OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/18/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/18/06


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Jessica: Yeah, Brennanís sleeping. She just had a bottle. Oh, thereís somebody at the door. Listen, I'll call you back later, ok? Love you. Nash?

Nash: Oh, jeez.

Evangeline: Cristian, where are you? Whatís taking you so long? Excuse me, please excuse me. I'm sorry, can I just walk through here, please?

Todd: You all right?

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: Yeah.

Evangeline: Is that you?

Kevin: I'm sorry if itís a bad time. I -- we should talk about this.

Kelly: What? What is it?

Kevin: They -- they said that you passed out at The Palace, and I think we should talk about that.

Blair: Hello?

John: Blair, itís John Mc Bain. You were looking for me?

Blair: Yeah. You know, our conversation -- you know, Spencer walked in and interrupted us. I didnít get to finish.

John: I think we said more than enough.

Blair: Please, John. I need you to help me to get Spencer to confess, and I got so close. I almost got him to talk last night.

John: You almost got yourself killed in the process. Who knows what heís going to do next time?

Blair: Well, thatís why I'm calling the police. I want to do this right.

John: Well, I'm not going to encourage you. The guy is dangerous. My suggestion is just stay away from him.

Blair: Please, just help me. I want to do this for Todd. Will you just meet -- meet with me just for five minutes and we'll talk about it.

John: All right, but not now, and I'm going to talk you out of it. Try not to do anything stupid in the meantime.

Blair: Thanks. [Doorbell rings] Oh. Hey. Thought you were at the hospital.

Spencer: I had to see you. I had to be with the only person in this world who still believes in me.

Blair: Spencer, whatís going on?

Spencer: That episode in my hotel room happened because somebody drugged me, Blair, and I'm not going to give up until I can prove it.

Man: Come out, come out wherever you are. I heard you were looking for me.

John: You only told me part of the story of my fatherís shooting. Now I want you to tell me the rest.

Man: First things first -- you and me have a score to settle.

Nash: Sorry -- whoa. I -- I just miss Tess all the time. Wonít happen again, promise, unless you --

Jessica: I'm not Tess, Nash.

Nash: Of course you're not. Can I come in? I just want to -- I want to see Brennan.

Jessica: Well, what about Claudiaís father? Arenít you putting Brennan in danger?

Nash: Heís dead.

Jessica: What?

Nash: Itís a long story. Letís just -- let's just say thereís no reason for me to stay away anymore. So can I -- can I see my baby?

Jessica: Listen, I just put her down, so you can take a peek. Just donít wake her. Sheís in there.

Nash: Ok.

Matthew: Hey, Mom.

Nora: Hi, champ. Howís it going?

Matthew: Great.

Woman: I'll be back with a program for after your release.

Nora: Thank you for everything.

Matthew: So is it true you're getting out of here soon?

Nora: Hey, maybe sooner than you think.

Matthew: Awesome. Then I could show you my golf swing and all that cool stuff I learned from "The Missile."

Nora: "The missile"?

Matthew: Yeah. Itís my new nickname for Paige. She went to the driving range with us today.

Nora: Oh, yeah? Hmm. Anything you want to tell me?

Bo: Well, yeah. Matthewís got a hell of a golf swing.

Matthew: How come we never play golf?

Nora: Itís a stupid sport.

Bo: I hate to tell you this, son, but your mom is a menace on the golf course.

Nora: Oh, yeah. Please.

Matthew: You know what? Everythingís starting to go right. You're coming home. You and Paige are friends. Now all we need is for you to get your badge back.

Bo: Well, I donít think thatís going to happen anytime soon, but you know, Johnís got everything under control for now.

Man: I donít like being manipulated, especially by cops. This time, the meetingís on my terms.

John: Ok. I think you should know, I've been keeping tabs on you, you know? It seems you're not quite as retired as you seem to want people to believe.

Man: I donít have a clue what you're talking about.

John: I'm talking about a certain exchange of merchandise at the Hamilton Hotel last Thursday night around 2:00 A.M. Now, I know you donít want certain of my friends to find out about that. But since we're being all chummy and all, why donít you tell your big man behind the door there to come on out and introduce himself.

Man: Ok, do it.

John: How you doing?

Man: I told you what I know about your old manís shooting. I gave you a description of the kid who did it. You canít find him, thatís your problem.

John: I did find him. His name is Vickers and he confessed. Heís in lockup right now awaiting sentencing.

Man: So why am I here?

John: I want to show you something.

Man: Hey!

John: Easy. Easy. All right? Relax. I got a gun, but itís dead. Itís been through forensics. Itís got no magazine in it, all right? Itís cleared. This gun was found in the alley where my father was shot. Forensics says itís 25 years old. It was loaded with blanks.

Man: So how'd it kill the cop?

John: Well, thatís what I was hoping you could clear up for me.

David: Hey, just listen to me for a minute.

Bruno: Look, I've done nothing but listen to you squawk for the past hour.

David: Yeah? Well, I'm not going to shut up until you get my brother over here! I need to see Spencer now!

Blair: Well, I take it, it didnít go so well at the hospital, huh?

Spencer: Todd managed to convince the hospital board to make an example of me for the rest of the hospital staff.

Blair: Todd? What the hell was he doing there?

Spencer: He managed to buy himself a spot on the board just for the occasion, you know? Yeah, he was the golden boy in that room this morning.

Blair: Well, I take it they ruled against you.

Spencer: I'm on probation, Blair. And I've been officially warned. How about that?

Blair: Well, thatís just not right. Everything that you've done for that hospital and they come down on you like that? I'm sorry.

Spencer: Now that Todd is a member of the very exclusive "back from the dead" club, people are willing to listen to just about anything he has to say about damn near everything. Itís funny how people just turn against you, isnít it? And how conveniently they forgot that he wouldnít even be breathing right now if it hadnít been for me. Yeah, he made a big mistake coming after me, you know? I'll get a restraining order against him if I have to if he starts to try to start some kind of a smear campaign against me in that stupid newspaper of his. I will sue him for libel.

Blair: Well, I'm just sorry all this -- all this happened. Is there anything I can do for you?

Spencer: Actually, there is.

Blair: Really?

Spencer: Mm-hmm. I think that you and I could both use a little time out of Llanview right about now, so --

Blair: What is this? First-class tickets!

Spencer: Just the four of us.

Blair: To Hawaii?

Spencer: Thatís right -- you, me, Jack, Starr.

Blair: Wow.

Spencer: Leave in two days.

Blair: I canít go.

Todd: You sure you're all right?

Evangeline: I am now, thanks. Somebody knocked my cane out of my hand and it just kind of freaked me out a little bit.

Todd: I know, I saw it. What are you doing here by yourself?

Cristian: Sheís not by herself. Sheís with me.

Nash: Hey. Sheís amazing. She's beautiful. You're doing an amazing job.

Jessica: Yeah, Antonio and I are doing the best we can.

Nash: Yeah. So, where is the master of the house?

Jessica: At Capricorn. Heís working.

Nash: Hmm.

Jessica: Look, Nash, I know that you and I have to talk a lot about Brennan, but I just -- I donít really feel up to it today, so --

Nash: Oh, come on --

Jessica: You know, you saw her. If you donít mind --

Nash: Let me just stay until she wakes up. Come on. I want to tell her I love her, tell her I missed her, show her I came back to her like I promised, please. I wonít kiss you again.

Jessica: Fine. You can sit down because she might be out for a while.

Nash: Thank you.† I -- I spoke to Clint when I was away. He told me that you -- you saw those tapes that that guy made of you, made Tess come out. You ok?

Jessica: Well, I guess so. I'm still here.

Nash: Tough stuff, hard to watch.

Jessica: You watched the tape.

Nash: Yeah. You -- you remember any of it?

Jessica: Not anything that happened on the video, but I had other Tess memories.

Nash: Like what? You remember when she was little?

Jessica: No -- more recent.

Nash: What do you remember? What kind of memories?

Jessica: There are memories about you.

Kelly: Look, I fainted, all right? Itís no big deal. I didnít eat that day. It was stupid.

Kevin: It was more than that. It was -- I know that you're going through some stuff --

Kelly: Look, you made it perfectly clear that you donít care what I'm going through. You donít want anything to do with me, so why do you care about whatís happening with me mentally or physically?

Kevin: Just let me finish.

Kelly: No. No, I'm sorry.

Kevin: Just let me talk.

Kelly: There was a time when we could talk about anything, Kevin, but that time is gone. I'm dealing with something here and I'm dealing with it on my own, or if you'd just --

Kevin: What? What are you talking about?

Kelly: I'm just trying to put what happened behind me. I'm trying to forgive myself.

Kevin: Thatís why I'm here. I want to talk to you about forgiveness.

Spencer: Why shouldnít we try to get away right now? The kids arenít in school, you havenít started back at the magazine yet. I can certainly get a colleague to handle my caseload for a while. Blair, come on.

Blair: Itís just wrong. Itís wrong.

Spencer: Why do you say that?

Blair: Because if -- Spencer, if we leave, it'll look like we're running from Todd. We go away, we come back, we still have the same set of problems. And now that Toddís on the board, no telling what he'll do to your career. And then, God, my daughter, sheís -- she disapproves of our relationship and no way sheís going to get on an airplane with the two of us.

Spencer: Or it could change her mind about me.

Blair: This is incredibly, incredibly sweet of you and, oh, I would love to get away with you, but -- I would. But I just think we need to wait until the timeís better.

Spencer: Ok.

Blair: Ok?

Spencer: Yeah.

Blair: Thank you.

Spencer: Sorry.

Blair: Itís ok.

Spencer: Spencer Truman. Is something wrong or -- all right. No, I'll be right there.

Blair: What is it?

Spencer: Sorry. David, heís --

Blair: David?

Spencer: Yeah, causing some kind of scene down at the jail. I got to go.

Blair: Ok, sure.

Spencer: Look, you promise we'll get out our calendars and choose another date for this trip, right? Promise?

Blair: Promise.

Spencer: All right. I'll see you.

Blair: The only trip you'll be taking is to death row, buddy.

Cristian: You all right?

Evangeline: I'm fine. I'm just disoriented.

Todd: Abandoned.

Evangeline: He didnít abandon me. He just went to get us some drinks.

Todd: Uh-huh.

Cristian: Yeah, sorry. I got a little sidetracked. Letís go get that drink now.

Todd: Hey, you know, Evangeline, I'm not sure itís a good idea hanging out here. Itís a madhouse, especially if you're going to drink. I mean, you almost took a nosedive there.

Evangeline: Heís right. Cristian, this is a little overwhelming. Maybe I'm not as ready for this as I thought.

Cristian: Fine. Then I'll take her home.

Todd: Hey, you know, if you're not up for the job, I can get --

Cristian: Why donít you mind your own business? Come on, Evangeline, letís go.

Evangeline: No, no, wait. I'm not going anywhere with either one of you.

Nora: I'm having a chocolate craving. Will you go to the vending machine and get me some?

Matthew: You want to talk to dad alone, right?

Nora: I want some chocolate, too.

Matthew: Ok, I'm going.

Nora: Thank you. Thank you.

Bo: Hmm?

Nora: So I spoke to Paige before she was released. Sheís hoping that you will work things out.

Bo: Ah, jury is still out on Paige and me.

Nora: But itís not out of the question?

Bo: No, no, itís not out of the question.

Nora: Ok. Whatever happened with that -- with the Atlantic City police?

Bo: They dropped the charges, but she lost her medical license.

Nora: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure being a doctor meant as much to her as being a cop means to you.

Bo: Yeah. But now I got a lot more free time on my hands.

Nora: Hmm. So, is there a break in the case against you?

Bo: All the evidence still points to me.

Nora: I donít know how anyone could believe you're capable of sending an innocent man to his death.

Bo: I donít, either. But I'm going to find out.

Nora: Well, I hope you find out fast because I'm going back to work and I donít want to have to prosecute you.

Evangeline: Can you hand me my cane, please?

Todd: Ok. Itís bent down at the bottom.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Cristian: Evangeline, wait --

Evangeline: No, Cristian. I'm tired of people having to take care of me. I'd rather be alone.

Todd: Thatís nice work. You leave her stranded, then piss her off.

Cristian: Whatís your problem, Manning? Your lifeís so messed up, you decide you want to mess up everyone elseís, too?

Todd: Listen, I'm going to help her get her sight back.

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Todd: I contacted this really great eye surgeon in New York and heís going to come here, give her some amazing surgery.

Cristian: Yeah, well, she already talked to that guy. Itís taken care of, so you donít have to worry about it.

Todd: Hey, I donít know what you're thinking, but I'm just trying to be her friend here.

John: The bullet that hit my father came from this gun. Someone went to all the trouble to take the live magazine out after it was fired, reload it with blanks, then fire a random shot. They did all this after the shooter dropped the gun and took off and before the cops arrived.

Man: All I know is what I saw that night -- a nervous kid with a gun.

John: Exactly. So I was hoping since you remember the kid so well, maybe you remember the gun, too.

Man: You want me to I.D. the weapon after 25 years?

John: You strike me as the kind of guy that doesnít forget too much. Go ahead, you can pick it up. Take a good look, George. Is that the gun the kid was waving around that night?

David: Did you call my brother? Is he coming?

Bruno: Heís all yours. Good luck.

Spencer: David, I take it by the way you're carrying on in here that you finally realized how stupid it would be to cop a guilty plea.

David: You're right, Spencer, it was stupid. I should never have pled guilty in the first place because I'm not guilty. I didnít kill anybody.

Spencer: Thatís what I've been trying to tell you all along, little brother.

David: Yeah, but you didnít bother to tell me that it was actually the truth. John Mc Bain paid me a visit earlier. He told me that he found the gun that I dropped in the alley that night. It was full of blanks. I was shooting blanks just like Kevin Buchanan. But you knew that, didnít you, because you're the one who gave me the gun.

Nash: You have memories of me? Of what?

Jessica: Just little things. I wouldnít make too much of it if I were you.

Nash: So what, you can see what she saw? You remember what she did, feel what she felt?

Jessica: They're just tiny flashes, ok?

Nash: Of what? I mean, us meeting, Napa, New York?

Jessica: I donít want to talk about it.

Nash: Can you remember Tess being in love with me? You know, I -- I was going to just leave this after I saw Brennan, but --

Jessica: That drawing, it looks like --

Nash: You. Tess, anyway. I named the vineyard aft her, esprit libre.

Jessica: Free spirit.

Nash: Yeah. That was Tess. Not that sheís a free spirit now, is she?

Jessica: She was out once, just for a little bit. She seemed to be worried about you. She thought you were in trouble.

Nash: Actually, I was.

Jessica: Anyway, she was only out for a moment, and then I was able to fight my way back. I've been stronger than I've been in a long time.

Nash: Good. You know, since we're waiting for her to wake up, anyway -- why donít we have some?

Jessica: I donít know.

Nash: Oh, come on. It would mean a lot to me. I spent everything I had on this vineyard. Come on. You know, itís funny, with everything thatís been going on, I havenít had a chance to taste the fruits of my labor. Wouldnít want me to drink alone, would you?

Jessica: Ok, fine, one glass. Thank you.

Kelly: Kevin, we have hurt each other in so many ways. Do you really think any of it can be forgiven by either one of us?

Kevin: I donít know. This isnít working. This isnít -- this isnít making the pain go away or making me forget. Itís just -- itís making me more angry and more bitter. Itís -- itís not only hurting myself, either. Itís -- I'm hurting my family. I'm hurting everybody that I come into contact with. And itís -- I hate myself. I stopped drinking.

Kelly: Thatís good. I know that canít be easy.

Kevin: No, itís not. Itís -- itís harder than I thought. I'm trying, you know? I'm going back to work. And I'm just trying to, you know, put my life back together.

Kelly: Why are you telling me this? What do you want from me?

Todd: Letís just be honest with each other here. I'm pretty sure I can provide something for Evangeline that you canít right now.

Cristian: Right. Money. But I can give her something more important.

Todd: Whatís that?

Cristian: You can figure it out.

Todd: What are you doing here?

Blair: Oh, Jack wanted to come to the fair.

Todd: Where is he?

Blair: Heís off with Carlotta and Jamie. I couldnít help but overhear you and Cristian.

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Blair: You're really pulling out all the stops for Evangeline, arenít you?

Todd: Well, she never gave up on me.

Blair: Right. You never betrayed her or lied to her over and over again, so she actually never had a reason to doubt you.

Todd: Sheís been a very good and loyal friend, so I'm going to help her get her sight back.

Blair: Really? You falling for her, Todd?

Bo: I hope this doesnít end up in court.

Nora: Is there a possibility?

Bo: Without my badge, it just makes it a lot tougher to make any progress. I know -- I know I'm missing something. I think at Truman must have made a mistake somewhere along the line. I just have to find out what it was.

Nora: Donít go after Truman without backup. You saw what happened to Todd. And he was innocent, too.

Bo: Yeah, but I'm not going to let it get that far.

Nora: God, I hope not. So they're still saying that itís your signature on the forms that identified the bodies as Margaret and her baby?

Bo: Yeah, and thereís this morgue assistant and he swears that I'm the one that signed for the bodies that ended up in the lake.

Nora: Do they have proof you were even at the morgue?

Bo: Not that I know of.

Nora: Airline tickets? Car receipt? Rental receipt? Gas receipt? Phone records?

Bo: No.

Nora: So thereís absolutely no proof that you were ever even in Kentucky.

Bo: Yeah, but the assistant I.D.'d me.

Nora: Ok, just answer the question. What?

Bo: Well, itís good to have you back, counselor.

Matthew: Here you go. Was I gone long enough?

Nora: You were gone too long. Mmm. I think what I'm going to do is save this for later, though. Right now, I have a surprise for you.

George: Walther 38 millimeter, model P.P.K. fine piece of machinery.

John: Thanks for the product review. Is this the gun Vickers had the night my father was shot?

George: Same scratches on the barrel. You're lucky my memoryís so good. Yeah, thatís the piece the kid was carrying.

David: You sent me out there with a gun that had blanks in it. Why did you do that? How was I supposed to defend myself if something went south? I could have been the guy that ended up dead in that alley.

Spencer: But you werenít, David. You've obviously survived quite well.

David: No thanks to you. I've had nightmares about that event ever since it happened, you know? I've seen that copís face, I have heard his voice. Then I heard the shot that ripped right through him. I have had to live with that day in, day out, year after year. And now I find out I didnít even do it. You knew all along, didnít you? You knew I didnít kill anybody, but you let me believe that I did. So you've been putting the screws to me all these years, and you knew I was innocent, your own brother. You have done some heinous things in the past, but how could you let me believe that?

Spencer: I've always taken care of you, David, protected you.

David: Protected me? You knew the truth! Well, now I'm going to find out the truth. I'm going to find out who really shot Thomas Mc Bain.

Todd: My personal life is really none of your business. I'd worry about your own if I were you. Because I might not be around the next time Spencer attacks you.

Blair: Come on, Todd. You donít understand.

Todd: I donít understand?

Blair: No.

Todd: I just donít care anymore, donít understand. I donít give a damn.

Blair: Todd, come on, donít be like this.

Cristian: Let me get that for you.

Evangeline: Cristian, I swear to you, I am a big girl. I really can get home just fine by myself.

Cristian: Look, I'm sorry I left you alone for so long.

Evangeline: I thought you said you were just going to go get some drinks.

Cristian: Yeah, I was, but I got a little sidetracked. I was calling Vincent about that title fight.

Evangeline: What about your hand?

Cristian: Well, itís a lot of money, especially if I win. Probably enough to pay for that surgery.

Evangeline: Oh, my God. You and Todd, you just donít get it. He offered money to fix me, too.

Cristian: Yeah, well, forget about Todd. I can take care of it.

Evangeline: Itís not about who can come up with the money, Cristian. Itís about the way it makes me feel -- controlled. And I just -- I donít like it at all. Not from you or Todd or anybody else.

Blair: So what are you going to do, Todd? You going to steal Evangeline away from Cristian?

Todd: You think I'd tell you my plans?

Blair: You think I'm going to go through hell just to lose you to another woman? Think again.

George: We're done here.

John: One more thing. You saw Vickers with a gun and then you saw him run into the alley, right?

George: Thatís what I said. How many more times you want to hear that?

John: You heard a gunshot, but you didnít see the gun get fired?

George: I heard the shot, I walked out into the alley. I saw the cop bleeding there on the ground. It doesnít take a genius to figure out what happened. Letís go.

John: The real murdererís still out there.

Nora: Go stand over there.

Matthew: Why?

Nora: Because I'm your mother and I told you to.

Matthew: Ok.

Nora: Ok. Ready?

Matthew: Ready.

Nora: Now, you stay there. Ready or not -- drumroll, please.

Matthew: Oh, my God. Mom, thatís great.

Nora: Ah, ah, ah. Hold the applause, hold the applause. I'm not done. I'm ok. I'm not done yet. If you wouldnít mind -- no, I'm really -- I'm ok. I real am, thank you. Here we go.

Matthew: My God.

Nora: Ta-da!

Kevin: Hey, I just want you to know that I -- I -- I donít -- I donít want to hate you. I just want to accept. I hope I can accept what has happened and find, you know, some sort of sense -- make some sort of sense of it.

Kelly: Do you really mean that? I mean, do you really think that you'd be able to think about Duke and me in some kind of positive way? Because if you could, --

Kevin: I donít know. When I look at you, I just -- I just -- I see you naked. You know? With my -- with my son -- with Duke. And I donít know -- I donít know if I can ever make that -- how to get that image out of my head. I mean, I donít know how to -- if I can do that or if itís just -- itís always going to be there. And somethingís always going to remind me of that. I just want you to know that I'm trying.

Kelly: How is Kevin ever going to accept you? How? You're a constant reminder of what Duke and I did.

Jessica: Itís good.

Nash: Thank you, but you're not quite getting the whole experience.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Nash: The wine -- itís supposed to be sensuous, an experience for all of your senses.

Jessica: I guess I never thought of it that way.

Nash: Start by swirling it gently in the glass. Thatís it. Bring it to your nose. Come on. Up, up, up, up. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Smell the ripeness of the fruit, layer upon layer of flavor.

Jessica: Itís nice.

Nash: Take a sip. Donít swallow. Just let it sit there. Let it flow over your tongue. Do the textures fill your mouth? Now swallow. Well? You getting it? Now take your nose to the rim. Smell the fruit itís so juicy. Itís so ripe. You're remembering, arenít you?

Cristian: Look, I'm not trying to control you, Evangeline. I just want to help you. And if I can give you the money for that surgery, then why not? Why shouldnít I?

Evangeline: I donít need your help. And I donít need your money. Thatís not what I need from you, Cristian.

Cristian: Wait --

Evangeline: Will you stop it?

Man: Hey, Evangeline, itís me, Reuben. Are you ok?

Evangeline: Reuben? My God, thatís perfect timing. Do you think you could help me find a cab, please?

Reuben: My pleasure.

Evangeline: Thank you. Cristian, donít follow me.

Todd: Dr. Simmons? Hi, Todd Manning. Fine, thanks. I'm calling regarding that blind woman I told you about. Yes. How soon can you get here?

Spencer: David, look, you can relax, all right? I'm going to help you out here.

David: You're going to help me? How are you going to help me? Are you going to help me the same way you helped me in that alley that night? I could have used your help when I was terrified after what happened. Where were you then, Spencer? Wait a second. I know exactly where you were. You were right there with me. You were in that alley when Thomas Mc Bain got shot.

†[Phone rings]

John: Yeah, Mc Bain.

Blair: Hey, John, itís Blair. You're back.

John: Yeah, I just got here.

Blair: Look, I am running out of time. I need to dig up some stuff on Spencer and I canít do it without your help.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: Thereís room for one man in my life, and that man is Antonio.

Nash: That is a lie and you know it.

Blair: I think Todd is falling for Evangeline Williamson.

Todd: All that matters is that she gets her eyesight back.

Cristian: I'm not helping you because I feel sorry for you. I'm doing it because I'm falling in love with you.

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