OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/23/05

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/23/05

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Brandi

Duke: It looks deserted.

Adriana: Oh, thank goodness.  I'm dying to wash some of this dust off.

Duke: Well, we can't stay here too long.  Those goons could still be on our tail.

Adriana: How?  We tied them up.  We're miles ahead of them.

Duke: Yeah, assuming they were alone.

Adriana: Maybe we should keep going.

Duke: The horse does need some rest.  And we do, too.

Adriana: That Carlo guy scares me.  Between him and Asa --

Duke: Hey, I'm not going to let anything happen to you.  I just wish I knew why Asa was doing this.

Asa: Where in the hell did Duke run off to?  We've got to be in Llanview by tonight.

Renee: He tracked you down to Argentina.  He probably can find his way home.  He's probably there already.

Asa: No, Bo would have been on my tail already.  The boy's laying low around here somewhere.  But this jet has to be in the air real soon.

Renee: I am not going anywhere until I get some truth.  Why are you so sure that Blair Cramer is not going to testify against you for locking her up in that mental institution?

Todd: I know something about Antonio turns Jessica into this Tess character.

Blair: Oh, come on.  Split personalities don't just happen overnight.  It's formed by some trauma that happens while you're a child.

Todd: Ah, no, no, no.  It comes out when you feel like you need to be protected in some way.  It's my guess is that Antonio threatens her in some way, and then -- and then Tess comes out to take the heat.

Blair: Oh, come on.  Antonio and Jessica are crazy about each other.  I mean, unless Tess comes out to hide something -- oh, you know what?  It doesn't make sense, Todd, none of it.

Todd: It doesn't matter.  It's happening anyway.  Jessica's sick, and Vega's making it worse.

Blair: You just don't like him.

Todd: He turned my niece into a raging slut, sleeping with everybody she can get her hands on and almost killed my sister.

Blair: What can we do?

Todd: We can't do anything.  I don't want you anywhere near her.  She could become as crazy as Margaret, and then some.

Tess' voice: Don't do it, Jessie.  I nearly killed your mom, and believe me when I tell you that I can do a lot worse to Antonio.

Jessica: Yeah, hi.  It's Jessica.  Listen, I can't do this anymore.  I can't let Tess go on hurting the people that I love.  So we have to stop her and we have to stop her now, because she's catching on. There?  No.  No, you're right.  You're absolutely right.  I'll be right there.  No, Tess, no.  I'm not letting you out till I'm ready for you.

Viki: Jessie -- Jessie, why were you so angry?

Jessica: Mom?

Viki: Hi, darling.  What's -- what is it?

Jessica: I -- I just came to say goodbye.

Blair: You really think Jessica's alter ego is as dangerous as Margaret?

Todd: Not yet.  But I think if she got backed into a corner, yeah, she could give Margaret a run for her money.

Blair: Oh, you know what?  This is really great.  We finally get our lives back to normal, we've got somebody else out there terrorizing people.

Todd: It's not just somebody else.  It's Jessica.  She's not a stranger.

Blair: Well, you're making me crazy here.  You really think that Jess/Tess is going to come after me?

Todd: Not if she doesn't know that I told you.

Blair: Todd --

Todd: Well, I don't think she'd risk that.  Well, if the doctors fixed Viki, I think they can fix Jessica.

Blair: I just saw Jessica at the hospital.  Oh, God, do you think that she could hurt Viki?

Todd: Not if I can help it.  Why don't you just stay here, keep your phone on, don't go anywhere without security, ok?

Blair: Ok, ok.

Kelly: Hey, Todd.  What's up with him?

Blair: He's worried about Viki, and you know what?  The kids aren't ready yet.  Jack is upstairs making a present for mama.

Kelly: Oh, well, that's good, because I'm having a fashion emergency.  I need your opinion on which dress to wear to the woman of the year dinner.

Blair: Ok, but could you do me a favor, though?

Kelly: Sure.

Blair: Well, the kids really want to go to the hospital to see Viki, and I just cannot bear to go into the hospital again.  It just gives me the heebie-jeebies, I guess, because Asa had me in the sanitarium.  I just -- please, could you --

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, you want me to take them?

Blair: Would you?

Kelly: Sure.

Blair: Thanks, thanks.

Kelly: Ok, you're going to have to make me choose which one.  I have to make a decision, and I can't.

Blair: Right, Barbie.  When do you have a problem picking out something to wear?

Kelly: Well, I want to look nice.

Blair: Uh-huh.  Nice girls don't wear dresses without backs.

Kelly: That's the front.

Blair: Oh, my.  Who are you going with?

Kelly: Spencer Truman.

Blair: Really?  So, is it over between you and Kevin?

Kevin: I'm not sugarcoating it, dad.  Oh.  Mom is a lot better, honestly.  I mean, she's tired, but the doctors say she's going to be fine.  No, I haven't heard from Duke.  No, I've got B.E. security looking into it, and Bo's trying to find him, too.  Yeah, I will, as soon as I hear from him.  I know, I'll call you later.

Antonio: Something stronger?

Kevin: No, coffee's fine.  With my mother in the hospital, I need to stay sharp.

Antonio: How's she doing?

Kevin: Well, the doctors say she's out of the woods, so -- hey, listen, congratulations.  Jess told me that you bought this place out from under R.J.

Antonio: I'm trying to get my girl back.

Kevin: Oh.

Antonio: So I'll do whatever it takes.

Kevin: Yeah, I understand that.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, you do, don't you?

Kevin: Yeah, I think about Ace all the time, you know?  Wonder how he's doing, if he's ok, if he still remembers me.

Antonio: Well, maybe you'll have another kid someday.

Kevin: Yeah, you'll get Jamie back.  Look, no judge is going to let a man like Gannon raise a kid that's not even his.

Antonio: Well, too bad you're not the judge.

Kevin: So I noticed that Jessica was wearing her engagement ring again.

Antonio: On her neck. I don't want to pressure her.

Kevin: Well, it's a start.

Viki: You came to say goodbye?  What do you mean?  Where are you going?  Honey, what's happened?

Jessica: Mom, I -- I've been seeing a doctor, a therapist, actually.  I didn't tell you because I didn't want to worry you, and look at where it got us, huh?

Viki: Ok, you have to hear me when I say this, all right?  Nothing that you said or did put me in this hospital bed, ok?  You bear no responsibility for my condition.  Now, you're seeing a therapist?  Why, darling?  Sweetheart, I want to help you.  What is wrong?  What's wrong?

Jessica: Nothing, nothing's wrong.  It's just, you know, Dr. Jamison -- he just -- he thinks that I should just get away for a little while, away from the stress that I've been under.  It's just -- it's just for a little while and -- I mean, look, I thought you'd be happy.  I'm finally following the doctor's orders.

Viki: This is not like you.  You would never leave while I'm in the hospital.

Jessica: Mom, Dr. Miller says that you're doing just fine, that you're going to be out very, very soon.

Viki: Jessica, you wouldn't leave me alone now if I begged you to.  So why on earth are you going away now?

Jessica: I -- mom, it's -- it's because of you and Antonio and Natalie.  I don't want to keep on hurting the people that I love.  I can't.

Viki: Ok, you're not hurting me, all right, and you have -- darling, I know you've had some sort of emotional --

Jessica: Mom, I haven't been myself lately, ok?  It's just -- what I mean is I haven't felt right -- felt right since I married Tico.

Viki: Are you getting pressure from Antonio?

Jessica: No. God, no.  No, he's wonderful, he's so understanding, but I've been hurting him, too.  I keep on pushing him away, and I -- I don't understand why.  I mean, but I can just see the look on his face.

Viki: I don't see him leaving.

Jessica: I'm breaking his heart.  And what I did to you --

Viki: Jessica, no!

Jessica: Mom, I know that you remember the horrible things that I -- that I said to you.  And I -- I just -- I don't want to hurt you anymore.

Viki: Shh, shh.  Look, I don't -- I really don't remember everything, ok?  I only remember little, you know, bits and pieces, that's all.

Jessica: I'm so ashamed, mom.  I -- I just -- I couldn't bear it if I hurt you like that again.

Viki: And that's why you're leaving?  Jessie, baby, running away is not the answer.  Saying goodbye doesn't change a thing.

Kevin: Listen, I was hoping you could help me with something.

Antonio: If I can.

Kevin: Evangeline Williamson won woman of the year.

Antonio: Yeah, I heard.  She deserves it.

Kevin: Yeah, she does.  I'm escorting her tonight to the banquet.

Antonio: She's going with you?

Kevin: Yeah.  Her and John broke up.

Antonio: Yeah, I heard.  I'm just surprised she's already dating.

Kevin: Well, this award is a big honor.  I don't think she should have to go by herself.  I'd like to have her friends all around, so I was thinking about arranging an after-party.

Antonio: Here?

Kevin: Yeah.  I mean, she loves this place now that R.J.'s not around.  It's perfect.

Antonio: I'm sorry, Kevin. I can't do that.

Starr: Wow, that one's hot.

Blair: Oh, and so was the other one.  Kelly, you can't go wrong with either dress.

Kelly: Oh, the other one is Kevin's favorite color, so --

Blair: I thought you said you were going with Spencer.

Starr: Spencer?

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: Isn't he the one that saved Jack's life?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Kelly: Uh-huh.

Starr: He's a lot cooler than Kevin.

Blair: Ooh, she has a point.  I don't think we need to care what Mr. Buchanan thinks.

Kelly: Well, Kevin's going to be there.  I think he's going with Evangeline Williamson or something.

Blair: "Or something."

You're jealous

Kelly: I am not jealous.

Blair: You are so jealous.

Kelly: Kevin and I are just friends.

Blair: Uh-huh, then why are you worried about what color you wear and that you make sure Kevin likes the color?

Kelly: Force of habit, I guess.

Blair: Uh-huh.  So what's really going on with you and Kevin?  Come on.

Kelly: I don't know.  He kissed me the other day, and it felt right --

Starr: Kevin kissed you?

Blair: Well, that's a step in the right direction.  Hey.

Kelly: Wait a minute.  You don't like Kevin.  Now you think we should get back together?

Blair: You're the one that said that it felt right.

Starr: Oh, wait a minute.  Kevin's a rat, and Dr. Truman's a hottie.

Blair: But wait a minute, Starr.  See, Kevin kissed Kelly.

Starr: Why?  Was he trying to make Dr. Truman jealous?

Kelly: I don't know.  Maybe.  Every time I'm with Spencer, Kevin seems to want me a little bit more.

Starr: Let me get this straight.  So when Kevin kissed you --

Kelly: I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you.

Blair: Well, come on, look at her, she's a teenager.

Starr: Well, was it a good kiss, like, with tongue and everything?

Blair: Oh, Starr!

Kelly: Ah!  Oh, my ears!

Blair: Wait a minute, wait, wait, wait.  I hear something.  Do you hear something?

Starr: I didn't hear anything.

Blair: Watch the kids.  Watch -- watch the kids.  Hey!

Kelly: What's going on with her?

Starr: Ever since Margaret kidnapped her, she always hears things.

Kelly: This place is a fortress.  No one's getting in here.

Starr: It doesn't matter.  Ever since my mom and dad got back, they're paranoid about everything and everyone.

Jessica: I'm not leaving because of you.

Viki: Really?

Jessica: It's not just you.  Mom, I have to figure out why I lashed out on you and Todd like that and make sure that it never, ever happens again.

Viki: I mean, if you think you have to do this --

Jessica: I do have to do this.

Viki: But, honey, I can't let you leave thinking you're responsible for my heart attack, because I swear to god you're not.  Jessie, I've been very, very sick.  This would have happened whether we had fought or not.

Jessica: No.  You were getting better.

Viki: No, I was not getting better.  Please, darling, don't do this to yourself.  Don't think you have to leave for my sake, ok?

Jessica: Mom, I'm no good for anyone right now, not for you and not for Antonio and not for Jamie.  I need to find some way to deal with this thing.  I'm so angry, I -- it's overwhelming, mom, and I'm scared.

Viki: Then stay.  Let us help you.

Jessica: I'm too scared to stay.  Oh, mom, don't feel bad.  Please don't feel bad.  Listen, listen.  You said that you don't want me to blame myself for what happened to you, ok?  So don't blame yourself for what I'm going through.  It's not your fault, mom.  I swear it's not.

Viki: It's not my fault?  Jessica, where on earth are you going?

Jessica: Mom, I'm sorry.  I can't tell you where I'm going.  I'm so sorry, but it's just going to be for a little while.  I just need to be on my own, and I'll call.

Viki: Darling, what if we need -- I mean, what if we need to reach you?  You know, you've got to tell somebody where you are.  But tell Natalie.

Jessica: Uncle Todd.

Viki: What?

Jessica: I'll tell uncle Todd, and if you need to reach me, then you can ask him and -- and he'll get to me, ok?  But, please, don't worry at all.  Don't worry.

Viki: Of course I'm going to worry about you.  But it's all right. I -- I guess I understand that -- that you have to go away, but I love you so much.

Jessica: I'm so sorry, mom.

Viki: Don't.  I love you.  I love you, honey.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Viki: You be safe.  Jess --

Todd: Jess?

Jessica: Hey.  I need your help.

Todd: What's going on?

Jessica: I need to go away somewhere so Tess can't hurt the people that I love anymore.  I need to go now.

Antonio: Look, I just don't feel right having you give a party for Evangeline here at my place.

Kevin: Why?  Because of Mc Bain?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, and Evangeline's my friend.  She's going through a bad breakup.  I think it's wrong that you make a move on her when she's down.

Kevin: That's not what this is about.

Antonio: My place, right?

Kevin: I respect that, but just so you know where I'm coming from, Evangeline didn't have a date.  Kelly did.  We're each other's second-string, so to speak.  We both know that.  And I think she deserves a night to remember.  And if John's not going to give it to her, I will.

Starr: So you're into Kevin again?

Kelly: "Into" him?  I don't know.

Starr: Well, Dr. Truman saved Jack's life, and he's a babe.

Kelly: "A babe," huh?

Starr: Well, for his age, he's cool.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, I guess for his age, he's cool.  But, you know, Kevin and I loved each other for a long time, and sometimes that just doesn't go away.

Starr: I understand.  I really liked Travis, I actually thought that I loved him, but when he went back to New York, he got a new girlfriend.  If he came back to Llanview, I'd try to ignore him, but inside I'd be happy.  And if he grabbed me and kissed me again --

Jack: Yuck.

Kelly: Oh, you -- come here.  "Yuck."

[Kelly laughs]

Blair: I -- I must have been hearing things.

Starr: Mom, you really have to chill, ok?  The last time you freaked out about Margaret you practically clobbered Mrs. Guilsen.

Blair: Yeah, yeah, I know, Starr, I know, and I promise you that nothing like that is going to happen again.  Really, ok?  I just thought I heard something, that's all, and I -- I was wrong.  I was wrong.

Adriana: Is it time to go?

Duke: No.  I just fed the horse.  We shouldn't ride him for a few hours.

Adriana: Well, maybe we should start walking.

Duke: No.  I think we're ok here for a little bit.  I mean, at least we have cover.  And if we're out in the open, I --

Adriana: Let's not talk about it.

Duke: Ok.  Why don't you get some more sleep.  I'll keep watch.

Adriana: Thanks for looking out for me.

Duke: I'd do anything for you.

Man: Aqui -- bastardo.  Oye, malparido, you think you can attack two of our men and it's ok?

[Adriana gasps]

Man: You move, chiquita dies.

Renee: Now, Asa, I want the truth about Blair.  How are you planning to stop her from testifying?

Asa: Renee, please --

Renee: No, no, come on.  I know that you are up to something, and Carlo is in on it somehow.  Otherwise, you would have drawn and quartered him like that.  Now, what are you two planning to do?

Asa: There are some more important things, woman, like finding Duke.

Renee: All right.  Start talking, because otherwise, I am going to call Bo and tell him about everything, including this new business arrangement that you have with Carlo Hesser.

Starr: Mom, come on, it's getting late.

Blair: Yeah, I know --

Jack: I want to see grandma!

Blair: I know.  I --

Kelly: Blair, are you ok?

Blair: Yeah, I'm just -- I'm just a little neurotic, ok?

Kelly: You're not neurotic.  You've been through a lot.  It wasn't that long ago.

Blair: I just don't want to be locked up here forever, you know, Kelly.

Kelly: Todd has done everything he can to make you as safe as humanly possible, and no one's heard from Margaret in months.

Blair: He mentioned her today, and now it's just fresh on my brain.

Kelly: Well, what did he say?

Blair: I don't know.  We were talking about somebody else.  He was making a comparison to Marg-- it's nobody that you know.

Jack: Mom, let's go.

Blair: Ok.  Let's go see grandma.

Starr: Finally.

Blair: Open the door, you knuckleheads.

Kelly: All right.

[Security system beeps]

[Phone rings]

Carlo: I said no calls.

Man: We have Buchanan's great-grandson and his pretty little girlfriend.

Carlo: Good.  If Buchanan tries to double-cross me, you know what to do.

Man: No problem.

Renee: I am not bluffing here.  You've got exactly five seconds.

[Phone rings]

Asa: What?

Duke: Grandpa.

Asa: Duke.  Where the hell are you?  I've had a posse traipsing all over for you.  Renee and I are on the jet now waiting for you.  We're going home, son.

Duke: Go ahead without me.

Asa: Why?

Duke: Because I'm having fun down here -- doing some riding, hanging out with the locals.

Asa: You find yourself a little South American filly, huh?

Duke: Grandpa, I -- you're breaking up.  I can't hear you.  I got to go.

Asa: Duke is going to stay down here.  We're rolling, Mike.  Next stop, Llanview.

Renee: Good.  We have the whole flight home.  You can tell me everything that you plan to do to Blair Cramer.

Blair: Mama, I am sorry that we are late.

Starr: Yeah, Kelly needed to try on a new dress for her date.

Addie: With who?

Kelly: You're looking so beautiful.

Addie: So do you.  I'm sure you're going to win his heart.

Kelly: Oh.

Blair: Hmm.

Addie: Aren't you going to hug me?

Starr: Hello.

Addie: Oh.

Starr: I got you a present.

Addie: What is it?

Starr: It's a poetry book.  I read it in English class, and I really liked it.  I even got an A on the test.

Blair: Oh, of course you did, because you're my genius.

Starr: Mom --

Jack: I brought a present, too.

Addie: "Grandma."  But that's not me.

Jack: You're supposed to look in the flowers.

Blair: Mama, he cut out pictures of all the things that remind him of you, mama -- like flowers.

Addie: Oh -- oh, thank you, thank you, Jack.  I love it.  I love it.

Jack: Let's go feed the ducks.

Blair: The ducks?  Well, listen, can we wait a little while, because I want to spend some time with -- well, Kelly and I actually want to spend some adult time with grandma.

Jack: Girl time?

Starr: You know what?

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: I'll take him.

Blair: You will?

Starr: Yeah.  I saw this kid from my class outside.

Blair: What kid?

Starr: Just a guy.

Blair: Oh.

Starr: Stop.

Blair: "Stop."  Ok, well, get going, but just watch your little brother, ok?

Starr: No, actually, I thought I'd feed him to the ducks.

Blair: Oh, you're funny.  I hear that.

Addie: I don't understand.  Why do I remind Jack of cookies?

Blair: Because you're so sweet.

Addie: Are you -- are you still scared Margaret is going to get you?

Kelly: Blair's been doing a lot better with that, right, Blair?

Blair: Mama, what's -- what's wrong?

Addie: Well, Margaret used to live here.  I used to be -- and I'd see her right across the room --

Blair: Mama, please, just stop talking about Margaret.  Just stop.

Todd: So what happened?  Did Tess come out?

Jessica: No.  I heard her voice inside my head, and she told me that if Antonio ever found out about her she would get rid of him.

Todd: Maybe that's not such a bad idea.

Jessica: It's horrible, Todd.  Listen, I don't care what you think about Antonio.  I'm not going to let her hurt him.  I'm not going to let her anywhere near my mom again either.

Todd: What are you going to do about it?

Jackie: First of the day.

Antonio: Good way to start.  Want another?

Jackie: I heard something about Viki Davidson.  She having problems with Ben's ticker?

Antonio: Yeah, something like that.

Jackie: She going to be all right?

Antonio: I didn't realize you two were friends.

Jackie: Viki's one of the greatest broads I ever met.  Made a new man out of Ben.  The love of a good woman can do that to you.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, I know.  Listen, Jackie, we need to talk about R.J.

Jackie: You got one of your own now, you know, since that -- that other girl?  What?  Andy?

Antonio: Yeah.  Yeah, I got a great one now.

Jessica: Will you stay with me, just -- just until I get somewhere where I know I can't hurt anyone else?

Todd: Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.

Jessica: Ok, I just need to go and say goodbye to Antonio.

Todd: No, no, no, hold on.  Something about Antonio brings out your bad side.  And if Tess is getting stronger, do you want to risk it with Antonio?  Yo corn dog!

Addie: Blair --

Blair: Mama --

Addie: I don't understand --

Blair: Shh, shh, shh.  Mama, look, I am so sorry.  I didn't mean to yell at you, and I just try not to think about Margaret, and sometimes -- sometimes I do and I get angry and I yell at people that don't deserve it, and I'm so sorry.  I'm so sorry.

Addie: I am, too.  I'm sorry, too.  I shouldn't have mentioned her, but sometimes I get scared, too.

Blair: I know, I know, and she is not going to hurt you, ok?  Don't you even think about it, all right?  Try not to think about it.  Kelly has a date with a doctor.

Addie: Is he handsome?

Kelly: Well, I guess he is.

Blair: You guess he is?  Mama, this doctor is gorgeous.  He's smart, he's kind --

Kelly: Blair, stop.

Blair: He's caring.  Well, he is.

Addie: Dori will be so happy when she gets back from Paris.

Kelly: Why?

Addie: Well, if you're going out with a doctor, then obviously Kevin Buchanan is out of your life.  Unless -- Kelly, are you trying to make Kevin jealous?

Blair: Oh, now, mama, that is a very, very good question.  Are you, Kelly?

Kelly: You guys are impossible.  I'm going to -- I need to go get the kids, because I -- it's getting late, so I --

Blair: Look, she can't -- she's so flustered.  You know what?  You better get it together if you're going to try to blow Kevin away.

Kelly: I just meant that I need to take the kids by to see Viki before I drop them off.  That's it, and it's getting late, so goodbye, Addie.

Blair: Oh, ok.

Kelly: See you.

Blair: Well, you go get 'em, tiger.

Kelly: All right.

Blair: Ok.

Addie: Is Kelly still in love with Kevin?

Blair: I think she is, mama, but she'll be the last one to admit it.

Kevin: Mom?  You ok?

Viki: Kevin, darling, hi.  Yeah.  I'm sorry.  I didn't see you there.

Kevin: I thought Jessica was supposed to be here.

Viki: She was here earlier.  She came to say goodbye to me.

Kevin: Is she going someplace?

Viki: Uh-huh.  Kevin, apparently Jessica has been seeing a therapist, which I, of course, did not know.  And there's her doctor -- I don't know what he told her -- she has to get away or something to process -- I don't know, whatever.  Kevin, I don't know what's going on with her.

Kevin: Well, I have to admit she hasn't been herself lately.  The other night when you were admitted after your heart attack, we were trying to reach her all night, couldn't get ahold of her.  Then when she finally showed up, she blamed herself for bringing the whole thing on.

Viki: Oh, God.

Kevin: It was -- it's very strange.  I don't know.  Did something happen that night that I don't know about?

Viki: We had been in an argument.  We had a terrible argument.  But, you know, there's much more going on than that, you know?  She said to me that she's so angry all the time for no reason.  And it's not just angry with me, she said.  She's angry with everyone, and she's lashing out at Antonio, as well.

Jackie: I admire your entrepreneurial ambitions, taking over an establishment like this.  It's quite impressive.

Antonio: Well, Jackie, I know what went down with you and R.J. in that alley the other day, all right?  He said he was willing to throw down with you in some kind of shady deal?

Jackie: A sub-legal enterprise.  That's right, I dangled the bait, and yesterday like clockwork, he rings me up, says he's looking to dive into some shady waters -- as you call them.  It's actually an excellent opportunity.

Antonio: But is it illegal?

Jackie: Sub-legal.  Comprende?  As usual, I'm keeping my personal hands clean, but let's just say you have R.J. right where you want him.  Hmm?  So now, if you'll pour me a drink of appreciation --

Todd: What are you going to do?

Jessica: I can't give Tess the chance to come out again.  If she gets control, I -- I have to protect Antonio.

Todd: Well, then, you should get out of here as soon as possible.  Then you'll both be safe.

Jessica: Goodbye, Antonio.  I love you.

Todd: Come on.

Dr. Jamison: Hello, Jessica.

Jessica: Hi, dr. Jamison.  This is my uncle Todd Manning.

Todd: Now, listen, if you let anything happen to my niece --

Jessica: Don't, please, Todd.  Todd --

Dr. Jamison: I'm going to take good care of her.  After you called, I pulled some strings with the facility director.  I got you a private room.

Jessica: Does it lock from the outside?

Dr. Jamison: Yes.

Jessica: Ok, because Tess is smart.  She's really, really smart. I mean, she tricked you when you hypnotized me.  She acts like me and you can't tell the difference, so -- I don't know.  I'm just worried if she gets out she's liable to kill someone.

Dr. Jamison: Well, that's not going to happen.  Jessica, I've arranged for the doctors here to oversee your treatment during your stay.  They'll be best equipped to see you through this, all right?  Now, excuse me while I complete your transfer forms.

Jessica: Thank you.

Todd: Do we really have to have you committed?  I wish you'd just go somewhere and try to find some therapy that works.

Jessica: That's what I'm doing, Todd.  Listen, listen, I know you don't want to see me locked up here, but even you can't handle Tess.

Todd: I can get bodyguards.

Jessica: Yeah, that wouldn't work either, Todd.  Tess is me, ok?  If she did something to hurt you, you couldn't do anything about it because you can't hurt me.  Do you love me?  Good.  You're going to have to promise me that you won't tell anyone that I'm here.

Todd: Jessica --

Jessica: Promise me.

Todd: I promise.

Jessica: Good.  Now say goodbye.

Todd: I can stay.

Jessica: No, you can't.  I have to do this on my own.  You understand that, right?

Todd: Yeah.

Todd: You get well for your mom, ok?

Kevin: Well, hopefully Jessica's doctor knows what's best.  I mean, I don't think that she would leave unless she thought she didn't have any other choice.

Viki: I know.  That's why I'm so worried.  And I'm left with nothing to do but pray.

Kevin: Well, your prayers usually get results.

Viki: You look extremely handsome.

Kevin: Yeah?

Viki: Yeah.

Kevin: Well, thank you.  I actually tied this myself tonight.

Viki: And you did a fairly decent job.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Viki: Although, Kelly could probably have done it better.  Why didn't she tie it?

Kevin: Well, I'm not taking Kelly.  I'm going with Evangeline Williamson.

Viki: Well, isn't that interesting.

Kevin: Yeah, she and John broke up --

Viki: Oh.

Kevin: And I don't think she should have to go to her own party by herself.

Viki: Ok, why aren't you taking Kelly?

Kevin: She's going with Spencer Truman.

Viki: Is she, now?  So how do you feel about that, Kevin, hmm?

Kevin: You know what?  I'm fine.  It's no problem.  Look, it's Evangeline's night, and I'm going to make sure that it's one to remember.

Duke: I'm sorry for getting you into this.

Adriana: It's not your fault.

Duke: Yeah, but if it wasn't for me, you'd still be safe at home in Llanview.

Adriana: Duke, you didn't make me come here.  I came because I wanted to be with you.  It's not exactly how I planned it, but it's ok.  As long as we're together, I'm ok.

Duke: You're something else.  You know that?

Asa: Why are you so damn suspicious?

Renee: Because Blair Cramer has been through hell.  And as I told you, I have no intention of letting you hurt her any more than you have already.

Asa: Stop worrying about that hellcat.

Renee: How are you planning to stop her and shut her up, and how does Carlo figure into it?

Asa: Why don't you pour us a couple of drinks and just try and enjoy the end of your vacation.

Renee: I know what you're doing here, Asa.  There is no way that Blair Cramer is not going to testify against you -- unless she can't.  And you can't be the one to stop her because you would be the number one suspect.  So that's how Carlo comes in.  You've sent Carlo to kill Blair?

Blair: Hey, Todd, it's me.  I know you're with Jessica.  Give me a call and let me know what's going on with her, ok?  Thanks.  Ahem.  Todd?  Todd, are you here?  Guard?  Guard.  Guard, come up here.  Oh -- oh, jeez -- oh, thank God.  Look, I just came up and it's -- it's been disarmed.  I tried to call you.  What took you so long?

Carlo: Hello, Blair.  It's so good to see you again.

Blair: No.  No!  No!

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: What's been going on while I was away, hmm?

John: Is it a problem for you, me being here?

Natalie: Where are you going with Jessica's things?

Nun: Welcome to St. Ann's.  I'll be checking you in.

Carlo: If you stay still, it shouldn't hurt a bit.

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