling Paige hovered over me the whole time I was performing the surgery, so she wanted to make sure I didn't let you die on the table.  What's the look for, Paige?  I was just joking.  Bo knows I was joking.  Isn't that right, Bo?

Bo: Yeah.

Paige: Yeah, sorry if I don't have my sense of humor back.  I'm just not quite ready to make a joke about Bo almost dying.

Spencer: I'm sorry, I -- I guess that was a little insensitive of me.  Forgive me?

Paige: Of course.

Bo: Something going on I should know about?

Spencer: What, between Paige and me?

Paige: No.

Spencer: Actually, Paige, you know what?  I think we should just go ahead and get everything out in the open.  There is something, Bo, and it has to do with someone's death.

John: Can we at least do this in my office?

Natalie: No.  No, this -- this is the perfect place for it.  I mean, why be discreet at this point?  It seems like everybody else knows my business except for me.  Hey, hey, George?  When did you find out that my husband was still alive?  And what about you, Pete?  When did you get clued in?  It's pretty juicy stuff, right?

George: I -- I got to go.

Pete: Yeah, see you.

John: Don't do this.

Natalie: I was just asking some questions.  I have a question for you, but brace yourself because it's going to be a tough one.

John: Go on.

Natalie: What were you going to do if you never got Carlo Hesser's confession?  Were you just going to keep me in the dark about Cristian for the rest of our lives?

David: You don't mind if I order myself a drink?

Asa: Damn it, Vickers.  If you got something to say, say it.

David: It concerns my brother, Spencer.

Asa: I thought this was about my family, not yours.

David: It's about both of our families.  Spencer is out to get the Buchanan’s.

Asa: Yesterday's news.  I already got the scoop.

David: Really?  From whom?

Asa: A confidential source, that's whom. So if you don't have anything specific, then -- 

David: As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I have.

Asa: What?

David: Something specific.

Asa: You know what your brother's got planned?

David: No, no, no, not what he's got planned.  What he's already up to.

Asa: Spill it.

David: Oh, I will, but I'd like something in return.

Rex: Relationship problems.  I'm familiar with those myself.

Nash: Going around, is it?

Rex: Like the flu.

Nash: Ha-ha.  Except that bed rest and fluids can't cure my ill.

Rex: No.

Nash: Bartender?  Another one for my newfound friend here.

Rex: Ah, only if you let me pick up the next round.

Nash: Deal.

Rex: Yeah, those dreaded relationships -- go figure.  I mean, I've never really had one before.  Nothing serious, anyway.  I sure as hell wasn't looking for one when this girl -- ah, why am I doing this?

Nash: Doing what?

Rex: Talking about it.

Nash: Nah.

Rex: It won't help.

Nash: Hmm.

Rex: She doesn't like me.  I know it's not that simple, but I've got this thing for her, but she --

Nash: You know, there's something to be said for "simple," believe me.  The girl I'm in love with?  Apparently she doesn't even exist.

Rex: Oh, you're the one.

Nash: The one what?

Rex: Involved with Tess.

Nash: You know her?

Rex: No, but I'm her -- ok, what am I?  Uh -- I am her host body's sister's brother, sort of.

Nash: That family.  You're her brother, sort of?

Rex: Natalie's, except not really.  It's a long story.  Anyway, when Jessica was missing and she was with you, I was -- I was kind of looking for her.  It's -- anyway, my name's Rex, Rex Balsom.

Nash: Nash Brennan.

Rex: So, how is it you're hanging out at Antonio's club?  I mean, is --

Nash: Yeah. I guess I was kind of hoping I'd bump into him.  Maybe I could talk some sense into the fellow.

Rex: Sense?

Nash: Yeah.  Don't think I can?

Rex: It's a complicated situation.

Nash: Yeah, I think I know that.

Rex: No -- no, I know you do.  I didn't mean -- so Antonio's keeping you and Tess apart, huh?  He doesn't like you moving in on his girlfriend's, what, alternate?

Nash: Antonio and I will never be friends, let's put it that way.

Antonio: What the hell's the matter with you?  You're seriously -- did you somehow forget that I'm the one with custody of Jamie?

R.J.: No, no, I haven't forgotten, nor have I forgotten that you lied to the court.  You and your fake girlfriend, who you had to fake because -- and I cannot stress this enough -- your real girlfriend is a second-generation lunatic!

Antonio: Don't you ever talk about Jessica like that again, do you hear me?  She's not a lunatic.  She has an illness, and she's being treated for it.

R.J.: Yeah, yeah.  Yeah, I guess it's a good thing that these split personalities are so easy to cure, right?  I mean, I'm sure she'll be herselves in no time.

Antonio: Look, I thought you and I had an understanding that you wouldn't go to the judge in exchange for my help with your plea bargain.

R.J.: Yeah, but you haven't done that yet.  Look, Antonio, I'm just looking for you to honor your commitment.  All right?  If you don't, I have no choice but to broadcast Jessica's malady to the court and to the evening news.  I mean, do you want to see "blond Buchanan bonkers"?  Or how about "Llanview's loony Lord heiress, film at 11:00"?

Jessica: Look, I don't think you understand the entire situation here.

Vinnie: What's to understand?  You and your father have been holding Niki Smith prisoner in this house.

Jessica: No, no, if you just listen to me for a second, I'll tell you that I --

Vinnie: But it's not going to work.  I'm going to straight to court, and I'm going to get an injunction or a restraining order or a writ of habeas corpus.  Right now I need to talk to my client.

Jessica: Whoa, whoa, don't even think about it.

Vinnie: Out of my way.

Jessica: I'm not letting you up there.

Vinnie: Like you could stop me, honey.

Jessica: No, wait.

Clint: Now, why would the Llanview police be interested in helping a woman who pushed their boss' brother out that window?

Niki: Oh, for -- it was a long time ago.  Besides, I never meant for Benji to die.  And he didn't -- well, not then.

Clint: I doubt that anybody cares what you meant to do.

Niki: Cool.  I'll just go over Bo's head.

Clint: Oh, yeah, yeah.  Throw your weight around.

Niki: I will go to the Supreme Court if I have to.  I swear, you cannot keep me locked up in here any--

Vinnie: You got a lot of stairs here.

Jessica: Sorry, dad, I tried to stop him.

Vinnie: Yeah.

Niki: Who the hell are you?

Vinnie: I'm your lawyer.  Assuming you're Niki Smith, which you got to be.  I recognize the voice.

Clint: All right, all right, now you get out of here.

Niki: Vinnie Stokes!  Just in time.

Clint: No, no, no.  You stay here, and you get out.

Vinnie: I'm not going anywhere.  My client is being held here against her will.

Niki: You got that right, Vinnie.

Vinnie: I demand that Niki Smith be released from captivity now.

John: I was trying to honor the promise that I made to Cris.

Natalie: Don't blame him for this.

John: I'm not.

Natalie: This is about you -- about your decisions, about your conscience, if you even have one.

John: I have one.  And it tore me apart keeping this from you.

Natalie: Are you wanting me to feel sorry for you now?

John: Not for a minute.

Natalie: How could you get involved with me knowing that my husband was still alive?

John: I didn't plan it.  I didn't plan getting involved with you.  But when it happened, the minute it happened, I went and saw Cris and I told him.  I told him all about it, and I gave him every opportunity in the world to tell you the truth.

Natalie: See, that's where you went wrong.  You went to Cristian and not me.  So the two of you could decide who was going to have me?  Is that it?

John: It wasn't like that.

Natalie: Let me ask you a question.  How did you decide my fate?  Flip a coin?

Spencer: Bo, I don't know if you knew this, but Blair's former nanny, Ginger Foley, was in a terrible car accident.  And, well, when they brought her in, of course, I was on duty, and her injuries were so severe -- I mean, they didn't get her here in time.  There was nothing I could do to save her.  Anyway, when Paige found out that I was scheduled to perform your surgery, she got a little nervous.

Bo: Really?

Spencer: Apparently, since I had already lost Ginger on my operating table, she -- well, she was worried that I might lose you, too.

Paige: I was just concerned.  I wanted to make sure bo got the best care possible.

Spencer: Well, the verdict's still out on whether or not he got the best, but he's alive.

Paige: Yes, Spencer, I'm sorry for ever doubting your abilities.

Spencer: Well, thank you, Paige.  That means so much to me, coming from you.

Bo: You know what means a lot to me?  Getting out of here.  Is there any timetable for that?

Paige: It's much too soon to even discuss it.

Spencer: Yeah, but I definitely have to get out of here, so --

Bo: Well, thank you again, doctor.

Paige: I'll be right back.

Bo: Ok.

Paige: Spencer.

Spencer: Yeah?

Paige: Oh, don't you look so smug.

Spencer: What?  What did I do now?

Paige: Why do you have to torture me like that?

Spencer: Oh, come on, Paige, don't be so upset, you know?  I mean, it's not like I actually told Bo that you and David were cold-blooded murderers.

Asa: I should have known.

David: What?

Asa: "What"?  How much it's going to cost me.

David: I'm not looking for money.  I want you to be sort of a go-between.

Asa: A what?

David: Talk to Dorian.  Put in a good word for me.

Asa: Talk to Dorian Lord?

David: Oh, come on.  I've seen you two together.  I know you're doing something together.  I don't want to know what.  No need to fill me in on the details.  I got more pressing matters to deal with.

Asa: I swear, Vickers, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

David: Talk to Dorian and convince her to give me a second chance.

Asa: I thought you were the one who dumped her, not the other way around.

David: Asa, Spencer forced me into that.

Asa: Your brother's a busy little boy.

David: Yes, he is.  He's very busy.  And I'll be willing to divulge what he's been up to and how it concerns you.  So what do you say?  Do we have a deal?

Rex: Put it on my tab.

Bartender: Got it.

Nash: Cheers.

Rex: I could use some.

Nash: Oh, that bad, huh?  She means that much to you?

Rex: We've got this amazing connection.  But she's got this other guy in her life.

Nash: You know him?

Rex: Oh, yes, I know him.  Mr. Perfect.  Total straight arrow, just about the complete opposite of me.

Nash: What's wrong with you?

Rex: Oh, well, if you polled the good citizens of Llanview, the majority would say I'm unworthy.

Nash: Oh, well, join the club.  What's her name?

Rex: Adriana.

Nash: Oh, beautiful name.

Rex: Beautiful girl.

Nash: Mm-hmm.  Well, fight for her, that's what I say.

Rex: Doesn't look like you're fighting all that hard.

Nash: You're right.  It's nice to meet you.

Rex: Same here.

Nash: Thanks for the beer.

Rex: Good luck with Tess.

Nash: I'm going to need it.

Clint: Jessie, I want you to wait for me downstairs.

Niki: Why?  Let her stay.

Clint: I'll handle this and I'll be there.  You know, I'm just a second away.

Niki: Oh, god, you people make me want to gag.

Jessica: Fine.

Niki: God, look at her.  Daddy's little girl . Does exactly what he tells her to.

Clint: Now, Mr. Stokes, you listen to me for a minute.

Vinnie: Listen, my client is not going to --

Clint: And don't interrupt!

Niki: Hey, don't you let him intimidate you.

Clint: Now, your client is suffering from a mental illness.  She's being treated and she's being held here for her own good.

Niki: My own good?  What the hell are you talking about?  You're keeping me prisoner here in this room just so you can play your little -- your little power game.  The court will decide what is good for me, right?

Vinnie: Ahem --

Niki: Right.

Clint: Mr. Stokes, you can go now.

Niki: No, you're staying right here, Vinnie.  And while you're here, you can witness the -- the disrespect and the cruelty and the inhuman treatment.  As if I didn't have as much right to exist as Viki does.

Clint: Nobody ever said --

Niki: And who the hell is to say that she's the one who's sane and I'm the one that's nuts?  I am not nuts, I'm just another side of Viki's personality -- the fun side.

Clint: Oh, yeah, you're a barrel of laughs, Niki.

Vinnie: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- when you talk about a different side of --

Clint: Yeah, that's -- that's Viki.  My ex-wife, Viki Davidson.

Vinnie: You lost me.

Niki: Ok, I'm an alter, ok?  Like a split personality?  You know, Sybil.

Vinnie: You're saying you have multiple personalities?

Niki: Ca-ching!

Vinnie: So you're not real?

Niki: Of course I'm real.  Look, I'm real, see?  And my money is just as good as Victoria's.

Clint: You have no money.

Vinnie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa --

Niki: Oh, don't be listening to him, Vinnie.  That -- he just wants to keep me locked up because he treats me like I'm a dirty little secret.

Vinnie: So you're saying you're not crazy?

Niki: Of course I'm not crazy.  I'm perfectly sane.  I know what day it is.  I know the difference between right and wrong.

Clint: Since when?

Niki: Since when is it a crime to want to have a little fun in life?

Clint: You tried to kill my brother.  That is a crime.

Niki: Well, you can't prove it.  See, Vinnie?  He's so biased against me.

Vinnie: I can see that he's biased.  He's definitely --

Niki: Yeah, yeah, he's biased.

Vinnie: Biased.

Niki: And you're not going to keep me locked up here like a -- like a monkey in a cage.  I am going to have a hearing.  I got a right to it, and you can't stop me.

Clint: Yeah, maybe I can't.

Niki: Hmm.

Clint: But Viki can.  Chicken tortilla.

Niki: Oh, Clint!  If you really think Viki's going to pop out and save the day, then you're the one who's nuts.

Vinnie: Viki who?

Niki: Because you know what?  If she were going to come out, she'd have been here by now.

Clint: Oh, not necessarily.

Niki: I got news for you.  And you ain't going to like it, but that's tough.  I'm here, I'm staying, and ain't nobody going to stop me from having my day in court.  Certainly not Miss Icky Viki.

Clint: Here.

Niki: What's that?

Clint: It's a letter that Viki wrote after the last time you got out, and it states that you, Niki, if you choose to assume your rights -- your so-called rights -- then you, Niki, should be immediately committed to a mental institution.  And it is signed and notarized, if you take a look.

Niki: Vinnie?

Vinnie: Hmm.

Niki: Well, what the hell does that mean -- "hmm"?

Vinnie: This does appear to be legally binding.  I mean, there's no law against committing yourself.

Niki: Committing myself?  I didn't write this, you idiot!  I ain't Viki!

Clint: Ah, but you are.  And you said so yourself. "I'm just another aspect of her personality."  I'm sorry, Niki.  You lose.

Jessica: Yes, we're expecting Dr. Jamison.  A family emergency?  Yeah, we'll reschedule as soon as he gets back, then.  Ok, thanks for calling.  Bye.

[Doorbell rings]

Jessica: Nash?

Nash: I still can't stay away.

Antonio: You want my help, R.J., threatening me is not the way to get it.

R.J.: Ok, look, I simply needed to impress upon you how serious I am about Jamie.

Antonio: There is nothing more important to me than the well-being of Jessica and Jamie.  But you continue with this crap, and not only are you going to end up in prison, but you'll never see Jamie again.

R.J.: Are you going to talk to the feds?

Antonio: I said I would.  I'm a man of my word.

R.J.: Yeah.  That's what I keep hearing.  Well, I'll be waiting for your call.

Carlotta: Is everything ok?

Antonio: Everything's cool.  No worries.

Carlotta: I pray that's true.  For the first time in so long, I have hope for my family's happiness.  You back with Jamie and Jess, and now Cristian back with Natalie.

Antonio: Yeah.  It's a very complicated situation, so --

Carlotta: Oh, I know.  I know Natalie's still involved with someone else, but Cristian is her husband.  If she had been told that Cristian was alive, she'd never have gotten involved with John Mc Bain in the first place.  I pray she comes to her senses and just cuts that man out of her life once and for all.

John: I understand that you're angry.  I deserve it.  But I got stuck in the middle of something, and there was no easy way out of it.

Natalie: Very touching.

John: Hey, I know you don't want to hear this, and it doesn't change anything.  But I thought about telling you about a thousand times.  I even came close a couple.  But every time I started, you made it perfectly clear you didn't want to hear about ghosts and demons.  And at the end of the day, I made Cris that promise.  And I felt like I owed it to him, even though I knew none of this would turn out right. Now, I know I hurt you and I probably ruined whatever we had between us.  I'm going to have to live with that somehow.  I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry, Natalie.

Natalie: Are you asking for my forgiveness?

Nash: I don't supposed there's any chance you're Tess?

Jessica: No.

Nash: Could I come in anyway?

Jessica: That's not such a good idea.  You see, Niki hired a lawyer somehow, and they're upstairs causing all sorts of --

Clint: Jessica, Mr. Stokes is on his way out.

Vinnie: But I am not abandoning my client.  No way, no how.

Clint: Out, go!

Vinnie: Just tell your mother I'll be in touch.

Clint: Go.  What are you doing here?

Nash: I just came to check on Jessica.

Jessica: I'm fine.  I'm more concerned about what happened upstairs.  How did she get a phone?

Clint: From you.  Didn't you miss it?

Jessica: Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.  I didn't even realize --

Clint: No, it's all right.  It's all right, Jessie.  It's not your fault.  Niki is a tricky one, always has been.

[Doorbell rings]

Clint: Ah.

Delivery man: Large pie, anchovies with extra cheese.

Clint: Who ordered a pizza?

Paige: Still working on that milk shake, huh?

Bo: You know, it tastes even better now that I know that it's not good for me.  Hey, I'm sorry -- about before, with Spencer.  I knew you were really upset.  I'm not sure exactly why, but there's a lot -- a lot of tension between the two of you.

Paige: I just don't trust him.  That's why I got so upset when I found out he was going to perform your surgery.

Bo: You really didn't think that he wouldn't do his best work?

Paige: Of course not.  I mean, he has his reputation to protect.

Bo: Yeah, I guess so.  But you -- you're carrying a whole lot of anger around.  I can see it in your eyes when you see him or if somebody mentions him.

Paige: Well, our marriage was a disaster, and our divorce even worse, very painful.

Bo: You know, whatever happened between you and Spencer, it's over.  He can't hurt you anymore.

David: Do we have a deal or not?

Asa: I don't make deals with scum like you.

David: You're making a mistake.

Asa: Oh, I've made a lot of mistakes, Vickers.  But this is not one of them.

David: So you don't want to know what Spencer's up to?

Asa: The hell I don't.  But I'll find out on my own.  Because everything that comes out of your damn mouth is a lie.  How do I know you and your brother aren't in cahoots against me?

David: Oh, come on, you can't be serious.

Asa: No?  You helped that brother of yours cheat at poker.  Only weasels do that.  You know, I've been thinking when you were talking that I -- I never really liked Dorian lord that much.  But I'll be damned if she can't do a whole lot better than the likes of you.  You know what you're like?  You're like that crap that I scrape off the bottom of my boots.

David: You've read me wrong, and you're going to live to regret it.

Asa: No, no, I'll tell you what I'm going to regret, is that I ran into you today.  Spencer Truman.  What a coincidence.

Spencer: I'm very glad to see you, too, Asa.

Asa: Really?

Spencer: Yeah.  It'll give you the perfect opportunity to apologize for barging into my operating room and almost killing your own son.

Spencer: What the hell was that all about?

David: What do you want?

Spencer: What were you talking to Asa Buchanan about?  And I want the truth.

David: If you're implying that I was telling Asa about what you're trying to do to his family, you're wrong.  I didn't say a word.

Spencer: Well, then what were you talking about, Dave?

David: He wanted information, but I gave him nothing.

Spencer: You better not be lying.

David: Spencer, the last person in the world I would confide in is Asa Buchanan.  I can't stand the old buzzard.

Spencer: Really?  Well, if that really is the case, Dave, then you should consider joining forces with your big brother.

Rex: Adriana.  Hi, it's me, Rex.  I guess you're not there.  The reason I'm calling -- there's something I really need to talk to you about.  But I guess it'll have to wait until Ginger's funeral.  I'll see you there.

[Phone rings]

Rex: 8-3-1-7 -- who the -- hello?  You're the last person I expected to hear from.

John: I'm not asking for forgiveness.

Natalie: Good.  Because you're not getting it.  I do not forgive you for what you did to me.  And I never will.  Oh, and by the way, I changed my mind.  I'm not quitting.  Because if anyone should be too ashamed to show their face around here, it's you.

John: I'm not quitting, either.

Natalie: Just as well.  Then you're not off the hook.  You'll have to come in to work every day to see my face and know how much I hate you.  Because I do.  I hate you, and I always will.

David: Why do you want me to join up with you?  You've done nothing but make my life miserable.

Spencer: Oh, now, that's not true, and it's also very unfair.  We used to be a team, Dave, a damn good one.  I think we could be again.

David: Oh.  You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think that you were actually being sincere.

Spencer: I am, Davey.  You should really think about it.

Delivery man: Hey, can you hurry it up?  It's getting cold out here.

Clint: All right, take it all, take it all.

Delivery man: Thanks.

Clint: Anybody hungry?

Jessica: Uh-uh, that's the least of what I am.  No more waiting -- not for dr. Jamison, not for anybody else.

Clint: Yeah, I wonder what's keeping him.

Jessica: He's not coming.

Clint: What?

Jessica: Family emergency, so we have to do something, whatever it takes.

Clint: Jessie, you got to be patient.

Jessica: No, not me.  I'm fresh out of patience, especially because this is all my fault. Niki wouldn't be out if it wasn't for me.

Clint: No, Jessie.

Jessica: Well, it's true, dad.  Mom let Niki out to help me, and I don't even know if or when I'm ever going to see her again.  And I can't accept that, and I'm not going to sit back and do nothing.

Clint: Yeah, I know that, but you can't do this all by yourself.

Jessica: Well, you know I'm the only one that can fix this.  I'm the only one that can get rid of Niki.  So I'm going to have to make the same sacrifice that mom made for me.  I'm going to have to let Tess out.

Niki: Damn you, Viki!  How the hell did you get so sneaky?  Got an ace up your sleeve, don't you, huh?  Well, lucky for me, I'm sneakier than you are.  Because I got another one up mine.

Natalie: I want to see Cristian Vega, now.  I'm his wife.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Kevin: Kelly, will you marry me?

Dorian: You brought this on yourself.

Antonio: Thought maybe I could help you hold on to your business.

Todd: Oh, I'm going to get out, and you're going to help me.

Cristian: John Doe is dead, Natalie.  Cristian Vega is very much alive.

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