OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/14/05

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/14/05


By Boo
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Officer: The wind is blowing in from the northeast, so that's the way it would float.

Second officer: We'll start from that end.

Rex: What are they doing, dragging the bottom?

John: Yeah.

Rex: What are they looking for?  Or should I ask who are they looking for? Natalie?

Kelly: Any word on Natalie?

Kevin: No.

Kelly: How's your mom?

Kevin: Resting.

Kelly: How is she holding up during all this?

Kevin: Well, her blood pressure went up, and Paige came by and told her to stay in bed.

Kelly: I can imagine what she's going through.  You can't describe what a mother feels like when she thinks her child is missing or hurt.  Let her know, if there's anything I can do --

Kevin: I was going to have some breakfast.  You wouldn't want to join me?

Kelly: I can't.  I already have plans.  I'm meeting Spencer at the hospital.

Dorian: You're meeting Spencer?  How splendid.

Kevin: Ah, Dorian.

Kelly: We need to talk.  I don't want you making too much out of this.

Dorian: Honey, time is of the essence, and if you keep wasting your time with Kevin Buchanan, you just might lose your chance with Spencer.

Blair: Hey there, good doctor.

Spencer: Well, if I'd known they were serving breakfast in the park, I would've worn something a little more appropriate.

Blair: Well, here you go.  I haven't finished my doughnut.

Spencer: No, no, no, don't tempt me with that, please.  Not in the middle of a run, ok?  How you doing, buddy?

Jack: Great.

Spencer: Oh, yeah, look at that.  That's healing up really nicely.  Very good.

Blair: You know, I can't thank you enough for what you did for Jack.

Spencer: It's all right.  That's why I became a doctor, isn't it?  It's your lucky day.  I usually don't make park calls.

Starr: So, how many miles have you run?

Spencer: I don't know.  I usually don't keep track.

Blair: Ah.

Starr: Well, what if you go too far?

Spencer: You know, sometimes I do have a habit of going too far.  So where's Todd this morning?  Is he working?

Blair: No, actually, he's out of town.

Spencer: Really?  Well, if I were Todd, I don't think I could leave you alone for a second.

Tess: What can I say?  When you got it, flaunt it.

Nash: Boy, you've got it.

Tess: What have I got?

Nash: This.

[Laughter and cheers]

Tess: I hate you!

Nash: Oh, yeah?  You're going to hate me even more in a minute.

Tess: You.

Nash: I don't know how you like it.  Figured by the looks, you don't eat the sugar-free stuff.

Tess: Is this your apartment?

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: Did you take me here right after the party and -- and take my clothes off?

Nash: Uh-huh.

Tess: Well, I don't remember.

Nash: Yeah, you were out cold.

Tess: I don't like people taking me places I don't want to go.  I don't like people taking my clothes off when I'm passed out.  When I decide to have sex with somebody, it's on my terms.  I decide when, I decide where, and especially who!

Nash: What is your point?

Tess: Did you rape me?

Dorian: It's obvious Spencer has a deep appreciation of beautiful women.  I've seen the way he looks at you, and last night he was really appreciating your cousin Blair.

Kelly: What are you talking about?

Dorian: The French call it a coup de foudre.  I mean, it was as if a lightning bolt struck him the moment she walked in the room.

Kelly: Just so I'm clear, who exactly are you rooting for?

Dorian: As much as I would love to see Blair give Todd the boot, you and Spencer already have a relationship.

Kelly: No, no, we've been on a couple of dates.  That's not a relationship.

Dorian: Are you saying you're not interested?

Kelly: Of course I'm interested.  But, please, Dorian, it's early.  Leave this alone.

Dorian: I just would hate to see you ruin things with Spencer by repeating mistakes from the past.

Kelly: Well, just keep it to yourself, please.  And that goes double for Adriana.

Dorian: My, you're being very feisty today.

Kelly: I am nothing compared to her.  She is her mother's daughter, and I guarantee you that if you try to break up Duke and Adriana, you will end up pushing her away.  Trust me.

Adriana: All right.  Let's get it over with.

Dorian: Good morning to you, too.  Get what over with, darling?

Adriana: You ripping into me about Duke.

Kevin: Well, did you look through all the files?  I mean, you can't just start losing reports all over the place. Ok.  Listen, just try to push my 3:00 to next week, all right?

Duke: Would that happen to be the report you're looking for?

Kevin: Thank God for you.

[Duke laughs]

Kevin: I'm serious.  Listen, you can take a day off, you know.  You're putting in a lot of hours.

Duke: Well, there's a lot to do.

Kevin: Ah.  I can't tell you how happy I am you're back.

Duke: Not as glad as I am to be back.  So, what's the latest on Natalie?

Kevin: They haven't found her yet.  And, you know, I'm afraid that the longer she's gone, the less likely Mc Bain is going to find her alive.

Rex: So you're going to waste everybody's time when you could be out finding Natalie, huh?  She's not dead, Mc Bain.  She's not at the bottom of some stupid quarry.

John: Just butt out.

Rex: Hey, Natalie's my sister!

John: Well, maybe you should've thought of that before you started wasting everybody's time with fake rescue schemes.

Rex: Whoa.  I was trying to do something for the both of you.

John: If it hadn't been for you, I would've been there when he came after Evangeline.  I could've caught him, could've brought an end to all of this, but you had me following phony leads to rescue Natalie.

Rex: I screwed up.  Fine.  Ok, blast me all you want, but I was trying to help.

John: I don't need your help.

Rex: You needed it in the Cramer case.

John: That was Bo.  He let you in for his reasons.

Rex: I helped solve it, didn't I?

John: And obviously it went straight to your head.  You put Natalie in direct danger by faking her kidnapping.  Anything happens to your sister, her blood is on your hands.

Rex: Hey.

Spencer: Don't get any in your eyes now.  There we go.

Blair: Whoo!  Get 'em, Jack.

Spencer: What I mean to say is if I were Todd, I don't think I could leave a beautiful woman like you at home.  That's what I'm saying.

Blair: Well, that's very sweet of you to say, but you don't know Todd.  He calls me every hour on the hour, and he is coming back soon.

Spencer: Well, sounds like you have the perfect relationship.

Blair: We've had our share of disagreements.

Starr: Mom, like World War II was a disagreement.

Blair: Starr.  We love each other.  He is -- he's the perfect man for me.

Spencer: I see.

Blair: So let me ask you a personal question.

Spencer: Go ahead.

Blair: Do you plan to keep on seeing Kelly?

Spencer: Yeah, sure.  Why shouldn't I?

Blair: Well, I don't know if you're aware of all the trouble she's had in the past year, with the baby --

Spencer: Yeah, I'm aware of all the trouble that she's had, and I wouldn't hurt Kelly for the world.

Kelly: Hi.  Could you please tell Dr. Spencer Truman that Kelly Cramer is here to see him?

Nurse: I'm sorry, Dr. Truman's not in yet.

Kelly: Do you know when he'll be in?

Nurse: He just said he was going to be late.

Kevin: I'm going to check and see if Bo has an update on Natalie, all right?

Adriana: So then Duke made this flash-bang thing out of a mousetrap, a bullet, and my bra, and tied it to the door so that when the bad guys came in it would blow up, but that didn't work.  So then we got the drop on them and we tied them up.

Duke: You having a nice chat?

Kelly: She is her mother's daughter, and I guarantee you that if you try to break up Duke and Adriana, you will end up pushing her away.  Trust me.

Adriana: It was so amazing.

Duke: You know, I'm not taking all the credit for it.  You were right there with me.

Adriana: Say whatever you want, mom, but this guy is my hero.

Duke: It was teamwork that got us out of there.

Adriana: So?  Mom, what are you thinking?

Dorian: It sounds like the two of you had a marvelous adventure.

John: That make you feel better, tough guy?

Rex: No.

John: So why'd you do it?

Rex: Because of what you said about Natalie.

John: Well, then I shouldn't have said it.  Now what?

Rex: Look, sometimes I do stupid things, ok, but I'm not a stupid guy.  I shouldn't have done that.  I'm sorry.

John: So, what do you want me to do now, knock you out or lock you up?

Rex: Neither.  I want you to give me a break.

John: Yeah?  Give me a reason.

Rex: Look, when I was growing up, I didn't have some dad hanging around showing me how to throw a ball or how to be a man, ok?  I had to figure it out for myself.  And sometimes I screwed up.  I still do, but I try and learn from my mistakes.

John: Yeah, well, there's plenty of those.

Rex: Hey, there's no argument here.  But Natalie's my sister, and for some stupid reason, she's in love with you, ok?  She wants you, and I try to help her get what she wants.

John: Yeah, but throwing punches ain't helping anybody right now.

Rex: You're right.  But I think we both agree that we need to find her, and that's all that matters.

John: Natalie's all that matters.  When we find her, you better thank her for this  Anybody else's brother wouldn't have gotten a break.

Tess: You had sex with me when I was passed out, didn't you?  You sick --

Nash: Calm down.

Tess: Calm down?  You rape me and then you tell me to calm down?  Not only do I think that you're twisted --

Nash: Shut up and listen.  You think I need to drug a girl to have sex with her?

Tess: I don't know.  Do you?

Nash: Well, the correct answer would be no, but I think you already know that.

Tess: Oh, and that's just because you're so handsome and irresistible, isn't it?

Nash: You were roofied, yes, but not by me.  I saw someone putting something into your drink, and because I'm not twisted, I brought you back here so you could sleep it off.

Tess: So who drugged me, then?

Nash: The host of that fantastic party didn't want to leave.  He's a real nice guy, by the way.

Tess: Well, I thought you were rich.

Nash: I never said that.

Tess: Well, the car you were driving sure as hell did.

Nash: Yep, I borrowed it from a friend, a friend who wasn't too happy when I didn't return it on time, by the way.

Tess: He'll get over it.

Nash: You just don't care about anyone but yourself, do you?  You see something you want, you just grab it -- wallets, cars.

Tess: What can I tell you?  I'm a magnet for the things that I need.

Nash: Well, I just hope you don't think you're a magnet for crashing.

Tess: This dump?  Please.  I wouldn't stay here if I was conscious.

Nash: Serves my needs.

Tess: Well, if you water it, it just might grow.

Nash: I guess I'm just willing to sacrifice for now till I get to where I want to go.

Tess: Which is?

Nash: Nowhere I'd want to share with you.

Tess: Oh, come on.  I spent the night here.  You have seen me naked.

Nash: Your clothes were wet.  I took them off.  I put you in a robe.

Tess: And you didn't peek?

Nash: It was dark.

Tess: Hmm.

Nash: Hmm.

Tess: You didn't want to peek, huh?  There must be something wrong with you.

Nash: I didn't say I didn't want to.  I said I didn't.

Tess: Oh, so you must be one of those chivalrous guys, huh?

Nash: Yeah, whatever.  Look, you're looking for some guy with some flashy convertible.  I'm not him, so --

Tess: So, what are you looking for?

Nash: Success.

Tess: Money?

Nash: Success.  You wouldn't know what I'm talking about.

Tess: Well, I got to go.  Things to do today.  And where are my clothes?

Nash: Some are in the bathroom, some are over there.  Where you got to go?

Tess: A ton of places.  I'm very busy and important.

Nash: Yeah, you're lying.

Duke: I'm sorry.  Did you say "marvelous adventure"?

Dorian: Yes.  In spite of everything that happened, it seems as though you two had a -- a great time in South America.

Adriana: You're not going to yell at us for getting into a dangerous situation?

Dorian: I can't pretend that I'm thrilled.  No, not at all, Duke.  But you seem fine. You look fi-- no, I'm lying.  You look beautiful as always.  Now if you two will excuse me, I have some things I need to attend to.

Duke: What was that?

Adriana: That was bizarre.

Duke: Yeah.

Adriana: I was ready for this huge battle, and now I have all this stressed-out energy built up.

Duke: Hmm. Well, let's see if I can do something to relieve a little of that pressure.  That help?

Adriana: A little.

Duke: Well, I don't want to, you know, relieve it all at once.  I'd like to save a little for later.

Adriana: Well, maybe I'll have to build some more up.

Duke: Ooh.  Then I'll just have to take care of that, too.  Well, I better go.  I'll pick you up after work?

Adriana: No, pick me up at the quarry. I'm going to go relax a little bit.

Duke: Ok, bye.  See you later.

Adriana: Bye.

Blair: So I'm going to teach you how to play this, big Jack.  Here's the spinner.  You want to be the spinner?

Jack: Yeah.

Blair: Excellent.  Start over here, everybody.

Starr: Um -- mom?

Blair: Hmm?

Starr: When is dad coming home?

Blair: I don't know, sweetheart.  Soon, I hope.

Jack: Three.

Blair: Three?

Jack: Uh -- yeah.

Rex: Jen?

Adriana: Rex?

Kevin: Dorian.  I know what you're up to, trying to push Kelly and Spencer together.

Dorian: How astute.  I just want Kelly to be happy.

Kevin: So do I.

Dorian: Then why don't you leave well enough alone?

Kevin: Because I don't think Dr. Truman can make her happy.

Dorian: And you can?

Kevin: Well, that's between me and Kelly, isn't it?

Kelly: Hey.

John: Oh, hey.  How are you?

Kelly: Oh, that looks awful.

John: Yeah, I got to admit, it doesn't feel too good either.

Kelly: Are you ok?

John: Yeah, if they get the bleeding stopped and re-bandage it, yeah.

Kelly: I hope you find Natalie soon.

John: Thank you.  I'll -- I'll see you around.

Doctor: Dr. Truman?  I have a patient who's suffering from a severe case of gastrointestinal infection.

Second doctor: Can I get your opinion on --

Third doctor: Have you had any success on the Prion vaccine you've been working on?

Spencer: One question at a time.  As far as the vaccine is concerned, I'm not there yet, but I am tenacious if nothing else.  Usually when something evades me like that, I just become all the more fascinated and addicted to the challenge, even to the point of obsession.  And in the end, I always get what I want.

Tess: Where do you get off calling me a liar?  I have a very busy life, and I have lots of important things to do.

Nash: Yeah, so busy you got to crash a party.

Tess: I do have a very full life.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Tess: But if you haven't noticed, I like to get a little crazy sometimes.

Nash: Why did you take my wallet?

Tess: Oh, come on.  Did you get it back?  Yes, you did.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Tess: Haven't you ever done something spontaneously, something spur-of-the-moment?  Yeah, I could tell by your furniture the answer to that is no.  I'm going to go and get changed.

Nash: Wait.  What's your name?

Tess: Why do you want to know?

Nash: Well, because after everything we've been through, I'd say it's the least you could give me.

Tess: It's Tess.

Nash: Tess.

Tess: Damn.

Adriana: What are you doing?

Rex: I'm sorry.  I -- I must've been dreaming.

Adriana: I heard you say "Jen."

Rex: Yeah, I was just resting, thinking -- eyes.

Adriana: Right.  Well, given the circumstances, I mean it's not such a bad thing that you did -- I mean, kissing me, you know.

Rex: Oh, thanks for forgiving me.  You just did, didn't you?

Adriana: Yeah.

Rex: Thanks, again.  Maybe you'd better go back home.

Adriana: Why?

Rex: You've got air conditioning, a big, clean pool, no mosquitos buzzing around.

Adriana: Well, I just don't want to be there right now.

Rex: Why is that?

Adriana: Because.

Rex: Oh.  Well, that clears it up.  "Because."

Adriana: What happened to your hand?

Rex: Just a brush with the law.

Adriana: Doing something you shouldn't have been doing?

Rex: Now, why does everyone naturally assume that I've done something wrong?  Ok, that's not a good question.  I'm not all bad, you know.

Adriana: I know.  So, what were you doing when you were being so good?

Rex: Oh, well, Mc Bain and I had an argument about Natalie.  See, I want to help find her, and no one else seems to believe me.  Why am I telling you this?  You have no idea what it's like to be on the outside looking in.

Adriana: You couldn't be more wrong.

John: Mrs. Davidson?

Viki: John, please come in.

John: I'm sorry for just dropping in like this, but I was in the area and I thought I'd see how you were doing.

Viki: Oh.  Well, that's very, very kind of you, thank you.  I apologize for being dressed like this.  I was told I had to stay in bed.  Do you -- do you have any news at all about Natalie?

John: I wish I did, but I haven't heard anything yet.

Viki: Oh.  Oh, dear.  So, when was the last time you slept?

John: Oh, I got a few hours last night.

Viki: You don't look like it.  You really need to rest.

John: I need to find her.  And you -- you need to try and stay calm.

Viki: No, I need my daughters.  I'm sorry.  Please, sit down.

John: Thank you.  I don't really know what's going on with Jessica, but I'm sure she's ok.

Viki: Oh, I think so, too, yes.  I -- I just wish she were here, you know?

John: I know.

Viki: I mean, all my problems seem to be coming from just stress, you know, not knowing where Natalie is or what's happened to her, if she's all right, you know?

John: I know it's not much consolation, but we are doing everything we can.

Viki: Oh, no, I know you are.  That's not what I meant, you know.  And I know that you always looked after Natalie, you know, in spite of everything.

John: I let her down.

Viki: No, you didn't.  No, you did not.  No one holds you responsible except yourself.  And you really have to get over that, ok?  There's just a madman out there.  It's not your fault.  What is it?

John: It's nothing, Mrs. Davidson.  For one of the few times in my life, I feel completely helpless.

Viki: Don't do this, please.  Don't do this to yourself.  I -- I know how frustrating this must be for you.  It certainly is for me.  But you are doing everything you possibly can to find her, and I believe that you will find her.  But you mustn't do this to yourself, ok?  You cannot beat yourself up over something that you have no control over.

John: Your daughter's missing and you're worried about me?

Viki: John -- look, I know how Natalie feels about you, ok, and I know what natalie would say to you -- that she would tell you to have faith and to keep hoping and never, ever to give up on yourself.

John: I'm not really sure about any of that. But I know one thing -- I won't stop until I find her.

John: I should let you get some rest.

Viki: How's evangeline doing?

John: Well, she's ok, considering everything.

Viki: I can't even imagine the turmoil that you must have gone through -- having to choose, you know, who to save first, Natalie or Evangeline, and what that choice has cost you.  But you really cannot blame yourself for what happened. You did the only thing you could do.

John: If I hear anything about Natalie, you'll be the first call I make.  Get well, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: Thank you.  You, too.  Thank you.

Spencer: Listen, I really appreciate everyone's questions and concerns, but I've really got to get back to work, so if you'll excuse me.  So sorry to keep you waiting.

Kelly: Well, you seem to have quite a following.  I like watching you in action.  It was almost like you were giving a press conference -- everyone throwing questions at you, giving answers.  It's pretty amazing how you could listen to each and every person when everyone's talking at once.

Doctor: "Addicted to the challenge"?

Kelly: So is that how it is always around here?  You know --

Doctor: He'll never find a vaccine.

Kelly: You being mobbed like a celebrity --

Spencer: No, no, no celebrity.  No, no, just a doctor.  Listen, I'm sorry, there's one more thing I have to take care of.  Can you wait in my office?  It'll just take a minute.

Kelly: Sure.

Spencer: Thanks.

Spencer: Like your lab coat.  The reason that I like your lab coat is because it says so much about you.  It says you're a doctor.  What it doesn't say is whether you're a very good doctor or a very bad doctor.  It just says you were able to get through med school.

Doctor: Excuse me?

Spencer: Now, Dr. Conroy, if you have any derogatory comments to make about me, I strongly suggest you make them to my face.

Dorian: Oh!

Blair: Hi.

Dorian: Hello, darlings!

Starr: Hi, aunt Dorian.

Jack: Aunt Dorian!

Dorian: Oh, Jack, you get bigger every day!

Blair: Hello, Dorian.

Dorian: Hello, sweetheart.  So good to see you getting the fresh air.

Blair: It was a beautiful day.  We couldn't help ourselves.

Dorian: Yes.  And speaking of beautiful, you looked absolutely gorgeous last night.

Blair: Why, thank you.  You never give me a compliment.

Dorian: I give you compliments all the time.

Blair: No, you don't.

Dorian: I wasn't the only one who noticed how beautiful you looked.  No, no, no, no, everybody did, especially Dr. Spencer Truman.

Blair: Huh.  He was just here.

Dorian: Really?  What did he have to say for himself?

Blair: Actually, some very nice things about me.  He was saying if I was his gal, he wouldn't let me out of his sight.  Uh-huh.

Dorian: Oh, isn't that sweet.

Blair: What's that look?  What are you up to?

Dorian: Me?

Blair: Yeah!

Dorian: I'm not up to anything.  Not yet.  Oh -- Jack --

Blair: Dorian.

Rex: Now, how could the princess of La Boulaie understand what I'm going through?

Adriana: Try me.

Rex: Well, I practically handed Colson over to the P.D. after he killed Jen.  And I did everything Bo asked me to do.  I kept my mouth shut, I didn't get into any trouble.  And now I'm being completely dissed by this jerkweed Mc Bain, and --

Adriana: Because Bo's niece is missing, and you don't rate.  Is that it?

Rex: You know, I don't expect to be welcomed into the family with open arms.  But in my heart, Natalie's my sister.  But I guess since I'm not blood kin, I'm not good enough for the almighty Buchanans.

Adriana: That's where we're alike.  I mean, Dorian and I are blood kin, but I don't know her.  I mean, not the way I would if I had been raised by her.  And I really want that closeness.

Rex: But you don't think you'll ever have it?

Adriana: No.  I won't ever have it.  And I try to forgive her, I try to understand why --

Rex: But part of you wants to stay mad at her forever.

Adriana: Yeah.

Rex: Yeah, I get it.  You know, I guess I should be grateful that I wasn't raised by Roxy, but I --

Adriana: I know.

Rex: Ok, you win.

Adriana: What do I win?

Rex: Maybe you do understand what I'm going through.

Nash: All right, what price have you got on Hercules Galliant?  Yeah, well, it's a good one.  Ah.  All right.  Uh -- give me 150 shares.  Yeah.  All right, thanks.  Bye.

Tess: One step closer to your dream?

Nash: Could be.

Tess: Listen, thanks for helping me out last night.

Nash: Right.

Tess: And I don't have any cash on me, but I can go down to the A.T.M. and --

Nash: You don't have any money.  And if you did, I wouldn't take it.

Tess: What makes you think I don't have any money?

Nash: Because you're a thief, and a bad one.

Tess: I'm not a thief by trade.  It's more of a sport.  And I will pay you back.

Nash: Hey, why don't you just pull it out of your offshore account, huh?

Tess: I will pay you back.

Nash: You want to pay me back, never steal my car or lift my wallet again.

Tess: Right.  Well, I'm usually a pretty tough negotiator.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Tess: But I guess you have a deal.

Tess: See you.

Nash: Pay me back.  Tess, huh?

Nash: Oh, damn it.

Tess: I need wheels and I need a meal.  That's your fault, Jessica.  I tried to make a deal, you know, I tried to share with you.  It would've worked out great.  But, no, no, you had to lock me up.  Or maybe it didn't occur to you that St. Ann's wasn't my first choice for a resort, or at least a mental institution.  I'm not happy about this, Jessica.

Nash: Who are you talking to?

Tess: No one.

Nash: Definitely talking.

Tess: I was just talking to myself.

Nash: People have been institutionalized for less than that.

Tess: Hmm, really?  It's just a habit.  I guess I've never really had anybody interesting to talk to.

Nash: Well, now you do.  Your glasses.

Tess: Thank you.

Nash: Sure.

Nash: So, tell me about yourself.  Come on, where are you from?  You got any family?  Who is Jessica?

Rex: Well, I'd better get going.

Adriana: To search for Natalie?

Rex: Yeah.  Listen, I'm sorry again for, you know, the kiss.

Adriana: I know.

Duke: Hey, there you are.

Rex: Listen, I would really appreciate it if you didn't say anything to the -- you know, to duke about -- the Buchananís get kind of nasty when it comes to their women.

Adriana: Hey, I'm nobody's woman.

Rex: No, I didn't mean it that way, really.  It's just that I've already had somebody take a poke at me today, and I'm trying to cut back.

Adriana: Ok.  Well, I know you were dreaming of Jen, so I'll just keep it between us.

Rex: Yeah.

Duke: So, what are you two doing?

Rex: Oh, I was dreaming.  She was thinking.

Duke: Oh.  Are you ready to go?

Adriana: Yeah.  Good luck, Rex.  I really hope you find Natalie.

Duke: Yeah, me, too, Rex.

Rex: Thanks.

Duke: Come on.

Spencer: I have worked very, very hard to earn my reputation, and I don't need another doctor -- and I do use the term loosely -- trying to tarnish it.  Therefore, I suggest you scurry off and take up residency at another hospital while you still have a license to practice medicine.  And I'm deadly serious.

Spencer: Oh, hey, Kevin.  Any word on your sisters?

Kevin: Not yet, but the police are on it. 

>> On the next "one life to live" --

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Nash: Who actually cares about you enough to come and get you?

Antonio: I need you to do me another favor. It's for Viki Davidson. Her daughter -- I need you to find her.

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