OLTL Transcript Wednesday 7/19/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/19/06


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Roxy: Job hunting, huh?

Paige: Thatís the idea.

Roxy: Guess there arenít a lot of positions for lady docs who like to operate when they're loaded. Hey, hey. Hey, come on, I was just making a joke. You know, you got to laugh at yourself when you ruin your life. Or else, you're just going to bring yourself down, honey.

Paige: Look, you know, I just lost my medical license, so itís not an issue.

Roxy: Good. Hey, I'm not making any judgments, because my late husband -- well, he was a drunk, and he was a doctor, and he was half in the bag most of the time. So even if you're a little bit looped, I'm sure you'd doctor rings around him.

Paige: Look, I'm not proud of what I did. I caused a manís death.

Roxy: Not just any man, honey. A McBain.

Paige: Thatís right. I'm going to have to live with that for the rest of my life.

Roxy: Not unless Johnny McBain kills you first.

Nash: Donít swallow. Let it just sit there. It'll flow over your tongue. The textures fill your mouth. Now swallow. Well? See what I mean? What do you think?

Tess: I think I'm getting it.

Nash: You're remembering, arenít you?

Jessica: No, it was nothing. It was just a flicker.

Nash: A flicker of something that happened when you were Tess?

Jessica: Yes, ok, you're right. Now you have to go.

Nash: Jessica, what are you remembering?

Jessica: It doesnít concern you, ok? Thereís room for one man in my life, and that man is Antonio.

Nash: That is a lie, and you know it.

Todd: Oh, hey. Give me a small table out of the way someplace.

Antonio: We're booked. Try Rodiís.

Todd: How about that one?

Antonio: Fine, take it, just get out of my face.

Evangeline: Seven, eight, nine, 10, table. Yes. See? I am still the same person. I am a capable human being. And they can both go to hell. [Knock on door] Who is it?

Cristian: Itís Cristian. I came to apologize. Are you going to let me in?

Evangeline: No. I donít want your apology. I donít want your pity. I am not helpless. I can take care of myself. I donít need to be rescued.

John: Yeah? No, I donít want to hear it, Blair.

Blair: Hey, yes, you, because this is important to you. Spencer tried to have Todd killed. Heís about to get away with it.

John: Yeah, I'm working on it. You should go home. You should spend some time with your kids, keep them away from Truman. And leave the police work to the police.

Blair: Well, thank you, John. Are you through being a sexist jerk now?

John: I'm trying to keep you safe.

Blair: I donít have a death wish, ok? I need to get hard evidence on Spencer, and I need to do it fast. I'm running out of time.

John: You want coffee?

Blair: No, thank you.

John: You've been playing this game for a while. Why are you in such a hurry all of the sudden?

Blair: I have my reasons, all right? Look, I've gone over every inch of that damn hotel room, and I canít find anything, and you're right -- I did practically get myself killed last night, but damn it -- we've got to find something to nail that bastard with.

David: You were there. You were in the alley when Johnís father was shot.

Spencer: Hey, David, do you want to -- you want to keep it down just a little bit here?

David: This is all starting to make sense in that sick, twisted, Spencer kind of way. You sent me on a pickup, and you gave me a gun loaded with blanks.

Spencer: You're in a county jail, David. Do you want to shut the hell up?

David: Yet somehow, Thomas McBain still gets shot. I bolted, and I ran straight into you, so -- you were already there. Spencer, you shot Johnís father, didnít you?

Matthew: You did it, Mom! All by yourself! I knew you could do it.

Bo: Yeah, but I donít think sheís ready for body blocks.

Nora: That would be next week.

Matthew: You were great.

Nora: Thank you. Boy, this is role reversal. I remember watching you take your first steps. Of course, I was bribing you with a cookie. Hmm.

Matthew: Yeah, well, you can get a cookie when you can get up and get it yourself.

Bo: The kid drives a hard bargain.

Matthew: Hey, no cheating. And donít you sneak her any, either.

Nora: When did you get so grown-up? Hmm.

Matthew: I just want you to come home.

Nora: Have I told you how proud I am of you today? Hmm?

Bo: Hey, Matthew, why donít you get your momís chair, ok?

Nora: Thank you. Thanks, but as long as I can rest for a second, and then I'm going to race you to the cafeteria.

Bo: You're doing great, Nora.

Nora: Yeah?

Bo: You know, if I forgot to tell you that.

Nora: I just want to go home, you know? With a stop at Rodiís on our way for a cheeseburger and onion rings.

Bo: That'll be soon.

Nora: Hmm.

Matthew: I'll take good care of you, mom. You got nothing to worry about.

Nora: Thanks, babe.

Bo: You know what? I -- I hadnít thought of that. I mean, going home means that Matthew can move back in with you.

Matthew: Thatís ok, isnít it, dad?

Bo: Well, yeah, yeah. Itís just that, you know, I'll miss my bunk mate. And we were just getting the hang of this whole bachelor pad thing, you know, right?

Matthew: I traded him laundry for dishes. Dishes gross me out.

Nora: Well, if you do them the same day you use them --

Bo: Ah, see? I knew there was a trick.

Nora: I -- I'm sorry. I feel bad. I'm kind of breaking up the band.

Bo: Ah -- itís ok, Yoko.

Nora: Hmm.

Bo: You know, plus, with me not working now -- I mean, we're going to see one another plenty.

Matthew: I just donít want you to be lonely, dad. Maybe you should get a roommate.

Bo: Oh, and donít tell me -- you already have someone in mind, huh?

Matthew: Yeah. And they call her "The Missile."

Roxy: Honey, that was a joke. Johnnyís not a killer. Although, he did pop that junkie at St. James. I'm not a killer, either, and, you know, so what do I know? I'm just a lousy mother, and I got to live with that. So I can relent to your situation.

Paige: Well, I appreciate that.

Roxy: Yeah, well, it all turned out ok, because Rex and Nattie -- they're two killer kids. They gave me a second chance. In fact, they gave me a bazillion chances. You got kids?

Paige: Uh -- no.

Roxy: Good, because they're a bitch, especially when they're not your own. Oh, Nattieís not exactly mine.

Paige: Oh. Well, Rex and Natalie are both really amazing people, so -- I donít know, you must have done something right.

Roxy: Well, itís nice of you to say that. I think I just got lucky. Hey, Mac, can we get two cold ones? I want to buy my new pal here a drink.

Paige: Oh, well, thatís ok, really.

Roxy: You know, itís not like you're going to be slicing anybodyís spleen in the next couple hours. Thatís pretty disgusting.

Paige: All right.

Mac: Here you go, ladies.

Paige: Thank you.

Roxy: Thank you, Mac. So what do we drink to?

Paige: I donít know.

Roxy: To second chances.

Paige: Ok. To second chances.

David: Tell me the truth, Spencer. Itís just you, me, and the guard. Did you shoot Johnís father?

Spencer: Would you stop playing Sherlock Holmes, David? You have no idea who else could be listening in here. Shut up.

David: What do I care whoís listening? I'm already in jail, in case you hadnít already noticed. Oh, whatís that? You got no comeback? Why donít you look at me? Look me in the eye. Did you or did you not kill Thomas McBain? Come on, Spencer, tell me. Did you kill Johnís father?

Blair: Spencer is this close to getting away with murder, John.

John: Slow down, Blair.

Blair: Now, you have got to help me. Donít tell me to slow down.

John: Something happened to put you over the edge. What is it?

Blair: I just want my life back, all right?

John: More than that. Come on, letís cut the chase, all right? What they wrote in the papers -- is this true? Is this true?

Blair: Yes!

John: All right. Then press charges. I'll haul his ass in right now.

Blair: I told you, I couldnít!

John: Why not?

Blair: Because I need to get information! Damn it, my life is spinning out of control, John. I'm lying to everybody, I'm sneaking around, my daughter hates me, Todd is trying to take my kids away from me, and every time I go to help him, he pushes me away! Heís his own worst enemy here.

John: So all this is about Manning?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, itís all about Todd. Turned my back on him when he needed me the most. And I stopped believing in him when he was innocent.

John: Yeah, well, you werenít the only one.

Blair: Yeah, well, I'm the one that let Spencer manipulate me. So I owe it to Todd to get the goods on Spencer.

John: So thatís what this is all about. You're putting your neck on the line with Truman, because you're still in love with Manning?

Blair: Yeah, I am. I love Todd. And please, you have got to help me get information on Spencer, or I'm going to lose him.

John: What else arenít you telling me?

Blair: Well, I think Todd is falling for Evangeline Williamson.

Cristian: Just let me in for five minutes. I want to explain.

Evangeline: I can hear you just fine out there.

Cristian: Look, I'm sorry, ok? I never should have tried to go behind your back to get that money for your operation. I blew it, ok? I was wrong.

Evangeline: I didnít hear that last part.

Cristian: I said I was wrong.

Evangeline: What?

Cristian: I was wrong! Are you happy? Now your whole building knows what a jerk I am.

Evangeline: Good. Cris, you made me feel like some sort of a charity case. Thatís not what I want to be to you.

Cristian: Thatís the last thing I wanted to do. Why do you always say stuff like that?

Evangeline: I only say what I feel.

Cristian: You saved my life, Evangeline. All I want to do is help you. Why wonít you let me?

Evangeline: Giving me my sight back is not your responsibility.

Cristian: Well, you know what? I think it is. I mean, come on, donít you get it? I'm not helping you because I feel sorry for you, I'm doing it because I'm falling in love with you.

Evangeline: What did you just say?

Cristian: I said I'm -- I'm falling in love with you.

David: You have been jerking my chain for 25 years. And now, all of a sudden, you got nothing to say?

Spencer: Oh, I've got plenty to say, David. You just wonít shut up long enough for me to say it.

Hugh: Start talking, Truman. Start talking.

David: For 25 years, you let me believe that I shot that cop. You know how many times I thought about that moment? Do you know what my life might like right now if I had known the truth?

Spencer: Now, thatís -- thatís the problem, David. You donít know what you're talking about, so would you shut up?

David: You gave me a gun that had no bullets in it. You told me that you didnít want me to turn myself in because you cared about me, because we were brothers. Do you even know what those two words mean?

Spencer: Thatís a pretty interesting conspiracy theory, David. Are you not getting your medication in here or something? I mean, come on, man, shut up.

David: You werenít protecting me, you were saving your own skin.

Spencer: All right. Thatís it, I'm done. You're on your own.

David: Oh, I'm on my own? I know I'm on my own, Spencer. I've been on my own my whole life.

John: Yeah, well, who doesnít fall for Evangeline?

Blair: Well, Todd and Cristian were certainly fighting over her today down at the street fair. Todd doesnít go out of his way for anybody unless he really cares about them. Come on, John, how am I going to convince Todd to forgive me if I have to compete with a blind woman now?

John: Well, I wouldnít worry. You know, I could be wrong, but he doesnít seem like her type.

Blair: Oh, really?

John: Hmm.

Blair: Evangeline doesnít have a soft spot for the brooding loner? Well, I can tell you this much. Todd certainly has a soft spot for the uptight defense attorney. You should ask me about Tea Delgado.

John: I'm not sure who that is.

Blair: Well, I'll tell you who she is. Sheís a lawyer bitch Todd married that stole Starr away from me. And thatís what I'm afraid Evangelineís going to do with Todd.

John: Well, I'm not sure about all that, but you really think Evangelineís uptight? I mean, I know thatís the impression of her, but when you get to know her, she can actually be a lot of fun.

Blair: "A lot of fun." Oh, gee, donít tell me you still care about her.

John: I guess I do.

Blair: Great.

John: But I agree with you on one thing, you know. If I was forced to have an opinion, the only thing Manningís ever done is -- is dragged her into trouble.

Blair: Well, then, damn it, help me. Help me get the goods on Spencer. And then maybe that wonít happen.

Todd: So, I understand you're the best eye surgeon on the planet.

Doctor: I am a modest man, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Huh. Well, I donít know about that. Modest men donít demand first-class plane tickets, do they? So, you understand the Williamson case?

Doctor: Yes, I spoke to her ophthalmologist after you contacted me.

Todd: Well, sheís a very dear friend of mine, so if thereís even a remote chance she can get her eyesight back, I donít care what it costs.

Doctor: As I told you on the phone, I canít make any promises until I've had a chance to examine the patient. She may not even be a candidate for the surgery.

Todd: Well, you and I are going to make her a candidate. We're going to do whatever it takes.

Doctor: This woman must mean a great deal to you for you to go to so much trouble on her behalf. Love like that does not come along every day.

Antonio: Well, you're back.

Claudia: Yeah, I had to take care of something in California. And my father passed away --

Antonio: Oh.

Claudia: Unexpectedly.

Antonio: I'm sorry. Was he sick?

Claudia: No, uh, he -- it was an accident.

Antonio: Was Nash a part of this accident? I understand they have bad blood between them.

Claudia: No, Nash -- Nash was wonderful. I couldnít have made it through without him.

Antonio: Hmm. And where is he now?

Claudia: Where do you think?

Nash: I am in your life, whether you like it or not. Jessica, we met. We fought. We flirted. We fell in love.

Jessica: That was Tess.

Nash: You are Tess. Or Tess is you. I -- I mean, this integration thing -- thatís what people keep telling me --

Jessica: Thatís what I'm trying to figure out.

Nash: Well, figure this out. The Tess part of you loves me. We have a beautiful daughter together. I got to believe that somewhere deep down inside, you remember that. You feel it. You know that your arms have held me. Our bodies -- we've made love. And your lips -- your lips -- consider this.

Matthew: That doesnít hurt your feelings, does it? Me wanting Paige to move in with dad again?

Nora: No, I want your daddy to be happy.

Bo: All right, but you guys -- I donít want you to get ahead of yourselves, all right? Because just because we had a great time at the driving range, that doesnít mean that Paige is ready to move in. So --

Matthew: I just donít want you to be lonely.

Bo: Ok. I'll be -- I'll be fine, ok? Now, you're going to need some full-time help for a while, arenít you?

Nora: I have Marianne. Sheís moving in to help take care of Matthew. And then I have a physical therapist coming six days a week.

Bo: Hmm. Sounds like you thought it all out.

Nora: I've had time on my hands.

Bo: Ok. If you need anything, anything at all, though, I'm available.

Matthew: I'll go get you some water.

Nora: Oh, thank you, sweetie.

Bo: Hey, how are you fixed for money these days? Because if you need anything, all you have to do is tell me.

Nora: Thank you, I'm fine, really. And if I need anything, I will -- you'll be the first I call, hmm. And it'll serve you right, too.

Matthew: Hey, mom, Ms. Andrews is looking for you.

Ms. Andrews: Are you ready to hit the water?

Nora: I get to exercise in a whirlpool. Are you jealous?

Matthew: You did great today, Mom.

Nora: Thank you, sweetie. I'll see you, bud.

Matthew: Bye.

Nora: To the drink.

Bo: So, you got room in there for a Rodiís burger?

Matthew: With cheese fries?

Bo: Well, letís --

Matthew: Letís --

Both: Get it on!

Roxy: All right, this one looks great. "Work at home. 50,000 smackeroos a year."

Paige: No, thatís a scam. They want you to send in money for a marketing kit.

Roxy: No, all you have to do is send in a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Paige: Yeah, right, trust me.

Roxy: Ok, doc. Letís see -- ooh. "Pipe fitter wanted." That sounds hot.

Paige: No, thereís nothing in there for me.

Roxy: All right, let me think about this a little bit. I got it. I got it. Why donít you come to work for me at foxy Roxyís hair haven? Whatís so funny?

Paige: Is that really what you call it?

Roxy: Pretty clever, huh?

Paige: Whatís -- whatís a hair haven?

Roxy: Excuse me -- foxy Roxyís is the ultimate refuge for the follicularly challenged. Because we clip it, we snip it, we flip it, we buff it, we fluff it, d then you get to strut it. Mm-hmm.

Paige: Well, that sounds -- that sounds really wonderful.

Roxy: So you want to join team Roxy?

Paige: Oh, I -- I canít cut hair.

Roxy: Hmm. Forget about that. You can do nails. I'll even let you have a little nip on the job. Hey, hey, hey -- donít spit that beer again.

Mac: Damn it.

Roxy: Whatís the matter, Mac?

Mac: Well, I just had my second waitress call in sick. Either of you want to make a quick 50 bucks tonight?

Roxy: Oh, excuse me. I donít serve beer, I just drink it. And my new gal pal over here -- she was chief of staff at Llanview Hospital. So what would make you think that she'd want to sling drinks for this motley crowd?

Paige: You know, I'll do it.

Mac: Really?

Paige: Yeah. I waited tables all through med school. I mean, I might be a little rusty.

Mac: Here you go.

Paige: Huh.

Mac: Itís just like riding a bike.

John: Look, I want to nail Truman as much as you do, especially after what he did to Bo.

Blair: Well, I almost got him to confess to everything last night, you know?

John: You could've been killed. Do you ever think about that? Heís a killer. This is not a game.

Blair: I made my bed, Detective.

John: Oh.

Blair: And I'm going to do this with or without your help.

John: Wait!

Blair: What?

John: You keep going at Truman like this, heís going to figure you out. Heís not stupid.

Blair: What do I do, huh? Tell me.

John: You want to know?

Blair: Yes.

John: You get him to start talking about his past, all right? If thereís a way to trip him up, thatís where itís going to be.

Blair: I did that. I tried to do it last night. It -- his guard is up now, and heís angry at Todd for what he did at the -- at the hospital.

John: All right, thatís good. All right, heís got this pressure. Itís coming from all -- from all sides, all right? And you're his safe haven.

Blair: Well, so far at least.

John: Keep it that way. Do me a favor. You stay safe. [Phone rings]† McBain.

Hugh: John, itís Hugh. I need to talk to you about something right away. Itís urgent.

Cristian: You want to say something? You're freaking me out.

Evangeline: I'm freaking you out?

Cristian: Are you upset?

Evangeline: No. I just didnít expect to hear that.

Cristian: Yeah, well, I didnít expect to say it. It just -- it just came out. But itís the truth and thatís -- thatís how I feel. Thatís why I want to help you get your sight back. Thatís why I want to take care of you. Not because I feel sorry for you. You're the reason I wake up with a smile every morning. You make me happy. And all I think about is being with you. Thatís all I think about. I want to help you because I'm falling in love with you. Thatís -- itís as simple as that.

Evangeline: I've waited to hear those words for so long.

Cristian: You know, you donít -- you donít have to say anything. I was just --

Evangeline: I'm falling in love with you, too. Why arenít you saying anything? - Itís good. - Terrific.

Jessica: No more kisses -- you promised.

Nash: You're right, that'd be bad. Jessica, what is it thatís really upsetting you? Is it that I kissed you? Or that you didnít want me to stop?

Jessica: Tess didnít want you to stop. I donít want this and neither do you.

Nash: I want Tess.

Jessica: Thatís right. Thatís right. And I'm not Tess and donít say that we're the same person, because we're not.

Nash: You're not Tess. But that doesnít stop me from missing her, from missing you. It doesnít stop me from seeing her standing right in front of me. It doesnít stop your hair from smelling just like hers. Your skin as soft as hers, your lips -- and it doesnít stop me from wanting to just hold you in my arms.

Jessica: I'm not Tess.

Nash: Yeah, you're right, you're not Tess. Could you at least just sit? We'll have a glass of wine together. Come on, I got to be near her. I miss her. I got to be near her even if itís just in my mind, in my heart.

Jessica: Ok. Ok, one glass, but then you have to go.

Nash: Deal.

Jessica: I'm going to go check on Brennan.

Nash: Ok. All right, Tess. I bought us just a little more time. I can draw you out, I know I can. I just got to make sure we donít get interrupted.

Antonio: Damn it -- straight to voicemail. I'm going home to check on Jessica.

Claudia: Hey -- so do I still have a job?

Antonio: Yeah, whatever.

Todd: My wanting to help Evangeline is- well, let me put it this way. When I was in the darkest place of my life, she -- well, she took my hand, so to speak, and led me out of it.

Doctor: In any case, itís very generous of you. The surgery -- assuming sheís a candidate -- very expensive.

Todd: No, I understand that and it doesnít make any difference. All that matters is that she gets her eyesight back.

Evangeline: Wait. I canít do this.

Hugh: John.

John: Hey. What do you got, Hugh?

Hugh: That bug in David Vickers' cell just paid off. I spent e last hour listening in on a conversation between David and Spencer.

John: And?

Hugh: David accused his brother of being your fatherís shooter.

Claudia: The golden red heavy sun is gone and you begin touching my lips hushing me with one kiss we let the night come in tell me one thing

Doctor: I'd like to examine Ms. Williamson as soon as possible.

Todd: Yeah, I still need to talk to her. Sheís understandably a little nervous about the surgery.

Doctor: Well, thatís fine, but I canít stay here in Len--

Todd: Llanview.

Doctor: Llanview for very long. I have cases pending back home.

Todd: Yeah, I understand. I have booked you a suite at the palace hotel. Itís great. And thereís a limousine waiting outside right now to take you there, ok?

Doctor: Very good.

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: Hi, Todd. Whoís your friend?

Doctor: Dr. Jonas Simmons.

Blair: Ah. You must be the eye surgeon that Todd and Cristian were talking about. Are you here to save Evangelineís eyes?

Todd: The carís waiting. Letís go.

Ms. Andrews: You're really going for it.

Nora: Well, the doctors say I can go home if I make significant progress.

Ms. Andrews: I'm glad for you. I know how much you miss home. You've been here for over nine months.

Nora: Yeah. I want to get back to my life, whatever that is. Huh. I donít even know who I am anymore.

Matthew: Did you see mom? She walked across that whole room today.

Bo: Well, I know. See, thatís your mom -- when she sets her mind to something, sheís going to get it done.

Matthew: I hope you're ok with me going back to her house. I just think she'll need me.

Bo: I think you're right, Matthew. She will.

Matthew: I had fun just being me and you for a while, though. I had a great time.

Bo: I know. So did I. It was the best, son -- the best.

Paige: Welcome to Rodiís. What can I get you?

Bo: Paige?

Paige: Oh. Hi.

Bo: Hi.

Paige: Hi -- hi, Matthew.

Matthew: Do you work here now?

Paige: Uh -- well, I -- I do today.

Bo: What -- but why?

Paige: They asked me.

Matthew: Cool.

Cristian: You want to stop -- ok. Ok, well, what?

Evangeline: I just wish I could see you. Cris, I just want to see you right now.

Cristian: I wish you could see me, too. But you can feel and thatís -- thatís all that really matters. Come here. Can you see what you're doing to me right now? Right? Just go with it. Let me love you.

John: David accused Spencer of pulling the trigger?

Hugh: Several times.

John: What'd he say?

Hugh: He didnít deny it. And he tried like hell to get Vickers to shut up. Here. Ape plays]

Davidís voice: You were there. You were in the alley when Johnís father was shot.

Spencerís voice: Hey, David, do you want to -- you want to keep it down just a little bit here?

Davidís voice: This is all starting to make sense in that sick, twisted Spencer kind of way. You sent me on a pickup and you gave me a gun loaded with blanks.

Spencerís voice: You're in a county jail, David. Do you want to shut the hell up?

Davidís voice: Yet somehow, Thomas McBain still gets shot. I bolted and I ran straight into you, so you were already there. Spencer, you shot Johnís father, didnít you?

Nash: To be holding this bottle of wine in my hand is like a -- itís like a dream come true. Itís actually a pretty good bottle of wine.

Jessica: Yeah, it tastes good.

Nash: Oh, itís more than just the taste. Look at it, the clarity. That kind of luminosity is very rare in a first year. Itís the oak casks -- antique French. Tess made me splash the cash on them.

Jessica: Are the barrels that important?

Nash: Yeah, everythingís that important.

Jessica: Hmm.

Nash: The timing, soil. It all adds to the quality of the grape. There is an oakiness to this. Smell.

Jessica: Yeah, I think I can smell it.

Nash: Tess' oak casks.

Antonio: Get the hell away from her.

Jessica: Antonio, we were just talking.

Antonio: Yeah, and he made damn sure you wouldnít be interrupted.

Jessica: You unplugged the phone?

Nash: I wanted to make sure we'd have a chance to talk.

Antonio: No, what you really wanted was a chance to make Tess come back out.

Claudia: I lie in sympathy on the grille through the open door but we never speak our hearts whoís waiting for certainty coming round to the desert stream? But they never go near the water and I wake to find the light fading from your eyes and your ashes spilling out from the inside and I awake to find no sound fall between your lips to the ground and my surprise.

Spencer: Is something wrong? You look upset.

Blair: Just a really sad song, and I just had a -- another run-in with Todd about the kids --

Spencer: Todd, Todd, Todd -- Toddís out of control, you know that? You know, if you want, I could have one of my attorneys give you some options --

Blair: No, no, no. You know what? I donít want to talk about Todd. I want to talk about us -- actually, about you. You know, I just feel like I donít know that much about you -- about, you know, what you were like when you were a kid, where you grew up, and -- Why you ever became a doctor or when you became a doctor.

Spencer: Well, Blair, the truth is most of that is -- itís not very pretty.

Blair: Ah. But itís about you. And I want to know everything about you.

Cristian: Let me make love to you.†

Evangeline: Who is it?

Todd: Todd.

Evangeline: Just a second.

Todd: You busy? Yo.

John: Give me a minute here, Jenkins, will you?

Jenkins: Ok, boss.

John: Thanks.

[Tape plays]

Davidís voice: You were already there. Spencer, you shot Johnís father, didnít you?

David: You bugged my cell -- is that legal?

John: Shut up and tell me what it means. Were you just blowing smoke or do you think Spencer killed my father?

David: Yes, I do.

John: So do I.

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Clint: Dorian Lord and I are through.

John: Truman may be the man who shot my father.

Rex: Whatís wrong?

Adriana: Did you see this?

Nash: I'll go, but I'm taking my daughter with me.

Todd: Donít do this, Vange. Please, you're making a mistake.

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