OLTL Transcript Friday 9/16/05

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/16/05


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Man: That was a big old fat mama, boy.

Second man: I've never seen one that big.

First man: He was going to take a chunk out of your leg.  That's for sure.  Let's cut back over here.

Second man: Yeah.

Todd: Ok, Margaret.  I'm ready for you this time.

Cristian: Father Gregory.

Father Gregory: I know you haven't wanted to see me on my visits in the past --

Cristian: I want to see you now.  I want you to hear my confession.

Natalie: Thanks for this afternoon, buying out Rodi's for us.

John: And letting you beat me at pool?

Natalie: You know, I was trying to let you win.

John: Yeah, yeah, you're not that much better than me.

Natalie: Yeah, I am.  It's what you loved about me, right from the start.  Admit it.

John: Oh, is it?

Natalie: Mm-hmm.  Ok, what's wrong?

John: Nothing.  I just -- I thought we decided to keep this out of the office.

Natalie: Right, sorry.  Definitely.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah.

John: Hey.

Bo: Hey.  Come on in.  Never ends, does it?

John: What we do?  No, it doesn't.

Bo: Well, "The Killing Club" case isn't even cold yet.  Now, we've got Margaret Cochran on the loose.  We've got this smuggling ring going that -- get anything on the stakeout?

John: Uh -- nothing I can use.

Rex: Hey, Natty.  How you doing?  Good.  So you and Mc Bain still hot at it?

Natalie: Quiet, please.  John doesn't want it getting around the station.

Rex: Why?  He ashamed of you or something?

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Todd?  Todd?  Oh.  It's Dorian.  Come on in.  It's ok.  Thanks.

Dorian: No arguments.  You are my family, and I need to be here.

Blair: Be here for what?

Dorian: That was Margaret on the phone with Todd earlier, wasn't it?

Blair: No.  It was the police.  Todd went there to talk to them.

Dorian: Did you verify that?

Blair: Well, you -- you're asking me if I checked up on him?  No, I didn't.

Dorian: But you heard Starr say that Todd was keeping something from you.

Blair: Starr went through a horrible ordeal, Dorian.  She's panicking.  I don't want you to walk in here and start stirring things up in my life, all right?

Dorian: All I said was call the police station.

Blair: No, I'm not going to do it.

Dorian: Why?  Because you're afraid of finding out the truth, that Todd is lying to you once again?

Todd: Come on, Margaret, where are you?

Margaret: I'm right here, my love.

Adriana: Ugh.  Who is this that's into Duke's family business?

Asa: Oh, Duke.  Just the man I want to see.

Duke: What's up, grandpa?

Asa: I'm mighty proud of you, boy.  You saved the ranch.  You, my son, are the future of this family.  That's why I want you to be the first to know.

Duke: First to know what?

Asa: I got big plans.

Kevin: I can't believe the house was sold by the time we got there.

Kelly: Oh, that's all right.  It wasn't big enough anyway.  And there are better school districts.

Kevin: Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, ok?

Kelly: Oh, I know, I know, we haven't made anything official between us.  It's just that --

Kevin: No, that's not what I meant.  What I meant was is I love you and I want to be with you whether there's a baby or not.

Kelly: Can't help hoping, right?

Kevin: We can both hope.

Kelly: I just think we're in such a good place for this.  It feels so right.  Not like last time, you know.  I mean, we're in the perfect place to bring a child into the world.  God, thinking about children.  That poor baby that Margaret's carrying.

Kevin: What?  Don't think about that.  You can't think about that.

Kelly: I can't help it.  I mean, what kind of life is that kid going to have?  He's probably going to be born in prison, and Todd doesn't want anything to do with him.

Kevin: Well, I mean, that's a tough situation.

Kelly: Still, he's a part of Todd, he's a part of Starr and Jack and -- Blair should know about this.

Kevin: No, no, hold on.  I thought we weren't going to say anything.

Kelly: Still, if Margaret is caught and Blair finds out that she's pregnant, she's going to be blindsided.

Kevin: Let Todd tell her.

Kelly: I'm going back over there.  And if Todd hasn't told her, I'm going to do it.

Blair: Todd would not lie to me.  He gave me his word, Dorian.

Dorian: Right, for whatever that's worth.

Blair: Ok, ok.  I've had enough.  And you are going.

Dorian: No, I am not --

Blair: Yes, you are over here all the time, you're stirring things up, and I am not going to have it.

Dorian: Excuse me.

Blair: So, Dorian, just please go.  Spencer.  I'm sorry.  He's a friend of mine.  Thank you so much.  Come in.

Spencer: Hope I'm not intruding.  I've been in surgery all day.  I just wanted to stop by and see how Starr was doing.

Dorian: Oh, how nice of you to care so much.

Blair: Starr is -- she's fine -- physically.  But she's upstairs sleeping, and when I checked on her, she was tossing and turning, and I know what she was dreaming about.

Spencer: Well, I'm sure this must be bringing back a lot for you, as well.

Blair: I should have gone to the police immediately, the minute that she told me that she saw Margaret in Todd's office.  Then maybe Margaret wouldn't have tried to kill her.

Spencer: Listen, but she didn't, did she?  She's upstairs, she's with you, and she's safe, right?

Blair: Well, I can't help wondering what Margaret is going to do next -- or if she's going to do something next.

Dorian: Why don't you just ask Todd, ok?  Because I am sure that he knows more than he is telling us.

Blair: I'm warning you, Dorian.

Dorian: I am convinced that Todd knew that Margaret was back in town, and none of this horrible incident would have happened if he had just told someone!

Blair: I'm telling you right now he would have told me!  He would not lie to me!  Do you hear me?  Because Todd knows if he lied to me about something this important, something that would hurt our children, that I would never, ever forgive him.

Spencer: I came to Llanview wanting one thing.  Ended up wanting another.  I'll finish up what I came here for, and I will have you, Blair.

Dorian: Why don't you ask Spencer?  Spencer knows, don't you?

Spencer: What, me?  What would I know about it?

Dorian: You were the doctor who treated Todd when he had his accident, you know, when he was supposedly stabbed while trying to fix his car.  Please.  We know that wasn't an accident, right?  So what really happened, Spencer?  Margaret stabbed Todd, didn't she?

Todd: What's with the gun, Peggy?  I thought we had a deal -- no weapons.

Margaret: I'm so forgetful these days.  They say it happens in the third trimester.  Turn around. 

Todd: You're getting awful friendly there, aren't you?

Margaret: Well, seeing as we're going to be together soon, as we should be, as we're meant to be.

Todd: All right, why don't we just lose the gun.  You still don't trust me?

Margaret: Well, you did swear on the lives of Blair and those other children.

Todd: That's right, and I'm here.  Now, I'd like you to swear to me something, that you're never going to come near my kids again.

Margaret: Or?

Todd: Or I'll kill you.

Margaret: Oh, that's hardly a healthy way to start a relationship.

Todd: I think we're a little past that now.  Do we have a deal?

Margaret: Say goodbye, Todd.

Blair: Dorian, Spencer and I have already discussed Todd's accident.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Spencer, isn't it true that Todd's wounds could have been caused by someone stabbing him, someone like, let's say, Margaret?

Spencer: Well, I wasn't present when the wounds were inflicted.  Of course, the nature of the cut seems to be consistent with the description of the accident.

Blair: See?  Thank you.

Spencer: Oh, I will say this, though.  Todd Manning seems to love his family very, very much, and I don't think there's anything he wouldn't do to keep them out of harm's way.

Blair: Thank you again, Spencer.  I'm going to go check on my children.

Dorian: What are you up to, Spencer?

Todd: Ok.  You want to shoot me, go ahead.  I tell you what, that gun goes off and the sound carries across that lake and every sheriff's deputy for miles hears it.

Margaret: I didn't mean to say "goodbye, world," silly.  I'm talking about saying goodbye to Llanview.

Todd: So you're not going to shoot me?

Margaret: No! Well, I haven't really worked out all of our living accommodations yet, but we are going to go away. Won't that be nice? Oh, todd.

Todd: Toss the gun, Margaret. It's your turn to say goodbye, and not just to Llanview.

Man: Hey!  You got any matches?

Todd: No.

Man: You sure?  Ours are -- they're all wet.  We're looking for something to spark a fire.

Todd: I don't have any!  There's a marina down the way.  Why don't you try there. 

Margaret: What was that about trusting each other?  We seriously need some couples counseling.

Natalie: John would like to keep our relationship private, and I respect that.

Rex: Oh, yeah?  Oh, he didn't have a problem going public when he was with Evangeline Williamson.

Natalie: Well, look how that relationship turned out.  He's with me now.  Things are different.

John: So Gannon's mixed up in this trafficking operation.  How do we get to him?

Bo: So you did see something on the stakeout?

John: No, it was a bust, but this has got Gannon written all over it.

Bo: Oh.

Rex: Written over what?

Bo: Here's how it works, Balsom.  First, you knock. T hen you come in only if you hear me say "come in."

Rex: Bo, I thought we were cool, seeing as we're working together.

Bo: There is no "we."  See, you're not a cop.

Rex: But you got me working here.  My tip on manning and that wise guy pay off?

Bo: I'm working on that.  Now, if that's all, you got your choice of doors.

Rex: If that's your subtle way of asking me to leave --

Bo: Balsom --

Rex: I'm moving!  But if our next case is gunning for R.J., you know, I'm your guy, boss, huh?

Bo: What do you think?

John: I don't know.

Bo: Well, he came through for us before.

John: Yeah, he weasels himself into places real good.

Bo: Yeah, ok, well, we'll put our heads together and figure out the best way we can use him on this.

Officer: So, are you and Mc Bain working undercover together?

Natalie: They let the junior high out for recess today?

Officer: What are you saying, then?  That you and the lieutenant aren't playing hide-the-nightstick?

John: You guys got anything better to do, like maybe your jobs?

Officer: What's the deal with you two, anyway?

John: Nothing, end of discussion.

Cristian: Programmed to kill Tico Santi.

Father Gregory: I remember you coming to me and telling me you were an impostor, you weren't really Cristian Vega.

Cristian: I didn't know who I was.

Father Gregory: Have you had any memories since?  Did you remember who you are?

Cristian: Well, there was this DNA test.

Father Gregory: To prove you weren't really Cristian.

Cristian: But it didn't work out the way they thought.

Father Gregory: What are you saying?

Cristian: This test, this DNA test proved I am Cristian.

Father Gregory: Cristian.  It's really you.  Then -- I don't understand.  Why haven't you told anyone?

Cristian: What difference does it make?

Father Gregory: A huge difference to your family, and to Natalie.

Cristian: What, so she can waste the rest of her life waiting for me to get out of prison, which may never happen?  It was better she thought I was dead.

Father Gregory: Why are you telling me this now?  Cristian, did something happen?

Cristian: The only other person that knows the truth about me is now involved with Natalie.

Father Gregory: Involved?  Romantically?

Cristian: And I don't know what I want to do about it.

Father Gregory: You need to tell Natalie you're really Cristian.

Cristian: I can't!  Do you know what that would do to her?

Father Gregory: She loves you, Cristian.

Cristian: A man who's been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.  I can't do that to her.  My life may be over, but hers shouldn't be.

Father Gregory: You may be doing what you think is best for her.

Cristian: She'll give up everything for me, father, any kind of future she might have with someone else.

Father Gregory: And what kind of future would that be?  She's still married to you in the eyes of gGod.  If she does find someone else, she'd be committing adultery.

Cristian: She wouldn't know it, and god will understand.  Itís my sin, not hers.

Father Gregory: You can't play God with her life.

Cristian: I just want her to be happy.

Father Gregory: Then why are you so conflicted?  If Natalie has moved on, isn't that what you wanted?

Cristian: Not with the man that's wrong for her, not with John Mc Bain.

John: Will you give me that file on the Hartsook case.

Natalie: Yes, sir.

John: Natalie?

Natalie: Something else, lieutenant?

John: Are you all right?

Natalie: Me?  Yeah.  Great.  Never better.

John: All right, look, I'm not always -- I'm not always good at reading people's feelings, ok?

Natalie: Like you said before, there's nothing going on between us, so what could be wrong?

John: We agreed to keep a low profile, right?  I mean, that's what we told Bo.

Natalie: We agreed not to let it interfere with our work, not to deny it.  I mean, everyone, everyone knew about you and Evangeline.  So why do I have to be such a big secret?  It's not like you're ashamed of me.  Are you?

Asa: Kevin, I'm glad you're here.  This concerns you, too.

Kevin: What's going on?

Duke: Grandpa had an architect draw up some plans to move us all here and turn the property into a family compound.

Asa: I kind of got wind that you and Kelly were looking for new digs.  You don't have to now.  I got a place, right here, for you two.  There's a place for Duke, Bo, Clint.

Kevin: Why do you need to do this?

Asa: Well, you know what they say.  Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, and keep your family closest.

Kevin: I've never really heard it put quite like that before.

Asa: Well, this family is too spread out.  We've got to pull together, you know, like the old days -- circle the wagons, keep out the old enemy.

Bo: What enemy are you talking about, pa?  Margaret Cochran?

Asa: Hell, no.  That wacko?  I want to tell you something.  Duke here may have rescued the Cano deal.  But somebody was out there to kibosh it. Somebody's trying to put this family down, and I am going to find out just who.

[Knock on door]

Adriana: Rex.  Hi.  Come in.  What can I do for you?

Rex: Remember this?  You left it in my car last night.

Adriana: I was wondering what happened to it.

Rex: So what you working on?

Adriana: Oh, nothing.

Rex: Nothing's got you way stressed.  How can I help?

Adriana: Any good with computers?

Rex: Got good when I was working on plans for the love center.

Adriana: Ever work with encrypted files?

Rex: I'm your man.  Didn't want anybody stealing my ideas on the love center.  Besides, it's way cooler when you encrypt them.

Adriana: Well, what do you make of this?

Rex: Yow.  Somebody doesn't want people reading their files.

Adriana: Which is why I'm dying to read them.

Rex: Well, I'll work my magic, but I got to tell you, whoever encrypted this is a pro.  I mean, it could take all night.

Spencer: Do you suspect me of something?

Dorian: Yes.

Spencer: Oh, I see.  Davey has been singing my praises again, hasn't he?  Or was there something else?

Dorian: I'm absolutely outraged that you would as much as defend Todd and -- wait, you know, and it hurts me, really, that after promising me that you would support me as the chief of staff that now that awful Paige Miller has been promoted?

Spencer: I see what this is all about, right.  They asked me what I thought, and I said that your talents would be wasted as chief of staff, Dorian.  You've got such a striking presence.  No, in my opinion, you should be the public face of Llanview hospital.

Dorian: Thank you.

Blair: Hmm.

Spencer: You're welcome.  How are the kids?

Blair: Oh, they're sleeping soundly, thanks for asking -- thank goodness.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.  Well, I better be getting home.  I have some things that I need to attend to.  I will leave you in Spencer's very capable hands.  Oh, hi, Kelly!

Kelly: Hi.

Dorian: Got to run.  Bye.

Kelly: Bye.  Was it something I said?

Blair: Huh.  You know Dorian, always hands in everything.  So what's up?

Kelly: Um, have you heard from Todd?

Blair: No, not yet.  You know something about him?  Did you hear from him?  What?

Kelly: There's going to be a baby.

Margaret: I'm hurt, Todd.  I really am.

Todd: You're hurt?

Margaret: Look, I had to do it.  You lied to me.  Get up, act like a man!

Todd: All right!  All right.  I'll do what you say, I promise.  Believe me.

Margaret: Oh.  Well, actually, I do, because I'm going to make you keep your word this time.  March.

Rex: All right, well, some things look right together, seem like they should work but just don't.  It's not a fit, you know what I mean?

Adriana: I think so.

Rex: Ahem.

Adriana: So, coming up with anything?

Rex: Only way to know is to give it a try.

Adriana: Oh, my God, you did it!  You cracked the code!  You're amazing!

Dorian: What in the world is going on here?

Adriana: Uh, Rex was helping me with that project I was working on.  I don't know how to thank you.

Rex: I'll think of something.

Dorian: Goodbye, Rex.

Rex: I'll catch you later.

Dorian: What are you doing entertaining the likes of Rex Balsom, in my own home, after he tried to frame me for murder?

Adriana: He just helped us decode the file.

Dorian: You didn't let him see it, did you?

Adriana: No.  He didn't even ask.

Dorian: Great.  Well, what does it say?

Adriana: I don't know.  I just opened it a minute ago.  I haven't had a chance to look.

Dorian: I see.

Adriana: What is this?

Dorian: Looks like a series of articles.

Adriana: Years of them.

Dorian: All the way up to Buchanan enterprises acquiring Cano.  This is -- this is not what I expected.

Adriana: Where did you get this file?

Dorian: I told you, honey, I'm not at liberty to say.

Adriana: I think I have a right to know, seeing as how I deciphered it for you.

Dorian: It really isn't any of your concern.

Adriana: Ha!  How can you say that?  Duke is my boyfriend, and he's a major part of Buchanan Enterprises.  Why is somebody keeping tabs on everything the company has ever done?

Dorian: Why, indeed.

Blair: Who's having a baby?

Spencer: Actually, there's no reason why you shouldn't know, although, you know, you could use some good news anyway, right?

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: Kelly's obviously going to tell you, so --

Blair: Tell me what, Kelly?

Spencer: I have developed a procedure which can help women with kelly's condition carry a baby to full term.

Blair: That -- that -- is that true?

Kelly: Yeah, but --

Blair: That's great!  Oh, sweetie, that's just -- I'm so happy for you.  That is just great!

Kelly: Well, it hasn't happened yet.

Blair: No, but the fact that it can be done!  And here I thought you were going to walk in here and give me some bad news, and lord knows I could use some good news, and you did.  Thank you so much.  That's so great!

Kelly: Do you know where Todd is right now?

Blair: He's -- he's at the police station.

Spencer: And, as you told your aunt Dorian, he wouldn't be lying, right?

Kelly: Dorian thinks Todd's lying?

Blair: You know Dorian.  She thinks Todd lies about everything, but he -- you know, it's been a while, I'm a little worried, so I'll just go check.

Spencer: I'm glad you're sharing the good news with your family.  Was Kevin happy?

Kelly: Yeah, very.

Spencer: Then I think we should get started.  Why don't you come see me tomorrow?

Kelly: Ok, yeah, I'll be there first thing tomorrow morning.

Spencer: Ok.  You really did lift Blair's spirits, you know.

Kelly: Well, I'm glad I could help, but I -- I've got to go.  I'll see you tomorrow.

Spencer: Ok.

Blair: Where'd Kelly go?

Spencer: Oh, she -- she left.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: So did you get a hold of Todd?

Blair: Well, I left a message on his cell and then I tried the police station, and the person I talked to said that they hadn't seen him.  I -- I just don't know where he could've gone.

Todd: I'm sorry about the gun, Margaret.  I guess I just wasn't thinking about little Todd Jr., and I know he's what this is all about.  Right?

Margaret: Did you hear that, little T.J.?  Daddy's finally coming around.

Todd: So, why don't we talk now about what we're going to do?

Margaret: Yes, I want to do that, but just not here.  What about that island?  Could be our own private getaway, where you can't get away.  But it's too far and I can't swim.

Todd: Well, there's a marina down here.  Maybe we could get a boat.

Margaret: Yes.  A love boat.  That would be perfect to take us to our fantasy island, where I can have you all to myself.

Todd: Yeah.  We'd be alone.

Adriana: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take this straight to Duke.

Dorian: Does Duke know that you kissed Rex the other night?

Adriana: I can't believe you would use that against me.  Wow.  So much for mother-daughter bonding.  Why'd I even tell you?

Dorian: I'm glad you did, though I hope I made it clear that I think Rex Balsom is a lot worse than Duke Buchanan.

Adriana: But you're still going after Duke's family.  I mean, that's why you have this, isn't it?  I'm sorry, mom, they need to know about it.

Dorian: What are you doing?

Adriana: I'm calling Duke.

Dorian: No, you are not!  Put that phone down.  You are not going to tell anybody about this.  Is that understood?

Duke: I'd like to get my hands on whoever tried to tank the Cano deal.

Asa: I know, son, but we won Buchanan style.  That's why we all got to stay in one place all the time.

Duke: Yeah, grandpa, we'll talk about that later.  I got to go meet Adriana.

Bo: Yeah, don't -- don't build a house for me either, pa, all right?  I'm happy where I am right now.  Paige likes it, too.  She's moving in.

Officer: Commissioner?

Bo: Hmm?

Officer: We've covered the grounds.  There's no sign of Margaret Cochran anywhere.

Bo: Thanks.

Asa: I told you that witch wasn't here.

Bo: And you always deal a straight hand.

Asa: Yeah, well, I don't cheat at poker.

[Kevin laughs]

Asa: At least I got one player left for me.

Kevin: What?  Oh, no, grandpa, I'm sorry, but living here caused too many problems for Kelly and me.  We need our own place this time.

Asa: Well, I guess I have to call old Clint.  I can get his butt back from London, over here to Llanview.

Kelly: Oh, hi.

Kevin: Hey.  Did you talk to Blair?

Kelly: Uh, well, not about Todd and Margaret's baby.

Kevin: Why?  What happened?

Kelly: She just seemed so happy about the baby that we might have.

Kevin: The -- how did she hear about that?

Kelly: Well, it just kind of came out.  Spencer was there, and that's why he thought I stopped by, to tell her.

Kevin: So he told Blair?  So much for patient privacy.

Kelly: Oh, come on.  I know you don't like him, but he can help us.

Kevin: Oh, I know, I know.  You're right, it just -- I don't know, the guy makes me feel uncomfortable.  And it's not just because he was trying to snatch you away from me, either.

Kelly: Aw, he didn't stand a chance.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.  I'm going to go meet with him tomorrow.  What?  What?  Maybe this time next year, we'll have that baby that we always wanted.

[Kelly and Kevin laugh]

John: You think I'm ashamed of you?

Natalie: I don't know.  Are you?

John: Hey.  I was just trying to protect you from those idiots, you know, get them off your back.

Natalie: They didn't bother me.

John: But I did?

Natalie: John, I'm not asking you to send me flowers to work or blow me kisses across the room.  But I am proud to be with you.  And I don't give a damn who knows about it.

John: Neither do I.  But what do I got to do, prove it to you?

Natalie: That would work.

Cristian: John Mc Bain is no good for Natalie.  He almost got her killed a few times.

Father Gregory: And it sounds as if you need to do something about it.

Cristian: Well, what can I do, stuck in here?

Father Gregory: You were brainwashed, Cristian.  You stand a good chance of getting out on appeal.

Cristian: I should've been able to stop myself.

Father Gregory: How?

Cristian: I don't know, I don't know how.  Somehow, but I couldn't!  I was weak!

Father Gregory: You were a victim yourself.

Cristian: Even if I did get out, it wouldn't change what I did.  I killed Tico Santi.  That's still part of me.

Father Gregory: God will forgive you for it.  You just need to forgive yourself.  But you need to be yourself.  You're Cristian Vega, and it's time everyone knew it.

John: You want me to prove that I'm proud to be with you?

Natalie: You know, I was just going off. I don't care who knows.

John: I do.  Hey, everyone, listen up.  You all want to know what's going on with me and Natalie?  Well, this is what's going on with me and Natalie.

Officer: Whoo!

John: There.  Now, you all got it out of your systems?  Good.  Recess is over.  Now get back to work!

Cristian: I don't even know what being Cristian Vega is anymore.  He's a different person, another life.

Father Gregory: It's your life, Cristian.

Cristian: I've changed.  I can't go back.

Father Gregory: But you can move ahead.

Cristian: How?  How, after everything that's happened?

Father Gregory: Get help to live the life you were meant to live, have the love you deserve to have -- you and Natalie both.  I just have one last question.  How long do you think you could live with the lie that you're someone else, Cristian?  You're having trouble with it already.  Do you really think you can go on like this for the rest of your life?

Cristian: I thought I could.  But I don't know anymore.

Adriana: I can't keep it a secret from Duke that somebody's out there practically stalking his family.

Dorian: And what about our family?  What about me and David?  I mean, this file is critical to our future happiness.

Adriana: How?

Dorian: It just is.

Adriana: That's no answer.

Dorian: What in the world is duke going to learn from those files?  There's nothing in them but a bunch of articles, which any researcher could've come up with.  There's no state secrets, no -- no dirty laundry.  Come on, honey!  You know, there's -- there's nothing at all, and there is no reason why you can't promise me that nobody will find out about this file.

[Knock on door]

Duke: Hey.

Adriana: Hey.

Duke: Your work all done?

Adriana: Just about.

Duke: Is there something going on here I should know about?

Spencer: I'm sure there's a good explanation for it, you know?  I'm sure he's at the police station.  Maybe the person who answered the phone just didn't see him, that's all.

Blair: Maybe.  But thank you for once again being so supportive.  I really appreciate it.  And I'm so glad we could, you know, get past all that -- all that other stuff.  You know.

Spencer: You mean, when I admitted to you that I found you so incredibly attractive and all that?  Yeah.  Well, I still do.  But I know you're in love with Todd, so the best I can hope for is that we can be good friends, right?

Blair: Very, very good friends, ok?

Spencer: All right.

Blair: And I just appreciate you coming here and making sense out of everything.  I know that there's a good reason, you know, for everything that's going on, and I'm sure Todd is going to walk in that door any minute and just tell me that Margaret Cochran is out of our lives for good.

Todd: This island is going to be perfect, Margaret, huh?  It's a chance to be alone together.

Todd: What's the matter?

Margaret: I can't swim.

Todd: We've missed so much.  I want to share your pregnancy with you.

Margaret: Well, it's too bad that we missed our little childbirth classes, isn't it?  But, oh, well.  You've been through them before, haven't you?  You delivered little Jack, didn't you?

Todd: Yeah.

Margaret: Wouldn't it be wonderful if you brought our little T.J. into the world, too?

Todd: So, will you come out onto the boat with me?  Huh?

Margaret: Ok.

Todd: Huh?

Margaret: Ok!  I think it'd be wonderful.  It's going to be a night that I'm going to tell our son about every night when he goes to bed, and I'm going to sing him this little song that I wrote.  Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream it's a round, Todd.  Sing.  Row, row, row I said sing.  Row, row, row your boat

Todd: Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream

Margaret: Merrily, merrily merrily, merrily life is but a dream

Todd and Margaret: Row, row row your boat

Margaret: Gently down the stream merrily, merrily merrily, merrily life is but a dream.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: You're not just going to sit around and wait for Blair to come to you.  You're going after her.

Jackie: If Manning wants to take care of this Cochran broad, he'll do it himself.

Starr: What if Margaret had a baby?  Would that baby deserve to be loved?

Margaret: If you hurt me, you hurt this baby.

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