OLTL Transcript Tuesday 9/27/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/27/05


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David: Dorian.

Dorian: How did you know I was here?

Kelly: Hey, Brett.

Brett: Hey, Kelly, what's up?

Kelly: I'm wondering if you could help me out.

Brett: Sure.

Kelly: My cousin may or may not be in the hotel and she's a little younger than me and I just feel protective of her.

Brett: You're talking about Adriana?

Kelly: Yeah.  Don't say anything because she would die if she knew I was snooping around, but --

Brett: Oh. You want to know if she went through with it.

Kelly: Yeah.  Can you help me out?

Rex: If Brett can't, I'm available.

Duke: Hey.  Are you sure?

Antonio: Let me know if you hear anything, and I mean anything.

Layla: No news, huh?

Antonio: What?

Layla: About Jessica?  I can tell by the look on your face.

Antonio: I feel like every second that passes, I lose another chance of ever finding her again.

Nash: Hey.  How's your headache?

Tess: Better.  I'm just tired, though.

Nash: Need another blanket?

Tess: No, this is fine.  I'm sorry I've been such a drag lately.

Nash: It's ok.  I'm here.  I'm going to take care of you.

Tess: Thanks.

Nash: Get some rest.

[Phone rings]

Bartender: Vinobar.

Nash: Yeah, I was in there a little while ago.  I was wondering, that guy who was looking for the girl from the poster -- he still in there?

Bartender: Yep.  But I'm not sure for how long, though.

Nash: All right, you keep him there  Don't let him leave.

David: How did I know you were here?  Let's see -- maybe it would -- maybe it was the eau de $400 perfume that you spritzed all over yourself.

Dorian: Oh.  You followed me here, didn't you?

David: Now, why would I need to follow you when I completely trust that you would never do anything so reprehensible, indefensible, and unforgivable as break and enter into my brother's office?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.  And pray tell, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?

David: What am I doing here?

Dorian: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

David: What am I doing here?  I am looking for clues just like you.

Dorian: Aha.

David: Mm-hmm.  But I'm doing it for the polar opposite reason that you are.

Dorian: Oh, of course you are.  You are snooping around here for the betterment of mankind.

David: Why do you have to do this?  Why can't you just let it go?

Dorian: We better go, really, before Spencer comes walking in here.

David: Spencer is in surgery for the next four hours, which I suspect you already know.  Otherwise, you wouldn't have snuck in here.

Dorian: What?  You know, how can we get married?  How?  How?  Because the way I understand it, marriage is supposed to be something that is based on love, commitment, trust.

David: Well, that's not my fault, is it?  You hold on a second.  I asked you to do one thing --

Dorian: Yeah?

David: One thing -- stay away from Spencer.  Couldn't do it, could you?  In fact, you did the exact opposite, didn't you?  You have insinuated Spencer so deeply into our personal lives that you have reduced us to dueling cat burglars.

Dorian: There's a solution.  All you need to do is be honest with me about why there is so much animosity between you and your brother.

David: What are you looking for here, Dorian?

Dorian: What are you looking for, David?

David: I asked you first.

Dorian: Copycat.

David: Cat -- cop -- I'm out of here.

Dorian: No.  Stop it, please.  Don't be angry.  You're the man -- you're the man I've chosen, the man of my dreams.  Yes.  The man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

David: Ahem.

Dorian: David, come on.

David: Oh.

Dorian: Honey, you are just going to feel so much better if you just, you know, get it all off your chest, honey.  Come on.  Just tell me.  Let me help, please.  Sweetheart.  What is it --

David: Huh Ė

Dorian: What is it that you're looking for here? Hmm?

David: Honestly?

Dorian: I would prefer honesty, yes.

David: I have no idea, but it has something to do with the Buchananís.

Kevin: What about my family?

Kelly: Do you make it a habit of listening in on other people's conversations?

Rex: Talking to a bartender hardly qualifies as a conversation.  It's more like a public address announcement.

Kelly: Whatever it is, it's none of your business.

Rex: So, Adriana is upstairs in one of those red, plush, gilt-edged suites for a night of love with her boyfriend, the man who prefers his cell phone to her.  How romantic.

Kelly: Well, if you think you have a chance with her, you better think again because just because she kissed you, that doesn't mean --

Rex: No, whoa, whoa, whoa -- Adriana told you about the kiss?  You know about that?

Kelly: So what?  She's upstairs with the man of her choice, and that man is not you.

Adriana: Make love to me. 

Layla: I'm sorry you're going through all this, Antonio.  But there's no time for you to feel sorry for yourself.  The priority right now is hanging on to your kid.

Antonio: Hey, you know, I know you might be too young to understand this, Layla, but Jessica's a priority, too.

Layla: No, I get it.  I just think it's stupid, that's all.  I'm in this with you, Antonio -- living at your place, pretending to be your girlfriend, pulling out all the stops so that you can have an edge in your custody battle, and every time I see you, it's like all you can think about is this woman who has left you.

Antonio: I warned you, don't get overly involved in my life.

Layla: Yeah.  Well, too late.  We're both knee-deep in this game.  And I'm not supposed to care?

Antonio: Look, I told you I'm grateful.  What else do you want?

Layla: I want you to win.  But I'm telling you if you don't keep your eye on the ball, you will strike out.

Antonio: If you don't want to be a part of this, fine.  Then you're out.

Layla: You're missing the point.

Antonio: No, the point is I will get my daughter back with or without you.

Carlotta: If I thought that you could do that, then I'd stand behind you.  But this girl is your last chance.  And the sooner you forget about Jessica, the better.

Jessica's voice: Tess?  Are you there?  Whoa.  You look like hell.  You feel like it, too, huh?

Tess: Go away.  Just leave me alone.

Jessica: Not going to happen, Tess.

Tess: Do you think that just because you're in my subconscious you can push me around?

Jessica: Just think of it as a warning because you're stuck with me.  You're never going to get rid of me.  Never, never.

Jessica's voice: Never, never, never.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Nash: Psst.  Why don't you go check outside?  Yeah.

Nash: Who are you writing to there?

P.I.: What business is it of yours?

Nash: Huh.  We weren't formally introduced earlier.

P.I.: Harry Armstrong.

Nash: Nice to meet you, Harry.  Hmm.

Harry: I didn't catch your name.

Nash: Yeah, and you're not going to.  And you're not going anywhere until I get some answers.

Harry: Who the hell do you think you are?

Nash: Well, I think that I'm the guy who's in love with the girl in that picture.  Now, I want to know why you're looking for her, who sent you, and most of all, Harry, how much is it going to cost me to make you go away?

Harry: What, do you think you can buy me?

Nash: You're a contractor.  You guys always go to the highest bidder, don't you?

Harry: I'm being paid extremely well.  And when the person who hired me hears this, I'll be looking at one big bonus.

Nash: You son of a bitch.

Harry: Oh, now, that's really going to help a lot, yeah, yeah.  Now, I'm real anxious to give you answers.

Nash: Oh, hell.  I don't want answers.  I just want this to stop!

Harry: Whoa!  Ah!

Nash: All right, Harry.

[Harry groans]

Nash: Yeah -- whatever it is you're up to, I want it to stop --

Harry: Let me go.

Nash: Now!

Harry: Let me go.

Nash: No, no, no, I want you to listen.  I want you to listen hard.  Now, this girl you're looking for is -- this Jessica Buchanan --

Harry: Yeah, the woman you love -- like I give a damn.  Ah!

Nash: No, I said listen, Harry, don't talk!  All right.  She doesn't go by that name anymore.  Not anymore.

Harry: So what?  Bartender?

Nash: Oh, the bartender -- you know what?  I'm so fond of you, Harry, that I asked him to leave us alone.  Bar is closed, so it's just you and me, Harry.

Harry: Ah!  I don't know what your problem is.

Nash: Oh.

Harry: But the person looking for Jessica Buchanan -- he's not out to hurt her.  He's in love with her.

Nash: No!

Harry: Ah!

Nash: I love Tess.  He doesn't love Tess.  All right?  Jessica Buchanan is dead.  Tess is not.  Tess!

Harry: Yeah, yeah, now I know what your problem is.  You're out of your damn mind.

Nash: Ah!

Harry: Ah!

Nash: Jessica Buchanan is Tess' twin sister.  And her sister is dead!

[Harry groans]

Harry: Oh, jeez!  Oh, she's dead?

Nash: Yeah.

Harry: Yeah, well, for your information, buddy boy --

Nash: Ooh, buddy boy?

Harry: Jessica Buchanan's sister is alive, well, and her name is Natalie.  Ah!

Layla: I should go.

Carlotta: No, Layla, you stay.  I want you to hear this.

Antonio: Maybe I don't want to hear it.

Carlotta: No, Tonio, you're going to listen.

Antonio: Look, mami, I am not going to give up on Jessica.  Ok?  Nothing you say will change that.  I love her and I'm going to be with her.

Carlotta: And when is that going to be?

Antonio: You don't know the whole story.  Neither one of you does.

Carlotta: Look, no one has been more supportive of your relationship with Jessica than I have, but we have to be realistic.

Antonio: Realistic?

Carlotta: Jessica is gone.  She's abandoned Llanview -- abandoned you.

Antonio: Mami, do you honestly believe that she would do that?  Say goodbye to me, her mother, her family forever?

Carlotta: You have to face the truth, Tonio.

Antonio: Trust me, mami, there's a lot more to this than you know

Layla: Not to take sides here, but to me, I think Jessica's long gone and she's not coming back.

Antonio: You're wrong.

Carlotta: look, my only concern is for your happiness, mijo.  You know that.

Antonio: Mami, I love you, and I appreciate what you're trying to do, ok?  But you're stepping over the line here.

Layla: It's called a reality check.

Antonio: You know what?  You don't know what the hell you're talking about.  Look, it's really great what you're trying to do for me and Jamie-- setting up home, backing me with the social workers and the courts.  I appreciate all of that.  But I am not going to give up on my love for Jessica.  She's my world.

Jessica: I'm still here.  Is he still here?

Jessica: Oh -- oh, God.  Damn!  No power.  Oh.  Please work, please work, please work.  Ok.

Jessica: "Jessica, please, I know you're in trouble.  I haven't told your sister or your mom what's really going on, but everybody's worried about you.  No one more than me. I love you.  Please contact me.  You're stronger than she is, Jessica.  You can beat Tess.  Tell me where you are and I'll help you fight her.  My love, Antonio."  Ok.  "Antonio, I need you.  I want to come home."

David: Adriana and Duke -- that's what I was referring to.  When I said "Buchanan," I was referring to Duke.

Dorian: Right.  Dad and I are both very concerned about Adriana --

David: Ahem.

Dorian: And Duke, because Adriana has been terribly confused, distraught about  her relationship with Duke has basically turned into one huge squabble.

David: Huge squabble.

Dorian: Yes.

Kevin: Uh uh.- What so you decided to meet in Spencer's office to discuss my son and his girlfriend.

David: Don't be ridiculous.

Dorian: Your son and my daughter -- the subject just happened to come up.  Actually, we were here in Spencer's office because we wanted to talk to Spencer about his being the best man at our wedding.

David: The best man.

Dorian: Yes.

Kevin: I have more important things to talk with the doctor about, so where is he?

Dorian: He has more important things to do.  He's in surgery.

Kevin: Of course.  He's in surgery.  He's knife-happy.  That's why he's in surgery.  Must make him feel powerful.  You know, to give women hope like that.  And they trust him, which is unbelievable.  Because the good Dr. Truman says everything will work out in the end.  And then, of course, with all the advances in fertility treatment --

Dorian: Wait a minute.  Are you making fun of him for giving women hope that they can conceive?

Kevin: Oh, no, I'm not done yet.  He can even help women who can't carry a baby to term.  Yeah, he has a new high-risk procedure in his playbook, and he's willing to use it on someone, say, like Kelly, who's desperate --

Dorian: Kelly?

Kevin: Oh, what, she didn't tell you?

Dorian: Tell me what?

David: Yeah, Spencer's got some procedure he wants to try on Kelly to help her carry a baby to term.

Dorian: What are you talking -- Kelly is -- what, she's going to have surgery?

Kevin: That's what I'm doing here, Dorian.  I want to tell him not to go through with it.

Dorian: Oh, no.  Please, don't tell me that you and Kelly are planning to have a baby together.

Rex: Adriana's a big girl.  She can do what she wants.

Kelly: Yes, she can.  Let me ask you a question.  Are you just hot for Adriana, or do you actually have feelings for her?  And when I use the term "feelings," I'm talking about genuine feelings, not just I-want-to-get-her-into-the-sack feelings.

Rex: Well, it's -- Adriana's rich and spoiled, raised by nuns . We have just about zero in common.

Kelly: Less.  Which is why you would just be using her.  Because that's what you do.

Rex: What the hell are you talking about?

Kelly: I am not going to let you use my cousin to help you get over Jen.  She is not going to be your rebound relationship, so just get over it.

Rex: Finished?

Kelly: Adriana would never choose you as her first choice, and you would never choose her.  If she had any feelings for you whatsoever, she would not be upstairs with Duke right now.

Adriana: I want you so much, Rex.

Rex: Ok, so how about you quit riding me about my losing Jen?

Kelly: Well, I don't mean to ride you, Rex.  I feel sorry for what you're going through, I do.  I know what it's like to lose someone and you want to fill that void with someone else, even if it's for the wrong reasons.

Rex: I just told you I'm not doing that.

Kelly: Adriana has a boyfriend, and whether or not that relationship is lasting should not be determined by a third party.

Rex: You know, I bet when you go to a bookstore make a beeline to the self-help section.

Kelly: Anyway, my point is that after you lose someone the person you go after next is never the right one.

Rex: You do realize you're totally contradicting yourself here?

Kelly: I am?

Rex: I was there when you made your big speech, remember?  When you heard Natalie and me talking, my "down with love" rant?  You went on and on about how you're supposed to give love a second chance?  Ring a bell?

Kelly: Yes.

Rex: You can't shoot love in the foot before it has space to take off.  I may be paraphrasing here.

Kelly: You may be.

Rex: Whatever.  Now you're telling me to back off Adriana because Adriana and me don't fit some formula in a book telling you when you're supposed to move on to your next love.

Kelly: Is that what we're talking about here, Rex?  Are we talking about love?

Adriana: I didn't mean that.  I meant you.  I was thinking about you, us.  I don't know why I said what I did.  It just slipped out.  I don't want to be with anyone except you.

Duke: Rex?

Adriana: No!  I swear I don't want to be with him.  I just want to be with you, only you.

Duke: Here's some advice, Adriana.  When you're about to make love with your boyfriend for the first time, don't call him by another guy's name.

Adriana: I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry.  Can't we just get back in bed and start over?

Duke: Right, right, you -- let's do that.  I'm so in the mood now.

Adriana: This isn't what it seems, I swear.  I think I just said his name because we've been having problems lately and the whole Rex thing was part of it, but it just came out.  I don't even care about him.  I wasn't even thinking about him.

Duke: That is the lamest -- of course you were thinking about him.  Why else would you say his name?

Adriana: Please don't do this.

Duke: No, you're just like the rest of them.

Adriana: What?

Duke: The women in your family.  You're all the same.  I should have listened.

Adriana: You're doing this again, insulting my family?

Duke: Asa was right.  He's told me a thousand times, "all the Cramer women are screwed up.  Can't trust a damn one of them."

Kevin: I am not getting into this, all right ? I didn't come here to be interrogated by you.

Dorian: This is outrageous!  Are you telling me Kelly is considering risking her life in order to propagate the Buchanan dynasty?

Kevin: Ok, that's it, I'm leaving.  It's been fun.

Dorian: Oh!  He is the most obnoxious, egotistical -- I tell you what, I think Spencer is right.  We need to take our focus off of him and put it on the Buchananís.  Yes, let's just take a bite out of Spencer's data disc.  We have to investigate all of the Buchananís, because it's obvious that they intend to destroy every one of the Cramer women.

David: Now, for the record, I really liked that "propagate the Buchanan dynasty," but that hand gesture that puncated it?  Seemed a little rehearsed.

Dorian: David, what's the point?  What were we talking about?

David: Oh, just a trivial little matter between you and me -- our relationship, about the fact how we can't seem to tell each other the truth even for a moment.  We both sneak in here, we're spying on my brother, but we won't share information to create a united front.  That point.

Dorian: Right!  So what was the point of that point?

David: Maybe we should call off the wedding.

Nash: Natalie, Jessica's sister?  I don't -- I don't get --

Harry: Ok, of course you don't.  That's because you've been lied to.  Well, let me clue you in here, lover boy.  Jessica Buchanan is alive and well and calling herself Tess.

Nash: Ok.  Who paid you to come find her?  You want to fight me on that, too?

Harry: His name's Vega, Antonio Vega.

Nash: Antonio Vega.  I know that guy.

Harry: Jessica Buchanan is his girlfriend.  And as for this dead-twin thing, that ain't nothing but a bunch of bull.  Tess is her alias.  There's only one chick in the world who looks like this, and that's Jessica, her.

Nash: Why is she running?

Harry: I don't know!  What, runaway bride syndrome.  I don't know.

Nash: You're telling me she was supposed to marry Antonio?  No wonder she's running.

Harry: All I know is that this guy is as desperate to find her as you are to keep her lost.

Nash: All right, no, no, no, I remember.  Tess told me Antonio was Jessica's ex-boyfriend.  He was obsessed with her.  He couldn't deal with her death.  Maybe -- you know, Jessica looks so much like Tess, maybe he wouldn't leave her alone and that's why she's running.

Harry: Yeah, that's a load of crap.  Antonio's no stalker.  He's just a regular guy whose girlfriend ran off on him.

Nash: Yeah, because she doesn't want to be with him!

Harry: Yeah, well, maybe she told you that.  Vega seemed to feel that Jessica -- or Tess -- doesn't know what she wants.

Nash: He's wrong!

Harry: Yeah, well, maybe you are!  Bottom line -- she lied to somebody.

Nash: Stay the hell away from her.

Harry: I don't get paid to stay away.

Nash: You can't make someone go back to something they don't want anymore.

Harry: Oh.  Oh.

Jessica: "I'm not sure where I am.  Can you come find me?  Please, I need you, Antonio."

Dorian: Call off our wedding?  You can't be serious.

David: Well, look at us.  We both sneak in here, we catch each other red-handed, and we still got secrets from each other.  If this is the beginning of a marriage --

Dorian: No. It's just a curve in the road, that's all.

David: This curve has a wide ass, baby.

Dorian: Well, we can't not get married.  It's something we've both wanted for a long time, David.  It's our destiny to be husband and wife, to go to bed together each night and wake up in each other's arms each morning.

David: Ok, then here's the truth -- I stole from you.  I stole what you stole from Spencer, which gives us a pretty good indication that he has more than a passing interest in the Buchananís, but I don't know why he has that interest, you don't know why he has that interest, and that's why we're both in this room.

Dorian: That's succinct.

David: We got to drop the secrets.  We have to be able to trust each other completely so we can get married on November 1.

Rex: You've got a real bad habit of twisting my words, Kelly.

Kelly: Well, you won't answer a simple question . I've never met anyone so evasive.

Rex: Go on, ask me a simple question, go on.

Kelly: What do you really want from Adriana and why?

Rex: That's two questions, and the answer to both of them is I don't know.  If that's being evasive, sue me.

Kelly: Whatever issues Adriana has with Duke, it is not fair for you to insert yourself in the equation and make things more difficult for her.

Rex: Ok, I hear you.  But if you think I get off on making trouble, then you're dead wrong.  All I know is what's been going on with me lately, what I've been feeling, and it's different.

Kelly: Different, how?

Rex: I bumped into Adriana down at the quarry right after Jen was killed.  She was there just hanging out.  And I've known her for a long time, always thought she was pretty, nice -- too nice.  And -- have you ever looked at somebody that you've known for a long time and seen something else?

Kelly: Yeah.  So, what did you see that changed the way you felt about Adriana?

Rex: It wasn't anything specific.  It was just -- it felt like I saw the future.

Adriana: I'm so sorry.  I can't believe that I just --

Duke: You're on a roll, aren't you?  First, you call me Rex, and then you slap me.  I guess I can understand the slap, though.  I mean, after all, I did say something pretty crappy about your family.  You know what?  It wasn't even true.  Not all the Cramer women are messed up.  I mean, there's Kelly, right?  She's different.

Adriana: What is it with you?  Why is it that every time something goes wrong between us you blame it on some global family issue instead of looking at the heart of what's going on between you and me?

Duke: Don't you -- ah!  Don't you get it?  I don't know what's going on between you and me.  Not since you kissed Rex.  Not since you called me -- called me Rex right when we were about to -- I mean, I don't get it.  I don't understand.  Someone like you does not make a mistake like that.

Adriana: What do you mean, someone like me?

Duke: You've been with one guy in your entire life.  So it didn't work out.  At least that's what you told me.

Adriana: What does River have to do with anything?

Duke: A girl like you doesn't need to do this.  And doesn't call her boyfriend by another guy's name in bed.

Adriana: You gave this to me.  I did this for you!

Duke: Maybe that was your first mistake.  Don't make love with somebody to prove a point, Adriana.  Do it because you want to.  And when you do it, make sure it's with someone you actually want to be with.

Carlotta: Would you say good night to my son for me?  I think I've upset him enough for one evening.

Antonio: Where's my mother?

Layla: I think she had to finish up something in the kitchen.  Who were you calling?

Antonio: I was calling my P.I.  I left him a message.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: It's him.  No, no, stay.  That was quick.

Harry: What's going on, Antonio?

Antonio: Never mind me.  How's it going on your end?

Harry: Only good news, my friend.  I found her.

Antonio: Jessica?

Harry: Yep, she's here.

Dorian: November 1?

David: November 1.

Dorian: Huh.  So -- we both do want to get married.  Am I right?

David: Looks that way.

Dorian: And we have an agreement that we are going to be completely honest and truthful with each other so that we can get married on November 1?

David: D-day.  D&D day.  November 1.

Dorian: Yes!

David: I tell you what -- I promise to forget about Spencer for the rest of the night if you will.

Dorian: Let's go home.

David: Wait a second.  I think I'll break my promise.  Spencer's not due back in this room for about 3 1/2 hours.  What do you say we christen the couch?

Dorian: Oh.

Kelly: You see a future with Adriana?  Duke.

Rex: Duke.

Kelly: You look upset.

Rex: Are you ok?

Duke: I came in here for a quiet drink.  If I'm going to be bombarded with questions, I'll go someplace else.

Rex: Whoa!  Easy there, big fella.

Duke: Damn it, Rex, back off!

Kelly: Duke, are you all right?

Duke: No, I don't want to talk about it, ok?

Kelly: Not even with me?

Duke: I've had a rough night, and the last thing I want to do is take it out on you.

Kevin: Hey, Duke.  Duke, hey!  What was that all about?

Kelly: I don't know.

Kevin: Something funny, Rex?

Rex: Funny?  No.  Ahem.

Kelly: Adriana, wait, wait.

Adriana: I'm really in a hurry, Kelly.

Kelly: Did you do what you said you were going to?  Did you get a room for you and duke?

Adriana: Yeah, I did.  The whole thing was a complete disaster and I don't want to talk about it.

Rex: To the future.

Antonio: You've seen Jessica.

Harry: Oh, I haven't, no, but I got a positive ID from a bartender and somebody else.

Antonio: I hate this, not being able to look for her myself, but with my daughter's custody hearing, I --

Harry: No, don't worry about it.  I'm all over it.  Not that it's going to be easy.

Antonio: Is there a problem?

Harry: Well, it turns out she's using that name, you know, Tess, and she's telling people that Jessica Buchanan is her dead twin and that you're her twin's ex-boyfriend who's after Tess for some slimeball reason.

Antonio: All right, you said someone else has seen her other than the bartender.  Who?

Harry: Yeah, well, you're not going to want to hear this, Antonio, but there's this guy, he says he's her boyfriend.  I don't know who he is yet.  I don't know his name.

Antonio: What does he look like?

Harry: Oh, 20-something, six feet, good-looking, dirty-blond hair.  You know him?

Antonio: No, no, I don't.

Harry: There's one more thing you should know.  He seems as determined to keep Jessica away from you as you are to find her.

Tess' voice: Go away, Jessica!  Leave us the hell alone!  Go!

Nash: Tess, is everything ok?  Tess?

Tess: Yeah, it's -- oh, it's better now that you're here.

Nash: Thought you'd still be in bed.

Tess: I -- I can't sleep.  I can't sleep without you anymore.

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Nash: I'm looking at you.  Who are you?

Natalie: You were so right.  You can love more than once.

Cristian: If I have to fight to get Natalie back, I will.  Mc Bain better be ready.

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