OLTL Transcript Monday 7/17/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/17/06


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Evangeline: Yes, I have to admit -- the guy is good-looking, and Layla is falling for all his smooth moves and corny lines.

Cristian: I donít want to talk about Vincent anymore. We're here.

Evangeline: And where is here?

Cristian: Here is Angel Square.

Evangeline: And why is angel square so special?

[Poppers explode]

Cristian: Itís special because I brought you here to show you a good time through my eyes and your senses.

Dorian: I am so torn up about this assault on Adriana. But itís not going to happen again. I fired the security company and hired a new one with impeccable credentials.

Blair: You really think thatís necessary, Dorian?

Dorian: Of course itís necessary. This is my family we're talking about. And by the way, I think you and the children should stay on here. Itís the only way that you'll be safe.

Blair: Did you happen to see the paper this morning?

Dorian: No. Why? Whatís in the paper?

Blair: Nothing. I -- I didnít see it and I was wondering maybe --

Starr: You're such a liar, Mom. Thereís nothing in the newspaper? And sheís the one who determines who I can and cannot hang out with. But why shouldnít she? She just has such a great talent in judging character.

Spencer: Hey. I guess I'm a little early for the board meeting, huh?

Woman: I donít believe this, Dr. Truman. I donít think you'd ever do something like this.

Todd: No. Thatís just a trifle. Heís capable of more than that -- like getting away with murder?

David: You here to beat me with a rubber hose? I hope not because I already confessed. I'm guilty. I did it.

John: We -- we found the gun.

David: In the drain?

John: One shot was fired.

David: I know.

John: Did you reload after you fired?

David: No!

John: You give the gun to anyone else?

David: No, I told you.

John: How many shots did you fire?

David: How many times are you going to ask me the same --

John: How many shots did you fire?

David: One! One shot!

John: What'd you do with the gun after?

David: Are you trying to break me? Because you canít break someone whoís already confessed. I fired one shot. Your father went down. I didnít reload the gun. I didnít give the gun to anybody else. I dropped it and I ran.

John: Then tell me something.

David: Is it something I've already told you?

John: How did you kill my father with a blank? The gun was loaded with blanks.

Dorian: What is this all about?

Starr: Momís boyfriend tried to beat her up.

Blair: No, that is not true. Itís your daddyís paper. Heís trying to ruin Spencer. Heís printing a bunch of lies. Why donít we just leave it at that, ok?

Starr: I'm going out.

Blair: No, you've been out all day.

Starr: And you were out all night.

Blair: I want you to stay home.

Starr: Thatís where I want to go -- to the penthouse if I could.

Dorian: Oh.

Blair: Starr! Starr!

Dorian: I donít care whatís going on. That child should not be talking to you like that.

Blair: Just drop it, Dorian! Drop it.

Kelly: Good afternoon.

Dorian: Kelly? Did you read this? Do you know what that Spencer did to Blair?

Kelly: You canít believe everything you read, Dorian.

Dorian: What? Am I the only sane person in this family, the only person who isnít in denial? I am going out. When I come back, I would love it if you would pull yourself together, Kelly, and get on with your life, and you -- get therapy! Get something because violence does not belong in any relationship! Oh!

Kelly: Wow. So, is she right? Did Spencer beat you?

Spencer: What are you doing down here, Todd? You look a little peaked, you know. You want one of my nurses to check you out?

Todd: Well, that sounds nice, but, no, I'm here for the meeting.

Spencer: Well, unfortunately, itís a meeting of the hospital board of directors. The last time I checked, you werenít on it.

Todd: Well, I have some information about your shenanigans last night thatís just way too juicy not to share.

Spencer: Well, why donít you stick it in that fish-wrap of what you call a newspaper, you know? This is a hospital, man.

Todd: Oh, no. Take a deep breath, Dr. T. You're looking a little cracked around the edges.

Spencer: Really? Well, you know, the hospital board of directors --

Man: Good evening.

Spencer: They have a lot more faith in me than they do in that ridiculous ragloid that you put out every day, so --

Todd: Got their attention, didnít it?

Spencer: Ah, well, even so --

Todd: Hey.

Spencer: I'm going to go inside. I'd like to invite you in, but, you know, I canít.

David: No, I donít believe it. I donít know what you're trying to pull here, but my gun didnít have blanks in it.

Natalie: Itís true, David. I saw it.

David: Then there were real bullets mixed in with the blanks.

John: Gunís a .38, a Walther.

David: I donít even know what you just said.

John: It uses a magazine. It could be loaded with bullets or blanks, but not both.

David: Look, for the first time in my life, I am owning up to something. I shot the gun, a bullet came out, it hit your father.

John: Gunís at the lab right now. We think maybe we can get a print off of it.

David: Really? You think you can pull one of my prints off of a gun from 25 years ago?

John: No, I donít. But maybe we can get a -- a partial or a trace of a partial. Look, I donít doubt itís your gun. It ended up being right where you thought it might be.

David: Wait, if -- if thatís my gun, it means --

John: It means you didnít shoot my father. And whoever did is still out there.

Kevin: The whole familyís going through the pain of losing Duke, and what do I do? I make them feel worse by laying into them. And it -- and -- [Kevin coughs] I -- I wake up every morning and I'm angry, you know that? And I'm feeling sorry for myself because I'm alone in an empty house. I -- I just --I door I'm just so -- I'm so tired.

Clint: Kevin, let it go. Let it all go because none of that is going to bring Duke back.

Kevin: Listen, I -- I know I donít deserve this. But I would -- I would love a second chance.

Clint: You're my son. And if you're sincere, you get all the chances you need.

David: No. No, I -- I donít believe it.

John: Try to remember. Did you hear any other shots that night?

David: I heard my shot. I felt the recoil. There was gunpowder on me, for crying out loud.

Natalie: You'd feel a kick with a blank, and you'd still have G.S.R. on your hand.

John: Think back. Did the shot echo?

Natalie: How loud was it?

John: Is it -- is it possible that the shot was loud enough that the echo might've covered for another shot?

Natalie: Especially if there was someone else on the other end of the alley.

John: As you consider this, consider the possibility that you may have been followed.

Natalie: Are you sure that no one else was there?

David: No, no, yes, no, and whatís G.S.R.? You guys are trying to get into my head, arenít you? Well, stop it. I'm guilty, I confessed. John, I killed your father.

Evangeline: So whatís going on?

Cristian: Well, today is Luis Munoz Riveraís birthday.

Evangeline: Excuse me? Is he a friend of yours?

Cristian: No, actually, he led the political fight for Puerto Ricoís independence.

Evangeline: Then feliz cumpleanos, Rivera!

Cristian: Thatís right. Feliz cumpleanos, Rivera.

Evangeline: Is it all done up, you know? Is it festive around here?

Cristian: Yep.

Evangeline: Oh, God, I wish I could see it, Cris.

Cristian: Hey, I brought you here so you could feel it. And you know, Jeannie Ortega is going to be singing later.

Evangeline: Oh, my God, I love her!

Cristian: I know. Look, I know you've been a little stressed out lately, so I thought, you know, maybe a little r & r on a beautiful summer day might be good for you. Is that ok?

Evangeline: No, itís not ok. Itís perfect.

Starr: What are you two doing here?

Ricky: Oh, just chillin'.

Langston: Didnít you go home?

Starr: Yeah, I did, but my mom was being a hypocrite, and then I went over to my dadís and he wasnít home.

Langston: Want to do something fun?

Ricky: Like what?

Langston: I donít know. How about water balloons?

Starr: You know what? I'm really not in the mood. I'm kind of bummed right now. I'm going to go home. Bye.

Ricky: Wait. Come hang with us. Please?

Man: I think we're all in agreement -- anything printed in "The Sun" should be read with a jaundiced eye.


Spencer: Well, I'm glad to hear you say that. What do you say we wrap up this little business meeting of ours and get on with the business of saving lives, all right?

Man: Now you're talking.

Second man: This is just a formality. Donít worry.

Spencer: No, I'm not worried. I'm not worried. The truth will prevail.

Woman: Thanks.

Second woman: Letís call this meeting to order. The first item on the agenda is to welcome our newest board member.

Todd: Thanks. Hey.

Crowd: Jeannie! Jeannie!

Woman: Whatís up, Angel Square? I'm Carolina Bermudez. Now, I know you listen to me on the radio every morning. Thank you so much for joining us today. And I've brought along a very special guest, so put your hands together and make some noise for Jeannie Ortega!

Man: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we got something really special for y'all. Whatís her name?

Crowd: Jeannie!

Man: Ortega, letís go! Come on!


Man: Looking so sexy right now.

Jeannie: Donít get me started

Man: What?

Jeannie: Itís getting kind of crowded in here

Man: Come on!

Jeannie: Back up off me I'm feeling like I'm suffocating now, hereís my problem

Man: Huh?

Jeannie: I'm not going to be your chick on the side forget about it you know damn well it wouldnít be right

Man: Now, everybody!

Jeannie: I donít know what you've been thinking 'bout me

Man: Put your hands up!

Jeannie: Did you think this was going to be easy? Hell, no you must be going crazy

Man: Come on!

Jeannie: Why donít you get out of my life get out of my face get off of my back why donít you get back to your world go back to your girl I think you owe her

Man: Come on!

Jeannie: I know whatís going on

Man: What?

Jeannie: I wonít be second to none

Man: Damn right!

Jeannie: No back off 'cause you're crowding my space you need to get out of my face letís be honest

Man: What?

Jeannie: I'm not the type of chick you can use and if you want it if you want it you'll have to choose

Man: Come on!

Jeannie: Oh, I've been through this been cheated on I know how it feels

Man: Come on!

Jeannie: Know that you wouldnít do the same to me

Man: Everybody, come on!

Jeannie: I donít know what you've been thinking 'bout me did you think this was going to be that easy? Hell, no you must be going crazy

Woman: Come on!

Jeannie: Going crazy get out of my face get out of my sight get off of my back hey why donít you go back to your girl

Woman: Come on!

Jeannie: Go back to your crowd I think you owe her I know whatís going on

Man: What?

Jeannie: I wonít be second to none oh, no just crowding my space so get out of my face

Man: Whoo-ee!


Man: Check it out, everybody!

Jeannie: Why donít you come on get out of my face

Man: Everybody, get up!

Jeannie: Get off of my back why donít you get back to your world go back to your girl I think you're over I wonít be second to none oh, no because you're crowding my space all right, ladies and gentlemen. Let me hear you say oh! Go!

All: Oh! Go! Oh, oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Man: Puerto Rico!

All: Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Jeannie: Just crowding my space you need to get out of my face yeah!

Man: Thatís right! Jeannie Ortega!

Blair: No one beat up anybody, ok? [Blair sighs] No! Spencer, let go of me! Let go!

Spencer: Bitch!

Blair: Please stop it! Look, Kelly, I appreciate you caring, but the less you know about all of this, the better off you're going to be, ok?

Kelly: You're up to something --

Blair: No, I'm not.

Kelly: And it has to do with --

Blair: Kelly, just --

Kelly: Just save it. I know you too well. I just want you to remember that you wouldnít be in this position if he had just told you the truth about Margaret being pregnant with his child.

Blair: Why are you bringing this up now?

Kelly: Because this whole thing snowballed out of control because of his lies. If he had just come clean with you, who knows what would've happened? Maybe you would've kicked him out, but who knows?

Blair: This isnít about me and Todd, is it?

Kelly: No.

Blair: Well, what is it? What?

Kelly: I have to tell Kevin something. I have to tell him I'm pregnant with Dukeís child.

Kevin: You're right -- a drinkís not going to fix anything.

Clint: No, it wonít. Kevin, come here. I want to show you something. Our employees had this made up. I didnít think you were ready to see it until now. I thought that, you know, we could hang it up in the front lobby if thatís all right with you.

Kevin: I think -- yeah. I think thatís perfect.

Clint: Son? This is a good first step, but donít take it too fast, all right? Not too fast because we're going to take this one step at a time.

Dorian: What an unpleasant surprise.

Kevin: What do you want?

Dorian: I think the question is what do you want? May I suggest a shave.

Kevin: Dorian, I'm just trying to put my life back together, ok?

Dorian: I see. Isnít that just marvelous?

Kevin: Ahem.

Dorian: You destroy Kellyís life, you -- you foul her reputation publicly, and then you expect to just waltz back into your comfortable little life?

Kevin: My life is hardly comfortable.

Dorian: Right.

Kevin: I just lost my son.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. You know, maybe if you had been a better father, none of this would've happened. Duke wouldnít have forced Kelly into that deplorable situation. Donít you think maybe itís time that you took proper responsibility for all of this instead of just kind of congratulating yourself for showing up back at work without a bottle of booze in your hand?

John: You know, I thought you might react differently to the news that you didnít kill anyone.

David: Well, just exactly how is it you think I should be reacting, huh? Should I be happy that for the last 25 years I've been trying to act like it didnít happen? Huh. I changed my name. I pretended to be a member of somebody elseís family. I ran from the lies, I ran from the law! And I abandoned Dorian at the altar because of this, the only woman who ever gave a ratís ass about me, and I left her in shreds. And why? Apparently, for nothing, apparently for a crime that I never even committed. Are you aware that my whole life has been based on the fact that I killed someone when I was 16 years old, and now you're telling me that I didnít even do it!

John: I didnít say that. I said I didnít think you did it. We wonít know positively until we get the results back from the lab.

Natalie: And the odds of finding any trace of a fingerprint after all this time with the mud and the rainwater --

David: Oh, good, good, good. So this gets even better, is what you're saying because if you canít prove that it was my gun, then I go to jail for what? Hmm? Something I didnít do, or did I? What do we know then?

John: Even without proof, there is one person who knows whether or not your gun was loaded with blanks.

Todd: I'd like to thank all of you for allowing me to join the board. Itís a -- itís quite an honor.

Man: The honor is ours, and I speak for everybody and I believe I speak for all of Llanview when we apologize for the lack of support during the ordeal that you went through.

Todd: Yeah.

Man: You were convicted of a crime you didnít commit, and you were put to death.

Todd: Yes.

Man: And I think it is a true blessing that Dr. Truman was able to resuscitate you.

Todd: Well, you know, thatís the past, and I think itís time for me to move on. And I feel like serving the community on this distinguished board is a good place to start.

Man: We'd like to thank you for your extremely generous contribution towards the new I.C.U. wing.

Todd: Yeah.

Man: Itís greatly appreciated.

Todd: Well --

Woman: Thank you.

Todd: No problem. I really just want to give back to -- to all the people in the hospital who worked so tirelessly and -- and selflessly to save my life, and I -- I would like nothing more than to be able to pay Truman back for -- for everything he did to me.

Man: Which brings us to our second order of business. It has come to the boardís attention that Dr. Truman has been involved in a domestic altercation while intoxicated.

Spencer: Mr. Chairman, if I may --

Chairman: Please.

Spencer: Thank you, sir. First of all, I would just like to say that the -- the photograph that graced the cover of Mr. Manningís newspaper, if you will, was taken in the privacy of my own home without my permission, and I must say that thatís an extreme invasion of privacy and a violation of the law. Secondly, in regards to the disturbances -- well, I was simply having a nice, relaxing evening at home with my very special lady friend. I got up to turn down the television, which I confess was turned up a little bit too loud and knocked over a chair and the gentleman in the room next door to me, he simply jumped to conclusions. I was neither drunk nor violent.

Chairman: Thank you, Doctor. I believe we can move on.

Todd: Oh, well, if you'll beg my pardon, Mr. Chairman, I have something to say about this matter.

Dorian: I am so sick and tired of these so-called men destroying the lives of the women in my family and then just waltzing back into their own despicable little lives without missing a beat.

Kevin: You're right, Dorian. I -- I screwed up. And a lot of the mistakes that I made are inexcusable. But I've hardly strolled back into my life. Ok? I -- I think I'm paying a pretty huge price here, and I am really just trying to hang on. And I'm sorry if I have caused you any pain. I truly am.

Dorian: Bravo. You almost had me.

Kevin: What -- what -- what are you talking about?

Dorian: Your pathetic mea culpa.

Evangeline: What is it?

Cristian: Itís a flor de maga.

Evangeline: Is it my color?

Cristian: Whatís your color?

Evangeline: Yellow.

Cristian: Yep. Itís a yellow flor de maga. And you've never looked more gorgeous.

Evangeline: Ok, Cris. You can stop trying to win me over now. You win. You win.

Cristian: Come on, I would never lie to you. Well, maybe just about the color of the flower. You got to believe me when I tell you, you look absolutely stunning right now. I'm going to go grab some food. Will you be ok if I leave you here for a minute?

Evangeline: What kind of trouble could I possibly get into?

Cristian: Donít go anywhere.

Evangeline: I'll be back.

Starr: Evangeline?

Evangeline: Starr? Hey. Did your dad bring you?

Starr: Um -- no. I'm alone. Very alone.

Evangeline: Are you ok?

Starr: Life is a joke. My lifeís a joke. I just wish that my mom could see my dad the way you do. I didnít mean, like, see literally. I'm really sorry --

Evangeline: Starr -- Starr -- look, your mom -- I believe that in spite of everything, she does, ok?

Starr: Thanks for listening.

Evangeline: Thatís what I do best -- listen. [Phone rings] Hello? Yes. Oh, my God, that is -- thatís wonderful. Uh -- how much is substantial? Ok. Ok -- um -- yeah, I'd love to come in to your office, you know, to talk about it in person. Would tomorrow morning be ok? Perfect. I'll be there. Thank you. Cris --

Cristian: What? Did you win the lottery or something?

Evangeline: Better. They may have found a way to give me my sight back.

Todd: Dr. Truman, I owe you my life. I owe you so much that I will probably spend the rest of my life -- or yours -- trying to repay you for what you've done for me. Uh -- itís very hard for me. But as a member of this board, I donít think this issue is something we can simply sweep under the rug. As you know, I'm a businessman. And unfortunately, perhaps, this hospital must be run as a business. Because the bottom line is, if we lose the publicís trust one more time, we lose their revenue.

Chairman: Why donít we put it to a vote? Dr. Truman, would you mind stepping outside?

Spencer: Hmm? Oh, no, certainly, Mr. Chairman. Excuse me. Ahem.

John: Besides whoever gave you the gun, who you apparently donít remember or wonít disclose, there was a witness there that night.

Natalie: We went to see George.

David: Oh, good, you talked to George? Who the hell is George?

John: He saw you with the gun.

David: Would he recognize the gun?

John: I donít know.

David: John, start knowing. We're talking about my life here.

John: I'm not here to save you. Itís my job to figure out what happened that night.

David: For the first time in my life, I'm owning up to something that I did. And you're telling me that all the good in my life can be taken away for something I didnít do, a mistake I never made.

John: Donít get carried away with yourself. You had every intention of killing my father.

David: But I didnít.

John: And for that, you should thank god. Take it as a sign. Stop wasting your life and do something right. And while you're down there thanking him, pray that we find this George.

Natalie: This isnít over.

David: Well, you bet your sweet ass it isnít, sister.

Dorian: You are nothing but a deceitful, slithering drunk! And all the pain and anguish that you caused, that you're now wallowing in, I hope you drown in it!

Clint: Dorian!

Blair: What?

Kelly: I took the test. Itís positive. I'm pregnant. Kevin canít have children, so that leaves Duke. I mean, what is this going to do to him?

Blair: Well, letís talk about you here. My God, Kelly, this is the baby you always wanted.

Kelly: This isnít exactly what I wanted. Itís going to be a living, breathing reminder of the worst night of my life!

Blair: No, wait a minute. Itís -- itís -- this babyís not your past, itís your future.

Kelly: You really think Kevinís going to see it like that?

Blair: You just told me that things would have been different if Todd had been truthful about Margaret being pregnant. That baby is innocent. Now, Kevinís going to see it that way, sweetie.

Kelly: I donít know, Blair. I just donít know.

Dorian: Clint -- I'm sorry. I know my words sounded very harsh, but I am so upset about Kelly. She hasnít been sleeping or eating. You saw her last night at The Palace. She passed out.

Kevin: Is she sick?

Dorian: Oh, stop pretending you care about anybody but yourself.

Clint: All right, enough.

Kevin: I should go.

Clint: No, Kevin, Dorian is the one that should be going.

Kevin: Itís ok, dad. Thanks.

Dorian: Clint, everybody knows that my relationship with Kevin has always been strained. So, canít we just forget about it?

Clint: Thatís the dumbest thing I've ever heard anybody say.

Spencer: Thank you. Well, that didnít seem to take too long.

Chairman: Dr. Truman, you are a highly valued member of our staff, and we are honored to have a surgeon of your caliber here. That being said, this problem has to be dealt with. We're placing you on probation. The hospital will issue a press release saying that you have been properly warned and reprimanded. I hope you understand. Meeting adjourned.

Todd: Oh, thanks. Thanks.

Spencer: This isnít over, Manning.

Todd: No, no, not by a long shot.

Cristian: Where? Who? Whoís giving --

Evangeline: Ok, ok -- my ophthalmologist found a surgeon in Switzerland thatís developed a new procedure to repair lacerated eyes. So I might be able to get at least some of my vision back. I'm going to go talk to my doctor about it in the morning, but he sounded hopeful.

Cristian: I'm so happy for you. What was "substantial"?

Evangeline: Um -- well, I canít remember everything he said.

Cristian: Evangeline --

Evangeline: Cris, itís expensive, and my insurance doesnít cover it.

Cristian: Can you afford it?

Evangeline: Well, the fee for representing Todd was sizable, but even with insurance, my medical expenses took most of it. But if clear Bo, all my clients are going to come running back to me.

Cristian: But that could take months.

Evangeline: Itís ok. Itís ok because I have hope now, you know? There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I am going to see it.

Cristian: Here. I'm going to leave this right here. I'll be right back.

Evangeline: Where are you going?

Cristian: Uh -- margaritas. I got to get margaritas, right? Celebration?

Evangeline: Ok.

Cristian: Donít go anywhere.

Evangeline: Ok, hurry back. Layla, hey. God, I wish you were here to get this message, but I have the most amazing news. I might actually be a candidate for that procedure that I told you about to repair my eyes. All I have to do is come up with the money. Now, you promised you are not telling mom, because I donít want her mortgaging her house. But I'm going to be able to see again.

Cristian: Hey, Vincent, whatís up? This is Cris. Listen, I need you to nail down that title fight for me, soon. I need the money.

Natalie: Would you care to share with the class?

John: I tell you, itís like dominos, this life, isnít it? My old man was the first to fall. And my mom was never quite the same after. Just drifting through life with no real home. I became so detached I risked my brotherís life in a hostage situation. You -- you ended up putting it all on the line to find out what happened. Bo and Paige -- they were ripped apart by the truth.

Natalie: And now you canít see the last domino?

John: I thought we found it, but it --

Natalie: It doesnít feel right.

John: Somehow, it never felt right. No, I -- and now, itís -- itís like I canít see it, but I can -- I can feel it. I -- I think we're close.

Natalie: You need to hold on to that, John. With both hands. Donít let it go.

Dorian: Clint, you're not going to let whatís going on between us be affected by whatís going on between me and Kevin?

Clint: You canít hear yourself? Heís my son. Get out!

Dorian: Get out? You're going to order me out over something so silly?

Clint: The mere fact that you think itís silly proves that whatever it is we had was a mistake!

Dorian: Yes, you're right. It was a mistake, a great big mistake that I made about you. Because way down deep, you are nothing but a Buchanan!

Blair: Look, I know that this is very, very difficult, but you need to think about l the good. I mean, you're going to be a mommy.

Kelly: And I should forget about telling Kevin that I'm having his sonís child?

Blair: Yeah. Absolutely. You should. Think about you for a minute. Go away. Do something good for you. Concentrate on that little baby, ok? Donít think about Duke. And until you're ready to embrace the good and the happy, donít think about Kevin, ok?

Kelly: Kevin?†

Man: Cristian?

Cristian: Hey, whatís up, doc?

Doctor: I'm glad I ran into you. You never came in for your follow up.

Cristian: Yeah, I've been kind of busy.

Doctor: The x-rays for your hand came in, and itís not good. You're not fighting again, are you?

Cristian: Well, no. No, not yet.

Doctor: Look, before you go hitting anything, come talk to me.

Cristian: Ok. Yeah.

Natalie: I sense that you're getting close, too. Listen, I'd better get out of here before George gets here.

John: Well, how'd you know I was meeting him?

Natalie: Itís kind of scary, but I'm starting to think like you, Mc Bain.

John: That is scary.

Natalie: With all my heart, I know you're going to find the perp who killed your father.

David: Guard! Bruno, I got to make a phone call! I got to call my brother! Blanks. The gun was loaded with blanks.

Spencer: You realize this ridiculous little plan of yours is going to blow up right in your face, Manning? You do know that, right?

Todd: Do you have any idea what my plans are?

Spencer: Itís a minor battle, Todd.

Todd: Listen, buddy, I'm going to make sure everyone in this town knows what kind of sick, twisted son of a bitch you are. Including Blair.

Blair: Kevin, why donít you come in. Kelly, I'll be right outside if you need me, ok? Come on. Hey, John, itís Blair. Call me as soon as you can. Itís about Spencer.

Spencer: Everybody in this town knows you to be the sick, twisted one. And now I'm going to go straight home and make love to your ex-wife.

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David: I didnít kill anybody. But you knew that, didnít you?

Blair: I need to dig up some stuff on Spencer and I canít do it without your help.

Todd: What are you doing here by yourself?

Cristian: Sheís not by herself, sheís with me.

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