OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/16/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/16/05


By Boo
Proofread by Brandi

Layla: I'm not thrilled that you left me high and dry in the middle of Manhattan after everything we've been through together, but I've decided to forgive you.  Besides, I need my bra back.

Layla: This is uncomfortable, huh?  I take it everything went well in New York.  This isn't what it looks like.

Jessica: Well, it looks like you've come here to pick up a bra that you forgot at my boyfriend's apartment.

Layla: Oh, well.  I guess it is what it looks like.  But the bra thing was just a personal joke -- not that there's anything personal between us.  Help?  Please?

Antonio: I told you about Layla, how she helped me find you in New York.

Jessica: You don't have to explain.  I was gone and you were involved with other people, too.

Nash: Where did you run off to, Tess, huh?  You in some kind of trouble?  I'm supposed to find you?  Or is this whole disappearing act just part of our deal?  What?  Yeah.  Yes, I'm still here.  And you're sure that's the name of the officer who arrested the purse-snatcher at the restaurant a few days ago?  Officer Carlson.  Carlson.  I got it.  Thank you very much.  Yeah.  Well, Tess, if I can get a lead on the guy who bruised my knuckles with his face, then maybe he can lead me to you.  I hope he's not the kind of guy to hold a grudge.

Blair: Who did this to you, Todd?  Please, you have to tell me.

Spencer: Who did this to you?

Todd: Margaret.  Margaret.  How long have you been here?

Blair: Well, I got here to the hospital as soon as I found out.  Now, come on, you said that you were going to go see Asa?  Did he do this to you, Todd?  Did Asa stab you?

Rex: Hey, I'm looking for Nick Messina's room.  I heard he just woke up.

Nurse: He's not allowed visitors.

Rex: Yeah, I know, they've got a cop guarding him.  I'm clued in.

Nurse: Then you also know I can't give out any additional information.

Rex: Well, it's -- you know, nick helped kidnap my sister and -- I'm sorry.

Nurse: Are you ok?

Rex: It's just really hard -- yeah, it's -- maybe some water?  Thank you very much.

Rex: Thank you very much.

John: Ok.  Get back to me if you find anything.

Bo: How close is this to the map that Evangeline saw in the back of Messina's car?

John: She picked it out.  Apparently, it's published by the same company.  Now, she said she saw the x in this area here, so we should focus on that quadrant.

Bo: That's a big area, John.  We've got infrared teams looking for a thermal signature in this eastern basin.  We're running out of time.

John: I know.  But we're not giving up until we find Natalie.

Natalie: Goodbye, John.

Viki: Well, I mean, Bo told me that he was following up on a lead, you know, but I haven't heard anything back from him. Now I've got the feed from the city room at "The Banner" up on my laptop and, you know, they're monitoring the police bands.  Well, there seems to be some activity up on Llantano mountain, but, I mean, for all we know, that could just be a fire in the woods.  Darling, Kevin, listen, do me a favor -- if you hear anything at all, you have to call me, ok, I don't really care what time it is.  No, that's nonsense, all right?  Please, you have to call me.  Ok, good night, darling.

Evangeline: Hello.

Viki: Evangeline!  Oh!

Evangeline: Hope it's not too late.  Your housekeeper let me in.

Viki: No, no, no, please, do come in, please.  Well, I'm -- I'm happy to see you.  May I give you some tea?

Evangeline: Thank you, thank you.

Viki: Sit down, please.

Evangeline: Ok.

Viki: Cream and sugar?

Evangeline: That'd be great.

Viki: Good, good.  I'm actually very happy for the company because I don't think I'm going to be sleeping much tonight.

Evangeline: That's why I wanted to stop by, actually.  I was hoping I could bring you some good news.

Viki: Really?

Evangeline: They got a lead on Natalie.

Viki: Yes, yes, I know.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Viki: You know that Bo -- Bo called and told me about that, but I haven't heard anything from him since.  What happened?

Evangeline: I kept having this nagging feeling that I knew more than I could remember from the time that Nick and Hayes kidnapped us.

Viki: I -- I can't even imagine how frightened you both must have been.

Evangeline: We were.  And I know that I blocked a lot of it out.  That's why I asked to be hypnotized.

Viki: Oh.

Evangeline: I knew it was a long shot, but the longer that Natalie was missing, the more I just felt like I had to do something.

Viki: And?

Evangeline: Apparently, I came to in Nick Messina's car on the way from the palace, and I saw a map, a map of Llantano mountain, a marked map.  John and Bo are following up on that now, and I just wanted to make sure that you knew.

Viki: Oh, Evangeline.  Thank you so much for putting yourself through all of that for Natalie.

Evangeline: I know how worried you've been.  I just -- I wanted to make sure you got the news.

[Viki sighs]

Viki: Yeah.  I mean, you more than anyone would certainly understand what my daughter is going through, you know?  And I mean it, I'm really very, very grateful to you.  It's so generous of you to do that, you know, especially since --

Evangeline: Oh.  That's ok, Viki, you can say it.  Especially since Natalie and I are in love with the same man.

John: What do we got to do to get the dogs on the trail?

Officer: We need to give them a scent to follow.

Bo: Here you go.

John: Go with them so we can get an immediate location if you find anything.

Ranger: Got it.

John: Thanks.

[Dogs bark]

Bo: We cleared two caves in this area right here.  So far, nothing.

John: You know, I keep thinking about what Marcie said on the phone.

Bo: What, about Hayes' grandfather?

John: Barber, he's got this thing about setting up murder scenarios, recreating events from his past.  So if his grandfather locked him in a basement, he'd see something like that as being the ultimate form of torture.

Bo: Yeah, a small, dark, tight space.

John: Exactly.

Bo: All right, then I think we should concentrate our searches on some of these smaller caves here.

John: Maybe even smaller than a cave, Bo.  Barber wants Natalie to suffer through his worst nightmare.  A cave would have entrances and exits.  I'm thinking wherever Natalie is, there's no way out.

Viki: May I?

John: Yes, thank you.  It was nice of you to let us have the wedding here at Llanfair.

Viki: Oh, please, I'm honored that you asked.  And here comes the bride.  Oh, you look so beautiful, darling.

Officer: Haven't seen you around here before.

Woman: I just started today.

Officer: Oh, yeah?

Woman: Yeah.

Officer: Me, too.

Rex: Get up!

Nick: Who the hell let you in here?  Where's the guard?

Rex: Oh, what's the matter, Nick, aren't you happy to see me?

Nick: Guard!

Rex: Not so tough when I'm not tied a chair, huh?

Nick: Hey!

Rex: Shut up!

Officer: Balsom, how'd you get in here?

Nick: Hey, keep him away from me, man.

Rex: Oh, he's not going to save you, Messina, because I'm not leaving till you tell me where you stashed my sister.

Blair: If Asa stabbed you, I want him arrested.  Now, who did this, Todd?  Tell me.

Todd: Where are the kids?

Blair: They're at home with Ginger, and they're fine, but I am worried sick about you.

Todd: I'm fine.

Blair: You are not fine.  Asa could have killed you this time.

Todd: You think I'm going to let him get the drop on me?

Blair: Well, somebody wants to hurt you, Todd.  And I swear, if it was Asa, he is going to spend the rest of his life in prison.  Now -- ok, are you going to tell me what's going on?  Because if you don't, I'm going to --

Todd: No, hold -- ow.

Blair: Bo will get Asa to talk.

Todd: It wasn't Asa.  He's not the one who stabbed me.

Blair: Well, then who did it?

Antonio: You can relax, Layla.  I've already told Jess all about you.

Jessica: I guess he forgot to mention the bra part.  Well -- so you're Evangeline's sister?

Layla: She got the brains and the body, and I got the winning personality.

Antonio: Layla stayed with me while "The Killing Club" murderer was still out there.  He had broken into Evangeline's apartment.  I slept on the couch.

Layla: Oh, please.  Every word out of his mouth was, "Jessica's gone.  I'm worried about Jessica."  Like he'd ever look at me.  Not that I was trying to get him to look at me or anything.  I'm just glad you're back so he can get some rest.

Jessica: Thank you.

Layla: Yeah.  I hope he told you it was his idea for me to play myself off as you for that fashion job interview?  I never meant to crowd you.

Jessica: Fashion job interview?

Antonio: The one in New York.  Layla pretended to be you.

Layla: Because we look so much alike, right?

Jessica: Right, right, New York.  Yeah, no, that's ok, I completely understand.  And thanks for being so upfront about what's going on between the two of you.

Layla: Nothing's going on but the rent.  He's the boss and we're just friends.

Antonio: Layla, we're right in the middle of something.

Layla: Got it.  I'm out of here.  Good night, Jessica.

Jessica: Good night.

Layla: I'm sorry.

Antonio: It's ok.

Layla: Oh, you have some contractors coming by Capricorn tonight?  I can cover it for you if you'd like.

Antonio: Call me if you need me.

Layla: Ok.

Antonio: I'm sorry about that.

Jessica: Don't.  Don't, please.  You could've slept with every waitress at Capricorn after what I did when I was gone.

Antonio: Well, that was Tess, that wasn't you.

Jessica: But it was my body and it affects us.  It makes me sick to think of the kind of men that Tess could've been with.  I just want to forget that any of them ever existed.

Nash: Officer Carlson, I'm representing the woman whose purse was snatched at the restaurant a few days ago.

Ofc. Carlson: Oh, that actually turned out to be a false alarm.

Nash: Yeah.  Well, unfortunately, my client is still quite upset, and she'd like me to file suit against the man who frightened her and caused the disturbance.

Ofc. Carlson: Sue him?  For what?

Nash: For -- uh -- intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Ofc. Carlson: Lawyers.  Look, that's fine with me.  That skell was bad news.

Nash: Does this "skell" have a name?

Ofc. Carlson: Todd Manning.  He was from somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Nash: Todd Manning.

Ofc. Carlson: Looked like he had a lot of money.  You know, screw him to the wall for I care.

Nash: I'll do my best.  Thank you very much.

Ofc. Carlson: Bye-bye.

Nash: Hmm.  One step closer.  Todd Manning, huh?

Blair: If it wasn't Asa, then who stabbed you?

Todd: I'm an idiot.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Todd: It was me.  I stabbed myself.

Blair: Are you kidding me?

Todd: I know.  Ow.  It was a freak accident.

Blair: What kind of freak accident?

Todd: I got a flat tire on the way back from Asa's.  And you know how the -- the trunk-support mechanism in my car has been giving me problems?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Well, there was this old pair of shears in the trunk, the ones that I've been meaning to get sharpened, and so I used them to prop open the trunk to reach for the spare tire, and as I was bringing the tire out, the shears slipped.  And I went after them and they --

Blair: Todd --

Todd: The trunk -- the trunk came down on top of me and the shears went into my stomach.

Blair: Oh, how did you get to the hospital?

Todd: I crawled.

Blair: You crawled?

Todd: Yes.  Well, I pulled the shears out before I knew what was going on, and next thing I know I'm bleeding all over the place like a stuck pig.

Blair: Oh, my God.

Todd: But, you know, I made it.  No harm, no foul, right?

Blair: You could have been killed.

Todd: But I wasn't.

Blair: Well, it sure made me a complete nervous wreck.

Todd: Come here.  Nothing's going to stand in our way.  Nothing's going to come between us this time, ok, I promise.

Blair: I'm going to go call the kids and let them know you're all right.  You get that damn trunk fixed first thing in the morning.

Todd: Next time buy a ticket if you're going to watch the show.

Spencer: I'm just so impressed.  You know, most men would be out for hours after experiencing the kind of trauma you just went through.  And not one of them would be able to so effectively lie to his wife.

Rex: I need to talk to him.

Officer: Sorry, kid.

Rex: Look, it's Davis, right?  I need to ask him a few questions.

Ofc. Davis: That's tough.  The commissioner and Mc Bain want first crack at him.

Rex: Well, me and the commissioner are tight.  I'm like his personal project.

Ofc. Davis: Yeah, yeah, I know who you are.

Rex: Then you know Natty's my sister.  And I know you know her because she told me how she always hooks you up with that creamer you like, huh?  She takes care of all you guys down at the station.

Ofc. Davis: Yeah, she does, but --

Rex: Ok, well, this freak is one of the guys holding her.  Now, Bo and John are out there looking for her right now, and he might tell me something that can help them find her.  Now, I'll be good.  I promise.  Just give me five minutes.  For Natalie.

Ofc. Davis: You got two minutes.

Nick: Hey, what are you doing?  Oh, come on, you can't leave me in here with him!  Look, I don't know where she is.

Rex: Maybe not, but I'm betting you know something.

Nick: I don't!

Rex: Don't you get it, Messina?  Natalie could be running out of time!  Now, I may have let Jen down, but I am not going to sit back and let my sister die!  Now, we are going to go over everything Hayes ever said to you until I get what I want.  Got it?

John: If we didn't have bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all.

Evangeline: Superstitions don't scare us.  But I do need to finish getting ready. Love you.

John: I hope this doesn't bring up bad memories for you, me marrying Evangeline.

Viki: I think of you as part of my family, John, the way you moved heaven and earth to bring Natalie back to us?

John: If only I'd gotten there sooner.  I can't believe she gave up like that.  If only Natalie would've fought harder.  Who knows how things would've played out for us.

Jessica: I can't live like this.  I mean, I'm responsible for the things that Tess does on some level, right?  All the men that she slept with, what she did to my mother --

Antonio: That wasn't you.

Jessica: What am I supposed to do?  I went to go and see a doctor.  That didn't work.  Hypnosis failed miserably.  I even had myself committed, and nothing has stopped Tess so far.  She could take over right now, Antonio, and there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it.  I just don't know what to do anymore.

Antonio: We'll figure it out.

Jessica: Well, I have to get rid of her.  I mean, forever.  I have to get rid of her.

Antonio: What about your mom?  She beat her multiple personalities.  She can do it, so can you.

Jessica: I mean, I've tried everything else, right?  I don't really have another choice.  I -- I guess I have to tell her.  My mom could be the only chance that I have left.  What?  What's wrong?

Antonio: Timing's not good, honey.

Jessica: What?  Is she in the hospital again?

Antonio: No, that's not it.

Jessica: Well, I have to tell her about Tess, Antonio.  I can't -- I can't sleep.  Every time I shut my eyes, I am terrified that she is going to take over.  If my mom can help me -- she's the strongest person that I know.  If she holds the only key that we have to figure this out, then I have to tell her.

Antonio: Will you listen to me for a sec?

Jessica: Ok, well, what happened when I was in New York?  What are you not telling me?

Antonio: It's not your mom.

Jessica: Well, then why I can't tell her?

Antonio: Because you weren't the only daughter that she had missing.  Natalie's missing, too.

Viki: You know that Natalie has leaned on John quite a lot since Cristian's death.

Evangeline: I know she has.

Viki: And while I was very, very grateful that he was there for her, I know that it put a terrible strain on your relationship with him.

Evangeline: John and I had bigger problems than Natalie.  And honestly, I don't know when I would have admitted that to myself if she hadn't been in the picture.

Viki: I still think it was a lot of added pressure, you know?  And Natalie can be so headstrong.

Evangeline: I don't know that I would've survived that kidnapping without her.

Viki: I wish --

Evangeline: I know. I do, too.

Viki: She's been alone for so long.  You know, and the men who took her -- they're in prison.  They won't tell us where she is.  They won't even tell us if she's --

Evangeline: Natalie is alive.  You said it yourself, she is too headstrong to quit.  And she's got John on her side.  John's going to find her.

John: More than likely looking for a well or a mineshaft, something that would be similar to a basement, where she'd be trapped but he could still see her.

Bo: Hayes didn't get his kicks walking around a cave.  Now, he probably used something that was already there.

John: A crevice or a depression.  That's why he needed the map, so he could find his way back.  Now, you guys know this terrain better than anyone.  Let's limit our search to those specs.  Let's go, fellows.  What do you got?

Officer: This was stuck to a bush on the eastern ridge.

John: Looks like the fabric we found on the dock.  It's Natalie.

Viki: John, you really must not dwell on might have been.  I think it was just too much for Natalie.  She lost her will to live.

John: I never thought she'd give up.

Viki: You have to let it go.  Life must go on.

Evangeline: I'm ready.

John: You look beautiful.  I will see you at the altar, Mrs. Mc Bain.

John: Goodbye.

Natalie: The hell with that.

Natalie: A brick.  Ugh!

Natalie: I can climb out of here.  I have to, to save my life.

Rex: What did Hayes say after you brought Evangeline back to that basement?

Nick: You're wasting your time, man.  The guy was nuts.

Rex: What did he say?

Nick: He kept going on about his master plan.  He was freaking out about me leaving evidence around.

Rex: What kind of evidence?

Nick: I don't know.  Stuff.  You know, like receipts for the cheerleading outfits  One night he found some mud tracks in my car.  He totally freaked out.

Rex: What kind of mud?

Nick: Red mud.  I mean, he has a gun against my head and I realize he's the one that tracked it in.  It's all over his shoes.

Rex: Was that after you snatched up  Natalie?

Nick: Way after that.

Rex: Was it after he jumped me?

Nick: Right around the same time, I think.

Rex: Oh, my God, how do you not remember?  And why the hell didn't you try to stop him?  You know, I can see how he tricked you into killing Julie.

Nick: I loved her.

Rex: Oh, well, you could've just sent a card.  Instead you ante up for kidnapping, torture, and murder.  Now, Natalie could die because of you, son of a bitch!

Ofc. Davis: All right, Balsom, that's it.  Let's go.

Todd: That's funny, I'm the one who's doped up.  You're the one that's delusional.

Spencer: Oh, you can't keep anything from me, Todd.  We're blood brothers now.

Todd: What does that mean?

Spencer: Well, you lost a lot of blood, you needed a transfusion fast, and guess who's the same blood type.

Todd: Can smarmy be transmitted through blood?

Spencer: A simple thank-you would suffice.

Todd: Listen, I didn't ask you for your blood, and I certainly didn't ask you to listen in on my conversation with my wife.

Spencer: Well, you know, I was curious -- why did you lie to her?

Todd: Who said I lied to her?

Spencer: Well, then you must have lied to me when I found you bleeding profusely in the alleyway.

Todd: What exactly did I say?

Spencer: Just that someone named Margaret stabbed you.

Todd: That's not true.

Spencer: Well, you must have been delirious, I suppose, huh?

Todd: Yeah.  Let's go with that.

Spencer: You know, I could go get Blair, bring her in here, see if she knows what you were trying to say.

Todd: Ahem.  Good idea.

Spencer: All right.

Todd: Wait a minute.  All right, smart ass, you win.  Margaret stabbed me.

Spencer: And Margaret is?

Todd: Don't you read anything that isn't about you?  Margaret is the psychopath who terrorized my family and threatened to kill Blair.

Spencer: Well, she almost killed you, too.

Todd: We're talking about Blair here.  Margaret locked her in a trunk, left her for dead.  Margaret threatened to kill my family, and for the last six months, Blair hasn't been able to stop looking over her shoulder.

Spencer: Well, that would explain all the security around you two.

Todd: But Blair's just starting to come around now.  And if she finds out Margaret's in town, she'll lose it for good.

Spencer: Well, you know, if this Margaret woman's so dangerous, shouldn't Blair be warned?

Todd: I'll take care of Margaret.  This is none of your business.

Spencer: Well, I'll remember that the next time I find you mumbling semiconscious in an alleyway.

Todd: What else did I mumble?  Margaret.  Margaret.  She's pregnant with my baby.

Nash: "Todd Manning, Pennsylvania."  Wow, there there's a ton of stuff on this guy.  Going back years.  "Children's hospital."  I hate him already.  "Todd Manning, football star at Llanview university, was arrested last night for allegedly instigating the brutal gang rape of a university student."  Really?  So Tess has a rapist stalking her.  No wonder she hit the road.  Is that where you are, Tess?  Hmm?  Did somebody drag you back to Llanview?

Viki: Thank you so much for coming by.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Jessica: Mom.

Viki: Jessica!  Oh, my God, I've been so worried about you!

Jessica: I know, I know.  I'm ok, mom.  I'm so, so sorry.  I didn't mean to upset you.

Viki: No.  Oh!

Evangeline: I'll get out of your hair.

Viki: No, no, no.

Evangeline: No, no, I'll just check back in if I hear anything.

Viki: Thank you.  Thank you so much for everything.

Evangeline: I'm glad you're back, Jessica.

Viki: Have you heard about Natalie?

Jessica: Yes, yes, it's going to be ok, mom.  She will be fine, ok?  She's not going to quit till she finds her way home.  You know Natalie.

Viki: Yes, I do know Natalie.  Oh, my God, I'm so happy you're home!  This is a good sign, you know?  You're home.  And then Natalie will be, too.  Oh, my God.

[Natalie grunts]

Natalie: I want to live.  I'm not going to die in this hole.  I -- I want to live.  Not going to die in this hole.  I want to live.

Todd: It's not a trick question, doc.  What else did I say when I was out of it?

Spencer: Nothing.  Just kept repeating that someone named Margaret stabbed you.

Todd: All right, blood brother, I need a favor.

Spencer: Another one?

Todd: Yeah.  You're going to back me on my shear-in-the-trunk story, and you're not going to say a word to Blair about Margaret.

Spencer: Why wouldn't I do that?

Todd: Because I'll yank your license in a heartbeat.  There are laws out against you docs sharing personal medical information without consent.  Right?  I'm your patient.  You don't have my consent.  Hey.

Blair: Hey.

Todd: How are the kids?

Blair: Oh, they're fine.  How are you?

Todd: I'm very good.  The doctor is taking very good care of me.

Blair: When I heard that you were in the hospital, Todd, you know, I --

Todd: I know, I know.  But I'm ok.  I'm ok.  Everything's going to be all right.  Next time I'll get a tow truck.  Ow.

Blair: You know, here he is, laid up in a hospital and cracking jokes.  That's my Todd.

Spencer: Yeah, he's probably just embarrassed, you know?  We don't get a lot of self-inflicted tire-changing wounds in here.

Bo: Take us to where you found this.

[Phone rings]

John: Go ahead, I'll catch up.

Bo: Ok.

John: Mc Bain.

Rex: Yeah, John, it's Rex.

John: We haven't found her.  I'll call you when we do.

Rex: Look, I'm at the hospital.  I just talked to Messina.

John: Who the hell let you in there?

Rex: I think I got something that can help you find Natty.  Do you want it or not?

John: What is it?

Rex: All right, Messina said that Hayes was tracking red mud all over the place, right around the time that he took me and dumped Natalie.  So I'm thinking, you know, maybe there's an area up there that --

John: Yeah, that's -- that's good.  That might be something.  Is there anything else?

Rex: No, but I can go back in if --

John: Stay away from Messina.  We've got it from here.  Hey, Jack?  Hey, look, I'm looking for an area where there might be red clay or red dirt.  Is there anyplace like that in this quadrant?

Jack: That's red rocks.  It's over that way.

John: Red rocks.  All right, tell you what, you take your team, you back up the commissioner, all right?  I want every inch where that piece of fabric was found searched.  Got it?  Thanks.

[Natalie grunts]

Spencer: I'll leave you two alone.

Blair: Look, thank you so much for everything that you did for us.  You know, you needed a blood transfusion and the good doctor shared a little of his with you.  Did you know that?

Todd: I know.  I can't wait to see the bill.

Blair: There you go.  He's joking again.

Spencer: Yeah.

Todd: No, I -- I know exactly what the doctor's done for me.

Nash: Todd Manning is never going to know what hit him.  I'm coming to get you, Tess.  Just hold on.  If you're in Llanview, I'm going to find you.

Viki: I still can't believe you're back.  But, honey, where have you been?  Todd wouldn't tell me a thing.

Jessica: I -- I just needed to get away for a little while and be by myself, you know, get my head together.

Viki: Did it work?  Are you feeling better?

Jessica: Oh, yeah.  Mom, everything's fine, and the last thing that I want you to do is worry about me.

Viki: Oh, my God, I'm so happy you're home.  Oh.

John: Natalie?  Is that you?

Natalie: John?

John: Natalie!  Natalie!  Natalie!

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Marcie: Why are you so nice to me?

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Antonio: We're going to beat Tess.

Jessica: I hope you're right.

Evangeline: Natalie and John clearly have things to work out.

Rex: All right, they can see her?  Can they see Natalie?

Bo: Shut up!

John: We got to get her out.  She's buried.  We got to get her out right now!

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