OLTL Transcript Thursday 10/27/05

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/27/05


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Bo: Jessica -- Tess, it's all right.  We're going to take care of you.

Tess: Go to hell!  This whole town can rot!  Let me go!

Bo: Can you give her something to calm her down?

Tess: No!  Nash, Nash, please don't let them!  Please don't let them!

Nash: Just calm down, ok?  You're going to be ok.           

Tess: Untie me.  Untie me!  Nash, tell them I can't be locked up, please.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Nurse: Miss, you need to relax.

Tess: Shut up, bitch!

Bo: Jessica!

Tess: Tess!  It's Tess!  Doesn't anybody around here listen?

Kevin: Mom, I got your message.  What's wrong with her?

Viki: Your sister's very sick.  Did you reach Natalie?

Kevin: No, there was no answer.

Viki: Can you try again, please?

Paige: I'll take it from here.

Officer: You sure?  She's strong?

Paige: I can handle it.  What happened?

Bo: She was at the airport.  She was trying to leave town.  She pulled a gun on Antonio.

Tess: Nash!

Bo: This guy talked her down, then she lost it.  I didn't want to restrain her.

Paige: No, you did the right thing, Bo.

Tess: You wouldn't know the right thing if it bit you.

Paige: 20 milligrams of Haloperidol.

Tess: No, no!  Nash, Nash, that's for crazy people!  Please, I am not crazy!  Please!

Viki: Wait, Paige, Paige, before you give her anything, she's pregnant.

Paige: How far along?

Viki: I'm not sure.

Tess: You know why this is happening.  Tell them to stop, mother.

John: You went to Statesville by yourself?

Natalie: Yeah.  I needed to see the man who stole Cristian's face.

John: Why?

Natalie: I needed him to know what I think of him in person so that he can't ever say that he never heard it.  And I told him that if he were to ever get out of there that I want to never hear from him again or ever see him again.

John: Natalie, what the hell's wrong with you?

Blair: How would you know that we've survived Margaret?  Unless -- Todd, what did you do?

Todd: Nothing.  It's not what you think.

Blair: But you've been hiding something for weeks.

Todd: Hmm.  Yes, I have.  And I guess technically you could call that lying.

Blair: "Technically"?

Todd: Yeah, I realized that I said I wouldn't do that anymore.  But I had no choice. I just wanted to keep you and the kids out of it.

Blair: Out of what?

Todd: This.  Margaret.  This hell that she's put us all through for the last year.  Why don't you understand?

Blair: You killed her, didn't you?  You killed Margaret and your unborn child.

Michael: Mrs. Rappaport.

Lindsay: How is she?

Michael: She's stable, but she hasn't regained consciousness.

Lindsay: I was here the other day with R.J. after she had her surgery.  I -- I felt compelled to come back here.  I don't know why.

Michael: I didn't think you two were friends.

Lindsay: No, far from it, actually.  Jen loved her.  I'm here for my daughter.

John: Ok.  It's just after everything you've been through in the last few months, I don't want to see you getting hurt.

Natalie: There's nothing more that john doe could do to hurt me.

John: I don't know.  You still look pretty upset.

Natalie: You're the one who's upset.

John: It's a penitentiary, Natalie.  It's not a place for you.

Natalie: Really?  Well, you don't seem to have much of a problem with Evangeline spending all of her free time there.  You think she's tougher than I am?

John: It's not about being tough.

Natalie: Oh, ok, so she's more sophisticated?

John: She's not in love with one of the prisoners.

Natalie: What did you say?

Viki: Jessie --

Tess: Don't call me that name.

Paige: Let's get her into a cubicle.

Tess: Nash -- Nash -- no, Nash, Nash, please don't let them take me!

Paige: Family only.

Viki: Antonio, I don't really think it would be good for Jessica to see you right now, ok?

Antonio: Yeah.

Paige: So can one of you give me some insight into Jessica's medical history?

Viki: Yes, I can do that.

Paige: Let's go somewhere more private.

Bo: Clint.

Clint: Bo.

Bo: Hey, I didn't know you were back in town.

Clint: Yeah, B.E. business.  I could've sent somebody else, but I had this feeling that something was wrong.  I certainly didn't expect to walk into this.

Kevin: Now will one of you please explain to me what the hell's going on here?

Bo: Your sister's having some serious emotional problems.

Kevin: That's pretty obvious.  She hasn't been herself for months, but that is nothing like my sister.

Bo: I think you should let Viki explain.

Kevin: Bo, dad --

Clint: I don't know, I'm in the dark, too, and Viki didn't say anything on the ride over here.  She was too upset.  Antonio?  What's going on with my daughter?  And what do you know about this?

Viki: Paige, I have to tell you first -- oh, my God, it's so hard.  Uh, Jessica is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Paige: I knew she was seeing Jamison.  I had no idea it was so serious.

Viki: Yeah, neither did I.  I mean, I should've known.  The signs were all there.  I just didn't see it.

Paige: No, no, stop it, Viki, stop it.  Jessica is sick and she's in the right place.  I will get Jamison down here for a consult and we'll take care of her.  We're going to take good care of your daughter, I promise.

Viki: Thanks.  Thanks.

Paige: Oh -- how did you know it was D.I.D.?  Did she talk to you about her treatment?

Viki: No.  I have D.I.D. and I have lived through it, and so has Jessica through me.

Paige: I'll get Jamison down here as soon as possible.

Blair: Come on, Todd.  Tell me.  Please, just --

Blair: Ok.  You don't want to tell me?  I know what I got to do.

Blair: Commissioner Buchanan, please.

Todd: Hang it up.

Blair: They're paging him.

Todd: Put that phone down right now.  I'll tell you everything.

Lindsay: How well did you know my daughter?

Michael: We were friends through Marcie.  Nice girl.  Very talented.  What happened to her --

Lindsay: Nora grieved for Jen as if she were her own child.  I couldn't grasp that at the time.  Nora and I had been mortal enemies, and I wasn't willing to share my grief with her.  Now seeing Nora like this makes me realize I was just jealous because they had a real connection.  I'm not the most secure person on the block.

Michael: You've been through a lot.

Lindsay: Well, that's really no excuse, now, is it?  I wasn't the greatest mother.  Nora loved Jen and she needed that.  Thank God Nora was stubborn enough to not let me stand in the way of what she thought was right.

Matthew: Lindsay?  Will you come see my mom with me?

Clint: Bo, what is going on?  Why do you have Jessie strapped to the bed surrounded by cops?

Bo: She was trying to leave town with him, and then things got out of hand at the airport.

Clint: What did you do to her?

Nash: Ask him.

Viki: No, he didn't do anything to hurt Jessica.

Kevin: Who the hell are you, pal, huh?

Bo: I'm going to make sure that Jessica doesn't have any problems with the airport authorities, legal problems on top of everything else.

Viki: Kevin, I need to speak to Bo privately, ok?  I promise I will tell you everything in one minute.

Clint: All right.

Kevin: Dad, let's get a cup of coffee.

Clint: Yeah.

Viki: Antonio, Nash, I really think you should -- you should just go home, ok, because I don't think you're doing Jessica any good standing around here.

Antonio: I'll be close by if you need me.

Viki: How long have you known?

Bo: It was after John found Natalie, got her out of the pit.  Antonio came to me.  He was looking for Jessica, he asked for my help, and he explained this Tess to me.

Viki: Oh, God.

Bo: And we thought it would be a good idea if we didn't tell you until we knew something for sure.  And now I think that wasn't the right decision.

Viki: Oh, you're right about that.  It was not.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Excuse me.  Buchanan.  All right, I'll be right there.  I got to go back to the office for a couple of hours.  We got a break on a case I've been helping out on.

Paige: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Paige: Are you all right?

Bo: Yeah.  I hate to do this under these circumstances, but, Paige, honey, I want you to meet my brother Clint.  Clint, this is Paige.

Clint: Hello.

Paige: Hi.

Bo: All right, I got to run.  Viki, I am so sorry, ok, and I want you to call me if you need anything.

Paige: So Dr. Jamison has filled me in on a few of the particulars of Jess--

Viki: I, uh -- Jessie's father doesn't know the details.  I was about to tell him.

Paige: Of course.

Viki: Thanks.

Clint: I'm afraid of what you're going to say next.

Viki: So am I.

[Tess whistles]

Tess: First Jessica's father, now you.  They certainly are calling out the big guns, aren't they?

Phil: Hello, Tess.

Natalie: Did you just say that I'm in love with that prisoner?

John: No.  That's not what I meant.

Natalie: You don't say things you don't mean, John.

John: I can't win here, can I?

Natalie: I just want you to be honest with me because you kind of suck at the whole lying thing, so honestly, do you really believe that I could love that man just because he looks exactly like Cristian?

John: That didn't come out right.  What I'm talking about is an emotional attachment for you.  Subconsciously, it could happen to anyone.  And please stop telling me you are all right with all this.  One minute you say you never want to see this guy again, and the next minute you're sneaking up there to confront him at Statesville.  You are beating yourself up over something that is not necessary.

Natalie: Well, I don't think so.

John: You took a big risk.  You know, all I ever wanted for you is to be safe and to be happy.  I could wring your neck for going up there on your own.

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Sorry.

John: It's ok.

Natalie: It's Kevin.

John: Go ahead, maybe it's important.

Natalie: Ok.  Hello?

Kevin: Natalie, it's Kevin.

Natalie: Hey, Kevin, I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Kevin: It's important.  Jessica's in the hospital.

Natalie: What?  What happened to her?  Ok.  Ok, I just -- I don't understand.  Ok, ok, fine, I'll be there.  Jessica's in the emergency room.

John: What happened?

Natalie: I don't know.  Kevin said that she's not hurt, but that I need to get there as fast as possible.

Nash: Oh, great.

Antonio: You were asked to leave.

Nash: Yeah, well, so were you, but, hey, you're still here.

Antonio: You know, what the hell's the matter with you?  You know how sick Jessica is.  Why don't you get that Tess is just an aspect of her personality?

Nash: Oh, so you're a doctor now?  You know, if you're thinking --

Antonio: You know, if you were thinking at all, she wouldn't be tied to a hospital bed right now.

Nash: If you hadn't come along, she'd be enjoying her life, not tied to a hospital bed having drugs stuffed down her throat so that you and her family can hold on to something that she obviously doesn't want!

Antonio: She is mentally ill.  I can't believe that you would even think about taking someone who is so obviously sick away from her family, her doctors, her support system!

Nash: Her support system?  That's some support system.  "Hey, Tess, be exactly what we tell you to be.  Fit into some perfect little cookie cutter of what the girlfriend/daughter ought to be and don't even try to rock the boat!"

Antonio: Oh, jeez, we're trying to help her!

Nash: Help?  How did keeping me in the dark help anybody?  You had all that information back at the loft, but you didn't deem me worthy to know that, did you?  Same way you don't deem Tess to be a human!

Antonio: Because she's not, Jess is!

Nash: She is.  She's real.  She's very real.  She's the most real person I know.  She's real enough to fall in love.  She's real enough to have a baby.  She was real enough to want to get away from you so badly that she climbed out of your window.  Don't you think that that might have been a pretty good time to fill me in on the fact that she's got a split personality?

Kevin: What did you just say about my sister?

John: Did you let Bo know?  Yeah, as soon as he gets here.  Thanks.

Natalie: Hey, you're needed here, and I'm fine, but Kevin's waiting for me at the hospital.

John: You sure?

Natalie: Yeah.  Yeah.  Bye.  See you.

John: Hey.  Call me as soon as you know something.

Natalie: I will.  Thanks.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah?

Bo: Lab called.  They've got the results of the D.N.A. test.

John: Oh, good.

Arnold: Excuse me, Commissioner?

Bo: Yes?

Arnold: They told me I'd find you here.  These are for your eyes only.

Bo: Thank you.  I wonder if this says what I think it says.

Blair: Start talking.  You'd better tell me everything or I will call Bo and I'll tell him everything you just told me.

Todd: Blair, I realize that if I were you, I'd think I did it, too -- that I killed Margaret and her baby.  But -- I --

Blair: Todd.  Just say it.  Tell me how you jeopardized our relationship and our family.  Tell me.

Todd: On everything I am, everything I know, on my love for you and Jack and Starr, I did not kill Margaret Cochran.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello?

Bo: Blair, it's Bo Buchanan.

Blair: Yes?

Bo: If Todd's there, you need to bring him down to the department immediately for questioning in the death of Margaret Cochran. Blair?

Blair: I'll have to get back to you.


Kevin: Who the hell are you and what do you know about Jessica?

Nash: I don't know Jessica.  I -- I know Tess.  And she just told me tonight that she, Tess, and Jessica are the same person. There's a split personality.

Kevin: What?

Nash: I'm as surprised as you are.  Tess and I were starting a life together.  I swear to god I knew nothing about it until tonight.  Why?  Because this jerk here chose not to tell me the truth.  Instead, he just stalked us all over California like some kind of a lunatic --

Antonio: You keep her from her home and her family, and I'm the jerk?

Nash: You know, if you knew anything about Tess, you'd know that nobody, not even me, could keep her away from anything she wants.

Kevin: Shut up!  Who is Tess?

Antonio: It's her alter.

Nash: Her what?

Antonio: Her other personality.  Now do you see how unequipped you are to take care of her?  You're making things worse.  Look, if you truly care about Jessica, then go back to wherever you're from and leave her here with her family, with the people who can take care of her.

Natalie: Kevin, what's going on?  Where's Jessica?

Phil: You're safe now, Tess.  You're getting excellent care.  As soon as you feel up to it, we can start to work this out.

Tess: Oh, yeah, you mean get rid of me.  You mean make me disappear.

Phil: Not at all.  You and I both know you're not going anywhere.  I don't mean you any harm.  You don't have to run anymore.  And Jessica doesn't have to keep any more secrets.

Tess: Oh, that sounds really nice.  But I know what you're up to, doc.  It's not going to work.  I am never going to give in.  So I'll tell you what -- you can take your bedside manner and your integration fantasies and you can shove them somewhere in this Godforsaken town the sun doesn't shine.

Viki: Clint, I only found out what is actually wrong with Jessica today -- a little while ago, actually.  Believe me, if I'd known any sooner, I would've asked you to come back from England then.  I would never have gone away, but I only -- I just found out.  You know how worried I've been about her and confused about what was wrong.  It never, ever occurred to me that she was suffering from the same thing that I have.

Clint: Jess has a heart condition?

Viki: No, no, no.  No, physically, she's fine.

Clint: Well, Viki, you just said that she had --

Viki: Clint, Clint?  She's mentally ill.  Jessica has D.I.D.

John: How long has it been?

Bo: Not long.  You know, Blair didn't really say that Todd was there.  She just said that she'd get back to me and hung up.

John: She could be drawing him a map to Mexico.

Bo: No, I know Blair.  She was being cryptic, which means that Todd probably was there, but I want to give her a chance to bring him in on her own.

John: Ok.  It's your call, boss.

Bo: I'm counting on his feelings for Blair.  I think she'll be straight with him and she'll tell him to do the right thing.

John: And if he's guilty?

Todd: Commissioner?  You wanted to see me?

Matthew: And those are her IVís.  She can't eat or drink right now, so they have to put the food and medicine and stuff straight into her blood.

Lindsay: You've been paying attention.

Matthew: Yeah.  Most kids would get scared of this stuff, but I'm not.  It was way more scary when everyone was pretending that nothing was wrong.  But Paige explains everything to me now.

Lindsay: Paige sounds pretty great, but she's lucky to have a kid like you around.

Matthew: Yeah, she's nice.  But I really miss my mom.  It's so weird saying that when she's laying right there.

Lindsay: I know it is.  But I'll bet it makes her happy just to hear your voice.

Matthew: You and her aren't really friends, right?

Lindsay: Our relationship is complicated.  Are you sure it's ok if I'm here?

Matthew: It was my idea, remember?

Lindsay: Matthew, why did you ask me to come in here?

Matthew: Because you were Jen's mom.

Paige: Is everything all right?

Marianne: Yes.  Matthew wanted to say good night to his mother.  I'll take him home when he's done.

Paige: Thank you, Marianne.

Marianne: Mm-hmm.

Paige: What is Lindsay Rappaport doing in there?

Michael: Matthew asked if she could come in.  I didn't think there'd be any problem with it.  Besides, it's really hard to say no to that kid.

Paige: Tell me about it.  He's so sweet.  Never asks for anything he shouldn't.  He just wants everybody to be happy.

Viki: I know, I didn't believe it, either.  Our little girl's been going through this hell all by herself.  But at least we know what we're dealing with now and she's here and she's under a doctor's care, you know?

Clint: And what's her name, the alter?  What's her name?

Viki: Tess.

Clint: Tess.  Is she anything like Niki Smith?

Viki: You saw for yourself.  Yeah, she is.

Clint: I don't understand.  I always thought that D.I.D. was associated with a childhood trauma, that the person split off and created someone else that could handle the things that they couldn't handle.  Am I right about that?

Viki: Yes.

Clint: So what do you think that trauma could've been?

Viki: I don't know.  I swear to you I don't know what it is.  When I was talking to this Tess, she implied that I do know, but I don't, Clint.  I haven't the vaguest idea.  Do you?

Clint: No.

Natalie: Kevin just told me.  Mom, Dad, how did this happen?

Phil: Tess, why are you so angry?

Tess: You have me tied down in a hospital and you're filling me up with knockout drops.  Why do you think I'm pissed off?

Phil: Fair enough.  Next question -- what would make you not feel so angry anymore?

Tess: I want to see Nash.  I want to go back to our vineyard and I want our life back.

Kevin: Yeah, I just walked in on Antonio and this Nash character having an argument.  They told me what's going on, I told Natalie what I know, which isn't much.

Viki: I was just explaining everything to your father.

Natalie: How did this happen without anyone knowing?

Nash: Damn it, Vega, I told you I'm not leaving here without Tess!

Kevin: Hey, guys, come on, you're not helping.

Viki: Stop it, for heaven's sakes, both of you.

Tess: Nash!  Get me out of here, Nash!  Please, Nash!

Bo: Thanks for getting here so quickly.

Todd: What's it all about?

Bo: We have some questions for you in the death of Margaret Cochran and, Blair, I'm sorry, but we need to do this in private.

John: You're welcome to wait here.  Would you like some coffee?

Blair: No, thank you.

John: Ok.

Bo: And you're welcome to have a lawyer present during questioning if you'd like.

Todd: No, that's not necessary.  I have nothing to hide.

Bo: All right, then.

Blair: I'll be here waiting.

Todd: Ok.

Blair: Oh, Todd.

Bo: Have a seat.

Todd: Ok, what do you want to know?

John: The bodies found in the lake have been identified as Margaret Cochran and her 31-week-old fetus.

Todd: And your question is?

Bo: Did you kill Margaret Cochran and dump her pregnant body in the lake and then leave her and her baby there to rot?

Todd: No.  Can I go now?

Tess: Nash?

Phil: Nash isn't here right now, Tess.  It's just you and me.

Tess: He wouldn't leave me.  Nash?

Phil: If you stop fighting the medication, Tess --

Tess: No!  You can't pump me up full of drugs forever.  You can't keep me away from my life.  You can't.  You can't.

Nash: You heard her calling me.  You can't keep me away from her!

Kevin: What are you doing?

Viki: Stop this!  All of you, stop it!  You are not helping Jessica!

Natalie: Who are you?  And, Mom, why does he keep acting like Jessica's his girlfriend?

Nash: Tess is my girlfriend, and none of you so-called family members seem to be listening to a word she's saying she wants.

Phil: All right, if this continues, I'm going to have to ask you all to leave.

Viki: Dr. Jamison, may we see our daughter please?

Phil: She's resting.  I'd like her to sleep if it's at all possible.

Viki: I swear to you we won't wake her.

Phil: All right, come on.

Viki: Thank you.

Kevin: Hey, don't even think about it.

Natalie: What's the deal?  Jessica and this guy, they're seeing each other?  What's going on?

Viki: She looks so peaceful.

Phil: We'll get her a room upstairs as soon as one becomes available.

Clint: You're talking about the psychiatric ward, aren't you?

Phil: Yes, I am.  Jessica needs specialized care on the regular wards.

Clint: Yeah, I know.  Thank you, doctor, I get it.

Phil: Ok.

Clint: How did this happen?

Viki: I don't know.  But if it's the last thing I ever do, I will find out.

Todd's voice: But everywhere I look, I see Margaret.  You know, she's violated every aspect of our lives.  I think we need to wipe the slate clean, start over.

Blair's voice: We ever going to tell each other the truth, ever?

Todd's voice: On everything I am, everything I know, on my love for you and Jack and Starr, I did not kill Margaret Cochran.

Bo: Is that all you have to say?

Todd: You asked me if I killed argaret and I said no.

Bo: Did you know she was pregnant?

Todd: No, she didn't invite me to the baby shower.

John: So you're saying that's not your dead kid in the morgue?

Todd: Uh, that would require immaculate conception, and I think you'd have to agree that even God could've found a better candidate than Margaret Cochran.

Bo: This looks a lot like you.

Todd: Looks like Steve Mc Queen, too.

John: Think this is funny, a dead woman and her rotting baby?

Todd: I'm not laughing any more than you are, but I had nothing to do with it.

Bo: Right.  Was Blair in on this with you?

Todd: Yes.  It's right up her alley, killing babies.  For God's sake.

John: Speaking of God, you'd better pray that's not your blood on the murder weapon.

Todd: Murder weapon?  She drowned.

Bo: Maybe.  Maybe not.  You just can't trust a press release these days.

Todd: Mm-hmm.  Well, number one, I've got much better sources than that official line you guys hand out.  Number two, I don't know anything about a murder weapon.  I don't know anything about the bodies.  I didn't even know it was Margaret till you just told me.  And, no, I'm not crying about it because if she's dead, that's going to make my life simpler.

Bo: What makes you think that anything in your life is ever going to be simple again, Manning?

Lindsay: I am so glad I saw you today.

Matthew: Me, too.  When mom wakes up, I want to tell her all about it.

Lindsay: I don't know if she'd be so thrilled about it, if you know what I mean.

Matthew: Nah, she will.  She's such a good mom, even if you do have a complicated relationship.

Lindsay: I know she is.


Matthew: What's happening?  What's happening?

Michael: Get him out of here now!

Lindsay: What's wrong?  Wait, we just have to let the doctors figure this out.  We'll be right here, we'll be right here.  Just stay with me, stay with me, stay.

Paige: She's had a stroke.

Natalie: So Jessica's in love with Antonio, and Tess is in love with him?

Kevin: Apparently so.

Natalie: So what are we going to do?  How do we help her?

Viki: I keep wondering who's going to wake up here in a few hours.  Oh, Clint, I didn't tell you.  Jessie's pregnant.

Clint: Antonio's?

Viki: We don't know.  We don't know who the father is.  We don't even know who the mother is.

Nash: You know, I may be in the minority, but you can all hear who Tess is calling for in there.

Natalie: Stop calling her that!

Nash: She can't stand any of you.  She needs me in there.  I should be in there.

Natalie: Whatever Jessica is going through, she has always been Jessica since the day she was born.

Nash: That may be true, but you have no clue who she is now, and that's your problem.

Clint: Viki and I know that you care about our daughter.

Nash: Sir, it's more than that.

Clint: Well, there's nothing that you can do to help her, so we're asking that you leave.

Clint: You, too, Antonio.  The only people who are going to be here are Jessie's family.  Come on.

Todd: You have evidence against me?  Let's see it.  Well, when you do have something, maybe we can talk.

John: You know, speaking of running your mouth, we have several witnesses that said you openly wished Margaret Cochran dead.

Todd: That doesn't mean I killed her.

John: You know, the fetus was 7 months old.  Seven months ago, you were alone with the victim in a cabin.

Bo: Do the math, Manning.

Todd: Yeah, she was crazy.  She was probably sleeping with another dozen members of that club.

Bo: Including you?

Todd: Pardon me?

Bo: Did you have sex with Margaret Cochran?

Todd: You go to hell.

Blair: Hey.

Todd: Hey.

Blair: You all right?

Todd: That depends.  Am I free to go?

Bo: For now.

John: He's guilty.

Bo: Yeah, but we can't hold him based on hearsay, and he knows that.

Arnold: I've got the report on the blood sample from the branch you found at the scene.  We've got a match.

Bo: The perp have a record?

Arnold: A long one.

Bo: Stop Manning before he leaves the building.

John: I'm on it.

[Phone rings]

Denton: Come on, pick it up, boss.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Viki: When she wakes up, she might not be Jessica.  She might not even be Tess.

Nash: I'm getting her out of there.  There's nothing that you or her family can do to stop me.

Antonio: You do that, I'll kill you.

Bo: We got our warrant.

Denton: They cross-matched the blood on that tree branch.  They know it's you, boss

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