OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/28/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/28/05


By Suzanne
Proofread by Brandi

Nun: The doctor prescribed this for you, Jessica, to help you sleep tonight.

Jessica: Thank you, sister.

Nun: The first night at St. Ann's is always the hardest.

Jessica: I'll be all right.  Just lock my door from the outside, ok?

Nun: Hmm. Dr. Jamison told us all about your alter, Tess.

Jessica: Then you know what we're dealing with.  You cannot let me leave.

Nun: We understand.  Only Todd Manning can sign you out.

Jessica: Good.  You just can't let me out.  Even if I seem like I'm me, I just can't let Tess out.  She's going to hurt the people that I love.

Antonio: Well, I'm happy to see you're feeling better.

Viki: Thank you very much.  I really would like them to let me out of here.

Antonio: Well, I know Jessica, for one, will be glad to have you home.

Viki: And I fully intend to be up and about when she gets back.

Antonio: Back?  From where?

Viki: Well, from wherever it is she's going.  Oh, dear.  I'm so sorry -- you don't know, do you?  Jessie's gone away.

John: What are you telling me?  This was a fake?  This whole thing with Natalie was a setup?

Rex: We didn't mean for it to go this far, ok?

John: "We"?  You mean, you and Natalie?

Rex: All right, before you go ripping on her, it was my idea.  I tore the page out of "The Killing Club."

John: Why?  Why would you do something like that?

Rex: To get you here with her.

John: You pulled this to get my attention?

Rex: Look, like I said, it was mostly me, ok?  She didn't show, so no harm, no foul, right?

John: You better hope not.  You know, I was at that party to keep an eye on things.

Rex: To keep an eye on Evangeline.

John: No -- to make sure nothing happened to anybody.

Rex: Well, you've got backup there, don't you?

John: No!  No, you see, my back-up's here looking for Natalie!  That's it -- everybody to the Palace.

Rex: Look, I'm sorry about all this.

John: You'll be a hell of a lot more sorry.

Nora: So this year's woman of the year award goes to Evangeline Williamson.

Nora: Must be something I said.


Nora: Maybe my speech sent her running -- I don't know.  Evangeline?  Evangeline?  Ok.  Never a dull moment at the woman of the year awards, huh?  I think I might have to go and get our honoree.  Excuse me.  Evangeline?

[Audience murmurs]

Nora: You wouldn't happen to know where your date is, would you?

Kevin: No.  Last time I saw her, she was waiting offstage to go on.

Nora: Same here.

Lisa: Oh, this isn't like Evangeline.

Nora: Oh, you know what?  I'm sure she's fine.  I'm going to go check the ladies' room.

Kevin: And I'll look around, too.

Lisa: I don't know what could've happened to her.

Kevin: Yeah, don't worry.  We'll find your daughter.

Michael: Hey.

Marcie: Oh, hey.

Michael: Are you all right?

Marcie: I don't know.

Michael: What's going on?

Marcie: Well, nobody seems to know where Evangeline is and maybe -- maybe I'm just paranoid and maybe I'm connecting everything to "The Killing Club" killer, but I hope to god that he hasn't done anything to Evangeline.

Todd: Ok. You wouldn't talk on the way home.  Talk now.

Blair: Look, I --

Ginger: Hey, there. You're back.  Everything ok?

Blair: Yeah.  Everything is now.  Thank you for picking up the kids over at Dorian's.

Ginger: Anytime.  So Jack's in bed.

Blair: Ok.

Ginger: Starr and I have been having a scare fest.  We've been watching "Charm School Massacre," but Starr fell asleep.

Blair: Yeah, well, that figures.  She's seen it about 15 times.  Look, if you want to finish up watching it --

Todd: Just take it home with you.

Blair: No, she might want to watch it.

Todd: It's late.

Ginger: I'll go get it.  Oh, Starr said there's a message for you on the machine from Jessica thanking you for helping her out today.

Blair: Oh, Jessica, I completely forgot.  Did you see her at the hospital?  Was she -- was she Jess?  Was she --

Todd: We've got other stuff to talk about, Blair -- like Asa and why you're backing off of him.

Blair: Yeah, I'm really tired.  I want to go get the TV.

Todd: No -- then when?  Now, you know damn well he put you in Wingdale.  He told me himself you were there.  Why are you letting him off the hook?  Why aren't you letting him rot in prison?

Bo: Hey, Nora.

Nora: Hi.

Bo: Listen, I don't want to hold you up, but I appreciate what you did with pa and Carlo, you know?

Nora: Oh --

Bo: I don't know why Blair wouldn't press charges against pa, but thank you --

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: For what you did.

Nora: Fine, whatever.  I can't really get into this right now.

Bo: Yeah, I know.  It's a big night -- not just for Evangeline, but you, too.  Out in public again.

Nora: That's not what's going on here.  Bo, we can't find Evangeline.

Bo: What, she just didn't show?

Nora: No, she showed.  She was here.  She was ready and willing to accept her award, and then all of a sudden, she just disappeared.

Bo: Does John know?

Nora: Well, I -- I don't know.  I heard he was here, too, and then he took off and I don't know, maybe they -- something happened between them and -- huh.   know, and I thought the curse of the woman of the year ceremony was over when David and Spencer Truman -- it came out that they were brothers.

Bo: They're brothers?

Nora: Well, another thing Paige probably forget to tell you.

Bo: That explains a lot.

Dorian: Well, I can tell you -- no, thank you, darling -- I would never keep people waiting like this.  And I was a finalist for this award -- oh, for several years.

Spencer: Well, I can't imagine why you've never won.

Kelly: Well, maybe if you'd spend a little bit more time doing community service and a little bit less time protecting your Cramer girls, you would.

Dorian: I was chief of staff at the hospital until --

David: Not the place, not the time.

Dorian: Until very recently.

David: That's my girl.

Dorian: Perhaps a doctor of your stature could put in a word for my return.

Spencer: Well, there's nothing I wouldn't do for my brother's fiancée.

Dorian: Oh.

David: Ahem.

Dorian: How charming.  Come on.  Oh.  Kelly?

Kelly: Hmm?

Dorian: You let this one get away and so help me, I will never forgive you.

Spencer: Something wrong?

David: Keep your paws off my intended.  That goes for her niece, too.

Spencer: One word against me and I'll tell them more than they ever wanted to know about you.

Kevin: Evangeline wasn't in the ladies' room?

Nora: Oh, you obviously haven't seen her, either.

Kevin: I found these notes to her speech.  I found this.

Lisa: Who is that?

Nora: I'll let Evangeline tell you.

Lisa: Then you've found her?

Nora: No, not yet, but I'm sure we will . It's -- I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

Kevin: I'll keep looking for her.

Nora: Ok.

Kelly: Excuse me for a moment.

Spencer: Ahem.

Dorian: Darling, come.

David: All right.

Lisa: What did you do to my daughter?

John: What are you talking about?

Lisa: Evangeline has disappeared.  No one can find her.

Michael: Could I get a couple of club sodas?

Marcie: You know, every time something weird happens, I completely freak out -- like this thing with Evangeline.  I don't know, maybe -- maybe it was just because I saw Hayes tonight.  I -- I don't know, but I have a really, really bad feeling, Michael.

Michael: Marcie, it's not what you're thinking.

Marcie: Well, then what happened to Evangeline tonight?

Michael: I don't know, but it has nothing to do with "The Killing Club" murders.  Now, look, "The Killing Club" killer followed the events of your book to the letter.  There was no awards ceremony in your book.

Marcie: I know.  I know, you're right, but that still does not explain why or how Evangeline disappeared.

Michael: I don't know, but, you know, her and my brother have been having some problems.  Um -- maybe she just couldn't handle it tonight.

John: Evangeline's not here?

Lisa: No.  And I want to know what went on between you and my daughter tonight.

John: Mrs. Williamson, I don't know what happened.  Last time I saw Evangeline, she was waiting here to get her award.  Then I got called away on a case.

Lisa: Wait a minute, you -- you don't -- you don't --

John: Take it easy.  I'll find her, ok?  Just give me one minute.  Nora, excuse me.  When was the last time you talked to Evangeline?

Nora: Right before I was supposed to present the award.  I gave my speech and did my intro, and then no Evangeline.  I was hoping she was with you.

Bo: You haven't talked to her?

John: No.  No messages or missed calls, either.

Nora: Well, what the hell happened to her?

Bo: All right, let's not overreact.

Nora: Well, she didn't just wander away, Bo.

John: Look, when you last talked to her, did she -- did she seem upset about anything?

Nora: What do you think?

John: She wouldn't let me or us stop her from getting her award.

Nora: Kevin found this, along with her notes for her speech.

John: I must've dropped it out of the envelope.

Nora: You're carrying around a picture of Natalie?

John: No, no, I -- I got it with a page from "The Killing Club," implying something had happened to Natalie.  I left here to follow up on it.

Bo: Is she all right?

John: Turned out to be a hoax, a stupid hoax designed by Natalie and Rex, but it pulled me out of here.  I'm going to try her again.

Roxy: Ok, where's the little girls' room?  Come out, come out, wherever you are.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: All right, I'm going to find you.  Ok.

[Phone rings]

Roxy: Ooh.  Well, finders keepers.


Roxy: Must be Hollywood.

John: Where'd you get that?

Roxy: Hey, I didn't steal it,   I was just on my way to the lost-and-found.

John: Where did you find this, Roxy?

Roxy: I didn't take anything!

John: Where did you find it?

Roxy: I found it right over here, right on the floor.


Roxy: Hey, Johnny boy, it's been real, but there's a tequila sunrise over there and it's got my name written all over it.  See you.  Whoo!

[Roxy laughs]

Bo: All right, Roxy.  Is that Evangeline's?

John: Yeah.  Bo, it's got everything in it.  It's got her purse, her keys, her phone.  She wouldn't have left without this, not on her own, anyway.

Bo: I'm going to get more people over here.

John: Damn!  Rex and Natalie had to pull that stupid stunt.

Bo: All right, I'm going to deal with my niece and Balsom after we find Evangeline.

John: Yeah.

[John sighs]

Rex: Natty, where are you?  I'm at the docks, the scam's off.  I had to give up to Mc Bain.  Look, just call me as soon as you get this, ok, so I don't start stressing about you.


R.J.: Jackie, Jackie, all due respect, but, you know, I do not need to be seen talking to you.

Jackie: What's the deal with that?  We're old friends.

R.J.: Yeah, we're friends -- old business friends, you know?  We've done a little too much work together.

Jackie: Well, not like we're doing anything illegal right now.  We can be meeting over an honest gin and tonic instead of being out here with the bugs and the humidity.

R.J.: I cannot afford to raise any eyebrows, ok?  Especially not now.  Slip up, and I could lose my granddaughter to Vega.

Jackie: Hey, custody stuff, man -- knock you right on your ass, make you want to go extreme.

R.J.: He's pushed me to extreme measures.

Jackie: Well, just how far back in are we talking here?

Antonio: Why would Jessica just up and leave -- I mean now, of all times?

Viki: She felt she needed to get away so that she could deal with all these problems she's been having.

Antonio: And you have no idea where she went?

Viki: No.  She wouldn't tell me.  She just said that she needed to get away so that she could get better for us -- for you and for me.

Antonio: Why didn't she tell me?

Viki: I don't know.  I'm guessing that she thought you'd probably try and talk her out of it, you know?  Or maybe saying goodbye to you was more than she could bear because she loves you very much.  Please don't ever doubt that, please.

Antonio: You're right.  You're right, I wouldn't have let her leave.  Why did you?

Jessica: Oh, my God.  This can't be happening.

Tess: It's a dream, stupid.  Time for some pillow talk, Jessica. I tell you my dreams, and you make them come true.  (Woman)

I've got the power.

Jessica: This is my body, not yours.  You need me more than I need you, so we're playing by my rules.

Tess: How you going to make me, Jess?  I mean, you haven't been able to make me do anything else.

Jessica: Oh, well, that's why we're here -- I had to lock you up so you won't get out of control.

Tess: For how long, though?  I mean, really, what are you going to do?  You going to stay here forever?  Because I'm not going anywhere.

Jessica: I'm not going to let you hurt anyone again.

Tess: Like your mother?  Yeah.  I almost put her six feet under.  Ooh, and Antonio.  I got big plans for him.

Jessica: Why?  Why are you doing this?

Tess: Because it's fun.

Jessica: It's fun attacking people, sleeping with stranger after stranger, risking my health, my life?

Tess: I'm just trying to protect you, sweetie.

Jessica: From who?  Antonio?

Tess: Lucky guess.

Jessica: Who else could it be?  You're so predictable.

Tess: No, I'm not.

Jessica: Oh, get over yourself, Tess.  I mean, it's obvious.  You're sleeping with stranger after stranger because you don't want to commit.  So you mess up Antonio and me.  What a cliché.

Tess: Shut up.  Just shut up!  You're the predictable one.  You're the one trying to tie yourself down to some stiff and his kid!

Jessica: That's what I want.  What happened, Tess?  Why did I create you?  What was so terrible in my life that you think you had to come to my rescue?

Todd: Why are you calling off the dogs on Asa? Hmm?  A few weeks ago, you were telling me it was ok if I killed him.

Blair: Well --

Todd: Now it's 180.

Blair: I -- I don't know, you know?  I saw Carlo and I was on all those drugs before, and I think something just registered and I realized that it was Carlo that had me committed and it wasn't Asa.

Todd: And that's why Carlo came here tonight -- to kill you, to finish the job?

Blair: Exactly.

Todd: That's bull and you know it.

Blair: No, it's -- it's not bull --

Todd: I want the truth.  Now, you're always talking to me about no lies, no secrets!

Blair: Ok.

Todd: You want me to stop lying?

Blair: Ok!  Ok.  It wasn't Carlo.  I made a deal with Asa.

Todd: Now, what would possess you to do something like that?

Kevin: Have you seen this woman in here tonight?

Bartender: I know Ms. Williamson.  No, no, she hasn't been around.

Kelly: Still no word on Evangeline?

Kevin: She couldn't have just disappeared into thin air.

Kelly: Well, I hope you don't feel responsible since you are her date.

Kevin: Well, we've become friends -- kind of like you and old what's-his-name.

Kelly: You mean Spencer?

Kevin: Yeah, I know who it is.

Kelly: Are you really worried about her?

Kevin: Well, Evangeline isn't the type of person to just run off and not tell anyone.  I'm afraid something happened to her.

John: The place is sealed.  Nobody leaves until we find Evangeline.

Bo: All right, I got more people here and more cruisers in the area.

John: Good deal.

Roxy: Ahem.  Testing, testing.  Hey, everybody, I just want to express my platitude for giving me the woman of the year cup again, because it's two years running.  Oh, I don't know, maybe it was two years ago.  I don't know, I lost track.  Maybe I'm thinking in dog years.  Anyway, I guess you gave me this thing because I kind of sort of saved Blair Cramer's life, and I burned down the community center, but they replaced it with the beautiful love center.

Nora: Ok, Roxy, this isn't for you, ok?

Roxy: Why not?

Nora: It's not for you.

Roxy: Evangeline?  Because she doesn't give a damn, because she flaked out and she's out partying.

Nora: Ok, give me this now.

Roxy: Stop.

John: Surprised to still see you here.

Hayes: Hey, I've been here.

John: All night?

Hayes: Yeah, with plenty of witnesses.

John: What makes you think you need any?

Hayes: Oh, maybe because you've been harassing me for the last month.

John: You ain't seen nothing, pal.

R.J.: How far back?  As far back as I need to be.

Jackie: Well, what are we talking here, huh?  Nickel-and-dime?  Money laundering?  Chop shop?  What?

R.J.: Jackie, look, whatever you need, I'm in.  I've got to get my club back.

Jackie: Ok . I got something going on that'll net you a bigger fish than Capricorn.

R.J.: That's what I want.  Look, I went clean when I bought that club, but I did that for my daughter.

Jackie: And now you're going back into the life for your granddaughter.

R.J.: You think I like this?  Vega changed the rules.  He's playing dirty.  Now, I need -- I need cash to keep my granddaughter.

Jackie: And then what?  You go back to being an honest citizen?

R.J.: Absolutely.  Look, Jackie, it's got to be a one-time thing.

Jackie: Ok.  It's a plan.  One of my people will be in touch with the details, all right?  Hug?  I'm kidding.  Welcome back.

Rex: Better tell Antonio -- after I find Natty.


Antonio: Viki, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to upset you.

Viki: That's all right.

Antonio: I'm just trying to understand what happened here.  I mean, how did you let her leave without knowing where or why she was leaving?

Viki: Look, it was very important to Jessica that I respect her wishes.

Antonio: But without us there, we can't help her.

Viki: I know that, but she doesn't want our help right now.  I think she's been more worried about us than about taking care of herself.  So -- so maybe going away will be good for her.  Maybe it will help her to be away from us.  She's so concerned that she's hurting us.

Antonio: Ok.  Well, did she say how long she'd be gone?  And she gave you no idea where she was going?

Viki: No.

Antonio: I -- she would -- she would never leave without telling someone where she'd be.  That's not Jessica.  I mean, there must be someone who knows.

Todd: How can you make a deal with Asa?

Blair: I really didn't have a choice, Todd.

Todd: Did he threaten you?  If he did, I swear to God I'll kill him right --

Blair: No -- look, he didn't threaten me.

Todd: Is he blackmailing you?  Is that it?

Blair: No, it's nothing like that.

Todd: Then what is it, please?  Is he leaning on you in some way?  If he is, I won't let him get away with it.

Blair: No, look, I made the choice to make the deal with asa on my own.

Todd: Why would you do something like that?

Blair: Look, I'll tell you if you just promise me -- you have to promise me something first.

Todd: What?

Blair: I swear, Todd, you have to promise -- and I want it in stone -- that you won't try to kill Asa.

Tess: So you want to know why I'm here?  What deep, dark secret from your past brought me out because you were too wimpy to handle it?

Jessica: Yes.  Tell me, Tess.

Tess: Hmm.  I forgot.

Jessica: No, you didn't.  You know exactly what it is.  You're just trying to play with my head.

Tess: And having so much fun.

Jessica: Well, maybe I'm stronger than you think, Tess.

Tess: If you find out about this, you're totally going to fall apart.

Jessica: Or maybe it's what I need to heal, and then I won't need you anymore.

Tess: So then there's really no upside in me telling you, now, is there?  But maybe we can work something out.

Jessica: What?

Tess: You let me come out when I want to.

Jessica: No.

Tess: Oh, just chill and hear me out, ok?  It's not like I'm going to be 24/7 on it.  I'll let you be you sometimes, but you can't lock me into rooms anymore.

Jessica: What, so you can go out clubbing, sleeping with different men, starting fights with my mother, and trying to kill my boyfriend?

Tess: Ok.  I'll try not to kill anybody.  Try.

Jessica: I'm not going to pick up the pieces for you anymore.

Tess: Looks like you really don't have a choice, now, do you?

Jessica: Well, neither do you.

Tess: Actually, yeah, I do.

Jessica: What are you doing?

Tess: Finishing what I started.

Jessica: No, no.  Somebody help me!  Somebody!

Tess: Nobody's coming, Jessie, not mommy, not Tonio, not even uncle Todd.  It's just you and me.  In a couple of minutes, it's just going to be me.

Tess: Looks like I win, Jessica.  And there is no way in hell that I'm staying here.

Rex: Damn it, Natalie.  Nothing from Natalie.  Where are you?

Natalie: Look, I've already told you, I'm not going to pretend I'm in some kind of trouble just to get john to pay attention to me.  What's the point?

Rex: Getting what you want.  Now all you have to do is wait down by the docks, looking all pale, and when Mc Bain gets there, you make up some story about how you escaped the killer's evil clutches, and, bingo.

Natalie: I don't like it.

Rex: Oh, she didn't do it.  She couldn't go through with the plans.  So what the hell's happened to her?

Marcie: The more I think about it, the better I feel.  If Evangeline's disappearance was linked to my book, then she would be in an icy river or some beach house.  Llanview -- we don't have a beach.

Michael: No.

Marcie: And it's summertime, right, so there's no icy river there.

Michael: See?  You got nothing to worry about, kid.

Marcie: I hope so.  Oh, Michael, I hope you're right.

Michael: Look, what probably happened is Evangeline and my brother got into a fight, Evangeline went home to lick her wounds.

Marcie: Hmm. Well, I certainly know how that feels.  You know, I wish that we could just go back to before.  I mean, I wish that we could go back to before all this worrying, before my book, before all these killings.

Michael: Well, we can -- right now.

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: Yeah.  Look, here, why don't you come out on the terrace with me, tell me about your tribute to Jen.

Marcie: Ok.

Kevin: Still no word on Evangeline.

Kelly: Well, do you want me to help you look for her?

Kevin: Sure -- if it doesn't take you away from old Spence too long.

Kelly: Kevin, stop acting like a jealous ex-husband.

Kevin: I'm not.  I'm just worried about Evangeline.

Kelly: Well, we all are.

Kevin: Besides, I don't have a reason to be jealous, do I?

Kelly: I'd be lying if I said no.

Kevin: Then I guess this thing between us hasn't been the same for you as it has been for me.

Kelly: Well, I guess I'd be lying if I said no to that, too.

Spencer: The last time I saw Ms. Williamson she was with Kevin Buchanan.

Dorian: Dr. Truman is my future brother-in-law.

Bo: I heard.

Spencer: I guess I'll see you at the wedding.  Didn't I tell you I've decided to extend my visit?

Dorian: Oh, that's wonderful.  Darling, now you have a best man.

Spencer: Well, I would be so honored.  Thank you.

Officer: Commissioner?

Bo: Yeah.  Excuse me.

Officer: I just came from Ms. Williamson's place.  She's not there.

Bo: Nobody's seen her?

Officer: The doorman said the last he saw her was earlier when she left with your nephew.

John: Have you seen Evangeline Williamson tonight?

Hayes: Who?

John: "Who?" The woman of the year.  I thought you said you were here all night.

Hayes: Yeah, working a room.  I don't pay attention to this stuff.

John: So why be here?

Hayes: Marcie's hosting the event.  I came to see her.  I am still her agent.  You know, why don't you go round up some of the other usual suspects?

John: Sit your ass down.  You're not going anywhere.

Bo: Still nothing?

John: No.  You?

Bo: No.  I'm going to question the maitre d'.

John: All right.  Roxy -- hey.

Roxy: Hey, Johnny boy, you want a hit?

John: No, and you don't get any more either.  Stop.  Hey, listen to me -- listen to me.

Roxy: Yeah, I'm listening, I'm listening.

John: You said something earlier about Evangeline partying, seeing Evangeline partying.

Roxy: Yeah.  I didn't want tell you, because she skipped out with another guy.

John: Tonight?  You saw this tonight?

Roxy: Yeah, just before I got here.

John: Listen, who was it?

Who was it?

Roxy: I don't -- I don't know, because I couldn't see so good.  You know, it was dark outside, and I left my shades on when I came out for happy hour.

John: Listen to me.  You're sure it was her?  You sure it was Evangeline?

Roxy: Of course I'm sure.  Yeah, I did her nails for the big night, man.  I ought to know my own handiwork.  Doesn't look so good on myself.  Anyway, she was blitzed, like, fall-down drunk, and this guy was shoving her into a car, and he was kind of blitzed, also, and then the two of them just sped off.  Don't worry, man.  She's going to be all right.

Evangeline: What is this?  How did I even get here?

Evangeline: Oh, my God, I got to get out of here.

[Woman moans]

Blair: You promise?  Do I have your promise, Todd, that you won't try to kill Asa, hmm?

Todd: Can I hurt him?

Blair: Oh -- you know what?  Forget it.

Todd: I won't kill --

Blair: Forget it.

Todd: I won't kill him.  Talk to me, please.

Blair: I made the deal with Asa.  I told him that I wouldn't press charges against him if he got rid of Margaret.

Todd: I'm going to do that.  We don't need Asa for that.

Blair: Yes, we do, Todd.  Yes, we do, because I don't want you to go to prison.

Todd: I'm not going to get caught.

Blair: I need more of a guarantee than that.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  And I don't want to worry and I don't want bodyguards, I don't want to worry about Margaret.  I want to raise our kids together, without you off in Statesville.  That's why I did it.  Look, I almost lost you before.  I thought you were dead.  And I don't want to spend a life without you, and I know that I couldn't go on without you.

Todd: Ok.

Viki: Yes, ok.  There is someone who knows where Jessie is.

Antonio: So she told someone, not you or me?

Viki: I don't think it's a question of, you know, not trusting us.  I think she just didn't trust herself.

Antonio: You're ok with this?

Viki: Antonio, I have no choice.

Antonio: Look, Viki, whether -- whether she wants to admit it or not, she needs us.  So, please, tell me who knows where she is so that I can -- so I can try and get through to her.

Viki: It's Todd.  She said she was going to tell Todd.  You know, if you call him, I'm sure he'll help you get in touch with her.

Tess: How am I supposed to get out of here?  Thanks a lot, Jessica.

Nun: I just wanted to check in on you, Jessica, see if you wanted anything else.

Tess: I'll take some of that water.

Tess: Whew.  Thank God these nuns have moved into the 20th century.  Oh, hallelujah.  Ginger?  Hey, it's Tess.  Listen, I'm in St. Ann's -- I'll explain the stupid story when you break me out of this pit, ok?  Hurry up.

Nun: I'm sorry to bother you again.  I think I must have dropped my cell phone.

Tess: Oh.  Well -- oh -- here it is.  Oh, thank God I got through to the outside world.  Help is on the way.

Kelly: Well, no one I've talked to has seen Evangeline.

Kevin: Same here.

Kelly: So she really is gone.

Spencer: Well, I hope she's all right.  She seemed like such a nice girl.  I really liked her when I met her.

Kevin: Ah, is there a woman you've met in Llanview you didn't like?

Spencer: Well, there's certainly no shortage of amazing women in Llanview.

Dorian: There you two are.

David: There's three of them.

Dorian: I know.  I'm sure you two want to be alone, have some quiet time together after everything that's happened tonight.

Rex: I need to talk to you.

Bo: Not right now.  You know, I heard about that trick that you and Natalie played on John.  You two caused a lot of problems.  I ought to haul you both in right now.

Rex: Look, it might have started out as a trick, ok, but Natty never showed.  And now I can't find her.  Now she's really missing.

John: You saw someone carrying Evangeline to a car and you didn't think to tell anyone?

Roxy: Well, I didn't want you to know she was hooking up with some guy.

John: What'd he look like?

Roxy: Beats me.

John: What about the car?  Can you describe the car?

Roxy: I don't know.  It's got me –

John: Think.

Roxy: I'm thinking, I'm thinking, but my brain is a real fuzzy.

Nora: Then sit down and drink and unfuzz.

John: This is Mc Bain.  I'm calling in a kidnapping.

Lisa: What?  You think my baby's been kidnapped?

Evangeline: Ok.  Ok.  Oh, my --

Evangeline: Natalie?

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: Something is different between the two of you.

Jessica: I called?

Ginger: You don't remember?

Evangeline: They're using us to get to John.

Rex: Natalie could be in as much trouble as Evangeline, and if she is it's because of you.

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