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By Boo
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Tess: What am I doing?  I don't even like you.

Nash: Yeah, I don't like you, either.

Antonio: Ready?

Layla: I thought you were talking to Rex.

Antonio: He left.

Layla: Too bad.  I wanted to dance with him now that Evangeline's not playing chaperone.

Antonio: She's just looking out for you.

Layla: I can look out for myself.

Antonio: I'm sure you can.  Come on, I'll take you to your sister's.

Layla: It's still early.  Come on, one more drink, on me, then we'll go.

Marcie: I'm so sorry.  I never -- ew.  Did I get any on you?

Hugh: I never really liked those shoes anyway.

Marcie: "Shoes."  That's such a funny word.  Hugh's shoes!

Hugh: Let's get you to bed before you do some real damage.

Marcie: Hey.  Hey, you coming on to me?  Huh, Hugh?

Antonio: No, I can't stay.  I've got to get up early in the morning.

Layla: One more drink.  Rain check, then.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Hello.

Evangeline: Antonio, it's Evangeline.  Are you and Layla still at Ultra Violet?

Antonio: Actually, we were on our way to your place.

Evangeline: Oh, no, no, no.  No, you know what?  I hate to ask you this, but is there any way you can find Layla another place to stay tonight?

Antonio: Everything ok?

Evangeline: "The Killing Club" killer broke into my home.

Antonio: What?  Are you all right?

Layla: What happened?

Antonio: Did he take anything?

Evangeline: Actually, he left something behind.

Tess: Wait.  I can't do this.

Nash: Why not?

Tess: It just -- it doesn't feel right.

Nash: It feels right to me.  I mean --

Tess: No means no, ok?

Nash: Oh, that wasn't all me just now.

Tess: I know, I know.  It's just -- something about it doesn't feel right.

Nash: It felt right to me.  What, you don't like it?

Tess: I don't like you.  Why would I want to have sex with you?

Nash: Oh, you know what, if that's the way that you treat guys that you don't like, I'm, like --

Tess: It's just not happening, ok?

Nash: You know, we got names for girls like you.

Tess: Really?  Really?

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: Choosy?

Nash: No.  Put your clothes back on.

Tess: Why, or you won't be able to control yourself?

Nash: Oh, don't worry, that's not going to happen.  It's over.  You're -- you're a buzz kill.

Tess: Really?

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: Wow.  That message hasn't reached the rest of your anatomy yet.

Nash: You know, you just don't know what you want, do you?

Tess: I -- I do.  I do sometimes.  I just follow my gut instincts.

Nash: Oh, and your instincts are your telling you to tease?

Tess: I'm trying to be honest with you here, ok?

Nash: Hey, don't let taking your clothes off get in the way of that.

Tess: I'm sorry.  Look, it's not -- it's not you, it's me.

Nash: Oh, you didn't just --

Tess: Oh, come on.  That's not what I meant.  Look, I like sex -- I love sex, actually, and you're really hot, and kissing you is --

Nash: A mistake.

Tess: It wasn't a mistake.  It was great.  Sex with you would be great.  I can tell.

Nash: But you're saving it for someone you don't like to kiss?

Tess: I just don't want to ruin things.

Nash: Ruin what?

Tess: What we have.

Antonio: Change of plans.  I'm not taking you to Evangeline's.

Layla: Is she all right?

Antonio: She's fine.  Someone broke into her apartment.

Layla: Do you know who?

Antonio: The cops wouldn't say.

Layla: And neither will you.  Was it that psycho who kidnapped her?

Antonio: Maybe.  Look --

Layla: Great.

Antonio: She's fine.  She's fine, ok?  She's at the police station, but neither one of you can go to her apartment tonight.

Layla: Ok.  Well, I guess we'll be having that drink after all.

Antonio: We won't be staying here, either.

Layla: Fine, but where am I sleeping tonight?  I can't afford a hotel unless my boss gives me an advance on my paycheck.

Antonio: Don't worry about it, ok?  You can stay at my place.

Marcie: Hugsy

Hugh: Relax, Marcie, I'm not trying to make a pass at you.

Marcie: Good.  Wait a minute.  Why not?

Hugh: Because even if I were trying to hook up with you, you're in no shape to respond.

Marcie: Well, why don't you try me, Hugsy?

Hugh: Why don't you try a breath mint?

Marcie: Hey, why don't you try a new name.  Hugh Hughes?  I mean, that's absolutely ridiculous!  Who names their kid Hugh Hughes?

Evangeline: Natalie's still alive, John.  Otherwise, why would the killer send you a lock of her hair?  He wants you to know he still has her.

John: I hope you're right.

Evangeline: Nothing else makes sense.  He wants you to react this way.

John: So what do I do now?  Wait for him to send me a finger?  Maybe Natalie’s head nicely packaged in a box?

Evangeline: She's still alive, John.  You're going to find her.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah.  Brewer, have forensics run the D.N.A. on this.  Compare it to a sample from Natalie Vega.

Ofc.  Brewer: I'm on it, lieutenant.

John: Something se?

Ofc.  Brewer: That guy you've been looking for -- Scott Randall from Marcie's original killing club?

John: Yeah, what about him?

Ofc.  Brewer: The task force just picked him up.  They're bringing him in now.

John: Good deal.

John: Thanks.

Evangeline: I should go.

John: Hey.  You know, this guy, he could be our killer or even his accomplice.  So, you know, if you feel up to it, I was wondering if maybe you could take a look at him.

Evangeline: Whoever kidnapped us wore a mask.  I never saw his face.  He spoke in a whisper.

John: I know, I know, but maybe something about him will jar your memory -- you know, his height, his weight, the way he mes.  Right now he's our best shot at finding Natalie.

Evangeline: Just tell me what you need me to do.

John: Just having you here helps.  I didn't get a chance to say this earlier, but I'm real sorry about your apartment.

Evangeline: No problem.  My sister probably would have ransacked it anyway, right?

John: I'm sorry you ever got involved in this.

Evangeline: You're not responsible.  Whoever's doing this is a lunatic.

John: Who's targeting me.

Evangeline: Enough, John.  I don't blame you for what happened, so stop blaming yourself.

John: I told you it was dangerous to ever get involved with me.  Maybe now that we're not together, you'll be safe.

Evangeline: I guess I'll just check on Layla.

Layla: Hmm. Nice crib.  Who knew Pennsylvania was this cool.

Antonio: What did you expect?

Layla: Not this.  Do they have any more of these available?

Antonio: I thought you were staying at Evangeline's to save money.

Layla: That was the idea, but I'm starting to think her neighborhood is getting really bad.

Antonio: Yeah, well, her neighborhood's a lot better than this one.

Layla: Yeah, but this place is more my style -- rehabbed urban funk.  Exposed brick, graphic art, funkified refrigerator.

Antonio: That's an art project of my brother's.

Layla: Hmm.

Layla: Hello.  What's this about?

Antonio: It's my daughter's.  Jamie's.

Layla: You have a kid?

Antonio: Yes.

Layla: Does she live with her mother?

Antonio: Her grandfather.

Layla: Where's her mom?

Antonio: It's a long story.

Layla: Those are the best ones.

Antonio: Maybe some other time.

Layla: Got it.

Layla: Hmm.  Is this the girlfriend?  Or is that topic off-limits, too?

Nash: So tell me what it is you think that we've got.

Tess: Sort of an un-friendship, an alternative friendship, if you will.

Nash: Well, I guess that makes sense since this all started with you stealing my car.

Tess: Well, that wasn't your car, now, was it?  See, you're broke.

Nash: I'd like to think of it as financially challenged.  You know, but, hey, I'm going to -- I'm going to hit the big time.  It's going to happen sooner rather than later.

Tess: That's what you keep telling me.

Nash: Oh, you don't believe me?

Tess: Most guys that speak like that don't usually have what it takes to back it up.  I don't know.  You're different.  Something tells me once you set your sights on something, you'll do what it takes till you get it.

Nash: You better bet on that.  So, if we're not going to have sex, what are we going to do?

Roxy: Thanks for hanging out with me.  I know you've had a busy day, but it helps keeping my mind off of whatever that maniac is doing to Natty.

Michael: John's going to find her.

Roxy: In one piece, I hope.

Michael: It'll be ok.

Roxy: Well, I won't mention that you have the hots for her.

Michael: Ok.  Maybe I have the hots -- for Marcie.  You happy?

Roxy: You hungry?

Michael: Hungry?  What are you talking about?  We just ate a half a box of cookies.

Roxy: I know, but we need complex carbs.  Real beer and stuff like that, you know, real food?  Come on.

Michael: All right.  Ok.

Roxy: Help me.

Michael: I'll take these.

Roxy: Ok.

Michael: These are good.

Roxy: Hey, hey, hey!  You'll spoil your appetite.

Michael: What are you doing?  Give that back.

Roxy: Oh, no.

Marcie: Is the lobby crooked?

Hugh: In what sense?

Marcie: Like it's all mixed up.  Oh.

Hugh: Need a garbage can, Marcie?

Marcie: No.

Hugh: You sure?

Marcie: I'm staying here with my brother.  My brother Ron.  His name is Ron.

Hugh: You told me.

Marcie: Really?  Well, I have a big mouth.  You know, actually, it's kind of average sized, but I like to talk.

Hugh: You're enthusiastic.

Marcie: Uh-huh.  You know, you're kind of cute, yoo-hoo.

Hugh: Why don't you get upstairs and get some sleep?

Marcie: Sleep?  Sleep sounds good.  I'll get some sleep, I'll get some sleep.  Oh.  Oh.

Hugh: Ok.

Marcie: Oh.  Oh!  Uh-oh.  Yoo-hoo!  Yoo-hoo!  Come on.  Whoo, major color!

Hugh: I'm going to help you.  Here we go.

Marcie: Yoo-hoo!  Yoo-hoo!

Hugh: Come on, Marcie, let me help you.

Marcie: Yoo-hoo.  Yoo-hoo.

Hugh: Marcie?

Marcie: Yeah.

Hugh: You got to let me take you upstairs to bed.

Michael: Marcie?  What are you doing?  And -- and who's that?

Layla: What's her name again?

Antonio: Jessica.

Layla: She looks like Angelina Jolie.  That's a good thing, boss.  What's up with this whole man-of-mystery act?  No Jamie, no Jessica.  I mean, what can we talk about?

Antonio: You.  Do you have a boyfriend?

Layla: No.  Next question.

Antonio: Ok.  If you want to be an actress so bad, why'd you leave L.A.?

Layla: Hmm. Hollywood is too much of a scene.  No real people. I.T.B.S everywhere you look.

Antonio: "I.T.B.S"?

Layla: "In the business."

Antonio: Hmm.

Layla: Most of the guys are either vain actor types who you have to fight for the mirror with every morning or players who have nothing better to do but talk on their cell phone 24/7.  And the girls?  Most of them are lollipops.

Antonio: "Lollipops"?

Layla: Yeah.  Big head, stick body, nothing more.

Antonio: Well, you're not exactly fat.

Layla: No, but I am strong and I have more things to talk about than just auditioning and shopping.  I just had to get out of there.

Antonio: Hmm.  So that's it, huh?

Layla: I'm getting really tired.  Can we call it a night?

Antonio: Sure.

Layla: Ok.  There's only one bed.

Antonio: I'm sleeping on the couch.

Layla: You -- sorry, but I can't --

Antonio: No, really, I insist.  It's a comfortable couch.  Let me finish brushing my teeth, then the bathroom's all yours.

Layla: Hmm.  I hate to break it to you, Jess, but you made a big mistake running out on this guy.

Nash: There is something I do before I go to bed, if you're into it.

Tess: Isn't that usually a solo activity?

[Nash laughs]

Nash: That's very funny.

Tess: Whoa, that's even weirder.

Nash: Oh, you got a sick mind.  Come on, I'll show you.  Come here.  All right.  Come here.  There.  Look right up there.

Tess: I don't see anything.

Nash: Yeah, know, you can't see it.  It's too bright with the streetlights.

Tess: You -- you can't see what?

Nash: The galaxy Andromeda.  They say she's the daughter of Cassiopeia.

Tess: There?

Nash: Yeah.  Right up there.  I mean, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there.

Tess: So every night before you go to bed, you sit by your window and look up at a bunch of stars that you can't see?

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: Yeah, what's the point?

Nash: I don't know.  I think it's about a lot of things -- faith, knowing that she's there even though you can't see her because the streetlight's too bright.  But when I look up there, I just -- I imagine I'm in another place, a place where the sky is so clear that I could just reach up and touch her.  When I imagine myself in that place, I can smell the air, I can -- I can hear the quiet.  I just -- I forget that I'm here.  I'm there.

Tess: Where?

Nash: Another me.  Another time.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah.

Ofc.  Brewer: Randall's here.  You want him in holding or --

John: No, no.  Well, bring him in.

John: You're Scott Randall?

Scott: That's right.

John: You were in a club in high school with Marcie Walsh?

Scott: I was in the killing club.  I've also read her book and the news articles about the copycat murders.

John: You must also know what I'm about to ask you next.  You have anything to do with the killings?

Man: Shh.

Marcie: Michael!  He totally dumped me.  That's my ex-boyfriend.  He totally dumped me.

Michael: Marcie?

Marcie: What?

Michael: What are you doing?  And who is this guy?

Marcie: He's Hugh.  I mean he's not you.  He's Hugh!  That's Michael.  He totally dumped me.

Hugh: Totally dumped you, yeah, I know.

Michael: Well, actually, Hugh, <arcie dumped me -- not that that's any of your business.

Marcie: Oh, no, no, no.  Don't you start in with your revisionist -- revis-- history.  Don't change history.

Michael: I think I know the facts.

Marcie: Oh, really?  Well, do you remember the police station?  You know, where your new girlfriend works?  The one who took my job?  Do you remember that?

Michael: Natalie is not my new -- you know something?  I don't know why I'm arguing with you about this.  What is wrong with you?  I'm very, very concerned.

Marcie: Oh, really?  What for, Michael?  What for?

Michael: Because you're drunk.

Marcie: I'm tipsy!

Hugh: Tell that to my shoes.

Marcie: I'm tipsy!

Michael: You're trying to take advantage of her.

[Marcie gasps]

Marcie: Really?  You are?

Hugh: You got it all wrong.  I saw her at Ultra Violet and --

Marcie: He's putting me to bed!

Michael: No, no.  Excuse me, but if anybody is taking you to bed, Marcie, it will be me.

Marcie: No!  No, Michael!  You don't get to take me to bed anymore because I'm not your girlfriend anymore!  Remember that, Michael?  You remember that?

Michael: You don't even know this guy.

Marcie: I think I know him!  I threw up on his shoes!

Roxy: She threw up on your shoes?  That's disgusting.  In my nice clean lobby.

Hugh: Hugh Hughes, Assistant District attorney, Llantano County.

Roxy: Your parents named you Hugh Hughes?  Is that some kind of joke?

Michael: Roxy --

Roxy: I don't know, man, sounds fishy to me.

Hugh: If I'd made up a name, I would have given myself a better one.

Marcie: Come on, Hugh.  Take me to bed.

Antonio: I left a towel and an extra toothbrush next to the sink.

Layla: Thanks.  Do you have an extra shirt I can sleep in?

Antonio: Sure.  Hold on.  Here.  All right.

Jessica's voice: "Please understand, I need this time.  Don't try to find me.  Everything will be ok.  I just need this to get healthy again -- for myself, for you, and for Jamie."

Layla: I -- I am so ready to hit the sack.

Nash: I'm going to hit the sack.

Tess: Yeah.  Yeah.  I guess should be leaving.

Nash: Hey, where you going to sleep tonight?

Tess: Sleep?  Oh, I'm going to hit some after-hours clubs, hit the bars.

Nash: I mean, you could sleep here.  The good after-hour bars don't open till the weekend.  It's the middle of the week.

Tess: Really?  Well, I have plenty of other places that I could sleep. I --

Nash: Sure, yeah, but, I mean, you know, there's no need for you to be walking around in the east village if you don't have to.  I mean, you're already here.  You know?

Tess: Sounds reasonable.

Nash: Yeah.  Ok.

[Nash whistles]

Nash: What are you doing?

Tess: Getting ready for bed.

Nash: Yeah, no.  Bed's mine.  You get the floor.

John: With all due respect, wearing that collar don't mean a damn thing around here, father.

Evangeline: John --

Scott: No, officer, I am not the killer.  And I can give you alibis for every one of the murders

John: You recognize him?

Evangeline: The guy who kidnapped us was shorter.

John: I'm still going to need those alibis.

Scott: Feel free.  I have nothing to hide.  I'd really like to see you catch whoever's doing this.  How's Marcie doing, anyway?  I've been worried that with all this --

John: What do you remember about the killing club?

Scott: That was another lifetime.

John: You'll expedite this process, father, if you just answer the questions.

Scott: We were the outcasts, the losers, for one reason or another.  Too smart, too geeky, bad at sports, shy, poor.

John: And which were you?

Scott: All of the above.  It's ironic, actually.  We started the club because we were losers, sort of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" kind of thing.  But as time went on and people found out about us, the club got cool in its own way.  Soon even we started excluding people.

John: Any of those kids ever get upset when they were rejected?

Scott: Sure.  Nobody likes to be rejected.

John: Do you remember any of their names?

Scott: No idea.  Marcie was the one who kept the losers log.

John: The what?

Scott: She didn't tell you?

John: No, no, she didn't say anything.

Scott: When someone was excluded from the club, their name went on a list -- the losers log.

John: Nice club you had going there.

Scott: I'm not proud of it.  Kids are cruel.  We were no exception.  We were happy to have the opportunity to be the mean ones for a change.  Actually, that's when I ended up leaving the club.  I really wish I could remember more.

John: Ok.  I'm going to have to ask you to stick around for a while.  Brewer?

Ofc.  Brewer: Sir?

John: Take the father downstairs to a holding room.  Get him whatever he needs.  I might have a few questions for you later.

Ofc.  Brewer: Ok, this way, father.

Evangeline: You think one of the killing club rejects is the killer?

John: I think we're going to find out.

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: Why can't we just sleep in the bed like we did last night?

Nash: Well, because it might ruin what we have.  You know?

Tess: I -- ok, I get it.  I know what's going on here.  You're getting me back for not having sex with you.

Nash: Oh, please.  Give me a little credit.  I mean --

Tess: Give me a little credit. I'm not going to molest you.

Nash: Oh, it's not you I'm worried about.  Besides, I got to -- I got to say I respect you for having put the brakes on back there.  It was -- mature.

Tess: Wow, I've never been called that before.

Nash: And it won't happen again.

Tess: So why don't you take the floor?

Nash: Oh, I'm sorry, but I'd like to be able to move tomorrow.

Tess: Oh, really?  How chivalrous of you.  That's great.

Nash: Oh, haven't you heard?  Chivalry's dead.  Oh, and I got to apologize in advance.  I'm told that I snore.

Antonio: If you were hungry, you could have asked.

Layla: I didn't want to bother you.

Antonio: I'm a cop.  If someone wanders around my apartment in the middle of the night, they're looking for trouble.

Layla: I was just looking for a jar of peanut butter.

Antonio: I got Chinese in the back, if you want.

Layla: How old?

Antonio: Lunch.  You know, I could use some myself.  Want me to heat it up?

Layla: No way.  It's always better cold.

Antonio: I agree.

Layla: Thanks.

Antonio: You a vegetarian?

Layla: That's one reason why I left L.A. -- vegan central.  I didn't realize I was so hungry.  It's really good.  Mmm.

Antonio: Can I ask you a question?

Layla: If I don't have to stop eating.

Antonio: You through with acting?

Layla: Hmm.  It's not the kind of thing you ever get through with.  It's a part of me, you know?  I hate it, but I love it too much to ever give it up.

Antonio: Sounds complicated.

Layla: It is.  I mean, we all dream about being a star, but getting there really sucks.  Like auditioning.  You stand in front of a bunch of strangers and basically say "here's my heart and soul.  Please reject me.  Stomp on my dreams.  Spit on my talent."  Like my last audition.  I was waitressing in this chichi health food place on Melrose, a really, really big industry hangout.

Antonio: I.T.B.S and lollipops?

Layla: Nothing but, and they were so picky about their damn orders.  I mean, "can I have tofu and brown rice, but hold the rice, please?"  That kind of thing. And it's really hard for me to hold back how I feel.  I've been known to have an attitude, but --

Antonio: No, come on, you?  Get out of here.

Layla: Do you want to hear the rest of the story or not?

Antonio: I'm all ears.

Layla: Ok.  So I'm waiting on this total bitch, I.T.B. Lollipop with a Botox chaser and a side of pilates, if you know what I mean.  So her and her girlfriends are sitting at my best booth for, like, two hours chatting on their phones, and then they leave me a buck tip on a $90 check.  So I chase them out to the valet parking and I give it back to them -- very nicely, though.

Antonio: Of course.

Layla: Yeah.  I get off my shift, drive, speed over to the audition, change my clothes in the car, right?  It's for a day player on a big series.  My agent said it could be a recurring role.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Layla: Playing a waitress, but it's a job, right?  So I walk in and the assistant introduces me to the casting director, and it's her -- the cheapskate who stiffed me, like, 40 minutes before.

Antonio: All right, so what did you do?

Layla: My monologue?  Look, in the real world, u know, I give what I get.  But in a situation like this, actors have no pride.  You know what she said after I was finished?  "Sorry, hon, I just don't buy you as a waitress."  I don't even remember leaving the room, but after the door closed, all I can hear her do was just laugh at me.  Laugh.  And the worst part about is I know it was a great audition. But who am I kidding, anyway, you know?  I don't even know if I'm really any good anymore.

Antonio: Why don't you do your monologue for me?

Layla: What?

Antonio: No, really. I'll tell you what I think.

Layla: You crazy?  I'm --

Antonio: Scared?

Layla: No.  It's just really embarrassing.

Antonio: Hmm.  Well, if you're going to be an actress, you can't get embarrassed, right?  So do it.  Let's hear it.

Michael: If he's not down here in five minutes, I'm telling you, Roxy, I'm going up there.

Roxy: She puked on his shoes.  I mean, if that's what turns him on --

Michael: Rox, you're not helping.

Roxy: Hey, come on.  He seems real sincere about wanting to put her to bed.

Michael: Yeah, well, I'm telling you, for his sake, that better be all he's doing.

Marcie: Read me a story, Hugsy.  Anything.  Anything but "The Killing Club."  I don't want to hear that again.

[Phone rings]

Hugh: You want me to get it?

[Answering machine beeps]

John: Marcie, it's John.  If you're there, pick up.  I need to talk to you.  It's important.

Hugh: Hello?

John: Who is this?

Hugh: Hugh Hughes from the D.A.'s office.  Lieutenant Mc Bain, right?

John: Why are you answering Marcie's phone, Hugh Hughes?

Hugh: I gave her a lift home from Ultra Violet.

John: All right, well, look, I need to talk to her right now.

Hugh: She's pretty drunk, lieutenant.  I don't think you're going to get anything coherent out of her tonight.  It'll have to wait till tomorrow.

John: All right, have her call me first thing.

Hugh: You got it.

Evangeline: What's going on now?

John: Apparently, Marcie's too drunk to talk.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah.

Ofc.  Brewer: Here are the results of the D.N.A. test.  The red hair definitely came from Natalie Vega.

Man: This is the thanks I get for being a nice guy?

Natalie: You think I'd eat anything that you give me?  Oh!

Man: Fine.

Natalie: Oh!

Man: Don't eat.  You won't need to, considering what I've got in store for you.

Layla: You ready?

Antonio: Ready as I'll ever be.

Layla: Ok.

Layla: My father called me beauty.  I thought that was my name for the first six years of my life.  Until my teacher set me straight on the first day of school.  My dad still called me beauty, but the other kids called me stupid.  Mom?  She couldn't take two beauties in one house.  I thought she was the prettiest person in the world.  And the prettier I got, the older and uglier she felt.  I knew it.  I tried to be ugly.  I wanted to be hideous so my mom, who I love more than my life, could go back to being the prettiest girl in the room.

[Nash grumbles]

Nash: Damn, you're light.  Shh.

Evangeline: Natalie's still alive, John.

John: You know, you should get some rest.  But I don't want you going back to that apartment.

Evangeline: I'm not leaving.  I want to help.  I can't stop thinking about what that priest just said.  The outcasts rejected other kids.

John: The losers log?

Evangeline: You think it means something?

John: Yeah.  I think it might be the key to saving Natalie.

Man: Chew on that for a little while.  Now that that redhead's safely tucked away, I can finally take this stupid thing off.

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John: Then stay with me.

Spencer: So how have those headaches been treating you?  Any more recurrences?

Hayes: Natalie Vega's fate has been decided.  She will be the means to our final triumph, and then she will die.

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