OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/23/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/23/05


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Dorian: Why, Spencer, it's always a pleasure to see you, but have you got any idea what time it is?

Spencer: Just stopping by to make sure Todd's injury was healing properly.

Dorian: Oh, please.  You're not interested in Todd.  All you care about is Blair.

Blair: Todd?  Todd?  You said that you had work to do.  I should've known you were up to something.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Margaret, you crazy bitch.  There's no way I'm going to let you hurt my family again, baby or no baby.  Hello?

Blair: Where you been?  What baby you talking about?

Nash: Wow.  Wait a minute.  What -- what did you say?

Tess: I said that I love you.  I know it sounds stupid, fake, like -- I don't know, like some insecure loser made it up or something.

Nash: So why'd you say it?

Tess: Because I feel sick whenever I'm around you.

Nash: Oh, wow, that's great.

Tess: Not -- like butterfly, fluttery stuff.  It's hard to breathe.

Nash: Maybe you need a doctor.

Tess: I just stood here and said that I'm in love with you.  Look, I'm not happy about it, and I wish it would go away, but there it is.  And I'm really mad at you for making this happen, but I guess it's too late now.  You made me fall in love with you.  What do you have to say for yourself?

Layla: I'm warning you, I've got a gun!

Evangeline: Layla.

Layla: Whoa, my sister, I come in peace.

Evangeline: You scared me half to death.

Layla: Me?  You're the one who came charging in here like Sydney Bristow.

Evangeline: Who?

Layla: "Alias"?  Street-fighting, kickboxing spy babe?  Ok, you need some serious lessons in popular culture.  So my reading sounded real?  You believed it?

Evangeline: I almost mased you.  What do you think?

Layla: This part is mine.  I can feel it.  Long day?

Evangeline: Yeah.  They found Natalie Vega alive.  She's at the hospital.

Layla: Is she going to be --

Evangeline: Yeah, yeah, she's going to be ok.

Layla: That's great, right?

Evangeline: Yeah.  Yeah, yeah, we were all relieved that they found her.

Layla: So when you say "they," don't you mean John?

Evangeline: Fine, John saved Natalie.  Are you satisfied now?  Is that what you want to hear?

Natalie: I'm sorry.  I promised myself that if I ever got out of that pit, I would stop doing things like that.

John: Funny, because I promised myself that if you made it, I'd start doing some things differently, too.

Natalie: That was nice.

John: Yeah, it was.

Roxy: Belly up to the bar, girls!  We're celebrating Natty's return!

All: Natty!  Natty!  Natty!  Natty!

Roxy: Hey, Rexy, I knew it.  You made it.

Rex: Hey, mom.

Roxy: What are you drinking?  Something fuzzy, I hope.  Ew!  Ugh, soda.

Rex: Yeah, I'm done drinking tonight.

Roxy: But, baby, I'm buying.  How often have you heard me say that?

Rex: I'm good.

Roxy: I know, but we're toasting Natalie.  Hey, hey, don't do that!  That's bad luck, toasting on an empty glass.  You know, she's had enough bad luck to last two lifetimes.  Come on, baby, one little drink.

Rex: I said I'm good.  You might want to slow it down a little yourself there.

Roxy: Oh, honey, I'm as sober as a priest on Sunday.

Rex: Oh.

Roxy: Ooh.

Rex: Easy there.

Roxy: My heels are getting a little high.

Woman: Hey, Rox, we're getting thirsty.

Roxy: Ok, well, just keep your thongs on, all right?  Hmm.  The usual guy ain't behind the bar tonight, so I don't have a tab, so I got to go get some cash.  Natty!

All: Natty!  Natty!  Natty!

Rex: Oh, you're a piece of work there, mom, I'll give you that much.

Roxy: Ok, I'll be back in a flash with the cash.

Antonio: Rex.  Have you seen Jessica?

Rex: Last time I saw her was at the hospital with Natty.  She's probably still there.

Antonio: No, no, she isn't.


Tess: I just said that I love you.  Are you going to say anything back or you going to stand there looking like an idiot?

Nash: You blew me off.  You walked out of my apartment and then disappeared off the face of the earth!

Tess: But I am right here now!

Nash: For how long?  Now you're telling me that you're not Tess.  What is that about, Tess?

Tess: I have a big mouth, Nash.  You can't hold me to every little thing that I say.

Nash: Exactly.

Tess: When did you get so damn literal?

Nash: I'm just trying to connect the dots, all right?  You forced me to track you down to Pennsylvania.  Then when I find you, you try to run away.  Then you tell me that you're not Tess, but now you're telling me that you love me and you want to pull up stakes and move to California.  Tess, I'm --

Tess: Well, I thought you liked to live life to the fullest or was that just some crap that you fed me to get me into bed?

Nash: I'm not like that and you know it.

Tess: Well, then take a chance.  Follow your dreams.  What are you waiting for?

Nash: Tess, you're talking about love, all right, and that's a whole other game.  I'm not sure that we're ready for that.

Tess: Fine, forget it.  Forget that I said anything.

Nash: Oh, come on, don't go away all pouty and angry.

Tess: Well, I'm cute when I pout.

Nash: You're always very, very cute.

Tess: Well, is that a problem for you or a problem for me?

Nash: I'm just afraid that I'll say something I'll regret later.

Tess: Like what?  Oh, come on, spit it out!  Pretend that we're drunk or in Vino Veritas or, what, are you chicken?

Nash: No!  Damn it, I do love you.  You happy?

Spencer: So you think I'm interested in Blair?  I'm dating her cousin.

Dorian: Oh, from what I heard, Kelly kicked you out on the curb.

Spencer: News travels fast around here.

Dorian: We Cramer women watch out for each other.  Unless, of course, Kelly was persuaded to take you back?

Spencer: No, no, no, she cut me loose.  Doesn't mean I have my eye on Blair, though.

Dorian: Huh.  Quel dommage.

Spencer: Really?  Your accent is flawless, by the way.

Dorian: Oh, merci.  Tout est peu elegant en francais, n'est pas?

Spencer: Really?  So you're actually encouraging me to pursue Blair?

Dorian: This may come as a surprise to you, but I have never been one of Todd Manning's biggest fans.

Spencer: So what are you doing here?

Dorian: Babysitting.  Moi.  Oh, and it's such a grueling job.

Spencer: I can tell.

Dorian: Blair isn't here.  Neither is your new blood brother Todd.  But I will tell them that you stopped by.

Spencer: Are you asking me to leave?

Dorian: I know you didn't come here to see me.

Spencer: Well, no, but I'm here now.  I thought we could sit down and chat for a while.

Dorian: Oh, good.  It'll give us a chance to compare notes.  Un verre de vin?

Spencer: S'il vous plait.

Dorian: By the way, did you hear that Kelly has been accused of corporate espionage?

Spencer: You know, I'm not really clear on the details. Is she all right?

Dorian: She was framed.

Spencer: Are you sure?

Dorian: Absolutely.  Now, normally, I would jump right in and get to the bottom of it, but in this case, it would cause problems between Kevin and Kelly and Kelly would get angry at me and things would get very unpleasant all around, so I'm really torn.  I want to clear my niece's name.

Spencer: And you don't want to antagonize her.

Dorian: Absolutely not.  Do you have any idea who would've set her up, who would do such a terrible thing to her?

Starr: Mom?  Dad?

Dorian: Honey, they're not here.

Starr: I had a nightmare!  I dreamt that Margaret killed my mom and dad!

Dorian: Oh, honey, honey!  It was just a bad dream.  Margaret's not here.  She's not ever coming back.

Todd: She's -- she's pregnant with my baby.

Blair: You said, "baby or no baby."  What baby are you talking about here, Todd?

Todd: Who's watching the kids?

Blair: Dorian.  They’re fine.

Todd: Huh, there's a contradiction for you.

Blair: You didn't answer my question.  What baby?

Todd: I was working on this story.  I was down at the city desk, listening to the police scanner, and I heard this cop call in.  Said he was about to deliver a baby at a rest stop on the interstate somewhere, so I grabbed a camera and headed out.

Blair: Come on, you're not a reporter.  You're the editor in chief here.

Todd: Well, I like to keep my hands in it, you know?  Besides, everyone else was on assignment.

Blair: You seem kind of distracted.  What's up?

Todd: Oh, no, it's just some adrenaline.  You know, I feel good to get out in the field again.

Blair: Something you're not telling me here, Todd?

Todd: No.  What would I not be telling you about some dumb story for the paper?

Blair: Well, I'm not sure.  Why don't you fill me in?

Todd: That's all there is.

Blair: Well, I don't know.

Blair: I told you that if you didn't show up at The Palace and you stayed here tonight, I was going to drag you out of here, so I am here to drag you out, Todd.  You're recovering from a stab wound, remember?

Todd: Yeah, that was a stupid accident.  Who uses a pair of shears to hold open a trunk?

Blair: Well, I don't know.  You're not going to force me to take the fifth on that one, are you?

Todd: No, you can say it.  It was a bonehead move.

Blair: Ok.  Well, I don't care how it happened.  You lost a lot of blood, and I think I need to give you a little T.L.C.

Todd: Oh, nice.

Blair: You know, as I was leaving earlier, I saw two of our old bodyguards downstairs.  What's that about?

Todd: I hired them back.

Blair: Why?

Todd: Obviously, Asa's not going to do anything about Margaret, so I think we need to protect our family till we can get rid of her ourselves.

Blair: We're going to go to the cops now that Asa's time has lapsed, right?

Todd: No, see, I think we should hold off on that for a little while.

Blair: What are you -- don't you want to get him back, I mean, like I do?

Todd: Yes, I do, and I will.  Just not that way.

Blair: Ok, Todd, what happened to this big plan of yours, huh?

Todd: You know Bo's not going to put his old man in jail.

Blair: Well --

Todd: And now you can get in real trouble saying that Hesser did something he really didn't do.

Blair: Oh, so you're suggesting that we're just going to let asa go scot-free for everything that he did to me?

Todd: No, no, you and I are going to watch the son of a bitch fry.  You can flip the switch if you want.

Blair: You know, I just love it when you talk dirty.  Hmm.  Come on, let me get you to bed.  You going to carry my purse?  Get the light for me.  Feeling all right?

Todd: Hmm --

Blair: I'm going to take care of you.

Dorian: Oh, honey, it was just a bad dream.  Your parents are just fine.

Starr: Why are you here?

Dorian: Oh.  Because your mother went to pick up your father at the office.

Starr: Ok, then let's go.

Dorian: No!  Where?

Starr: We have to go to "The Sun" to see if they're ok!

Dorian: We can't leave here with your brother sleeping upstairs.

Starr: Spencer can watch Jack for now.

Dorian: Just stop it.  Now I insist, go upstairs to your room right now.

Spencer: Sounds like she means it, Starr.

Spencer: This Margaret woman really has her terrified, doesn't she?

Dorian: Yes, and that's unusual because normally Starr's really quite fearless.  I suppose I should be grateful.  Otherwise, I'd have to lock her in her room to stop her from going after Margaret herself.

Spencer: How much do you really know about what happened between Margaret and Todd when she was holding him hostage?

Blair: She's a maniac.

Dorian: She bathed him, she fed him --

Blair: She raped him!

Dorian: I want some tea.  How about you?

Spencer: You're changing the subject.

Dorian: I need caffeine.  I don't want Blair to catch me asleep at my post.

Spencer: Lead the way.             

Layla: So John's with Natalie now?

Evangeline: Don't know, don't care.

Layla: And I don't believe you.  You just broke up.

Evangeline: Would you rather me be crying my eyes out?  I am done crying over him.

Layla: Ok, just don't act like you don't care.

Evangeline: What am I supposed to do, force him to say what I need to hear or feel what I want him to feel?  Look, either I have to accept what he has to give me or I have to let him go, so I let him go.

Layla: Don't hate me for saying this, sis, but it doesn't look like you let anybody go.

Natalie: Never thought I was going to see you again.  And I certainly never dreamed --

John: You can say.  For whatever reason, it just felt right to me.

Natalie: Me, too.

John: You know, after everything that -- that happened, I don't know, it just seems like maybe we -- we earned a moment like that.

Natalie: John --

John: What?

Natalie: Nothing.  Just -- are you confused right now?

John: Are you asking me why I kissed you, or are you asking me where we're going from here?

Antonio: Jess was supposed to meet me at Llanfair, but she never showed up.  I've been calling her phone, but it just keeps going to voicemail.

Rex: Well, maybe she went back to your place.

Antonio: No, no, I checked.  She hasn't been home.  I spoke to her doctor.  He said she was on her way to Llanfair, but somewhere between the hospital and Viki's, she disappeared.

Rex: Sorry, wish I could help you.  I know how it feels to be crazy worried about the woman you love.

Antonio: Yeah, you really loved Jen, didn't you?

Rex: Ha.  Yeah, well, love doesn't even describe it.  I actually had her once.  We were married and I let her go.

Antonio: Yeah, I remember it being a little more complicated than that.

Rex: Well, she was coming back to me.  I knew she was in trouble and I did everything I could to protect her, but in the end I just couldn't.  I don't mean that Jessica's going to turn out like Jen did.  I'm just trying to say I think I know what you're going through.

Antonio: I -- I know what you meant.

Tess: You just said that you love me.

Nash: So did you.  Want to take it back, huh?  Hmm?

Tess: No.

Nash: No?

Tess: No, I just can't believe this is happening.

Nash: I just can't believe that I followed a lady all the way to Pennsylvania.

Tess: Because you would've followed me anywhere.

Nash: Really?  And who was it that kept turning up on my doorstep, huh?

Tess: Who was it that wasn't kicking me out?

Nash: Yeah, well --

Tess: Well, come on, what's stopping us?  Let's do it.  Let's go to California.

Roxy: Oh, baby doll, you must be flying high.  I would've given anything to see your puss when you found out that your twin sister's alive.

Dorian: You cook, too?

Spencer: Oh, I picked up a few tricks along the way at chef school in Lyon.

Dorian: Oh, my.  Is there no limit to your talents?

Spencer: It's just something I do to unwind, really.

Dorian: Thank you.  Well, if you're serious about teaching me to cook --

Spencer: Of course.  I wouldn't have offered otherwise.

Dorian: Wonderful.  I'll call you, we'll set up a time.

Spencer: Excellent.  We are going to be family, aren't we?

Dorian: Yes.

Spencer: You never answered my question about Todd and Margaret.

Dorian: Oh.  And why would -- why would you be so interested?

Spencer: Just making conversation.

Dorian: Oh.  No, you're not.  You're looking for Todd's Achilles' heel.

Spencer: And why would I bother?

Dorian: Because you want to exploit it, win Blair for yourself.

Spencer: David didn't tell me you were also a conspiracy theorist.

Dorian: Look me in the eye, straight in the eye.  Tell me you're not carrying a torch for Blair.

Todd: What's he doing here?  Didn't Blair tell you no boys while you're babysitting?

Dorian: Oh, Todd.  What a terrible way to speak to the man who saved your life, not to mention Jack's.

Blair: You are welcome here anytime, Spencer.  So how are the children?

Dorian: Oh, sleeping like little angels.

Starr: Hello?

Starr: This place is so creepy at night.  Mom?  Dad?

Margaret: Hello, little Starr.

John: I don't know what to say exactly.  But there were times when you were missing -- I mean, I never gave up hope, but there were times.  And now just seeing you here safe, alive -- for tonight, it's --

Natalie: Enough?

John: Yeah.  Why don't you -- you -- you should think about getting some rest.

Natalie: John?  Um -- I'm still not really comfortable with sleeping alone in the dark.

John: Would you like me to stay?

Natalie: Maybe just till I fall asleep?

Blair: I'm going to go check on the children.  Excuse me.

Spencer: I can vouch for your aunt.  She's a superb babysitter.

Todd: What did you say you were here for?

Spencer: I came to take a look at that wound, make sure it was healing properly.  You know, the one you got changing the tire?

Todd: Yeah, I didn't know doctors made house calls anymore.

Blair: Would you please stop and let the man be nice?

Todd: I'm fine.

Spencer: Glad to hear it.

Dorian: Well, if the two of you promise to go to your corners, I'll put the tea things away.  Excuse me, Todd.

Blair: Todd?

Todd: Yeah?

Blair: Starr's not up in her room.

Dorian: She has to be there.  I ordered her back up there.

Blair: What do you mean, "back up there"?  What happened?

Spencer: She had a nightmare.

Todd: Shut up.  Let her talk.

Dorian: Yes, indeed, she did have a nightmare, and she was very concerned about you and Todd.  She wanted me to take her down to “The Sun" to make sure that you were all right.  But I managed to convince her that you were just fine.

Todd: And you think she bought it?

Dorian: Yes, I felt she just needed some reassurance.

Todd: You idiot.  Have you ever known Starr to give up once she has an idea in her head?

Blair: Todd's right, if she thought that we were in trouble, she would do anything to get to us, make sure we were all right.

Dorian: Yes, but not in this case.  I mean, how possibly could she have got past Spencer and me?

Spencer: Actually, I am sorry to say she could've snuck out when we were making tea.

Todd: You're not fit to look after a houseplant.

Blair: Dorian, did she -- did she say what she was dreaming about?

Todd: This is Manning.  Get me security now.

Dorian: Honey, she said she dreamed that Margaret Cochran killed you.

Margaret: Come closer.  I want to talk to you.  I said come here!

Starr: Oh, my God!  Open the door!  Come on!  Open!

Margaret: Boo.

[Starr screams]

Nash: What's she talking about?  I thought your twin sister was dead.

Roxy: That's what we thought, but Johnny boy wouldn't let her down.

Nash: "Johnny boy"?

Roxy: He went into that mush pit and he dug her out of there with his bare hands.  She took one look at him, she was good to go.

Nash: This true?

Roxy: Of course it's true.  Johnny wouldn’t let her down.  She's tough stuff.  She was in a mess, but she's safe.  Ok, so we're celebrating.  A round of drinks, and they're on me.  Hey, baby, you got any cash?

Tess: I can't tonight, Roxy, because we're leaving town.

Nash: We're not too sure about that.

Tess: Whether it's going to be New York or California.

Roxy: Oh, hey, Cali rocks, man.

Nash: Yeah.

Roxy: You lucky punks.  I've never been to California, but I know that it's got everything.  It's got the sun and the ocean and mudslides, earthquakes.  One hell of an adventure.

Nash: Hmm.

Roxy: Well, don't do anything I wouldn't do.  And remember one thing.

Nash: Hmm?

Roxy: Wear sunscreen.

Nash: Sunscreen.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: See you later.  Oh, I'm stuck.

Nash: Sunscreen.  Well?

Tess: Oh.  Oh, come on!  She obviously is the town drunk.  I have no idea what she was talking about.

Nash: It was a little weird.

Tess: What do you want me to say, Nash?  My sister wasn't dug out of some pit.  She's dead.  She killed herself.

Nash: I'm sorry, it's just there's a lot of things about you, Tess, that don't quite add up.

Tess: Well, I don't come with instructions, ok?  But if we get out of here, if we go to California, then I'll tell you everything and anything that you want to know.  Well, we are going, aren't we?  Or do you already regret saying that you love me?

Dorian: That little girl has been running after trouble ever since she was old enough to walk.  It is not my fault that she --

Spencer: Of course not, Dorian.  Starr's a very headstrong young woman, just like her mother.

Dorian: So, when are you going to admit that you're head over heels for Blair?

Spencer: What makes you think I haven't admitted it?

Dorian: You told her?  What'd she say?

Spencer: She said she was still in love with Todd.  That shouldn't come as a surprise to you.

Dorian: No.  Unfortunately, not.  So, Spencer, what are you going to do about it?

Todd: She's pregnant with my baby.

Spencer: Nothing.  I have a feeling Todd's going to destroy things all by himself.

Starr: Come on, come on, come on!

[Starr screams]

Guard: It's ok, Miss Manning, you're safe.  Nobody's going to hurt you.

Starr: No, there was somebody over there.

Blair: Starr.

Starr: Mom!  Oh, my God!

Blair: God.

Starr: I was so scared!

Blair: Well, what happened?  You're not supposed to leave --

Starr: Margaret! She was in dad's office!

Blair: Margaret was here?  Is she here?

Guard: Miss Manning's the only one who signed in or out of the building in the last few hours.

Starr: No, she was here!  I talked to her!

Todd: Hey, I want you to check the floor, every inch of it.

Blair: All right.  You listen to me.  Now, is there just a chance that maybe you imagined it like I imagined her the other day in the park?

Starr: I know what I saw!

Rex: I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Antonio: Thanks, man.  Oh!

Roxy: Ooh!

Antonio: Roxy.  I'm sorry.  Did I hurt you?

Roxy: Yeah, you did, but it feels so good.  Do it again.  Hey, man, I'm flush, so come to the bar.  We're drinking.  We're celebrating Natty's happy return.

Antonio: Roxy, I can't, I can't.  I need to find Jess.

Roxy: Hey, this is your lucky day.  I just saw her.

Antonio: You saw Jess?

Roxy: Yeah.

Antonio: Are you sure?

Roxy: Oh, yeah.  She was with this dream -- this guy.

Antonio: Wait a second, what guy?  What are you talking about?

Roxy: Well, they were talking about going to California.  Or was it New York?  I don't know, she said something about cal-- no, maybe she didn't.  Maybe he said California.

Antonio: Just listen to me.  Where are they?

Roxy: They're in the park, they're at the front gate, and if you book it, I'm sure you can catch her.

Antonio: Thank you.

Roxy: Natty!  Natty!

Blair: Ok.  Found her.

Dorian: Oh, Starr!  Sweetheart, thank goodness you're all right!  Now, so help me, if you ever pull a stunt like that again --

Todd: Uh-uh, back off, Dorian.

Blair: Dorian, I'll walk you out, ok?

Dorian: Ok.  Hmm.

Blair: Thank you.

Dorian: You're quite welcome.

Blair: Bye.

Todd: Are you sure you saw Margaret in my office?

Starr: She was sitting there.  She talked to me.  I swear she was there, dad.  Margaret was there.

Nash: No, I'm not sorry I said it.  It's true.  I can't change it.  I'm stuck with you.

Tess: Well, I'm the one who's stuck.

Nash: All right, come on, let's go to New York, pack our bags.

Tess: We're going to California?

Nash: Yeah.  Hey, why not?  It'll be an adventure.

Tess: Yes!

Evangeline: Don't do that!

Layla: Huh?

Evangeline: You're digging out all the chocolate chips.  You always do that, ever since we were kids.

Layla: Yeah, and you used to make us count them.  "One for Layla, one for Vange," remember?  I say every Williamson for herself!

Evangeline: No, uh-uh, no.

Layla: Mm-hmm!

Evangeline: My ice cream!  Stop it!  This is when mom would come in right now and yell at us for laughing so loud.

Layla: It wasn't the laughing, it was the singing, remember?

Evangeline: Mm-hmm.

Layla: We'd -- we'd eat too much, and then she'd come and yell at us, of course --

Evangeline: Yes.

Layla: And then we'd talk about boys not named John Mc Bain.

Evangeline: Watch it.  Watch it.

Layla: And then we'd sing our song.  Remember?

Evangeline: Uh-uh, no way.

Layla: That's it.  That's it!

Evangeline: No way I'm singing a song right now.

Layla: Mmm.  Ain't no way for me to love you if you won't let me

Evangeline: It ain't no way for me to give you all you need if you won't let me give all of me

John: You know, I was thinking that maybe when you're feeling better, we'll go up on the roof and look out on the lights.

Natalie: Can we stay up and watch the sunrise?

John: Yeah.  We can watch the sunrise.

Evangeline: Ain't no way for me to love you if you won't let me it ain't no way for me to give you all you need if you won't let me give all of me I know that a woman's duty is to have and love her man and that's the way it was planned oh, but how can I how can I give you all I have if you're tying both of my hands?  Oh, whoa it ain't no way ain't no way for me to love you if you won't let me stop trying to be someone you're not I brought you all this pain and paid too much for what I got but if you need me oh, just say, say you do don't you know don't you know that I need you?  You it ain't no way ain't no way for me to love you if you don't let me if you won't let me let me no way

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Tess: I want to start our new life together.

Antonio: Jessica's here.

Asa: The bun in the oven -- do you want Blair to know about it?

Blair: Todd promised me that Margaret was not going to get anywhere near us.

Margaret: I know exactly what to do.

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