OLTL Transcript Friday 9/30/05

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/30/05


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Steve: Let's go.  Hey, hey -- hey!

John: Knock it off!  Knock it off!

Steve: Come on!  Come on!

John: Get a grip.  Easy!  Get them in here.  Put him down over there.  You can put him over there.

[Rex grunts]

John: Hey, knock it off!  Hey!

Rex: Giddyup, pony boy, come on!

John: Knock it off, both of you!  Sit down!  Sit down.

Hugh: What happened?

Rex: Well, Greenhorn has some bug up his ass.

Duke: Oh, this Nancy Drew thinks that she can prance around in here like she owns the place.

Rex: Whatever, Hardy boy.

John: I said knock it off, ladies, or I'll throw you both in a cell.  I want one of you, and one of you only, to tell me what happened.

Rex: Ahem.  Well, I was minding my own business --

Duke: You've never minded your own business in your whole damn life.

Adriana: Just shut up!  All right, I started it, but don't let that keep you from throwing them both in a cell and letting them pound each other to death.

Natalie: Cristian.  I've never seen this before.  When did you draw it?

Carlo: Book for Cristian Vega.  Ah.  The prisoner reacted to a name other than John Doe.

Richard: I don't get it.  I've been renting boats up at that lake for years.

Blair: Something's wrong, Todd.

Man: Hey, we'll see the sunrise some other night.

Richard: Good plan.  I'm beat.

Addie: He's staring off into space again, thinking of something bad.  I can tell.

Blair: Todd, what are you looking at?

Nash's voice: I know.

Tess: You know what?

Nash: Jessica Buchanan is not your twin sister.  You are Jessica Buchanan.

Nash: I didn't think I'd see you again.

Tess: Neither did I.

Nash: So why'd you come back?

Tess: I'm tired.

Nash: A place to sleep.

Tess: No.  I'm tired of running.  I'm tired of hiding.  The easy way out hasn't -- it's not easy anymore.

Nash: So this is the new easy way?

Tess: No, it's not.

Richard: Hey, I know who that guy is.

Blair: Hey, look at me, Todd.

Addie: There's too much looking going on here.

Todd: That guy's shirt -- I used to have one like it.

Blair: What?  Hey.

Michael: I'm sorry, Addie.  I'm going to have to keep you here for a couple more days.  I'd like to run some more tests.

Blair: Well, what did those other tests show?  Anything?

Michael: No, nothing.  I just would really like to make sure that we cover all the bases here.

Bo: You've seen him before?

Richard: Todd Manning?

Bo: Yeah, yeah.  How do you know him?

Richard: Well, I don't, but I recognize him.

Bo: From where?

Ricahrd: Well, from the papers.  A few months ago, his face was all over them.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Paige: Bo?  Hi.

Bo: Hi, Paige.  Honey, say hello to Richard.

Paige: Hi.

Bo: Definitely my better half.

Richard: Pleased to meet you, Paige.  It looks like we'll be seeing a lot of each other this year.  Matthew's on the same soccer team as my son.

Paige: Oh, that's wonderful.  Would you excuse me for a second?  Bo, can I talk to you for a minute?

Bo: Yeah, yeah.

Paige: Sorry.

Bo: What's up?

Paige: It's Nora.  I followed her here.  We were at your house, and we had a little --

Nora: Problem, only it wasn't little.  It's a whopper.

 [Rex grunts]

Officer: You want us to book these guys, sir?

John: No, you guys did good.  I'll take it from here.

Steve: Lieutenant, you want me to file the report?

John: I'll take care of that, too.

Officer: But, lieutenant --

Rex: I can explain everything.  No?  Yeah, I'm good with that.

John: They're not bad kids, but -- I don't know.  I think the streets can handle it if we throw them back out.

Hugh: I agree.

John: Let's not make it seem that easy.

Hugh: No, no, no, we couldn't do that.

John: No.  Buchanan, Balsom, this is A.D.A. Hughes.  He's going to take it from here.

Hugh: Thank you, lieutenant.  I'd like to interview the suspects individually, though.

Rex: "Suspects"?  What am I a suspect of, hitting him in the fist with my face?

Duke: And how do you suppose I got this, Rex?

Rex: A little help here, counselor?

Evangeline: Sorry.

Rex: Oh, are you forgetting he's a Buchanan, very deep pockets?  Neither of our bank accounts would suffer.  Hmm?

Evangeline: I'm not interested, Rex.

Rex: So, Adriana, who's the one guy in this room you can't stop thinking about?  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Ooh.  I think we all witnessed that.  Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm?

Evangeline: Why'd you throw Hughes into the middle of that mess?

John: What do you want me to do?  Two young guys fighting over a girl?  He's going to put the fear of god in them and let them go.  Hey, Steve.

Steve: Sir.

John: Yeah, you know why I pulled you off that bust, right?

Steve: Bigger fish to fry.

John: Right, but you handled yourself well, though.

Steve: Thank you.  Oh -- by the way, sir --

John: Yeah?

Steve: Natalie's in your office.  She looks pretty upset.

Evangeline: Cristian's drawing.

Natalie: Where did you get this?

Carlo: Cristian Vega.  Does anyone know where I can find a Cristian Vega?

Cristian: No!  Nobody knows where you can find him.

Carlo: Really?  When I said the name, you looked up.

Cristian: Benito Mussolini!  Funny -- you looked at me when I said "Benito Mussolini."

Carlo: Hmm.

Cristian: You must be him.

Carlo: Hmm.  Here on Italian dictatorship?  It appears not.  It seems you have a penchant for beautiful redheads.  How about a -- a biography on Modigliani?  You know, he was Italian.

Cristian: I don't want any of your books.

Carlo: There must be something that you want.  If you wish, you may get it.

Nash: I am glad you came back.

Tess: I'm sorry.  I'm sorry that you caught me in a lie and I ran off.  I guess that's what I do best -- I run off.

Nash: Maybe we should talk.

Tess: You don't know me, Nash.  I am a liar.

Nash: You told me that you loved me.  Was that a lie?

Tess: That wasn't even a teensy exaggeration.

Nash: You lying now?

Tess: Can't you tell?

Nash: And I know you love me.  Why did you lie to me?  Why did you tell me that you weren't Jessica Buchanan?  It doesn't -- don't run away.

Tess: I won't.

Nash: Jessica Buchanan is not your twin.  Jessica did not kill herself.  It --

Tess: It's not that far from the truth, ok?  I -- I killed Jessica.  I'm -- at least I'm trying to kill her.

Nash: You're -- you're losing me.

Tess: Jessica is a part of my past.  She's who I was.  She's how people knew me.

Nash: The past is hard to wipe away.

Tess: Maybe impossible.

Nash: What can I do to help?

Tess: Well, you can help me get rid of her, ok?  I don't want her anywhere near me, anywhere near us.  You can help me -- you can help me kill her.

Natalie: Why do I get the feeling that you both know about this picture?  Cristian drew it.  I can tell.  So why was it just lying here in your office, John?

John: I'm sorry you had to find it like that.

Natalie: Ok, but that's not answering my question.  Why were you trying to keep it from me?

John: It's not like that, Natalie.

Natalie: Then what is it like?

John: I wasn't keeping it from you.

Natalie: No?  Well, it sure seemed that way to me.  I deserve an answer.

John: Yeah, I guess you do.  But I'm -- I'm not the right person to do it.  You want to take this one?

Cristian: You don't have anything I want -- on that cart or anywhere else.

Carlo: Is that so?  You really think you know everything about Carlo Hesser and what he has to offer?

Cristian: Get out.  I have no interest in you or your stupid books.

Carlo: If you wish.  Aren't you at least curious about my interest in you, Cristian?

Nora: Pulled some underhanded moves before, Buchanan, but this is low even for you.

Bo: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Paige: Nora came by to get Matthew for soccer practice.

Nora: Which was canceled, although no one had the decency to call me, and I find Dr. Miller here moving her life into your apartment.

Paige: I didn't know that you hadn't told her.

Nora: Why in the world would you do this -- on a weekend that you have Matthew -- without consulting me?

Bo: What?  Consulting you?

Nora: Why couldn't you just wait till I got back from Harrisburg so at least I could talk him through this?  Or did you feel you had to do this behind my back for some reason?

Richard: I think that is my cue to go.  Um -- maybe I'll see you all at the lake --

Bo: Yeah.

Richard: If I can rent a boat.

Bo: Ok.  See you, Rich.

Todd: I thought I recognized that guy out there.

Bo: Well, once again, Nora, you've crossed the line.

Nora: No, Bo, you have crossed the line -- for the last time if I have anything to say about it.

Paige: Nora, you don't look well.  When you got sick at Bo's --

Bo: You got sick?

Nora: No, I didn't get sick!  I'm just sick of people telling me I'm sick!

Paige: Ok, this is enough hostility for this waiting room.  Let's ratchet it down a notch and take it to my office.

Nora: Why don't you ratchet it out of my face, or else I will go to a judge and I will get a restraining order to keep you away from me and my son! 

Nash: Must have been pretty ugly to have to use the word "kill" when you're talking about your past.

Tess: I don't want to deal with that part of me anymore.  Everybody wanted me to be something that I wasn't.  That's why I came out, changed my name.  I'm not Jessica.

Nash: I understand that.

Tess: And I tried to run away, but, God, it's so hard.  I -- and how did you find out?  Forget it.  It doesn't matter, anyway.

Nash: No, it does if I'm going to help you stop your past from catching up to you.

Tess: You'd do that for me?

Nash: I'd do anything for you.  I love you.

Tess: I love you, too, so much.

Nash: Huh.  If I'm going to help you, you got to tell me what I'm up against.

Tess: What do you want to know?

Nash: Your -- your friend Antonio, he -- he hired a P.I. to track you down.  That's how I found out who you are, and believe me, he's on the scent.

Tess: So what's your question?

Nash: How close were you with Antonio?

Hugh: Ok, that works for me.  Thanks.  Ok, here's the deal.  Duke, you can go.

Rex: That's it?

Duke: All right.

Rex: "Duke, you can go"?  That's the deal?

Hugh: What can I say?

Rex: Well, you can say Duke threw the first punch, so I can go.  But it's because he's a Buchanan.  Uncle Bo and great-grandpa make a few calls and he's free to throw punches at whoever he wants?

Hugh: Adriana, if you wouldn't mind stepping out of the room with me?  I have to ask you a few questions.

Adriana: Sure.

Hugh: Duke, I'd like you to go now.

Duke: I want to talk to Adriana.

Rex: Have you got manure in your ears?  He said get out.  I don't want to look at your ugly mug anymore!

Hugh: I don't want any problems.  Duke, go on.  Sit, Rex, sit.

Duke: I'll be waiting outside.

Marcie: You're a mess.

Rex: Yes.

Marcie: Why are you smiling?

Rex: Same reason Duke hit me.

Marcie: Because you're a smart-ass?

Rex: That may be true, but that's not why he hit me.

Marcie: Well, I know it had something to do with Adriana.

Rex: Yep.

Marcie: Come on! Why aren't you going to tell me?

Rex: Oh, it's just stuff, guy stuff.

Marcie: Don't tease me.  And now you're not going to tell me?

Rex: Ok.  Fine.  But just between you and me and Duke and Adriana --

Marcie: Tell me before I hit you harder than Duke did.

Rex: Last night Duke and Adriana were going to, you know, for the first time.

Marcie: And that makes you happy?

Rex: Just when the heat got cranked up, Adriana called out my name.

[Marcie gasps]

Marcie: Get out!

Hugh: I didn't want to get into this in front of Rex and Duke.

Adriana: What are you going to do to Rex?

Hugh: Let him sweat.

Adriana: That's it?

Hugh: That's it.

Adriana: Well, why Rex and not Duke?

Hugh: Because Rex is an instigator and he's probably gotten away with that kind of thing a hundred times, so this time he sweats.

Adriana: But you're not actually going to press charges?

Hugh: Well, the letter of the law gets a little hazy for those of us with discernment.  I'd be less inclined to understand if those two guys weren't fighting over you.

Adriana: Thanks.

Hugh: But I still want things clarified.  So, what really happened?

Adriana: Ok. Well, Duke and I have been dating a really long time and -- but we've never actually been together or anything, and we were just about ready to, but I was thinking about Rex because I accidentally kissed him, and then in a really bad time last night I said Rex's name instead of "Duke," and Rex found out and they got into a fight.

Evangeline: Yes.  I brought the picture to John today.

Natalie: I don't -- how?  Why?

Evangeline: I don't know why.  I don't know what I meant to accomplish.  I -- I just thought that John should see it.

Natalie: My husband's been dead over two years.  Who gave it to you?

Evangeline: Cristian.

Carlo: Cristian -- I may call you "Cristian," yes?

Cristian: The only reason you want to talk to me is because I don't want to talk to you.

Carlo: Hmm.  If you didn't want to talk to me, we wouldn't be having such a pleasant conversation.  Here we go -- "the old man and the sea."  I'm sorry, but this is the closest I could get to a Romanian freighter.

Cristian: Now, I don't know why you're here, but I want you away!

Carlo: There is a job you must do.

Cristian: Oh --

Cristian: Why did you say that?

Bo: Nora, I know you've been pulled through the wringer over the past few months, and having to talk about Colson again in Harrisburg must have really taken its toll.  But don't try to bring that baggage into a discussion with us about Matthew.

Nora: "Us"?  Oh, I'm sorry.  I didn't get the memo where you guys turned into "us" and that we were all co-parenting Matthew.  Don't you think that a little discussion with me, his mother, might have been in order?  He's been through enough without having a stepmother suddenly thrown into the midst out of the blue.

Paige: Ok, I'm going to go before I say something I'll regret.

Nora: Oh, why bother?  I mean, really, don't hold back.  Are you afraid Bo might actually see who you really are?

Paige: Nora, I'm really sorry that you're having such a hard time with this.  But please understand that I would never try to replace you with Matthew.

Nora: Oh, ok.

Michael: Doctor, yeah, I could really use your opinion on this.

Paige: Sure.

Nora: Oh.  Getting condescended to again -- how lovely. What do you see in the girl, hmm?

Bo: I'll tell you what I see in her.  I see everything that you're not.

Todd: Your mom's going to be.

Blair: I know.  I saw something earlier.

Todd: What?

Blair: Your face, when you were looking at that man out there.

Carlo: Ahem. I must have said something to upset you.  I suggest you be less hostile to your fellow inmates in the future.  Solitary is just a short step for you, Cristian.

Cristian: Stop calling me that.

Carlo: Oh, I'm sorry.  I thought we had bonded when we were side by side in solitary.

Cristian: You thought wrong.

Carlo: Believe it or not, I understand you, Doe.

Cristian: You don't have a clue.

Carlo: I escape through my books, you escape through your art.  And I'm sure we'd both rather escape through the air shaft.

Cristian: I'm here for a reason.  I'm paying for my crime.

Carlo: Wouldn't you rather be with Natalie?  I'm sure she's gotten the gift you sent her by now.

Natalie: Cristian?  My husband, Cristian?  When did he give it to you?

Evangeline: He gave it to me a long time ago.  It's been in my closet, and I thought that I shouldn't have it.  I thought that John should have it.

Natalie: And why now?  I mean, why would you give it to John and not me?

Evangeline: Because John was in charge of the investigation.

Natalie: And?

Evangeline: And since the Cristian that came back wasn't really Cristian --

Natalie: I can see right through you and your lies, Evangeline.  You were trying to wedge my dead husband between John and me so that you can have another shot at John.

Hugh: When I was in law school, I didn't get a lot of sleep.

Adriana: Studying?

Hugh: I did some studying, yeah.  But various social activities ate up a large portion of my time.

Adriana: You mean partying?

Hugh: Whatever.  Anyway, my point is in one of my hazier states during --

Adriana: Right?

Hugh: I called this girl I was with Lana.  Her name was Donna.  I'd been with Lana previously.

Adriana: The same night?

Hugh: Oh, no, no.  No, the night before.  Anyway, as you can imagine, it didn't go over too well.

Adriana: You said you had a point?

Hugh: Yeah.  Well, it's an understandable mistake, one that any socially active girl can make.

Adriana: "Socially active"?  I am not socially active, ok?  I am a good girl!  I don't -- I don't think you realize what this could do to me.  Ok, this could ruin my whole life.  I could lose Duke over this.

Hugh: What about Rex?

Adriana: Rex can just go to hell.

Rex: It's the honest truth.

Marcie: She said your name?

Rex: Yep.

Marcie: You're gloating because Adriana made a faux pas.

Rex: Faux pas -- faux pas?  It wasn't faux pas.  It was her -- all right, what's the exact definition of "faux pas"?

Marcie: It's a social blunder.

Rex: Exactly.  It wasn't a faux pas.  It was her feelings.  Just when things were getting hot and heavy, it wasn't Duke's name that came out of her mouth.

Marcie: She said that she didn't want anything to do with either one of you.

Rex: That's true.

Marcie: You like her, don't you?

Rex: Well, what's not to like?  But she's Adriana, and I'm Rex.

Marcie: So?  You're a good guy, Rex.  I mean, you shouldn't sell yourself short.  If you like her and, hypothetically speaking, she actually liked you, do you think you could get past losing Jen?

Blair: You looked petrified when you were looking at that man out there.

Todd: Oh, it's like I told you, that damn shirt.  It's just a bad fashion flashback.

Blair: You are such a bad actor.  I love you, and I know when you're lying to me.

Todd: I guess I just don't want you to have to look over your shoulder anymore.  I want things to be normal with our family again.

Blair: When are things ever normal for this family, huh?

Todd: Well, then I want them to be normal for once.  I would do anything in the world to keep you and the kids safe.

Nora: I guess Matthew was being perceptive when he asked if we hated each other.

Bo: No, don't try to shove this on me.  I think you can take some responsibility for once.  I haven't done anything wrong.

Nora: We're supposed to be parenting Matthew together.  That was the deal.

Bo: And nothing's changed.  I'm not trying to cut you out of anything.  I'm living a happy life.  Now, I know things have been tough for you lately, and I've tried to help.  I've tried to be there for you.

Nora: Really?  When was that, Bo?  When was that?  When you arrested my husband on the courthouse steps?  When you announced to the whole world that he was a serial killer -- oh, and, by the way, gay?  Not to mention having an affair with a 20-year-old kid?

Bo: That has nothing to do with what's going on here.  You're jealous.

Nora: Jealous?  Of Paige? Hardly.  I just hope she knows what she's in for.

Bo: Paige knows.  She accepts my situation.  She's there to help with Matthew.

Nora: Not anymore she's not.

Bo: No, no, that's enough!

Nora: Oh, no.

Bo: Look, I've -- I've done everything I can to share custody with you in the right way.  What do I get in return, huh?  You threaten to take Matthew away because I've decided to take a step forward with a woman I've been dating for over a year?  This isn't like you, Nora.  What's going on?

Nora: "What's going on?"  I'll tell you what's -- what are you looking at?  That's what's going -- I don't care anymore.  I just don't care anymore that people point at me and they laugh at me.  I don't care anymore.  It doesn't matter anymore.  The only thing that matters to me is my son!  That's the only thing I care about, is my son!  And you're -- you're going around -- you're taking him away from me!  You're going to replace me in his heart!

Bo: Oh, get over yourself.  Paige and I have a healthy, happy, and developing relationship.  She is part of Matthew's life whether you like it or not.

Nora: He is looking at your apart-- your and Paige's apartment like itís his house.

Bp: Just like your house, did you hear me yelling about a restraining or when you let Colson sleep over with Matthew in the house? Yeah, we all know how that happy little romance ended.

Nora: You son of a bitch!

Tess: I don't want to talk about Antonio.  He's the past, and I don't want to go back there.

Nash: Ok, fine.  We should focus on the present, on us, the vineyard.

Tess: Yes, yes, that's all that matters.

Nash: Ok, but promise me something.  If I ask you something about your past, you can tell me to go to hell or you can tell me you don't want to answer that, but don't lie to me.  All right?  I will do whatever I can to keep Antonio away from you.  I promise you that, ok?

Jessica's voice: Antonio is going to find me.

Nash: What just happened?

Marcie: Do you think that you're ready to move on so soon after Jen's death?  Would it be fair to Adriana?

Hugh: Marcie, would you mind waiting for me in my office, please?

Marcie: No.

Rex: Here to hand me my walking papers?

Hugh: I ought to book you just for the fun of it.  You wouldn't be arraigned until Monday, which would give you plenty of time to think about what you've done.

Rex: You mean what I haven't done.  Duke throws a punch and I go to jail?  Where's the justice in that?

Hugh: Believe it or not, Rex, I used to be just like you.  I got into a lot of trouble and I hurt a lot of people.  That's why John wanted me to handle this.  What you did -- it was penny ante, my friend.  You're free to go anytime you want.

Rex: Just messing with my head, huh?

Hugh: Yeah, I don't want you messing with anybody else's.  You know, I had a good talk with Adriana.  She's a nice girl.  I like her.  She doesn't deserve to have some guy jerking her around.

Evangeline: I won't even dignify that with a response.

Natalie: Because you don't have one.  You've been holding on to this picture.  I don't even know how you got it.  And now that john and I are getting closer, you leave it in john's office for me to find?

John: That's not the way it was, Natalie.  I mean, there was a big fight in the hall.  You probably heard it.  We didn't even think about you coming in here and finding it.

Natalie: You're defending her?  I mean, can't you see what she's doing here?  You know, Cristian drew that sketch of me to show his love for me, and now, coincidentally, she pulls it out of her closet so that you can feel bad and I can -- I can think out Cristian.

Bo: I'm not being pulled into a brawl, Nora.

Nora: No, no, no, no, no.  Don't -- I want to -- you're not leaving until we finish this.

Bo: Look, this is more than Colson, this is more than people pointing at you.  Something is seriously wrong here.  Now, I'm not going to lower myself into sitting here with you and trading punches.

Nora: No your not -- you're not going until you admit that you were wrong trying to throw Matthew into some farce of a family life without consulting me.

Bo: Matthew is happy for me.  Ok?  He likes Paige I think he's starting to love Paige.

Nora: Yeah, well, maybe.  Maybe, or maybe not, but, you know, if he tried to tell you, he probably doesn't feel that it'd make any difference anyway.  You know, my God, he just found out that you're his father.  Does he have to share you already?  I mean, did you ever think about how he feels?

Bo: You know what he said to me last week?

Nora: What?

Bo: He asked me when Paige and I were going to give him a little brother or sister.

Tess: I'm sorry.  I'm sorry I pulled away.  I have the flu.  It must be making me edgy.

Nash: Well, then, let's see if we can take that edge off.

Tess: Well, what did you have in mind?

Nash: You know that new winery down the road, the Paskelle winery?  Rumor has it they've got a fantastic pinot, almost as good as ours is going to be, and I was thinking maybe we could walk over there, get a bottle, watch the sun set.

Tess: Oh, I'm so tired.  Do you think that maybe you could get a bottle and bring it back?

Nash: Sure.

Tess: I'll be waiting.

Nash: Hmm.  Don't start without me.

Tess: Hmm.

Tess: Jessica, quit butting in.  You're not going to get to us, and neither is Antonio.

Jessica: I know your body better than you do, Tess.  This isn't just about you and me.

Tess: Right, right.  Throw in your burly boyfriend, Antonio.

Jessica: No, this has nothing to do with Antonio or Nash or anybody outside of us.

Tess: Well, then, it's just you and me, babe.

Jessica: No more alcohol, Tess.

Tess: You're an idiot.

Jessica: No, you're an idiot, Tess.  You don't have the flu.

Tess: Well, then why am I sick?

Jessica: We're pregnant.

Rex: I'm glad you're here.  I guess we should talk.

Adriana: No.  I just came in to tell you to leave me alone, that's all.

Natalie: I had no idea how mean you could be.  You know what?  I don't care what kind of twisted scheme you come up with.  You are not breaking John and me up, period.

Evangeline: Thanks for leaving me hanging there.

John: I know.  I'm -- I'm sorry.  It's just -- well, you've been pretty quick to point the finger, and I thought maybe it'd show you what it's like to be on the hot seat.  So why didn't you tell Natalie her husband's alive?

Evangeline: I did what I thought was right.

John: So did I.

Evangeline: So I guess we're exactly the same.  The only difference is that I'm sleeping alone and you're not.

Carlo: As pleasant as this has been, I must continue with my rounds.  Have no concern -- I won't mention to the guards about your indiscretion!

Cristian: What can I say?  When you're given an opportunity like that --

Carlo: Ah, yes.  When the opportunity is presented, you will know what to do.  Isn't that right?

Altered voice: When you are presented with this opportunity, you will know what to do.

Nora: Why?  Why?  It's -- it's like I'm dead or something already!  Why -- why are you trying to replace me?  Why are you trying to get rid -- rid of me?

Bo: Look, are you on some kind of medication?  Nora?

Todd: Hey.

Blair: What's gotten into you?

Todd: I don't want you to forget how much I love you.  You know, I think we should live long, happy lives together.

Blair: That sounds good to me, because I don't ever want to be haunted by Margaret Cochran again.

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Bo: Be honest, ok?  Is Nora going to die?

Tess: I can't believe I'm having Nash's baby.

Jessica: This is my baby, mine and Antonio's.

Natalie: Did you give John Cristian's sketch to try to mess us up?

Cristian: It was you.  Those men on that ship were working for you.

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