OLTL Transcript Thursday 10/20/05

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/20/05


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Blair: Starr, look, I am sorry.  Ok, you know, I love you, but this is not over, all right?  Todd?  Didn't know you were home already.

Todd: What's going on with Starr?

[Blair sighs]

Blair: She has barricaded herself in her room.

Todd: Why?

Blair: She's keeping secrets from me, Todd.  Would you happen to know anything about that?

Starr: Mom?  I'm sorry.

Blair: Round two.

Cristian: Come on, who's here to see me?

Guard: Look for yourself.

John: Heard what happened last night.  Doing everything I can to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Cristian: Like hell you are.

Evangeline: I don't care if the messenger center is backed up.  Send over a paralegal or something.  Just get me those files, please.  Thank you.

Layla: Hmm.  I wouldn't want to be the one on the receiving end of your mood today.

Evangeline: Guess what -- you already are.

Layla: Ok, I put my sheets away before I left, rinsed out my coffee cup, and put the cap back on the toothpaste.  What's wrong?

Evangeline: You and Antonio.

Nash: She's gone?  Where the hell would she go?  She was in the bathroom.  We're four stories up.

Antonio: She went down the fire escape.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Nash: Why would she do that?  She did it because of you.

Antonio: You don't know what you're dealing with.

Nash: I know that she was freaking out because she's pregnant, not to mention the fact that you stalked her all the way across the country.

Viki: No, wait, stop it, both of you!

Nash: She went out a window rather than deal with you.

Viki: Who are you?  Why are you calling my daughter "Tess"?

Tess: This has got to stop.  I've got to get rid of Jessica for good.

Jessica: That's easier said than done, Tess.

Kelly: David.  What's wrong?

David: What, can't a guy have a glass of wine in the afternoon without being swarmed?

Kelly: Well, first of all, "swarmed" generally consists of more than one entity, and secondly, that's Rodi's wine.

David: Your point, Kelly?

Kelly: Well, Rodi's wine list consists of red, white, and sparkling.  Why aren't you at the palace where you belong?

David: Because I don't feel like Renee's digs right now about telling me how I should sit on the edge of the patio or paying cash upfront.

Kelly: Oh, come on, you drive her crazy and you love it.  What's going on with this growth on your face?  You're going to shave that before tonight, aren't you?

David: What do I care?  This is all Spencer's idea, anyway.  I don't feel like spending the evening at the Buchanan lodge.  Gives me hives just thinking about it.

Kelly: What is going on?

David: I don't want to get married.

Layla: Well, there goes my hour of Angelina and Brad before I have to pick up Jamie from daycare.

Evangeline: What exactly are you getting out of this arrangement?

Layla: Besides helping a friend and his sweet little girl?

Evangeline: Is Antonio even paying you?

Layla: Look, I know you have some mess with a prisoner dude that you've decided to represent, but I'm not going to be your punching bag for whatever goes wrong in what used to be your well-ordered life.

Evangeline: You're my sister, Layla.  I don't like Antonio using you.

Layla: Excuse me, but this whole scam was my idea.

Evangeline: You deserve better than this.  You should be with someone for real, someone who wants you and only you.  Someone who treats you with love and respect.

Layla: Ok, now, that's you talking about what you want, ok, and what john wouldn't give you.  That's what this is all about.

John: I thought long and hard about coming here again.  Especially after the -- the last time.  You know, I told you I'd keep your secret, wouldn't tell anybody who you are, and I haven't.  But now Evangeline knows and it's getting harder to keep this under wraps, especially if you want to stay alive.  You, uh -- you want to say something?

Cristian: I know what you're doing.

John: Yeah?  What am I doing?

Cristian: This isn't because you're concerned about me.  It's about covering your own ass when I end up dead and everybody finds out that I'm Cristian and that you knew.  How much is Natalie going to be into you then?

John: Who knows.  But keeping it from her was your idea.

Cristian: And you want to make sure you still look good, that you tried to help when I had a hit on me, so you can have my wife, conscience free and clear.

John: Is that what you really think?

Cristian: Oh, that's just a little bit.

Viki: Why do you keep calling Jessica "Tess"?

Nash: Because that's who she is.

Viki: What is going on?

Antonio: It's complicated.

Viki: Yeah, I would think so if she went down a fire escape to get away from both of you!  All right, I'm going after her by myself!

Antonio: Viki --

Nash: Leave Tess alone.

Antonio: Look, you don't understand.

Nash: I don't understand?  I understand that everything was cool until you turned up.  Tess was starting over.  She wanted to leave you and her crazy family.

Antonio: Go to hell.

Nash: What's the matter, are you crazy or sick?

Antonio: I'm not the one who's sick.  But your girlfriend, Tess?  She is.

Tess: Look, I know we've always taken care of each other, but that's over now.  It's my turn to live.

Jessica: That's not how it works.  I created you when I needed help.

Tess: And I got your back more times than I could possibly count!  Look, the truth is you still need me, but in my world, you're just excess baggage.

Jessica: They're onto us, you know -- Antonio, our mother, that guy.

Tess: She's not my mother, and Nash isn't just some random guy.  I love him.  He's the father of this baby.

Jessica: You don't know that any more than I do.  This has got to stop.  I want my life back.

Tess: Why?  So you can go running back to Antonio?  I'm the one that's been there for you, not your mother, not Antonio -- me.  I helped so you could be happy.  When is it my turn?

Jessica: You can't live on your own any more than I can.

Tess: Like you can now?

Jessica: Well, I have to try.  You're trying to destroy me.  I have too much to live for to let that happen.

Viki: Jessica?

Todd: Denton, call me as soon as you get DNA info on the floater case.  I want to be the first person to know after the lab guys do.

Blair: Well, Starr's a mess.

Todd: What did she say is wrong now?

Blair: Well, she didn't say anything.  I mean, she's crying, she's -- she feels guilty about something.

Todd: Oh, it's just Ginger.

Blair: Well, I thought maybe that's what, you know, started it off, I mean, telling her that I fired her, but -- she's smart, Todd.

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: She's too smart.  She catches everything.

Todd: That's Ginger.  You should've done more than fire her.

Blair: I think it's the lies and the secrets that are hurting our children, and I think -- I think these lies have got to stop, Todd.

Todd: Did Starr tell you that?

Blair: Well, she didn't have to.  I can tell.  And if you paid attention around here, you might notice something, too.

Todd: I don't want her upset any more than you do.

Blair: Well, it's your fault!  It's because of you!

Todd: You think I'm getting Starr to lie for me?

Blair: I don't know.  I don't know.  Is she lying for you?

Todd: I wouldn't do that.

Blair: I hope not.  She said that she doesn't want to live in a house that's full of lies and secrets.  And when I say I want to talk to her about it, she clams up, she shuts down, and I don't know what to do to help her.

Todd: It's my fault.  I brought Ginger into this house.

Blair: This isn't about Ginger.  But you're right, it is your fault, because you brought more secrets back into this house.

Todd: I screwed up, a lot.  I never meant to.  Everything I ever did was to try to make things right.  But I can't take any of it back.  So the only thing I can do is take it out of the house.

Blair: And how are you going to do that?

Todd: By getting the hell out of here, all of us together.

Starr: No.  I'm not going anywhere.

Nash: Oh, you are really scraping the bottom here, aren't you?  I mean, come on, the poor woman.  First you scare her out of town, you stalk her all the way across the country, drag her back, and you're saying she's the one who's sick?

Antonio: Tess isn't the woman who you think she is.

Nash: No, she's the woman I love --

Antonio: Damn it.

Nash: For who she is and who she wants to be.  And now that I'm standing eye to eye with the reason she was running -- you know what, I'm going to keep on loving her.

Antonio: Jessica and I have been together for five years.  We're engaged.  We're raising a child together.  And you think that after, what, a month you know her better than I do?

Nash: I know that you're the one she was running from.

Antonio: Her name --

Nash: I know, I heard you the first thousand times.  But come on, Antonio, this is about what you want.  You want your woman back.

Antonio: Jessica isn't anyone's woman.

Nash: Yeah, and neither is Tess.  Now, if she wants to start new, I'm ok with that.

Antonio: You're some nobody who she picked up off the street.

Nash: Right.

Antonio: You don't know the whole story.

Nash: I know enough.

Antonio: Tess' version.

Nash: Yes.

Antonio: And obviously there's more to it than that.  And the fact that you don't know that proves you don't know a damn thing about her.

Nash: I know enough to know I love her.

Antonio: You think you're the only one she's been with?  The only one she's made love to?

Jessica: I can't help you now.  You're on your own.  Just don't hurt her again.  Whether you believe it or not, we both need her.

Tess: Don't.

Viki: Ok.  Just tell me what you want me to do.  Darling, what do you need?

Tess: I need your help.

Starr: I know what's going on here.  Dad wants to run away.  He wants us all to run away.

Blair: Well, we're not going to, are we?  This is our home.  We're not going to leave our family, all of our friends.  We don't have a reason to run, do we, Starr?  I mean, you want to answer that?

Starr: You want to start over, don't you?

Todd: Yes, more than anything.  If I could, I would do better than that.  I would replay the whole thing and do it right this time.

Starr: But you can't.

Todd: No, I can't change the past.  But I can try to do better from here on out.

Starr: Why can't you do that here?

Todd: I guess if I can do it somewhere else, I can do it here.

Starr: Good.  Then we'll stay here.  Because I really want to stay home, and even though all that crazy stuff happened here with Margaret, I -- I still don't want to leave.

Blair: Then we won't, beautiful, ok?  We'll stay right here.  But I'll tell you where we need to go.  Aunt Dorian's bachelorette party.  Whoo-hoo!  Girls' night out.  It'll be fun, promise.  Come on, go get dressed.  You're going to look fabulous.  Go on.

Blair: Why'd you just lie to our daughter?

Kelly: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.  You're not calling off the wedding, are you?

David: No, of course not, not after everything Dorian's done to get this thing off the ground.  Do you remember how long it took her to pick out one pair of shoes?  Now, imagine that with flower arrangements, invitations, cufflinks.  This whole thing has become a huge production.

Kelly: So when you say you don't want to get married, you're really saying that --

David: No, no, I'm going to go through with it.  I just don't have to like going through with it.  Kelly, you know how uncomfortable I get being the center of attention.

Kelly: Oh, please.  You love being the center of attention.  And don't worry, Dorian's not going to let you steal the spotlight from her.  You're not going to get too much attention, David.

David: Exactly.  How am I supposed to spend time with a woman who's even more vain and self-centered than I am?  We'll spontaneously self-combust.

Kelly: I am not letting you weasel out of this.  You and Dorian love each other.  In fact, you're probably the only man on earth that can put up with her, and she you.  You just have cold feet.

David: Stop making me sound ordinary.

Kelly: Aw, honey, there's nothing ordinary about you.  The Buchananís are throwing your bachelor party and they hate you.  Something exciting's bound to happen.

David: Yeah, maybe you're right.  I'm thinking of this as an anthropological experiment -- bearding the beast in the den, thus the camouflage.

Kelly: Dorian's going to hate that.

David: My face, my choice.  If she wants me, she can take me exactly as I am -- if I don't scratch myself to death.  You know, this is her fault to begin with.

Kelly: For forcing you to fall in love with her?

David: For tricking me into asking Spencer to be my best man.  If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have to go through with this male-bonding ritual and I could be at The Palace.

Kelly: I thought you didn't want to go to The Palace.

David: Or some other place that has a half-decent wine list, toasting the last days of my freedom.

Kelly: With whom?

David: Myself.  I happen to make excellent company.  And after the wedding, I'm not going to get to spend as much time with me.  It's enough to break your heart.

Evangeline: So, what, you're just going to leave?

Layla: Yeah, and even if things straighten out between Antonio and Jessica, I won't come around here to camp out on your couch again.

Evangeline: Look, I just -- I felt bad for you.  Getting kicked to the curb because Jessica came back, knocking on my door in the middle of the night with nowhere else to go?  I -- I really am, I'm sorry.

Layla: I'm sorry, too, for the crack about Mc Bain.

Evangeline: No, actually, I think you were right, to a point.  My personal and my professional life keep getting all mixed up and I hate it.

Layla: And that's why you're on my case about Antonio.  I get it.  But, Vange, don't worry.  I'm not into people who are into other people.

Evangeline: Good, because you deserve better than that.

Layla: But that Jamie -- she's so adorable.  I want a little girl like that someday.  Someday.

Evangeline: I've never seen this maternal side to you before.

Layla: Hey, it takes -- it takes a village.  It's a blessing for me to have Jamie.

Evangeline: And it's a blessing for Jamie to have you.

Layla: And don't think it wasn't a blessing for Mc Bain to have you, too.  I love you.

Evangeline: I love you, too.

John: You don't trust me, I really don't care, but I'm going to get you transferred to another prison.

Cristian: I'm not leaving this place.

John: Well, I don't think you'll have a choice in the matter.

Cristian: Look, I need to stay close to Hesser.  He may be my only way out.

John: In the meantime, I'm trying to keep you alive.

Cristian: You can't.

John: Either way, you have my word on it.

Cristian: Oh, right, your word.  Like that means something to me.

John: It does to most people.  I kept it to you so far, didn't tell Natalie about you.  Probably should've.  Would've made things easier.

Cristian: Right.

John: I hate lying to her and everyone else.

Cristian: Why?  Because you're afraid you might get caught?

John: A lie's a lie whether you get caught or not, Cris.  I hate it because she's going to end up getting hurt in the end.

Cristian: You're not keeping this secret for Natalie.  You're doing it for yourself.  Because the minute she finds out, you've lost her, and you know it.

John: No, I don't.  And if you really believe that, I'll tell Natalie today.

Antonio: We're not finished.

Nash: Seems to me that we are.

Antonio: Look, I don't owe you any explanations.

Nash: Good.

Antonio: But Jess -- but if Jessica, or Tess, is pregnant, that baby could be either one of ours.  Now, if that's true, there's a good possibility that neither one of us is ever going to see that baby or her again.

Viki: I don't know what's going on with you.  I don't know why you can't confide in me and why you ran away in the first place.  But if you're pregnant --

Tess: What if I am?

Viki: I will do whatever I can for you.  I mean that, honey.  I'm your mother.  I'm here.

Tess: Yeah, you might be here, but you're not my mother.

Cristian: This isn't about Natalie or anybody but you.  You just want to look like the good guy while you take my life and put yourself in it.

John: I wouldn't want your life.

Cristian: Huh.  Of course.  Who would, right?  Losing everything -- your home, your family, your wife -- so some psycho can get inside your head and make you kill for him?  And to come home, get it all back, and lose it all over again worse than before.  And nobody knows about it. Not even the people you love . That's a good point, Mc Bain.  Who would want that kind of life?  But then, of course, there's always the good parts of my life, like my wife.  You're all too happy to step in there for me, huh?

John: No one's stepping in here, Cris.  I have my own life.  Look, I'm trying real hard to see your side of this.  But this is your setup, not mine.

Cristian: I asked you to keep my secret, not sleep with my wife!

John: I didn't plan on that.  Truth be told, I didn't want it, I fought it.  The whole time you were away, two years, I never acted on that.  So even though you're talking crazy right now, I'm not going to hang you out to dry here.

Cristian: I don't need your protection.  I can take care of myself.

John: Yeah?  Realize one thing -- you're sitting there right now because I made the call that saved your ass.

Kelly: David, I just --

David: Do not give me the speech.

Kelly: What speech is that?

David: Love overcoming obstacles, honor and commitment, eternal happiness.  Blah, blah, blah.

Kelly: Well, it seems I don't have to give you the speech.  You know it cold.

David: Yeah, and don't forget the sequel, either.  Bicker, fight, knockdown-drag-out, divorce.  You know what, marriage should be banned.  It's outdated.

Kelly: David, do you remember how miserable you were when you and Dorian split up?

David: What?  I was miserable because you had nothing good to eat in the house.

Kelly: You didn't know how you were going to go through your life without her, and that is exactly what's going to happen if you don't go through with this wedding.

David: I am not saying that I'm not going through with it.

Kelly: Well, then what are we talking about?

David: Kelly, my bachelor party is supposed to take place in about six hours and it is going to suck.  Tonight is supposed to be my last blast, my fond farewell to singledom, my adios to carefree life, complete with liquid refreshment and a fan dancer or two.  And thanks to my brother, I'm going to be stuck up in some rustic lodge with a bunch of faux cowboys wearing flannel, drinking cheap beer.  So apparently I've got to take care of this ritual on my own!  So -- farewell, old life, my joie de vivre.  Hello, responsibility.  Don't tell anyone you saw me drink this wine.

Kelly: David?

David: What?

Kelly: Dorian is your joie de vivre, and you're hers.  You are going to be very, very happy.  I guarantee it.

David: If I don't like it after 30 days, can I get a refund?

Kelly: You won't need it.

David: Do you think -- do you think you could do me one last favor?

Kelly: David.

Blair: I know you love me.  And I know that you are trying to protect us.  But, Todd, whatever -- whatever it is that you're hiding, whatever it is, it's eating away at what we are trying to protect.

Blair: I'm going to go get dressed for Dorian's party.

[Phone rings]

Todd: You better be calling with answers, Denton.

Denton: I'm at the P.D., and I got something.

Nash: If you think for a minute that I'm going to buy that you and Tess --

Antonio: Jessica told me about you and a lot of other things.  Look, there's a possibility that baby could be either one of ours.

Nash: I don't think so.

Antonio: That woman you met in New York last summer?  She's not the woman I've been planning my life with.  She's not the woman who left you to come home with me and she's not the woman that was here when you came in.

Nash: She seemed confused.

Antonio: It's more than that.

Nash: What?  You keep trying to say something.  Why don't you just get to it?  You're dancing around it.  What are you trying to say?

Antonio: It's private stuff and it's not about you.  And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can get back to whatever life you had before.

Nash: And what about the baby?  What if the baby is mine?

Viki: Why do you think I'm not your mother?

Tess: Because I -- I don't feel it.  I don't feel what you're supposed to feel.  And I want to. I want to feel what everybody else on the planet feels.  And if I have this baby, if I become a mother myself, then --

Viki: So you're pregnant?

Tess: Yes.

Viki: Is that why you ran away from Antonio and me?  Is it that terrifying to think of having another baby after losing Megan?

Tess: That didn't happen -- that was a different life.  That happened to something else.

Viki: Somebody else?  Where have you been all this time?

Tess: I have been living my new life, my own life, one that I never imagined that I could ever have.  Where nobody was telling me what to do, nobody was telling me how to act.  I could do whatever I wanted.  I could be just me.  And let me tell you, I had a blast.  I was on my own, and that's how I liked it.  For a while.  Till Nash.  He gave me a home.  He did so much for me.  And if I stay here, I lose him.  And if I leave, I'm never coming back, ever.

Viki: Why?  Jessie, if you've fallen in love --

Tess: Jessica hasn't fallen in love!  I have!

Evangeline: I really appreciate you bringing these to me.

Janine: For the John Doe appeal, right?

Evangeline: Yep.

Janine: Hope it helps, especially after what happened to him last night.

Evangeline: What happened?

John: Look, you can hate me every minute of your life.  I'm still going to get you the protection you need, whether you like it or not, and I'm going to find out who's behind the hit.

Cristian: And just keep patting yourself on the back.

John: You know, Evangeline's a hell of a lawyer, says she's going to get you out.  What are you going to do then?  Well, personally, I think you should head home to Natalie and hope she forgives you.  I mean, that's what this is really about for you, isn't it?  It's not that I've blown it by not telling her, it's that you have.  Well, let's hope we don't have to do this again.  Watch your back.

Cristian: Hold on a second, Mc Bain.

Antonio: I just want to get Jessica back and make sure she receives the help she needs.

Nash: When are you going to get it?  You're not calling the shots anymore.  Tess doesn't answer to you.

Antonio: No, but Jessica will.

Nash: Yeah, but Jessica split and came to me as Tess.  That's who she wants to be now.  Tess said she wants to spend the rest of her life with me.  And you got to understand, if the woman you love said that to you, you'd be fighting for her just like me.

Antonio: That's exactly what I'm doing.

Layla: Tell Papi what you learned in preschool today.

Nash: You were in Napa.  Why just the one on the side?

Antonio: This is none of your business.

Layla: What'd I miss?

Viki: Jessica hasn't fallen in love, you have?

Tess: You know, I was always such a problem for Jessica.  She's so perfect.  No wonder everybody loves her.  It's enough to make you sick.  Well, me, anyway.  But now I'm living the life, my own life.  And, sure, you know, at first it was all partying and stuff.  It was so not like Jessica.  And then I realized, you know, you couldn't go at it alone in this world.  You need a little bit of the considerate Jessica stuff, you know, the yin, the yang.  Except Jessica got most of the yin part.  I got the sexy part of the deal.  Now I don't know what to do with her.  I don't know what to do without her.  We've just been together for so long, I'm just -- now I'm scared.

Viki: Darling, what are you saying?

Tess: I'm afraid of the person that I am now.

Viki: Who are you?

Evangeline: What happened to Cris-- to the John Doe?

Janine: I thought you got the message.  The warden called this morning.  But I guess the chaos at the office --

Evangeline: Just tell me, please, Janine.

Janine: He tried to kill himself in his cell last night, but the guards got to him just in time.

Cristian: The only person that can save me is me.

John: Yeah, yeah, you don't need anybody.  You don't need me, you don't need Evangeline.

Cristian: Look, Evangeline came to me.  I never asked.

John: You're not turning her down.

Cristian: I'm seeing what plays out.  But I don't want you in the picture.

John: Unfortunately, I'm there.  Thanks to you, I have been since the beginning of this mess.

Cristian: Because of Natalie.  And don't try to tell me it's anything else.  See, Mc Bain, you're out there, and out there means freedom, choices.  You've obviously made yours.  But I'm inside. I don't have that luxury.  So don't come here and tell me you're the reason I'm alive.  I'm the one making that happen.  I'm the one inside.  You can't help me from out there.  So please, please get over yourself and stay out of my face!

Guard: That's it.  Party's over.

Cristian: Lieutenant Mc Bain was just leaving.

David: They're velvet handcuffs.

Kelly: I know what they are.  What do you want me to do with them?

David: Give them to Dorian.

Kelly: You've got to be kidding me.

David: No.  Kelly, do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep her --

Kelly: Oh, oh, oh, my ears, my ears!

David: Is that too much information?

Kelly: Yes, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to look at you again.

David: Oh, give me a break.  Like you don't have a couple of tricks in your toolbox.

Kelly: My tricks are none of your business -- and put those away!  People are looking.

David: No, you take these, you wrap them up, and you give them to Dorian at the bachelorette party.

Kelly: In front of Viki?  Do you really think that's wise?

David: That's why you're not going to tell her that they're from me.

Kelly: No way.  You get somebody else to do your dirty work.

David: What are you going to give Dorian anyway?  Bubble bath, nail polish?  Kevin's head on a stick?

Kelly: Well, give me a little credit.

David: She'll leave you more in the will.  We both will.  I'll tell you where I got the handcuffs.

Kelly: Ugh.  You sit and drink your wine like a good little boy or else I might have to give you a spanking.

Todd: Damn it, Denton, move someplace you don't keep cutting out.  I'll call you back.  You guys going to Dorian's already?

Blair: Yep.  Who was that on the phone?

Todd: Denton, just working on that piece.

Blair: Ok.

Todd: You don't believe me?

Blair: I believe you, Todd.  We'll be out of your hair.

Todd: Have fun.

Starr: Oh, please, fun and aunt Dorian don't even go in the same sentence.

Blair: Talk to you later.

Todd: All right, start talking, fast.

Denton: They're expecting a DNA report on that floater as we speak.

Todd: Any advance?

Denton: Not yet, but if the make on that stiff from the lake is trouble for you, you might to think about packing up your costume kit and beating it the hell out of dodge.  I would.

Antonio: Papi, papi has to go do a couple things, ok?  I'll be back real soon, I promise, all right?  Oh, and thanks again for being there for me, ok?

Layla: Yeah.  I really think she's trying to tell you something.

Antonio: Look, Layla, I really don't have time to get into this right now, but she loves me and she's fighting to get back to me.  And I have to fight just as hard to bring her home, for good this time.

Viki: Please, tell me, who are you?

Tess: It doesn't matter.

Viki: You don't have to worry about my heart.  I'm better now.  I can handle anything.

Tess: You know, I was thinking about that last time.  I went off on you and I gave you a heart attack.  I was glad.  I wanted you to die.  I was a bitch back then  I didn't love anybody.  I didn't think anybody could love me.  Till I stole Nash's car.

Tess: You know, this is getting way too complicated.  I'll just go.  I don't want to repeat all that stuff.

Viki: No, no, wait, please don't go.  Will you tell me one thing, please?  You, you're not Jessica, are you?

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Viki: Please tell me why Jessie needs you.

Rex: What doesn't Blair know about Margaret?

Officer: Is that the DNA result on the floater?

Cristian: I don't need favors from the guy who's sleeping with my wife.

Natalie: Is Evangeline still trying to get him out?

John: And she just might do it.

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