OLTL Transcript Wednesday 8/3/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/3/05


By Boo
Proofread by Kathy

Hugh: Hey, what happened in court?

Nora: Oh, they filed a postponement. Please tell me you've heard something about Natalie.

Hugh: Not a thing.

Nora: Oh, man. Hayes isn't talking?

Hugh: Mrs. Davidson was down there. You're not going to believe this.

Nora: Did she get something out of him?

Hugh: She made a deal with him.

Bo: Viki.

Viki: Bo. Yeah.

Bo: Surprised to see you here. I thought you'd be home in bed.

Viki: Yeah, well, me lying in bed is not bringing us any closer to finding Natalie.

Bo: Yeah, but it's bringing you closer to getting you healthier. You've heard the doctors.

Viki: I don't really care what the doctor said, okay? I want my daughter back. And I, uh, actually just made a deal with Hayes Barber that'll make that happen.

Bo: You made a deal with Barber?

Viki: Yes. Drop the charges and let him go, and he will tell us where Natalie is.

Bo: Viki, you know we can't do that.

Dorian: No, no, no, no, no! I am not going to see my wedding reception turned into some sort of three-ring circus. Oh. Well, that sounds more like me. Indeed. Okay. Well, as for my maid or matron of honor, no, it's not going to be either of my nieces. It's going to be Victoria Davidson. Yes, I'm sure you admire her. Who in Llanview doesn't? Mm-hmm. Can I call you back later? David, where do you think you're sneaking off to? Hmm?

David: I'm not sneaking off anywhere. I was headed towards the solarium.

Dorian: We don't have a solarium.

David: Not yet, but I got the perfect place for one.

Dorian: You haven't asked Spencer to be your best man yet and that's why you were slithering out of here.

David: Hold on a second, you've crossed the line. I do not slither.

Dorian: David -- call Spencer right now.

Woman: You really are amazing. I mean, no one at the hospital thought that Ms. Johnson would survive.

Spencer: Well, that's why I got into medicine, to try to help people.

Woman: Well, congratulations.

Spencer: Thank you.

Woman: Now, did you develop that transplant technique by yourself?

Spencer: Yes, I did. You know, it's been nice talking to you. There's something I need to take care of. Would you mind?

Woman: Okay. I'll see you at the hospital.

Spencer: Yes, right-o.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello, Asa.

Asa: I tried to reach you at home. Obviously, you're out.

Blair: Yes. Why?

Asa: Well, what about Todd? Is he home screening calls?

Blair: No, he's not, Asa.

Asa: Where is he?

Blair: He's at St. James church.

Asa: Todd is at church?

Blair: Now, what is this about? Is it about Margaret?

Asa: There's something -- something wrong with this connection.

Blair: Asa? Asa?

Asa: You sound very distant. I -- I'm not getting anything.

Margaret: Daddy has to be with us. We are his family now. Todd, Margaret, and little Todd Jr. Doesn't that sound like the sweetest little family ever? Oh. But there's still something that we have to deal with. We can't have Daddy thinking he has another family. Well, it'll just have to be gone.

Rev. Reede: Mr. Manning.

Todd: Hey.

Rev. Reede: Was there something else you wanted to talk about?

Todd: No, I think I may have left my kid's stuffed frog here.

Rev. Reede: Oh.

Todd: Mind if I look around?

Rev. Reede: Oh, here, let me help.

Todd: Great.

Margaret: That was the sign I was asking for. You are going to have your daddy. Oh. It was silly of us to think that we were going to make Daddy go boom-boom with that big old nasty bomb. Oh, he'll understand when we tell him all about it.

Spencer: Soaking it all up, I see.

Blair: Hmm. Dr. Truman, you caught me. I love the sun.

Spencer: So do I. So how you feeling, otherwise? You know --

Blair: What do you mean?

Spencer: I don't know, seems like something might've been bothering you a little bit lately. You okay?

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: You can talk to me, Blair.

Blair: Oh, it's just so stupid.

Spencer: No, no, no. No, you could never say anything stupid, all right?

Blair: Okay. I thought I saw someone who wasn't there.

Spencer: What, you mean like a dream state with your eyes closed or --

Blair: No, my eyes were open. But it scared me and I -- I don't know why I'm telling you this.

Spencer: Because you need to and because you know I'll listen and I won't judge you.

Blair: Can I ask you something?

Spencer: Sure.

Blair: My aunt Dorian, she said something to me, and --

Spencer: Just say it. Blurt it out. I won't be offended, I promise.

Blair: She swears that you look at me -- oh, God. Um --

Spencer: You know what?

Blair: That you look at me more than --

Spencer: In this case, she's right on the money.

Margaret: There's Daddy. Aren't you excited? Oh, I hoped he'd be here. See, the power of our love doesn't keep us apart. We were meant to be together, the three of us.

Todd: Aha!

Rev. Reede: Oh. Mr. Manning, I can't tell you how happy I am you've chosen to be married in a house of God. Trust in him. He'll bless you. He'll bless your marriage.

Todd: Oh, yeah. Well, I'm going to keep him to his word, Father.

Asa: Whew. I tell you, Todd, this damn August heat.

Todd: Well, I doubt you're here to talk to God, Asa, so what are you doing here?

Asa: Please -- please, get me some water. I feel like I'm going to die.

Todd: No. What's going on?

Asa: Well, it's about Margaret.

Viki: Bo, I realize that this is not standard procedure, not by a long shot, but I want my daughter back.

Bo: I want Natalie back, too, but I can't just cut Barber loose.

Viki: But, do you see, he told -- I mean, he promised me that if we let him go, he'll tell us where Natalie is.

Bo: The man is a liar.

Viki: Well, what if he's telling the truth this time?

Bo: Look, John has worked every angle there is with this guy. He won't budge. He's just feeding you a line.

Viki: Well, fine, let's give him the same kind of line. There must be a way we can trick him somehow, right?

Bo: This guy is slippery. Now, if we loosen the noose on him, he's going to be gone. We'll never see or hear from him again.

Viki: Bo, there's got to be something we can do. Something. Please, please, can't we try? Come on, this is my daughter. This is Natalie we're talking about.

Bo: All right, look, I'll talk to Nora, okay? Maybe there's something we can do.

Viki: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Nora: What on earth are you talking about? What kind of a deal could Viki possibly make?

Bo: I think I may be able to answer that. Viki wants us to let Barber go if he tells us where Natalie is.

Nora: You're joking.

Hugh: I think I'm going to -- I'll talk to you later.

Bo: Okay.

Nora: You want to run this by me again?

Bo: I think we may have a few legal options open.

Nora: So when I wasn't looking, did you pass the bar or something?

Bo: No, that's why I came out here to ask you for help. So would you please just hear me out, for Viki?

David: Do you want me to time you to see how long you can hold the phone out like that?

Dorian: We had an agreement.

David: I'm not calling my brother.

Dorian: Are you telling me that I asked Viki to be my matron of honor for nothing?

David: Oh, come on, Dorian, how were you supposed to choose between Cassie and Adriana?

Dorian: Or Blair and Kelly, but you're proving my point. You see, I have daughters, sisters, nieces. You have a brother -- one brother.

David: Are you insinuating that I don't have anybody to sit on my side of the aisle?

Dorian: I'm just saying that you should have your brother standing beside you on the most important day of your life.

David: What for?

Dorian: For one thing, I think that if you don't work out this problem that you have with your brother, it's going to poison our lives together.

David: The only problem we have is that you have a problem. You try to control every single little thing in the world. Why can't you just for once let it go?

[Door slams]

Spencer: Your aunt Dorian is a very perceptive woman, that she is, because, well, it's -- I mean, it's true. I was looking at you with more than just a mild interest, and that's because you are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life, Blair.

Blair: I -- I don't know how to handle that.

Spencer: I know I've made you uncomfortable, and I'm sorry. Look, just let me try to ease your mind, okay? For instance, when I go into the Musée D'Orsay, all right, and I see Renoir's "Le Moulin de la Galette," I can't take my eyes off of it. But that doesn't mean I'm going to steal it. I mean, it's not mine, it doesn't belong to me, it doesn't belong on my wall, it doesn’t belong in a vault. It belongs in the Louvre. And to me, Blair, you are that -- ahem -- Renoir.

Blair: But -- that's very sweet, but you should actually see me in the morning when I get right out of bed.

Spencer: That's a nice thought, only because you would be beautiful under any circumstances. You're a true beauty, Blair. And you're with Todd. So, that's where you need to be is with him. You know, I've been accused of a lot of things in my life, but stealing another man's wife is definitely not one of them.

Blair: Look, I'm so sorry. I made a complete fool of myself. I'm sorry.

Spencer: That's all right, you were just telling me what Dorian said that she saw, which was a man admiring a true work of art. Although, she may have read into it a little more than that. I don't know.

Blair: Oh, no doubt. She hates Todd and has done everything she possibly can to break us up.

Spencer: So this is just the beginning of the onslaught?

Blair: I wish, but a hundred times she's done it.

Spencer: Yeah, well, you got to give her credit, then, right? She is persistent.

Blair: Oh, that she is.

Asa: Todd, please, I need some water. There's a water fountain in the rectory. I'm begging you.

Asa: Now, you get the hell out of here, or you and that baby of yours are not going to make it through the day. You got it?

Bo: I'm not suggesting that we actually give this creep anything, but we tell him if he does plead insanity, Viki could help get him into one of those, you know, cushy, low-security mental hospitals.

Nora: Hayes Barber is a serial killer.

Bo: No doubt. But if we throw him a bone, maybe he'll snap at it. Maybe he'll tell us where Natalie is. And Viki could use her influence to help name the hospital he goes to, good or bad.

Nora: Okay, so if he tells us where Natalie is, we're offering him a low-security country club? Is that what you're saying?

Bo: I think that it's worth a try.

Nora: Okay, but, you know, legally, we can't make a deal like that and then withdraw it.

Bo: But if we were talking about Matthew right now, would you be willing to take the chance of finding him alive?

Dorian: Sweetheart, you're the one who said that Spencer could be your best man if Viki were my matron of honor.

David: I told you I think I thought I was kidding.

Dorian: I wasn't kidding. I went racing over to Viki's, I asked her, and she graciously accepted, despite the fact of her daughter's disappearance. I really felt honored.

David: All you felt was smug because now you can hold it over my head that I got to ask Spencer.

Dorian: Yes, I did feel proud, but for good reason.

David: Dorian, I know that you don't believe me, but I am telling you Spencer is dangerous. I don't trust him.

Dorian: What happened to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?

David: You know, I've never understood that expression. I don't want my enemies within firing-range distance of me.

Dorian: Spencer lives here now. Come on. I mean, Viki is stubborn. She's elitist, condescending, she's exasperating, right, but it's to my advantage to make her think that she's my ally. Surely, you see the wisdom in that.

David: I'm not buying this. You just want Spencer close so you can find out about our past.

Dorian: Yes, I do want to know what these deep, dark family secrets are. But I believe the way to disarm him is to reach out to him.

David: If I reach out to Spencer, he'll bite my arm off. He's like a hyena, and not one of those funny ones in that lion cartoon.

Dorian: Sweetheart, if he believes that you are his compatriot, he'll be compelled to turn his evil traits into niceness.

David: Dorian, Spencer's niceness only comes out when he's out to get something.

Jack: Ah!

Blair: He got you so good, Jack Manning!

Jack: You scared me! I'm going to get you back!

Blair: Uh-oh, uh-oh! Watch out, watch out! Oh, no, the doctor's down!

Spencer: I give, I give.

Jack: I'm going to get you!.

Spencer: Yes, I know you will sometime, that's right. Listen, seriously, there aren't any real bad snakes here in this park, only pretty good ones, but it's not a good idea to touch them anyway, all right? All right.

Jack: Mambas! Watch out for mambas!

Blair: Well, I'm sorry, he totally adores you.

Spencer: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: Sorry.

Blair: That's okay.

Spencer: I should answer it. Might be the hospital.

Blair: Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.

Spencer: Hello?

David: Hello, it's David. I'm sure you're busy reanimating the dead, but I got to talk to you.

Spencer: Well, is it important?

David: No, Spencer, it's not important. Yeah, I guess it's -- I guess it's kind of important.

Spencer: All right, I'll get there soon as I can.

David: Oh, great. That's just peachy.

Spencer: David.

Blair: Oh, David.

Spencer: You say that with a little disdain.

Blair: Oh, no, no. He just sold my son, that's all.

Spencer: What? Jack?

Blair: Yeah, Jack.

Spencer: I mean, I know I'm new in town, I know you two have a history together, but how did this come about?

Blair: Well, it's a long story, and when you have a free week, I'll fill you in. How's that?

Spencer: All right, sounds good. My brother -- piece of work, isn’t he?

Margaret: Who do you think you are telling me what to do?

Asa: I am the guy who brought you back into this country so you and that love child can be reunited with lovable Toddy -- if you don't screw it up.

Margaret: Oh. Well, I have been given a little sign from God.

Asa: Well, I've got a better sign -- stop! And when I've got everything in place, you can do whatever you want. But right now, lady, get the hell out of here.

Margaret: Todd and I will be snug in our little nest before this baby is born or else I'm going to be very unhappy. And you don't want me unhappy.

Asa: What the hell?

Todd: Sorry.

Asa: Funny.

Todd: All I could find was holy water. Does it sting?

[Asa mumbles]

Todd: You know, Asa, I just don't buy this crap about photos of Margaret on a mountaintop. And I don't buy that you couldn't get a clean shot of her. Besides, Blair said she saw her near our home.

Asa: She was hallucinating.

Todd: Maybe, maybe not.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hi.

Blair: Hey! Was worried about you. You all right?

Todd: Yeah, I'm fine, but I got a friend here who's not looking so hot.

Blair: Who is it?

Todd: It's Asa. I think he crawled in here for his last rites, but unfortunately he got the wrong church. I'll call you back. Where you think you're going?

Asa: To see a doctor. What the hell do you think?

Todd: You're not going anywhere. You're going to give me the real story about Margaret. Now, where is she?

Asa: Margaret is right around the corner.

Margaret: Hmm.

Nigel: Hold it right there or I'm calling the authorities. I know who you are. You're Margaret Cochran.

Margaret: Mmm, how nice of you to make lunch for me.

Nigel: What on earth are you doing here?

Margaret: I'm Mr. Buchanan's houseguest.

Todd: Margaret's just around the corner, huh?

Asa: You got it.

Todd: Which corner?

Asa: Huh. You take things too literally, Todd. "Around the corner" means that she's going to take a bullet straight through her heart as soon as my boys find her, and then it's going to be boom-boom.

Todd: You're lying.

Asa: Why the hell would I lie?

Todd: You really are senile. So we won't throw you in jail.

Asa: That'll be up to the courts. I don't think they could. But I'm going to tell you something, Manning -- I'm a man of my word. I will kill her.

Todd: Your word isn't worth jack. I want proof, not doctored photos. I want her head, and I want it in 48 hours or I call Bo.

Blair: What's going on here?

Todd: He's thirsty. Right, Asa?

Blair: Wait, you call me looking for me, then you call looking for him. Now you've hunted him down. What's going on here, Asa, huh?

Asa: Let him fill you in. I'm tired and thirsty.

Blair: Well? What's going on? Is Margaret -- is she dead? Todd?

Todd: Yes, Asa killed her.

Hayes: You're being so civilized. Is this the good-cop part? Because let me tell you, John McBain played the bad cop quite convincingly.

Bo: Well, I'm sorry if Lieutenant McBain was tough on you, but he was just doing his job. He's not here now, so maybe we can work something out.

Hayes: Well, I'm going to need to talk to my lawyer if we're going to play these little games.

Nora: You don't really need your lawyer. This is just a very simple little deal we're offering you.

Hayes: Sounds like a game to me.

Viki: I don't play games.

Nora: As the district attorney, I obviously can't offer you immunity, but I can allow Mrs. Davidson to show clout to make your life a living hell if you don't tell us where Natalie is.

Hayes: How's that work?

Nora: Since the evidence against you is so substantial, I assume you'll be pleading insanity?

Hayes: Is that -- is that you I hear talking or -- or are those the little voices in my head?

Nora: Yes, well, that answers my question. Now, let's say, for the sake of argument, that you manage to escape the death sentence and you receive a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity. There are many institutions that you could be assigned to.

Viki: I can think of one for the criminally insane where the preferred method of release is actually suicide. It's a very nasty place. So I think you should tell us where Natalie is or, believe me, you will be begging for a lethal injection.

Nora: If you tell us where we can find Natalie alive, you might have the option of a more favorable institution.

Hayes: Are we talking a hospital here or spa?

Bo: We're talking a hospital, a good one. One that has a high degree of success for rehabilitation.

Nora: And after a few years, you could actually be released.

Viki: I can make that happen for you, Mr. Barber. And then before you know it, you'd be a free man. Now, please, where's Natalie?

Hayes: Okay. I'll tell you where she is.

David: Well, that was fast. I didn't expect you so soon. Hope I didn't interrupt the world's first brain transplant.

Spencer: Well, you did call, you are my little brother, and I was just curious.

David: About why I called?

Spencer: About why you sold Blair’s baby?

David: Who told you I sold Blair’s baby? Have you been talking to Blair? Have you been seeing her again?

Dorian: No, I am not bargain shopping, but then again, I don't want to be overcharged. Thank you. Hello, Spencer. So good to see you. So has David asked you to be his best man yet?

Spencer: I think he was just about to get there.

David: Right. Just about.

Spencer: Well, I would be so honored to be part of my little brother's wedding, yes. You're a very lucky man, Davey, and you're a very lucky woman, Dorian.

Dorian: I think so, too.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Oh, pardon me. I'm going to take this in the other room.

David: Yeah.

Dorian: Hold on one moment, please. I'll be right with you.

Spencer: Smart move, asking me to be your best man. I know you don't trust me, Dave, but, believe me, I've got your back on this one.

David: You've got my back? Spencer, I'm not asking you to save Private Ryan here. I'm just asking you to stand next to me while I say my vows and try not to drop the ring.

Spencer: Well, it's not that simple.

David: What does that mean?

Spencer: It means I know thin about you, Dave -- things that Dorian wouldn't like, things you've been keeping secret from her.

David: See, I knew this was a bad idea. Get the hell out of my house and stay away from my wedding.

Spencer: No, I don't think I will. In fact, I think I'm going to be a very important part of your nuptials, David. But don't worry, I can keep a secret. I've kept a few from you, one whopper in particular. Boy, if I let that little skeleton out of the closet, that would be the end of you and Dorian for sure.

Starr: There's Jason Whittaker.

Ginger: Where?

Starr: Don't look, don't look! Why does everybody look when I say, "don't look"?

Ginger: That cute boy over there?

Starr: Yes! He's really hot, right?

Ginger: True that.

Jack: He saw us looking at him.

Starr: Jack --

Ginger: Why don't you go talk to him?

Starr: No, that would be awkward.

Ginger: Just go over there.

Starr: He's the hottest kid in my class, and I'm me.

Ginger: That's right, you're you.

Jack: You're Starr.

Starr: Thanks, Jack, but that's not good enough.

Ginger: No, you're smart, beautiful, funny, and you like snakes. How cool is that?

Jack: You like snakes

Starr: Jack, you're not helping.

Ginger: Look, go over there. You've got nothing to lose.

Starr: Does my outfit look stupid?

Ginger: You look hot.

Starr: Thank you. Okay. Here I go.


Starr: Hi.

Jason: You go to my school?

Starr: Yeah, and, uh, you go to my school. Awkward.

Blair: Oh, is Margaret dead? I mean, really, really dead?

Todd: Uh --

Blair: Well, is she or isn't she?

Todd: She's not dead.

Blair: Not dead? Why the hell would you tell me that for?

Todd: I wanted you to feel better; I wanted you to feel safe.

Blair: I'm not going to feel better knowing that she's out there, Todd!

Todd: She's not going to be out there for long. I gave Asa 48 hours.

Blair: What, to kill her?

Todd: Yeah. And this time I want proof or we go to Bo with kidnapping charges.

Blair: Oh, well, this makes me feel so much better. So if Asa doesn't do it, you're going to do it? I don't know what scares me more -- hearing that or knowing Margaret’s out there.

Todd: Why don't we give Asa a chance?

Blair: Okay. Okay.

Todd: All right, let's go be with our kids.

Blair: Todd? Promise me you won't do something that leaves our children fatherless, please?

Margaret: I am Mr. Buchanan's houseguest. He's a very kind man.

Nigel: Mr. Asa Buchanan?

Margaret: Well, yes, of course Asa. We work together. I'm a very valuable commodity. Why else would he let me stay here?

Nigel: I don't believe he's allowed you to stay here at all. Mr. Buchanan generously offered a million dollars to find Blair Cramer after you kidnapped her. Mr. Buchanan's own son has police departments across the nation trying to find you. No, no, no, Ms. Cochran, I'm afraid I'm going to have to alert Commissioner Buchanan.

Asa: What in hell!

Nigel: Keep your distance, Sir, it's Ms. Cochran. Don't leave yourself vulnerable. I'm calling 911.

Asa: Won't be necessary.

Nigel: But, Sir --

Asa: Put the phone down, Nigel. Margaret is my guest.

Hayes: So, I do some time in a country club and do some meds and then I walk with a new name and a job as a literary agent?

Nora: If that's what you want.

Hayes: Or maybe I can represent Marcie Walsh's next best-selling novel.

Bo: Or maybe you could start over somewhere else. You know, it's not like you've never done that before.

Nora: You just tell us where Natalie is and, in a few years, the world is yours.

Hayes: My world is in my head. Nora, I can go anywhere I want in my mind. I changed my face, my body, but I still have my thoughts. And I have all the power. I know where Natalie is and you don't, and I happen to love watching all of you run around like little chickens on fire. See, that's where my world is, Nora. I like it there.

Bo: Excuse me.

Hayes: Oh, Viki, don't worry; you're there, too!

Bo: I'll be right back.

Hayes: And Natalie's there!

David: What kind of secret?

Spencer: Well, if I told you that, then it wouldn't be a secret, would it?

David: The last time I remember you using that phrase, you broke my Aquaman decoder ring. I don't know what you're talking about. What are you talking about?

Spencer: Uh-uh. Can't really say, Davey. It's just too lethal.

David: You mean besides all the stuff that went on between us during our formative years, there's still more bad news?

Spencer: Very bad, yeah. That's why I haven't told you. You know I've always tried to shelter you, Dave.

David: Oh, yeah, you're right. We both know that's not true.

Spencer: I will do everything I can within my power to make sure Dorian doesn't find out certain things about our more colorful detours we took when we were young and I'll redouble my efforts to protect you from a certain truth and Dorian. It would certainly ruin both of your lives.

Dorian: Ugh! This is so frustrating! I mean, this is truly unbelievable! David, I just found out that David Goustie cannot do the catering on the 19th and that my custom-made bustier from Paris won't arrive until the end of the month! This a disaster.

David: Well, maybe we should postpone the wedding.

Dorian: Postpone the wedding?

David: Well, we certainly can't get married without David Bustie and your goustier.

Dorian: Honey --

David: Come on, what's just another month, maybe two months?

[Dorian sighs]

Dorian: So you would really be all right with that?

David: Yeah, why not? It's no big deal. I just want everything to be perfect.

Dorian: Yes. So do I. So I'll just make a few phone calls.

David: Okay.

Dorian: Excuse me, gentlemen.

Spencer: Really wasn't necessary, Dave. You're being overly paranoid. I mean, why don't you just get married already, be happy?

David: I'm not doing anything until I find out what you're hiding from me.

Dorian: Unfortunately, there's this big problem with my caterer and a delay in my wedding ensemble, and so it was actually my fiancé’s idea that we postpone the wedding. Yes, I will let you know that, soon as I know. Good-bye. All right, David. What's going on here? What's the real reason you're putting off our wedding?

Starr: Yeah. See ya.

Jason: See ya

Starr: Mom, Mom. He talked to me. Oh, my gosh, he was so sweet.

Blair: Huh?

Starr: Yeah. I love him! Mom, if he asks me out, could you tell Dad to say okay?

Blair: If he asks you out, and not you ask him out, daytime only, and a parent driving. But I'll handle your dad. I'll ask him. I'm sure he'll say okay because he's got a lot on his mind right now.

Starr: Hope it's not Margaret cockroach.

Asa: Put the damn phone down, Nigel.

Nigel: But, Sir --

Asa: I will handle this. Let me first have a little chat with Ms. Cochran. Then I'll fill you in.

Nigel: Yes, Sir. I'll replace your lunch, Sir.

Margaret: I'm very unhappy with you for the way you treated me at St. James. Just because you're letting me stay here doesn't mean that you can order me around.

Asa: Listen, you little screwball, I am going to put your damn neck on the chopping block.

Margaret: Oh. But what if yours is there first?

Nora: What? Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a little overwhelmed by everything.

Hugh: Yeah, I saw Bo dragging Barber from the office. I figured it didn't go too well.

Nora: Uh, no.

Hugh: Nora, you look like hell.

Nora: Is that any way you should be talking to your boss?

Hugh: Maybe you should see a doctor.

Nora: I will.

Hugh: You want me to drive you?

Nora: No, I don't -- no, I'm fine, okay? Don't worry; I'm fine. I just need to take a deposition.

Hugh: Do you want me to take it for you?

Nora: Will you stop worrying about me, please, and just go and t me the Werner file, please, for my deposition?

Hugh: Against my better judgment, just take a breather; I'll go get the file.

Nora: Thank you.

Bo: I'm sorry, Viki. I thought we could get something out of him.

Viki: Yeah, well, I me, even though I hoped, I guess I never really believed it. I don't know why I would ever think that we could get anything out of him.

Bo: You did what any parent would do, anything to get your daughter back.

Viki: Well, I thank you and Nora very much for all the help you gave. You mind if I stay here just for a minute till I go home?

Bo: You take all the time you need.

Viki: Thank you.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

R.J.: I'm going to find out what you're up to.

Tess: This can't go on forever.

Nash: Where are you going to go?

John: I look at you and I see all the ways I let you down staring right back at me and I don't know how to change that.

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