OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/2/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/2/05


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[Rex groans]

[Knock on door]

Adriana: Rex.

Rex: Hey.

Adriana: Oh, my God, are you okay?

Rex: Yeah, I'll live, so they tell me.

Adriana: I heard they let you out of the hospital. I brought you these.

Rex: Flowers. Sweet.

Adriana: Flowers for a guy. I know it's kind of lame, but I wanted to do something.

Rex: No, they're nice. Thanks.

Adriana: I'll put them in some water for you. So, how are you feeling?

Rex: Oh, like I've been run over by a truck, which is about the only thing that psycho didn't do to me.

Adriana: Must have been awful. Well, at least Hayes is in jail where he belongs.

Rex: Yeah, they'll lock him up, all right. But Natalie's still out there, and he won't tell us where.

Guard: Hey, dirtbag, you got a visitor.

Hayes: Is it one of my club members?

Guard: This one doesn't look like a fan.

Hayes: Well, well. Mrs. Victoria Davidson. I assume I'm front-page news. Are you here for an exclusive?

Viki: I want my daughter back, and you are going to give her to me.

Blair: Well, it's hard to plan a wedding when you're worried about Viki.

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: She's got two kids missing, Todd, and I really do think that you should tell her that you saw Jessica in New York.

Todd: And that I lost her?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: I'm not telling Viki anything about Jessica unless it's good news.

Blair: What about that P.I. that you hired? Any word from him?

Todd: He just started this morning. He's not like these idiots that Asa hires. He's actually going to find her.

Blair: No, Asa found where Margaret was hiding, Todd.

Todd: So he says.

Blair: We had a deal. Asa's going to take care of Margaret and we are going to get married in peace.

Todd: What makes you think you could trust Asa any further than you could throw him?

Asa: Just give me five minutes with this damn lunatic, and I'll find out where he's hiding my granddaughter.

Nigel: I'm sure the commissioner will find an effective means for extracting information from that lunatic. He'll find Miss Natalie.

Asa: All that Bo is worried about is finding a way to lock up his old man.

Kevin: Well, maybe he'd back off if you'd stop committing felonies, Grandpa.

Nigel: I've been meaning to call the police myself, although I would hate to distract them from their search for Miss Natalie.

Kevin: Why would you call the police, Nigel?

Nigel: I think we have an intruder trespassing on the property.

[Kelly and Duke laugh]

Duke: What, did I actually beat you this time?

Kelly: Oh, yeah. Maybe you're finally getting into shape.

Duke: Wait, wait, wait a second. Did you let me win?

Kelly: Oh, I would never injure your fragile Buchanan ego.

Duke: Yeah, uh-huh. Whatever you say, Dorian.

Kelly: Oh, wow! Gosh, that was below the belt.

Duke: Yeah, well, if you can't take it, don't dish it out. So, how is -- how's things with superdoc?

Kelly: Uh -- who?

Duke: "Uh -- who?" Come on -- Spencer, all right? Are you still dating him or what?

Kelly: Who wants to know?

Duke: Uh -- I do. I just, you know, want to make sure you're happy. That's all.

Kelly: So tell me, did your dad put you up to grilling me about Spencer?

Duke: No. No, I've just been hearing his name come up at work a lot lately.

Kelly: From whom?

Duke: You. Okay, and my dad.

Kelly: Uh-huh.

Duke: So, you know, is Spencer the kind of guy you could really see yourself caring about, or are you just using him to stick it to my dad?

Kelly: I'm not using anyone, and why would you think I would want to stick it to Kevin?

Duke: You tell me. You know how he feels about you.

Kelly: No, no, I don’t. Why don't you fill me in? What? What's so funny?

Duke: You know what? He's nuts about you, and I can totally just see you doing the whole hard-to-get routine with him, driving him up a wall.

Kelly: Well, I guess we have gotten closer lately.

Kevin: You think we have an intruder? I mean, have you seen anyone?

Nigel: No, Sir, but I was walking the grounds this morning and looked in on the guesthouse. It appears as though someone has been living there.

Asa: I own that cottage you're in! I own your freedom! And you, lady, play by my rules!

Margaret: Yes, Sir.

Asa: There's -- there's no intruder.

Kevin: Oh, listen, Grandpa, if Nigel says that he saw something --

Asa: Hank Winthrop is staying at the guesthouse.

Kevin: Hank from Texas petrol?

Asa: Right. His wife threw him out of the house. He's been going to a lot of strip clubs and she's making him pay for it, and I'm letting him stay here till she comes to her senses.

Nigel: Your generosity abounds, Sir.

Asa: You got that right, Nigel.

Kevin: Well, forgive me if I don't stick around to hear about your Nobel Prize nomination, but someone has to save your empire.

Nigel: Shall we expect you and Master Duke for dinner, Sir?

Kevin: I'll have someone from the office call. See you, Grandpa.

Hugh: Marcie?

Marcie: Hey.

Hugh: Thought you'd still be in the hospital.

Marcie: Oh, they just let me out this morning. Bo wanted me to come in and make a formal statement about what happened at the warehouse.

Hugh: Yeah, hey, I'm sorry about that. I can't believe I was the one who talked you into leaving with that guy.

Marcie: No, you had no idea. Hugh, it's okay. I mean, I always knew the guy was a jerk. I just didn't know that he was capable of doing something like this.

Hugh: How are you feeling?

Marcie: A little shaky, I guess. And I'm still worried about Natalie. They haven't found her. Has Hayes said anything?

Hugh: No, not that I know of. And for what it's worth, I'm going to personally see to it that we nail this guy for everything that he's done.

Marcie: Well, if you need me, sign me up to testify. I'll do whatever I can to help.

Hugh: You'll be my star witness. And you know, if you ever need to just talk to anyone, I'm around. Just let me know.

Marcie: Thanks.

Hugh: You're not alone in this. That's all I'm saying.

Michael: That's right, she's not alone. She's got me.

Viki: Officer, would you mind terribly giving me a few moments alone with the prisoner, please? Thank you.

Hayes: I imagined myriad ways the police would come up with to get me to talk, but I must say I was not expecting you.

Viki: Yes, well, I needed to see you.

Hayes: Why?

Viki: To see if you were really insane or just evil.

Hayes: And what's the verdict?

Viki: Oh, you're clearly disturbed.

Hayes: Based on what, your clinical analysis? What would you know about it?

Viki: More than you think. Mr. Barber, you obviously know who I am and what I do. I think you should also be aware of the fact that I have influence, influence that reaches farther than you can possibly imagine.

Hayes: Are you here to cut a deal with me?

Viki: My influence goes both ways. You see, I can make your life in prison a very tolerable experience, or I can make it a living hell.

Hayes: That sounds like a threat, Viki.

Viki: Yes. Well, you have my daughter. And one way or the other, you are going to give her back to me. So you can either benefit from this conversation or you can suffer from it. Trust me, you don't want to play with me. You are way out of your league.

Kelly: Let's not make more out of this than what it is, okay?

Duke: Oh, so, what? So let's say it's less than wedding bells but more than a booty call?

Kelly: Okay, I can't believe you just used the term "booty call."

[Duke laughs]

Kelly: It's exactly the same as it was, always.

Duke: In what way?

Kelly: We get closer, we fight.

Duke: And you have make-up sex.

Kelly: Why do we keep coming back to that?

Duke: Why do you keep ignoring it? You know what, Kelly? This is a big thing; at least I think it is. I mean, with the history that you and my dad have, there is no way the two of you are going to go there easily. It means something.

Kelly: Well, I'll tell you what it doesn't mean. It does not mean that we're getting back together.

Duke: And why not?

Kelly: Because we have too much stuff to work through before that happens, that's why.

Duke: So work through it. Come on. He's home right now eating breakfast. Why don't you pop on in and surprise him? Maybe you guys can work through a few things.

Kelly: No.

Duke: Come on. Great breakfasts are served at the old Buchanan corral.

Kelly: Well, I am kind of hungry.

Duke: Go.

Kelly: You want a ride?

Duke: Uh -- no. Three's a crowd. Besides, I better run a few more laps because I'm going to beat you next time.

Kelly: Next time we're talking about Adriana. Has there been any sheet-hitting going on?

Duke: Oh, I got to run.

Kelly: Uh-huh.

Duke: See you.

Adriana: Rex, they're going to find Natalie.

Rex: Yeah, well, that nutcase had me for 10 minutes and look what he did to me. He's had Nattie for weeks.

Adriana: What exactly did he do to you?

Rex: Aah!

Adriana: I know he drugged you outside of Rodi’s.

Rex: How'd you know about that?

Adriana: I found your watch, gave it to Bo. That's how he figured out Hayes had you.

Rex: Well, I was hoping someone would figure that out. How'd you know it was mine?

Adriana: Maybe we have a psychic connection. See if you can read my mind. Getting anything?

Rex: Um -- no, I must not be getting a signal. You thirsty? You want something to drink? I think I have water. Ugh!

Adriana: What's wrong?

Rex: Ugh, my neck -- it's totally messed up. You must get that way from getting strung up.

Adriana: He tried to hang you?

Rex: Yeah, me and Marcie both. I thought he actually killed her for a minute there.

Adriana: Oh, well, didn't they give you anything for the pain?

Rex: Yeah, the bill from the hospital.

Adriana: Oh, well, here, let me -- oh.

Rex: Ah. Oh, God, right there.

Adriana: It's like a knot. No, stop; don't move. Stay still.

Rex: That's good, thanks. Uh -- you've got the magic touch.

Blair: Todd, we've been over this a hundred, hundred times.

Todd: Yeah, I know, and I still don't understand why you would trust Asa in any --

Blair: Oh, Reverend Reede, how are you? I'm Blair Cramer and this is my fiancé --

Rev. Reede: Right, right.

Blair: Todd Manning.

Rev. Reede: You want to talk about your wedding plans. You know, you'll have to forgive me. Being new to Llanview, I'm still trying to get up to speed on things. You know, I got the papers you sent ahead. You've had quite a history.

Todd: Yeah, we're a regular "Barbara Walters Special."

Rev. Reede: You've been married before?

Todd: Four times.

Blair: Five. Five times.

Todd: Do you mean to each other or in general?

Rev. Reede: Uh -- well --

Blair: We've obviously made a few mistakes in our past, but this time we're going to do it right.

Rev. Reede: You know, I -- I see where Reverend Carpenter married -- well, performed one of your ceremonies. Perhaps you'd like to have him.

Todd: No, no, no, no, no. He screwed us. That marriage didn't stick.

Blair: Um -- we -- well, we want a new beginning and we feel that having someone new in town to perform the ceremony would be just great.

Rev. Reede: Well, I'd be more than happy to.

Blair: Oh, good.

Todd: Good. Hey, let's -- let's look at a calendar and set a date.

Rev. Reede: Well, actually, I'd like to ask a few questions before we get to that.

Blair: Sure.

Todd: Fire away.

Rev. Reede: Well, do you plan on having any children?

Todd: We've already been up to the devil's work.

Blair: Todd.

Todd: We got two, one of each flavor. Next?

Blair: Yes, a little girl -- Starr -- actually, she's not so little anymore. She's growing into a beautiful young woman. And our baby -- well, he's not a baby either. He's -- he's growing fast. His name is Jack.

Rev. Reede: Wonderful. Um -- are you planning on having any more children?

Todd: No, we're pleased with the family the way it is right now. We're not looking for any new surprises.

Kevin: I swear I left my keys out here. What –

Margaret: Little Todd is getting so big. You need some fresh air, darling. Mommy has a very important errand to run.

Adriana: I think I need to go.

Rex: Okay.

Adriana: If you need anything, I'd be happy to get it for you.

Rex: Uh -- I'm good. I have everything I need.

Adriana: Then I should probably go.

Rex: Adriana, wait. Um -- thanks for the flowers.

Adriana: You're welcome. Don't forget to water them.

Rex: Right.

Hugh: I was just telling Marcie that she's got friends to help her through this.

Michael: No, you never can have too many friends, can you? Marcie's been going through a hard time lately.

Hugh: She certainly has. I understand why she was trying to drink her problems away.

Michael: Well, it's a good thing she has friends to take her to bed.

Marcie: Michael, don't say it like that. Hugh was just helping me out. He was a complete gentleman. It's not like we spent the night together.

Hugh: I hope you didn't get the wrong impression, Michael. I'm not trying to get in between you and Marcie.

Marcie: Oh, we're not dating anymore, so -- well, I -- I mean, we're not dating or anything. Michael, you know what I mean. I mean --

Hugh: Right, so we're all on the same page here. We want Natalie Vega to be found safe and we want Hayes Barber to swing for it, right?

Marcie and Michael: Right.

Guard: A.D.A. Hughes?

Hugh: Yeah, what is it?

Guard: Have you seen the commissioner?

Hugh: Last I heard, he was out looking for his niece. What is it?

Guard: Natalie Vega’s mother is down there with Barber.

Marcie: Oh, my God. Hugh, you got to go find Bo.

Hayes: Are you trying to frighten me?

Viki: Oh, I doubt anything could frighten you.

Hayes: Well, if you can't intimidate me and you think I'm nuts, what makes you think I'd cut a deal with you?

Viki: I said you were insane, not stupid. Now, I want you to tell me where my daughter is.

Hayes: Don't you want to ask me if there's anything left to find?

Viki: I don't think you would answer me truthfully.

Hayes: Good point, good point. Viki. But I bet you're dying to know. Would you like me to tell you how she rocked herself to sleep every night in that cold, dark room that I left her in? Well, her crying went from a deep, deep sobbing to finally a sort of pathetic little whimper. But -- but she never did beg for her mommy, though. Was that a relief for you to hear? Or maybe is that a disappointment?

Viki: Are you finished?

Hayes: My, my. You're a cold fish. Not a tear to shed for your daughter's suffering? What, is your heart made of stone?

Viki: Oh, my heart is made of stronger stuff than God will ever allow you to know. You see, I know a great deal about your pathology. I've had experience with the inner workings of the mind.

Hayes: Is that so?

Viki: Tell me, who abused you as a child? Was it your father?

Hayes: Not him.

Viki: Grandfather? And you're still that frightened little boy, aren't you? But you see, the more you talk, the more you seem to derive pleasure from my pain, the more convinced I am that my daughter is still alive because you don't want to kill the one person who allows you to torture so many others.

Hayes: You'll never find her, not without my help. And if she isn't dead yet, she will be by the time that clown of a cop McBain finds her.

Viki: Yes, well, that's why you're going to tell me where she is right now. Please remember that I have the ability to make your imprisonment an absolute torment. Look into my eyes if you doubt my sincerity. Where is my daughter?

Hayes: Okay. Okay, Viki. I'm curious. If I tell you where she is, what do I get in return?

Rev. Reede: All right then, let's just check the calendar.

Blair: Okay.

Todd: Finished so soon?

Rev. Reede: Sorry if that felt like an inquisition.

Blair: Oh, no, no, no. We didn't mind answering any questions, but we do have two children in the park with their baby-sitter that we need to get to.

Rev. Reede: Oh, you know, we can make the final arrangements when we get closer to the date. I just need to see if the dates you want are still available.

Blair: Okay.

Margaret: My darling. It's Daddy.

Kevin: Nigel, have you seen my keys?

Nigel: Perhaps Mr. Buchanan lent them to his bordello buddy in the guesthouse.

Asa: How many damn times have I told you? There's a big difference between a strip joint and a cathouse.

Nigel: I'll be sure to observe that distinction in the future, Sir.

Asa: I got a call to make.

Nigel: Did you look in the library, Sir? You were working late last night.

Kevin: Uh -- no, you know what? That's a good idea. I'll check.

Nigel: No, allow me.

Kevin: No, you don't have -- okay.

Kelly: Hey.

Kevin: Hey. You're the last person I expected to see.

Kelly: Well, at least I'm not interrupting your shower.

Kevin: Yeah, I thought we weren't supposed to talk about that.

Kelly: All right, I think I owe you an apology.

Kevin: Really?

Kelly: Yes, I was talking with Blair, and I think I might have overreacted when I questioned your motives about why you were --

Kevin: Interrupting you in the shower?

Kelly: Yeah.

Kevin: Well, listen, I'll be honest with you. The fact that Spencer was interested in you did motivate me to come over. But listen, the only reason was -- is because I couldn't live with myself if I lost you for good. Because I'm crazy about you. And I'm starting to think that I always will be.

Kelly: You know, Duke said I should come over here.

Kevin: Duke?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Really?

Kelly: Yeah, he seems to think we make a pretty good couple. We always have.

Kevin: Oh, yeah? Come here, you.

Roxy: Oh --

Rex: Aah! Roxy, you're killing me!

Roxy: What did the nut job do to you?

Rex: Aah!

Roxy: Does it hurt?

Rex: Only when you do that!

Roxy: Oh, I'm so glad you're alive.

Rex: Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

Roxy: Who would've thunk that scrawny runt Hayes Barber would off so many people? Just give me two minutes with that punk after everything that he did to you.

Rex: Okay, we've got to get Nattie back first, all right?

Roxy: Well, Johnny and Bo are going to do that. They're going to bring her home.

Rex: Well, that sounded strangely reasonable.

Roxy: Well, I've been talking to Viki.

Rex: That explains it.

Roxy: Since when do you buy yourself fresh flowers?

Rex: Adriana stopped by.

Roxy: Adriana? Dorian's kid?

Rex: Where are you going with this, Roxy?

Roxy: Well, she's cute, she's hot, she's flush. You could do worse.

Adriana: Oh, sorry.

Duke: Hey, watch where you're going, lady!

Adriana: Oh, hey, Duke.

Duke: Hey, so what you doing up so early? Did you come looking for me?

Adriana: I was -- I just needed some fresh air.

Duke: Oh, you know, you should have called me. You could have come running with us.

Adriana: Oh, did Kelly beat you again?

Duke: Yeah, worse. She let me win.

Adriana: Ooh.

Duke: Hey, I'm glad we ran into each other, though.

Adriana: Yeah.

Duke: We must have some sort of psychic connection going, huh?

Adriana: Hey, let's spend the day together. We can pack a lunch and take some of Asa’s horses out to the lake, maybe go out for a swim.

Duke: Ooh, that sounds great. But I have a nightmare of a day today. We've got three board members coming in, and my dad wants me to walk them through all the fourth quarter projections with them.

Adriana: Oh.

Duke: But can I take a rain check?

Adriana: Of course.

Duke: Uh -- what is that for?

Adriana: I just miss you.

Duke: I miss you, too. Hey, could we have dinner later?

Adriana: That would be great.

Duke: I'll call you.

Adriana: Okay.

Starr: I'm not really into Green Day that much anymore.

Ginger: Have you heard Fall Out Boy?

Starr: No.

Ginger: I'll lend you my C.D.

Jack: When are my mommy and daddy coming?

Ginger: They should be here soon, Jack. Don't worry.

Margaret: I'm so sorry, my little darling. I didn't know Daddy would be here with that horrible Blair. Well, Mommy tried to get rid of her, but she just didn't finish the job. This is not what I wanted for my little man. This is not what I wanted at all.

Todd: Hey, talk to you soon.

Rev. Reede: Yes. Thank you, Sir.

[Blair and Todd hum "Bridal March"]

Margaret: I didn't plan on seeing Daddy so soon. I wasn't ready. I haven't had time to make all of the arrangements. Oh!

Rev. Reede: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. May I help you with something?

Margaret: Oh, yes, I hope so. I just wanted to talk to you about my baby.

Viki: I want my daughter back. So, frankly, I'm prepared to do whatever is necessary.

Hayes: I like the way you think.

Viki: What do you want?

Hugh: This is the last man you want to be making any deals with, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: I'm sorry; do I know you?

Hugh: A.D.A. Hugh Hughes. The Hayes Barber case is my assignment.

Hayes: This is the man who wants to see me fry. Viki, why don't you ask him how much he cares if little Natalie gets back alive? My guess is not very much.

Hugh: Don't listen to him.

Hayes: Oh, come on. What's another consecutive life sentence between friends, Huey?

Hugh: Please don't waste your time with him, Mrs. Davidson. He is not going to give you anything.

Hayes: My guess is that she doesn't agree. What's it going to be, Viki? Pull some weight in my direction. You want your daughter back; I want all charges against me dropped. You make that happen, you can have daughter dearest back by lunch.

Marcie: What if Hayes is down there doing something to Mrs. Davidson and Hugh? Maybe you should just call John.

Michael: Hayes is behind bars. Viki's going to do everything she can to get Natalie home. I'd like to take a couple swings at that guy myself.

Marcie: You really care about Natalie, don't you?

Michael: I just want to see her come home safe. I think we all do.

Kevin: Maybe we should take this upstairs, huh?

Kelly: It's not even noon yet.

Kevin: So I'll take you to lunch afterwards.

Kelly: Mmm, Mama Luisa's?

Kevin: Anywhere you want.

Kelly: Oh, wait. We're doing it again.

Kevin: I hope so.

Kelly: No, no, you and I both know that we can both think of 50 reasons why we shouldn't be doing this here. You go first. You think of one.

Kevin: Yeah, I got nothing.

Kelly: Yeah, my mind's a blank. Come on, let's go.

Asa: Damn! Oh, that lying witch! Left the guesthouse again, and took Kevin’s car to boot.

Asa: Where -- where would I go if I was some real crazy lady?

Margaret: I just want my little boy to be raised right.

Rev. Reede: Are you a member of this congregation?

Margaret: No, I'm new to St. James.

Rev. Reede: Oh, so am I. It's my first week here.

Margaret: Well, I've heard you were doing a splendid job.

Rev. Reede: Thank you. Please --

rev. Reede: Will the baby's father be a part of the service?

Margaret: Oh, we've had a little falling-out, but I'm certain he'll be here for the christening.

Rev. Reede: I'm happy to hear that.

Margaret: I know exactly how the ceremony will be.

Margaret: I'm so happy that Viki and Kevin have agreed to be little Todd’s godparents.

Viki: I'm so happy that Todd has finally found his soul mate.

Kevin: And finally gotten rid of that harpy Blair.

Viki: It's such a shame that she fell down all those flights of stairs.

Margaret: Only to be consumed by the fire.

Kevin: Well, if the fire didn't get her, those rabid dogs in the basement would have.

Margaret: The poor dear.

Viki: I know. Oh, I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law.

Kevin: Please tell me you'll be coming to work at B.E. as soon as possible.

Margaret: Oh, I couldn’t. This is my career now -- my husband and our beautiful baby boy.

Todd: Yeah, he's a chip off the old block, isn't he? Thank you, Darling. I love you so much.

Margaret: Oh, you had me at "don't shoot me."

Margaret: It's going to be perfect. All I have to do now is take care of one last little problem.

Blair: Hey, you guys. Sorry we're late.

Ginger: Oh, not a problem. We had fun.

Blair: Good.

Todd: You had fun?

Blair: Fun.

Todd: You had fun without me, huh? Hey, did you have fun without me? Is that right? All right, here.

Blair: Uh-oh, Jack.

Todd: This will teach you to have fun without me. Sleep!

Blair: Oh, no! Oh, he's out, he's out! Wake him up, Starr, so we can all have fun!

Starr: Get up, get up, get up!

Ginger: Excuse me, please. Adriana? Reality? Where were you?

Adriana: Ginger. Hi. No, I was just thinking.

Ginger: Daydreaming about Duke doesn't get the job done. You have to have hands-on participation.

Adriana: Actually, I was thinking about a friend of mine. He just got out of the hospital.

Ginger: "He"? Are you holding out? Tell me about him. What's his name?

Adriana: Rex Balsom. You know him?

Ginger: Yeah. He hates me.

Adriana: I doubt that.

Ginger: Well, trust me on this one.

Adriana: Well, that's too bad. You know, I was just thinking that you and Rex would be great together.

Ginger: Not to say that he isn't absolutely hot. Tell me more.

Jack: Did you bring Fred the frog?

Todd: You kidding me? I never leave home without Fred the frog. Where's Fred?

Blair: Well, it was right on top when we left the church.

Todd: Did he fall off?

Jack: You lost Fred?

Todd: No, he's not lost.

Jack: We have to find him. Fred was the only way I could talk to Daddy when he was gone.

Blair: Oh, hmm.

Todd: Well, Daddy's here now, son, so we can cut back on those frog-time minutes, okay?

Blair: You know what, I'll run back to the church and look for Freddie.

Todd: No, no, no, I'll do it. Guys are the only people that can talk frog, right?

Jack: Yeah.

Blair: Ribbit, ribbit.

[Todd laughs]

Todd: Oh, boy.

Hugh: Leave it to an agent to try to negotiate himself out of jail. You can't trust a word he says.

Hayes: Says the lawyer.

Hugh: There is no way that any of these charges against him will ever be dropped.

Hayes: Is that -- is that true, Viki? I thought you said you were well connected, you had all this power in the community. Were you shining me on, Mom? Were you playing games with your little girl's life?

Hugh: Don't let him get to you.

Hayes: I walk, you get your little Natalie back. Those are the terms of the deal.

Viki: Done. You got a deal.

Rex: Cool your jets. Adriana's just a friend.

Roxy: Friend? Well, friends don't let each other drive drunk, but flowers?

Rex: You're killing me. I'm begging you, please.

Roxy: Baby, listen, I know you're achy-breaky over Jen, and there's nothing like a little pity you-know-what to get you right on your feet.

Rex: What don't you understand about "Adriana’s just a friend"?

Roxy: Friend. Oh, yeah, a friend. Hey, baby, you're my son. I know what you're thinking.

Rex: I'm not thinking about anything.

Ginger: You really think I could hang out with Rex?

Adriana: Sure.

Ginger: I really stepped in it when I went on about that Colson dude and how he killed Jen Rappaport. He freaked. I think he still has a thing for her. I mean, how do you compete with a dead girl?

Adriana: You take it slow, get to know him, make up for bad first impressions.

Ginger: Why are you so hot on Rex and I hooking up? I just think you want to keep me away from Duke.

Adriana: Not quite.

Starr: Ginger? My mom wants me to bring Jack to the pond, and he never listens to me, so will you come with us?

Ginger: Sure.

Jack: Come on, Ginger.

Ginger: Hey listen; call me, Adriana.

Adriana: Okay.

Ginger: All right. Bye.

Adriana: Okay.

Blair: Looks like I got my family back.

Rev. Reede: You know, if you'd like to talk about the problem you mentioned, I'd be happy to sit down with you.

Margaret: Oh, it's nothing really. It's just a domestic squabble.

Rev. Reede: Well, you know where to find me should you ever need to talk. Now, call me when the baby arrives and we'll set up a date for the christening.

Margaret: Thank you very much. Don't fret, Todd Jr. Daddy's other family doesn't really matter at all. It's not really a problem. Because he only gets one family, so he will have to choose. And Mommy knows how to get Daddy to choose. So once Mommy is done, a whole new world will open up for the three of us. Daddy, Mommy, and little Todd Jr. will live happily ever after.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Todd: You're going to give me the real story about Margaret. Now, where is she?

Nigel: What on earth are you doing here?

Margaret: I'm Mr. Buchanan's houseguest.

Viki: If we let him go, he'll tell us where Natalie is.

Bo: The man is a liar.

Viki: What if he's not lying?

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