OLTL Transcript Tuesday 9/13/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/13/05


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Rex: Hey, I'm looking for a woman.

Bartender: Join the club.

Rex: Her name's Margaret Cochran.  Have you seen her?

Bartender: Not in here.  Sorry.

Marcie: You know, wanted felons don't usually hang out at The Palace hotel bar.

Rex: Hey, you never know when a long shot's going to pay off.

[Tess laughs]

Nash: I am choosing to put that down to you not having eaten today.

Tess: I wasn't hurting anybody.  I thought he had a comb-over, ok?  I had to say something.

Nash: Something?

Tess: Yes.

Nash: Yeah?  All right.

Tess: Well, this is the ugliest woman I have ever seen.  She looks like a barrel.

Nash: Fancy that!  It is a barrel.

Tess: Hmm.  Well, go on over the falls, honey.

Nash: Huh.

Tess: But I like this one.  It's pretty.

Nash: Yeah, French oak.  You have good taste.

Tess: Well, I picked you, didn't I?

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Tess: Mm-hmm.  I love you in this shirt.

Nash: Oh, you are just full of love today.

Tess: Today?

Nash: Uh-huh.

Tess: This week, this month.  I used to hate love.

Nash: Hmm.

Tess: Makes you weak.

Nash: Yeah.  That's why I never made any time for it until I met you.

Tess: Well, you have to love me more than Antonio loved Jessica.

Antonio: What do you mean, you tried Jessica all the way to California and then you lost her?  What are you, an idiot?  What the hell do I pay you for?  Yeah, I know how big it is!  Just keep looking!

Layla: Honey, I'm home!  Grab a load, roomie.  Ugh.  There's a truck coming in about an hour.  Just kidding.  This is it.

Antonio: Layla --

Layla: And you'd better put my name on the mailbox downstairs.  If we're going to sell the idea that we're a couple --

Antonio: Look, Layla, this isn't going to work.

Layla: I thought we were on the same page.  We're going to show the courts that we live in a stable, happy home life, and then you get Jamie back.

Antonio: Look, I -- I know why I wanted to do this.  But what's in it for you?

Dorian: Why would Spencer protect his so-called personal file with a special password?  Unless, of course, my future brother-in-law doesn't want anybody to know he's been tracking the activities of Buchanan Enterprises.  Oh, I feel like the worst kind of voyeur, but I'll get over it.

Blair: Margaret tried to kill Starr and she's going to try it again unless you find her.  Please, you have got to find her.

Bo: I've got an A.P.B. out for Margaret.  I've got men canvassing the area around "Craze."  Now, we're going to find her.

Blair: Well, you better do it before Todd does.

Bo: Well, then I think you better rein him in, because if he takes out Margaret on his own, then I'm going to have to charge him with murder.

Starr: I am the only person that you can't lie to.  You always say that.  Now, tell me.  Is Margaret having your baby?  Tell me the truth.

Todd: Ok, I will.

Marcie: So, Rex, why are you looking for Margaret Cochran?

Rex: Uh, official police business.  Something funny?

Marcie: Just the way you said "official police business."

Rex: You know I helped Bo put together the case against Daniel Colson?

Marcie: Yeah, that was because of Jen.  I don't understand why you care about Margaret Cochran.

Rex: I owe Bo a favor  Hey, you know how psychos think.  Where do you think this Margaret chick could be hiding?

Marcie: I don't know, Rex.  I'm a writer, not a profiler.

Rex: So, pretend you're writing Margaret.  Come on.

Marcie: No, I'm not writing about murder or death or sick, twisted psycho killers anymore.

Rex: What else is there?

Marcie: Well, there's plenty of things to write.  People read all kinds of things today -- Candace Bushnell, Amy Sedaris --

Rex: Never heard of them.

Marcie: I'm not surprised.

Rex: Hey, I'm in touch with my feminine side.  What do they write about?

Marcie: Themselves, men, the world, how absurd it is -- all the things that they think about, things like that.

Rex: Wow, and here I was thinking this couldn't bore me more.  Hey, just --

Marcie: Hey.  This is nice.  This would be a really great hemline on you.  Who's A.C.?  Who drew this?

Rex: She's just a friend.

Marcie: "She"?  Hmm, you're being very evasive.  She must be someone very special.  Who do we know who has the initials A.C.?

Rex: How many margaritas till you forget you ever saw that?

Marcie: Adriana.  It's Adriana Cramer.

Adriana: Is that my laptop?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Adriana: First you ask me how to burn a C.D., now you're using my computer?  What's going on?

Dorian: Oh, the wedding planner gave me a disc with some music suggestions.

Adriana: Please tell me you're not going to do harps.

Dorian: Actually, I love harps.

Adriana: Ugh.

Dorian: That is a brilliant idea.  I'm going to call her right now.

Adriana: Oh, no, please, I -- I really need the distraction.

Dorian: Has that Duke Buchanan done something horrible?

Adriana: Good night, mom.

Dorian: No, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  I was -- you're quite right.  I was wrong jumping to conclusions like that.  Please, please forgive me.  But -- but tell me what happened.  I might actually be of some help.

Adriana: I can't tell you, because it is about duke and you're just going to be happy and gloat.

Dorian: I never, ever gloat.  Now, please, tell me what happened.

Adriana: Ok.  So I was hoping to have this really special night with Duke, but he totally ruined it by running to work -- to work at B.E. he does it all the time.  And when he left, I got really mad and I did something stupid.

Dorian: What?  What?  What was so stupid?

Adriana: I kissed Rex.

Dorian: Rex Balsom?  Rex Balsom, who planted a gun in my office and tried to have me framed for murder?  Penniless Rex Balsom?  What are you thinking?

Adriana: I can't talk to you about anything!

Dorian: We are talking!

Adriana: No, no, no -- I'm talking, you're yelling, telling me I'm an idiot!

Dorian: You're not an idiot!  You aren't.  I'm -- I'm very sorry.  I mean, any man who stands you up gets whatever he deserves, all right?  Your instincts are impeccable.  Rex Balsom?

Adriana: Let's check out the music, ok?

Dorian: Um --

Adriana: Why are you spying on Duke's family?  Where did you get this?

[Knock on door]

Spencer: Wow.  Looks like I wasn't the only one to congratulate you on your first day as chief of staff.

Paige: Yours was the only gift to come with an implied threat.

Spencer: Balloons are a nice touch.

Paige: Well, Matthew and Bo came by to surprise me, wish me luck -- things that normal people do.  And I intend to make them very proud of me.

Spencer: And here I was worried that you weren't even going to accept the position.

Paige: Yeah, I almost did let you ruin it, didn't I?  But Bo helped me realize that I'm going to be the best chief of staff this hospital has ever seen.

Spencer: Wow.  Such confidence, such determination.

Paige: You really think you bullied me into this, don't you?  Word of warning -- you are not going to use my new position to further whatever sick agenda you may have.

Spencer: Wow.  Things really have changed, haven't they, Paige?

Paige: Yeah.  Bo and Matthew give me something you could never understand -- the strength to distance myself from you once and for all.

Spencer: All right, Paige, it really wasn't that bad and you know it.  Although, of course, there probably were a lot of times that you couldn't even really remember.

Paige: Bo's asked me to move in with him.  We've gotten closer, I think it's time.

Spencer: I think that would be a very bad mistake.

Bo: You know, Blair, you and I talk about the possibility of Margaret being responsible for Todd's stab wound.

Blair: It was an accident.

Bo: Did you ever follow up on that with him?

Blair: No, because he told me the truth.  You know, Bo, if you don't believe me, why don't you ask Todd yourself?

Bo: A maniac tried to kill your daughter.

Blair: I know that.  So why are you questioning me about Todd?

Bo: Because I am following up on every angle that I can.  See, I'm doing my job.  But you're yanking my chain over whether Todd's capable of lying to you.

Blair: Did you even think about maybe asking Starr's bodyguard some questions, huh?

Bo: Yeah, yeah.  Somebody whacked him on the back of the head from behind, and then he passed out.  Of course, maybe that was an accident, too.

Blair: Why are you doing this to me, Bo?

Bo: Now, Blair, listen to me. I'm trying to help you right now, and I can't if you and Todd keep playing games with me.

Michael: Mrs. Manning?

Blair: Oh, yes?  How's Starr?

Michael: I've got the results of her blood work if you'd like to go over them.  Um, is this a bad time?

Blair: No, no, it's not.  I really -- I want to see what you got.  Thanks.

Todd: You know I would do anything to protect you and Jack and your mom.

Starr: Yeah, anything but answer my question.

Todd: I'm trying.  You know, when Margaret had me trapped in that cabin and she was threatening to kill your mom, she --

Starr: Why is she doing this to us?  Please, dad, just tell me that that freakazoid is not having my baby brother.

Todd: Ok, ok, just calm down.

Starr: You don't understand.  All the kids at school -- they just started to lay off of me, and now this is going to make them start again.  What are we going to do, dad?

Todd: Listen, you need to take it easy.

Starr: I can't!  Mom can't handle this right now and she's going to turn out like grandma Addie.  I just wish that Margaret and her stupid baby would just go away and leave us alone!

Todd: Shh, shh.  I want you to forget about Margaret.  You and Jack are the only kids I am ever going to have.

Layla: This is a role of a lifetime for me.  That's what's in it.

Antonio: Yeah, but this is real life, Layla.  I could lose Jamie.

Layla: You'll get your little girl back and -- you will.

Antonio: Ok, why -- why do you care whether I get her back or not?

Layla: You know what?  Thanks a lot.  Because if this was Evangeline, not one person would question her motives.

Antonio: Yeah, but you're not Evangeline, and she would never volunteer to lie on the stand.

Layla: You were all up in Evangeline's face when she rained on our little setup.  And now you agree with her?  Why?  Because she's so perfect and I'm so not?

Antonio: Ok, look, I'm not going to lose Jamie because of some rivalry you have with Evangeline.

Layla: What rivalry?  Evangeline wins everything all the time.  If she wanted to act, she'd be on broadway in a heartbeat.  Have you heard the girl's voice?  It's so beautiful that it breaks my heart.  There is no competition between my sister and me.  She won a long time ago.

Nash: You know, let's go back to what we were talking about before, about how I have to love you more than Antonio loved Jessica.

Tess: Antonio had this great love for Jessica.  He thought that if he loved her enough he could save her, and he still thinks that if he loves her enough he can bring her back.

Nash: And you think that if I love you as much or more than Antonio loved Jessica, then I can save you?

Tess: I don't need saving.

Nash: Right.  Look, I am very sorry that nobody could save Jessica, ok?  I want you to know, to believe that I will do anything and everything I can to make you feel safe and to make you feel loved.  All right?

Bo: Mike, I'd like to talk to Starr if she's up to it.

Michael: Bo, I -- I don't know.  She's really upset.  You know, she might -- she might calm down if she speaks to her family first.

Blair: But she doesn't know where Margaret went.  She doesn't know any more than I do.  She doesn't know!

Bo: Starr may have overheard Margaret say something that could give us an idea of what her next move is.

Starr: What kind of lowlife would have a baby with Margaret?  A complete loser.  I'm just so glad it wasn't you.

Todd: Ok, now you have to promise me that you won't tell your mom that Margaret's pregnant.

Starr: Why not?

Todd: You have to promise me.  You can't tell anyone.  It's a matter of life and death.

Antonio: How do you know what it takes to raise a kid?

Layla: I was one, and I've worked with enough of them to know how it is.

Antonio: Yeah?  Hmm. Do you know -- do you know what this is going to cost you?

Layla: I thought it through.

Antonio: And if I actually get Jamie back, it's not going to end when I win custody.

Layla: What do you mean?

Antonio: Well, R.J.'s just going to wait for us to slip up, drag us back into court.  What about your social life?

Layla: I have no social life.

Antonio: Uh-huh.  Well, playing this game, you're not even going to be able to look at another person.

Layla: I blew through my social life in L.A. Maybe that's what's tripping you out.  You're still holding out for Jessica.

Antonio: Yeah.  Yeah, I am.  And I'm going to be here for her when she gets back.

Tess: That's a hell of a way to beat a cold.

Nash: Yeah, we could bottle that.

Tess: I'm hungry.

Nash: Again?

Tess: Well, I worked up an appetite.

Nash: Oh.

Tess: So what's the deal with these barrels anyway?

Nash: Oh, the French oak, kiln-dried, seasoned wood?

Tess: Wow.  I'm jealous of these barrels.  You should see the look in your eyes.  It makes that much of a difference?

Nash: Yeah.  Yeah, it does.

Tess: Hmm.  Well, then we're going to have to get ourselves some French barrels.

Nash: Well, they're also the most expensive, but it would be an investment in our future.

Tess: Our future -- I like the sound of that.

[Knock on door]

Tess: Oh.  I'll get it.  Honey, look, it's the guy that tried to rape me in the Hamptons.

Nash: Yeah.  Brucey.

Bruce: Hello, Nash.

Nash: Hi.

Bruce: I see things are looking up.

Dorian: Are you accusing me of obtaining this disc by unethical means?

Adriana: Yes.  Are you telling me you're above it?

Dorian: I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.

Adriana: You know, Duke's been really stressed out about something happening at work.

Dorian: Oh.

Adriana: Does that have anything to do with it?

Dorian: That's preposterous.  You saw the screen.  It was nothing but gobbledygook, and I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

Adriana: Well, that's because it's encrypted.

Dorian: Could you do anything about it?

Adriana: Probably.

Dorian: Wonderful.

Adriana: But I won't.

Dorian: Why ever not?  I mean, this could contain material that could be really important to David and my future happiness.

Adriana: Did David give you the file?

Dorian: Never mind.  It's fine.  I will get somebody else to help me.  Yes, indeed.  Then I will find out what secrets are contained in this.  And Duke and his family will never, ever know that, you know, the Buchanan Enterprise's secrets are, you know, just out there for anybody and everybody to decipher and read.

Adriana: I hate when you do this to me.

Dorian: Do what?  Arm you?  Give you information that could -- could inform why your boyfriend has been so stressed out lately?

Adriana: Ok.  Stop.  I can't fight with you and crack the code at the same time.

Dorian: Right.

Paige: Well, it's really none of your business whether or not I move in with Bo.

Spencer: Come on, Paige, you know I'll always care about what's happening to you.

Paige: You never cared about me while we were together.  And what is the big surprise here?  I love Bo and Matthew.  I mean, living together, being a family -- where did you think all of this was heading?

Spencer: You've always been a very intelligent woman, Paige.  I'm merely suggesting that you continue to be that way.

Paige: I paid for all the mistakes I made when I was with you.

Spencer: I'm not sure the commissioner would agree with you.  Would you?  You haven't paid for all of your mistakes, Paige.

[Knock on door]

Paige: Oh.

Bo: Am I interrupting again?

Spencer: I just popped by to congratulate Paige.  She tells me you've asked her to move in with you.

Bo: Yes, yes, I have, and I'm hoping that she'll say she will.

Paige: Actually, I've made my decision.

Starr: Why can't I tell mom?  I mean, if Margaret's not having your kid, then why do you care?

Todd: Because -- because if the police find out that she's pregnant, then they're going to go easy on her, and -- I want to see her punished.  I don't want anyone feeling sorry for her.

Starr: But when they catch her, they'll see that she's pregnant.

Todd: No, listen to me -- Starr! Look what she did to you, look what she did to your mother.  How do you think your mom would feel if she knew Margaret was pregnant?

Starr: She wouldn't want a baby to be born in jail.

Todd: Well, that's right.  So you've got to promise not to tell anyone.

Blair: Hey.  How are you feeling, huh?

Starr: I'm ok, mom.

Blair: You know, Dr. Mc Bain thinks it might be a really good idea if you talked to your dad and me about everything that happened over at "Craze."

Starr: I already told you everything.

Blair: Well, you -- you told us all the big stuff, sweetie, but you didn't -- you know, you didn't tell us what really happened and -- why don't you tell us everything, what scared you.  You don't have to worry, honey, we're here.  Don't be afraid, ok?

Paige: I thought about this long and hard, and I would love to move in with you and Matthew.

Bo: Well, that's what I want to hear.

Spencer: Well, I guess this is twice in one day I get to congratulate you, Paige.

Bo: Yeah, and we get to celebrate two things tonight, huh?  I got to get back to the E.R., though.

Paige: I'll see you later.

Bo: Ok, yeah -- at home.

Spencer: Good luck.

Paige: I don't need luck, Spencer.  I have Bo and Matthew, and I'm the new chief of staff.  It's funny how your life can turn around once you clean up your act.

Spencer: And it's a shame how the sins of your past come back to bite you in the ass.

Spencer: Oh, Paige.  You are so incredibly predictable.

Dorian: Wow, this espionage thing is really exciting.

Adriana: Somebody really knew what they were doing when they encrypted these files.

Dorian: You mean we're not going to be able to read it?

Adriana: An encryption key can take over a thousand characters.

Dorian: But, honey, David's waiting for me upstairs.  I mean, is this going to take a lot more time?

Adriana: Where did you get this disc, anyway?

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Um, excuse me.  Keep working.  La Boulaie.  Oh, no.  What are her vitals?  I see.  I'll be right there.  Bye-bye.

Adriana: Who was that?

Dorian: Starr has just been brought to the hospital.

Adriana: What?

Dorian: Yes.  Something happened at the "Craze" office, and they brought her in for observation.

Adriana: But she's ok?

Dorian: I hope she will be.  It's so funny because Todd had this feeling that something was going to happen to her down at "Craze," and for once he was right.  I better get to the hospital.

Adriana: Well, I'll come with you.

Dorian: No, no, no.  You keep working.

Adriana: Keep me posted.

[Door closes]

Marcie: You like Adriana Cramer.

Rex: Ok, detective, "A.C."  is Adriana Cramer.  Can you keep it down?

Marcie: When did you guys get so close?

Rex: When did this get to be any of your business?

Marcie: I thought that she was dating Duke Buchanan, not that it's unlike you to snake another guy's girlfriend.

Rex: Yeah, I see where this is going.  You should write comedy.

Marcie: Am I wrong?

Rex: Adriana and I are just friends, like you and me.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

Rex: Only she doesn't make me want to punch myself in the face the way that you do.

Marcie: Oh, Rex, that's so sweet.

Rex: I'm not looking for romance right now, ok?  Probably never will be again.

Marcie: Because of Jen?

Rex: Because of -- yeah, because of Jen.

Marcie: Look, I know that Jen would want me to have other friends right now that she's gone.  She'd want you to move on, too, rex.

Rex: Well, that's great for you, but it's different for me.

Marcie: You don't think that I swore up and down that I would never fall in love again after Al died?  I felt like it would be a betrayal if I fell in love again.  But Jen made me realize that it wouldn't be a betrayal and that Al would want me to be happy.

Rex: So you fell in love with Michael?

Marcie: I did.

Rex: So if love's supposed to be better the second time around, why aren't you and Michael together anymore?

Starr: I was waiting for Ginger when she turned off all the lights and she was just saying all these things to me.  They were really scary.

Blair: Well, what did she say?

Starr: She -- I don't know.  She was just saying things that didn't make sense.  It was all just very scary, and then -- then she threw me across the room and I guess I fell and hit my head.  And then when I woke back up, she tried to stab me and I got away.

Blair: You are the bravest girl in the whole world, sweetie.

Starr: And that's it, really.

Blair: You are so --

Todd: Yeah, Blair.  Our little short man's a brick, isn't she?

Blair: She sure is.

Todd: Nobody can mess with her.

Michael: Hey there.  I'd like to check up on the patient.

Blair: Ok.

Michael: So if you could just wait outside?

Blair: No, I'll -- I'd like to stay here, please.

Starr: Mom, I'm not a kid anymore.

Blair: I know, sweetie, but I just, you know --

Starr: I'm ok, and I love you.

Blair: I love you.  Take care of her.

Michael: Absolutely.

Bo: How's she doing?

Blair: She's better.

Bo: You have any run-ins with Margaret Cochran in the past couple weeks, manning?

Todd: No, and I know you haven't either.  You've had six months to track this lunatic down, you and your sorry excuse for a police force.

Bo: You didn't answer my question.

Todd: You didn't protect my daughter!

Bo: Let me explain to you how the system works.  You give us all the facts, we do our job.  You suppress evidence, you try to take care of things on your own, people get hurt.

Todd: Ok, I don't know where Margaret is.  If I knew where she was, I'd --

Blair: What, huh?  What?

Bo: What would you do if you could find Margaret?

Todd: Call a keystone cop.

Bo: You want to protect your family?  Tell me everything you know about Margaret Cochran.  What are you really up to, Manning?

Marcie: Come on, give me your phone.

Rex: What?

Marcie: Your cell phone -- give it to me.  Come on.  Thank you.  I am willing to bet that you still have Jen on your speed dial, and I think it's about time that you got rid of it.

Rex: Marcie --

Marcie: No, just shut up and close your eyes.  Close your eyes.  Ok, now, I want you to imagine that Jen is here right now, and I want you to talk to her, ok?

Rex: That's stupid.

Marcie: No, it's not.  Come on.  I used to talk to al all the time when he died.  It really helped.  Now, I want you to tell her about the phone.

Rex: Jen, I still have your number on my speed dial, even though Lindsay disconnected it months ago.  Because I still miss you.

Marcie: What is she doing?

Rex: She's laughing at me because I've turned into a whiney, emotional bitch.

Marcie: I want you to ask her if she can let you erase it.

Rex: Look, this is lame.

Marcie: No.

Rex: Jen's not here, ok?

Marcie: No, come on, Rex.

Rex: I got to go.

Marcie: Rex, wait up!  I miss you, too.  Ok.  "Writers should journal.  Start an entry with a question about your own life."  Oh, great.  "Why aren't Michael and I together?"

Rex: Hey.  Have you ever seen this woman around here before?  Her name is Margaret Cochran.

Waiter: Oh, yeah.  You know, I've never actually seen her, but I heard someone talking about her.

Todd: If you want me to pretend that I wouldn't like to see Margaret swinging from a tree, it's not going to happen.  I want her dead, but I'm not stupid enough to kill her myself.

Bo: You've done dumber.

Todd: I promise, that Todd Manning is gone for good.

Blair: Look, and I believe him.

Bo: Yeah, but you believed he stabbed himself changing a tire, too.

Blair: Todd plays by the rules now, Bo.

Michael: Starr is just dozing off if you'd like to go see her.

Blair: Yeah, I do.

Bo: You know, if I knew somebody that was going after Paige or Matthew, I think I'd look for a little frontier justice myself.

Todd: Yeah, that's because your dad's a redneck.  Some of us are more rational.

Bo: Look, I know you've had contact with Margaret and you didn't report it.  Now, that's obstruction of justice.  Maybe I should do you a favor right now and lock you up just for your own good.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Do what you got to do.

Bo: Buchanan.

Rex: Hey, I just talked to a waiter at the palace who said he heard Todd Manning talking to some guy about Margaret Cochran.

Bo: Did you get a description?

Rex: Gray-haired guy in his late 40s, well dressed.  Waiter said he had a New York-connected-guy feel to him.

Bo: I think I might know this guy.

Rex: Waiter said he heard manning say something about an extermination project.

Bo: Very good.  Stay on it, ok?

Todd: Are we finished?

Bo: Tell me about your meal with Jackie Mc Naughton.

Todd: Never heard of him.  I'm going to say good night to my daughter.

Antonio: I don't know when Jessica will be back.

Layla: After you get custody -- and you will, with my help -- you can go find Jessica and I'll hold things down here with Jamie.

Antonio: But R.J.'s going to come sniffing around.

Layla: R.J. Can ask all the questions he wants.  You'll have custody.  So, you see, there is no downside here.

Antonio: All right.  All right, I'm in.  You win.

Layla: Jamie wins.  So where do I put my stuff?  I'm assuming the social worker will be sniffing around, and it can't be like the last time I stayed here.

Antonio: No, we -- we need to make this place look like a --

Layla: Like -- like home?

Antonio: Right.  You can put your stuff in Jamie's closet.

Bruce: You know, when you shack up with someone, you don't actually have to use a shack.

Tess: Um, are we talking to this dirtbag, Nash?

Nash: Bruce is a business associate.  I was on my way to meet him the day I met you.

Tess: And that was the same day that he roofied me and tried to get into my pants.

Bruce: Like that's an exclusive club?

Nash: Bruce, I mean it.  Tess, would you give us a moment, please?  Please?  Thank you.  How'd you find me?

Bruce: Your friend Fred is not that much of a friend.  I mean, you hired me to take care of a problem.  I did my part . Now I want to get paid, my friend.

Layla: I'm assuming it's the same sleeping arrangements as the last time?

Antonio: I'll take the couch.

Layla: Smile.

Antonio: What are you doing?

Layla: If we're going to be a couple, we have to have some special touches.  You might want to find another place for that.

Nash: It's all there.  You want to count it?  When's it going to get done?

Bruce: Well, this isn't an exact science.  Not too long.  I'll be in touch.

Nash: Yeah.

Bruce: Blondie.

Tess: Pig.

Nash: I -- I wouldn't be doing business with Brucey unless I absolutely had to.

Tess: Well, why do you have to?

Nash: Old business.

Tess: Great.  Ok.  Well, then he'll be history.  So, let's fill out this form for the French barrel, then.

Nash: The factory-fired barrels are more cost-effective.  Higher profit margin.

Tess: Oh.  Ok.

Spencer: Did we admit someone from the Manning family?

Michael: Starr  Manning.  She was attacked by a woman named Margaret Cochran.  Her mom's in there with her right now. I -- excuse me, doctor.

Paige: It sounds like Starr Manning's going to be just fine.

Bo: Good.

Paige: See you at home later?

Bo: I like the sound of that.

Paige: Me, too.

Dorian: Dr. Miller.

Paige: Dr. Lord.

Dorian: So what else are you up to?  Doing anything at all to protect my niece and her children?

Spencer: I came to Llanview wanting one thing.  Ended up wanting another.  I'll finish up what I came here for, and I will have you, Blair.

Todd: I want you to run something in the classified-ads section for me.  Ok, it should read, "Peggy, you win.  Contact me.  T.J.'s dad."

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: You and I need to talk about Margaret.

Carlo: Why shouldn't his wife be yours?

Cristian: She's with someone else now.

Natalie: There's nothing that you could ever do that would make me walk out on you.

Nash: I'd like to find out everything you can about Jessica Buchanan.  

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