OLTL Transcript Tuesday 10/25/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/25/05


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Antonio: We've got the entire police force looking for her.  We'll find her.

Viki: Well, I already did.

Antonio: Jessica was here?

Viki: Jessica?  No, I don't know where my Jessie is.  But Tess just left here with that boy Nash.

Antonio: And you let him take her?  Why would you do that?

Tess: Ha-ha.  I totally scored.  I got these little beauties for our trip back to Napa.  Ah, although, you might be out of luck because I might have to drink both of them to work up the courage to get on that little toy plane over there.

Nash: Yeah, hey, well, I'm not a big fan of small planes, either, but you wouldn't fly commercial, so --

Tess: We're all about adventure, right?  Anyways, I know what you told me about the screw top, but at least it's not in a box.

Nash: Let's sit down for a minute.

Tess: Ah, Napa.  The smell of the vineyard, the sun rising to new life and possibilities.  You taught me that.

Nash: Jessica --

Tess: Why did you just call me that?

Nash: It's your real name, isn't it?  I needed to get your attention.

Tess: Well, you got it.  What do you want?

Nash: I want you to stop running.

Asa: Looks like you got the short stack, doc.  Shouldn't be too long now.

David: I cannot think of it.  Which concentric circle of hell has the walking dead, the soulless, and the coifed of hair?

Duke: The what of hair?

Kevin: Could somebody please just deal?

Asa: Deal, Vickers.  Doesn't really matter, because there's no way the Buchananís are going to lose to the Truman brothers.

Spencer: Oh, I don't know, Asa.  Davey and I used to be a pretty good team.

Asa: It's your bet, doc.  You want to fold?

Spencer: Actually, I'm all in.

Bo: I want to ask Starr a few questions down at the station.

Todd: I think she told you everything she knows about Margaret.  Don't you take notes?

Bo: Manning, for months you've been riding the department about finding Margaret, so I want to make sure we haven't missed anything.

Todd: Oh.  No, she's not going anywhere.

Asa: I raise 100.  All those Cramer hens in one room.  Dorian's probably teaching a course in gelding.

David: Hey, watch it.  If I knew what "gelding" meant, I might be offended right now.

Spencer: I'm sure Kelly's excluded from Asa's generalizations.  Isn't that right, kKevin?

Kevin: All right, I call.  Asa doesn't have a problem with Kelly.

Asa: Kelly is the best thing of all those women.  She's doing a hell of a job at B.E., and you can keep the rest of those Cramer banshees.

Duke: Well, thanks, grandpa.  I'll be sure to pass that on to Adriana.

Asa: You know something, Vickers?  Better men than you have fallen to those hussies.

Spencer: Can't stifle true love.  Right, Kevin?

Kevin: All right, I'm all in.

Spencer: Call.

Asa: Call.  Kings over 7s.

[Kevin laughs]

Kevin: Three kings, Jack kicker.

Asa: Damn it.

Spencer: Hang on there, Tiger.  Trip kings with a Queen kicker.  Looks like it's just me and you now, Asa.  Sorry, Kevin, I guess you never know when a Queen's going to cut you off at the knees, huh?

Dorian: As if being stood up by my matron of honor wasn't humiliating enough, then that guttersnipe -- what is her name?  The guttersnipe?

Kelly: Ginger.

Dorian: Ginger.  Ginger has to make the announcement that she's -- she's related to Margaret Cochran.  It's her aunt Margaret, and her aunt Margaret is pregnant with Todd's baby?  I'll tell you, the only highlight of the night was seeing Todd grilled by the police.

Blair: Is there something new that you know about Margaret that you need to talk to Starr about?

Starr: I mean, my dad's P.I. said that Margaret left the country.

Bo: Well, now, you see, manning, by withholding that kind of information, you screw up our investigation.  What else did your P.I. say?

Blair: Look, Bo, is Todd guilty of something?  If he is, just come out and say it.  If not, you're interrupting a very important family event here with your insinuations here.

Todd: He doesn't have anything on Margaret, that's all.  Instead of accusing me, why don't you do your job?

Bo: I haven't accused you of anything.  I want to talk to Starr.

Starr: Ok, you know what, I've told you a million times how many -- what happened with Margaret, but I'll tell you a million times again if it'll help you catch her.  Now --

Todd: Are you sure about that, short man?

Starr: Yeah, I'm fine.  I'll just go get my pop.

Tess: So my psycho ex-boyfriend and that control freak Viki tried to drag me back to my old life.  My hero came to save me.

Nash: I can't do this anymore.  I've never pressed you for answers before.  But there's a kid now.

Tess: So what's the problem?

Nash: What's the problem?  The problem is that I've spent the last few months chasing you from one end of the country to the other, and you still can't even be honest with me.

Tess: You knew the situation.  You knew I had secrets.  I have never told you the same story twice.  We had a deal.  Why do you keep wanting to renegotiate?

Nash: I love you.  But I have put up with a lot of crap to be near you.  Look, enough is enough.  I am not getting on that plane until I get some real answers out of you.

Viki: Am I not dealing with Jessica to your satisfaction?  Unfortunately, I wasn't given an option -- because you decided it wasn't important for me to know just how sick my daughter is.  Perhaps if you had respected me enough to arm me with the facts, I would not have walked into a situation I was totally unprepared for!

Antonio: Are you blaming me for this?

Viki: You bet I am!  Jessica is my daughter!  She has desperately needed help for some time now, and you chose to conceal her condition from me.

Antonio: We were protecting you.

Viki: Really?  Well, in doing so, you have destroyed my child!  The thing is it was all happening right in front of me, and I never saw it.  I mean, the emotional outbursts, the disappearance.  Do you know that I caught her doing research on D.I.D.?  It never occurred to me she was suffering from it.  Antonio, you haven't a clue of the agony that Jessica has been through.  I'm the only one in her whole life who could possibly understand it.  I don't see how you could possibly have believed that keeping me in the dark would help.

Antonio: Jessica thought she had it under control.

Viki: Jessica or Tess?  See, you have no idea what an alter will do to survive.

Antonio: No, you're right, I don't.  But it was a judgment call, Viki.  Myself and Bo --

Viki: Bo?  Bo knew?

Antonio: Viki, I know you're upset.  Look, I know.  But if we don't find Jessica, we may never see her again.

Viki: I'm very grateful to you for bringing her home, ok, but you have to understand something.  You cannot continue to chase her, because she wants nothing to do with you and we cannot afford to scare her.

Antonio: Look, Viki, she is on her way out of town with Nash right now.

Viki: Uh-huh.

Antonio: We need to find her.

Viki: Yes, and we will.  We will do it my way, ok, with no questions asked.  Because if you go after Tess and Nash with guns blazing, we will never see Jessica again.

Tess: You get me pregnant and then you order me around?  Well, I'll tell you what -- I'll get on that plane and I'll start my new life on my own.

Nash: If that's what you want.

Tess: Why are you doing this to us?

Nash: Because I love you.  Because I want a life with you.  And because every time you lie, you ruin whatever chance we've got.

Tess: You know what?  I told you I was trouble.  I told you that I would ruin your life, that I would make you miserable.

Nash: And I told you that I want this kid.  I want a life with you, a family.

Tess: I can't have this baby.  I go to bed every night and I am scared.  I wake up in the morning and I'm scared to death that I'm going to realize that I'm living somebody else's life.

Nash: Is that why you didn't tell me that this might not be my baby?  Is that why you didn't tell me?  Why didn't you tell me that you were with Antonio when you came back to New York?

Tess: Who told you that?

Nash: Of all people, he did.

Tess: And you believed him?  He's manipulative.  You can't believe a word that comes out of that jerk's mouth.  He kidnapped me!

Nash: Right.

Tess: You don't believe me.

Nash: I believe that the day I met you, my life changed.  I believe that you are the most amazing, infuriating woman I've ever met, but you -- all right, now you are scaring me, Tess.

Tess: Please, no.  Please, please, please, please don't be scared of me.

Nash: Antonio might be that guy.  He might be the guy you're trying to sell me.  But I met your mother.

Tess: She's -- she plays with people's heads.

Nash: She loves you.  She loves you the way a parent is supposed to love a kid.  She loves you the way I want to love our kid, if it is my kid.  She is not the monster you made her out to be.  She's worried about you.  She told me --

Tess: What?  What did she tell you?

Nash: She's -- um -- she's worried about your sanity.

David: This is the worst bachelor party I've ever been to.  Where's the stripper, the cigars, the life-size ice sculpture of me?

Asa: Sit down, Vickers.

Spencer: Yeah, Davey, come on, you're being rude.  A true cowboy never walks away from a duel.  Isn't that right, Asa?

Asa: The true cowboy is the only one that walks away from this one.

Antonio: All right, look, I have dealt with Nash.  He is not going to give up Tess without a fight.

Viki: What makes you think that Tess wants anything to do with you?

Antonio: Because Jessica said she's stronger when she's with me.  She can fight Tess.

Viki: Not anymore.  You don't understand, but the longer an alters in control, the stronger they become.

Antonio: But Jessica needs me.

Viki: And Tess needs Nash.  And it is not going to be easy to coax Jessica out when he's around.

Antonio: You don't know any of this for a fact.

Viki: Antonio, I know everything about this.  Believe me, I've been there.  I have been trapped in that pit so deep in my psyche, when you are separated from your entire world by a wall of absolute black.  And all you can do is hide, and you know absolutely nothing about what is going on in your own life.  It's worse than death.  You are -- you're held captive in a void.  And there's nothing to hang on to and there's no one to hear you cry or scream.  And you feel absolutely lost and powerless to do anything about it.  And you don't know if it's going to be like that forever.  And then -- and then you begin to sense your weakness and the futility of your struggle and you just give up all hope of ever coming back. That's when you embrace the darkness.  And then all of a sudden, a hand reaches out to you.  But it's Niki's hand.  And then you realize that you can either take it and live or you reject it and you disappear forever.  You may have been able to help Jessica in the past.  That time is gone.

Antonio: No.  No, I won't accept that.

Viki: Then you've already lost her.  Because I have seen how Tess looks at Nash, and our only hope right now is to convince Tess to reach out and help Jessica free herself from the darkness.

Tess: So I'm a whack job now?

Nash: I don't know.  I don't know what to think.  You've been hiding something big since the minute we met and it's catching up to us now.

Tess: Well, what difference does it make, because you don't believe a word I say anyway.

Nash: All right, let's assume that Antonio is everything you say he is, but what about your mother?

Tess: Don't call her that.

Nash: Ok -- Viki.  She didn't say anything when you said you wanted to leave with me.  She didn't argue, she didn't fight, she didn't even call Antonio for backup.

Tess: Yeah, not when we were there!

Nash: Yeah, I spent the whole ride to the airport thinking about her face.  She was freaking out.  She was freaking out because she didn't think she was going to see you, her daughter, anymore.

Tess: And she never will if you just get on that plane with me.  God, you don't know her!  She's Victoria Davidson.  She's the empress of Llanview.  She's a bona fide nut job!

Nash: There it is!

Tess: She's nuts!

Nash: See, it all comes back to the same thing.  She's sick, she's imbalanced, she's mentally ill, she's nuts.  It's all the same thing, and I got to know what that means!

Tess: Why are you grilling me about this?

Nash: Because I love you!  Because -- no, because when I walked into Antonio's apartment, you looked at me like I was a complete stranger!

Tess: It's not important.

Nash: It is important.  It's more important now than ever.  There's a kid now, even if it's not ours.

Tess: Of course it's ours.

Nash: I don't know.  I don't know what to think anymore.  I think I wanted you to be real so badly that --

Tess: I am real!

Nash: Well, you better be.  Because our kid needs you to be real.  I -- our family needs you to be real.

Tess: "Our family"?  Is that how you really -- is that how you really think about it?

Nash: Of course I do.  Or did our time together mean nothing to you?  Tess, we love each other so much that it had to make a life of its own.  That's real.  Our baby is real.  Are you going to flush all that away because you're too scared to be honest with me?

Tess: I love you.  Isn't that honest enough?

Nash: No.  No, it's not.  Please, what is it that is tearing you apart?  What is it about your life as Jessica that you're not telling me?

[Music plays]

Asa: I'm in.

David: What, you're going all in?  I haven't even dealt the cards yet.

Spencer: All right, it's late.  I'm sure Asa's getting tired.  I tell you what, I'll cut you some slack.

Asa: Over my dead body, man.  Deal the damn cards.

Spencer: The outcome's inevitable.

Singer: Everything will fade in the darkness

Asa: I think you're right, doc.

Singer: City lights they shine like gold

Asa: What do you say we up the ante?

Spencer: Oh, I thought you already did that when you offered up your corpse.

Asa: I raise you.  I'll bet you want to look at your cards now, huh?

Spencer: I don't think I do.  I'm all in.

Kevin: Hey, what's going on?

Asa: Ah, Duke.  Run out to the shed and see if you can find a sackcloth, give doc something to wear home.  He's about to lose his damn shirt.

Spencer: Well, I think you're still looking a little bit light there, Asa.

Asa: How's this?

Duke: Grandpa, if you lose that ring, Renee's going to have your hide.

Asa: That's why I'm not going to lose it.  Open your pockets, boys.

Duke: No way.

Kevin: Don't look at me.  I'm not helping you with this.

Asa: Fine, fine.  I raise you with my little home on the range.

Duke: Grandpa, no.

Kevin: Ok, that's it, all right?  Just pack it in, Asa, the game's over.

Bo: Come in.

Todd: Yeah, I still don't know why you had to drag her in here.

Bo: Starr, this is your official statement.  This is what we're going to use to put Margaret in prison when we find her.  Now, I've looked through it and I noticed that there are some holes in it.

Starr: Holes?

Bo: Yes.  There's parts of your story that don't match the new evidence that we have.

Todd: What new evidence?

Blair: Would you let Bo do his job here and let's get this over with?

Bo: Is there anything that you haven't told us, Starr?

Starr: Why are you doing this to my family?

Margaret: Isn't it obvious?

Starr: Who cares that you're pregnant?  Why are you taking it out on my mom and dad?  Look -- um -- I was hiding underneath a chair and I just -- I couldn't see her.  I -- I was scared.

Bo: Yeah, but you didn't mention that you were hiding under a chair.

Starr: I was really scared.  She was going to try to kill me.

Bo: Well, in your mom's statement, she said that when she got to the office door, she heard you scream for help.

Starr: Well, because she was going to try to kill me!

Bo: Ok, but were you hiding under the chair when you heard your mom's voice?

Starr: I -- um -- I don't know.  I don't know, ok?  I just really would not like to relive this whole thing.

Blair: You know, Bo, come on.  If you have new evidence that doesn't match her statement, just tell her what it is and maybe she'll explain it to you.

Bo: We found a witness, a person who thinks that he saw Margaret.  Now, according to this witness, Margaret's pregnant.

Antonio: Jessica and I have been together for years.  This -- Nash has been with this Tess character for a couple of months.

Viki: Antonio, it's not a contest, ok?  If you see this as a tug of war between you and Nash, you're going to lose her, and you'll have only yourself to blame.

Antonio: But there is no way that this Tess --

Viki: Tess is not the enemy, ok?  Tess is a fundamental part of Jessica's psyche. They cannot be separated.

Antonio: So I'm supposed to accept Tess?

Viki: Yes!

Antonio: But she hates me.

Viki: Tough.  You cannot erase her from your life with Jessica because Tess is Jessica, but she is Jessica in survival mode.  She's a persona who was created by Jessie to deal with something.  God, I don't know what, but something so traumatic that she couldn't face it on her own.  So you have to embrace Tess.

Antonio: Oh, I -- I don't see Tess embracing me.

Viki: Antonio, I've lived through this, ok?  Niki Smith loved Vinnie Wolek, every bit as much as I ever loved Joe or Clint.

Antonio: This is --

Viki: Insanity?  Yes.  It's very close to that.  But it's curable, ok?  The thing is you cannot come down on Tess like some force of nature because it will only prove to her that she was right about Jessica's life.  And then she will be lost to us forever.

Todd: I see, so you -- you get a statement from a drunk person who sees a pregnant woman, thinks it's Margaret, and the best you can do is rake my daughter over the coals?  What the hell does it have to do with finding Margaret?

Bo: You do want this case closed, now, don't you, Manning?  I'm trying to get to the truth.

Starr: I told you the truth, ok?  Margaret is a psycho and she tried to kill my whole family!  Now, my dad says that she's gone and she's never coming back!  Why don't you just believe me and my family and let us go home and be a family again?

Blair: It's ok.

[Music plays]

Asa: Kevin, just sit down.  This is between me and Truman.

Spencer: You really want to risk your ranch on this hand, huh, Asa?

Asa: Not quite.  Home on the range is a prize thoroughbred.

Duke: A million-dollar thoroughbred.

Kevin: Which is nowhere near what Spencer's brought to the table.

Asa: Quiet, boys.  Grandpa is working.

Duke: All right, I'm not staying and watching this.

Kevin: What?

Asa: Doc, the moment of truth.  Forgive me, but I don't want your little brother to deal the last hand.  Vamoose, Vickers.

David: Fine by me.  I need booze.

Asa: Sit down, Kevin.  Deal.

Kevin: You're really going to do this?

Asa: Just deal!  Sit down!

Singer: If you want to be alone wait for me, I'll take it slow oh, you're right on track

Asa: Not so good, doc.  Want to fold?  Huh?

Spencer: I came here to win, Asa.  Kevin, take me to the river.

Singer: Starry fate you're right on track

[Asa chuckles]

Asa: Read 'em and weep, doc.  I got a pair of bullets in my pocket.  I'm going to play the straight.  What have you got?

Singer: Moved all his things on out the door

Spencer: You know, that's the thing about these little, tiny low cards, Asa.  Big men like you forget they even exist.  I believe that's what they call a full house, gentlemen.

Singer: Wait for me, hey oh, you're right on track

Spencer: Looks like the Buchanan luck has finally run out.

Blair: Here you go, sweetie.

Starr: Can -- um -- could we go home now?

Bo: I just have one more question.  Nowhere in your statement here do you mention that Margaret Cochran is pregnant.  Now, did she say anything to you that would make you think that she's having a baby?

Starr: She killed Mrs. Bigelow.  She stuffed my mom in a -- in a trunk.  And she almost killed my dad.  Why would anybody want to have a baby with her?

Bo: That's all true.  But that doesn't answer my question.

Starr: I did answer!  Are you calling me and my dad liars?

Bo: Wait a minute, your dad?  No, this is your statement, Starr.  Did your dad tell you what to say?

Todd: That's enough.  Come on, let's go.

Blair: Are you happy now, Bo?  Completely upset my daughter.  I mean, how is any of this going to help you find Margaret?

Bo: You know, Blair, I'm beginning to think that I'm the only one that wants Margaret found.  Now, don't you want the same thing?

Asa: This is crap!  You bastards cheated.

Spencer: How, Asa?  How could we?  This bastard never even looked at his cards.

Kevin: Ok, ok, let's just settle down, all right?  You're both blowing smoke.  There's no way that a scribbling on a piece of paper like that's going to hold up in court.

Spencer: I think my lawyer would disagree.  I'll have him contact you in the morning, draw up the transfer-of-ownership papers.  You know, I'm looking forward to my new little home on the range.  It's been a real pleasure, gentlemen.  We'll have to do it again sometime real soon.

David: It's been a lot of fun.  Thanks for the party.

Spencer: Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day

David: What the hell do you think you were doing?

Tess: You have no idea what it was like to grow up here.

Nash: So help me to understand.

Tess: Perfect house, perfect family, perfect life.

Nash: Sounds pretty perfect.  Doesn't sound so bad to me.

Tess: Well, you didn't have to live it.  Yeah.  You know, it was a perfect world, but if you didn't -- if you couldn't measure up, you didn't exist.  You were invisible.  Except you were alive, but in a hole that you couldn't get out of.

Nash: A lot of kids felt that way.

Tess: Well, not --

Tess: You know, you do what you have to do to survive, to stay in control.  And then, to your surprise, one day perfect little Jessica Buchanan is in that hole, curled up.  She's begging for help.  She's screaming because she can't deal.  She's all alone.  There is no one to take care of her perfect little self, and she prays for strength and she imagines this helping hand that reaches into the darkness, a hand that's like hers, but only stronger.  She creates someone that can fight the battles that she can't win.

Tess: And that's how perfect Jessica created not-so-perfect me.  I don't know how Welch's does it.

Bo: Starr Manning's definitely covering for her father.  She knows Margaret Cochran was pregnant.

Officer: Mm-hmm.  So you going to push her for more?

Bo: No.  No, the poor kid's been through enough.  But I want those D.N.A. results from that woman that we found on the lake.  Once we know that it was Margaret Cochran, then I think we'll take a run at Manning.

Officer: You got it, sir.

Todd: You nailed it.  Good job, short man.

Starr: Don't call me that.  I just want to go home.

Todd: Who the hell does he think he is, grilling her like that?

Blair: Do you think I'm stupid, Todd?  I know what was going on in Bo's office.  And I swear to God, I can't believe that you're using our daughter like this.

Todd: Oh --

Blair: I tell you what, it's going to end right now because I'm not going to put up with it.

Spencer: I'm really getting tired of this, Davey.

David: Yeah, you're telling me.

Spencer: You wouldn't even be here if it weren't for me.  You should be thanking me every single day.

David: Oh, yeah, for what?  For destroying my life?

Spencer: For making it possible for you to have one.

David: What was that stupid thing you said in there about little cards not existing?  What was that?  You know what, Spencer, it's one thing to mess with me.  You mess with the Buchananís, you're going to get exactly what's coming to you.

Spencer: That's good, Davey.  Because that's exactly what I'm playing for.

Asa: I just never figured.  My own grandson, a damn traitor.

Kevin: Don't put this on me.  You're the one that had that brainstorm to throw in the horse.

Asa: What about loyalty?

Kevin: What, are you talking about my loyalty?  I'm not the one who just lost a million-dollar thoroughbred to a guy who wants our blood.

Clint: You did what, Pa?

Kevin: Dad?

Asa: Clint?  Is that -- that you?

Clint: I guess this place needed me more than I thought.

Antonio: Viki, you're going to have to understand that if Tess fights, I'm going to have no choice but to fight back.

Viki: I understand that, but you have to remember one thing.  Jessie needs much more than love and therapy to beat this.  She needs Tess.  We all need Tess.  That's the only way that we will make Jessie whole again.  Look, I don't feel -- I'm ok.  I don't feel all that well, though.  I'm going home.  You look for her, and if you find her, do nothing!  Nothing.  Just call me.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Where?  Airstrip outside of Llanview?  I'm on my way.

Nash: She created you?

Tess: You heard me.  You know what it means.  You just don't want to admit it.

Nash: You're not Jessica.  You -- you split into another personality?

Tess: Well, give the man a prize!  Call it multiple personality, call it D.I.D., call it just plain crazy!  That's all me.  Jessica's the landlord.  I just have squatting rights.  You fell in love with a ghost, pal.  I'm not even real.

Tess: That's the truth.  Are you happy now?

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Blair: Is Starr lying for you, yes or no?

Natalie: I went to Statesville today.  I saw John Doe.

Viki: It's Jessica.  Clint, she really needs you.

Tess: The power struggle?  Over.  Jessica's never coming back.

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