OLTL Transcript Wednesday 11/9/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/9/05


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Adriana: Ugh!

Dorian: Viki, I know you're in there!  Open up, or so help me, I will keep knocking on this door!  Open up!  Do you --

Clint: For the love of Pete, would you cut it out?

Dorian: Clint!  I had no idea you were in town.  Now I get it!

Clint: What are you talking about?

Dorian: I know why Viki stood me up.  It's because she's doing whatever it is that she does when the two of you get together these days.

Clint: Stood you up?

Dorian: Oh, it's nothing, nothing, just -- just a small matter of my wedding.

Viki: Oh, Clint, please, please, please make her disappear.

Dorian: What?

Clint: It would be my great pleasure.  Hold on.

Dorian: No, don't you do this!  You put me down!

Clint: All right!

Dorian: That --

[Dorian screams]

David: Tell me you were joking, Spencer.

Spencer: What, about our deal?  No, of course not.  You know I was serious.  That's why you stopped the wedding.  Yeah, it's a good thing you did because --

David: Would you really have gone to the police?

Spencer: Well, after all these years?  Of course, David.  I would've been compelled.  It would've been my civic duty to confess that my brother shot a man, yes.

David: And people think I'm the bottom of the barrel.

Spencer: Oh, come on, David, don't be that way.  I protected you, didn't I?  I fixed it so nobody would find out the truth.  You know, that is a fact that you cannot take for granted.  I think it's time you faced the fact that I own you.

Cristian: I'm waiting, Barber.  What's Hesser's plan?  And what did he promise you if you go along with it?

Hayes: Wow.  You -- you really are big and stupid, aren't you?  What are you going to do, kill me?  Then what?

Cristian: Then I blow Hesser's plan out of the water.

Hayes: Oh, yeah?  You want to be a dead man?

Cristian: Hey, watch where you're going, man.

Inmate: Sorry.

Bo: So the John Doe in Statesville prison really is Cristian Vega?

John: I have the D.N.A. to prove it.

Bo: You do?

John: Yeah.

Bo: But you kept that from his family, from Natalie?

John: I had my reasons for not saying anything, Bo.

Bo: Good, I hope that they are real good reasons because you may have lost your girlfriend and your job all in the same night.

Rex: Hey, duchess.  You dressing the part now?

Adriana: I was at a wedding.

Rex: Oh, right -- your mom and Vickers.  That had to be touching.

Adriana: They didn't get married.

Rex: Oh.  Who backed out?

Adriana: He did.  Can you blame him?

Rex: Well, that's a little harsh.

Adriana: My mother is the one who's harsh -- to me and Kelly and Blair, and David, too, but he got off easy.  The rest of us are stuck with her.

Rex: You look upset.

Adriana: Not about what happened.  Not after she blackmailed me.

Rex: What?

Adriana: She threatened to tell Duke about the time that I kissed you.  So as far as I'm concerned, she got what she deserved.

Rex: So what's bothering you?

Adriana: Duke.

Rex: What now?

Adriana: He defended her, to me.  Can you believe it?  Of course you can, because you think he's a wimp.  But you know what?  He's not so wimpy when he's disagreeing with me about everything.  I can't even be upset with my own mother without him lecturing me like a little girl.  But that's what the Buchanan boys taught him when they were all sitting around their little campfire wearing little cowboy shorts -- shirts.  Just feel free to join in any time.

Rex: Uh -- you do not need my help.  You've got it covered.  I will say one thing, though.  I get how much you want to pick a fight with duke.

Adriana: Good.

Rex: What I don't get is why you're out here telling me about it.

Duke: Ginger?  Hey.

Ginger: Hey, Duke.

Duke: Have you seen Adriana?

Ginger: No, not since the wedding got canceled.  Have you tried calling her?

Duke: We had a fight, and everything I said came out wrong.

Ginger: Oh.  Is there something I can do to help?

Kelly: You know, Ginger, I think you've done enough.

John: I found all this out as Cris was being sent off to Statesville.

Bo: That was almost a year ago.

John: I thought it should be his decision.

Bo: Letting a felon call the shots?

John: I always felt a lot of guilt about what happened to the kid.  So I gave him my word.  Hey, look, you think I'm happy about the fact that I kept this from you, from Antonio, especially Natalie?  I wanted to tell you all about a million times.

Bo: What stopped you?

John: I felt like I owed it to Cris.  Look, I know it wasn't right, but I didn't think there was anything else I could do.

Bo: Well, you could've said something to me, but you know what?  I guess you just didn't trust me enough.

John: So, what, now you don't trust me?

Bo: That about sums it up.

Cristian: Who are you?

Inmate: The name's Kelly, Angus Kelly.

Cristian: Do you know about Hesser's little operation?

Angus: I do.

Cristian: Well, tell me everything you know.

Dorian: Open up!  I am not going away, Viki!  I am not!  I want to see Viki.

Clint: The only reason this door is open is because Viki owns this house and she asked me to open it.

Dorian: She knows what she did to me today.

Clint: No matter what Viki has said, if you keep pounding on this door, I'm going to put you on this shoulder and take you out to that curb and leave you there with the garbage.  Get it?

Dorian: Got it.

Clint: Good!

Dorian: Did you convince her to stand me up at my wedding, hmm?

Clint: I don't give a damn about your wedding.  What I care about is my family.  Now, you going to be nice?

Dorian: Yes.  Please, sir, may I see Viki?  Oh, please?

Clint: White was an interesting choice for you today.

Dorian: It's bois de rose.  Well, Viki, have you got any idea of the humiliation that I suffered today, hmm?

Clint: I'm sorry.  If you need backup, give me a holler.

Viki: Thank you, I will.  Dorian, I told you weeks ago that I was not going to be --

Dorian: It was bad enough when you stood me up at my bachelorette party.

Viki: Well, I paid for it.

Dorian: What does money matter?  I wanted you to stand beside me on my wedding day.  I wanted us to put our problems in the past, in the past where they belong.  I wanted us to heal old wounds!  Oh, for God's sake, you know what I wanted, but no, no, no, no!  You -- you didn't show up, you weren't there, and to make it worse, you don't care!

Viki: Wait a minute, this is not about me, is it?

Dorian: Yes.  It is all about you.

Viki: No, it is not, because you're standing here making a scene, instead of dancing at your reception.  Oh, my God, Dorian, what happened?

David: Nobody owns me.

Spencer: Oh, I should think you would've given up on that fantasy after tonight.

David: I'm not giving up Dorian.

Spencer: It just doesn't serve my interests for you to be married to her, David.  I mean, it really doesn't.  I don't think I have anything to worry about.  I don't think you're ever going to be able to fix it, not after what happened tonight.  Yeah, some wounds will just never be healed -- not unlike some gunshot wounds, I suppose.

David: What are you waiting for?  Why don't you call Bo Buchanan?

Spencer: Hmm.  No need for that now.  You performed perfectly, David, just as I'd hoped.

David: I was protecting Dorian.

Spencer: No, you were protecting yourself.  David, you could've ended this game a long time ago, you could've turned yourself in.  There's no statute of limitations on murder, you know.  But you and I both know you -- you don't do well in prison.

David: That doesn't mean I'm afraid of you, Spencer.

Spencer: Well, you should be.  Putting you in prison is not the worst thing I can do to you, you know.

David: What could be worse than losing the woman I love and then losing my freedom?

Spencer: Oh, Davey, you have no idea.

John: If you're going to suspend me, Bo, just do it.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, that sounds just like me, doesn't it?  I suspend my best detective without getting all the facts first?  What happened?

John: Ok, around the time John Doe took the plea for killing Santi, I started to get a weird feeling.

Bo: Yeah, but you didn't tell anybody about that.

John: You want to hear this or not?

Bo: Go on, I'm listening.

John: I got some samples together and I ordered a D.N.A. test.

Bo: Without a court order.  Go on.

John: The tests confirmed that John Doe was really Cristian Vega.  I went to him and I told him that I knew the truth and I thought that he should tell everyone the truth.

Bo: But he didn't think so?

John: He wouldn't -- he wouldn't budge, and he pleaded with me to keep his secret.  That's one of the reasons why I didn't tell anyone.

Bo: Because you gave him your word.

John: That's right.

Bo: A convicted murderer.

John: Under the circumstances, he'd rather have Natalie and his family think he was dead.

Bo: But what about your responsibilities?

John: You're right.  But I didn't want to be responsible for what he might do to himself.

Bo: Which is what?

John: Cris told me that if anyone found out, he might kill himself.

Bo: And you think that he would really go through with that?

John: Yeah, I do.

Bo: Why?

John: Because if it was me, I'd probably do the same thing.

Adriana: I didn't go looking for you.  I was out here by myself, and then you pop up out of nowhere.

Rex: That's true.

Adriana: What?

Rex: I said you're right.

Adriana: Oh.  Wow.  Thank you.

Rex: Yeah, don't mention it.

Adriana: You may be right about something, too.

Rex: Cool.  What?

Adriana: Duke.

Rex: Uh -- work with me here.  What -- what exactly did I say again?

Adriana: That maybe I want him to be something that he just can't be.

Rex: Wow.  I said that?  That was good.  So what exactly did you want to turn him into?

Adriana: He's just so perfect.

Rex: Telling you you're wrong about your own mother?

Adriana: Ok, he's not perfect.  But maybe I still don't think that I'm good enough for him.  So instead of facing that, I put him down and I pick fights with him so that when he dumps me, it'll be because of that, instead of him just dumping me.  What do you think about that?

Rex: I think it doesn't have a whole lot to do with Duke.

Adriana: Oh.

Rex: Give him a break.

Adriana: What?

Rex: Duke's -- ok.  I mean, I wouldn't want to, you know, hug him or go to a basketball game with him, but you could do a lot worse than Duke Buchanan -- a lot worse.

Duke: Ginger was just here working.  I'm the one that started the conversation.

Kelly: You know what, Duke?  You are such a great person -- just like Blair.  Ginger takes advantage of nice people.  Don't you, Ginger?

Duke: What are you talking about, Kelly?

Ginger: Duke, don't worry about it.

Kelly: Oh, you don't want him to know -- that aunt Margaret sent you to work for Todd and Blair, the people she was terrorizing.

Ginger: No, that is not what happened.

Duke: It's not her fault she's related to that woman.

Kelly: You know, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.  I was feeling sorry for you, but you knew exactly what you were doing when you wandered into Dorian's bachelorette party and happened to mention in front of everyone, including Blair, that auntie Margaret was pregnant.

Ginger: Look, I had gotten fired that day and I'd been drinking.

Kelly: Oh, where you drunk when you got yourself assigned to this particular wedding?

Duke: She has a right to work.  Come on.

Kelly: Why are you defending her?  She's making a pass at you, for God's sake.

Ginger: No, I am trying to be supportive!

Kelly: Oh, is that what they're calling it these days?  You're trying to worm your way into Duke's life, just like you wormed your way into Blair's.

Ginger: I loved Mr. and Mrs. Manning, and those kids were --

Duke: Kelly -- hey, it's been a crappy day, ok, but don't take it out on Ginger and don't tell me how I should feel about people.

Kelly: Fine.  Sure.  Forget it.

Duke: Hey, Kelly --

Kelly: You know what?  You should tell your grandfather about this, because you're really becoming a chip off the old Buchanan block.  He'd be proud.

Ginger: Thank you.

David: It doesn't matter what else you have on me, Spencer.  As soon as Dorian realizes what happened tonight -- and I will tell her -- she'll understand.

Spencer: You seem awfully sure of her.

David: This is going to sound corny to you, but I knew I found a soul mate in Dorian the first time we watched a movie together.  We both realized we were rooting for the villain.  You see, it's our imperfections that brought us together.

Spencer: So why'd you stop the wedding?

David: I needed time to decide how to deal with you.

Spencer: Hmm.  Well, you know, even if Dorian does accept what you've done, I mean, how long do you think it'll be before the novelty of being married to a Statesville lifer will wear off?

David: What did I ever do to you?

Spencer: Well -- uh -- you got in my way.

David: You know what?  I think it's more than that.  I do.  I think -- I think you're jealous of me.  Because what Dorian and I have together is something that you've never had.  So, naturally, you must feel that you need to destroy that.

Spencer: Do you remember when we were kids, Dave?  We used to play pinball in the arcade, and you had to push the buttons with just the right amount of pressure and move the levers that push the little steel ball up into the bumpers, and it ricocheted around and rack up a bunch of points and then dump off into the pocket?

David: Your metaphor is as loquacious as it appears to be pointless.

Spencer: But the point is, Davey, when I found out you were living here in Llanview, I knew just exactly how much pressure it was going to take.

David: That's great.  If you want to turn me in, have at it.

Spencer: Hmm. I'm not so sure I would risk that if I were you.  Not at this point, you know?  Well, of course, I do understand you have sort of a special relationship with the local police.

David: Spencer, don't you get it?  You have fixed it so that I have very little left to lose.  So why don't you go make your statement, they'll throw me in jail, they'll toss away the key, because we both know that I'm guilty as sin.

Kelly: What are you still doing here?

Viki: The wedding didn't happen, did it?

Dorian: Do you have any idea how it feels to look this fabulous and be humiliated in front of people that you've just been waiting to get even with?

Viki: What happened?

Dorian: Well, I didn't get married, that's what happened.

Viki: Why?

Dorian: You're going to have to ask David that.

Viki: Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

Dorian: Oh, you're so sorry, you're so sorry.  Is that all you can say?

Viki: Well, I don't know, what else do you want me to say?

Dorian: It's your fault!  That's what you can say!  Admit it!

Viki: What?  David stands you up and it's my fault?

Dorian: Works for me.

Viki: Why?

Dorian: Because this is exactly the kind of personal tragedy and public humiliation that you have wished on me ever since I was married to your father!

Viki: Please stop, stop, stop, stop.

Dorian: It wouldn't --

Viki: God.

Dorian: What?  What?  It wouldn't surprise me if you knew about it all along.  Yes, that you knew David was going to do this to me, and so that's why you stayed away -- to further rub salt into the wound.

Viki: That doesn't even make sense!  If I wanted to see you humiliated, I would've been there to see you be humiliated.  You know what?  You're not going to drag me into this, ok?  I'm truly, truly sorry that this has happened.  That's all I'm going to say.

Dorian: Oh, really?  So if you can't handle this discussion, why don't you call out Niki or Wiki or one of your other 67 personalities.

Viki: That's it!  You get out of my house right now, or being left at the altar is going to seem like the fun part of your day.

Bo: If you made a commitment to keep Cris' secret, how come you're telling me now?

John: Well, a lot's changed since I made that promise.

Bo: You got involved with Natalie.

John: I went to see him when that happened.  I thought he had a right to know.

Bo: How'd he react?

John: Well, apparently, he was fine with the idea of Natalie moving on and finding happiness with somebody else -- until he found out that somebody might be me.

Bo: Did you suggest that you just tell Natalie the truth and then let her make up her own mind, make her own decision?

John: It's the reason why I went to see him, but Cris wouldn't budge, and then Evangeline found out about the D.N.A. test.

Bo: How?

John: Doesn't matter how.  She knows the truth, Bo.

Bo: What's she going to do?

John: Well, she thinks she can get the conviction overturned.

Bo: He -- he confessed.

John: Well, according to her, Cris wasn't in his right state of mind when he killed Santi.  He -- he didn't know the difference between right and wrong, and in this crazy world, that's grounds for an appeal.

Bo: "His right state of mind"?

John: You know, the whole brainwashing thing, that he was set up to kill Tico.  Now, according to Cris, Carlo Hesser's behind the whole thing.

Bo: Hesser?  Hesser's in Statesville right now, too.

John: Yeah, and, apparently, he's tried to kill Cris -- twice.

Cristian: All right, tell me what you know.

Angus: I can't say too much, I'm getting out tomorrow.

Cristian: "Getting out"?

Angus: Paroled.  I won't let anything get in the way of that.

Cristian: Look, I have a chance at getting out, too, on appeal.  But if Hesser gets out, my chances go up in smoke.  Look, if -- if you didn't want to talk to me, then why'd you give me this note?

Angus: They're going to shut this place down.

Cristian: Hesser and his boys?

Angus: I'd better be out the front gate before that happens, I can tell you that.

Cristian: Tell me what's going to happen, and when.

Angus: Keep it down.

Cristian: Now, why should I believe you, hmm?  How do I know Hesser didn't send you to set me up?

Angus: You don't, but I give you my word.  I don't want anything to do with Hesser and his lot.

Cristian: Is that why you came to me?

Angus: That, and the fact I'm getting out.  I can afford to be a bit generous.

Cristian: I appreciate it.

Angus: It's going to be a dark day around here tomorrow.

Cristian: Tomorrow?

Angus: Right.  You might want to think about preparing yourself.

Cristian: All right, what time tomorrow?

Angus: I don't know, but they have someone set up on the inside.  Someone who's going to cut the power to the whole --

Carlo: What an interesting little coffee klatch.  Any good prison gossip I should know about, huh?

John: I've been leaning on the warden to put Cris in solitary for his own protection.  The warden left town without signing the order, and now the assistant warden is stonewalling me.

Bo: That's the guy who told me what you were doing.

John: Probably to get you to stop me.

Bo: Yeah, but he said things were beyond his control.  I think we got to get a hold of warden Stevens.

John: I tried to get them to call him wherever he was, but now they're saying he's "unreachable."

Bo: This kind of makes you wonder who's running things at Statesville.

Spencer: I was just trying to help Davey understand what an incredible amount of emotional damage that he's done to Dorian.  It's just --

David: You're unbelievable, Spencer.

Kelly: Don't bother, he doesn't care.  I just want an explanation.  Why would you hurt her like this?

David: Kelly, where is she?

Kelly: If I knew, I wouldn't tell you.

David: I am sorry.

Kelly: Were you planning this all along?

David: No, I wasn't.  I wish that I could explain, but I can't.

Kelly: What about you?  Do you know why he would humiliate the woman he supposedly loves?

Spencer: Actually, yes, I do.

Dorian: Oh, Viki, I hope you're not threatening me.

Viki: Do not make jokes about D.I.D.!

Dorian: Well, get off it!  I mean, you're recovered, you're completely cured.  You can have your ex-husband in for a cozy little visit, but my world just fell in on me today, and you don't care!

Viki: Dorian, I tried to explain to you why I could not be a part of your wedding.

Dorian: You were perfect -- the nonexistent matron of honor for the nonexistent wedding.

Viki: Jessica has D.I.D.  I have just found out that my daughter is suffering from D.I.D.  If you make a joke about it now, I swear to God I will throw you out.

Dorian: Viki, I never dreamed --

Viki: Yeah, neither did I, ok?  And that's why Clint is here now.  That's why I didn't come to your wedding.  That's why I neglected to call and explain it to you.  This was not about hurting you, Dorian.  This was because my daughter is in agony, and she's that way because of me.

David: Take it, Spencer.  This ought to be interesting.

Spencer: Well, nobody in Llanview knows my brother like I do.  I guess not even Dorian.

Kelly: What's that supposed to mean?

Spencer: Well, you know, Davey -- he's just always had such a real self-destructive kind of a nature, you know, about himself.  He's just never really allowed himself to feel any real happiness and --

David: Cue the violins.

Spencer: Oh, come on, David, I'm trying to do some damage control here, all right?  Look, the point is, is that we know that David has not really led an exemplary life.

Kelly: So what?  Neither has my aunt.

Spencer: No, but, see, Dorian has the ability to rationalize her actions, and Davey, he just -- he lives with this incredible, crushing amount of guilt.

Kelly: Oh, please.  You expect us to believe that you left Dorian at the altar because you think you're not good enough for her?

David: Ask him.

Spencer: Well, I know it's sad, you know, to see Davey walk away from a soul mate like Dorian, you know, but I have never been able to have any influence over him at all.

Kelly: Yeah, I'm not buying any of this.

Spencer: Oh, well, then, I'll let you two talk in private.

Kelly: Well, let's hear it.  What do you have to say for yourself?

David: I wish I could make you feel better.  I liked being part of your family.

Kelly: You know, David, I really thought that you had changed.  We all had.  I guess the joke's on us, right?  We Cramer girls are real suckers.

David: Kelly, don't say that.

Kelly: Why not?  Dorian put her trust in a man who obviously did not deserve it.  God, what a waste.

David: Wait a second.  Listen to me.  I cannot explain what happened tonight, but I can tell you this -- I am going to fix it, I am going to make it right.

Kelly: How are you going to fix it with Dorian?

David: I don't know.

Kelly: You know what?  It doesn't matter, because she's proud and she's strong and she will pick herself up and move on, and you have to let her do that.

David: I will, but if you'll --

Kelly: Just get out of here!  The only thing I want to do right now is get out of this dress and forget this night ever happened.

David: I'm not in prison yet, Spencer.  I still have a chance to get her back.

Duke: I should -- should go find Adriana.

Spencer: You have to eliminate your adversary if you want to solidify your relationship with Duke.

Ginger: Eliminate Adriana?  I couldn't do that with a cannon.

Spencer: Who said anything about Adriana?

Adriana: I tried to be happy for her.  I really did.  But all she wanted was to be the center of attention.  I mean, shouldn't a wedding be about starting the rest of your life with the person that you love most in the world?

Rex: I guess so.

Adriana: Well, I tried to talk to Duke about this, and he basically told me to get over it.  I hate when people say that, like you could just push a button.

Rex: What did you want him to do?

Adriana: He could've put his arms around me.  He could've said that he got what I was saying.

Rex: He made you feel guilty.

Adriana: Completely.  I just wanted him to tell me that I was ok.

Rex: You're ok.  More than ok.

Adriana: I'm a jerk. On a day like today?

Rex: I get it.

Adriana: You do?

Dorian: Viki, I'm so sorry.

Viki: And I am sincerely sorry for what happened at your wedding.

Dorian: I really thought that I'd be spending the rest of my life with David.

Viki: Yeah, it seemed that way to me.

Dorian: You thought we'd be happy together, didn't you?

Viki: I certainly hoped you would be.  You know, you never know for sure.  But if you don't take a chance with your heart --

Dorian: Oh.  Right now I'm wishing I'd kept mine a little closer to the vest.

Viki: You look absolutely gorgeous.  But I think you'll feel a lot better once you get out of that dress.

Dorian: I have been on a bit of a tear.

Clint: Is everything ok?

Viki: Yeah, thank you.

Dorian: Viki just told me about Jessica, and I'm really very sorry.  What happened to me today is nothing compared to that.

Viki: Is Jessie all right?

Clint: She's asking for you.

Viki: Ok, thank you.  Excuse me.

Dorian: Clint?  I just need to pull myself together.  I'd -- I'd really like to stay here for a little bit by myself.

Clint: Ok.

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: I hate this fabric.

Spencer: Just watch, ok, and learn.  So were you able to patch things up with Kelly?  Where is she, anyway?

David: Kelly's up in the suite.  Why the hell do you care where Kelly is?

Spencer: I was just trying to help.  So are you having a hard time leaving the scene of the crime or are you just hungry?

David: Bite me, Spencer.

Ginger: Boy, he really hates you.

Spencer: Ah, he's always been a little oversensitive, that's all.  All right, now here he comes.  All right, look, go to him, console him, tell him where Adriana is.

Ginger: But I don't know where Adriana is.

Spencer: She's in the suite.

Ginger: No, Kelly just went up there.

Spencer: Just do it, ok?  Go.

Duke: Where the hell is a bottle opener?

Ginger: Hey, Duke.  Is everything ok?

Duke: Oh, everything is great, perfect.  It couldn't -- couldn't be better.  Agh -- warm beer.

Ginger: Listen, Adriana --

Duke: I don't know where she is.  I couldn't find her.

Ginger: No, I overheard somebody say that she went up to the suite.

Spencer: Not bad.  I think you have real potential.

Rex: You are so beautiful.

Duke: Oh, Adriana, please be in here.

Carlo: Mr. Kelly, might I suggest you show a bit more sensitivity?  Imagine how you'd feel being buried in this hellhole for life, and to have a conversation with a man who will be free tomorrow.

Angus: I didn't think about it like that.

Carlo: Or you can still join us if you'd like.  It can be arranged.

Angus: No, sir.  Sorry.

Carlo: No, no, no.  No, don't go.  Since I gave you the benefit of the doubt, you're being an artist and artists usually aren't so thick.  Despite all my efforts, I can't help but feel you don't quite grasp your situation here.  You're a poor man with little information and no power.  You know that I have an exit strategy, but who can you tell?  You don't know which guards are trustworthy, or which ones answer to me.  The lady and the tiger -- make the wrong choice and -- well, you know what happens.

Cristian: Don't you ever shut up?

[Cristian groans]

Carlo: No -- no, no, no, Mr. Barber, no violence.  Shh. Shh.  The situation is well in hand.  And Mr. Doe knows where he is -- at the end of the road.

Cristian: You don't scare me.

Carlo: Oh, you Vega boys and your undying machismo, hmm?  Ok.  I'll make this brief.  If I have the slightest sense that you interfere with any of my plans, you won't live past tomorrow night.

Cristian: I need to make a -- I need to make a call.

Guard: Privileges suspended until further notice.

Cristian: Oh, God.

Angus: Leave me alone.  I'm getting out tomorrow.

Cristian: You said you don't want to be seen with me, right?

Angus: Are you daft?  Of course not.

Cristian: Then you'll do exactly as I say.

Bo: Now I'm getting the runaround.

John: Go over their head, call the board of corrections.

Bo: Nah, I don't want them to know that we're onto them.

John: Hey, Bo, I'm sorry about the mess.

Bo: We have to figure out a way to protect Cristian, but not make a move that's going to end up getting him killed.

John: Yeah.  I got to do something.  I owe Cris -- and Natalie.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live"

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