OLTL Transcript Wednesday 11/16/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/16/05


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John: I'm not going to let you do it.  It's for your own good.  You go out there, it's suicide.

Cristian: Yeah.  Yeah, you know, you're probably right.  Thank you for being such a compassionate friend.

Hayes: Johnny, do you like games?  Because this whole night has been one big game of "Carlo says," and Carlo says kill John Mc Bain.

Bo: Hesser?  Hesser, you there?

Carlo: Of course I am.  I am glad to see you're paying attention, Mr. Buchanan.  Do you have a pen and paper?  I'm about to enumerate my demands.  I really like this part.

Bo: How about we move this along.

Carlo: I don't think you grasp who's in charge here, or the severity of the situation.  If I were you, I'd treat me with kid gloves.

Haskell: It's not your call, Buchanan.  If anyone negotiates with Hesser, it's me.

Bo: How about you don't mess with me.

Carlo: Can we skip the inter-department squabbles and focus on the situation at hand?  My friend here with the gun at his heart doesn't appreciate your wasting my time.  One guard every hour.  So are you ready to stop toying with me?   Good.  The first on my long list of demands is -- is personal.  Bring your stepmother here.

Bo: What?

Carlo: You heard me.  I want Renee.

Asa: Renee, let's go someplace else.

Renee: Come on.  I think that Dr. Truman would be delighted to see you turn tail and run.

Asa: Oh, please.  I am not running.

Renee: He'd think he won more than a poker game.

Asa: He didn't win, Renee.  He cheated.

Renee: And you hate people who break the rules.

Asa: You know something?  You can be so irritating.

Renee: I'm like that when I'm starving to death.  Can we please order?

Asa: After I have a little chat with him.

Renee: Asa, sweetheart, let's pretend we're grown up.

Asa: You -- you just take all the fun out of everything.

David: As the French say, c'est tout.  Finis.

Spencer: What now, David?

David: You have no more control, Spencer.  You've lost your power.  I've told Dorian everything.

Spencer: Oh, really?  Well, that's very interesting, since you couldn't possibly know everything.

Dorian: You've been alone before.  You'll be fine.  You did the right thing.  You did the only thing that you could do.

Blair: And that would be?

Dorian: You know the nice thing about having your own portrait?  You always have somebody trustworthy that you can talk to.

Blair: And what would be the right thing to do here?

Dorian: Oh, David came over to plead his case, beg for forgiveness.

Blair: Where is he?

Dorian: Oh, I kicked him out -- for good.

Blair: The right thing to do?

Dorian: Yeah.  I have cut him out of my life completely.

Blair: Dorian, I'm sorry.  I know that that -- that must have hurt.

Dorian: No!  No, no, no, no, no.  No room for that.  No pain, no sentimentality.  We Cramer women cannot afford that.

Blair: "We"?  What's this "we" stuff?

Dorian: I cut David out of my life the same way that you have to cut Todd out of yours.

Officer: Well, your lawyer didn't show.

Todd: Then this conversation is over.

Officer: But you've got a visitor.

Viki: Thank you.

Todd: Oh, hey.  Long time no see.

Viki: I just found out that you were arrested.

Todd: Arrested, arraigned, the whole bit.

Viki: Well, I'm so sorry I didn't get here any sooner.  But as it turns out, you're actually not the only member of this family who is in very deep trouble.

Evangeline: I'm a --

Haskell: Get the hell out of here!  This is a police action.

Evangeline: I'm Evangeline Williamson.  I demand to see my client.

Haskell: Nobody's seeing anybody tonight.

Evangeline: I'm going to report this.  I will have a judge on this before you --

Haskell: Yeah, and while you're at it, tell the judge that this prison is in a state of siege.

Bo: You're not bringing Renee into the middle of this.

Carlo: She's the love of my life, my soul mate.  You will take her away from that arrogant, lying, and ultimately asinine father of yours!  It's the least he can do after sending me to this vermin-infested hellhole to pay for a crime that he committed!

Bo: Well, if that's your first demand, you might as well forget the rest of them, Carlo.  Just plan on coming out of there feet first.

[Carlo laughs]

Carlo: Where's your sense of humor, commissioner?  Do you really think I'd put the love of my life in harm's way?  But don't mistake my levity for lack of seriousness on my part.  Perhaps I need to prove that to you.  Maybe we should move the clock forward.  Maybe -- maybe we should execute this fine civil servant.  Maybe it's time for my second victim, huh?

Cristian: Hey.

Carlo: And then --

[Guard grunts]

Carlo: Why, why, why -- what an interesting development.

Bo: What's going on, Hesser?

Carlo: Guess who just cut to the front of the line.

Dorian: Oh, don't you give me that look.  I'm right, and you know I'm right.

Blair: You know, life is amazing sometimes.  I pull in your driveway and I see men's clothing strewn all over your yard.  I walk in here, and there is a woman that was left at the altar speaking to her portrait.  She turns to me and she decides to tell me how to lead my life.

Dorian: This sarcastic, snide act of yours is just a defense mechanism, and you know it.

Blair: Well, maybe I should defend myself -- from you!

Dorian: I am and have always been squarely in your corner, and we're going through the same thing right now.

Blair: How can you say that we're going through the same thing, Dorian?  David, your little boy toy, embarrassed you.  Todd is the father of my children.

Dorian: Oh, I wouldn't call Todd the father of the year after what he did to Starr, not to mention that unborn baby.

Blair: Don't you bring that up.  He did not kill that child.  He wouldn't.  And after everything that I've been through the last month, I don't need you just trashing Todd so you can just get over your pathetic little life.

Dorian: You have to get strong and, for your children's sake, face the facts.

Blair: Ok, you know what, that's all I've been doing, and I'm just -- I can't stand your little warm and fuzzy, so I'm going to back out of here before I do something that I'll regret.

Dorian: Blair, if Todd were innocent, why didn't he tell you about seeing Margaret and that Margaret was pregnant?  And why did he force Starr to lie for him?  There is only one answer that fits.

Blair: Are you saying that Todd would kill his own child?

Dorian: You're not going to keep buying his lies, are you?

Blair: He's not lying, Dorian.

Dorian: Blair, you can't risk that.  Margaret thought that she could handle Todd, and look what happened to her and her baby.  Honey, just think of what could happen to you and your children.

Todd: This isn't a great place to talk, Viki.  Well, I guess I have no choice.

Viki: So, talk.

Todd: I'm sorry.  About Jessica. I am.

Viki: I know that.

Todd: How's she doing?

Viki: Well, at least now she's no longer dealing with this alone.

Todd: Yeah.

Viki: Todd, you knew.  You knew for months and you didn't tell me?

Todd: Well, your heart.  It was --

Viki: She's pregnant.

Todd: What?

Viki: Yeah, and she doesn't know who the father is.  That poor child has now been tested for H.I.V., for Hepatitis C.

Todd: She ok?

Viki: Yes, so far.  Yes, she's been lucky.  But if I had known sooner --

Todd: Look, I was there when she attacked you.  You ended up in the hospital.  I didn't know if you'd survive.  How could I let that happen to you again?

Viki: It was not your decision to make.  I am the only one who understands what is happening to her, and we have lost a great deal of valuable time while we could have been getting her help.

Todd: I'm sorry.  I don't know what else to say.

Viki: Ah, it's a dead end.

Todd: I was trying to do what's right for you.

Viki: Yeah, I know.  You made a decision for me and for Antonio and for Je-- you know, you do that a lot.  You make other people's decisions for them, and you're always convinced that you're right.

Todd: Is this why you came here?  To lay some guilt trip on me?

Viki: Oh, this is nothing compared to what I've said to myself.  And to answer your question, I'm here because I have been so concerned about Jessica that I didn't really realize how serious your situation had become.  And you are still my brother.

Todd: Thanks.

Viki: But, you know, Todd, there's a limit.  There's such a thing as too much.

Todd: Oh, like not telling you about Jessica?

Viki: I know you love Jessica, and I know you thought you were doing the right thing for her.  The big problem here is that your idea of the right thing is entirely different from everybody else's, and that makes me wonder.

Todd: Wonder what?

Viki: Did you think you were doing the right thing when you killed Margaret Cochran and her unborn child?

Hayes: Sayonara.


Hayes: Come on, Johnny!  Come on, boy!  Yeah!  Yeah!

Bo: What are you talking about, Hesser?  Who's there?

Carlo: My good friend the John Doe, formerly known as Cristian Vega, has joined our little party.  You know what?  I'll have to get back to you with my list of demands.

Bo: You hurt him, you get nothing, Hesser.  That's a promise.

Carlo: You are a dead man.

Cristian: Not yet.

Carlo: Have a seat.  Kill him, then the guard.  I'll watch.

Evangeline: Who is in charge here?  I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you.

Haskell: That's right, you're going to turn around and leave on your own, or we'll make sure that you do.

Natalie: Uncle Bo, over here.

Haskell: I told you two to get the hell out of here.

Bo: It's ok.  Let them in.

Haskell: Are you out of your mind?

Natalie: Uncle Bo, is John in there?  Because I tried to reach him and they said someone was killed.

Bo: But it wasn't John.  Now, listen, Natalie, I want you to stay calm or I'm going to have them take you out of here.

Evangeline: John is in there?

Bo: We're doing all we can to get him out.

Natalie: My God.

Evangeline: And my client?

Bo: I just found out he's with Hesser.

Natalie: Good.  Let Carlo kill him and save the state the trouble.

Carlo: So brave, so stupid.  He has a gun, you don't.

Cristian: Stay right there.  Come on, get up.  Get this guy locked up and then get the hell out of here.

Guard: Get up!  Get up!

Cristian: Now I have a gun, and you don't.

Blair: I've let so many things that you've said and done to me pass by, Dorian, but I swear to you I will never forget or forgive what you just said to me.

Dorian: I love you, Blair.  You know that.

Blair: You love to kick me when I'm down, is what you love.

Dorian: Not true.  I'm trying to get your attention, to make you face facts!

Blair: Well, you just told me that -- that you thought Todd would kill his own children!

Dorian: I think that Todd is missing some kind of a gene.  I think that he lacks a conscience.  I think that he doesn't think that anybody else is real!  He believes at best that you and your children are just supporting characters in the "Todd Manning horror show."

Blair: No, you just hate him, Dorian, and you always have --

Dorian: Oh, it doesn't matter what I think of him.  He's been charged with two murders!

Blair: Oh, excuse me, I forgot.  I forgot, you wouldn't know anything about being charged with something you're not guilty of, would you?

Dorian: Honey, you have just got to face facts and be tough about this.  I know it's hard.  I know what I went through.  Every -- every fiber in my being wanted to take David back, but I didn't.  Even when he told me --

Blair: What?  What did David tell you, Dorian?

David: I know how you like to sound pithy and enigmatic, but the bottom line is I told Dorian that I killed someone, and that's everything whether you like it or not.

Spencer: Really?  How did she take it?

David: Yeah, that's what I want to do, Spencer.  I want to start sharing with you.  I want to start telling you everything, especially about the worst moment of my life.  Me trusting you so much and all.

Spencer: It is mildly interesting, see, how a woman like Dorian, not normally known for her moral fiber, would react to the news that her apparently spineless paramour actually took a human life.

David: You shouldn't sneer at people who are better than you.

Spencer: It's amazing.

David: What's amazing?

Spencer: Just how you continually try to paint that woman as being a picture of quiet virtue.  It's amazing.

David: She's not a hypocrite.  And also unlike you, she's not a sociopath.  You know, I think we probably could have worked things out if I had just come clean earlier.

Spencer: Couples' counseling, Dave?  Just kind of try to work through that whole nasty murder thing to find new intimacy?

David: You know what I think she couldn't deal with?  My cowardice.  And I was. I was a coward.  She was right.  I let you scare me into humiliating her in public.

Spencer: Yeah, that really killed her, didn't it?

David: She didn't deserve that, you son of a bitch.

Spencer: No, she deserved a lot worse than that.  Condescending to me, telling me that I'm not good enough for her girls?  Now maybe she knows who's making the agenda, right?

David: She's right.  You're not good enough for her girls.

Spencer: Well, she lost.  Her strong-arm techniques backfired in her face publicly.

David: Spencer, you've already played your trump card and you lost.  It's over.  Dorian hates you now more than ever, and you are in control of nothing.

Spencer: Really, Dave.  I mean, aren't you even just a little bit worried that I might pick up a phone and call the police?  Notify them of your youthful indiscretion?  You see, Dave, you're not even close to everything.

Hayes: Come on, man.  Come on.

[Hayes screams]

John: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Bo: Natalie, I told you if you can't stay calm, you can't stay here.  Let's walk.  We all know john can take care of himself.  If you can't keep it down, you got to leave.  Keep your heads down, too.

Natalie: Bo says that john can take care of himself, but he wouldn't have to be taking care of himself if you hadn't taken on that maniac's case!

Evangeline: He deserves to have someone fighting for him.

Natalie: I don't get it.  What is it with you and caring so much about him anyway?  Who cares if he dies?  My God, after everything he's done, he deserves what he gets.

Evangeline: Don't say that.  You don't know who he is.

Todd: You were the one person I thought would be behind me.

Viki: You push people away, and then you're hurt when they don't support you.

Todd: How do I do that?

Viki: Do you remember a conversation we had, oh, I guess about a month ago, when you told me that Margaret was pregnant with your child?

Todd: Yeah, ok.

Viki: Ok.  And you told me that you had tried to strangle her?

Todd: That wasn't the night she died.  It was way before that.  And she stabbed me! I was the one that ended up in the hospital!

Viki: You do to me exactly what you do to Blair.  You manage our feelings.  You sort of tell us part of the truth, so what are we supposed to think?

Todd: That I'm innocent.

Viki: You don't have a poker face, Todd.  And the day that we talked, you did not look like a man with a clear conscience.

Todd: It's a little difficult to be free and easy when there's an insane woman walking around pregnant with your child.

Viki: Yes, I'm sure it was very difficult for you.  I mean, worrying about it all those weeks, knowing that that child was going to tie you to Margaret for the rest of your life and wondering what it was going to do to your relationship with Blair and your children.

Todd: Wait a minute.

Viki: Did it push you over the edge?  Is that what you were trying to tell me that day?

Todd: You're putting words in my mouth.

Viki: I know you, Todd.  I know you're holding something back.  Look, tell me the truth.  I will help you in any way that I can, but you have to be truthful with me.  Did you do it?  Did you kill her?

Dorian: No, no, no, no, no.  You are not going to distract me.

Blair: Oh, Dorian, come on.  Now, you can't lecture me about Todd and then clam up when it comes to David.  Now, what did he do?

Dorian: Honey, everybody knows what he did.  He humiliated me in front of all those guests.

Blair: I'm not talking about the wedding.  What did he tell you?  What did he do?

Dorian: It isn't important, ok?

Blair: It's very important, you're very upset about it, and I want to know --

Dorian: Can we just forget it?

Blair: No, I am not going to forget about it, and you're not going to wiggle out of this, so what is it?  What?

Dorian: David told me that he did something terrible, ok, years ago when he was practically a child.

Blair: Well, what did he do?

Dorian: That doesn't matter.

Blair: Of course it matters.

Dorian: What matters is that I practice what I preach.  And when I realized that our situation was hopeless, I cut him loose.  And that's exactly what you need to do with Todd.

Blair: Right, and I'll have my children come to me in the future and say "Gee, mom, why didn't you stand beside dad when he needed you most, huh?"

Dorian: How long are you going to be Todd Manning's one-woman support group?  Ok, and who supports you?

Blair: There -- there are people that believe I've done the right thing, Dorian.

Dorian: Name one.

Blair: Spencer Truman.

Dorian: Ugh, heaven help you.

Blair: And what's wrong with him?

Dorian: Everything.

Blair: You just hate him because he's David's brother.

Dorian: No, I have judged him on his own merit, and I have found him to be a sleazy, smug, creepy --

Blair: Oh, come on, he didn't stand you up at the altar.

Dorian: No, but he made David do it.

Blair: Did David tell you that?

Dorian: Yes.

Blair: Oh, come on.  That's just stupid.

Dorian: Well --

Blair: Come on, that's like saying, "Oh, no, Dorian, I can't marry you because the dog ate my homework."

Dorian: Oh, really?

Blair: Yeah, it's stupid.

Dorian: Don't talk to me about stupid.  What about your relationship with Spencer?  You just added another dog to your collection.

Blair: I'm not talking about Spencer here.  We were talking about you and David.

Dorian: You don't get it, do you?

Blair: Get what?

Dorian: You know, I hate to say this, I really do.  But I'm going to say it.  Blair, you are a bum magnet.

Spencer: I'd like to report a crime.  All right, all right, all right.  So much for your little display of bravado, eh?

David: I'm not letting you put me away until I know everything that you know.

Spencer: Well, I already told you, Dave, all your secrets were safe with me, even the ones you know nothing about.

David: You're bluffing.

Spencer: I don't do that.  Just ask Asa Buchanan.

David: Spencer, I only have one deep, dark secret.  We both know what it is.

Spencer: Oh, I'm sorry, did you think I was talking about something that you had done?

David: What else is there?

Spencer: It's something you are, David.

David: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Asa: Damned steak is tough!

Renee: Asa, it is done exactly the way you like it.  I would hate to think that Spencer Truman was keeping you from enjoying your favorite meal.

Natalie: What exactly is that supposed to mean, I don't know who he is?  He's murdering scum.  That's what he is.  He stole Cristian's life, his face, so that he could --

Evangeline: No, I know what he did was awful.

Natalie: No.  No, what is awful is you taking on his case to try to get him out so he can come after me --

Evangeline: That is not what I am doing.

Natalie: And John is in there because of you!

Evangeline: No, John is --

Natalie: And what?  John's what?

Evangeline: Maybe we should just get out of here.

Natalie: Well, you know what, you can do whatever the hell you want to do because I am not leaving without John.

Evangeline: Natalie!

Natalie: I love him!  I love him as much as I loved Cristian until the day he died!  And now, thanks to you, I may have to go through that hell all over again!

Carlo: I'd be worried if you had what it took to pull that trigger.  But you don't.

Cristian: Not true, Hesser.  Thanks to you, I'm more than able to kill.  As a matter of fact, I think I might finally be able to enjoy myself.

Todd: This is the truth, Viki.  Obviously, you've got way too much on your plate right now without having to worry about me.  And if you don't believe me, you're no good to me anyway.

Viki: You don't get it at all, do you?  I came here and I told you that you manage people and then you push them away, and you then proceed to manage me and push me away.

Todd: All right, all right!  You're right, about everything.  I killed Margaret.  I killed my own kid.  I did it.  I'm guilty as hell.  Is everybody happy now?

Blair: Boy, you are certainly on a roll tonight, aren't you, Dorian?  First, you and your portrait tell me that I should cut Todd out of my life, and then you and your portrait say that I should walk away from the one person that is actually nice to me because I'm too stupid or naive to realize that he's bad.

Dorian: Spencer is a user just like Todd is.

Blair: Oh, yeah, and you just hate those manipulative types, huh?

Dorian: I know that I have done some wrong things.

Blair: You?

Dorian: I know -- yes -- that I have been wrong about other people, but I am not wrong this time.  And, honey, I am not saying that you are stupid or naive, but you are very vulnerable and susceptible.

Blair: I've been beat up, Dorian, and God forbid Spencer should actually be nice to me.

Dorian: He's being nice to you because he's coming on to you.

Blair: What is this with this coming -- you actually pimped me out to him this summer.  You tried to!

Dorian: Oh, do not -- that is a disgusting thing for you to say.

Blair: Well, that's what you did.

Dorian: He's taking his time.  He likes the game.

Blair: Oh --

Dorian: He enjoys the hunt, but believe me, he's coming in for the kill.

Blair: You are just too much, Dorian.  Too much. And you know what?  I am stupid.  I'm stupid when it comes to you.

Dorian: What?  How can you say that?

Blair: I know.

Dorian: That is never true, not in this family!  In this family, we're all that matters!  Oh -- I --

Dorian: I know, I've got a big mouth.  I -- just -- well, I can't do anything with Blair, then I'll just, you know, have to do it on my own.  Ok, you're right.  I'm going to need some help on this.

Spencer: Ah, Mr. Buchanan.  It's a pleasure to see you again, Asa.

Asa: Really?  Well, I just came over to check out and see how you're doing with that horse you won.

Spencer: Home on the range, yes.  Well, my accountant says I can write off the whole doggone thing.  Isn't that something?

Asa: Well --

Spencer: But I know you didn't come all the way over here just to beat a dead horse.

Asa: Well, I figure this -- the next time we sit down at a poker table -- oh, that is if there is a next time --

Spencer: I hope so, Asa.  I certainly hope so.

Asa: How about we put something interesting on the table, something really valuable?

Spencer: Time and place.  Just name them.

[Phone rings]

Asa: Damn things.  Hello.

Dorian: C'est moi.

Asa: Huh?

Dorian: It's Dorian.

Asa: What do you want?  I'm having supper.

Dorian: Asa, I have something you want -- information about Spencer Truman.

Asa: I'm all ears.

Hayes: You do know this is a deck-chair/Titanic moment, don't you, Johnny?  Oh, God!  You know, I'm curious, just curious, Johnny -- who'd you finally end up with?  Was it Natalie or Evangeline?  I guess it doesn't really matter either way, does it, because they're both going to end up alone.

[Mumbles and coughs]

Hayes: No, no, not my face!  Not my face!

John: If I only had the time.  Later.

Officer: Commissioner, the light in the window.  It just went out.

Bo: Heads up, gentlemen.

Natalie: Uncle Bo, what are you not telling me?  You have to have some idea where john is.

Bo: We think that he's holed up in the warden's office.  Infrared tells us that there's been some activity there.

Natalie: Ok, so you think he's alive?

Bo: I think that you two should get out of here.

Natalie: No.  No, I'm not leaving.  You have to do something, ok, because I'm not going to do this.  I'm not going to lose somebody again.  I can't --

Bo: Whoa.

Natalie: What's that?

Carlo: So, once more I was right.  You don't have the -- let's call it the equipment -- to kill me.

Cristian: I'm keeping you alive just a little while longer.  You see, we're going out there and you're going to tell those cops exactly what you did to me.  We'll see what comes next.  I'm not a patient man.

Viki: This was a waste of time.

Todd: What's wrong, Viki?  You got your confession.  Mission accomplished.

Viki: I wanted the truth.

Todd: You got it.  So you can go home now.  Go take care of Jessica.

Viki: You make it so damn difficult to be on your side.

Officer: Someone else is here to see you.

Todd: Is it Evangeline?  Hey.

Asa: This had better be good.

Dorian: Oh.  Asa, this is very good.  Spencer Truman is trying to destroy you and your family.

Asa: Say what?

Dorian: And I've got the proof right here.

David: So you and the Buchanan boys might play poker again, huh?

Spencer: Well, you heard the man.  That's what he said.

David: Do you think maybe he knows that you're keeping tabs on his entire family?  I bet he wouldn't like that.

Spencer: Just worry about yourself, Dave, all right?

David: I'm not playing anymore, Spencer.  You got nothing else on me.

Spencer: Well, it's like I tried to tell the Buchananís -- I never bluff.  I have very carefully thought out every single move that I've made in advance, right down to my cufflinks.  You really ought to try to learn from me, Dave.  Your life might not be quite such a mess.

David: Oh, I can handle a mess.  What I don't think I could stomach is thinking that I'm anything like you.

Spencer: That's too bad.  We'd make a great team.

David: Never in a million years.

Spencer: Never say "never."  All we'd have to do is join forces.

David: Never.

Spencer: We'll see about that.

Carlo: You are going to regret this!

Cristian: Just keep going.

Carlo: Don't shoot!

Bo: We got people coming out!

Natalie: Is it John?

Haskell: Take your positions!

Bo: Natalie, get over there.

Natalie: Is it John?

Bo: Hold your fire!  We've got inmates coming out!

Haskell: What are you talking about?  It's Hesser!

Bo: Whoever's with him seems to have him under control.

Haskell: It's too easy.  He's up to something.

Bo: Snipers have got him from three different angles.  Hesser, show your hands!  You!  With Hesser!  Drop the weapon!  Show yourself!

Evangeline: Oh, my God, it's --

Bo: Drop the weapon!

Haskell: Stand by to fire on my order!

Bo: Show yourself!

Evangeline: Cristian!  Look out!

Bo: Freeze!

Bo: Tell your men to hold their fire.

Haskell: You want to be a sitting duck?  I don't.

Evangeline: He won't hurt anyone!

Natalie: Yes, he will!  He's a nobody!  He's an animal!  He's already killed people.

Haskell: You heard what the lady said!

Evangeline: She doesn't know what she's talking about!

Bo: Hold your fire!

Evangeline: That is Cristian out there!  There is no John Doe, ok?  That is Cristian Vega, the real Cristian Vega.

Asa: Why are you telling me this?  You hate my guts.

Dorian: Asa.  Haven't you heard the expression "Your enemy's enemy is your friend"?  I hate Spencer Truman.  I want to destroy him.  He wants to destroy you and your family.  I say why don't the two of us get together and destroy him?  Work as a team.  Makes sense.  It's a win-win.

Blair: I just had a big run-in with Dorian.

Todd: Oh, let me guess -- she's convinced I'm guilty and she wants you to dump me.

Blair: You told me you were innocent.

Todd: I am.

Blair: Then why does it matter what Dorian thinks that I should do?

Todd: Because all I've ever wanted to do was to protect you and the kids, and I blew it.

Blair: Oh, come on, you didn't blow it.  We're safe.  I think it's time that we helped you now.

Todd: Viki says that I -- I play with the truth and that I try to figure out just how much people can handle and that's how much I tell them.

Blair: I think that Viki knows you quite well.  So why don't you stop doing that, Todd.  You told me that -- that you wanted to kill Margaret and you left that night with that intention.  Now, don't you think it's time you told me the rest?

John: Damn it, Cris.

Carlo: You do see those troopers?  The ones with their firearms aimed directly at us?

Cristian: Shut up!  Shut up!

Natalie: That -- that's Cristian, Bo?

Bo: Damn it, Evangeline --

Natalie: Did you know about this?  Is she right?

Haskell: He's coming out the front gate.  Take him down!

Bo: No, no, hold your fire!  Lower your weapons!

Haskell: I have the authority here!

Cristian: Natalie?

Natalie: Oh, my God!  Oh!

Natalie: No!

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Layla: We need to talk.

Antonio: What's up?

Layla: Nash.

Phil: Tell me what you see.  Niki, is that you?

Blair: You said she couldn't swim.  Todd, did you let her drown?

Evangeline: John did not go through all of this to let Cristian die now.

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