OLTL Transcript Wednesday 11/30/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/30/05


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Blair: Yes, Spencer Truman, please.  All right, well, when he gets out of surgery, will you have him call Blair Cramer?  No, no, it's not an emergency, it's personal.  Thanks.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: You.

David: I need your help.

Dorian: And you're going to have to talk to your wife about David.  I mean, she can't allow a known con man into her hotel.

Asa: Dorian, stop mouthing off at the mouth.  All I care about is Spencer Truman.  I don't give a rat's butt about your love life.

Dorian: Speaking of Spencer Truman, who is known for his cool and his calm, what about the way he was with Ginger Foley?

Asa: Oh, yeah.  That poor little girl.  She was, like, foaming at the mouth.

Dorian: Right.  So maybe she is his Achilles' heel.

Asa: I think that we should have a little chat with the Foley girl.

Dorian: Yes, I'll be good cop.  Hi, sweetheart.  I'm so glad you're home.  Actually, I -- well, how do I reach Ginger Foley?  It's quite important.

Adriana: You can't.  She's dead.

Asa: What?

Adriana's voice: Rex, you really need to call me, ok?  Something terrible has happened.

Nurse: Sorry, sir, cell phone use is discouraged in this area.

Rex: Look, I can't leave my buddy Matthew all alone.

Matthew: You can call.  I'll be all right.

Rex: Look, there's no way I'm leaving till your dad's out of surgery.  Everything's going to be ok.

Matthew: You don't know that.  He could go into a coma.  He could even die.

[Classical music plays]

Spencer: Betadine.

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Anesthesiologist: He's under.  You can start.

Spencer: Adjust the light for me, please?  That's better.  Thank you.  What is the temperature in here?

Nurse: 50 degrees, doctor.  I'm wearing thermals underneath my scrubs.

Spencer: All right, that's the way we like it.  Ok.  Let's begin.  Scalpel.  Let go, Paige.

Paige: No.  I can't let you do this.

Agent Arlen: Buchanan just went into surgery.  No telling how he's going to do.

Haskell: Yeah, but with a gunshot wound like that --

Natalie: Who got shot?

Haskell: What the hell is she doing here?

Natalie: John?

Joe: What can I say?  The girl wants answers.  Come on, Miss.

Natalie: No, I'm not going anywhere until you guys tell me exactly what is going on in that prison.

Hayes: You really want to kill me right now, don't you?  But you can't.  Ah!

Cristian: Believe me, I can.  First, you're going to tell me where Carlo is.

Carlo: And remember, I want detective Mc Bain alive and well.

Inmate: Don't make no sense.  We already got hostages.

Carlo: Hmm, none as valuable as the inscrutable young detective.  He will prove to be a bargaining chip extraordinaire.

Inmate: I'm telling you he ain't here.

John: Tell me something -- you guys ever get tired of being wrong?  You looking for me?

Blair: David, I know it must come as a surprise to you that I really don't want to talk about your personal relationships, especially when it comes to Dorian.

David: You look horrible.

Blair: Well, thank you.  That is so nice of you to say.  I wouldn't know why.  You know, maybe it's the fact that the police have evidence from a very well-known criminal, Jackie Mc Naughton, that Todd tried to hire him to kill Margaret Cochran, and then the cherry on the little sundae is that I actually saw Mc Naughton and Todd together at the palace and now I'm going to have to testify against him.  But you know what, I understand that you wouldn't understand why I don't give a flip what I look like.

David: Long-winded.

[Blair sighs]

David: They can't make you testify against your husband.

Blair: We're not married, you idiot.

David: Join the club.

Blair: Ok, you know what?  Just go.  Out.

David: Did Todd do it?

Blair: Why do you bother even asking?  I know you're ready just to dump and tell me what a monster that he is.  Go ahead.

David: I came here to talk about Spencer.  That's why I need your help.

Blair: Have you not heard one word that I've said, David?  Come on.

David: Blair, I know you're up against it, but so am I.  I've got to get Spencer out of my life while I still have a life.

Blair: Well, he's your brother, David, you talk to him.  Don't talk to me about it.

David: I can't talk to him because he's not human.  In fact, the only thing that's even remotely human about him is that he's in love with you.

Blair: No, you know what?  Spencer and I talked about that a long time ago and it's a non-issue.

David: He wants you.  You know it.  That gives you power.

Blair: I'm not going to have this conversation with you.  I don't like it on a bunch of different levels.

David: Look, Blair, listen to me.

Blair: What?

David: Really listen to me.  I know you don't want me here.  I know you probably think that I'm only here for my own interests.

Blair: Oh, really?  Because that would be so out of character for you.

David: Spencer wants you.  That's not good for you.  Believe me, from a lifetime of experience, that is not good for you.  When Spencer gets involved with people, things don't turn out so good.

Blair: David, I'm not involved with Spencer.  We are just friends.

David: Well, your friend is the one who caused the problem between Dorian and me.

Blair: Oh, because you walked away from her at the altar?

David: It makes sense if you know my brother, and I know him a lot better than you do.

Blair: Really?  Well, how can anyone make you walk away from a wedding if you didn't want to do it in the first place?

Dorian: Honey, please sit down.  I know you're upset, but it's going to be all right.

Adriana: No, it's not all right, ok?  She was so young, and now she's dead.

Dorian: Um, how did it happen, and when?

Adriana: She was hit by a taxi.  It's awful, Kevin and Kelly saw the whole thing.  They said she was really, really upset.

Dorian: Yes, and what time was this?

Adriana: Uh, this morning.  They ran into her outside the park and they tried to help her.  She said that no one could and she just ran out into the street, and that's when she was hit.

Dorian: Ahem.  I -- I can't say that I feel all that badly after what she did to Blair.

Adriana: That does not mean that she deserved to die.

Dorian: Pardon me, but I am -- I did not say that.  I don't even think that.

Adriana: It's just so awful.  As soon as he walked in I knew.

Dorian: Who walked in?

Adriana: Dr. Truman.  He walked in from trying to save her, and before he even said anything, I just knew.

Dorian: So Spencer Truman was taking care of her?

Adriana: You could tell he did everything he could, that it was just killing him that she didn't make it.

[Classical music plays]

Spencer: Is there a problem, Dr. Miller?

Paige: Spencer, after everything today, Ginger --

Spencer: Do you want me to take a break, Paige?  Maybe we could ask the commissioner here to kindly not die until my head's in a better place.

Paige: No.  Would you please turn that music off?

[Music stops]

Paige: Be careful.

Spencer: That's good advice, Paige.  We should pass that along to the other surgeons on staff.  Ok.  I'm exposing the artery.

Rex: People say a lot of crap to kids, don't they?

Matthew: What do you mean?

Rex: I keep telling you everything's going to be ok and not to worry, but it's a load of bull.  What do I know?  So here's the deal.  We're not giving up hope, we're going to get through this together, but I'm not treating you like you're dumb.  Deal?

Kevin: Hey, Matthew.

Kelly: Hey, guys.

Kevin: How you doing, huh?

Kelly: We just heard.

Rex: They just took Bo into surgery.  Paige is in there with him.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, Paige is doing the surgery?

Rex: No, that Dr. Truman is, but Paige is assisting.

Kelly: Oh, that's a really good, good thing because Dr. Truman is an excellent doctor.  He's going to take real good care of your dad, ok?

Spencer: Damn it, I can't see a damn thing with all this blood in here.  Get me some suction in here, please, now.

Carlo: It seems like the tables have turned.  Detective Mc Bain now has a hostage.

John: That's right, Hesser.

Carlo: There's one slight problem or, rather, miscalculation -- your hostage.  I don't care whether he lives or dies.  Get him.

Inmate: Gun.  Yeah, sure.

Dorian: Asa, you could've tried to look a little less thrilled about that poor girl's death in front of my daughter.

Asa: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Look, think about this, Dorian.  Number one, Truman and Ginger are going at it.

Dorian: Mm-hmm?

Asa: Number two, Ginger gets hit by a truck.

Dorian: A cab.

Asa: Whatever.  The next thing, the good doctor is working on her.  Finally, Ginger, poor thing, meets her maker.

Dorian: It's all too perfect.  Adriana's wrong, though.  I do feel terrible about the girl.

Asa: Oh, stop being a hypocrite.  We just got to keep our eye on old Truman, make sure he doesn't cover up his tracks.

Dorian: True.  Much as I hate to admit it, you're right, we've got to do something, and now.  At the restaurant, ginger seemed so angry at him, and then she just backed off. Why?

Asa: I'll tell you why.  He was threatening her.  The poor thing was petrified.

Dorian: You know, we ought to ask Kevin and Kelly what she said to them before she went running out into the street.  Darling.  I hope you're feeling better.

Adriana: It just doesn't seem real.

Dorian: Maybe you ought to go take a rest.  This has been hard on you.

Adriana: I'm fine.

Dorian: Of course you are. You're strong, like me.

Adriana: Ok, what's going on?

Dorian: What are you talking about?

Adriana: You know what I'm talking about.  You asked about ginger before I even told you that she was dead, you're hanging out with a man you despise.

Dorian: It is a bit ironic, isn't it, but Asa was asking me about Ginger because she's applying for a job at B.E.

Adriana: You know, it is scary how well you lie.

Dorian: Darling!

Adriana: No, you know what, it's fine.  Go do what you were going to do.  It's actually comforting that you're just so -- you.

Dorian: I love you, too.

Adriana: I know.

Dorian: So, what about Kelly?  This must be very hard on her.  Where is she now?

Adriana: Still at the hospital, maybe.

Dorian: Maybe we should go there.  Asa?  Shall we?

Asa: Oh, yes.

[Doorbell rings]

Rex: They brought Bo here in the helicopter and rushed him straight into surgery maybe 20 minutes ago.

Kevin: Is John still in the prison?

Rex: As far as I know.  Natalie would've called if anything changed.

Kevin: Man, if something happens to john after what happened to Cristian, Natalie's never going to be able to take it.

Rex: Yeah, listen, about Cristian -- uh, I think there's something you should know.

Hayes: So, Cristian, after all this, all you really want to know is where Carlo is? Why?

Cristian: Tell me where he is.

Hayes: No, no, no, just -- you want to extract a confession from Carlo, detailing how he, what, brainwashed and coerced you into killing Tico Santi.  Am I warm, Cristian?  Ah!

Cristian: That's between Hesser and me.  Start talking!

Hayes: You know, for the record, I never really believed the whole John Doe bit.  I always knew you were Cristian Vega, ever since you tried to rearrange my face in the prison cell that night.

Cristian: Maybe I just don't like you.

Hayes: No.  No, Cristian.  No, this Kohn Doe persona is simply a far, far better thing you're doing to keep the beloved Natalie clueless.

Cristian: Careful.  I got a gun, and you're not saying anything I want to hear.

Hayes: Yeah.  You never lose anything by admitting the truth.  Because you might -- you might get exactly -- exactly what you want.

Cristian: And that would be?

Hayes: Uh, a confession from Carlo.  Huh?  Your name back.  Yeah.  And -- and most importantly, you'd get back your lovely redheaded wife?

Natalie: I want to talk to my uncle Bo and I want to talk to him now.  What?

Haskell: Sorry, little lady, but that ain't going to happen.

Natalie: What do you mean that's not going to happen?  Where's Rex, my brother Rex, Rex Balsom?

Agent Arlen: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your uncle was shot by a sniper.  He's been airlifted back to Llanview hospital.  Your brother went with him.

Natalie: Is he ok?  I mean, it's -- it's nothing serious, right?

Agent Arlen: He's in surgery.  That's all we know, but it was -- it looked pretty serious.

Natalie: Well, what about John and the other prisoner?  What about them?

Agent Arlen: They're still in there.  That's all we know about it.

Haskell: But there's a real good chance they're both dead.

Carlo: Here, take this.  You know how I feel about firearms.  That was almost too easy, lieutenant.  If it weren't for your sterling character, I'd suspect a ploy.  Hmm, a maneuver?  Duplicity?

John: You got a thesaurus someplace or you actually memorize this crap?

Carlo: Bravo.  A riposte in the face of danger.  Well, guys, in straight talk -- [As a mobster] I think he planned the whole thing and he's got a gun, bettin' we won't find it.  [Normal voice] Search him again.

John: Whoa, fellas, dinner and a movie first.  I'm clean, H esser, I'm clean.

Carlo: Then you aren't duplicitous.  Just stupid.

Hayes: I think I finally got your attention, Mr. Vega.

Cristian: You think you can get the truth out of Hesser?

Hayes: Yeah.  And the truth will set you free. Yeah, free to run into the hands of your fetching young wife.

Cristian: What's in this for you?  Why would you turn on your boss after all this?

Hayes: Please.  That mustache-twirling son of a bitch is not my boss!  Cristian, I was the mastermind behind the infamous killing club killings.  I mean, do you know how many books I sold?  I have subtlety and finesse, genius.  God!  Carlo?  He's like some South American dictator waving a toy sword! It's strictly amateur!  I -- I have the gift.  Cristian, when I get out of here, the world is finally, finally going to give me my due.

Cristian: You still think you're getting out?

Hayes: The east tunnel will be clear pretty soon.  You and I, we can be outside the prison walls before anybody even knows we're gone.

Cristian: And the confession?

Hayes: Oh.  I can get it.  I swear I can.

Carlo: While incompetent on so many levels, I think you'll excel as a hostage.

John: Ain't going to happen.

Carlo: There's nothing you can do about it.

John: Don't have to.  You'll screw this one up all on your own.  You and your crew make the three stooges look like navy seals.

Carlo: Shut up.

John: It is kind of a joke when you think about it.  The feds out there are laughing at you.

Carlo: I said shut up.

John: You kidding me?  You try kidnapping and you'll end up in here.  You try to break out of here, you end up with half the cops in Pennsylvania waiting to gun you down.

Carlo: Gag him.

John: You know what happens?   You try to get Cristian Vega to kill, you brainwash him, what happens?  You look like this crazy scientist in a Saturday morning cartoon.

Carlo: Cristian Vega killed Tico Santi because I made him do it!

David: How could you think that I would dump Dorian at the altar?

Blair: Hmm, because I saw you do it?

David: Blair, I wanted to marry her more than anything else in the world.

Blair: But you didn't.  You walked away from the altar.  Oh, but that's right -- it wasn't your fault, it was Spencer's fault, that mean old brother of yours.

David: Look, that's not funny.

Blair: No, it's not, actually, it's very sad, because you probably have convinced yourself that it really is his fault.  In fact, I wouldn't put it past you and Dorian.  You blame him for everything, including global warming.  Come on, here's your opportunity.  Convince me.  Why would Spencer do it?

David: Blackmail.

Blair: David, why would Spencer blackmail you, huh?

David: Spencer doesn't like to see other people happy, so he puts a stop to it.

Blair: Oh, right.  Well, yeah, that would -- that would explain his medical career and all the times he wants to help all those -- that is an excellent cover.  Gosh, why didn't I think of that?

David: You know what, maybe you're absolutely right, Blair.  Maybe I should re-evaluate my own thinking on this, considering you're such a good judge of a man's character.

Blair: Shut up, David.

David: It's like -- it's like there's a bomb that's about to go off and I'm the only one who knows about it.  Nobody will listen.

Blair: Well, why don't you get Dorian to listen?  Why don't you explain to her your deep, dark secrets and maybe you'll find --

David: I did.

Blair: Really?  You got everything out in the open and she still kicked you out?

David: That's right.

Blair: Well, sorry, David, I don't know what else to say, but I think it's time that you realize that you and Dorian can't make a go of it and -- and stop blaming Spencer for everything.  God!

David: You're wrong about Spencer.  You'll see.

Blair: Yeah?  Well, I've been wrong before.  Guess I'll just have to take my chances.

David: What are you doing?

Blair: Well, I asked your brother to call me and I think he left me a message, so -- look, I gave him a hard time and I wanted to apologize.  You know, that is a novel concept.  You should actually try it sometime, Davey.

David: What?  Who was that?

Blair: It was Ginger Foley.

David: Margaret's niece?  What did she want?

Blair: It was just kind of -- kind of strange.  She said, "he's not who you think he is."

Spencer: I'm moving the catheter.  Ah, damn it.  All right, suction.  Sponge.

Paige: Carotid artery.  Can you repair it?

Spencer: Suction on the right.  Clamp.  Pressure right there, Paige.

Paige: Are you going to shunt?

Spencer: Ligation.  It's not that close to the takeoff.  Suture.  And cut.

Anesthesiologist: Pressure's dropping.

Paige: No.  Please, no.

Kevin: What should I know about Cristian other than the fact that he's dead?

Dorian: There you are, Kelly.  We've been looking all over for you.

Kevin: Hey, grandpa, I meant to call you.  Bo's in surgery.  We don't know anything yet.

Asa: Whoa, whoa.  Bo's in surgery?  What are you telling me?

Kevin: You don't know about Bo?

Asa: What the hell are you telling me?  What happened to Bo?

Rex: He was shot, sir, at Statesville.

Asa: What?  Wait, where is Bo now?

Kevin: It's ok.  He's in the O.R.

Asa: Bo is in there?

Kevin: Yeah, Dr. Truman's working on him right now.

Asa: Dr. Truman, huh?  Are you out of your damn mind?  You let that quack operate on my son?

Kevin: Grandpa, let's just settle down, ok?

Asa: The only thing I've got to do right now is try and save my son's life!  You!  Step away from that son of mine or I swear I will kill you.

Paige: Asa, you can't be here!

Asa: I am chairman of the board of this hospital.  Bo is my son.  Get that butcher out of here.

Kevin: Grandpa, come on, we can't do this.

Paige: This is a sterile environment, Asa!  You're endangering Bo's life by being here!

Kevin: You heard what she said!  This could kill Bo!  Come on!

Asa: You are chief of staff.  Fire him!  You do the surgery.

Paige: I'm not qualified, Asa.  Spencer is Bo's only chance.  You have to leave.

Spencer: You know, Asa, I got about two minutes here to save your son's life.  Now, I could spend that two minutes listening to you rant, or perhaps you'd like him to die from sepsis or something else that you drug in on your spurs.

Asa: Truman?  Bo dies, you die.

Kevin: Ok.

Spencer: If Bo dies, it's on Asa's head, not mine.

Asa: Don't you ever put your damn hands on me again.

Kevin: You can't just barge into an operating room, grandpa.  What are you doing?

Asa: I did it to save Bo's life!  Do you want that Truman to kill someone else, like he did the Foley girl, huh?

Rex: Wait, Ginger's dead?

Adriana: I have to say I'm surprised to see you.

Duke: Yeah, I was just driving around . I -- I needed to see you.

Adriana: I know you're upset about Ginger.

Duke: And I acted like a jerk at the hospital.

Adriana: Uh, Duke, it's ok.

Duke: Not really.

Adriana: I understand.  Ginger, trying to deal with it, it just made us both kind of crazy.

Duke: It doesn't mean that I had to take it out on you.  Look, I don't like how we left things.  If we could just talk about it --

[Phone rings]

Duke: It's ok, answer it.

Adriana: Just -- hey.

Rex: I just found out about Ginger.

Adriana: I know.  It's awful, right?

Rex: That's why you called, isn't it?

Adriana: I can barely hear you.

Rex: I'm at the hospital.  I'm trying to keep it down.

Adriana: Ok, that's fine.  Just call me later.

Rex: Adriana, that's why you left that message, right?  You needed to talk to me?

Adriana: Yeah.

Rex: I can't really leave Matthew alone.

Adriana: What's wrong with Matthew?

Rex: Oh, you didn't hear about Bo.

Adriana: Bo?

Duke: What's that?

Adriana: Rex, Duke is here.  What happened to Bo?

Rex: Look, Bo was at States-- Statesville.  Um, look, Adriana, he got shot.  He's in surgery right now.

John: You pulling Vega's strings?  I don't buy it.

Carlo: I'm not asking you to.

John: You know, even if you could brainwash him -- which I doubt -- why have him kill Santi?

Carlo: Hmm, maybe I wanted to take over the Santi empire.

John: Is his bigger than yours?

Carlo: You're a very funny man.

John: Yeah, hoping to take this act to the road someday.  But you know what doesn't make sense to me?  You kill Santi, but you leave his brother, Antonio, to grab the throne.

Carlo: Antonio should've been killed.  He should've looked up into his baby brother's eyes and seen Cristian pull the trigger.  Maybe he would've -- maybe he would've understood then what it felt like to be betrayed!  I loved Antonio like a son.  I would've given him the world, and he turned on me.

John: Ah.  So that's what it was -- payback.  You thought Antonio double-crossed you and you wanted him to pay with his life.

Carlo: Yes.

John: Cristian wouldn't whack his brother, even if you did scramble his brains.  I don't know, Carlo, sounds like another screw up to me.

Carlo: Cristian killed Tico Santi because I made him.  I took his free will and made it my own.

Cristian: So you're saying you can get Hesser to confess to what he's done, huh?

Hayes: In exchange for certain considerations.

Cristian: Yeah, like what?  A get-out-of-jail-free card?

Hayes: Well, for starters.

Cristian: See, the only problem is you haven't said anything that convinces me you'll deliver your end of the bargain.

Hayes: Oh, I am very persuasive, yeah.  And also --

Cristian: Yeah?

Hayes: I never give up!

Blair: It's a very cryptic message.

David: Call her back, find out what she meant.

Blair: I'm not going to call that girl back.  That's what she wants me to do.  She wants me -- I'm not going to give her the satisfaction!

David: Fine.  You suit yourself, Blair.  What we were talking about --

Blair: No, we were not talking, you were badmouthing Spencer, and I want you to stop.

David: I really could've used your help on this.

Blair: Well, I'm sure you're going to figure something out in that brilliant little mind of yours.

David: Be careful with Spencer.  To quote your little friend, "he's not who you think he is."

[Doorbell rings]

David: Dorian.

Dorian: What's he doing here?

Blair: David was just leaving.  Yep, that's right, I'm not going to have the two of you here at the same time, so --

David: You think about what I said?

Blair: Oh, you know what?  I'm going to put your analysis of Spencer right at the top of my list.

Dorian: Oh, he was here to talk about Spencer?

Blair: Ok, I'm serious.  One of you has to go or I go, got it?

Dorian: David can leave.  It's his best event.  Where are you living, by the way, these days, the homeless shelter?

David: I'm ok.  Don't worry about me.

Dorian: Me, too.  I'm ok, never been better.  I'm fantastic.

David: I miss you every day.

Dorian: So it's a good thing I came in when I did.  He was about to chase you out of your own home.

Blair: Well, actually, I was going to go after someone else and take out my fury on them.

Dorian: Oh?  And who would that be?

Blair: Ginger Foley.

Dorian: Why would you want to see Ginger?

Blair: It doesn't matter.  What are you doing here, anyway?

Dorian: No, this is so strange.

Blair: What?

Dorian: This morning you were at The Palace with Spencer.

Blair: Yeah.  Ok, you know, Dorian, please, if you're going to bring up Spencer, then, you know --

Dorian: No, no, no, no.  What I was about to say was Spencer got into this huge argument with Ginger.

Blair: I don't care.  Whatever he said to her, she deserves it.

Dorian: Well, wait till you hear what happened.

Blair: Oh --

Dorian: She was so upset that she went running into the street and she got hit by a car.

Blair: Is she all right?

Dorian: She was taken to the hospital.  Spencer operated on her.  She died on the table.

Paige: Please, Bo, I need you.

Spencer: How many units of blood?

Anesthesiologist: We're on number five.

Paige: He's going to make it, isn't he?

Spencer: If I don't get this artery isolated and get this bleeding stopped in, say, the next two minutes.

Kevin: Hey.  I just called my dad and left a message.

Duke: Dad.  Any news?

Kevin: Nothing yet.  Did you see grandpa?

Duke: Yeah, he's pacing back and forth in the parking lot.  I've never seen him like this.

Kevin: He just hates the fact he can't do anything about it.

Duke: Yeah.

Adriana: Hey.  How you guys doing?

Rex: Well, me and Matthew have a deal.  We're going to get through this together, right?

Adriana: That's a good deal.  Can I join in?

Rex: Ok by you?

Matthew: I'm going to go get a drink of water.

Adriana: He's lucky to have you.

Rex: Yeah, and vice versa.  We're kind of in the same boat.  Bo's the closest thing I've ever had to a father.

Natalie: You're the one who shot the prisoner, right?

Haskell: That's right.  You got a problem with that?

Natalie: Obviously, you don't.

Haskell: Convicted murderer comes at people with a gun, you don't think twice.  You cancel his ticket right then and there.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.  There were no other options?

Haskell: Why do you care what happened to the con?  You're with the cop, right?  Mc Bain?

Natalie: Yeah.

Natalie: I'm with the cop.

John: Ugh!  That's -- that's quite a little story you got going there.

Carlo: Isn't it too bad you're not going to be alive to repeat it?

John: Oh, you know, I sort of lose my effectiveness as a bargaining chip if I'm dead.

Carlo: Hmm, something to look forward to.  Because after you've served your intended purpose, I intend to shut that smart mouth of yours up permanently.  (Male voice) ooh, this is gonna hurt.

Blair: Oh, my gosh, you are just like David.

Dorian: Don't ever say that.

Blair: That girl runs out in front of a car and you blame the doctor who tries to save her life.

Dorian: She ran into the street because Spencer threatened her.  He let her die to cover it up.

Blair: Oh, you know what?  I'm sorry for that girl, I really am, but it's not Spencer's fault and I want you to stop.  I don't want to hear any more garbage about him.

Dorian: You are very vulnerable.  I am not going to let Spencer take advantage of you.  That man is not who you think he is.

Spencer: Trajectory path is anterior to the muscle.

Paige: That's not a good sign, but you stopped the bleeding.

Spencer: He's not out of the woods yet, Paige.

Asa: Any -- any kind of news?

Kevin: Nothing yet.

Asa: Oh.

Kevin: You ok?

Asa: Oh, yeah.  I, uh -- I feel like a hypocrite, God.  But this is it.  Pray, I guess.  My son -- he really needs you.

Anesthesiologist: B.P.'s 80/50 and dropping.

[Monitor flat lines]

Carlo: Hello, folks.  I thought you'd like to know the situation has somewhat changed.  We have John Mc Bain, and I'm not bluffing this time.  You can choose whether to believe me or not.  But if we don't receive safe passage out of here, well, John Mc Bain is a dead man.


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: The more we deny Tess, the harder she fights.

Niki: You got to know there's no way you can come out on top of this, right?

Paige: There's no way I'm leaving him like this. We're bringing him back.

Natalie: John, can you hear me?  John!

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