OLTL Transcript Monday 9/26/05

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 9/26/05


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Starr: Did Margaret Cochran rape you?

Todd: Where would you get a crazy idea like that?  Jeez.

Starr: Kevin said that --

Todd: Kevin?  Kevin doesn't know squat about anything.  He's just trying to trash me.  Don't you know that by now?

Starr: Dad, would you stop it?  Margaret tried to kill me.  She put me in a hospital.  I deserve to know the real answer, not some lame one.  Did Margaret Cochran rape you?

Todd: Yeah.  Yeah, she raped me.  She did it.

Starr: I didn't know a woman could do that to a man.

Todd: That's what happened.

Starr: So that baby Margaret's pregnant with -- it's yours, right?

Kevin: How dangerous is this surgery?  Is there a chance you could die?

Kelly: Well, anytime anybody goes underneath anesthesia, there's a risk.

Kevin: Some more than others.

Kelly: In this case, the benefits far, far outweigh the risks.  I mean, think about it, Kevin.  If I have this surgery, I can carry our child.  I can have a baby, our baby.

Kevin: Wait, don't you get it?  Look, I can live without another child, ok, but I can't live without you.

Antonio: You get anything on your search for Jessica?

Rex: Nada.  I just left a report with the commish telling him the same thing.  Short of alien abduction, I'm out of ideas, sorry.

Antonio: I got a P.I. on it.  He's all over California looking for her.

Rex: It's a big state.

Antonio: Yeah, well, Jess isn't one to blend into a crowd.

Rex: Yeah, like Jen.  Wherever she went, people noticed.

Antonio: How you doing with that?

Rex: We're talking about Jessica here.  A beautiful girl like that can't hide out for too long.  Throw in a reward, somebody's bound to notice her sooner or later.

Antonio: Yeah.

Tess: Oh, God, oh, God.  Oh, God.  Somebody is looking for Jessica.  I ran as far as I could and they still caught up with me.  Oh, God, what if Nash finds out?

Bartender: What can I get you?

Nash: What the hell is this?

Carlo: Good evening, doe.

Cristian: What do you want, Hesser?

Natalie: What should you be telling me, John?

John: It's your call.  I won't stop you, but you have to live with it.

Natalie: Ok, could you stop with the code and just say it?

Evangeline: You have a right to know, Natalie.

Natalie: Ok, I don't know what I just walked in on here, but -- are you pregnant?

Evangeline: No.

Natalie: Then what?  What is so important that you want me to know but John doesn't?

Evangeline: You want to know?  Ask John.  It's his place to do it, not mine.

Natalie: You would tell me if there was anything I needed to know, right?

Roxy: Coast clear?  Because I don't want to get in the middle of no fur-flying.  Hey, baby, if you need backup, I'm right here.

Natalie: It's cool, Roxy.  John and Evangeline just have some things to work out, so let's leave them alone.

Roxy: Hey, you know, you might think that the two of you are soul mates, but those guys used to rock the house.

Natalie: Ok.  All right, I get it.  I wouldn't want anything with Evangeline coming between us.

Evangeline: You and I both know I'm not the one coming between you and Natalie.

Cristian: Take a walk, Hesser.  I don't need to hear your crap tonight.

Carlo: I'm just doing my job, Doe.  I work in the prison library now.  And you requested books, did you not?

Cristian: Yes, I did.  Why don't you give them to me and get the hell out of my face?

Carlo: "The Psychology of Mind Control."  "Thought control and brainwashing."  You're not contemplating brainwashing the guards, are you, or is it the other way around?  Perhaps you think someone has brainwashed you.

Todd: God, I can't believe we're having this conversation.

Starr: But we are.  It happened.  And ever since I found out that Margaret was pregnant and you made me swear not to tell mom --

Todd: You didn't do that, did you?

Starr: No, dad.  What are you going to do when Margaret shows up here with your baby?  What are you going to tell mom?

Todd: Well, you know how even sometimes girls your age can be, uh, what, fast --

Starr: Slutty?  Yeah, ok, go ahead.

Todd: Margaret -- margaret got around a little bit.

Starr: So you're saying that there are other guys?

Todd: Yeah, lots of them.

Starr: Then why would she get all OCD on you?  How stupid do you think I am?

Todd: I don't think you're stupid.  I -- I think you're one of the smartest people I've ever met.  But you have to understand that Margaret was off her rocker.

Starr: "Was"?  What do you mean, "was"?  Did you do something to Margaret?

Todd: I didn't do anything to Margaret.

Starr: Then why did you talk about her in the past tense?

Todd: Margaret was crazy, she is crazy.  What difference does it make?

Starr: It's a huge difference, dad.

Todd: Look, the bottom line is that Margaret is not going to bother us anymore.  We don't need bodyguards.  We don't have to look over our shoulders anymore.  Ok?  Just -- it's over!  Let it go!  Be glad that we can have our lives back and that we can be happy again.

Starr: Does mom know?  That Margaret raped you?

Todd: Yes, she knows.

Starr: Dad, when she finds out that Margaret's pregnant, she's going to figure it out like I did.

Todd: There's nothing to figure out!  That's what I keep telling you!  It's over!  Let it be.

Starr: Dad, mom said if she found out that you were hiding any more secrets from her that she would never forgive you!

Todd: All right, I want you to look at me right now.  Listen to what I'm going to say to you.  I'm not lying to you.  Margaret is never going to be in our lives ever again.

[Doorbell rings]

Starr: What if that's Margaret?

Todd: It isn't.  Adriana --

Adriana: Is Ginger here?

Todd: Now's not a good time.

Adriana: Why, what's going on?  Is something wrong?

Rex: So what's the deal with you and Jessica?  I thought you were with Layla Williamson now.

Antonio: I am, I am, but it doesn't mean I can't worry about Jess.

Rex: Or getting custody of your daughter.  That's what's really up with you and Layla, isn't it?

Antonio: I just need to get one more thing on R.J. if I could just get -- if I could just get a bead on what Jackie Mc Naughton's up to, maybe --

Rex: Oh, I ran into Jackie Mac at the gym.  There might be some buzz there.  I can check it out.

Antonio: No, I'll take care of it.  If you hear something on Jess, you let me know.

Rex: Got you on my speed dial.

Rex: Yeah, want something?

Duke: Kiss Adriana again and you won't have any lips left.

Kelly: Baby, it's so sweet of you to worry about me, but it's not necessary.

Kevin: What'd you expect?

Kelly: The procedure is going to work.  I have faith.

Kevin: Oh.  Why?  Because Spencer Truman is so brilliant?  He doesn't care about you.

Kelly: He doesn't want it to go wrong.

Kevin: Oh, no, because that would screw up his reputation.

Kelly: That's not why

Kevin: Well, then why is pressing you so hard if not to trot you and our baby out as some medical miracle that he created?

Kelly: Well, at least he's not trying to play god with people's lives.

Kevin: Oh, but I am?  That's what I'm doing right now?  Is that what you're saying?

Kelly: You're trying to make this decision for me.

Kevin: You're not letting me be a part of this decision.  I thought we were in this together.

Kelly: We are.  But it's my body, it's my choice.

Kevin: Well, apparently, it's not just your body.  It's Spencer Truman's, too.

Kelly: Look, I know you don't like him, but too bad.  I want a child of my own.  I will take this risk, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Natalie: Roxy, will you stop eavesdropping?

Roxy: If Johnny could just talk above a whisper for once in his life, I could get some good dirt.  All I'm hearing is her cross-extermination.

John: Not so easy, is it?  Cris trusted you, and that's why you couldn't tell her.

Evangeline: But it's not why you didn't tell her.  All these months you knew Cristian was alive.  You were with me, but you really wanted to be with her, and that's why you never said anything.

Todd: There's nothing wrong.  Everything's fine.

Starr: Yeah.  So what's up with Ginger?

Adriana: I just need to see her.

Todd: She's off tonight.

Adriana: Do you know where she is?

Todd: No, I don't.  Why, is there something wrong?

Adriana: It's personal.

Todd: Oh.  So you come barging into my apartment here acting like your mother?  No, Ginger's my business.  Spill.

[Doorbell rings]

Kelly: Hey.  Sorry I'm late.  I know Blair's already with Addie, but I kind of wanted to talk to you a minute about Margaret.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Yeah?  All right, I'll be right there.  It's the paper, short man.  I got to go.  Are we cool?

Starr: Yeah, dad.

Kelly: Um, I just wanted to talk to you one -- just one second?  Todd?

Starr: So why are you mad at Ginger?  Is it Duke?

Adriana: Why would you say that?

Starr: I don't know, because Ginger talks about him, like, all the time.

Adriana: Because she's trying to break us up.

Starr: What did she do?

Adriana: She told Duke I was kissing Rex.

Kelly: Why would she make up a lie like that?

Adriana: It wasn't a lie.  It was true.

Rex: Uh, just so we get the order straight, Adriana kissed me and then I kissed her.

Duke: Like I'm going to believe that?

Rex: Well, you'd better because while you're sucking up to great-grandpa, Adriana's not standing by.

Duke: Son of a --

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey, hey!  Come on, what are you doing?  Sit down!  Jeez.

Duke: This isn't over.

Rex: Ok, you and Adriana seem to be.

Kevin: Ok, don't listen to this guy, all right?  He's a loser.

Antonio: I ought to take you out myself, talking about my sister like that.

Rex: I think Adriana's awesome.

Antonio: Right, stay away from her.

Rex: I'm not going after her.  But it's nice to know I'd have your blessings.

Antonio: Don't push your luck, Balsom.

Rex: Yeah, she's into the lug with the spurs, anyway.

Antonio: Like that's ever going to stop you.

Rex: I think your sister's a cute kid, ok, but she's not my type.  I like to party, not have to wake up next to somebody I'm going to be stuck with.

Antonio: I know the type.

Young Jessica: Can you help me?  Can you take me home?

Man: What's your name, little girl?

Nash: Hey.  Hey, hey, where did you get this?

Bartender: Some guy brought it in.  A  P.I. would be my guess.  I was going to snag the reward for myself, but she asked me not to.

Nash: She asked you not to?  Where did she go?

Bartender: Out back.  She seemed pretty upset.  That guy can find her some other way.

Nash: Who is this guy?

Bartender: Ask him yourself.

Nash: You, um -- you the guy looking for this girl?

P.I.: Yeah, for her family.  She goes by Jessica, but she also goes by Tess.

Carlo: Not exactly a beach read.  So I'll just take a stab at it.  You're attempting to build some kind of mind-control defense with that lovely attorney that was here, Evangeline Williamson?  You think I don't hear things?  Whose idea was it?  Yours or hers?

Cristian: If there's any chance of me walking, she'll find it.

Carlo: Oh.  Because your case is different from all the other mind-control alibis?

Cristian: No.  Because mine is true.

Carlo: Ok.  Operating under that assumption, who would want to control your mind, Doe?  Who would want to make you think you're Cristian Vega and kill for them?  Hmm?

Roxy: You trust Johnny Mc Bain, but that don't mean that you should.

Natalie: Why not?

Roxy: Because he's a guy and she's a hottie, and they're tighter than my new bustier.  You know, maybe that's just the buffalo wings and the curly fries that I had at happy hour.  Ooh.

Natalie: You know, Roxy, no relationship ends clean.  I mean, even that guy who said he was Cristian, our whole relationship was fake, but we still had stuff to talk about in the end.

Roxy: What if that guy had been Cristian?  You think you'd be standing outside of Johnny Mc Bain's door right now?

John: You really think that I kept the truth from Natalie just so I could be with her?

Evangeline: Maybe not consciously.

John: You don't know me at all.  I never planned a thing in my life.  Truth is I didn't know how I felt about her until now.

Evangeline: Then why aren't you telling her about Cristian now?

John: I tried.  She said she doesn't want to hear anything about it.

Evangeline: And you just left it at that because it works out so well for you this way.  No more guilt.  After all, it was her decision.

John: Let's get one thing straight.  When I was with you, it was just you.  I didn't let my head go to that place with Natalie or anyone else, not until long after you broke up.

Evangeline: Maybe your head didn't go there, but it looks like your heart did.  And the question is, where will Natalie's heart go when Cristian gets out of prison?

John: So that's it?  You want to get Cristian out so you can get back at me?

Evangeline: It's over, John.  Whether I take Cristian's case or not, Cristian hates that Natalie's with you.  And Natalie will hate you when she realizes what you've done. On

John: Is that what you want?

Evangeline: No.  No, actually, no, no.  I still care about you.  And I want you to be happy, even if it's not with me.  But I just -- I just can't see how this can make you happy when it's all based on lies.

John: So what am I supposed to do?

Evangeline: You only have one option.

John: Let her go?  Ok.  And what if things don't work out with Cristian?

Evangeline: At least you've spared her the pain of what you're doing to her by keeping this from her.

Adriana: I don't even know why I kissed Rex, except that I was mad at Duke and I was trying to prove a point.

Starr: What point?

Adriana: I don't even remember!  And then Rex kissed me.  Creep.  Now we hate each other.

Kelly: Because you kissed?

Starr: Is he a bad kisser?

Adriana: No.  I mean, I don't even care about the kiss!

Starr: Are you sure about that?

Adriana: Yes.  Except Duke doesn't know that, and now everything's messed up and it's all because of Ginger.  God, I could just scoop her eyeballs out with a spoon for telling him.

Starr: That's a little harsh, Adriana.

Adriana: What about what she did to me?

Kelly: Well, I'm sure Duke will understand.  I mean, you were upset.  It was a one-time thing.  It won't happen again, right?

Adriana: No way.  I can't stand Rex.

Kelly: Yeah, you keep saying that.

Adriana: It's true.

Starr: Ok, we get it.

Adriana: What am I going to do?  Kelly, you're close with Duke.  How do I make it up to him?

Kelly: Well, ok, um, you have to do something really, really big, something that he really wants, and something that's totally unexpected.

Starr: Yeah, but then what if he still thinks that Adriana's cheating on him?

Kelly: Starr, you're not helping.

Adriana: You really think he could forgive me?

Kelly: Of course.  You should hear how he talks about you, and it's not just what he says, it's how he says it.

 Adriana: I'm such an idiot.  Duke is, like, the greatest guy there is.

Kelly: Well, just let him know that and he'll forgive you, trust me.

Starr: So what are you going to do?

Adriana: I think I know.  Thank you.  I should've come to you first.  You're so good at this stuff.

Kelly: Oh, for everyone except myself.

Adriana: What do you mean?  I thought you and Kevin were back together.  Is it not working?

Kelly: Well, you know that thing that you were talking about doing to Ginger's eyes?  I would like to take a spoon to Kevin right about now.

Kevin: Kelly's upset at me again.

Duke: What'd you do this time?

Kevin: Well, you know how bad she wants to have a baby.  Apparently, Spencer Truman developed this new procedure that can allow that.

Duke: What's the problem?

Kevin: It's experimental, ok?  It could mean suicide for Kelly.

Duke: The risk is that high?

Kevin: She's downplaying it, but, yeah, I'm worried.

Duke: Well, then you got to stop her, dad.

Carlo: Surely you wondered who plucked you from oblivion to make you think you were Cristian Vega, to do all their evil deeds.  Or perhaps there is a bigger question -- why?

Cristian: Leave me the hell alone.

Carlo: I have work to do, anyway.  So, what are you going to say for the books, doe?  Or have you forgotten your manners along with your name?

Cristian: Please.

Carlo: Very good.  You might get out on good behavior -- in 50 or 60 years or so.  But good luck with your research, anyway.

Roxy: How many loose ends they got to tie up?  They've been in there a long time.

Natalie: Yeah, it has been a while.

Roxy: You know, I think you're too understanding.

Natalie: Just give them a few more minutes.

Roxy: Baby, what are waiting for, for them to get back together again?

Evangeline: This is a mess.  What am I doing here?  What am I doing in the middle of this?

John: What, you think I want to be in it?  I don't.

Evangeline: This is killing you, isn't it?

John: Better me than someone else.

Evangeline: So you're going to sacrifice yourself?  Add another secret to the ones you're already living with, just one more thing to keep from someone you care about?

John: And I have to live with it, not you.

Evangeline: She won't understand, John, not about this.  And that's why you haven't told her.  Not to protect her, but to protect you.

John: I got nothing to protect.  I got nothing to protect.  I went to see Cristian.  I told him it was time for Natalie to know the truth.  But he held me to my word and I walked out of there vowing that she would not learn his identity from me.  So if Natalie is destined to learn this, so be it. You do what you think is right.  I live with my decision.  I find women that have crazy busy lives.

Man: You got a name, honey?

Young Jessica: It's -- it's Jessica.

Man: Jessica?  That's real pretty, just like you.

Nash: Jessica Buchanan goes by the name of Tess?

P.I.: Yeah, it's an alias.

Nash: Sure about that?  Same person, huh?  They're not -- they're not sisters?

P.I.: Do you know something?

Nash: Oh, no.  No, no, no, just, hey, I could use that much reward money.  That's --

P.I.: Yeah, well, if you see anything --

Nash: Well, I probably won't, but, you know, I'll check it out.

P.I.: Uh-huh.

Nash: Yeah.

Rex: Bo told me not to ask any questions about Jessica, but come on, Jessica running away?  The only person more together than Jess is her mom.

Antonio: I can't get into it right now, Rex.  I just got to get her home, take care of the rest later.

Rex: If she wants to come home.  You sure she does?

Duke: Kelly knows all the risks involved with the surgery?

Kevin: She thinks Spencer Truman's so brilliant that nothing will happen.

Duke: There's something about that guy, dad, I don't know.

Kevin: I don't trust him either, but he's got Kelly convinced.

Duke: And she's that desperate again?

Kevin: What are you looking at me for?  It's her idea.

Duke: You've been wanting a kid again.

Kevin: Not if it means losing Kelly.  Come on.

Duke: Does Kelly know that?

Kevin: Of course she knows that.  I've told her a million times.

Duke: Well, it wasn't that long ago when you had her feeling like she'd lose you if she couldn't give you a child.

Kevin: All right, look, I screwed up.  I know that.

Duke: Well, you're going to have to convince her, dad, and before she goes into that operating room, or else it could be too late.

Adriana: It doesn't make sense.  Why would Kevin care who's helping you have the baby as long as it's his, right?

Kelly: Well, there are some risks.

Adriana: Bad ones?

Kelly: Well, there are risks in anything.  I mean, if you're not willing to take a risk, then you shouldn't get out of bed in the morning.

Starr: Yeah, and you think you'd be safe with all the bodyguards in the world, but --

Kelly: Oh, honey, I am so sorry.  I mean, here I've been going on and on about me and my stuff --

Adriana: I know, me, too.

Starr: No, guys, really, it's ok.

Kelly: I mean, you've been through something so horrifying.

Starr: It's ok.

Kelly: You're a lot tougher than I am, Starr.

Starr: No kidding.  But it was really nice not to think about that freak for a minute.  But right now I have to go finish up my homework and to see if I got any new IMs from a new, very hot guy at school, so --

Kelly: Ooh!

Starr: I'll see you guys later.

Adriana: Well, I have stuff to do, too.

Kelly: All right, I'll walk you out.  So how are you going to fix things with Duke?

Adriana: I'm going to rent a room at The Palace and make love to him.

Kelly: Oh, I -- um --

Roxy: So what's going on with you and Johnny?  And don't say nothing, because nothing don't take that long.

Natalie: Roxy, chill, ok?

Evangeline: It's ok.  John and I had something to discuss.  He can tell you himself, Natalie, or not.  His choice.  But you'll find out, sooner than later.

Roxy: Find out?  Find out what?

Natalie: Just let it go.

Roxy: Find out?  Aren't you dying to know?

Natalie: John will tell me.

Roxy: Or not.  You know, I think Rexy had the right idea.  I think Johnny is nothing but bad news for you.  Hey -- hey, I'm just trying to help here!

Natalie: So what did Evangeline want, huh?  I'm sorry, forget I asked.  I promised I wasn't going to do that, even though Roxy's trying to make me not trust you.

John: Maybe she's right.

Natalie: Why?  John, you and Evangeline --

John: No.  Nothing happened, not -- not what you think.

Natalie: Then what?

John: I want to do right by you.  And what's right is to let you go.

Nash: Hey, Tess?  You all right?

Tess: Uh, yeah, fine.

Nash: Ah.  So why'd you disappear like that?

Tess: I had a killer headache.

Nash: Why didn't you say something?  I mean, you didn't have to run out of the back.

Tess: I just needed some air, ok?

Nash: Yeah, the bartender said you seemed pretty upset.

Tess: Did he say why?

Nash: Nah.  No, he didn't say anything.  Sure you're all right?

Tess: It's just a headache, all right?

Nash: Well, let's get you to bed, then.

Tess: Nash?  Are we all right?

Nash: Yeah, Tess.  We're good.  We're great.

Antonio: If somebody can find Jessica, yes, she'll want to come home.

Rex: Ok, why'd she leave in the first place?

Antonio: Look, am I all over you about what's going on with you and my sister?

Rex: Nothing's going on with Adriana.

Antonio: Good.  Keep it that way.

Adriana: Surprised?

Duke: When you called and said to meet you here -- what's going on?

Adriana: What do you think?  Look, Duke, I never should've kissed Rex.  I was just being a brat.

Duke: It's ok.  If I hadn't been blowing you off for work --

Adriana: No, will you stop being such a nice guy and let me make things right?

Duke: That's what I should be -- doing.

Adriana: So you're not still mad at me?

Duke: Well, I don't know.  I mean, I might need a little more convincing.

Duke: I was never mad at you.

[Doorbell rings]

Kelly: Who is it?

Kevin: It's me.

Kevin: These are a peace offering.  I'm sorry.

Kelly: I'm sorry, too.

Kevin: You are?

Kelly: Yeah.

Kelly: Kevin, everything is going to be fine.  It's going to be better than fine.  It's going to be flying-colors great, and thank you, thank you for not fighting me on this.

Kevin: Kelly, I'm asking you -- no, I'm begging you -- don't go through with this surgery.

Kelly: Well, that's easy for you to say because you already have Duke.  I want a child of my own.  I miss Ace.  I miss being his mother.

Kevin: I know you do.

Kelly: No, I don't think you do.  I loved being pregnant.  I loved feeling our son inside of me, feeling his life, and -- and I loved him so much.  I want a child that is part of our love, Kevin.

Kevin: Look, we can adopt.

Kelly: No, we can't.  After what happened with Ace, no judge would ever approve us.

Kevin: We're not enough for you?  Huh?  Just the two of us?

Kelly: If that's all it can be, then fine, but I have to be sure.

Kevin: What happens if it kills you?  Look, I know you want a baby, ok, but what about everybody else?  What about all the other people who love you?  Not just me, but what about your family, too?  I mean, how much is a baby worth to you?

Kelly: Kevin?  I love you, too.

Evangeline: Hey.

Todd: Hey.

Evangeline: It's been a while.

Todd: Yeah.  Won any big cases lately?

Evangeline: I will.  One's coming up.

Todd: You care to expand on that?

Evangeline: I'm just in this for the drink.  I like my martinis dirty.

Todd: Yes, I remember.

Evangeline: You should.

Todd: Barkeep?

Evangeline: You never know when you might need me again.

Todd: Do you know something I should know?

Evangeline: Everybody's got their secrets.

Todd: Even you, huh?

Cristian: This is it.  This is what happened to me.  Guard!  I need to use a phone.  I need to get to a phone.

Guard: Take a number and get in line.

Natalie: You want to let me go?  Why would you want to do that? 

John: It's not about what I want.

Natalie: Is -- is this what you and Evangeline were talking about?  My god, that bitch!

John: Not that.  Don't say that.  It's not about that.

Natalie: Then what is it, John?  This afternoon we -- we were good, we were happy, and then Evangeline just comes strolling back in the picture?

John: It's not about Evangeline!  It's not about Evangeline.  It's about you and you not getting hurt.

Natalie: The only thing that is going to hurt me right now is you breaking up with me.

John: There are things you don't know.

Natalie: I'm ok with that.

John: You might not be if you knew the truth.

Natalie: John, stop overanalyzing this.  If you want to do what's right, this is right.

Natalie: You and me.  Us.

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Kelly: She's upstairs with the man of her choice.  And that man is not you.

P.I.: Jessica Buchanan is alive and well and calling herself Tess.

Carlotta: The sooner you forget about Jessica the better.

Jessica: You're stuck with me.  You'll never get rid of me.

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