OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/19/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/19/05


By Boo
Proofread by Brandi

Antonio: Dr. Jamison?  Antonio Vega.  I'm Jessica Buchanan's --

Dr. Jamison: I know who you are.  Nice to see you.

Antonio: Nice to see you.

Dr. Jamison: This is my friend Melissa.

Melissa: Hi.

Antonio: So have you -- have you talked to Jessica lately?

Dr. Jamison: Not for several days.  I'm really proud for her taking this enormous step in her recovery.  She's a brave young woman.

Antonio: Yes, yes, yes.  I'm curious -- how did you get her to take that step?

Nash: "To Jessica, love Antonio."

[Doorbell buzzes]

Nash: What the hell.

Man: Yeah!  Come on, guys!  Whoo!

Woman: Nice place.

Man: Nice.  Not bad.

Second man: Hey.

Woman: Hey.

Man: How are you?

Second man: I need a beer.

First man: Thanks, bro.

[Music blares]

Man: Whoo!

Woman: Where's the corkscrew?

Nash: What's going on here?  Who are you people?

Tess: It's called a party, dude.  Relax and enjoy it.

Nash: Tess.

Layla: My God.  How long have you been here?

Evangeline: Picking up your side.

Layla: Swanky lobby.  What, do you have to dress up for the security cameras?

Evangeline: Oh, very funny.  Ok.  You're going to be right at home right in a moment here because this place is a mess.

Layla: What, my sheets aren't pressed?  I'm leaving.

Evangeline: Push it on through, girl, come on.  Ok.  Make yourself at home.  Oh.  I'll get this.

Layla: Don't sweat it, sis.  It's not my Beverly Hills penthouse, but I'll make do.

Evangeline: Ok.

Layla: Is this the bedroom?

Evangeline: Yes, and that is where I sleep.

Layla: What about me?

Evangeline: You, the way you kick, are on the couch.  Look, I am so excited you're here.  I am, I'm so excited, but if you're not happy with the sleeping arrangements, there's a lovely hotel right around the corner, ok?

Layla: Well, I didn't come all the way to Llanview to sleep at some roadside motel.  I came to be with you, knucklehead.  Wow.  Does it at least fold out?

Evangeline: Nope.

Layla: Do you have cable?

Evangeline: Actually, I do.

Layla: Hmm.  Things are looking up.  Hmm.  What's the story with this, Vangie?  Out of sight, out of mind?

[Knock on door]

John: What is it?

Officer: There's a lady outside, wants to talk to you.

John: Yeah, have her speak to another detective.

Officer: She says she'll only talk to you.

John: All right.  Well, make her an appointment for tomorrow.

Officer: Listen, with all due respect, lieutenant, I think you may want to take this.  She says she's seen Natalie Vega.

Man: Hey, dude, dude, mind if we borrow your bedroom?

Nash: This is the bedroom, and my name's not dude, dude.

Woman: Tess said you were cool.

Nash: Tess doesn't know me.  Get a room.

Man: Dude, I just asked --

Nash: Somewhere else!  So, who are these people?  What are they doing here?

Tess: Well, I met Jake and holly at this really cute little wine bar down in the meatpacking district, and some of their friends showed up, and, well, the party just kind of took off from there.

Nash: And you couldn't have just stayed at the cute little wine bar?

Tess: Well, it got boring and we didn't want to go home and we couldn't decide where else to go, so, well, I figured you like to party, so it's kind of like a party takeout.  We bring the party to you.

Nash: You know, a party is one thing, but a gang of strangers destroying my house is just --

Tess: Come on. Nobody's destroying anything.

[Glass shatters]

Adriana: Good swim?

Duke: Perfect.  You know, the only thing I don't like about working at B.E. is having to wear business clothes all day in this heat.

Adriana: I don't know if I could work in an office like that.

Duke: You could if you liked what you were doing.

Adriana: Your dad is so proud of you.  That M.B.A. really paid off.

Duke: Yeah, he turned out to be a typical dad.  Who knew?

Adriana: I guess people can change after all.

Duke: Is something wrong?

Adriana: I was just thinking about Rex.

Duke: Since when did you start thinking about Rex?

Rex: You folks doing ok?  Can I get you another drink?

Jett: Thanks, but I have to be at work by 4:00.

Rex: A.M.?

Hugh: Modeling.

Rex: That's why you look familiar.  You were on the cover of "Craze" last month.  Jett, right, one name only?

Jett: Yeah, that's me.  Who are you?

Rex: Rex Balsom.  This is my club.

Jett: Hmm.

Rex: And you are the assistant D.A., right?

Hugh: Are you with the C.I.A. or just psychic?

Rex: I make it my business to know who's who around here.  Especially the beautiful people.  So you're a model, huh?  Must be pretty interesting.

Jett: It has its moments.

Rex: Tell me some.

Jett: Well, you know, last week in the south of France, we did stop a sailing race with the yacht.

Rex: Very interesting.

Hugh: Are you ok?

Marcie: Oh.  I'm fine.  You can go back to your model now.

Hugh: You know, maybe you should slow it down a little bit.

Marcie: Slow what down?

Hugh: You know, take it easy on the drinks?

Marcie: I'm an adult.  I think I'm an entitled to an adult beverage.

Hugh: Everybody has their limit.

Marcie: You know, it's really none of your business, is it?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm really -- I'm really grateful that you defended me to those jerk writers before, but I am fine.  No rescue required, and I don't need a chaperone.

Hugh: You sure?

Marcie: I myself can take care of.  Besides, I don't even know you.

Hugh: You're Marcie, I'm Hugh.

Marcie: I may be drunk, but I'm not you.

Hugh: No, it's -- it's pronounced "Hugh" -- H-U-G-H.

Marcie: What?

Hugh: Hugh.

Marcie: Whatever.

John: Oh.  Please have a seat, ma'am.

Woman: Thank you, detective.  I'm sorry I had to insist on talking to you, but, you see, I know you from the news and I think you're very capable and honest.  After what we had to do with the lieutenant governor -- oh, that was horrible, just awful.  What's his name?

John: Colson, ma'am.

Woman: Just awful.

John: Now, Officer Brewer tells me that you may have seen Natalie Vega.

Woman: I think I have.  I think it was her.  I was sitting in my window.  Oh, my living room overlooks the love center.  My husband passed ay a few weeks before that building was finished.  He used to love to watch the kids build that place.  They worked so hard.  Anyway, I was standing there right about the time the young woman disappeared, according to the news reports.

John: Ok, did something make you look out?  Did you hear something?

Woman: Hear something?  It was like Armageddon -- fire engines, police, sirens sounding.  I was afraid the center was going to burn down again after l that work.  So I was standing in the window saying a prayer that everything would turn out all right and I saw a young man coming out of a side door, half supporting a young woman.  She looked drunk, drugged, sick maybe.  Anyway, he forced her to get into his car.

John: Is this the woman you saw, ma'am?  Take your time, have a good look.

Woman: Her hair was covering her face most of the time, but I think I can freely say it was her.

John: Did you get a go look at the man?

Woman: Oh, yes.  But it's very odd. I cannot recall a single thing about him.  I guess you could say average, nothing special.

John: What about the car?  Was there anything familiar about the car?

Woman: Four-door.  Dark.  Blue maybe?

John: What time did this happen?

Woman: 8:00 precisely.

John: You seem very positive about that.

Woman: Oh, yes.  Jesus was having tea with me, and the lord and I always take our tea at the stroke of 8:00.  I hope you find the poor girl.  I saw her photograph on the TV.  She has such a nice face.  It went right to my heart.  I knew I had to help.

Ofc.  Brewer: Ok, well, listen, you've given us a lot to go on.  We appreciate you coming in very much.

Woman: Oh, you're welcome, dear.

John: Thank you.

Woman: Thank you.

John: Yes.

Woman: I can find my way out by myself.

John: Ok.

Ofc.  Brewer: Sorry, sir.

John: So am I.  So am I.

Evangeline: I don't want to talk about John.

Layla: I understand.  Mom said he really hurt you.

Evangeline: Mom doesn't know what she's talking about, ok?  I broke up with him.

Layla: Because he wouldn't tell you that he loved you.

Evangeline: It's a little bit more complicated than that, ok?  Did mom also mention that he saved my life?

Layla: Yeah, but she also told me that he saved some other girl first.

Evangeline: You know what?  You and mom are barely talking, and yet somehow she still finds a way to tell you my business.  That's just amazing.

Layla: That's right.

Evangeline: You know what, I'm starving.  Why don't we go out for a late dinner, ok, my treat.

Layla: I ate at work.  But I wouldn't mind checking out this club I heard about -- Ultra Violet.

Evangeline: Oh, no way.  Not tonight.

Layla: Same old Evangeline.

Evangeline: "Same old" what, Layla?

Layl this is supposed to be the hottest club, and it figures that you'd be too uptight to take me.

Evangeline: I am not uptight.  I've been to ultra violet, like, a million times.

Layla: Yeah, right.

Evangeline: I used to date the owner of Ultra Violet, ok?

Layla: Well, mom told me that he's a big crook.  If I remember, the exact word she said -- "felon."

Evangeline: You know what?  Some things never change.  No, you and mom can't agree on anything but what's wrong with my life.  We're going.  We're going.  Come on.  

Evangeline: Know what?  You better have a great time.  Come on, superstar.  You're not the only Williamson who knows how to have a good time, ok?

Adriana: I don't really know Rex that well, but he just seems, I don't know, kind of lost.

Duke: Yeah, he's definitely been through it.

Adriana: He lost his girlfriend, now Natalie.  I feel sorry for him.  Actually, I'm kind of worried about him.

Duke: Well, let's head over to Ultra Violet.  You can check up on him there.  He's probably working tonight.

Adriana: That's a good idea.

Duke: Yeah, it'll be fun.  Besides, after you're done talking with him, maybe you and I can have some fun on the dance floor.

Adriana: You're the best.

Duke: And don't you forget it.

Jett: I seem to have lost my date.

Rex: Oh, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Hugh: So now that we've been formally introduced, is it ok for me to be a little bit concerned about how much you're drinking?

Marcie: Look, you, I really don't --

Hugh: It's pronounced "Hugh."

Marcie: What?

Hugh: "Hugh."  H-U-G-H.  "Hugh."

Marcie: Look, huge, you seem like a really nice guy.  I mean, obviously, obviously, you're a really nice guy because of the way you defended me to those writers before, but you have no idea what my life has been like.

Hugh: Not good, huh?

Marcie: That's an understate-- that's an underst-- yeah.  Not good.

Hugh: How so?

Marcie: Your date -- she must be really boring.

Hugh: She is, actually.  But that's not why I'm asking.

Marcie: Well, then why are you asking, huh, Hugh?

Hugh: I'm just naturally curious, I guess.

Marcie: Run!  Run for your life, Hugh!  Go back to the boring while you still can!  You don't want to know.  You don't.

Hugh: I'll take my chances.

Marcie: You really want to know?  Really?  All right.  Well, you asked for it.  Move over, Hugh!  All right, so this is the story.  The story is my best friend -- my best friend?

Hugh: Uh-huh?

Marcie: My best friend Jen?

Hugh: Yes?

Marcie: Well, see, she was murdered by a homosexual -- by a hom-- anyway -- ow!  She was murdered -- oh, that's good.  She was murdered by her boyfriend's father, and he was afraid to come out of the closet.  He was gay.  Just don't tell anybod and then -- see, then I decided that I would write this "Killing Club" book, right, and -- only I should've called it something else cause then nobody would've got killed or burned in oil or die in a car crash.  You know, call me crazy -- call me crazy, but I think that I have a right to get wasted if I want to.  Cheers!

Officer: I heard about your witness, lieutenant.

John: Yeah, she was something.

Officer: Tea with Jesus, huh?

John: Mm-hmm.

Officer: They sure come out of the woodwork, don't they?

John: Check her story anyway.

Officer: Lieutenant, come on.

John: You know, when I was in the F.B.I., Decker, we caught a cold case once -- abduction.  This kid Lucas, missing five, six years.  You know, the chances of finding someone alive at that point, they're zero.  One day I get a call from this guy Ziggy, sort of a professional tipster.  You know the type -- always calling in with, you know, crazy tips -- and he says he knows something about our kid Lucas, you know, he hears about something, him in some neighborhood in south Philly.  And I don't not want to waste my time, but at the last minute I decide, "all right, maybe this is the one-in-a-million time that Ziggy actually knows something."  So I decided to check it out.  Long story short, it's the day the one in the million came in.  Now the kid's back with his family.  So do me a favor -- check out this woman's story.  Even though she's having tea with Jesus, she still might've seen something, she might've seen Natalie.  One in a million.  Ok?  Thanks.

John: One in a million.

[Phone rings]

John: Mc Bain.

Rex: Yeah, it's me.

John: Yeah, how'd you get this number?

Rex: I won it in a raffle.  What difference does it make?

John: The difference is I don't want you bothering me.

Rex: Well, that's too bad because until Natalie's found, I'm going to be bothering you and everybody else there 24/7.

John: Ugh.  What do you want, Balsom?

Rex: I heard from some cops you've got a witness.

John: It didn't pan out.

Rex: That's it?

John: That's it.

Rex: Ok, well, who is this person?  You know, maybe I could --

John: No, you can't.  You know what you can do?  You can stay by the phone and we'll call you with any new information.

Rex: Why are you so against me helping you guys out with this?

John: Oh, is this when you start telling me again about how you helped us catch Daniel Colson?

Rex: Why, because it'll make you look bad?

John: You know what you are?  You know, I don't have time for this.  I don't have time for this.  This is an investigation and we have procedure to follow.  Now, that may not be exciting for you, but it's the best shot we got at bringing Natalie home safely.  So if you care about that, you'll back off, you'll let us do our jobs.

Rex: Ok, look, my sister has been missing for days, ok?  She needs all the help she can get.

John: I'll let you know if there's any new developments.

Dr. Jamison: Excuse for a moment, Melissa.  I didn't convince Jessica to do anything.

Antonio: Well, you must have had something to do with it.

Dr. Jamison: I'm not comfortable discussing --

Antonio: Look, people usually don't take steps like that without some kind of help, right?

Dr. Jamison: You have no idea what Jessica's done, do you?

Antonio: No.  No, I don't.  I'm worried.  Look, doctor, if you could just --

Dr. Jamison: I'm sorry.  I can't.  I can't breach doctor-patient confidentiality.

Antonio: She's my fiancée.

Dr. Jamison: All I could say is the last I knew, Jessica was in good hands, safe.

Antonio: The last you "knew"?

Dr. Jamison: May I give you some unsolicited advice?  Let Jessica go for now.  She's doing what she needs to do for her own mental health.  Take this time to do what you need to do for yours.  If you'll please excuse me, I'm here to not think about work and listen to music, and I've ignored Melissa far too long already.

Nash: Watch where you're going, dude.

Man: Oh, sorry.

Tess: What are you getting so worked up about?  It was just a piece of junk.

Nash: It was mid-century.  I found it at a flea market for 50 bucks, but it's worth hundreds.

Tess: Really?  It's dingy.  I'll pay you back, ok?

Nash: With what?  You're broke, remember?

Tess: Well, then I'll go to the flea market tomorrow and get you a new one, a better one.

Nash: Get rid of these people, all right?

Tess: Why, you're not having fun?

Nash: Do I look like I'm having fun?  What possibly possessed you to think that you could show up here again?

Tess: I don't know.  I guess I sort of missed you.

John: Yeah, I want you to canvass the buildings around the Love Center.  Knock on every door.  There was a lot of commotion that night.  Somebody might've seen something.  Thanks.

[Knock on door]

John: What now?

Ofc.  Brewer: We got a call about a possible B&E over on the west side.

John: All right, take Brody, go check it out.

Ofc.  Brewer: Ok.  We'll be at 345 Fuller Street.

John: Ok.  Wait -- 345 fuller?

Ofc.  Brewer: Yeah, apartment 42.

John: That's Evangeline's apartment.  Forget Brody.  I'm going with you.

Layla: Not bad.  It isn't L.A., but -- oh, wow.  Come on, Vange.  First round's on me.  What a cutie.  Mmm.  I'm going to go dance with him.

Evangeline: Oh, uh-uh.  There is no way you're getting involved with Rex  Balsom.

Layla: His name's Rex?  I like it.  Sounds sexy.

Evangeline: Uh-uh, uh-uh.

Layla: What's the matter with you?

Evangeline: What's the matter with you?  You've been here for, like, two minutes and you're already trying to scam on guys?

Layla: Stop being so old-fashioned.

Evangeline: I'm serious, Layla, you don't want to get involved with Rex Balsom.

Layla: What, do you want first crack at him?

Evangeline: God, no.

Layla: Then what's the problem?

Evangeline: He's a total player and he can't be trusted.

Layla: I can take care of myself, thanks, mom.

Evangeline: Layla, no.

Layla: I want to dance.

Evangeline: Not with him.

Layla: Who am I allowed to dance with, o wise one?

Evangeline: I don't know.  He's cute.

Layla: It looks like he's got his hands full.  That's the one I want.  That's the one I'm going to get.

Evangeline: You know what, you know what, I just -- I thought of the perfect guy, the perfect guy for you.

Layla: Oh, really?  Who?

Evangeline: Him.

Nash: You missed me?  Why do I find that hard to believe?

Tess: Don't get all full of yourself or anything.  It's not like I want to be best friends.

Nash: Oh, what do you want?

Tess: I want to just have fun.  You like to have fun, right?  We were having fun at that party until -- well, until that guy drugged me.

Nash: Yeah.

[Glass breaks]

Tess: I'll handle it, I'll handle it.

[Music stops]

Man: Dude, where's the fuse box?

Tess: The electricity's fine, guys.  The party's over, though.

[Partygoers groan]

Tess: Come on, no, seriously, everybody hit the bricks.  Out.  Out, out, out.  Yeah, out.

Man: Nice crib, dude, thanks.

Tess: Nice to meet you.  Goodbye.  See you later.

Man: Thanks.

Tess: Bye.

Man: See you later, Tess.

Tess: See ya.  I will figure out a way to pay you back for the stuff that they broke.

Nash: Hey, maybe you could hock this after all.  I got a better idea.  Why don't you tell me who Antonio and Jessica are and what your connection to them is?

Evangeline: Antonio.  Hi.  I apologize in advance for what I'm about to ask you, but can you dance with my sister?

Antonio: Evangeline --

Evangeline: Listen, listen, listen, you'll be saving her from the clutches of Rex Balsom.

Layla: Hey, boss.  Whatever it is she's telling you, it isn't true.

Evangeline: Layla --

Antonio: Actually, I was -- I was just telling your sister I was in the mood to dance.

Layla: Any good?

Antonio: You?

Layla: Definitely.  But just for the record, I know she put you up to this.

Antonio: So you're not interested in dancing?

Adriana: There he is.  Hey.

Rex: Hey.  Haven't seen you guys here in a while.

Adriana: I wanted to make sure you were ok.  Is there any news about Natalie?

Rex: Not yet.

Duke: I'll let you know if I hear anything from the buchanan end.

Rex: Thanks, man.  I appreciate it.  And I appreciate you coming by.  It means a lot to me.

Hugh: Ok, if you want to get wasted, I guess that is your business.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.  Damn straight, Hugh!

Jett: I have to get up in a couple of hours.

Hugh: Oh, is it that late?  I'll take you home.

Jett: I called a cab.

Marcie: Oh, bye, model!  Bye-bye!

Hugh: Marcie --

Marcie: I guess you blew it with her, huh?

Hugh: Really enjoying yourself, aren't you?

Marcie: Oh, I'm beginning to.

[Phone rings]

Evangeline: Evangeline Williamson.  What?  My alarm went off?  Yeah, yeah, I'm going to head over there right now, ok?  Thank you.

Evangeline: Hey, you guys, hey -- excuse me.  I got to run home for one second.  I'll be right back, ok, as soon as I can, ok?

Antonio: Is everything ok?

Evangeline: Fine, fine.

Nash: So what do you say?  The truth about Jessica and Antonio and your connection to them in exchange for this very expensive and hockable bracelet.

Tess: Never heard of them.  Won it in a poker game.

Nash: Oh, come on, you're lying.  And I'll bet you're not much better of a bluffer, either.  Come on, I heard you talking about Jessica when you were talking to yourself --

Tess: Ok!  God, you're right.  I do know Jessica. We're -- we're kind of the same person.

John: Police!  Evangeline?

Ofc.  Brewer: Clear!

John: This is all clear.

John: Freeze!

John: You ok?  You all right?

Evangeline: I'll be fine.

John: Ok.

Evangeline: As soon as my heart stops pounding.  What happened here?

John: Got a call about a break-in.  When I realized it was your place, I thought it might've something to do with --

Evangeline: I know.  I know, I thought -- I thought the same thing when the security company called me.  My God.  What happened?  What happened?

John: We don't know yet.

Ofc.  Brewer: You'd better take a look at this, lieutenant.

[Phone rings]

Duke: It's B.E.  I got to take it.

Rex: Listen, it was nice talking to you at the quarry.

Adriana: I've never seen that side of you before.

Rex: Which one?

Adriana: The guy that really cares about his sister.  It must be so hard for you not knowing where she is.

Rex: Yeah.

Adriana: Well, look, if you ever need to talk, you can call me -- anytime.

Duke: Uh -- no, I'm sorry.  Say that again?

Hugh: Easy, easy there.

Marcie: Whoo!  That was wild.

Hugh: I know -- I know we decided that --

Marcie: Hugh!

Hugh: I know we decided it was none of my business, but I'm reneging.  You're officially cut off.

Marcie: Aw.

Antonio: Why do you think your sister took off like that?

Layla: She probably had to bail a client out or something.  Thanks for the dance.  I hope it wasn't too weird dancing with an employee and all.

Antonio: Oh, no, I'm not that kind of boss.  Don't let anyone know I said that.  You're a pretty good dancer.

Layla: I'd better be.  I've been taking lessons since I was 3 -- tap, jazz, ballet -- flamenco, if you can believe that.  You're not bad, either.  You have that Latin sexy thing going on.

Antonio: Oh, right, the Latin sexy thing.  No, actually, I enjoy dancing.  With the right partner, it kind of makes you forget about everything.

Layla: Hmm.  I know you have a girlfriend.  But if I had a guy as hot as you, I wouldn't let you out of my sight.

Nash: What do you mean, you're kind of the same person?

Tess: Sort of.  We're twins.

Nash: You're kidding me.  There's another one of you out there?

Tess: Yeah.  Jess and Tess.  Pretty lame, huh?

Nash: Oh, no, I think it's kind of cute.  But that doesn't explain why you've got her bracelet.

Tess: Jessica's dead.

Duke: Yeah, we can handle that in the morning.  I've got a situation here I have to deal with.  So, what'd I miss?

Marcie: I'm still thirsty.

Hugh: You can drink all the water you want when you get home.  In fact, I recommend it.  I'm putting you in a cab.

Marcie: No, no, just -- just wait one second.  I just -- I just need to --

Hugh: Need to wh?

[Marcie vomits]

Hugh: Those are -- those are $200 shoes.

Marcie: I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.

Antonio: Listen, I got to talk to somebody.  I'll take you back to Evangeline's.

Layla: It's still early.  I haven't even danced with anyone yet.

Antonio: Excuse me?

Layla: Oh, you don't count.  You're already taken.

Nash: I'm sorry, I had no idea your sister had passed away.  What happened?

Tess: She -- uh -- she wound up in a mental institution, and when she was in there, she committed suicide.

Nash: Sorry, that must have been tough, being your twin sister and everything.

Tess: Yeah.  It's weird.  I mean, we were complete opposites and we didn't get along.  But when push came to shove, Jessica was always there.  Could always count on her to clean up all my messes.  I miss that.

Nash: Yeah.  Hey.

Evangeline: The killer was in my home, John!

John: I know.  Go downstairs, Brewer, check the lobby, check the garage.  I want every inch of this building tossed.

Evangeline: Natalie.

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Michael: Marcie? What are you doing, and who's that?

Tess: I don't even like you.

Nash: Yeah, I don't like you, either.

Evangeline: She's still alive, John.  You're going to find her.  

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