OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/30/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/30/05


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John: I can't do this.

Na lie: Why not?

John: There's something I need to tell you.

Nash: What you thinking about?

Tess: That right now being here with you is the happiest I've ever been, and that I never want to go back to Llanview.  That part of my life is over.

Rex: Hey.

Antonio: Hey, can I get you something?

Rex: Yeah, just a beer.

Antonio: Nelson, get me a beer?

Rex: Better make it two.

Antonio: I know the feeling.

Duke: Hey.

Rex: Maybe you should just bring the keg.

Duke: That was a nice hello.

Adriana: It could get a whole lot nicer.

Duke: Is that what I think it is?

Adriana: The bra you gave me to replace the one you blew up in Argentina.

Duke: Yeah, and what a sexy replacement it is.

Adriana: Are you looking forward to our weekend at Bayberry inn?

Duke: I can't wait.

Adriana: Let's not.  Letís go tonight.

John: I have kept this from you too long, to protect you . That's what I told myself, but I can't do it anymore.  I -- I need to get it out in the open, and then maybe there's a -- a chance for us.

Natalie: John, you're scaring me.  Can you just tell me what it is?

John: It's about Cristian.

Kevin: Todd!

Todd: Stay out of this!

Kevin: Just -- Margaret?  Oh, my God.

Duke: Now, I could get used to this.

Adriana: Me, too. Remember how we kept coming up with reasons not to put this fabulous lingerie to good use?

Duke: I vaguely remember something to that effect, yes.

Adriana: Well, I think it's time to stop making excuses.  No more talking about spending the nit together.  I want to be with you.  I want you to make love to me.

Antonio: This one's on the house.

Rex: Yeah, love's for idiots.  Not that Adriana isn't hot.  And I am edgy.  Chicks like edgy, right?  They like bad boys.

Ginger: We do.  It's what excites us.  But they actually have to be bad.  They can't just act like they are.

Rex: Thanks for the tip.

Ginger: So, who are you jonesing for, Rex?  Who's got you so twisted?

Natalie: Look, John, I -- I know all about Cristian, and I know what you're thinking.  I want you to let it go.  Please.

Cristian: Wow.  I'm Cristian.  I got a family, a wife.  This changes everything.

John: Yeah, it does.  And what does this do to Natalie?

Cristian: No, you can never tell Natalie.

John: You don't understand.  It's not what you think.

Natalie: John, Cristian was my world, and I'll never forget about him.  But I didn't survive that horrible pit by holding on to my memories of him.  I was thinking of you, thinking that I couldn't die without ever seeing you again.  And I knew that you were looking for me, and if there was a way to save me, you would.  And you did.  Why can't we just make this moment about us?

John: I want that, too, but --

Natalie: But what?

John: You didn't let go of Cris because you stopped loving him.  You let go of him because you had to.  But you didn't know everything. You don't know the whole story.

Natalie: John, Cristian's dead, but we're not.  We are very much alive.  We're together.  I mean, -- I don't want to waste another second.

John: That's just it.  He's not.

Natalie: Not what?

John: Cris isn't dead.

Kevin: You're pregnant?

Margaret: Yes.  And you're the godfather, Kevin. Maybe you can talk some sense into daddy here.  He isn't being very fatherly to his son and heir.

Todd: Bitch.

Kevin: Oh, for god's sake, Todd!

Todd: Ah!  I'm going to tear her head off, Kevin.

Kevin: No, you're not.  Just -- just hold on a second.  Explain what's going on to me.  What are you doing here, Margaret?  What do you want?

Margaret: Oh, Todd was very surprised that his little fish could still swim.  He couldn't contain himself.  Oh, the idea of little Todd Manning Jr. growing inside of me --

Todd: I'm going to kill you, Margaret.  I'm going to kill you and that little kid growing inside you.

Kevin: You're not going to kill anyone.

Todd: Watch me.

Kevin: No, no.  She's carrying your child, for crying out loud.

Antonio: Look -- look -- it's over.  Listen, you're the P.I., ok?  She's got to be -- she's got to be someplace, damn it.  I would be out there searching myself if I didn't have a situation here.  My daughter, I told you.  Look, I got everything on the line here, all right?  My daughter, family business.  I can't risk it.  Jessica would have nothing to come home to, so you get back to me as soon as you find something out.

Rex: You keep staring at them, your hair is going to catch on fire.

Ginger: Huh?

Rex: Duke and Adriana?

Ginger: Please remind me why I agreed to go out with you that night.

Rex: It was a rip-roaring success, as I recall -- you swooning the night away over the young prince over there.

Ginger: Me, swooning?  You spent the entire night gawking at Adriana.  I thought your eyes were going to explode.  It was so obvious, it was a joke.

Rex: No idea what you're talking about.

Ginger: Oh, yeah, right.

Rex: Adriana is a nice girl.  Tonight she's dressed like a nice girl who wants to treat her boyfriend right.

Ginger: She's flashing it, all right.

Rex: And the downside of that would be?

Ginger: You're drooling, sweetie.

Rex: Hey, I'm single.  I'm not dead.

Ginger: Neither am I, if you haven't noticed.

Rex: Thanks for the heads-up.  Antonio, keep an eye on this?  I'll be right back.

Antonio: What can I get you?  Oh.

Ginger: Hey, what's up?

Antonio: Ginger, right?

Ginger: Good memory.  So, how's Jessica?

Antonio: Better question -- how's Tess?

Nash: A toast.  To all that you are.

Tess and Nash: Ooh.

Tess: This is interesting, being in a flyover state without flying over it?

Nash: Whole other experience completely.

[Tess laughs]

Tess: Yes, it is, kind of like turning back time.  It's all very turn-of-the-century.

Nash: You know, there is something to be said about traveling across the land on the land.

Tess: Hmm.

Nash: Makes it more real somehow.

Tess: Yeah.  And tomorrow we'll get back on the train and --

[Tess sighs]

Tess: Continue our trip.

Nash: Uh-oh, a sigh.  Good sigh?  Bad sigh?  Sigh of relief?

Tess: Not at all.  I don't know, I know that I'm usually the girl who likes crowds and big parties and loud music and all that stuff, but I -- in this room in middle America, of all places, I kind of feel like you and i are the only people in the whole world.

Nash: And that is the way I like it.

Tess: Me, too.

Nash: Yeah?

Tess: Yeah.  You know, just ever since I decided to go out on my own, I was just moving from place to place to place, and I wanted to figure things out alone.  But now that -- I don't know -- we're actually going somewhere, we have a goal, and I get to go there with you, I -- it feels right. I didn't expect it to feel that way.  I'm not used to this feeling, and I don't know what to do with it.

Nash: Well, how about just enjoying it?

Tess: Wow.  Wish I could.  I wish I could, but it scares the hell out of me, feeling this happy.  You know that, Nash.  I've told you that before.

Nash: Yeah, you have, but I still don't get it.  Tess, why do you do this to yourself?

Tess: Because I have hurt people badly, and I've been reckless and selfish.  I just figured I was entitled to whatever I want, and to hell with everybody else.  I don't know, sometimes I feel like I don't deserve --

Nash: What, the good stuff?  Stuff like me?

Tess: Especially you.

Nash: Hmm?

Tess: The feeling that I get when I'm with you.  If you knew about half of the things that I've done, you'd leave me.  You'd never look back.

Natalie: Don't do this, John.

John: You got to listen to me, Natalie.

Natalie: No!  No!  See, I don't want to.  I don't want to hear it, not ever again.  The Cristian I knew is gone.  Nothing can change that.  Nothing can change the feelings that I had for him before everything went wrong, ok?  The life we had, the love we shared is over.  And if Cristian came walking through that door right now, I would tell him that the only man I want to be with tonight and every night is John Mc Bain.

Margaret: We can have everything, Todd.

Kevin: Are you out of your mind?

Todd: Ah!  Ah!  Get off!

Kevin: No, you're not killing her!  She's carrying your child, you idiot!

Todd: I'm warning you, Kevin.

Margaret: Oh, no, no, listen to Kevin.  He's right!

Kevin: You're not killing anyone.

Kelly: Kevin?  Kevin, are you all right?

Margaret: Shall we go tell Kelly our good news?

Ginger: Why are you looking at me like that?

Antonio: I'm just putting everything together.

Ginger: Putting -- I don't get it.

Antonio: Sure you do.

Ginger: No, I don't.

Antonio: Tess.  I know who she is now.

Ginger: Oh.

Antonio: Yeah, so now you know what I'm saying?  You understand what I'm talking about?

Ginger: You know that Tess and Jessica are the same person?

Antonio: How long have you known?

Ginger: A while.  But if you're going to yell at me, I --

Antonio: I'm not going to yell at you.  But I am going to ask something else of you.

Ginger: What?

Antonio: I want you to tell me everything you know about Tess.

Adriana: So the way I see it is the weekend's so far off, why don't we just go to a hotel tonight, get a room at The Palace?

Duke: Tonight?

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Duke: Ok, so where is all this coming from?

Adriana: Duke, how many times have we put this off?  Maybe it's because we keep planning it.  So let's just be spontaneous, forget all the plans and details, and just be together.  Isn't that what we've been waiting for months?

Duke: Adriana, I --

[Phone rings]

Adriana: Tonight of all nights, can we just please turn the cell phone off?

Duke: I'm right in the middle of a really important deal at B.E.

Adriana: I know, but --

Duke: No, it's very important for my family, especially my dad and kelly.


Duke: They've had a rough time of things lately, to say the least, ok?  I'm working hard to make it right for them.  Ok, if I can take care of this tonight, then the weekend will be totally free.

Adriana: Just take the call, Duke, ok?  Just take it.

Duke: I'm sorry.

Adriana: Yeah.

Duke: Hello?  Speaking.  No, no, no, thanks for returning my call.  Yeah.

Natalie: You're not saying anything.

John: Read this.

Natalie: This is about Cristian.  I don't care.  Don't you understand?  All I care about is you.  I am alive because of you.  I have a second chance, and I -- I have to thank you for that, not anyone else.  I never thought that I'd ever be able to feel this way again for anyone.  But I do. I think that we've waited long enough for this.  Too long.  Kiss me, John.

Kevin: I'll be there in five minutes, Kel.

Kelly: What's going on?

Kevin: Nothing, just a little trouble.

Kelly: Are you ok?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.  Just go in and lock the door, please.

Kelly: Ok.

Todd: Ok, ok!  Ok, you win.  I'm cool.  I'm cool.  Let me go.

Kevin: All right.

Todd: Get in there with Kelly.  Pretend this never happened.

Kevin: You let Margaret go, too.

Todd: Kelly's waiting.

Kevin: Oh, come on, Todd.  Just get back to your life.  It's not worth it.  Let the police handle it.

Todd: Well, well, well.

Margaret: Did you really think that I wouldn't have a gun, Todd?

Margaret: Sometimes I wonder why I even bother, you know?

Kevin: Just put the gun down, Margaret.

Margaret: But then sometimes I think of little T.J., and how wonderful life would be if you would just open your eyes!

Todd: You're not going to live long enough to see that kid, Margaret.

Kevin: What are you doing?  Do you want her to shoot you?

Margaret: It doesn't have to be this way.  Maybe I just fell in love with the wrong person.  But you can't run away from what you've done, and from this precious little baby that you have created inside of me.

Kevin: Hey!  Where are you going?

Todd: She's going to use that gun on my family!  She's going to kill Blair!  Now, don't you dare tell anyone about this.  Don't tell Kelly, anyone!  You understand me?  You owe me!

Kevin: Kelly, it's me.  Open up.

Kelly: Hey.  You're as white as a sheet.  What happened?  Who was that?  Who was fighting?

Ginger: I haven't seen Tess in weeks.

Antonio: Really?

Ginger: I've got no reason to lie to you.

Antonio: Then I have some other questions for you.

Ginger: Like what?

Antonio: Who is she?  What is she like?

Ginger: She's amazing.  When I came to Llanview, I didn't know anybody.  She just took right on over and showed me around, and we really hit it off and hung out, partied.

Antonio: So you've seen her with other guys, obviously?

Ginger: Yeah.

Antonio: Anyone that she was interested in?  Anyone special?

Ginger: Not that I know of.  I mean, no one special, no.

Antonio: But you two were close?  I mean, she would've told you if she had seen anyone?

Ginger: Maybe, maybe not.  We didn't have all that close a relationship.  Although, there was a time was a time that she really came through for me.  We were at this bar and this guy got a little too friendly, and she got rid of him quick.  She was a real nice girl.  Yeah, and if she liked you, she would do anything for you.

Antonio: You think you'll hear from her again?

Ginger: Nah, I doubt it.  I mean, when she told me about her thing, you know, her personalities, it just was never the same then.  I really miss her, though.  There's not much else I can tell you.  You know, I'm still confused about the whole thing myself.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I understand.

Ginger: So, is Tess -- Jessica -- ok?

Antonio: Well, so long as Tess is around, Jess is never ok.  Not at all.  And right now I can't find Jess.

Ginger: So you think Tess is --

Antonio: Trying to take over for good.

Ginger: Would that be such a terrible thing?

Antonio: For Jess and me, yeah.

Ginger: Oh.  I'm sorry.

Antonio: Thanks for being straight with me.

Adriana: Hey, Ginger.  Alone?  No date tonight?

Ginger: Nice outfit.

Adriana: Yeah, a lot of good it did me.

Ginger: What's that supposed to mean?  What's the problem?

Adriana: I had this idea that I would come in here tonight, and after, we would -- you know.

Ginger: He turned you down?

Adriana: Well, he was about to say yes, but then he got that call and decided that Buchanan Enterprises comes first.

Ginger: Are you sure that was the real reason?

Adriana: What do you mean?

Ginger: Maybe he's not into overkill.

Adriana: Excuse me?

Ginger: Maybe you tried too hard.

Adriana: You wouldn't know what duke was into if your life depended on it.  And a couple more comments about my outfit, and it will.

Ginger: Look, I'm just trying to help.

Adriana: Well, why don't you back off and mind your own business?

Ginger: Look, you don't who I am, who I know, or what I can do.  But one thing I'm not is some prissy convent girl posing as someone I saw on TV.

Duke: Bad news, Adriana.  Hey, Ginger.  You ok?

Adriana: What's your news?

Duke: Uh, I have to go into the office.  One hour tops, I promise.  Hey, Adriana, wait.

Rex: Some speech.  Any of it true?

Nash: Tess, we -- we all have stuff that we'd like to forget about.  Come on, besides, whatever happened to living for the moment, huh?  Hmm?

Tess: You are right, you know that?  You're pretty smart.

Nash: Oh, yeah?

Tess: You're right.  I just -- I've done bad things and I can't undo them, so why get all emotional about it?

Nash: Hmm.

Tess: Just focus on the trip ahead of us, focus on the future.

Nash: How about just focusing on right now, hmm?

Tess: I think I can handle that.

Nash: Oh, yeah?

Tess: Mm-hmm.

Nash: You know, when I think about how close we got to never seeing each other again -- I mean, even the first day, when we first met, and you stole my car and left my buttocks behind --

Tess: Oh, I knew you'd follow me.

Nash: Oh, yeah?

Tess: Yeah, well, after all, you needed to get your car back, didn't you?

Nash: Yeah.  You know, maybe there was another reason, too.

Tess: Do you mean that something --

Nash: Something --

Tess: Inside you maybe told you that I was the one?

Nash: Well, I definitely knew you were someone.  Yeah.  Did you feel the same way?

Tess: No, I -- I never allowed myself to.  I just figured that nobody would ever care about me this much, so why bother even entertaining the thought of being the one?

Nash: You underestimate yourself.

Tess: Not when I'm with you.  I don't ever do that.

Nash: I won't let you.

John: What?  You ok?  You ok?

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, it's -- it's just my ankle.  Sometimes it just hurts out of the blue, you know?  It's -- I guess it's not healed yet.

John: It's too soon, isn't it?

Natalie: No, no.

John: It's not just your ankle.  It's everything you've been through.  And now, more than ever, things should be just right.

Natalie: I want you so much right now, John.  I just feel like I'm going to fall apart.  You know, and I wanted to prove something to you.  I want you to know that I'm committed to you and only you, and I just -- it all feels like too much right now. I'm sorry.

John: Don't be.  Hey.  Come here.  I ain't going anywhere.  And if anyone's got something to prove, it's me.  I'm here.  I ain't letting you go.

Ginger: What's it to you if what I said was true or not?  Why do you even care, Rex?

Rex: That's a good question.  It's probably because I've had a few beers and I'm bored.  But watching you try to make Adriana feel like a loser is enough to put anyone to sleep.

Ginger: Look, I didn't try to make her feel like a loser.

Rex: Well, you sure as hell weren't trying to inspire her.

Ginger: You know what?  Have it your way.

Rex: What's your story, Ginger?

Ginger: My story?

Rex: Yeah, start from the beginning.  I got all night.

Ginger: Fine.  Once upon a time --

Rex: You're a loner, you don't have many friends --

Ginger: No, no, you're skipping chapters.

Rex: You work, but only to pay your way, not to get you anywhere.  It just hit me what you're doing.  You've come to lasso yourself a rich guy -- say, a Texas oil heir -- and to live off the fat of Llanview for the rest of your life.  Tell me something, Miss Ginger, did you happen to come across of a picture of Duke B.  in some teen fashion rag?  Was he decked out in denim and leather, all sprawled out in a pile of hay under a caption reading, "Llanview's most eligible bachelor"?  Huh?

Ginger: Why do you even care, Rex?  Unless you had a thing for Duke yourself -- which, F.Y.I., is a dead end because I know exactly what he's thinking when he's looking at me.

Duke: Adriana, hey, hey.  I know you're disappointed, ok?  So am I.  I mean, this thing just came out of nowhere.  That's how it is in business.

Adriana: Right, and I'm just some stupid little girl who doesn't know what the big boys do when they go play office.

Duke: Hey, don't put words in my mouth.  That's not fair.

Adriana: You're right, it's not.  None of this is fair . So go to your meeting, make your big deal.

Duke: Hey, don't get angry, please.

Adriana: You better get going.

Duke: No -- hey -- what are you going to do?

Adriana: Go.  You don't want to be late.

Adriana: You heard?

Rex: What?

Adriana: Oh, don't pretend you didn't.  I know you were eavesdropping.

Rex: You want to talk about it?

Adriana: How about you just buy me a drink instead?

Rex: Aren't you just --

Adriana: Underage, yes.  Thank you for reminding me.  On top of everything else, I can't even buy a beer.

Rex: All right, well, I don't know where Duke's head is, but it definitely isn't thinking straight, leaving you here alone looking like that.  Barkeep?  Sarsaparilla for the lady?

Kelly: What the heck was going on out there?  My God, who was fighting?

Kevin: It's just like we thought.  It was just a lovers' quarrel.

Kelly: Sounded like world war III.

Kevin: Well, I split them up, so everything's fine now.

Kelly: Well, I bet that they'll be making up in about 15 minutes, and in about 20 minutes they'll be popping quarters into that magic fingers machine over there like it was a gumball machine.

Kevin: Yeah?

Kelly: Yeah.   You know how it is -- big, huge fights, and then great makeup --

Kevin: Sex?

Kelly: Yep.

Kevin: I remember that.

Kelly: What do you say we skip the fighting and just go right to the good stuff?  Hey, buddy, you got any quarters in your pocket?

Kevin: Uh, as a matter of fact, I do.

Kelly: Thanks.

Todd: Hey, it's me.  I found her.  Margaret, who else?  No, I lost her.  But she's pissed and she's got a gun.  I want four extra guys at my apartment.  Yeah, that's right, four.  My wife and kids do not leave that apartment without an army of bodyguards.  You understand me?  Wait a minute, hold on.  Hold on.  Oh, I think I got her.  Yeah, I think I got her.  I think she crashed her car.  That's right.  That's right, Peggy.  Tell me you did the right thing and died.

Rex: You need an umbrella in that?  Hey, could we get an umbrella over here?

Adriana: That's not necessary!  Do I look like the umbrella drink kind of girl, Rex?

Rex: Not tonight.  You're smoking hot.

Adriana: Yeah, well, looks like the fire's been put out.  You know, I don't get guys.  Most of the time all you want is sex, but then --

Rex: Look, you can't judge all of us by what Duke the beauty does.  He's not a man, he's a Buchanan.

Adriana: Have you been talking to my mother?

Rex: She's not a fan, either, huh?

Adriana: She thinks the Buchananís are out to destroy the Cramer women, like that's possible.

Rex: That's the spirit!  Believe me, Asa and his boys aren't so tough.  My sister turned out to be one of them, but the part who's a survivor -- all Balsom.

Adriana: You really look out for Natalie, don't you?

Rex: Goes both ways.

Adriana: Kelly's kind of like that for me, too.  But she and Duke are really close, so --

Rex: You want my opinion?

Adriana: I'm not so sure.

Rex: Ok, take it or leave it.  But if you ask me, Duke's got boulders in his head, mud in his eyes.  I don't even want to know what's going on below the belt.  But if he can't see what a rocking girl you are -- I mean, if he's rather be at work with daddy than hanging out with a sexy, beautiful -- I shouldn't be saying this.

Adriana: No, you shouldn't.  But it's nice.  Thanks.  And you're right.  I mean, it's different for the Buchananís.  Duke's never had to fight for anything.

Rex: I'd still rather be me than him, even if I don't get the girl or the trust fund.

Adriana: You will. Sometimes you just have to wait for something good to happen. I should take my own advice.  Duke loves his job, and he's building a future.

Rex: Missing out on the present, if you ask me.

Adriana: Anticipation is a good thing.  And when Duke and I finally get the chance to be together, it'll be truly special.

Nash: Comfortable?

Tess: Perfect.

Nash: This is new for me.

Tess: This is new for me, too.  Everything with you is new.  Everything with you is more than I thought I'd ever know.

Singer: I can't keep up and I can't back down I've been losing so much time 'cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do nothing to lose and it's you and me and all of the people and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you all of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right I'm tripping on words you got my head spinning I don't know where to go from here 'cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do nothing to prove and it's you and me and all of the people and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you

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Nash: Well, you can leave whenever you want, but I'm staying.

Evangeline: Layla would like us all to believe that John has some secret in his past that is forcing him to choose Natalie over me.

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