OLTL Transcript Monday 7/11/05

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/11/05


By Boo
Proofread by Brandi

Asa: Ho-oh-oh, old Nigel was right.  Hell did freeze over.  What are you doing here?

Blair: I'm here to remind you that I'm the only reason you're not in a cell next to Carlo Hesser.  We had a deal -- I keep my mouth shut about you kidnapping me, and you get rid of Margaret for me.  So I'm here to see what you've done on your end of the deal, or should I call Bo and have him lock you up?

Duke: The stock's definitely rebounded now that Asa's not facing criminal charges.

Kevin: You mean we actually got a break for once?

Duke: Yeah, a small one.

Duke: They're going to find Natalie, dad.

Kevin: Oh, I'm sorry.  I'm not much help today.

Duke: Maybe you need to talk it out, you know, with someone who can help you get some perspective on things.

Kevin: And that's you?

Duke: No, that's Kelly.

Kevin: Yeah.  Well, that may no longer be an option.

Kelly: Well, corner table.  How intimate.

Spencer: That doesn't change the fact that you had to scuttle our dinner plans in order for me to attend what was sure to be a tedious board meeting.

Kelly: That's all right, this is delightful.  Thank you.  So I'm surprised to see you in Llanview.  I thought you were only going to be here for a short time.

Spencer: Things changed.

Kelly: What things?

Spencer: I met you.

Evangeline: Antonio, it's Evangeline.  I just came across a case file that will help our case for Jamie, and I want to run it by you and see what you think.  So call me, I'm at the office, and I'll be here till 8:00, ok?  You miss a few days, it's hard to get back in the swing of things.

Michael: Yeah, well, you know, getting kidnapped by a psycho will do that to you.

Evangeline: I stopped shaking an hour ago.  But I'm managing.

Michael: Yeah, well, it looks like you're throwing yourself into work.

Evangeline: That's how I manage.

Michael: It's also how you drive yourself nuts.  You know, you can only throw yourself into work for so long before things start to back up, and then you're in real trouble.

Evangeline: You know this from a professional standpoint, doctor?

Michael: I know this from watching my brother, John.

Bo: And where's the analysis of that hair that we found at the love center?  No, no, I needed it yesterday.  Thank you.

John: You're right about this, Bo.  The timing doesn't work any other way.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

Marcie: I got your message.  Is it Natalie?  I mean, is she all right?  Did you find her?  What's going on?

Bo: There's no news yet, Marcie.

John: You need something?

Rex: Yeah, I need to help find my sister.  There's got to be something I can do.

Bo: All right, you can stay, as long as you keep your mouth shut.  Marcie, we've come up with something, we need to check it out with you.

Marcie: Ok.

John: We think we're dealing with more than one perp here.

Marcie: What?

John: Did the killing club ever have two people work together on one murder?

Marcie: Oh, my God.  The -- the first time we ever used more than one killer, it was on the cheerleader murders!

Rex: You just remembered that now?

John: Marcie, just finish what you're saying.

Marcie: But we -- we didn't kill both cheerleaders.  That's why I couldn't remember it.  The -- the one cheerleader was supposed to get away as a warning to everyone else.

John: Ok.  Think.  What happened to the other cheerleader?

Asa: Don't you worry.  I'm working on things.

Blair: Mm-hmm.  Have you seen Margaret?

Asa: She's somewhere in Mexico.

Blair: Mexico?  So you have seen her?  You know, she'll do anything -- anything not to go to jail, and she doesn't want to be found.

Asa: And neither did Hesser, but I found him.

Blair: Oh, just -- damn it, Asa, what do you know about Margaret?

Asa: Why?  So you can spill it to that psycho husband of yours?  I know you're going to tell him.  And where would that put our dear friend Todd?

Blair: Ok, ok, ok, you're right.  He doesn't need to know.

Asa: It sounds like you and your hubby are wound up a little tight these days.  Now, what can old Asa do to turn up the heat?

Blair: Old Asa can do exactly what he said he was going to do, or old Asa is going to rot in jail!

Asa: So what do you want me to do with Margaret once I've got her?  Would you like her to, say, like, disappear?  Or would you like, maybe, a little hands-on payback before we send her to the cops?

Evangeline: I am not acting like John.

Michael: Yeah, I guess you're right.  No, John would never throw himself into his work to try and cover up what he was going through.

Evangeline: You know what?  Remind me to call you the next time I need expert psychological testimony.

Michael: Am I wrong?

Evangeline: No, you're just confusing me with John's other muse.  Natalie is the one who allegedly has so much in common with your brother.  God, that was bitchy.

Michael: It's ok.

Evangeline: No.  No, it's not ok.  I promised Natalie that we were going to get out together or we weren't going to get out at all, and here I am taking cheap shots at her.

Michael: See, this is what I'm talking about.  You are not like John.  Nobody could be that stubborn.  You can't just pretend that this thing with this nut case didn't affect you.  You can't bottle it all up and go on like nothing ever happened.

Evangeline: Don't worry.  Don't worry, I feel it all.  I feel it all -- fear that the killer's going to come back, relief that I survived, and the pain and the hurt that the one I need to lean on most right now isn't here for me.

Evangeline: It just comes in waves, Michael.  And when they hit, I just -- I break down for a few minutes and then I move on.

Michael: You're pretty amazing, you know that?

Evangeline: I'm very amazing.  And it's not enough.

Michael: It's pretty crazy how much things can change in just one night.

Evangeline: It's taken every ounce of strength I have not to give in to the rage and the hatred at that son of a bitch that took Natalie and me.

John: Ok, Marcie, you just got to tell us everything you remember from the cheerleader scenario.

Marcie: Look, John, if I had my journal, then I -- I would know how it was supposed to end, but it's just -- it's just all mixed up in my mind.

John: Try, Marcie.

Rex: Oh, to hell with that!  Tell us something or Natalie's going to die!

Bo: Last warning, Balsom! Either you put a sock in it or you take a hike.

John: Here's what you got to do.  You just got to put it together piece by piece in your head, Marcie.

Marcie: We were -- look, we were really frustrated because we felt that the murders were getting too predictable to figure out.  They were -- they were too easy to figure out, so we added -- we added a second killer to the plan to mix it up.  And then I think there was some kind of a twist or --

Rex: "Twist"?  What the hell is that?  What are you freaks doing to my sister?

Bo: That's it.  You're out of here.

Rex: No, wait, wait, come on, she's onto something.

Bo: Yeah, John's going to help her get to it.  I'll be right back.

John: Forget about them, Marcie.

Marcie: Ok.

John: Just take your time and try to remember.

Rex: Can't -- can't you just shoot her up with a truth drug or something, huh?

Bo: She's on our side, you know?  She's doing the best she can right now.

Rex: Well, her best isn't cutting it.  Natalie could already be dead, for all we know.

Bo: I understand how you feel.  We're doing everything we can to bring her home safe.

Rex: You better.

Bo: Hicks?  Go down to forensics and see what's taking them with that D.N.A. test I've been waiting for.  Thank you.

Marcie: That's why.  That's why whoever planned the cheerleader murders, they needed two killers to get the cheerleaders into the basement at one time.

John: And you said one of the cheerleaders was supposed to escape?

Marcie: Yes.  The survivor was supposed to get away.  That was part of the plan.

Bo: "The survivor"?

John: What was supposed to happen to the other cheerleader?

Marcie: She was taken away just like Natalie.

Bo: And what happened then?  Marcie?

Marcie: Uh --

Adriana: So, I was walking home from kickboxing and I had a thought.

Duke: Whoa, wait.  You're walking home alone through the park?

Adriana: Yeah, it's a beautiful afternoon.

Duke: And "The Killing Club" murderer just kidnapped two women.

Adriana: I just had a 90-minute workout, ok?  Let him try something.

Duke: You know what?  That's not even close to being funny.

Adriana: Anyway, I was thinking you need somebody to talk to, so why don't you come out and meet me?

Duke: I'm on my way.

Rex: Ugh!  Oh!  Oh!

[Adriana gasps]

Adriana: Rex?  Oh, my God!

Kevin: Go ahead.

Duke: What?

Kevin: That was Adriana on the phone, right?  Go, have fun.

Duke: You know, maybe you could give Kelly a call and start mending some fences.

Kevin: I think Kellys mending just fine with Spencer Truman.

Duke: David's brother?  Hey, come on, he just got here.  You and Kelly go way back.

Kevin: Look, if she wants to start fresh with someone new, I don't think I should deny her that.  Hell, I might even owe it to her.

Duke: Oh, just call her.

Kevin: Like I'm going to listen to you -- a guy who attacked two gunmen with a bra and a mousetrap.  How'd you happen to get your hands on a bra, anyway, son?

Duke: Got to go.

Kevin: Yeah.

Duke: Call Kelly.

Duke: I don't have to worry about you committing any felonies, now, do I?

Asa: Not today.

Asa: So, what's it going to be?

Blair: I have you lock Margaret up or I have you kill her, right?

Asa: It's your call.

Blair: What she did to me -- locking me up in that trunk, leaving me for dead -- and everything that she did to Todd, I should let you kill her.

Asa: Consider it done.

Blair: Well, that's it?  I mean, I say the word, and -- and you kill her?

Asa: Not me.  We've never had this conversation.

Blair: Well, I want payback.  I want to see her suffer and I want her dead.  You know what?  If I let you or anybody else kill her, then what does that make me?

Asa: Smart.

Blair: No.  It makes me Margaret.

Kelly: So you're staying in Llanview because of me?

[Phone rings]

Spencer: You can answer that.  I won't be offended.

Kelly: No, it's not important.

Spencer: To answer your question, I came to Llanview to instruct the hospital staff on some medical procedures I developed to get the funding for my projects, which you've been a part of, as a matter of fact.  The idea is to get the ball rolling with a certain hospital and then move on.

Kelly: Take the money and run, huh?

Spencer: You make me sound like my brother, David.  But I guess there is some truth in what you're saying.  But then I met you.  And I think you helped me see what I've been missing.

Kelly: Which is?

Spencer: Passion, for one thing.  And I saw the way you genuinely care about those people that these programs are supposed to help.  And -- can I be honest?

Kelly: Please do.

Spencer: I found myself having more than a professional interest in you almost immediately.  And I think that's when I realized that there was more to life than just speaking engagements and awards.  Things like family and home.  What?

Kelly: Um -- nothing.  Just -- you're right, you're right.  You get busy and you forget what's really important, and sometimes it takes someone to point out the obvious.  That's how I feel, anyway.

Spencer: Well, maybe you're just coming into your own.

Kelly: Maybe I am.  I feel like I am having this fresh start, you know?  A new life. Does that make any sense?

Spencer: It makes perfect sense.  To new beginnings.

Asa: Do you want this she-devil out of your life or not?

Blair: You know I do, Asa.  All right, do whatever you have to do to get rid of her.  I don't want to see her and I don't want to hear of her.  And what are you laughing at?

Asa: Oh, Blair.  Blair has gone soft.

Blair: Why? Because I want a life with my husband and my children without bodyguards following my every move?  Because I want to feel normal like everybody else?

Asa: You wouldn't know "normal" if you tripped over it.

Blair: You just get rid of Margaret like you said you were going to.  And, Asa, if you double-cross me, it'll be the last thing you do.

Asa: A deal's a deal.

Kevin: Wait a minute, you two have a deal?  Uh -- who's the devil, and who sold their soul?

Adriana: Oh, my God, are you ok?

Rex: Well, considering you just drop-kicked me halfway to Jersey -- oh, are you enjoying this?

Adriana: No, I feel really bad.

Rex: Yeah, I can tell.

Adriana: It's just Duke made me so paranoid about the whole "Killing Club" thing and -- oh, God, I'm sorry.  Have they heard anything about Natalie?

Rex: Not yet, no.

Adriana: She's really tough.  She's going to -- she going to get out of this.

Rex: Yeah, that's what everybody keeps saying.

Adriana: Well, if Duke and I can, I wouldn't bet against it.

Rex: What happened?  You chip a nail and Duke had to kiss it all better?

Adriana: Ha-ha.  No, Duke and I got caught in one of Asa's messes and got taken hostage by a couple of goons.  But we got the better of them and we made it through.

Rex: Yeah, I think I saw that movie.

Adriana: Do you believe that move I busted on you?  Well, then you can believe that, too.

Rex: For real?

Adriana: Like I said, everything worked out.

Rex: So what do they teach you girls at the convent, anyway?

Adriana: Lots of things, but surviving is something you learn on your own.  And everything I know about Natalie -- she's a survivor.

Bo: Where did the killer take the cheerleader, Marcie?

Marcie: Commissioner, the punishment was always supposed to fit the crime.  The people that we pretended to kill -- they were always supposed to meet the end that we thought they deserved, but this story broke the pattern that we had set up.  Before that, all of the murders were supposed to look like accidents so that the police wouldn't pursue them as homicides.

John: Now the killers are breaking the pattern by moving away from the book and apparently targeting people in my life.

Bo: The cops in Jersey have cleared most of Marcie's friends from high school.

John: Who's missing from the list?

Bo: Scott Randall, Alan Smithie.

John: What do they have to do with the club?

Marcie: Scott wasn't really into it.  I mean, he -- he quit really early?

John: What about this guy Alan?

Marcie: Oh, Alan was really out there, I mean, even for our group.  He was -- you know, there wasn't any other goth kids in school, and he was into weapons, and he wanted to find kids in their "essence" -- I don't know, that's what he called it.

Bo: What does that mean?

Marcie: I don't know, it was like he -- he was really big on, like, you know, having his victims use certain props or wearing certain costumes.

John: Like the cheerleaders' outfits?

Marcie: Oh, my God, that's it.  I think Alan -- Alan was the one who came up with the cheerleader murders.

Bo: Davis, see if there's anybody in jersey that can get us a recent photograph of an Alan Smithie.

Marcie: It can't be Alan.  He can't be one of the killers.

John: What are you talking about?  Why not?

Marcie: Because he's dead.

Michael: Oh, you know what?  Then I have to give you credit for being able to get back into work and focus, because when Marcie and I have problems, it takes a couple hours for me to shake them off.

Evangeline: I'll remember that the next time I have to go to the E.R.  And I'm not that together.  Trust me.

Michael: Well, you fake it damn well.

Evangeline: I'm a master.  I ran into your brother earlier today.

Michael: How was that?

Evangeline: He kissed me, but that's all that happened.

Michael: Why'd you stop it?

Evangeline: It's not enough.  Not anymore.  I realized that it would take years and a whole lot of heartache to get through all of John's stuff, and I still might come up empty.

Michael: Yeah.

Evangeline: I love myself too much for that.  Anyway, life goes on, and I need to get back to work, so --

Michael: Yeah, yeah.  Hey, listen, I -- I just want to let you know we both know my brother's a jerk.  I don't think that should stop us from being friends.

Evangeline: I can always use a friend.  Thank you.

Michael: If you need me, you know where I'll be.

Evangeline: I do.

Evangeline: Ok, ok, no, no, no, no.  No, no, no, no.  Come on.

[Music plays]

Radio announcer: This one's going out to Bob and Debbie, celebrating 50 years of marriage today.

Evangeline: Oh -- oh!

[Music stops]

Evangeline: Ok.

Evangeline: Oh, my God.  Oh, my God.  5,312...

Asa: You see, Blair came back to apologize for those bogus accusations she made against me, and I told her that I would, you know, let it go.  A bigger man knows how to do that.  Understand?

Kevin: Oh, yeah, I understand.  And for someone who just got through apologizing, you sure have a lot of steam coming out of your ears there.  So you want to tell me what really happened?

Blair: Oh, why don't you ask the big man?

Kevin: Ok, hey, wait, wait.  Just -- you know, just trying to have a conversation here, anyway.  So -- um -- since you're in such a magnanimous mood today, I was hoping that maybe you could do me a little favor.

Blair: What do you have in mind, Kevin?

Kevin: I really want to get back with Kelly, and I was hoping that you could maybe help me make that happen.

[Kelly laughs]

Spencer: So he wakes up three hours later with breast implants.

Kelly: You are so making that up.

Spencer: Oh, no, don't be so sure.

[Kelly laughs]

Spencer: You got such a great laugh.

Kelly: No, no more.  I won't listen to another compliment, not one more.

Spencer: All right, then you compliment me.

Kelly: Ok.  Let's see -- where should I start?  You are wildly intelligent and wickedly funny.

Spencer: Anything else?

Kelly: Hmm.  You're not too hard on the eyes.

Spencer: Oh.

Kelly: Why, why, why you're not married.

Spencer: I was married once.  As a matter of fact, you know her -- Paige <iller.

Kelly: You were married to Paige?  She said you were colleagues.

Spencer: We are.

Kelly: Why didn't you mention this?

Spencer: She didn't want me to say anything.  I didn't see any reason to bring it up.  She hadn't even told the man she was dating.

Kelly: You mean Bo?

Spencer: Yeah.  He seems like a good guy.  You know, she's a great lady.  I'm really happy for her.

Kelly: Ok, so, out of the blue, you decide to come to a town where both your brother and your ex-wife live?

Spencer: Mm-hmm.  What, don't you believe in coincidence?  I have got the typical sibling issues with David.  Yes, it's true.  I'm not going to bore you with that.  I get along with Paige just fine.

Kelly: You two don't have a problem working together?

Spencer: No.  Why?  Should we?  You get along with Kevin.  You work with Kevin, don't you?

Kelly: Yeah, we can be professional.

Spencer: But he wants to be more than that.  At least that's what he told me.

Kelly: Kevin seems to have told you an awful lot during your little chat.  What exactly did he say?

Spencer: Oh, just that he was still interested in you romantically.  That was him on the phone, wasn't it?

Kelly: I should've turned that darn thing off.

Spencer: Listen, it's ok for him to be interested in you.  He would be a fool not to be.  The question is, are you still interested romantically in Kevin?

Rex: What's this?

Adriana: When I first met you I'd lost my purse, and you gave me a dollar for luck.  Returning the favor.

Rex: You fell for that?

[Adriana laughs]

Rex: I used to go through 30 bucks a week with that line.

Adriana: Well, I believed it.

Rex: So, has it brought you luck?

Adriana: Hasn't always been easy, but, yeah.  I found my mom, Antonio and David, Duke.  You need it now.

Rex: Ok, confession time.  Uh -- when I first met you, the only reason I was nice to you was because I kind of --

Adriana: Was because you knew I was worth a lot of money.

Rex: You knew?

Duke: Hey.

Adriana: Hey!  Rex was keeping me company while I waited for you.

Duke: Any word on Natalie?

Rex: No.  But I have a feeling she's going to be ok.  Thanks.

Rex: Dude, do not piss this one off.

Duke: So what was that all about?

Adriana: You had me so freaked out about "The Killing Club" guy that Rex surprised me and I kicked him.

Duke: Ooh, ouch.

Adriana: Yeah, well, he's hurting in a lot of other ways.

Duke: Sorry it took me so long.

Adriana: Oh, you're here now.  This is exactly what I wanted to do.

Evangeline: I was alone here in the office, the killer was right outside.  What was I thinking?

John: How'd you get out of the building without the guy I had watching you?

Evangeline: I needed to get out . I -- I ran out the back for a cup of coffee, and then I decided to come in and get some work done.

John: And how am I supposed to protect you if you keep pulling stunts like this?

Evangeline: I don't need you to protect me.  I'm not Nata--

John: How'd the radio end up like this?

Evangeline: It's not related.  Uh -- I did that.  Listen, when are you going to know if they can get anything off of that note?

John: They're testing it right now.  You think you're up for going in and making a statement?

Evangeline: Yeah.  Whatever you need.

Ofc.  Blanchard: Lieutenant?  All clear.  No prints.

John: Ok.  Blanchard, will you have Haskel escort Ms. Williamson down to the station?  I'm going to finish up here.

Ofc.  Blanchard: You ready to go?

Evangeline: Yeah.

Adriana: I hate not being in control.

Duke: Did I just hear Dorian?  What was that?

Adriana: You know what I mean.

Duke: I know.

Adriana: I just wish there was something I could do.

Duke: Hey, Natalie has the entire police department looking for her, and my grandma has the best medical care in the world.

Adriana: What about you?

Duke: I got you.

Blair: So what makes you think that Kelly wants to get back together with you, Kevin?

Kevin: Well, I just want another chance to see if we can work it out before Spencer Truman sweeps her off her feet.

Blair: And would that be a bad thing?

Kevin: It would be for me.

Blair: Well, you had your chance to make Kelly happy and you blew it.  Why don't you give Spencer a shot?

Kevin: Oh, so you think the sun rises and sets with him, too, huh?

Blair: The only thing I can see wrong with Spencer is he's dating Vickers' brother.

Kevin: Well, David doesn't even want anything to do with him.  Hes willing to help me.

Blair: Hmm-hmm-hmm.  Well, there -- seems like you got your answer there.

Kevin: Ok, hold on.  I -- look, I know that I made mistakes with Kelly, all right?  But I also know that we made each other happy once.

Blair: Mm-hmm.  It was in the past.  Why don't you let it go?

Kevin: I'm not going to let it go, all right?  What about you and Todd?  You of all people should know that sometimes --

Blair: Oh --

Kevin: You have to go through hell just to see --

Blair: It's very different with Todd and me.

Kevin: I want Kelly back in my life, ok?  I need Kelly back in my life, so, please, as a friend, just help me.  Please.

Blair: Say I was going to help you, just say. How you planning on doing it?

Kelly: The fact is I'm still dealing with a lot of the issues that ended my marriage to Kevin -- our life in Texas, moving back here, losing Ace.

Spencer: Oh, you have quite a history together.

Kelly: Yeah, I always thought that we would get back together, that somehow we would work things out.

Spencer: Why hasn't that happened?

Kelly: Me.  I always pull up short.

Spencer: Do you know why?

Kelly: It just seems like so much work sometimes.  You know, it seems like it shouldn't be this hard.  Makes me think that maybe there's somebody out there that's better for me. I like spending time with you.  I hope we can spend more time together.

Spencer: So do I.

Kelly: But I have to be honest with you about my feelings for Kevin.

Spencer: It sounds like you're unresolved about him.

Kelly: Yeah, that's a good word for it.

Spencer: Well, maybe that's why I'm in your life -- to help you resolve some things.

Rex: Ugh!  Oh!  Oh.

Bartender: Should I put this on your tab?

Rex: Put it on Antonio's tab.

Michael: Hey, Rex.  Any news about your sister?

Rex: What do you care?

Michael: Well, she's a friend of mine.

Rex: Whatever.

Michael: You know, you're not going to help your sister by getting hammered. Ooh.

Rex: Oh, don't worry, doc, I'm not driving.

Michael: You need a cup of coffee.  Can we get him a cup of coffee, please?

Rex: Why don't you get out of my face, dude?  Ok?  You're the last friend my sister needs.

Michael: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Rex: This whole thing is on you.  Your girlfriend is the one who gave this psycho a how-to book to follow, and your cop brother's the one who pissed this guy off.  The whole reason Natalie got snatched up was because of John Mc Bain, so why don't you spare me the concern and get lost!

Bo: Alan Smithie was out of the country when he died.  That's why we didn't catch it.

Marcie: What about the rest of the original Killing Club members?  I can't possibly remember all of the details from the journals, Bo.  They might.

Bo: All right, they're being questioned in the field right now.  Evangeline, I'm going to go over to your office and supervise the crime scene.

Evangeline: Ok.

Bo: I don't want to miss anything.

Evangeline: Ok.

Marcie: When is this going to end?

Evangeline: When they catch them.  Hopefully they'll be able to get something off that note that was sent to my office.

Marcie: I hope so.  You got anything?

John: Labs came back on the note.  It's a photocopy, no prints.

Evangeline: What about the content of the letter?

John: This make any sense to you?

Marcie: "And everyone will know she's gone, but no one will know she's still there or that she can hear them cheer."  I --

John: Do you know what it means?  Marcie, you got to give me something here.  What is the killer trying to tell us?

Kevin: Look, Blair, all I want you to do is help Kelly keep an open mind to the idea that we could get back together.

Blair: Hmm.  You did save Todd's life.

Kevin: Well, there's that.

Blair: Hmm.

Kevin: And if you could maybe knock Spencer down a few notches, that would be helpful.

Blair: Oh, right, right.  I'll just tell Kelly that she shouldn't be attracted to some really tall, sexy doctor.

Kevin: Ok, you know what?  Maybe this isn't going to work.

Blair: Oh, would you relax?  She's still 50/50 between you and Spencer.

Kevin: Really?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Good.  Then all I have to do is show her that I bring more to the table, so to speak.

Kelly: "An assessment of advanced surgical and pharmacological strategies."  Sounds like light bedtime reading.

Spencer: It's a case study . An experimental fertility procedure that I helped to develop.  Listen, if I'm out of line with this, Kelly --

Kelly: No, it's -- um -- it's ok. It's just that fertility really isn't my problem.

Spencer: We helped 16 mothers with your exact condition carry to full term.

Kelly: And the babies were --

Spencer: Loud and scrappy.

Kelly: Sorry.  You're saying that there might be a chance?

Spencer: Just read the article, ok?  We'll talk about it again sometime on our next date.

Michael: How can you blame my brother for what's happening to Natalie?

Rex: Ok, because he let that psycho get away with her.  Need another drink!

Michael: Look, rex, we're all worried about Natalie, ok?  My brother didn't sleep a wink last night and he's not going to until he -- until he finds her.

Rex: Look, I'm not stupid.  I know the longer she's gone, there's a better chance that this guy is going to do whatever he --

Michael: Don't -- don't say it, man.  My brother is not going to let that happen.

Rex: Set him up with a drink.  Put it on my tab.

Bartender: You mean Antonio's tab?

Rex: Whatever.

Bo: Who has the list of all the key holders in this building?

Ofc.  Blanchard: Security is getting it now.

Bo: All right.

Officer: Commissioner?

Bo: Mm-hmm?

Officer: I think I've got an eyewitness.

Bo: Did you see the guy that slipped that note under the door here?

Janitor: Yeah.

John: "She's gone but still there" -- that's got to mean something.  What's this guy trying to tell us?

Evangeline: John, you have to let her think.

John: You know how long she's been gone?  You know what we're looking at here?

Evangeline: I do, and we're all trying to help.

Marcie: Look, I'm sorry, John, ok, but this is just -- this is not enough to go on here!

John: All right, all right, settle down.  What is it?

Marcie: This -- this little symbol on -- is this -- is this the envelope that the letter came in?

Evangeline: Yeah.  Yeah, that's it.

John: What do you got?  This thing -- the K and the C -- that's "Killing Club," right?

Evangeline: It looks -- it looked like a coffin to me.

Marcie: We only used that symbol when -- when we thought a murder was completely -- was going to be completely successful, when -- when there was no doubt that the plan was going to work.

John: Ok, so he's going to make his move?

Marcie: No, John, that symbol means that he's already done it!

Evangeline: Oh, my God.

Marcie: It means that Natalie's dead!

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Nora: I think you need to get an H.I.V. test.

Tess: I came here to party.

Man: Not so fast.

Jackie: R.J. wants to see me.  Maybe I'll have something for you later today.

Evangeline: That's Natalie's phone.

Marcie: I know.

John: Natalie?

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