OLTL Transcript Thursday 12/1/05

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/1/05


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[Knock on door]

Antonio: What do you want?

Nash: I came to see how Jessica's doing.

Antonio: She's exhausted.  Someone kept her out all night.  She's pregnant, and --

Nash: And I could be the father.

Antonio: That might be true, but right now all I care about is Jessica and her family.

Nash: Well, then we just might have something in common.  Tess would've blown out of this town if it wasn't for me.  I kept my word to Jessica.  She knows that, even if you don't.

Antonio: I appreciate your effort.

Nash: Sure.

Niki: [As Viki] Oh, Clint, I'm so sorry.  Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.  You were so right.  I should never, ever, ever have gone behind your back and gone to Dorian for help.  I'm so sorry.  No, no, no, it's ok.  It's me.  Niki's gone.  Now we have to think of a way to help our poor little Jessica.

Clint: Give it up, Niki.  We've been at this way too long.  I know the drill.

Niki: [Normal voice] Ah, it's worth a shot.

Clint: You just make yourself comfortable, all right?  Oh, you've got an appointment with Dr. Jamison tomorrow, and you are going to keep it.  I'm not going to lose anyone else in this family tonight.

[Monitor flat lines]

Paige: Spencer, we're losing him!

Anesthesiologist: No pulse, no pressure.

Spencer: Ok, start chest compressions.  I'll stay sterile.  Paige, if you want to play girlfriend, go out in the waiting room with his family.  Start C.P.R., now!

Paige: There's no way I'm leaving him like this.  We're bringing him back.  Send a blood gas and an H & H.  A chem seven, stat.  Amp.  Of epi.

Matthew: What's taking so long?

Duke: Hey, hey.  Your dad's still in there fighting, buddy.

Asa: He's right, Matthew.  Bo is a Buchanan.  He is a fighter.  Bo is not going to die.

[Monitor flat lines]

Spencer: Atropine, one milligram.  Stop C.P.R.

Paige: Keep working, Spencer!  We're not giving up!

Anesthesiologist: No pulse, no pressure.

Paige: Come on.

Spencer: Bo, come on.  I will not lost two patients in one day.


Carlo: You will do exactly as I say, agent Arlen, or John Mc Bain is a dead man.

Natalie: No!  John, no!

Agent Arlen: Get her the hell out of here!

Natalie: Get your hands off of me!  John, can you hear me?  John!

Carlo: How very touching.  Why so quiet, lieutenant?  At a loss for words?

Duke: You know, I'm glad you came, but you don't have to stay here for me.

Adriana: No, I want to be here.  Bo's always been really good to my family.  Look, if you want to talk --

Duke: You know, I think we've pretty much said it.

Adriana: Duke, I'm just trying to be a friend.

Duke: Oh, I know, I know, and thank you, but I've got family here, so --

Rex: Look, Bo's really messed up right now, and I am kind of losing it, so just call me when you get this, ok?

Adriana: Hey.  You ok?

Rex: You remember how messed up I was when Hayes tasered me?  This is worse.

Spencer: Nurse, maintain pressure on the wound.  Move, Paige, I'm taking over.

Paige: Another amp.  Of epi.

Spencer: Let me run this, Paige.  We'll get him back.

Kevin: Listen, every paper in town is downstairs.  They know about Bo.  They want a statement from the family, so I'm going to go down there.  I'll be right back.

Asa: No.  I'll do it.

Kelly: They don't need to know too much, Asa.  Just tell them we don't know anything yet.  It's too soon.

Asa: I don't need any damn advice from you, Kelly.  I will say that a violent convict shot my son.  That's all those vultures need.

Kevin: He's not mad at you.

Kelly: I know.  I've been around the Buchananís enough to know that you don't like being out of control.

Kevin: I just wish I could get a hold of my dad.

Niki: So you didn't fall for the Viki act.  You'll screw up someplace else.  You always did.  I'm just a little rusty.  It's been a while, you know?

Clint: Not long enough for me.

Niki: You watch your mouth!  Because you need me.  I am the only way you're going to get your little Jessica back to her state of mental health.  Ooh, wait a minute -- that kid ain't even yours, is she?

Clint: You can't get to me, Niki.  I stopped listening to whatever you had to say years ago.

Niki: Oh, you don't want to talk, huh?  It's ok.  I can think of a lot of other stuff we could do.

Clint: Yeah, I do want to talk.  I want to know what happened between you and Jessica.

Niki: Jessica.  She's the blond one, right?

Clint: All right, fine.  What about Victor Lord?  You remember daddy dearest, don't you?

Niki: You got better at this.  You know what, we're too old for this crap.  We got to move on to the next level.

Clint: And what do you got in mind?

Niki: What are you doing here, anyway?  Your girlfriend Houston dump you?

Clint: No, she didn't, we're fine, and her name is Dallas.

Niki: Big difference.  Point is you're here, and you're alone.  All your friends are gone or dead, and you got dumped right back in the middle of a family crisis, just like old times.  Come on, you got to have had it up to here, right?

Clint: I'm holding up.

Niki: Yeah, you are holding up.  You're looking awful good these days.  A little edgy, but what do you say I help you take the edge off, huh?

Antonio: What the hell's the matter with you?  You can't -- you can't just come up here and barge into Jessica's -- you know what, you're a guest in this house.  I know it's tough, but act like one.  Don't you see?  Don't you see what this is doing to this family?

Nash: I see a hell of a lot more than that, hotshot.  Tess and Niki are screaming for help.  They're struggling for their very survival, and all you can do is lock them up in their bedroom and treat them like they got some kind of a plague.  If you're not careful, you're going to destroy both of them.

Antonio: The only one I'm going to destroy is you.  Now get out.

Antonio: You need to try and get some rest.

Jessica: How can I?  We've made so many mistakes, and you obviously haven't learned from any of them.

Carlo: Let's take a little trip, lieutenant.

Agent Arlen: None of this is helping our negotiations -- or John, for that matter!  Now, get back before I have you taken into custody!

Haskell: You heard him.  Let's go.

Natalie: Get your hands off of me or next time you're going to pull out a bloody stump!

Agent: Cell blocks d and c are secure.

Agent Arlen: Then let's get these doors open and see what's going on.

Agent: It's verified.  The only sectors still in play are the common room and the administration offices.

Agent Arlen: Who's that?

Agent: Sharpshooters have a clean shot.

Natalie: Oh, my God!  John!

Agent Arlen: Stand down!  It's Mc Bain.  Hesser's using him as a shield.  Take the hostage out of the window, Hesser.  If he dies, all bets are off.

Carlo: What's the problem, agent Arlen?  No clear shot?  I'm afraid you'll have to blow a hole through your friend Mc Bain here to get to me.

Agent Arlen: Get me a clear angle on Hesser.

Natalie: No, it's John!  No!

Agent Arlen: Look, no one, no one takes a shot unless I call it.

Carlo: I hope you still have friends in the bureau, lieutenant.  We wouldn't want some disgruntled colleague to come along --

[ Doorbell ringing ] They're here!

Carlo: Stop him!

Carlo: No!

Agent Arlen: What's going on in there, Hesser?  Answer me.  Where are those shots coming from?  Where's Mc Bain?  What have we got on the infrared?  Give me something!

Natalie: What is happening?  Why isn't John in the window anymore?  What is going on?

Haskell: I don't know.  Shots fired.  Who knows?

Natalie: I know John, I know him, I know the way he thinks.  He doesn't trust anyone but himself, and he went after Carlo on his own, and he could wind up dead!  Why aren't you doing something?

Haskell: I am.  I'm keeping you from getting killed.

Natalie: I'm not the one who needs help!

Haskell: Well, you're stuck with me.  I was here when this thing started, and I'm not going anywhere.

[Hayes groans]

Hayes: The final chapter.  The big payoff.

Adriana: I'm worried about you.

Rex: Save it for Bo, all right?  Because if he dies, I --

Adriana: Hey, hey.  Is that Bo's?  Let's get you cleaned up.  I'll get a wet cloth or something.

Rex: Thanks.

Adriana: For what?

Rex: Talking me off the ledge.

Adriana: I haven't said anything, nothing that would help.

Rex: You helped.

Matthew: I'm going to go say a prayer for my dad.  Do you want to come?

Rex: Uh -- I don't know, kid.  Me and God, we haven't been on speaking terms for a long time.

Matthew: What's that mean?

Rex: It means I'm not so sure prayers actually work.

Matthew: I've been praying for my mom to get better.  She hasn't.  So maybe I'll just go get a soda.

Adriana: Hey.  You know, that's the funny thing about believing in something.  You just have to kind of do it before you get your proof.

Matthew: Is that true?

Rex: She used to live with a truckload of nuns.  She might know what she's talking about.  Maybe we should give it a shot.

Matthew: Chapel's this way.

Paige: Spencer, he's dying!  I need a -- a -- I need --

nurse: You're losing him, Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller?

Second nurse: Dr. Miller?

Paige: Get me a milligram of Epinephrine.  Let's try to pace.

Spencer: You heard her -- another amp.  Of epi, stat!  We're not losing this patient.

Jessica: I know that you love me, and I realize that you're doing everything that you can think of to protect me, but you can't.  Whatever created Tess and whatever is driving her now, it's inside of me, and it's not something to be destroyed.

Antonio: Well, someone's got to keep an eye on you.

Jessica: Oh, by locking me up?  By keeping guard outside my door?

Antonio: If that's what it takes, yes.

Jessica: Antonio, haven't you learned by now that the more we deny Tess, the harder she fights?  You're not protecting me.  You're making the Tess side of me stronger.

Antonio: Look -- I'm afraid.  I'm afraid that if I -- if I don't watch you, I'll lose you.  I -- I can't.

Jessica: You won't.  I need you.  Our baby needs you.  You make us stronger.

Antonio: I'm -- ok, so you need me because I make you strong.  But I can't be here because I make Tess stronger?

Jessica: Antonio, this isn't a new problem for us.  Even before we found out about Tess, you've always been overprotective.  And I know it's because you love me, but sometimes it can be a bit stifling.

Antonio: "Overprotective" and "stifling," now?

Jessica: Antonio, I need you to stand by me, beside me.  You can't shield me from everything that happens.  I don't want you to.

Antonio: I -- I don't know, I don't know.  That's not going to be easy for me to do, babe.

Jessica: I know it won't be.  You got to find a way.

Antonio: Ok.  Ok, I will.

Jessica: Thank you.

Jessica: I do hate this feeling, though.  It feels like everybody is putting their life on hold. I mean, my dad left Dallas in London, and my sister's been so busy, but still she makes time for me.  Everybody in my family are making these sacrifices just for me.

Antonio: Do you remember anything from the bar this morning?

Jessica: Yeah, I know that you found me and my mom and dad were there and --

Antonio: It wasn't your mother. It was her alter.

Jessica: Oh, my God.  I told her -- I told her not to risk letting Niki out.

Antonio: I know you did, but she did it anyway without anyone knowing.

Jessica: I can't believe this.  Because of me, we could -- we could lose her forever.

Niki: Come on!  Let's make the best of this, huh?

Clint: There is no "best" in this situation.

Niki: Come on.  Come on, old Niki's looking for a good time.  Man, you've got a hell of a nerve.

Clint: Why?  Because I'm not falling for whatever escape plan you got hatched?

Niki: Escape?  If I wanted to escape, I'd be long gone.  Me and that old oak tree out there -- we're pals.

Clint: Ah.

Niki: No, I don't want to escape.  What is it, you dead or something?  You don't know a sure thing when you see it.

[Phone rings]

Clint: Yeah, hold on.  All right, now, don't you waste your time, because security knows all about that oak tree out there, so, you see, there is no way out of here.

Niki: That's what you think.

Clint: Hello.

Kevin: Dad, where have you been?  I've been trying to get a hold of you.

Clint: Kevin, what's wrong?

Kevin: It's Bo.  He got shot at Statesville.  He's been in surgery for a couple hours.  It's bad.

Clint: All right, I'll be right there.

Nash: Everything all right?

Clint: My brother's in surgery and I have to get over there.  I need somebody to watch over Niki.  She's in there.

Nash: You want me to watch her?

Clint: Well, I can't ask Antonio to look over both women, and if you love my daughter as much as you say you do --

Nash: I do.

Clint: Well, then I trust you to take care of her mother, all right?

Nash: Yeah.  Thank you.

Clint: All right.  Don't you let her out of that room.  And whatever you do, don't go in there.  Trust me.

Inmate: John's in here.  He can't get far.

John: Drop it.  Listen to me -- just got Hesser's confession.  He copped to all of it.

Cristian: How?

John: I let Hesser grab me.  Guy loves to run his mouth.  I was waiting for him to hang himself.

Cristian: You could've gotten yourself killed.

John: I made it, that's the important thing.  Where the hell is Barber?

Cristian: Burning in hell.

[Hayes breathes heavily]

Hayes: Mc Bain and Vega have to come back this way.  One last surprise.

Kelly: This is so surreal.

Duke: I mean, weren't we just in the E.R. waiting to hear if Spencer was going to save Ginger's life?

Kelly: Twice in one day.

Duke: And this is uncle Bo.  You know, I've been meaning to get over there to see him and Matthew, especially since Nora's been sick.  But I let work keep me from doing it.  I let work keep me from doing a lot of things.

Kelly: Well, we really mess up when we don't tell people the way we feel about them.  That's how Kevin and I almost blew it.  I'm not going to make the same mistake this time.

Duke: Yeah, I always knew you two would pull it together, if you let yourselves.

Kelly: You remind me more and more of him every day.

Duke: You know, if you had told me that a year ago, I'd be insulted.

Kelly: And now?

Duke: I'm honored.

Clint: Kevin?  Hey, I just saw Pa out front talking to the press.  Is something happening?  Something going on with Bo?

Kevin: No, he's still in there with Paige and Spencer.

Spencer: Pacemaker?

Paige: We're getting something.

Spencer: All right, pacemaker off.  Let's shock him.  Come on, Bo, we're almost there.

Paige: I'm starting at 300.

Spencer: Clear.

Rex: So how do we do this?

Matthew: I just talk.  Haven't you ever prayed before?

Rex: Not since I was a real little kid -- younger than you, when I lived with Roxy.

Matthew: Did it work?

Rex: You better do the talking.

Matthew: Ok.  I know I've asked you for a lot lately, and I know you're still working on my mom.  But my dad's in big trouble.  And I was hoping you could take a little time off and please let my dad live.  It's Christmas, Jen's gone, Rachel and Riley live far away, and now mom and dad are both sick.  Please don't let me live alone.

Rex: Hey, you're not going to be alone, not ever.

Matthew: You think God's listening?

Rex: I think you nailed it.

Asa: Matthew?  It's time.  Join our family.

Agent Arlen: No, not good enough.  I need hard information, not maybes.

Haskell: If you go back over there, Arlen's going to go ballistic.  I got to get you out of the line of fire.

[Phone rings]

Haskell: You're not going to get shot on my watch.

Natalie: Got a message from my brother.

Haskell: Your brother can wait, honey.  I've got to get you --

Natalie: He's tight with the commissioner.

Haskell: Your brother knows Buchanan?

Natalie: Shh.

Rex's voice: Natty, it's me.  Look, you've got to get over to the hospital.  Bo got shot trying to spring Cristian and John.  Look, I think Hesser's got that C.O. jerk Haskell on his payroll, but the cops won't listen to me without Bo around.  So you got to tell them about Haskell.  Look, Bo's really messed up right now and I am kind of losing it, so just call me when you get this, ok?

Carlo: Barber?

Damn it, answer me!

Cristian: Of course.  He's dead.

John: You do good work.

Cristian: Wait a minute.  This -- this isn't right.  I left him in --

John: Cris, get --

Cristian: Mc Bain, you ok?

John: I've felt better.

Cristian: I think this was Barber's way of giving us the finger.  You know what?  Thanks to Barber, I found us a way out.

John: Yeah, well, I don't think I'll be joining you.  I can't move.  I'm pinned.  My legs are pinned.

[Cristian groans]

Agent Arlen: Chopper says the explosion was here in sector five.  I want an analysis of what the choppers are seeing.

Haskell: Everything ok?

Natalie: Yeah.  Yeah, I'm -- I'm just really worried about my uncle.  I'm going to -- I'm going to go talk to Arlen and see if there's any word on john.

Haskell: Not so fast.

Antonio: Your dad's with your mother now.  She's going to be fine.

Jessica: How can you say that?  Niki would do anything to hurt this family, and she's going to do anything in her power to get away from us, and she's going to take my mom with her.

Antonio: I know, ok?  I think Clint's got it covered.  All right, she's not going anywhere.  Look, right now all I want you to do is think about taking care of yourself.  And our baby.

Jessica: A baby.

Antonio: Yeah.  With everything going on, you know, I -- I haven't had time to think about the fact that we're having a baby.

Jessica: Tonio --

Antonio: I know.  I know.  There's a possibility the baby's not mine.

Tess: My heart belongs to you.  That means the baby does, too.

Niki: Hey!  Nash!  That's like my white flag -- you know, I give up?

Nash: Yeah, I can't let you out.  Mr. Buchanan's orders.

Niki: What, get out?  I'm just looking for a little conversation.

Nash: You don't even know me.

Niki: Huh-huh.  I'm not so sure about that.  Let's see -- you're a wanderer, you're a loner, you're a guy with big dreams.  All of a sudden this little girlie girl comes into your life and curls your toes a couple of times, and now you're chasing her all over the damn country.  Close?

Nash: Tess and I are much more than that.  You know, I'm sick and tired of people just writing us off.  You don't know Tess and you don't know what we're about.

Niki: Man, you got to be stupider than you look.  Come on.  The way I see it, you got to know there's no way you can come out on top in this, right?

Nash: You don't know that.

Niki: Honey, you're talking to the expert.  You -- you don't stand a chance, unless -- well, maybe -- maybe we could both win, you know?

Nash: How so?

Niki: You scratch my itch, I'll scratch yours.

Spencer: That's the last of it.

Duke: I found it in the cafeteria.  I thought you might be hungry.

Adriana: My favorite.

Duke: You're kidding, right?

Adriana: Do you think my mom keeps this stuff in the house?  It's a hot commodity at La Boulaie.

Duke: I've been thinking -- one of us could walk out of here tonight and there could be another taxi or stray bullet or whatever and it'd be over.  And I would've missed my chance.

Adriana: Your chance for what?

Duke: I love you, Adriana, and I don't want to leave here tonight without you knowing that.  And I don't know what that means right now, but --

Adriana: Right now it means everything.

Asa: Dr. Truman, you had damn well better tell me what I want to hear.

Spencer: We -- we had some difficulty coming out of surgery.  His heart stopped, but Bo is a Buchanan.  He pulled through.  We removed the bullet, he's stabilized, and his vitals are strong.

Asa: So you're saying that Bo is going to make it?

Spencer: It appears so, yes.

Matthew: You were right.  He was listening.

Clint: So when can we see him?

Paige: We're moving him to the I.C.U. right now.  As soon as he's hooked up to everything, the nurse will come out to let you in.

Clint: Paige, this family needed a miracle tonight, and you delivered.  Thank you.

Paige: This wasn't a miracle, Clint.  This was Dr. Truman.

Clint: My man.

Antonio: What if we sold the loft and got a real house?  Someplace special in Angel Square that we can renovate?

Jessica: Sounds perfect.

Antonio: And -- and your mom would be herself again, and so would you -- strong and together -- and we could concentrate on baby furniture and landscaping.

[Antonio laughs]

Antonio: We could paint Jamie's room like the woods or -- or a princess' castle.

Jessica: No princesses.  Just the woods.

Antonio: The woods it is.  No more -- no more feeling down or lonely or apart.  No more doctors.  No more social workers or sickness or custody battles.  No more fighting.  Just us, always.

Nash: I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass.

Niki: Just listen.  Just listen for a sec.  Here's the deal -- you let me out, and I'm going to see to it that you and your little Tess go someplace you ain't even heard of.  Ain't nobody going to find you -- no Buchananís, no Vegas.  It's paradise, kid, paradise. You put this dumpy little town in your rearview mirror, and you are out of here.  Now, all you got to do is turn that little doorknob, and all your dreams are going to come true.

Nash: I'm afraid I've cut my deal -- with Jessica.  I promised I wouldn't run off with her.  I gave my word.

Niki: Now, Jessica would be the one who's sleeping with Antonio tonight, right?  That's cool.  You take your time, you think it over.  Sleep alone another night, and then you can get back to me.  And just remember how much you love Tess.  And just remember that you're going to lose her, because little miss Jessica is going to make her vanish into thin air.

[Cristian groans]

Cristian: Wow.  Ow, ow -- no, it's too heavy.

John: Hesser's men will be all over us any minute.  Hey, that's everything you need.  Take it.

Cristian: No, no, I'm not leaving.

John: Just take it and get out of here.

Cristian: Hesser will kill you and you know it.

John: He hasn't so far.

Cristian: Where's the gun?

John: I don't know.  I think I lost it in the explosion.  Look, for once in your miserable life, will you just do what you're told and get the hell out of here?  Go!

Natalie: Take your hands off of me!  I want to talk to agent Arlen.

Haskell: I don't think so.  Something in that phone call made you afraid of me, and you should be.  Congratulations, Mrs. Vega.  You just graduated from civilian to hostage.

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Evangeline: I've got some bad news, Todd.  I quit.

Inmate: What do we have here?

Second inmate: Looks like a sitting duck to me.

Carlo: Natalie Vega. I'd know you anywhere.

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