OLTL Transcript Friday 7/29/05

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/29/05


By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

John: Marcie? Marcie? Marcie, hey. Rex, listen to me. Listen to me -- where's Natalie? Where's Barber?

Blair: I thought we had a deal.

Asa: Well, we -- would you like a drink, Blair? It looks like you could use one.

Blair: No, I don't want a drink. I want to know what you've done to make Margaret Cochran disappear.

Asa: Everything I can.

Blair: Oh, bull.

Asa: Wow. Are you calling me a liar, Sweetheart?

Blair: That and a few other things. I'm here to remind you that the only reason you're not rotting in jail somewhere for kidnapping me -- because you promised to get rid of Margaret for me, Asa.

Asa: And I'm going to. But I got to find her to do that.

Blair: Really? Well, you don't look like you're working too hard to do that, because I just saw the bitch driving through town!

Rich: I like to take my clients' personal interests into account when I set up their portfolio. I know of several mutual funds who invest in environmentally friendly --

Todd: Right, right. Okay, let's take care of first things first. Let's think about Jessica right now.

Nash: Going somewhere?

Tess: Yeah, I'm going to go out and see Holly. Remember, the girl from the party the other night?

Nash: Oh, the -- the home invasion? Yeah.

Tess: Yeah, something like that. Well, she has a pair of my favorite earrings in her purse, and she lives in the neighborhood so I just figured we'd hook up.

Nash: I thought you were going to let go of your other life.

Tess: All but my favorite earrings. See you later.

Nash: I might not be here.

Tess: You'll come back sometime.

Nash: Oh.

Bo: How's Nick?

Michael: Unconscious. No telling when he'll wake up, if he ever does.

Bo: All right. Keep me informed, okay?

Michael: Absolutely. Hey, Bo -- what do you think he meant, when he said that she was dead? Do -- do you think that he was talking about Marcie?

Bo: I don't know, Mike. Excuse me. I want you to post yourself outside Nick Messina's door there. No one but medical staff goes in or out without clearance from me. And you double-check the medical staff, all right? Make sure you recognize them.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan. Yeah, John, what's the situation?

John: We found Marcie and Rex. They're alive, but they're pretty badly hurt.

Bo: All right. They going to make it?

John: I think we got here in time, but they're in no condition to talk.

Bo: What about Natalie?

John: There's no sign of her.

Bo: And Hayes?

John: The same.

Bo: He didn't have enough lead time to get that far, otherwise he would have finished off Rex and Marcie.

John: That's the way I see it, too.

Bo: Okay, keep looking. Find whatever rock he's hiding under and just drag him down to the station.

Michael: Uh, Natalie?

Bo: Marcie and Rex are on their way in. They're going to be okay.

Michael: But not Natalie?

Officer: We've searched every inch of this place, Lieutenant. Do you want us to go over it again?

John: No. We're finished here. Let's bring it in.

John: Let's check out the train yards! Our guy's not here.

John: Our guy's not here.

Layla: "I cannot choose but weep, to think they should lay him in the cold ground! My brother shall know of it. And so I thank you for your good counsel. Come, my coach. Good night, ladies. Good night, sweet ladies. Good night." Uh, how long were you standing there?

Antonio: Just walked in.

Layla: So what's the latest on your friend Rex?

Antonio: They found Rex and Marcie. It looks like they're going to be okay.

Layla: Well, that's good news, right?

Antonio: Yeah. I'm -- I'm exhausted. I'm going to turn in. "Good night, sweet lady. Good night, good night."

Layla: Ha-ha-ha. For your information, I would have made a much better Ophelia than that bimbo in the movie.

Antonio: Hmm.

Layla: You don't believe me?

Antonio: Uh, what do I know? I'm just an ex-cop who runs a nightclub.

Layla: Hmm. I happen to be a very good actor, thank you very much.

Antonio: Okay.

Layla: Every acting coach that I've ever worked with said that I had presence. And you can't teach that, buddy. You can teach technique but not presence.

Antonio: Can I ask you something?

Layla: What?

Antonio: At what point did actresses start calling themselves "actors"?

Layla: Oh, I don't know. Maybe since Julia Roberts has been carrying $100 million movies and big studio execs finally wised up and figured out that --

Antonio: Okay, okay, all right. I surrender, all right? Point taken.

Layla: You don't think I'm very good, do you?

Antonio: Well, like I said, it's not my area of expertise.

Layla: In other words, "Don't give up your day job."

Antonio: Oh, please, don’t. You're my best waitress. Or should I have said "waiter"?

Todd: You're sure Jessica said she'd be right over?

Rich: She was on her way. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she finds out what you've got planned for her.

Todd: Oh, she'll be surprised, all right.

Tess: Hey, hi.

Maitre d': Hi.

Tess: I'm meeting Rich Sepulveda here.

Maitre d': Let me check to see if he's arrived.

Nash: Hey.

Tess: What are you doing here?

Nash: Oh, I heard they got a great band here.

Tess: You followed me? What do you want from me? Okay, do I have to apologize for something else?

Nash: Just slow down, all right? I thought you might be in some kind of trouble.

Tess: I'm not, okay?

Nash: So why did you lie about where you're going?

Tess: I don't need this. I don't need a shadow following me wherever I go. I need --

Nash: What? What is it that you do need, Tess?

Tess: I need you to go home so I can stay here and take care of some business. I'm not in any trouble.

Michael: Marcie, honey, it's me, okay? I'm going to take care of you. You're going to be okay. You're safe now.

Doctor: Maybe I should take care of this one, Doctor.

Michael: I got it.

Doctor: You're too close to her, Michael.

Michael: Marcie's my patient. Go check on the other. Get her in this cubicle, now. Bo?

Bo: Hmm?

Michael: If -- if Marcie's still alive, that could mean that -- that Natalie's --

Bo: No, no, no, no, Nat-- we're working under the assumption that she's still alive, okay? Why don't you take care of Marcie?

Michael: Yes, Sir.

[Rex coughs]

Bo: Hey, kid. How you feeling?

Rex: I stepped into it again, huh, boss?

Bo: Son, I just want you to take it easy. And don't call me "boss."

Rex: Hayes and Nick -- they're the ones.

Bo: We know.

[Rex coughs]

Bo: Nick's in custody, and we're still looking for Hayes.

Rex: Marcie --

Bo: Marcie's going to be fine. She's in there. Michael's with her right now. You're going to be okay, too. Look, I have to ask you something about Natalie.

Rex: I didn't see her.

Bo: She wasn't at the warehouse?

Rex: I don't know. Hayes -- find him. Find Natalie.

Doctor: We got to go.

Hayes: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we failed for the moment.

John: Well, looky, looky here. Drop the knife. Drop it!

Hayes: Ugh.

John: Hands in the air.

Hayes: Way to go, Johnny! You going to cuff --

John: Listen to me, you son of a bitch. Tell me where she is. Where's Natalie?

Tess: You're still here.

Nash: Uh-huh. What are you drinking? Oh, look, here's a nice little cab. It's undernourished and -- ooh -- overpriced, but, hey, it is New York City.

Tess: The only cab that I want is the one that I hailed for you that you'll be going home in.

Nash: Why are you trying so hard to get rid of me?

Tess: Because you're so --

Nash: "So" what?

Tess: Ahem. Okay, look, it's time for us to talk about boundaries here.

Nash: Ah.

Tess: I don't want you to worry about me, I really don't, but I don't need a chaperone tailing me every time I leave your place. I don't follow you around, do I?

Nash: No, you just turn up in my apartment whenever you feel like it and stay as long as you like.

Tess: Well, I thought you liked having me there. I mean, you sure kissed me like you liked it.

Nash: I never said I didn't like the kissing.

Tess: So it's just the rest of me that gives you pain?

Nash: You know, I'm an investor -- you know. You're just a high-risk commodity, Tess.

Tess: Wow. You struck me as the kind of guy that likes to take chances. I guess I was wrong about that.

Nash: Some chances just don't pay off.

Tess: Fine, Nash. You know, if this is your version of cutting your losses, then goodbye. It's been fun, sort of. What?

Nash: You know, every time you leave my apartment, I don't know if I'm ever going to see you again, and then when I do, you bring a three-ring circus with you. Okay, you're stubborn, you're secretive, and you're throwing me off my game, and I swore that would never happen.

Tess: If you're looking for a safe bet, I'm not it. Is that what you want?

Nash: No, it isn’t.

Tess: I don't want to fight.

Nash: Yeah, me neither.

Tess: So then let me take care of what I have to take care of here -- alone. Can you handle that?

Nash: I'll see you back at my place.

Tess: I'll be there.

Nash: All right.

Tess: Oh, my God, no.

Asa: So you saw Margaret in town?

Blair: In the back of a taxicab with an evil grin on her face, yes.

Asa: Impossible.

Blair: Oh, come on, Asa, I saw her, all right? And it's not a face I'm likely to forget.

Asa: You've seen her before, haven't you? Or so I've heard.

Blair: Who told you that?

Asa: Blair --

Blair: All right, you know what? I did think that I saw her before when I first came back to town. This time it was different, Asa. This time it was real.

Asa: So, tell me, did you and -- and Margaret stop, chew the fat, exchange recipes?

Blair: Don't you patronize me!

Asa: All I'm saying, honey -- you said you saw her before, but you didn’t.

Blair: Even if I didn't literally see her, she haunts me, Asa. Every time I hear a door creaking or a shadow falls over, my heart starts pounding. I think, "God, she's coming back. She's going to destroy my life." My little girl can't even go to school like a normal kid, Asa, because she's got bodyguards following her every move. I'm sick of it! I'm sick of living like this and I'm sick of -- of turning around and thinking that I see her, and I'm sick of you stalling me! Now, you told me that you had results. I haven't seen you do one thing, Asa.

Asa: These things take time. I told you that.

Blair: Well, you don't have any more time, Asa. I want to know the last time you saw Margaret, and I want to know what you've done to get rid of her, and I'm not leaving here until I have more information than I walked through the door with.

Asa: Well, I'm going to have to disappoint you, Sweetheart, because if you're asking me to put Margaret’s head on a silver platter, supper's going to have to wait.

Blair: I'm warning you, Asa. You either give me a progress report on the imminent demise of Margaret Cochran, or I'm going to have the sweet satisfaction of calling your son and having you locked away forever. So you tell me what it's going to be, Asa. You either give me what I want, or I'll just make that phone call to Bo.

Bo: These are Nick Messina's shoes and clothes. Get them to the lab. I want them checked for hair, fibers, anything that'll tell us where he was.

[Phone rings]

Officer: Yes, Sir.

Bo: Buchanan. John got Hayes? Good. Very good.

Michael: Marcie? Marcie, honey?

Marcie: Michael?

Michael: Hey.

Marcie: Am I dreaming?

Michael: No. You're not dreaming.

Marcie: But you're dead. Hayes told me that you were dead, Michael. That must mean that I'm dead.

Michael: No. Honey, we're both very much alive. John was the one who found you and Rex at the warehouse.

Marcie: Oh, thank God. Rex -- oh, my God, Rex -- he tried to save my life. Is he okay?

Bo: He's a little bruised, but he's going to make it. And I just got a call from the task force. John has Hayes.

Marcie: Thank God.

Michael: No word on Natalie?

Bo: No. Marcie, I'd like to ask you a few questions if you feel up to it.

Marcie: Okay.

Michael: Sweetie, I'm going to be right outside the door if you need me, okay?

Marcie: Okay.

Bo: Tell me about Hayes -- or Ivan Potter, whatever. Now, we know that you went to high school with him. We know that he changed his identity. What we don't know is why he would do all that he's done.

Marcie: Revenge against everyone who hurt him. He wanted to show them all that they were wrong and make them pay for it, and he has.

Bo: Okay, why did he take you and Rex?

Marcie: To initiate us into his killing club. He wanted me to kill Rex, but I couldn't do it.

Bo: No, of course you couldn’t.

Marcie: He wasn't going to stop. Bo, he wasn't going to spare anyone -- not Michael, not me, not Natalie. He wanted to kill us all.

Hayes: Ow, that hurts.

John: Shut up. I'm going to ask you again. Where's Natalie?

Hayes: Beats me.

[Hayes groans]

John: You will tell me what I want to know.

Hayes: Ow!

Johnny, what would be the fun in that?

John: Oh, you want to have some fun?

Hayes: Oh, God. McBain! I thought you loved a good mystery. You found the link to the killing club right away. You followed the clues to find Natalie and Evangeline. Heck, you found the grave at the football field. Hmm -- you caught me, too. That was quite a little trick. Should've seen that one coming.

John: I'm through playing games with you.

Hayes: No, you're not. You'll keep playing as long as I want you to. You'll play till the game's over, McBain. But, hey, every good mystery needs a little clue, so I'll give you one. You were getting warmer, and now you're cold.

Antonio: Here. And don't get too comfortable, all right? When the killer gets locked up, you're going back to your sister’s.

Layla: Can I keep this as a souvenir?

Antonio: That what this is? A souvenir?

Layla: I must've forgotten it this morning.

Antonio: Ah. Well, it's -- you know, it's not something a woman usually leaves behind.

Layla: You accusing me of doing this on purpose? And why would I do that? To make trouble for the girlfriend who's never around?

Antonio: No, no. Look, I'm not accusing you of anything, all right? Let's get some sleep.

Layla: Well, maybe you should.

Antonio: What are you talking about?

Layla: I did leave it here on purpose.

Antonio: Why?

Layla: Isn't it obvious?

Nash: Tess, what? What's wrong?

Tess: Uh, I -- I got to get out of here. I got to go. Excuse me.

Nash: Come on, hey, hold on a minute.

Tess: Excuse me -- great!

Nash: Tess --

Tess: Don't say my name so loud.

Nash: Okay, what are you afraid of?

Tess: There's somebody here that I don't want to see.

Todd: Any messages from Jessica?

Rich: Not in the last five minutes, no. What are you doing?

Todd: Checking. I'm not a trusting man.

Rich: I have to get back to the office for a meeting. When Jessica gets here, ask her to call me.

Todd: Sure thing.

Nash: There, all right? He's gone -- the guy you're hiding from. The broker, right? The guy I met the other day?

Tess: No, not him, the -- that guy right there. I -- I got to get out of here before he sees me.

Nash: All right.

Tess: Excuse me.

Woman: Hi!

Second woman: Oh, there she is!

[Women all talk at once]

Woman: You look so good!

Second woman: Beautiful.

Michael: How you doing?

Rex: Compared to what?

Michael: Well, you're lucky, Rex. Those injuries could've been a hell of a lot worse.

Rex: Tell that to my throat.

Michael: I owe you. Marcie told me what you did for her, how you tried to get her out of there. Thank you, Rex.

Rex: I just did what anybody else would've done.

Michael: No. The old Rex Balsom wouldn't have stuck his neck out. Not for anybody.

Rex: Now, don't pin any medals on me yet. I'm no hero. Natalie's still missing.

Bo: Marcie, I want you to think. Now, you were with Hayes for a while. Now, he must've told you something.

Marcie: He told me a lot of things, but only because he never expected us to survive.

Bo: No, but you did survive, and what he may have told you -- that could be very important. Now, did you hear or see anything while you were in the warehouse that would suggest that Natalie was there or possibly is still there?

Marcie: It may be nothing, Commissioner, but he did keep looking towards the front of the stage. There was a -- a whole bunch of crates and a bunch of scenery.

Bo: Go on.

Hayes: Isn't this a blast, McBain? Are you having fun yet?

John: Kill the spotlight! Hey, you said there was a clue.

Hayes: Yeah, I told you -- you're getting colder, but now you're warmer.

John: You trying to say Natalie's in the warehouse?

Hayes: Could be. You really want to hit me right now, don't you? But if you start, how would you stop? And then where would poor Natalie be?

John: Toss this place. Look in every trunk, check under every seat. Look again.

Officer: There's nothing here.

John: Look again!

[Phone rings]

John: McBain.

Bo: Anything new?

John: Not yet.

Bo: All right, I want you to check up in front by the stage, some crates and scenery. Marcie thinks that there may be something there.

John: Got it.

Hayes: Reinforcements? Oh, come on, McBain, I already told you -- getting colder.

Hayes: Getting colder, McBain.

Hayes: Gotcha!

John: Do me a favor, have this analyzed. I want to know whose blood it is and how fresh the stain is.

Officer: Got it.

Hayes: You trick me, I trick you.

John: You're very proud. You're a sick son of a bitch.

Hayes: That's right, I am sick. In fact, I can't remember. What, did -- did I actually kill Natalie, Johnny, or did I just fantasize about it? I do know where she is, though.

John: Where is she?

Hayes: I'll never tell.

Asa: Put the phone down. What the hell do you want, Blair? Proof that I'm on this damn case? All right. Move out of the way. Here. Here's all the damn proof you need, in black and white!

Blair: Well, Asa, if you were close enough to get pictures of her, why didn't your men just grab her?

Asa: They were surveillance photos taken from quite a distance away.

Blair: When?

Asa: A week or so ago.

Blair: What, and your men just lost her?

Asa: No. They tracked her up in the mountain, a place called Pico de Orizaba in Mexico. And when she comes down, they're waiting for her.

Blair: Waiting for her? What are you waiting for? Just have your men go up and grab her, Asa!

Asa: Oh, tropical storms.

Blair: What?

Asa: It's the rainy season. Honey, nobody goes up or down till it stops. And when it stops, the men will take her.

Blair: Just looking at her, just -- it all comes back to me.

Layla: This isn't easy. But from the moment we met, I knew you were the man I could fall in love with.

Antonio: Um -- well, I'm surprised. Flattered, I guess.

Layla: You don't have to say anything.

Antonio: No, it's just that, Layla, we just met --

Layla: Yeah.

Antonio: And you don't even know me.

Layla: That's just it. I feel like I've known you all my life. Before I came to town I met this gypsy fortuneteller and she read my palm. And you know what she said? I was going to meet a man, then I'd know. And I asked her, "Know what?" She told me, "Everything."

Antonio: Layla, this doesn't make any sense, really. It --

Layla: Please, Antonio, just hear me out. I know this seems sudden, wild, impossible. I know that. But, really, isn't it better to take a chance on a stranger you want to know, instead of spending your entire life thinking you know someone, only to find out they're the real stranger? I'm not going to push you, Antonio. I promise never even to bring this up again, if you tell me one thing.

Antonio: What's that?

Layla: Tell me there's a chance for us.

Tess: You got to keep that guy away from me.

Nash: I will if you tell me why.

Tess: Listen, you said before you never know when I'm coming back to your place, right? Well, if that guy catches me, I am never coming back. Please, Nash, okay?

Todd: Move.

Todd: Get the hell out of my way.

Nash: No, I don't think so.

[Woman screams]

Nash: Oh –

Asa: There's more if you'd like to look at them.

Blair: No, I -- I've seen enough. I want this over, Asa. I want my life back. I -- I want peace.

Asa: Hell, that's what we all want.

Blair: Thanks. Just do your damn job.

Asa: You -- you get your damn butt over here right now. Now!

Woman: Oh, my God.

Second woman: Oh, gosh! What is going on? I don't know --

Maitre d': I know, I know. Look out, look out. What is going on here?

Todd: This clown hit me.

Maitre d': Is that right?

Nash: Yeah.

Todd: I got to go.

Nash: No, no, you're not going anywhere. I slugged him because he tried to steal this lady's purse.

[Woman gasps]

Maitre d': What?

Woman: I didn't even realize!

Nash: That's the way the pros operate, ma'am.

Todd: No, no. This is ridiculous. I didn't try to steal some old lady's purse. I'm not a thief.

Maitre d': Then why did you run out on your check?

Todd: I -- I can explain that.

Nash: I'll let you take it from here. You take care, ma'am.

Todd: Now, wait a minute.

Woman: Thank you.

Todd: Listen -- no, I need to talk to --

Woman: Such a nice man.

Maitre d': Uh-uh, no. The check?

Officer: Commissioner. The lab's putting a rush on the analysis of Messina's clothes.

Bo: Good.

Officer: We should get that report soon.

Bo: Good, because we could use a break. Marcie just gave us a lead, didn't pan out. Thanks.

Bo: Hey. Feeling better?

Rex: Any word on Nattie?

Bo: John's still questioning Hayes.

Rex: I should've known Hayes was the killer. I always got a bad vibe around that creep.

Bo: I know, a lot of people did. But, you know, we didn't have anything to nail him on until now. You know, we might not have gotten Hayes if it wasn't for you.

Rex: Me? All I did was get chloroformed and half-strangled to death.

Bo: Yeah, but you did a smart thing when you dropped your watch at Rodi’s. You know, it let us know that he had you. Where'd you come up with an idea like that? What's so funny?

Rex: You want to know what I was thinking? I was thinking, "What would Bo do now?"

Michael: Marcie, I -- I'm sorry.

Marcie: For what?

Michael: I'm the one who introduced you to Hayes.

Marcie: No, no --

Michael: I'm the one who pushed you to work with him. I'm the one who pushed you to write the book.

Marcie: Michael -- Michael, it's not your fault, okay? He's been planning this since we were in high school. My book just gave him the opportunity to put his plan into motion. It is not your fault.

Michael: Thank God it's over.

Marcie: It's not over. Not until they find Natalie.

Hayes: You got a skeleton key for these cuffs, McBain? They're a little tight.

John: So you still want to play games, Ivan? Yeah, that's right, we know who you really are -- a high school loser who thought killing people would turn you into somebody.

Hayes: And it did.

John: No. You can change your name and you can change your face, but you're still the same loser. And when this is all over, if there's anything left of you, you're right back to where you started from -- a nobody, a number. Just another waste of space who couldn't make it in life. We're done here. Take him down to the station, make sure you read him his rights, and lock him up.

Hayes: Hey, McBain? How badly do you want to know where Natalie is?

Antonio: Layla, you seem like a really nice girl.

Layla: Here it comes -- the royal kiss-off.

Antonio: I'm in love with someone else. I want to marry Jessica. I want to raise a family with her. Look, you really don't want me. I --

Layla: Yes, I do.

Antonio: You'll find someone else.

Layla: Never. Never.

Antonio: Please, please, don't -- don't cry. Please --

Layla: Okay. I'll stop. That was a scene from "The Moon and Tomorrow." Your dialogue was a little bit off, but I can live with that. Um, I'd give anything for a picture of that face.

Antonio: Well, I'm -- I'm glad I could be of some amusement.

Layla: I told you I was a good actress. Come on, Antonio, lighten up. I was just having some fun. I was good, wasn't I?

Antonio: Yes. You were very good.

Nash: Well, that guy you were trying to dodge won't be bothering you for a while.

Tess: I knew I could count on you.

Nash: That mean I passed your test?

Tess: No test. I needed help, you were there for me, and I'm grateful.

Nash: Okay, well, now I need some help from you. All right? I need help getting inside that head of yours. Who was that guy at the restaurant, and why were you running from him?

Todd: I didn't do anything. I saw my niece and went after her. I didn't run out on the check. I didn't try to steal somebody's purse.

Maitre d': There are over $1,000 worth of damages in here, not to mention all of the customers you chased out of the restaurant. We're pressing charges.

Todd: Do you know who I am?

Officer: Yeah. You're the guy who's under arrest for criminal nuisance. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Margaret: You rang?

Michael: You need to get some rest.

Marcie: When I heard that -- that gunshot, and I thought that you were dead -- Michael, I --

Michael: I know. I know, Marcie. I felt the same way when I thought I'd lost you.

Bo: Hayes used Nick's relationship with Julie to reel him in, huh?

Rex: Well, Nick never was the sharpest tool in the shed. All Hayes had to do was push the right buttons.

Bo: But preying on somebody's feelings for another person? It's a powerful weapon, Balsom. It can make people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do.

John: You got something to say, say it.

Hayes: I'll tell you where Natalie is, but first you have to do something for me.

John: Take him away.

Hayes: McBain, McBain, think about it. This could be your last chance. How important is Natalie to you? Important enough to make a deal with the devil?

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Todd: Margaret's in Llanview?

Margaret: You have hated Blair and Todd for years. Who better to make them suffer than me?

Nash: What does this Todd guy want from you?

Viki: Do you think that --

Rex: She's alive.

John: Tell me where Natalie is or I kill you right here, right now.

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