OLTL Transcript Tuesday 10/18/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/18/05


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Blair: Todd?  Where are you?  I've been calling you all night.

Todd: I'm at a breakfast meeting.  Bo wanted me to run the suspect's picture in "The Sun."  I got it in the morning edition.  Did you see it?

Blair: Look, I really, really need to talk to you about something very important, and I can't talk to you about it on the phone, all right?

Todd: My meeting just walked in.  I'll be home as soon as I can.  The tape?  Better be perfect.

Denton: Stevie Spielberg would be jealous.  Hey, that's a nice picture.  Is that supposed to be you, boss?

Paige: Ugh.  What kind of monster murders a woman and her unborn child?

Bo: I don't know.  But I tell you, we got a good lead from this witness, so we're going to get this guy. Look at the -- what -- bacon and eggs on a Tuesday morning?  You know, I usually just have a doughnut at work.

Paige: Well, I'm just earning my keep.

Bo: You've already done that.  You know, Matthew told me about the conversation you guys had last night.  It's hard for me having Nora in this condition, but being a scared little boy -- you really helped him.  So now, what do I do to thank you for all of this?

Paige: Hmm. Well, have I ever told you that watching a man do the dishes is a major turn-on?

Bo: No.

Matthew: Ew, gross!

Bo: Son, why, you got to get dressed.  You got to -- you got to leave for school in about a half-hour.

Matthew: I'm not going to school today.  Not until I see mom.

[Monitor beeps]

Spencer: You been here all night?

Rachel: Yeah.  How's she doing?

Spencer: As well as can be expected.

Rachel: She going to wake up soon?

Spencer: Well, the surgery stopped the bleeding in the brain, but it's going to take a long time to heal.  We've pretty much done everything we can.  The rest is up to Nora.  Just one of those things. You just have to watch and wait.  I know it's little comfort.

Rachel: Yeah, well, she's still with us.  And if I know my mom -- she's come this far, she's going to go back the rest of the way.

Spencer: From what I know about Nora, she's an exceptionally strong woman.

Rachel: Yeah.

R.J.: Oh, yeah.  She's the strongest woman I know.  Hey.

Antonio: Jessica?

Jessica: I'm really home.

Antonio: Thank God.  I thought when you'd wake up --

Jessica: No, no.  Tess would never show up with you around.

Jessica: What day did you say it was?

Antonio: It's the 18th of October.

Jessica: Oh, my God.  How can two months pass and I have no idea --

Antonio: It's ok. It doesn't matter, honey.  You're home now.

Jessica: I need a phone.  I need to call my mom.

Antonio: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Dorian: Good morning, Viki.  What in the world is going on?

Viki: I'm reading the newspaper and relaxing.  You should try it.

Dorian: Relaxing?  I see.  You have so many things to do.  Planning my bachelorette party, for one.

Viki: Dorian, I'm quite sure this is difficult for you to believe, but I actually have more important things on my mind.

Dorian: Such as?

Viki: Look, I know this party is very important to you.  So I suggest you get someone else to handle it, ok?  One of your girls?  Maybe Blair?

Dorian: Blair is not my matron of honor.  You are.  And, thanks to Todd, Blair's absolutely useless.  The poor darling is a total nervous wreck!  And why not, since Margaret Cochran, that lunatic, is still running around free.

Ginger: Hi.

Blair: I haven't been to bed yet.

Ginger: Sorry.  I met a ton of people at Ultra Violet last night.  We went to the diner this morning.  I'll get the kids ready for school.

Blair: They're already gone.  And you're not going anywhere near my kids.

Ginger: I know I probably shouldn't have stayed out all night.  I --

Blair: You know, Ginger, you're whoring around is the least of your problems.  Explain this. 

Viki: Dorian, I know that Margaret Cochran is still on the loose.

Dorian: Are you aware that she attacked Starr?

Viki: Yes, I know that, and thank heavens she wasn't harmed.

Dorian: No thanks to Todd.

Viki: How can you blame Todd for Margaret's actions?  You just said yourself the woman is insane.

Dorian: Has it ever occurred to you that it's Todd who drove her over the brink?  By playing with her emotions, by manipulating her.  And now Blair and the children are having to pay for it.

Viki: What are you talking about?  Margaret tried to kill Todd!

Dorian: I'm well aware of that.  In a way, it's kind of a shame that she didn't succeed.

Viki: Ok, that is enough!  I'm sick and tired of your constant attacks on my brother!  Why can't you let go of all the hatred that is inside?  You hate Todd, you hate Kevin, you hate this one, you hate that one.

Dorian: I am making the observation that if Margaret had succeeded in killing Todd, then Blair and the children wouldn't be dragged into this vendetta of hers.

Viki: Oh, that's right, they would just have had to deal with losing a husband and a father.  Dorian, you are pathetic!

Dorian: I'm not the one who's sitting around sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

Viki: You know what?  I have a heart condition.  And I haven't seen my daughter Jessica in weeks, so you stop it!

Dorian: Well, that just proves my point.

Viki: What?

Dorian: Jessica is still gone?

Viki, what are you doing about it?

Jessica: Why can't I call my mom?  Is she in the hospital again?

Antonio: She's fine.  Your mother's fine, ok?  But she doesn't know anything about you being ill.

Jessica: I know, and we have to tell her.

Antonio: Yeah, I agree with you, honey.  All right?  But you remember what happened the last time.  Hey, Tess came out and she went off on your mom.  She gave your mom a heart attack, and your mom almost died.  Look, is it possible that maybe Viki -- just maybe Viki's a trigger for Tess?  I mean, Tess is afraid of Viki.  All right?  And maybe somehow Viki or -- or something about Viki is at the root of this whole thing.

Jessica: Tess did mention something happening when I was a kid, and -- I don't know -- she plays it off like it's some big, scary secret.

Antonio: Well, then it's time that this secret comes out.

Jessica: There's another secret that I have to tell you about, Antonio.

Antonio: What is it, Jess?

Jessica: Something that I -- I just found out.  It -- it's the reason that I was able to overpower --

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Go on.

Jessica: No.

Antonio: It --


Jessica: This can wait.  Go ahead.  Please.

Nancy: Hello, Mr. Vega.  I'm here for my post-placement meeting with Jamie.

Antonio: Yes, yes, of course.  I -- I thought this was happening tomorrow.

Nancy: I've been known to mix things up from time to time.  But I've just been a little bit worried about Jamie with her grandfather being arrested after the hearing and all.  I mean, I'm sure Layla has been a big help to her.  May I come in?

Asa: Who's the kid?

Lindsay: It's R.J.'s granddaughter.  I was helping him raise her.

Asa: Was?

Lindsay: Antonio took her away from us.

Asa: Well, what does it matter to you?  I mean, it's not like you lost your kid.

Lindsay: I did lose my daughter.  She was murdered.

Asa: Yes, I -- yeah, I knew about that.  It's a damn shame when you -- when you have to bury one of your own.

Lindsay: Then maybe you can at least try to understand how difficult that losing Jamie has been.

Asa: Well, you keep on drinking.  I'll even buy you a round.  It beats getting back up on the horse, right?

Lindsay: Go to hell.

Asa: Oh.  The old rattlesnake still has some bite, huh?  I'm glad to see that.  You know, sometimes you got to take the bull by the horns.  That's the way the Buchananís survive and conquer.

Todd: Tell me about the tape.

Denton: It's flawless.  Doctored surveillance tape puts you at your office the whole night the evening in question.  And if they check the security booth, they'll find the same tape in the archives.

Todd: It's got to be good enough to fool C.S.U.

Denton: Are you kidding?  This tape would fool my girlfriend and my wife.  It's a masterpiece.

Todd: It better be for what I paid for it.

Denton: You paid for the editing.  We haven't negotiated a price for my lying to the cops, boss.

Blair: How do you know Margaret Cochran?  Answer me, Ginger!

Ginger: She's my aunt.

Blair: What?

Ginger: She's my aunt, but I can explain to you.

Blair: What are you going to explain?  That -- that she planted you here?  She planted you in my home to spy on me?  You better tell me the truth, girl!

Ginger: Yes!  Yes.

Bo: Son, I don't think your mom's ready for visitors yet.

Matthew: But you've been to see her, and so has Rachel.

Bo: Yeah, but not for long periods of time, you know.  Plus, they have different rules for kids.

Matthew: I don't care about the rules.  I thought you were the boss.  Can't you get me in to see her?  I just want to see my mom!

Bo: You'll see her.  The thing you've got to do right now, though, is go to school, and study hard and do well so that you make your mom proud of you.  That way she'll know that you were strong while she was out of commission.

Matthew: But, dad --

Bo: Son, you got to get dressed.  And you got to go to school.

Paige: Matthew's right.  I can take him to see her.

Bo: Do you think that's a good idea, though, for him to see Nora like she is now?  I mean, she's in a coma.  She could --

Paige: Yeah.  That's why I think you're making a big mistake.

[Monitor beeps]

R.J.: Rachel, I'm -- I'm really sorry it took so long for me to get here.

Rachel: Jail will do that to you.  Dad told me.

R.J.: Yeah.  Yeah, I bet that just made his day.

Rachel: No, actually, this time he thinks it's just your street cred biting you.  You didn't do it, did you?

R.J. --

R.J.: Rachel, please, don't start, all right?  There were mitigating circumstances.  But losing custody of Jamie -- that was the worst thing that could happen.

Rachel: Yeah, I heard about that.  I'm sorry.  I know how much she means to you.

R.J.: But you know, a lawyer like Nora never would have let Vega take Jamie from me.

Rachel: She's the best, isn't she?

R.J.: Yeah.

Rachel: Yeah.

R.J.: She is.

Duke: Ok, grandpa, what's the big meeting about?

Asa: Hold your horses, Duke.  We're still short one man.

Kevin: I don't think Bo's coming, grandpa.  He's got his hands full with this murder investigation.

Asa: Mm-hmm.  Who said we were waiting on Bo?

[Phone rings]

Asa: Spencer Truman.

Spencer: Asa Buchanan.

Asa: I'm -- I'm sitting over here at The Palace bar with my boys.  I tell you, Spence, we'd like to see you for a kind of a little powwow, pronto.

Todd: Yeah, I know that wasn't a threat because they'd hang you with the same rope, too.

Denton: I'm just -- I'm just checking to see if you're on top of your game, boss.

Todd: Yeah, Margaret liked to test me, too.

Denton: I -- I hate the cops.  I mean, I really don't like cops.  Your secret, or whatever it is -- it's -- it's safe with me, boss.

Blair: We were such fools.  We trusted you, Ginger.  We gave you the keys to our home, open access to our --

Ginger: No, I --

Blair: Shut up!  Did you and Margaret have a big laugh?  A huge laugh at all the security that I hired?  The bodyguards, the alarms, huh?  The whole time you giving her the keys to my life?

Ginger: No.

Blair: Oh, my God, you're the one that emailed Starr.  Oh, you little bitch.  You set my daughter up to be murdered?

Ginger: No!  I love Starr.  I would never do anything to hurt her or Jack.  You have to believe me.  My aunt -- she lied to me.  She lied to my whole family.  She told us that Todd seduced her, that he got her --

Blair: What?  To go insane to try to murder my family?

Ginger: She is crazy.  And I realized that the minute I met you and Todd.  So I -- I tried to convince her to leave.  I tried to tell her --

Blair: Oh, oh, so this is where you become the big hero, right?  Where were you when that insane woman had a knife to my daughter's throat, Ginger?

Ginger: I didn't know she would do something like that!  You all have been so good to me.  There is no way I would ever let her do anything to those kids when I was around.  You have to believe me.  Please.

Blair: I don't believe one word out of your mouth.

Ginger: It's the truth.  I never meant to hurt anybody.  Please forgive me.

Blair: Forgive you? Y ou're as crazy as your aunt.

Ginger: Listen, I'll do anything.  Anything.  I'll -- I'll tell you when she calls me again.  Whatever it takes, I'll do it.

Blair: Oh, you just get out of here!  Get out of my house!

Ginger: My things -- I need my things.

Blair: Get out!

Ginger: I am so sorry.

Todd: Go back to the police station, see if they're getting any calls on this.

Denton: Will do.  That's a nice sketch.  It sort of looks like you, boss.

Kevin: What are you up to, grandpa?  Why are we meeting with Spencer?

Duke: And we're not even sure he's the one looking into B.E. if you call him on it and you're wrong --

Asa: Watch and learn.  Thank you.  Thank you for coming, Spencer.  Can I get you a drink?

Spencer: Sure, why not?

Bartender: What would you like?

Spencer: How about a scotch?

Bartender: Sure.

Spencer: So I thought we'd be doing our male bonding at David's bachelor party.

Asa: That's what I want to talk to you about.

Spencer: Well, I hope your boys aren't backing out.  David would be crushed.

Kevin: Yeah, and you wouldn't want to pay people to say they were his friends.

Spencer: Oh, David has friends.  They just all happen to be women.

Kevin: Must run in the family.

Spencer: You know, that's why we need a bachelor party.  Get together, do some shallow male bonding, throw out some ineffectual, flaccid jabs at each other's sexual prowess.

Asa: I wouldn't dream -- and they wouldn't dream -- of backing out.  As a matter of fact, doc, I'd like to up the ante, host the shindig myself.  What do you say?

Dorian: Jessica is still missing?  Viki, I don't understand why -- why haven't you heard from her?

Viki: I don't want to discuss this with you.

Dorian: Oh, excuse me.  I just happen to think that a bride and her matron of honor, if -- if not best friends, they should be acting like confidants.

Viki: Come on, Dorian.  When were we ever best friends?

Dorian: Oh, you yourself have said that we have helped and comforted and supported each other in times of need.  How many harrowing experiences have we lived through together?

Viki: More than I would care to recount.

Dorian: Yes, and we have always been there for each other.  That's what counts.  So if you do not feel comfortable discussing your Jessica with me, fine.  I would like your help with my Adriana.  She says she hates me.

Viki: Really?  What on earth would prompt her to say such a thing?  Couldn't have been anything you did.

Dorian: Do not make the assumption that it's my fault.

Viki: Is it?

Dorian: No, it is not, but we are not talking about me here, ok?  Now, I happen to be a trained medical physician, and I really believe, Viki, that I can help you.  So please, I'm begging of you, talk to me.  Tell me what is going on with Jessica, please.

Viki: Dorian, I don't know what's going on with her.  She just hasn't been herself for ages.

Dorian: How so?

Viki: Well, she keeps leaving town mysteriously, and she's gone for long periods of time.  When she's here, she's completely distant.

Dorian: Unfortunately, both of us have mental illness in our families.  But this really doesn't surprise me about Jessica.  She's always been very vulnerable, volatile, and unstable.

Antonio: Actually, right now is not a good time.  Jamie's not even here.

Nancy: Oh, that's fine.  I'll use the opportunity to speak with you and Layla alone.

Antonio: No --

Nancy: Who is this?

Antonio: This is Jessica Buchanan.

Nancy: Your ex-girlfriend?

Antonio: Uh --

Jessica: Ex?

Antonio: I can explain it all.

Nancy: I was told one of the reasons you were able to gain custody of Jamie was because of your new relationship with Layla Williamson.  Now I come here and find you entertaining your half-dressed ex-girlfriend while Layla's not even at home?

Antonio: Layla and Jamie are --

Nancy: Are out, as you said.  Excuse me if I'm at a loss.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to explain this in my report.

Antonio: Well, if you would let me explain myself --

Nancy: Oh, you can explain it to the judge, Mr. Vega.  I wouldn't be surprised if she decided to reopen the case after she hears what I have to say.  I was pulling for you, Antonio.  But after this -- I hope she's worth it.

Antonio: Damn it.

Jessica: Antonio, what's going on?

Antonio: That was the social worker in charge of the custody case.

Jessica: Yeah, I got that, but what she said about Layla --

Antonio: I wanted to wait until you were feeling better.

Jessica: What is it?

Antonio: Lindsay -- she moved in with R.J., which strengthened his case.  You were gone, so Layla and I pretended to be a couple.  It was a moment of desperation.  I wanted my family back.  Now it's just blown up in my face.

Jessica: Because of me. I abandoned you and Jamie and you're paying for it.

Antonio: No, no, you didn't abandon me.  It was Tess.  It was -- it was Tess.  And I'm sure that guy Nash helped her.

Jessica: You met Nash?

Antonio: Oh, yeah.  Yeah, he tried to have me arrested.  He's a perfect match for Tess, a real prince.

Jessica: I am so sorry.

Antonio: Stop.  Stop saying that.  This Nash guy -- he says he's in love with Tess.

Jessica: Tess says that she's in love with Nash.  I swear to you, Antonio, I don't even know Nash.  I don't know anything about him.  And it's what I want that matters, and I want you. I want our life back.

Antonio: So do I.  So do I, more than anything.  And I am not going to let this Tess or Nash get in our way.

Jessica: I'm afraid he already has.

Bo: You think I should let Matthew see Nora?

Paige: I know you want to protect him.  There are some things you just won't be able to protect him from.

Bo: Well, he can see her when she wakes up.

Paige: It might be quite a while before that happens, if it does.  This might be Matthew's last chance to see his mother alive.  How would you feel if you knew that you had denied him that?  How would he feel about you?

Bo: Yeah, but he's just a kid.

Paige: Yeah, and he's going to have to deal with the reality of what's going on with Nora no matter how it plays out.

Bo: You think she's going to die?

Paige: This could still play out a hundred different ways, Bo.  All I know right now is that Matthew is hurting.  He says he needs to see his mother.  I think you should honor that.

Matthew: Can I buy my lunch today, dad?

Bo: You know what?  We'll talk about that later.  Right now we're going to take you to see your mom at the hospital.

Matthew: Really?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Matthew: Thanks, dad.

Bo: Yeah.

Lindsay: Hi.

R.J.: Hey.

Lindsay: I need to talk to you.

R.J.: Lindsay, you remember Rachel, don't you?

Lindsay: Yes.  It's been a long time.  How are you?  How's Nora?

Rachel: Oh, the same.

Lindsay: Well, you know, I know from personal experience she's a tough lady, and I have no doubt she's going to pull through this.

Rachel: Look, you two obviously need to talk, so I'm just going to call my work, ok?

R.J.: You sure?

Rachel: Absolutely.  Thank you for coming by.

R.J.: Ok.  So what's got you so wound up?

Lindsay: I think we should have a baby.

Todd's voice: "In what can easily be described as the most horrific act of violence that Llanview has ever seen, it remains to be determined if the unborn child was still alive when the mother's body was dumped in the lake."

Spencer: Well, that's a very generous offer, Asa, but I've got Davey's bachelor party covered.

Asa: Where?  I love my wife, but The Palace is a little stuffy for a bachelor party.  I think you should do it up right.  Have it at my lodge.

Spencer: Lodge?

Kevin: Lodge.

Asa: Yes, sir.  The Buchanan lodge, Llantano mountains.  Plenty of room, all the whiskey you can drink.  I usually save it for special family occasions.

Spencer: Davey and I aren't family.

Kevin: No, you're not.

Asa: No, but I'll make an exception, Kevin.  Matter of fact, doc, you look like a man who would like a good hand of poker.

Spencer: Oh, I've managed to bluff my way through a few hands.

[Kevin laughs]

Spencer: As a matter of fact, poker is exactly what I had in mind.

Asa: Then it's settled.  I'll see you at our place tonight.

Spencer: You're a hard man to say no to, Asa.  Thanks for the drink.

Kevin: You want to tell me what in the hell that was about?

Viki: Boy, you are really something, aren't you?  You beg me to open up about Jessica, I do, and you tell me she's unstable?

Dorian: Viki, it wasn't so long ago that she played all those sick, twisted tricks on me.  She vandalized my home and then didn't remember anything about it.

Viki: Dorian, you ran her down with your car!  You caused her to lose her baby!

Dorian: Oh, my God, you're bringing that up.  I -- that was an accident, and it was one of the worst things that ever happened in my life.

Viki: In your life?  What about her life?

Dorian: Does -- does that excuse the things that she did to me?

Viki: Dorian, she was devastated.  She lost a child!  She had no idea what she was doing.

Dorian: Oh, there you go.  "She had no idea what she was doing" -- the national anthem of denial.  You do that for your family all the time -- Kevin, Todd, Jessica.  Sometimes people do horrible things and they know exactly what they're doing.

Tess: The truth?  Really?  Well, get out of my face because Princess Victoria has come down off of her throne to grace us with an audience!

Viki: Have I done anything to --

Tess: You've done everything!

Todd: Don't you make this about her!

Spencer: Hey, hey, wait, wait, where you going?  Where you going in such a hurry?

Ginger: I need to find Duke right now.

Spencer: Come here and sit down.  Calm down.  You can't go find him right now like this.  He'll think you're an emotional wreck.  Sit down, tell me what happened.

Ginger: Blair -- she busted me.  She fired me and she kicked me out of the house and didn't even give me time to get my things out.

Spencer: Well, she must have had a good reason.

Ginger: She found out Margaret Cochran is my aunt.  Now she thinks I've been setting up her whole family.

Spencer: Well, have you?

Ginger: You don't even believe me.

Spencer: Listen -- no, wait, Margaret Cochran is a wanted woman, that's all I'm saying.  You can't go around telling everyone of your association with her.  She put Todd and Blair through hell, all right?  You won't be welcome in very many places.

Ginger: Well, it's too late now.  I mean, what am I supposed to do?

Spencer: You're going to let me give you some cash and help you find a place to stay, that's what you're going to do.

Ginger: And what do I have to do for you in return?

Spencer: Nothing.  Nothing at all, Ginger.

Ginger: Why?

Spencer: Let's just say that I know what it's like to be young and out of options, all right?  Let me help you.  Take the cash, ok?  Look, it's not like you're selling me your soul.

Asa: Old Spence thinks he's got a couple of aces up his sleeve.  But he's going to learn tonight the house always wins.

R.J.: Did you say you wanted to have a baby?

Lindsay: I think that's exactly what we need right now.  I lost Jen, and we both just lost Jamie.

R.J.: That's temporary.  I'm going to get her back.

Lindsay: Oh, I know you're going to get her back.  I have no doubt about that, but it doesn't change the fact that we're both still mourning our losses.

R.J.: And a baby won't change that, either, Lindsay.

Lindsay: But a baby is a new life, new hope, new possibilities.  I need those things in my life right now.  Don't you?

R.J.: I am dealing with the possibility of jail in my life.

Lindsay: You're going to need somebody waiting for you when you get home.

R.J.: I thought I had that already.

Lindsay: You do.  I'm never going to abandon you.  But a baby would be home for me if you do go away.

R.J.: Wait a minute.  Don't forget -- you owe me a jailbreak.  And a baby is a big -- a big step.  And with Nora fighting for her life in the next room, I don't know that this is the place to be discussing it.

Lindsay: Agreed.  But just promise me you'd be willing to discuss it.

R.J.: Come on, let's just find a quiet place to talk.

Lindsay: Ok.

Bo: You want us to go in there with you, son?

Matthew: I can do it on my own.  I'm old enough.

Paige: Now, you go in and talk to her.

Matthew: Can she hear me?

Paige: I know that she's going to be really glad that you're here.  Now, don't touch any of the wires or machines.  And if you get afraid, you just remember that all of those tubes and monitors and the strange noises are there to help your mom, ok?

Bo: We'll be right out here, ok, in case you need us?

[Monitor beeps]

Matthew: Hey, mom.

Antonio: First we'll get rid of Tess, and then Nash and everything else that Tess brings with her.

Jessica: There's something else, something that could change things between us in a big way.

Antonio: Well, what is it?

Jessica: Remember when you found me and I was really out of it?  I could barely keep my eyes open?

Antonio: Yes.  What about it?

Jessica: I was medicated.  They -- they sedated me.

Antonio: Who sedated you?

[Door opens]

Nash: Tess.  Thank God I found you.

Bo: Hey, he's ok in there, right?

Paige: He's a good kid, Bo. He is strong, loving, brave -- just like his dad.

[Monitor beeps]

Matthew: Remember how I wasn't going to do the school play because I thought it was kind of dorky, but then you talked me into doing it?  Because you told me how much fun you had in your school plays, and how sometimes being a lawyer is sort of like acting?  Then you said Pete should get the role of the turtle because he looked like one.  Guess what -- Ms. Wenner gave him the part.  He goes, "I don't even look like a turtle."  And I go, "dude, you so look like a turtle. Even my mom thinks so."  See, I'm only doing this to make you happy, mom.  Even though it's kind of embarrassing when you sit in the front row and take pictures of me and stuff.  I wish you could come see Pete be the turtle.  I wish you could come and see me.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Who is it?

Spencer: Spencer.  Spencer Truman.

Blair: Oh, thank God.  Spencer, I'm so glad it's you.

Spencer: Hello, Blair.  What's the matter?

Blair: Look at this.  My nanny -- it turns out her aunt is Margaret Cochran and she's been spying on me for months now.

Spencer: Are you serious?  What a nightmare.  Where is Ginger now?

Blair: I kicked her out.  She's been in this home with my children for -- for months.  I mean, what -- what if she gave her the keys?  What if she left the door unlocked?  What if she gave her the code to the security?  We --

Spencer: Shh, shh, shh --

Blair: What if --

Spencer: It's all right, it's all right.  Just relax, try to breathe, ok?  It's going to be all right.

Viki: Out.

Dorian: Oh, please!  I -- Viki, all right, maybe this wasn't the right time for tough love, ok?  But a true friend tells you the truth.

Viki: Out!

Dorian: All right, but, please, reconsider the bride -- the matron of honor, please!

Viki: Go away, Dorian!

Dorian: Viki, when you reconsider, just call me.

Jessica: How did you find me?

Antonio: Get out.

Nash: Not without my Tess.  Look, I know you're freaking out.  I'm freaking out, too.  We'll work it out.

Jessica: Nash, I --

Nash: Look, I know what's going on. I know you're going to have my baby.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Matthew: She woke up!  Mom's awake!

Todd: I was trying to protect you.

Blair: What did you do, Todd?

Layla: I need you to help me stop Jessica from ruining Antonio's life.

Antonio: You're pregnant?

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