OLTL Transcript Monday 11/21/05

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 11/21/05


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Bo: Hesser?  Carlo Hesser, you hear me?  Look, we've got it.  We've got the money, we've got the chopper. It's all yours.  But first I have to know what's happening in there.

Agent Arlen: What's going on?

Bo: Hesser's not answering.  He may have come up with a new game plan.

Evangeline: The only thing that kept Cristian alive in there was the thought of you.  That's why he finally decided to let me appeal his conviction.  It was the possibility of resuming a life together with you.  Is that what you want, too?  Or is Cristian living in a fantasy?

John: Come on, man.  Just answer me.  Just wake up.  Hey . Hey, are you still in there?  Damn it, Cris.  All right, man.  Hang on.  Come on, Cris!

Layla: Oh, yeah?  Well, you, too.

Antonio: Find a plumber yet?

Layla: Ugh.  All the 24-hour places are apparently on an eight-hour clock.

Antonio: Fine.  Where's Jessica?

Tess: What the hell took you so long?

Nash: Tess.  Oh, my God, Tess.

Dorian: Do we really have to do this in here?

Viki: Yes, we do.  Because it all started with my father.

Dorian: May his soul rot in hell.  You know, I still don't understand why you need me.

Viki: Dorian, you have been able to bring Niki out in the past.

Dorian: A lot of good it did me.

Viki: Please, please, please, just do it for Jessica!  Look, this alter of hers -- this Tess -- she knows what happened to make Jessica split, and she said that she would only talk to Niki.

Dorian: Well, then have Tess bring Niki out.

Viki: No, absolutely not.  I won't put them face to face.  Dorian, please, please, I cannot do this without you.

Dorian: No.  No, this -- this whole thing makes no sense.  And I'm not staying.

Rex: You know how dangerous it is for you to be out here alone this late?

Adriana: I'm not alone.  You're here.

Rex: Now.  You didn't know that I would be.

Adriana: Maybe I was hoping.

Viki: No, no, no!  Don't go.

Dorian: Don't hold on to me, Viki!  You know perfectly well that I'm claustrophobic, and I am on the verge of a really major panic attack here.  Listen to me. It makes no sense.  How will bringing out your alter ego, that evil Niki smith, to talk to -- to Jessica's alter possibly help?

Viki: I told you, Dorian.  I told you what it is, ok?  Tess knows what caused Jessica to split.  She will only talk to Niki.  I have to find it out.  This is the only way.

Dorian: Right, but once you bring Niki out, how are you going to control her?

Viki: I've been controlling her for a long time now.

Dorian: Oh, yes, of course, with an army of psychiatrists and your entire family behind you.  It's just the two of us here, in your perverted father's mausoleum, waiting for your evil alter ego to show up.  No, this is crazy!  All right?  I'm out of here.  Viki -- what are you doing?  What?

Viki: I'm sorry, Dorian.  I need you to stay here until you do what you agreed to do.

Dorian: You locked that door?

Viki: Yes.

Dorian: Oh!  I just reminded you that I'm claustrophobic!

Viki: Dorian, be quiet!  It's only until Niki comes out.  As soon as Niki comes out, then you take this key and -- and you lock Niki in here, and then I want you to call Clint and Dr. Jamison right away.  Do you have your cell phone?

Dorian: I -- wait a minute!  This is insane!

Viki: No, it's not.  It can work.

Dorian: You are going to give yourself a heart attack, and everybody is going to blame me for it.  And why in the world am I worried about you?  You want to bring out Niki Smith, who's probably going to try and kill me.  It's a stunt your other alters have tried to pull before.

Viki: Dorian, I'm not going to let that happen.

Dorian: Oh?  And how are you going to stop her?

Viki: I'm much stronger than Niki is, much stronger.  Please!  This is my daughter's life we're talking about.  Dorian, what if it were Cassie?  What if it were Adriana?

Dorian: No, no, no, don't you drag my daughters into this.

Viki: You would do whatever it takes to help them, I know you would.  Please help me.  Come on, talk to me now.  Tell me everything bad you ever, ever thought about me.  Tell me how much you hate me.  Just like in the past, please.

Dorian: I'm sorry.  But you and Niki are on your own.

Layla: Jessica's not in the ladies' room.

Antonio: And she's not answering her cell.  There's got to be an explanation.  You see her leave with anyone?

Layla: Nope.

Antonio: All right, she -- she probably left with her brother.  Let me give Kevin a call.

Tess: Do you have any idea how hard it is being locked up inside Jessica and knowing that you are out here and not being able to get to you?

Nash: You could -- you could see me?

Tess: No, I could -- I could feel you.  I knew that you wouldn't leave me.  I knew you wouldn't abandon me to the Buchanan machine, right?

Nash: What, you crazy?  Money, mansions, trust funds?  Nah.

Tess: I know.  Talk about boring.

[Nash laughs]

Tess: I'd take our little cottage in Napa over that any day, bugs and all.

Nash: No bugs.  We killed the bugs, remember?

Tess: Well, even better, so let's get out of here before the Jessica police find us.

Nash: Where do you want to go?

Tess: Home.  You know, our cottage in Napa.  I don't know about you, but I could really use a nice glass of cab right now.

Nash: A little soon for the kid to start drinking -- I mean, a nice cab and all.

Tess: Ok, well, fine.  I'm not going to be pregnant forever.  And when I finally pop this kid out, I want to toast with a glass of wine from Brennan's winery.

Nash: Esprit libre.

Tess: What?

Nash: Yeah, yeah, I changed the name of our label.  I didn't have a chance to tell you, but it's esprit libre.  It's French for "free spirit," for you.

Tess: Free spirit.  I like that.

Nash: Ah.

Tess: Yeah.  It's good.  It's very -- it's very us.  Ok, well, let's get out of -- let's get out of here.  We've got grapes to stomp.

Nash: We can't go.

Tess: Why?

Nash: I promised I wouldn't run off with you.

Tess: Promised who?

Nash: Jessica.

Bo: Hesser?  Hesser, answer, or all deals are off.  We're still getting nothing.  I haven't heard from Mc Bain, either.  I don't know if he and Vega are still alive.

Agent Arlen: Yeah, let him through. We got something.

Bo: What?

Bo: Who is this?

Officer: He was waiting outside the gates.  He left skid marks by a manhole cover when he took off and tried to run the roadblocks . No I.D., a crowbar sitting on the front seat, and public works doesn't have a job on him.

Bo: Tell us everything you know, or you're going to take the hit for Carlo Hesser.

Natalie: How can you ask me to talk about my future with Cristian when he could be in there dying right now, or already dead?

Evangeline: Oh, my God.  I pray that he's ok.

Natalie: I'm sure you do.

Evangeline: Cristian is a wonderful man, Natalie.  And he's tortured with guilt about what he did.  You have to know if it wasn't for Carlo Hesser, there's no way in the world Cristian would have been capable of killing Tico Santi.

Natalie: You don't have to sell Cristian to me.  I married the man.  I loved him with all my heart.

Evangeline: "Loved"?

Natalie: What do you want me to say?

Evangeline: I don't know.  Honestly, Natalie, I've been wondering for weeks what you were going to do when you found out the truth.

Natalie: You know what?  If you had just told me instead of wondering, maybe John and Cristian wouldn't be locked up there in a prison riot.

Evangeline: Don't you dare.  Don't you dare try to pin this on me.

Natalie: Right, right.  It's John's fault, right?  And I should hate him, hate him so much that he goes running back to you?

Evangeline: I don't care what john does as long as he comes out of there alive.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.  Then what?

Evangeline: I don't know.  I don't know what comes after that.  All I know is that if anything happens to him in there, I will blame myself for the rest of my life.

Natalie: Good.  Because I'll blame you, too.  I'm glad you finally admitted it.

Evangeline: Admitted what?

Natalie: What everyone else knows -- that you want John back.

Evangeline: No, I don't.  Not like this.  Not by default.

Natalie: Oh, please.  That's why you're defending Cristian.

Evangeline: Cristian was treated unjustly.  And my feelings about your relationship with John don't affect that one iota.

Natalie: Got to admit, it does work for you.

Evangeline: Ok, I still have feelings for John.  Is that what you need to hear, Natalie?

Natalie: Finally.  Thank you.

Evangeline: I mean, you don't get over someone like that easily, or someone like Cristian.  He sure as hell isn't over you.  So I guess that means somebody around here is getting hurt -- John or Cristian, or maybe both.

Natalie: If they survive.

Evangeline: I can't even think about that alternative.

Natalie: You've never had to bury the man that you love.

John: Six, seven -- don't you go checking out on me, man.  Come on, Cris, breathe.  Breathe!

John: You know something?  Today is not a good day to die.  You hear me, you son of a bitch?  Come on!  Come on!  Good.  Hey, good.  Open your eyes.  Open your eyes.

Cristian: Mc Bain --

John: Thought I lost you, man.  Thought I lost you.

Cristian: You weren't going to get rid of me that easy.

Clint: Hi, guys.  I thought I heard somebody come in.

Kevin: Hey, dad.  We just stopped by to check on mom.

Kelly: And we want to find out what she was doing with Dorian earlier.

Clint: Viki's with Dorian?

Kelly: Yeah, I walked in on them at La Boulaie.  They were whispering about something.  I mean, I assume it's about the procedure that I'm supposed to have.  Dorian is dead-set against it.

Kevin: Well, it's either that or David dumping her at the altar.

[Kevin laughs]

Kelly: Kevin.

Clint: Why would Viki care about any of that with everything that's going on with Jessica?

Kelly: Well, Dorian's always dragging her into something.

Clint: Yeah.  Maybe this time it's the other way around.

Dorian: Give me the key, Viki.  You can't keep me here against my will.  You're just going to have to find another way to help Jessica.

Viki: There is no other way.

Dorian: Then find somebody else to help you besides me.  Because this business of conjuring up niki -- it's sheer madness!  Ok?  And you can't make me be part of it.

Viki: No, you're right, dorian. I -- I can't make you. I can't make you do anything. Because you are so entirely wrapped up in yourself that you would never do anything for anyone unless it involved you! I don't know why I ever thought I could count on you. When have I ever been able to in the past, huh? Every time a situation occurred that required a little strength, a little character, you do exactly what you're doing now. You run.

Dorian: I am the one who's doing the right thing here.

Viki: Oh, please.  Who made you the authority on "the right thing"?

Dorian: Excuse me?  You're the one who thinks you're the authority on just about everything!  I'll tell you something I know.  The evil that's Niki Smith is from inside of you.  Oh, yes -- integrated or not, Niki is as much a part of you as your father is.

Viki: I had no choice with my father.  Unlike you. Because you married him.  And you shared his life.  And you became exactly like him.

Dorian: What?  Me like victor?

Viki: You were his wife!  You had to know that there was something going on.  At the very least, you should have sensed it, and you did nothing, nothing to stop it.  My father was sick and evil, and that makes you just as guilty.  You have no excuse!  You are no better than Victor Lord.

Tess: You made a deal with Jessica?  How could you do that?  She hates me!  She wants to get rid of me!

Nash: Tess, you and Jessica are parts of the same person.

Tess: Did she tell you that?

Nash: You know it's true.  We both do.

Tess: Yeah.  But if we leave here, then it'll just be me.

Nash: You're not -- I can't believe any of this.  You're not -- you're not a whole person.

Tess: So, what, you're just going to give up on me?

Antonio: He's not answering.

Layla: Where else could she be?

Antonio: Damn it.

Layla: I'm right behind you.

Michael: Boy.  This party stinks.

Marcie: What's going on?

Michael: Hell if I know.

Antonio: It's going from bad to worse.  First the plumbing, now the lights.

Layla: And no plumbers want to make any overtime.  So what do we do?

Antonio: That's a good question, but first I need to find Jessica.

Tess: You want to bail on me, fine.  Great.  Get out of my life!  Or, should I say, half a life.

Nash: I'm not giving up on you.  I'd never do that.

Tess: Well, then why can't you just forget about Jessica?  If I'm half a person, then so is she.  So any promises that you made to her are null and void. We don't need her.  Why can't we just be us?  Remember, like before?

Nash: Because it's not just us anymore.

Tess: I don't care about her family.

Nash: I'm talking about our family.  We owe it to our kid, to our boy or girl -- boy.  We got to stay here.  We got to play this out.

[Phone rings]

Nash: It's Antonio, isn't it?

Tess: Yeah.  I don't want to talk to him.

Nash: You have to.

Tess: Why?


Nash: Because he'll come looking for Jessica, and you know that he'll find her.


Tess: Fine.  Hello?

Antonio: Jess?

Tess: Yeah, it's Jessica.  What's up?

Antonio: What's up?  Well, you mean aside from you disappearing?

Tess: Well -- ahem -- that club -- it was filled with so many people, and it was just too crazy.  I had to get out.

Antonio: All right, I understand.  So Kevin took you home?

Tess: Yeah, he did.  I'm going to hit the sack.  I'll see you tomorrow.

Antonio: Ok.  I love you.

Tess: Me, too.  I hate those two so much, and I don't care what you say, I cannot stay here a second longer.

Nash: I'm not leaving.

Tess: Well, I can't stay, so what are we going to do?

Bo: Who paid you?

Man: Nobody.

Bo: Nobody yet, right?  You work for Carlo Hesser?

Agent Arlen: We've got you at the exit point waiting with the getaway car.

Bo: Where was Carlo headed?  Did he reach out to you from the inside, or did he have somebody contact you from out here?

Man: I was hired to drive a guy wherever he said, period.

Bo: "A guy."  I want you to keep working with this guy.  All right?  Anything that he can tell us about Carlo Hesser at this point, it can only help.  And you can offer him a deal if you have to.  I'll have justice sign off on it.

Officer: Got it.

Bo: Thank you.

Agent Arlen: You really think that's going to work?

Bo: Well, we've got to do something.  I mean, Hesser's broken off communications.  The warden's dead right now.  We got innocent people trapped inside there.

Agent Arlen: But still, we've done everything right, followed procedure.

Bo: Yeah.  Yeah, and Carlo's still in there calling the shots.

Agent Arlen: Ok.  You want to trap a fox?  You corner him.

Bo: All right, what are you thinking about?

Agent Arlen: The infrareds show that this spot in quadrant 1-a is where Hesser is most likely holing up.

Bo: Yeah, well, that's the warden's office.

Agent Arlen: We cut off the auxiliary power and we lock him in.  Then he's ours.

Bo: No, bad idea.

Evangeline: I am just as worried about John and Cris as you are.

Natalie: Really?  Because their lives are at stake in there, and it seems like all you want to do is have an "I care" contest.  And I can't deal with this right now!

Evangeline: What?

Natalie: I can't talk about this.  Two men that I love -- loved?  I mean, I -- God, I don't even know what I mean.  I don't know what I feel.

Evangeline: They thought they were doing the right thing.

Natalie: Yeah.  They turned my whole life into a lie because it was easier for them.

Evangeline: They thought the truth would hurt you more, Natalie.  Maybe they were right.

Natalie: Really?  Well, Evangeline, it seems that you have all the answers, so maybe you can tell me what I am supposed to do with this.  I started a life with john because he made me believe my husband was dead, a man that I loved and grieved for twice, all for nothing.  How could john do this to me?  How could Cristian?  What the hell am I supposed to do?

Cristian: Nothing's moving out there.

John: I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Cristian: Maybe it's over.  Maybe Bo and his guys got Hesser.

John: Where's Bo?  Where's the feds?

Cristian: Why don't we go see?

John: Yeah, well, we can't stay here.  You think you're up to moving?

Cristian: I'll be ok.

John: Want a hit?

Cristian: For the record, Mc Bain, I never liked you much.

John: Right back at you, slick.

Adriana: Look, Rex, I don't know why I said that you weren't a friend.  After everything you've done for me -- you've been a really important person in my life for a long time now.  And if that isn't a friend --

Rex: I'm getting used to you running hot and cold.

Adriana: So you're not mad at me?

Rex: Mad?  No.  No, that's not it.

Adriana: Then what?

Rex: It's more like -- I don't know.  This is kind of new for me.  I'm just happy to be here.

Adriana: Are you really?

Rex: What do you think?

Dorian: I knew that you hated me.  But for you to say that I am like Victor -- for you to imply that I was somehow complicit in the horror that he did to you -- that is more than hatred.  That is so despicable!  You are the one who is most like Victor.  Victoria -- he made you his namesake, and now I know why.

Viki: You're saying that I'm my father's daughter?

Dorian: Oh, please.  Let me count the ways.

Viki: No, Dorian, you -- you were his kindred spirit.

Dorian: No, Viki, that is your part.  You know, I'm really starting to wonder if maybe the sainted Viki Davidson isn't just another one of your manufactured alters to disguise the fact that you lack a soul!

Viki: What did you expect after what he did to me?

Dorian: Like I had a blessed childhood?  Right.  Yeah.  I am still suffering from the pain it caused me.  But I toughed it out! I did not become like my abuser like you did -- like Niki, like all the rest of your mental case menagerie.

Viki: You mean, because of what I did to Ben and Natalie?

Dorian: And me, and who knows how many others.  I mean, when Niki was running amok, who can tell how many lives she harmed, even destroyed?

Viki: You mean Jessica?

Dorian: You're the one who said that Niki drove Jessica insane.  Don't ask me, ask yourself.  Better yet, look inside.  Ask Niki.  Oh, no.  Why don't we just go to the source.  Yes.  Hey, Victor!  Can you hear me?  Look!  Look!  Look at princess Victoria.  Oh, how proud you must be of her.  That's what you used to call her -- your little princess Victoria.  You loved her so much, you used to creep up the secret staircase into the closet in her room.  You would peek at her through that secret peephole that you had.  And then when that wasn't enough, you got into bed with her.  And you held her and you kissed her and you made love to her.  Oh, Victor, how proud you must be now that Victoria has turned into the spitting image of her loving daddy.  Oh!  Oh, wait.  Victor, more good news.  It turns out Viki's daughter, Jessica, has an alter, like Niki, all of her own.  Yes, and she's pregnant!  Isn't that great?  Her spawn will no doubt turn out the same way.  So your legacy will live on forever!  Ok.  Just what do you have to say to that, Viki?  Viki?

Viki: Dorian -- guess again!

Dorian: Niki Smith?

Niki: Ah, hell!  That was too easy.  You got it on the first try.

Dorian: Oh, dear God, it worked.  Damn you, Viki!

Niki: I'll drink to that, if I had a drink.  All right, I'm thirsty. I'm out of here.

Dorian: No, you're not going anywhere.

Niki: Hey, don't make me hurt you.

Dorian: Yeah.  I am sticking with the plan.

Niki: What plan?

Dorian: It's a plan I didn't like, but Viki left me no choice.

Niki: Who are you calling?

Dorian: Clint.

Niki: Clint?  Well, that's not going to do you any good.  He's in London.

Dorian: No, he's not.  He's here in Llanview.

Niki: What's he doing here?  Oh, please don't tell me she picked up with him again.  What happened to Benji?

Dorian: You really don't know, do you?

Niki: Yeah.  Last time I saw him, he took a bullet, but he's a big, strong guy, you know.  What?  You're kidding!  He bought the farm!  Jeez, you can't trust anybody these days.  Anyway, who cares. I got to get out of this coffin and get a drink.

Dorian: Right, right, right.  You do that.

Niki: Um, where's the key?  Oh, here's a key.  I said no calls!  Now, you put that away or I'll make you eat it.

Nash: Jessica loves Antonio, Tess.

Tess: Can we not talk about them, please?

Nash: I can't stand it, either, but it's a fact.  We got to deal with it.

Tess: No, we don't, not if we leave.  And we don't even have to go back to Napa, Nash.  We can find a vineyard somewhere else.  We can go to France.

Nash: He'll find us there the same way he found us in the last place, the same way he found us in New York.  Antonio is not giving up on Jessica any more than I'm giving up on you.

Tess: I will not be Antonio's little lap dog.  He would stick a G.P.S. chip in Jessica's butt if that meant that he could keep tabs on her.  I am looking for a real man.  Are you up for the job or not?

Nash: You want to spend the rest of your life running?

Tess: What if Jessica and Antonio win?  I can't go back.  I can't.

Nash: Trust me.  Trust us.  Nothing can keep us away from each other again.  All right?

Antonio: Hey, you two.

Marcie: Hey.

Antonio: As you can see, the party's over.  We had a little bit of a plumbing issue.  So long as you're here, Michael, why don't you give me a hand.

Michael: I -- I would love to, but -- surgeon's hands?

Antonio: Right.

Marcie: Do you have a spanner and some hose clips?

Antonio: A what?

Marcie: A spanner and hose clips?  It's actually what you use to fix a leak.

Antonio: Uh, no.  Where I'm from, we use duct tape.

Marcie: Oh, ok.  Well, I better take a look at it.

Antonio: Be my guest.  This is not how I thought tonight was going to turn out.

Bo: I know you can hear me, Hesser.  Quit playing games.

Agent Arlen: Maybe this will get him talking.

Bo: All right, Hesser, we've got your money, $1 million in cash.  You release the hostages, you get the money.

Agent Arlen: Now, I still think if we lock down quadrant 1-a and isolate Hesser, we can get in there with the swat team and take him down.

Bo: And what about the shooters on the roof?  We don't know exactly where Hesser is right now.  We don't know what guards he's working with.  We could be walking into an ambush.

Agent Arlen: Well, standing out here doing nothing isn't a plan, either.

Bo: I want an exact bead on Hesser before we make a move.  Now, we can't get that by cutting the auxiliary power.

John: Feels hollow.

Cristian: You think there might be an air shaft?

John: Remember the heating duct on the schematic?

Cristian: Yeah, it ran from the weight room to the eastern wall.

John: Yeah.  From what I remember, it was right behind here.  The problem is, how do we break through this wall?  What the hell?


Cristian: What's happening?  (Male voice) ooh, this is gonna hurt.

Adriana: I'm just a little messed up right now.

Rex: Well, tell me, Duchess.

Adriana: I didn't grow up like a Duchess, you know.

Rex: Yes.  The humble little convent girl, and now you're Dorian Lord's daughter.  You've got to decide which one you want to be.

Adriana: You, too.

Rex: Me?

Adriana: Screw-everybody-over Rex, or good-guy Rex.

Rex: You know, I'm not your prince on a white horse, Adriana.  If that's what you want, go back to duke.

Adriana: I don't know what I want anymore.

Rex: Come on.  Let's get you home.

Antonio: All right.

Layla: Pretty good, huh?

Antonio: Yeah.

Layla: You are amazing.

Antonio: Marcie Walsh, she's the one.

Michael: Yeah, she is definitely that.

Marcie: It's not a big deal.  My brother works in construction, and it used to happen all the time at my dad's restaurant -- well, I mean, not all the time.  You know, we ran a good place.  You know what I mean.

Michael: There's so many things about you I don't know.

Antonio: Why don't I buy you guys a drink?

Michael: Ok.

Antonio: Yeah.

Nash: I know you want to leave, Tess, but it's not the right thing to do.

Tess: For Jessica.  Well, what about me?

Nash: For you, too.  You can't keep going back and forth between you and Jessica for the rest of your life.

Tess: Well, if we stay, I might not have a life.  I might become Jessica for good.  Please don't let that happen, Nash.  Can you just get me out of here, now?

Niki: I ain't kidding -- no calls.

Dorian: I promised Viki I would help her.

Niki: Why?  You hate that stupid cow as much as I do.

Dorian: I don't exactly hate her, ok, and I certainly don't hate Jessica.

Niki: Jess-- what the hell's Jessica's got to do with anything?  She's a twit!  I told you, no calls!

Dorian: Hello!  Hello!  It's Dorian!

Niki: All right, Dorian, give it back!

Dorian: No!  No!

Niki: I told you to --

Dorian: Aah!


Agent Arlen: Sharpshooters ok?  Good.  All right, take your positions.

Bo: What were you thinking?  Now we have no power, we have no communication with Carlo or with anybody else.

Agent Arlen: At least we have Hesser locked in.

Bo: Yeah, along with the good guys.  What is the matter with you?

Natalie: Bo, have you heard anything from John and Cristian?

Evangeline: Yeah, have you heard anything at all?

Bo: No.

Natalie: What's happening?

Bo: We don't know anything until we can see.  All right?  Now, I need you two out of here.

Natalie: No, I can't leave.

Bo: Natalie, there is a full-scale riot that's about to break out.  I will call you when I know something, but I can't do my job and worry about you at the same time.

Evangeline: Ok, Natalie, come on.  There's just nothing more we can do here.

Bo: Natalie, please!

Agent Arlen: The sun will be up in a few hours.

Bo: Yeah, and that may be too late.  We need to get the power back up right now.

Agent Arlen: Look, now, I thought I made it clear --

Bo: You know what?  Right now it doesn't matter what you thought. We've got to do something before we lose everything and everybody.  Now ask your men to stand down.

John: Doors locked when the power went out.  What the hell are you doing?

Cristian: Look what I found.

John: You know what?  You may have just found us a way out.

Nash: We're not running, Tess.  We got to stay here and fight.

Tess: Do you really think that we can win?

Nash: We got to try.  All right, but we can't stay here.  Antonio could come out at any minute.

Tess: Fine, ok.  I know this place, it's outside of town, it's off of highway 12.  I guess we can go there and figure things out.  We have to.  You're all I have.

Nash: You'll always have me.

Niki: Dorian?  Hey.  Dorian?  You faking?  Well, you're out cold, but you're breathing.  Sorry.  I mean, I didn't mean to kill you or even bean you this hard.  Right, who cares already.  Ok.  Hey, don't worry.  Somebody will find you, ok?  Life is good!  And it's going to be even better with a little gas in the tank.  Holy cow!  What the hell's open this late?  That place out on highway five.  Unless I find something better first.  Hasta la vista, Llanview.  Ha-ha!  Hey, Dorian?  Thanks for springing me.  I owe you one.

>> On the next "one life to live" --

Nash: I'm not giving up on you or our family.

Cristian: There's only one thing standing between me and Natalie.

Rex: I'll help you, Natty.  You'll never have to deal with Cristian or John again.

Clint: Who did this to you?

Dorian: Niki Smith.

Roxy: Oh, my God.  It's you.

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