OLTL Transcript Friday 7/01/05

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/1/05


By Boo
Proofread by Brandi

Tess' voice: What were you thinking, princess?  You'd just check me in here, sign me up for some electroshock, or maybe a little frontal lobotomy, and I'd be gone?

Jessica: Please, leave me alone.

Viki: Jessie?  Hi, honey.  It's mom.  I've -- I've just been thinking about you and hoping that you're well, sweetheart.  Honey, I just -- I want you to know you're not alone in this, ok, so, you know, call me if you can, all right?  I love you, darling.  Bye.

Kevin: How you feeling, mom?

Viki: Since 10 minutes ago?  I'm fine.  So who were you talking to out there?

Kevin: Oh, I was just talking to David.

Viki: David, eh?

Kevin: Yeah.

Viki: Pumping for him for information about Spencer Truman, were you?

Kevin: Well, if his own brother doesn't trust him, why should I?

Viki: I know, especially since he seems to have some kind of interest in Kelly.

Kevin: All right, listen, this isn't going to be one of those "are you still in love with Kelly?" conversations.

Viki: Yes, it is.  Yeah.

Kevin: All right, look, I admit that I hate the fact that she might actually be interested in the guy.

Viki: Aha.

Kevin: And because he's -- you know, he's a player.  I mean, that's part of it.

Viki: What's the other part?

Kevin: There is no other part.  I mean, he's just -- you know, some people just give off that shady vibe, and, trust me, he's one of them.

Rex: Look, I'm sorry to just blow in like this, but your butler/cook/maid thingie said it was cool.

Viki: Did she?  Well, hello, Rex.  What can we do for you?

Rex: I just wanted to tell you that I know I'm a total moron, that this is all my fault, that I'm doing everything I can to help the cops find Natalie.

Kevin: What?

Viki: Why are the police looking for Natalie?

Rex: Uh --

John: You got to help us, Marcie.  How did your high school killing club plan to kill those two cheerleaders?

Marcie: I don't remember.

Bo: Marcie, if you don't tell us something, the same thing is going to happen to Evangeline and Natalie.

Marcie: I'm trying, Bo.  I really am.

John: Yeah, well, try harder.

Bo: John --

Marcie: Putting pressure on me right now, John?  It's not helping, ok?  I didn't even remember about the cheerleader murders until the killer put that page from the journal on my doorstep.  And how did he even know where I'm staying?

John: Marcie, I don't want to pressure you, but you got to do this now.  You got to do it now.  If we do find them soon, Evangeline and Natalie are dead.

Natalie: Oh --

Evangeline: How's your ankle?  Can you stand?

Natalie: Do I have a choice?

Evangeline: I'm thinking no.

Natalie: Oh --

Tess' voice: It was nice of you to cut yourself off from your friends and family like this.  Funny how it was my friend Ginger who cared enough to actually do something.

[Tess laughs]

Tess' voice: And i loved the way you she threw your sweet virgin act back in your face.  See?  People just like me better.  Get used to it.

You're all alone so now it's just me and you rattling around in your skull, and only one of us is walking out of here.

Jessica: Todd.

Carlo: Asa.  What a pleasant surprise.  And yet not totally unexpected.  I was beginning to think you were slipping.

Asa: I didn't come here to chat with you, Hesser.  You said you were holding an ace.  I came to call your bluff.

Carlo: You didn't actually think I was going to roll over and play dead while you frame me for Blair Cramer's kidnapping, did you?

Asa: Put your cards on the table, Hesser.  What have you got?

Carlo: A hostage, of course -- Duke.

Adriana: How long was I out?

Duke: Just a couple of hours.  You needed it.

Adriana: So do you.  You need to sleep sometime.

Duke: I will, as soon as we get out of here.  Oh, Hesser's guards have got to come in and check on us sometime.  You know, we're only going to have one shot at this.

Adriana: You really think it's going to work?

Duke: It has to.  Hey, how can they beat a booby trap?

Adriana: It took you all night to come up with that one?

Duke: No.  Maybe.


Duke: Get ready.

Man: Ah!

Second man: Oh --


Duke: Adriana!

Adriana: Duke!

John: Just give us something to work with, Marcie -- anything.

Marcie: We -- we talked about the cheerleader murders a lot because we wanted to make them look accidental, but we couldn't figure out how to do that.  We talked about so many things, John.  I don't remember exactly what it was.

John: All right, all right, slow down.  Were you going to use weapons?

Marcie: No.  No.  I mean we hated the cheerleaders, don't get me wrong, but -- well, it was just because they were so put together.  They made us -- they made us feel like we weren't good enough.  I mean, who spends three hours just getting ready for school to look perfect?

Bo: What did you want to do to them?

Marcie: I think we were going to lock them up, you know -- for a couple of weeks without their makeup.  It was lame.

John: Where were you going to lock them up, Marcie?

Marcie: In my basement.

John: In your basement in New Jersey?

Marcie: Yeah.  Wait a minute.  You don't think that the killer might take Natalie and Evangeline there?  My dad's home.  I mean, what if he was home?  You have to call him.

John: Relax, Marcie, relax.  Now, we know the car from the surveillance cameras was headed northeast, right?  It was headed away from the interstate.  He wasn't headed to New Jersey.

Bo: No.

John: Ok.  What about the cottage where the love crew kids lived?  I mean, he got into that basement one time when he tried to gas Marcie's family.

Bo: Yeah, but that's still in the wrong direction.

John: What was the address where you lived?

Marcie: 96 Elm Street.

John: We got an Elm Street here in Llanview, right?

Bo: It's the direction that this dirtbag's headed.

Natalie: Oh.

Evangeline: Stay back or I'm going to crack your skull.

Man: Oh, I'm so scared.

Natalie: We can do better than that.  Ah!

Man: Who's scared now?

Jessica: Thank you.  Thank you for coming.

Todd: What happened?

Jessica: It's Tess.  She's driving me crazy.  She won't leave me alone.

Todd: Don't listen to her.

Jessica: She's in my head.  And she won't stop, not even for 10 minutes.

Todd: Are they giving you meds?

Jessica: Yeah, sleeping pills, but I don't want to go to sleep.  I just -- I'm afraid that if I do she might take over and -- I can't do this by myself.

Todd: No, you can't.  Come.  I got you some clean clothes.

Jessica: Oh.  Great.

Todd: You going to see that new shrink tomorrow?  Hey, come on.  We got to get you on the mend so you can get out of here.

Jessica: I need Antonio.  Listen, I know that I said that I didn't want him to know at first, but I -- Todd, Tess is afraid of him, ok?  And maybe he can help.

Todd: Then I think you're just playing into Tess' hands.  I think you get around Antonio, Tess comes out to protect you from him.

Jessica: Well, Antonio is the last person I need protecting from.

Todd: That's not what Tess says.

Jessica: Well, no, that's -- she was talking about some childhood trauma, something -- some tragedy that happened when I was growing up and that can't possibly be Antonio's fault.

Todd: I'm just telling you what she told me.  Antonio sets her off.  So now I think that for the time being that you should stay away from him.

Jessica: Well, then he must be worried sick, because I left without saying a word to him, so can I just use your

Todd: You know, it's a bad idea.

Viki: Why are the police looking for Natalie?

Kevin: What the hell's wrong with you?  You know damn well my mother just got out of the hospital.

Rex: I thought Bo called you.

Viki: Wait a minute.

What is going on?

Rex: Look, I forgot about your heart thing -- I mean, I didn't forget.  I just -- look, I'm not looking to send everybody off the deep end here.

Kevin: Well, maybe you should have kept your mouth shut then.

Viki: Kevin -- Kevin, be quiet.  I want to know what happened!

Rex: All right, the cops think -- and it's just a theory right now -- they've been wrong before, right?

Kevin: Just spit it out!

Rex: Natalie may have been snatched up by "The Killing Club" killer.

Kevin: What?

Viki: Oh, my God.  Oh, my God.  Oh, my God.

Kevin: All right, mom.  Mom, just -- just relax.

Viki: Oh --

Kevin: You take a deep breath.

Viki: Look, I need to go to the police station.  Will you drive me?

Kevin: No, you're not -- listen -- you're not going anywhere, ok?  I will go and find out what's going on.  Just stay here.

Viki: Call me.

Kevin: I will.

Rex: Hey, the commissioner's on top of it.  He's not going to let anything happen to Natalie.

John: I want a hard target zone around 96 Elm.  Tell everyone to stand down until we get there.  Out.

Bo: Missing persons got a call from the son of the guy who owns that house.

John: What'd he say?

Bo: The old man hasn't been heard from since last weekend.

John: That's it.

Marcie: Oh, my God.  Be careful.

Natalie: Oh -- oh!

Evangeline: Damn it!

Natalie: Why don't you just calm down --

Evangeline: That's not the deal.  That's not the deal.  Why are you doing this?

Man: Because I can.

Natalie: Huh --

[Clanging noise]

Natalie: Ah.

Man: Take your clothes off and put those on.  I'm not a patient man.

Carlo: When was the last time you saw your great-grandson?

Asa: Duke is fine.  I just talked to him.

Carlo: Yes.  You were in your jet with Renee and he was going to take in the sights of Argentina, perhaps do a little horseback riding.

Asa: So you tapped my phone.  And what is this -- a list of all your accomplishments?

Carlo: Call that number and have your great-grandson tell you what I accomplished, Asa!  And if you don't believe him, perhaps his lovely companion might enlighten you.

Asa: Now I know you're full of it, Hesser.  Duke was alone when he came down to Argentina.

Carlo: Well, then, maybe you'd better call that number, because obviously you're out of the loop.  Adriana is such a beautiful name.  Don't you agree?

Man: The boss only needs you alive, kid.  Now, one more stunt like that and I'm going to pop your girlfriend.

Adriana: Do you have any idea who I am?

Man: Yeah -- the dead chick who's about to be buried at sea.

Adriana: My name is Adriana Santi.  And once my family finds out you've taken me, your life will be worth nothing.

Man: She's Santi's kid?  Carlo didn't say anything about crossing the Santi family.

Second man: Read a paper, idiot.  Santi's dead.  She got nothing.

Duke: You touch her again and I will kill you.

[Man laughs]

Man: Oh, with what?

Duke: What's so funny?

Man: With what?  Your good looks?  Now, sit down before I rearrange your face!

[Phone rings]

Man: Yeah.

Asa: Who the hell is this?

Man: Asa Buchanan.

Asa: Carlo Hesser gave me this number.  You work for him?

Man: Yeah.  He wants you to talk to someone.  Now, I want you to tell him you're fine and that we've got guns on you.  You try anything funny, your girlfriend's joining the list of dead Santis.

Duke: Grandpa, is that you?

Asa: Yeah.  It's me, Duke.  Any of this rattlesnake's goons hurt you?

Duke: No.  We're fine, but they've got guns on us.

Asa: "Us"?  That gal's not with you?

Duke: Yeah.  They got Adriana, too.

Asa: Where are you right now?

Duke: We're still in Argentina.

Adriana: Duke --

Asa: What did they do?

Asa: What -- what do you want, hmm?  What do you want, you rotten son of a bitch?

Kevin: Where's Bo?

Marcie: He and John are out looking for Natalie and Evangeline.

Kevin: Evangeline?  What, they think the killer has both of them?

Marcie: That's what it looks like, yeah.

Kevin: And they know where they are?

Marcie: They think so.

Kevin: I don't believe this.

Marcie: Kevin, I'm really sorry.  I mean, this is all my fault.  If I had never written that book, then --

Kevin: Wait a minute -- I read your book, ok?  I don't remember anything about two women being kidnapped.

Marcie: It was -- it never made the book.  It came from the original "Killing Club" journals from high school.

Kevin: What, so they think the killer has a tie to you personally?  Is that it?

Marcie: I don't know what they think, ok?

Kevin: Well, that has to be it.  I mean, come on.  How else is this lunatic going to get his hands on your personal journals from high school?

Marcie: That's what I want to know.

Bo: All right, we're clear.

Todd: Ok, we're all set.  You're going to see that shrink tomorrow.  What is that?

Jessica: I'm just writing a note to Antonio.  Listen, I left without saying a word, ok?  He's going to be worried.

Todd: I think he'll get over it.

Jessica: What if he starts to look for me?  I was so freaked out over this whole Tess thing I didn't even deal with Antonio.  It was a mistake.

Todd: I think that's a good call.  I don't think we need him screwing things up.

Jessica: You don't want me to call him, fine, I won't call him, but just give this note to him so he knows that I'm ok.

Todd: He is like a dog with a bone.  Maybe this'll keep him from looking for you.

Jessica: Thank you.

Todd: Just long enough to do what you have to do here and get well.  Are you getting any sleep?

Todd: I'll get you through this.

Jessica: Thanks.  Thanks for being here.  Thanks for coming.

Todd: Oh, you're stuck with me, kid.  And I know that a little bit of Tess goes a long way, but I know you, too.  And you're stronger than she is.  She doesn't stand a chance.

Viki: Kevin said they might have a lead.  The police might know where Natalie and Evangeline are being held.

Rex: Sweet!

Viki: Yeah.

Rex: You all right?

Viki: Yeah, I'll be all right when I know that they're safe.  I --

Rex: Look, this is all my fault.

Viki: You keep saying that.  Why?

Rex: Because I'm an idiot.  What else is new?

Viki: But -- well, why are you blaming yourself for Natalie's abduction?

Rex: It was my idea.

Viki: What was?

Rex: Look, I messed up, all right?  Natty's out there and this nut case has got her and it's all on me.

Viki: Rex, I don't really have any idea what you're talking about.

Rex: I put together this note pretending to be "The Killing Club" jerk, and I wanted Natty to play along so that Mc Bain would come to the rescue.

Viki: That must have been what Natalie was talking to me about earlier.  But I got the feeling she wasn't going to do anything about it.

Rex: Yeah, and I don't think she did.  But that's when this dirt bag grabbed her and used my note to get Mc Bain away from Evangeline.  You know, I'm such a moron!

Viki: What on earth would possess you to do something like that?

Rex: All right, you ever love someone and miss them so much that it feels like you've got this burning rock inside of you?  You know, you can't breathe or think?  Well, ever since Jen's been gone, I've been trying to be this good guy.  I come up with stupid stuff to help people just to keep from going nuts.  Crap like this stupid note to get John and Natalie together.  This is what I come up with.

Viki: So you were trying to help Natalie?  Probably wasn't the best way to go about that.

Rex: Yeah, you think?  You know, hanging with Natty these days is the only thing that really seems to help.

Viki: Well, Natalie understands your loss.  I can see why that would help.

Rex: You know, for the first couple years of my life, it was just me and Natty.  You know, Roxy was useless.  And my aunt just wanted to stick it to Roxy by taking me away.  It was like the only person who was ever really looking out for me was Natty.  So a couple years ago, I come to town looking for a score.  And I find one.  I find my sister.  How twisted is that?

Viki: Well, I don't think it's twisted at all, I think it's very, very good that you two have this connection.

Rex: And I come up with this bonehead plan, and Natty -- you know, Natty get-- I can't lose Natty.  Ok?  If I lose my sister, I've got nothing left.

Viki: You won't, ok?  We both know that Natalie is, thank God, very resourceful and very smart.  You know?  And according to Kevin, it seems that John and Bo are on their way to finding the girls, so we just have to hope that that's the case, you know, ok?

Rex: Don't be nice to me.  You're the enemy.

Viki: Why am I the enemy?

Rex: Yeah, you.  Your matching spoons.  You took the old Natalie away.

Viki: That was never my intention.

Rex: Look, I know I'm not even really related to her.  You know, not really.  But I don't care what anybody says.  She's my sister.

Kevin: So do you think this guy is someone from your high school?

Marcie: John has already asked me all of these questions, Kevin.  I don't know.

Kevin: Well, has he questioned the people from your high school?

Marcie: The ones he could find, and I know he's following up on the rest of them.

Kevin: Ok, do they have a suspect?  Marcie, do they have --

Marcie: Kevin --

Kevin: If you know anything, you have to tell me, ok?  Because I have to go home and I have to break this to my mother, who's there with a heart condition, if everything goes south.

Marcie: Ok --

Kevin: I --

Marcie: Ok.  John has been questioning my agent, Hayes Barber, for a while now, but they had to let him go.

Kevin: They had to let him go.  Why?

Marcie: Because there is not enough evidence to hold him.

Kevin: Well, does your agent have access to your personal journals?

Marcie: He didn't do this, ok?  He has an alibi, and I don't want to talk about Hayes.

Kevin: Fine.

Marcie: Why haven't they called?  Why can't I remember what happened?  I need -- I need to remember, because I have to remember for Natalie and Evangeline.

Bo: Secure the house and canvass the neighborhood.  Somebody out there saw something.  You recognize that?

John: Evangeline was wearing it at the ceremony.  We need some evidence packs down here.  What is this freak doing with them?

Bo: Hey, John, something in here is going to tell us where they are.  We just have to find it.

John: Yeah.

John: Hey, Bo, we've got some broken glass down here.  What's that?

John: So our guy left us a note.

John: Now, look at that.

Bo: "Ask Marcie about B.B."

Asa: You touch one hair on that boy's head and you are a dead man.

Carlo: Spare me the histrionics, Asa.  We're both businessmen.  I have no intention of harming Duke and his lovely Adriana.  Unless, of course, you force my hand.

Asa: What is it -- what is it going to take to get them back?

Carlo: Hmm.  Hmm. I'll start with a change of scenery.  And then you'll make these ridiculous accusations disappear.

Asa: That's it?

Carlo: And I want you to confess to framing me for kidnapping Blair and hiring me to come to Llanview and kill her.

Asa: Hmm . There's a small problem.  You see, they caught you red-handed holding the gun.

Carlo: That's no longer my small problem.  You've got 24 hours before my associates take care of business.  Adriana and duke's lives are in play.  The next move is yours.  And I have nothing to say on the matter anymore.

Duke: I want you to get Asa Buchanan back on the phone.

Man: And I want a tall, cool blonde on a jet ski.  Life's a bitch.

Duke: Listen, whatever Hesser's paying you, we'll double it.

Man: How about you sit your tail down and keep your mouth shut?  Now, you got 24 hours for your great-granddaddy to make Carlo Hesser walk through that door.  If he blows it, you and the little chickadee are mine.

Adriana: What are we going to do, Duke?

Viki: You remember Ben, don't you?  So, yes, I know how it feels to lose someone.

Rex: It sucks.

Viki: Yes, it sucks.

Rex: How do you get through it?

Viki: By doing exactly what you're doing.  You hold tight to the people you love and the people who love you.

Rex: Yeah, but you didn't set any of them up with a killer.

Viki: No.  Rex, Natalie knows that you would never intentionally do anything to hurt her.

Rex: Yeah, but if something happens, who cares if I meant it or not?

Viki: Precisely why you should think things through before you act on them.

Rex: Thinking isn't exactly my bag.

Viki: No, it's not.  So it's something you should work on.  You know, I've always wondered about Natalie's life before she came into my life.  I worried that she was alone all the time and about all the things she had to deal with when she was growing up.

Rex: Oh, she had Roxy.  Talk about luck of the draw.

Viki: Yeah, I know.  Although, oddly enough, I think that Roxy now loves both of you.  Well, in her own way.  I'm just very glad that Natalie had you, for a little while at least, when she was growing up.  You two seem to look out for each other.

Rex: Well, she looked out for me.  You know, I think -- I think Natty was always kind of looking for you.  She used to tell me this bedtime story about how she thought she was a princess.  She had been stolen away from a castle.  Guess she wasn't too far off.

Viki: Thank you for telling me that.

Rex: Natalie deserves a mother like you.  And I'm sorry about that enemy crack.  I just -- I get jealous.  I know she's nuts about you.

Viki: Well, her father and I feel the same way about her, you know.

Rex: Oh, God -- you're not going to flat line here, because Kevin will kick my ass!

Viki: Oh, no, no, no.  I'm just -- I'm really, really worried about Natalie.

Todd: Hey.  Back off, slick.  I know about your thing for older women.  You ok?  Did he do anything to you?

Viki: No, he didn't do anything to me.  I'm just worried, you know?  I mean, forgive me for being worried about my daughter.

Todd: Who told you about Jessica?

Viki: Jessica?  I'm worried about Natalie.  What's wrong with Jessica?

Tess' voice: Todd totally played you.  Do you really think he's going to give that letter to latin boy?  Todd is just like everybody else in your life, babe.  They tell you one thing to your face and then behind your back they do what they want, because you can't deal.  So, why don't you let me come out, and I will make them pay.  You know I'm right.

Marcie: Where are they?

Kevin: Hey, did you find them?

John: They were gone by the time we got there.

Kevin: But they were there?

Bo: We must have just missed them.  They weren't gone long.

Asa: Bo, I need you in your office, pronto.  And, Kevin, you need to hear this, too.

Kevin: I thought you were home with Renee.

Bo: Pa, I don't have time for this.

Asa: You better make time, Bo, if you don't want to bury another member of this family.

Kevin: What do you think has him so rattled?

Bo: He doesn't look good.  He's probably trying to pull something else.

John: Go ahead, Bo.  I'll take care of this.

Bo: All right.  Show Marcie what you found, ok?

John: Yeah.

Bo: And then we'll be right back out. Let's go, Kev.

Kevin: All right.

Marcie: Hey.

John: I need you to take a look at this.

Marcie: "Ask Marcie about B.B."  Who's B.B.?

John: You don't know?

Marcie: Maybe it was some -- maybe it was someone from high school or --

John: Listen to me, Marcie.  Listen really carefully, all right?  If you can't figure this out, we got nothing.  This is all you.

Marcie: Don't you think I know that already, John?  I know that.

John: I know, I know.  Just take it easy and think.  Take your time.

Marcie: It's a sport.  John, it's a sport.

John: Ok.

Marcie: I remember.  I --

John: Baseball?

Marcie: I remember -- I remember how we were going to kill the cheerleaders!

John: How, Marcie?

Marcie: It was -- it was really sick, John, and if he's planning to do this to Natalie and Evangeline -- I mean, how could he get this from "The Killing Club" journals?  I don't know he got it or who it is!

John: Shh. Pull this together, all right?  Just pull this together.  You've got to tell me where I can find them.  I got to know where to find them, or else they're going to die.

Marcie: Yeah.  Ok.

Viki: Todd, what's wrong with Jessica?

Todd: What are you looking at?

Viki: You're stalling.  What is going on?

Todd: I'm sorry, I'm not going to discuss family business in front of the village idiot.

Rex: Oh, like I need you in my face today.  I'm out of here.  If the cops can't find Natalie, I will.

Viki: No!  You let Bo do it!  You're not going to help Natalie by getting yourself into trouble.

Rex: All right, as soon as I hear something, I'll let you know.

Viki: Please.

Rex: And thank you for not raking me over the coals for this.

Viki: Oh, rex, you're doing enough of a job of that by yourself.  Bo will find her.  Ok?

Viki: What is going on with Jessica?  Tell me.

Todd: It's under control.

Viki: Oh, will you stop this!  You know, you all have to really stop it.  Stop protecting me.  I'm either going to get better and be a functioning member of this family or the strain will be too much for me and it'll just kill me.  But either way, I cannot be kept in the dark when my children are in trouble.  Oh, what is so funny?

Todd: Look who's feeling better.

Viki: Yes, I'm feeling better, thank you very much, so tell me what is going on with Jessica.  The last I knew she was going somewhere to deal with problems she was having.  Has that changed?

Todd: It depends on how you define "problems."

Viki: Todd, you're t o only one who knows where she is, ok?  And she wanted me to be kept apprised of what was going on.  Now, will you please stop playing games.  Just tell me, what's going on with her?

Tess: Will you just give up?  There is no point in fighting me, princess.  I'm stronger than you are

Jessica: No. No, you're not.

Tess: Please.  I've known Ginger for what, 10 minutes, and she wouldn't dare sell me out to you.  Now, that's a friend.  But wait.  Wait, I haven't seen anybody come to spring you out, now, have I?

Jessica: Well, I want to be here.  I want to be rid of you.

Tess: Ok.  Let's make a deal.  You let me come out to play and I'll tell you this big, deep, dark secret from your past that you are obviously too pathetic to deal with.

Jessica: I don't even know what you're talking about.

Tess: Of course you don't, baby doll.  That's why I showed up in the first place.  It blew your mind.  So come on.  Let me come out and play and I'll tell you all about it.

Kevin: So you don't call me and tell me you're home?  I have to hear it from mom?

Bo: Let's cut to the chase, pa.  This better be big.  I don't have time for this today.

Asa: I screwed up.

Bo: All right, you want to confess about Blair --

Asa: Whoa, whoa!  I'm not confessing to squat.  I just talked to Carlo Hesser.

Bo: Damn, pa!  I told you to stay away from him!

Asa: I know.  I know, Bo.  But that jackal told me he had an ace up his sleeve, and I had to find out what he was holding.

Kevin: And are you going to make us guess?

Bo: What did he say?

Asa: He's got two hostages.

Bo: Who?

Asa: Duke and Adriana.

Marcie: Please -- please don't let Natalie and Evangeline get hurt.  No one should have to suffer that way.

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Carlo: I want his full confession for everything that happened to Blair Cramer.

Jessica: I want to know what happened.  I want to know everything.

Marcie: We were going to kidnap them and then we were going to tie them both up, and then we were going to burn them at the stake.

[Fire alarm sounds]

Viki: Is that the fire alarm?

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