OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/9/05

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/9/05



By Boo
Proofread by Brandi

Blair: You know how to treat a lady, I can tell you that much.  Last night was amazing.

Todd: Just now was pretty good, too.

Blair: Hmm.  With everything that we've been through, with Margaret and Asa --

Todd: Shh.  Shut up!

Blair: Right.  They don't exist -- not today, they don't.  But I tell you who I do want to talk to -- room service.   I'm starving.

Todd: You -- I love you.

Blair: Oh, yeah?  Why don't you crawl back under here and show me how you love me?

Antonio: Are you sure you're ok?  Look, I could -- I could skip this meeting if you'll feel better with me there.

Jessica: Well, I always feel better with you around, but I'm ok, really -- better than ok, actually, now that I have a plan for getting better.

Antonio: Well, I'd like to know what it is.

Jessica: Yeah, well, right now I just kind of want to get started.

Antonio: All right.  I will keep my cell phone on.  Call me when you're done.

Jessica: Will do.  Antonio -- I love you.

Antonio: I love you, too.

Jessica: Bye.

Jessica: Hi, Dr. Jamison.

Dr. Jamison: Jessica.  How are you doing?

Jessica: I'm -- I'm fine, but I have a request.

Dr. Jamison: Ok.  Let's hear it.

Jessica: I want you to hypnotize me.

Spencer: You know, there's a reason the table's only set for one.

David: Good.  Gives me more room to show you something.

Spencer: What could you possibly have, David, that I would find even remotely interesting?  Wow, that is impressive.  You own a briefcase.

Rex: Well, that ought to teach him.

Natalie: What?

Rex: Mc Bain.  He must've really done something to piss you off this time.

Natalie: Hell, you know what, Rex?  I hate guys.

John: Why are you talking about?  What do you think I said?

Evangeline: Don't play dumb, John, please.  Don't do that.

John: I'm not playing dumb.  I guess I just am dumb because I don't know what you're talking about.

Evangeline: Yes, you do, you do know, so don't play clueless with me.  You told Natalie that you loved her, didn't you?  The words that you could never say to me, the woman you're supposed to be with.

John: Slow down, all right?  Back up for a second.

Evangeline: No.  I want you to answer me.  Where do you think that leaves us?

John: I don't know, but this is beginning to sound like an inquisition.

Evangeline: All I want right now is a straight answer.  Can you tell me that you love me?

John: What are you doing this?

Evangeline: If you can't answer that simple question, I don't want to do this anymore.

John: Do what?

Evangeline: Be with you.

Matthew: I smell cookies.

Bo: Yeah, me, too.

Matthew: Maybe Marianne knew I was coming home and she --

Nora: I made the cookies.  I don't know how they're going to taste, but -- oh.  Oh, God!  Oh, I've missed you so much.  I have so missed you.

Dr. Jamison: Well, hypnosis is sometimes an option in cases such as yours.

Jessica: Well, it's not an option for me, doctor.  It's what I need.

Dr. Jamison: Why is that?

Jessica: Because I found some things out about myself, some very confusing and disturbing things.  I don't even know where to start.

Dr. Jamison: Just tell me what you know.

Jessica: Well, I -- I have another personality.  Her name's Tess and we have to stop her before she completely destroys me.

Antonio: Thanks for meeting me here.

Jackie: Curiosity got the best of me.

Antonio: You know, I thought you had better taste than to read that crap.

Jackie: Headline caught my eye -- article about a former cop.

Spencer: I'm surprised, David.  I mean, that really is impressive.

David: That's right -- $100,000, enough to get you to skip town.

Spencer: I'm still talking about the briefcase.

David: Oh, that's funny -- you're laughing?  What is so funny?

Spencer: You thinking you could pay me to leave town.

David: It wouldn't be the first time.

Spencer: You've still got a lot of the carny in you, David, don't you?  You know, I'm swimming in a much bigger pond right now, so why don't you just take your really nice briefcase and your money and shove it right back in your piggy bank because I'm not going anywhere.

Rex: Come here.  Sit down.  Take a deep breath.  Tell me what's wrong.

Natalie: All right.  You were right about one thing.  John was worried about me when we were out in the woods and he found us.  And of course, he had to rip into me about putting myself in danger but -- ok, get this.  He crossed the line, and not -- not just saying that he cares about me.  Rex, he actually told me that he loved me.

Rex: Whoa.  Those were his exact words?

Natalie: Close enough.  And then what does stupid old Natalie go and do?  You know, I went -- I went to ask him to see if maybe he wanted to shoot some pool, you know, to blow off some steam and --

Rex: And he wasn't in the mood to be hustled?

Natalie: He totally blew me off.  He was so cold.  And you know, I thought about him and I was like, ok, maybe he's just a little frightened by everything, you know, and maybe I should just backtrack and apologize and then you-know-who walks in the room.

Rex: Evangeline.

Natalie: Mm-hmm, all gorgeous, eight-foot-long leg of her.  Then I'm out here, I'm filing, and she's in the office with John doing --

Rex: Doing what?

Natalie: Yeah, thanks, Rex.  You make me feel so much better.

John: You're serious?  You want to end this over something you thought you heard or someone told you?

Evangeline: This isn't just something, John.  This is everything, and you know that.

John: No, let's get one thing straight -- I never made any declarations of love to anyone.

Evangeline: Well, certainly not to me.  And I'm just so tired of this -- wondering and worrying.

John: Then stop it.

Evangeline: I'd love to, but every time I turn around, there Natalie is.  There she always is.

John: Let's not do this again.

Evangeline: No -- let's.  Because I don't have to live my life speculating over what's true and what's not, if you're having an affair, if you're not --

John: I'm not cheating.

Evangeline: Sexually you're not cheating.  But emotionally, you are not committing to me.

John: What kind of commitment would you like?

Evangeline: The kind that makes me feel like our relationship is going somewhere.

John: It is going somewhere.

Evangeline: We are frozen.  We're frozen in time.

John: That's -- that's not true.  Look, it may not be moving at a pace that you would like, but I'm getting better and I feel like I get closer to you every day.

Evangeline: John, just stop it, please.  Just stop it.  Can you look at me right now and tell me that you love me?

[Todd growls]

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Is that all you've got to say?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Hmm?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Yeah?

Blair: Hey!  I thought we had a late checkout.

Todd: We do.

Blair: Really?

Todd: Why don't you take a bath, have a little nap, something to relax.

Blair: Well, I'd love to do that as long as you're with me.

Todd: You're not tired of me, are you?

Blair: Why don't you just get back in and I'll show you how tired I am.

Todd: That's tempting.

Blair: Yeah?

Todd: Mm-hmm.  I got work. Yeah.  I got to go downstairs, use the house computer.

Blair: Tell you what -- I'll take a shower and I'll meet you down in the restaurant.  How's that -- deal?

Todd: Deal.

Blair: Todd?

Todd: Yeah?

Blair: Thank you.  Thank you so much for arranging all of this, making sure the kids were taken care of, and most of all, loving me.

Todd: Oh, it's easy.  I think we needed this time alone.

Blair: I -- yeah.

Todd: What's this?

Blair: Hmm.

Todd: You don't play fair, do you?

Blair: No, I don't, uh-uh.  Ok!

Todd: All right, then.  I'll see you in about an hour.

Blair: Oh, I'll be there.

Dr. Jamison: Tell me about Tess.

Jessica: She's -- I don't even know -- I don't even know how to explain her.  She's been sleeping around.  I don't even know if she's using protection.  I could -- I could've caught a disease from one of the guys that she slept with.  I -- I could've given it to Antonio.  Really, right now, I could be pregnant with some stranger's baby.

Dr. Jamison: Jessica, how do you know about all of this?

Jessica: Because I met her.  Don't you see?  This explains everything -- the lost time, the blackouts, the headaches.  This explains things that I couldn't remember before.

Dr. Jamison: When you say you met her, what do you mean?

Jessica: Ok, I was looking in the mirror and I -- but it -- it wasn't me.  I mean, she looks like me obviously, but it wasn't me and then, well, I spoke to her and she spoke back and -- then she started yelling at me and she started telling me to -- to shut up, to be quiet, but -- but she's getting easier to fight now.  I can fight her.

Dr. Jamison: How?

Jessica: Well, I've been digging around, I've been finding out about her.  I -- I -- where she's been, what she's been doing.  I mean, obviously I know she's been sleeping with a lot of guys.  I know she drinks vodka.  I also know that she's been making friends with people in town that I don't even know.  And that's not really the worst part that's been happening.

Dr. Jamison: Go on.

Jessica: People have been telling me things, things that she's said to undermine me, bad things about Antonio, and the worst part is I can't even say that it wasn't me.  Listen, Dr. Jamison, you are the only one who knows about her.  That's why you have to meet her.  You have to help me figure out how to get rid of her.

Dr. Jamison: That's why you want me to hypnotize you?

Jessica: Yes!  I mean, don't you think?

Dr. Jamison: No, I'm sorry.  I -- I don't.  I think it's extremely dangerous.

Jackie: Nice picture.  But probably not why you wanted to meet with me.

Antonio: It's been a while.  You're looking prosperous.

Jackie: I'm lousy at this -- you know, the small talk -- and you're even worse than I am, so come on.  Let's just cut to the chase, all right?

Antonio: All right, Jackie.  That's fair enough.  I want you to help me take down R.J. Gannon.  Whatever it costs, I'll pay it.

Spencer: You know, I like it here -- top-notch hotel, good food, friendly people.

David: Smart.  Smart folks.  They're not going to buy whatever you're peddling.  There's nothing for you here.

Spencer: Really?  What did you say the name of that beautiful woman was who shares your bed?

David: Don't let this get ugly.

Spencer: I let you push me once, Davey.  You touch me again, I will cut your hands off, and you know I have the scalpel to do it.

Paige: All right, stop right now!  You're both clearly looking for trouble, aren't you?

Nora: So, did you beat Viki at bank robber?

Matthew: Yeah -- Jessica, too.

Nora: Oh-oh-oh-oh.  So I guess things were ok for you over there, huh?

Matthew: Yeah, but, you know, it wasn't home.

Nora: I know.  I'm sorry about that.  It's just with everything going on here, your father and I thought it would be better if you stayed at aunt Viki's for a couple of days.

Matthew: Yeah, I know.

Bo: Well, I'm sure there's a lot that you and your mom need to talk about, so I'm going to go back to the office, all right?  Why don't you call me later if you want to talk.

Matthew: Do you guys hate each other?

Bo: No, I don't hate your mom, son.  Why would you even think something like that?

Matthew: I'm not stupid, dad.  Part of the reason why you had me stay at aunt Viki's is because you and mom got into a big fight about what happened with Mr.  Colson.

Bo: Well, yeah, but a lot of people were shaken up by that.

Matthew: Yeah, I know.  And aunt Viki and Natalie -- they all got real quiet around me.  No one wanted me to watch news on TV about Mr. Colson killing Jen.  I did see the news a couple of times, though.  I saw you and mom.

Nora: Oh, sweetie.

Matthew: I saw how you looked at dad when he was going to arrest Mr. Colson in front of everybody.

Nora: It was just a really confusing time.

Matthew: You didn't just look confused.  You looked --

Nora: I was upset.  It just was really very upsetting.

Bo: But that doesn't mean we hate each other.

Matthew: Then why is what Mr. Colson did making you guys fight even more?

Bo: Yeah, well, we're not going to do that anymore.

Nora: No.  We're just going to -- we're going to concentrate on you.

Matthew: Just because you say it's going to be better doesn't make it better.

Nora: Matthew?

Matthew: I'm going to go upstairs for a while.

Nora: What you did -- it didn't just ruin my life.  It's killing your son, the son you claim to care so much about.  I will do my best to hide how I feel about you in front of him.  I'll do my best.

Spencer: Well, here we are, just like old times, huh?

Paige: You know, I don't know what you want, Spencer.  I don't know what you came here for, but you are both definitely playing with fire.

Spencer: You know, you never really used to have a problem with that.

David: Why are you alienating the only two people you know in town?

Spencer: You know, that's not true. I know lots of people here in Llanview now.  And I really plan on getting to know them a whole lot better.  Mr. Manning.  Hey, how's that boy of yours doing?

Todd: Great.

Spencer: All right.  Listen, be sure to tell your wife I said hello, all right?

Todd: You know that guy?

Jackie: R.J. and me -- man, we go way back.  And besides, what I've been hearing lately, he's been keeping his nose clean.

Antonio: Is that what you really think?

Jackie: I don't bring down old friends, Antonio.  You picked the wrong guy to do your dirty business.

Antonio: I don't think so.  Sit down.

Antonio: All right, here's the deal, Jackie.  I don't care how "way back" you and R.J. go.  When I was a cop, I let you slide on some pretty serious raps.  You owe me.

Jackie: Ok.  Let's say I do, all right?  But I don't want to be involved in this.

Antonio: Heres the other deal, Jackie Im handing in a favor.  You understand?

Jackie: That sounds like a threat.  What are you going to do if I say no?

Rex: Come on, Nat.  You're creative.  You can think of a reason to just bust into Mc Bain's office, catch him and Evangeline getting busy, huh?

Natalie: That's not funny!

Rex: Yeah, I guess it wouldn't be.

Natalie: It's just that he -- he respects -- he respects this place too much -- I mean, his office, you know?

Rex: Ok, now that's funny.  He's a guy, Natty.

Natalie: He wouldn't do that, especially knowing that I'm out here.

Rex: Oh, yeah.  Yeah, he wouldn't do that because he loves you.

Natalie: Well, he practically told me that out in the woods . I mean, that's got to mean something, right?  What?  What are you thinking?

Rex: Maybe she found out.

Natalie: Evangeline?  About what John said to me?

Rex: Maybe that's why she came marching down here for this private powwow.

Natalie: Yeah, but who would've told her?  I mean, John wouldn't have said anything, and I sure didn't.

Rex: Well, don't look at me.  Maybe somebody else with a big mouth got word of what went down.

Natalie: And told Evangeline.

Rex: Could've happened.  And if that's the case, then big John's got a lot of 'splaining to do.

Evangeline: Well, I guess that says everything.

John: Why are the damn words always so important to people?

Evangeline: We talked about this before, John.

John: But it's different today . Why?

Evangeline: Because until today, I was buying into the fact that you loved me, but that the words were just words you couldn't say to anyone.

John: This is just a misunder--

Evangeline: Don't.

John: I'm not in love with Natalie.

Evangeline: This goes way beyond whatever you may or may not feel for her.

John: Can we start this conversation over, maybe do it somewhere else?

Evangeline: You just -- you don't get it.  You don't get it, John.  I don't want to do this somewhere else, I don't want to do this at all.  I don't want to be in this relationship with you without knowing what we are -- what are we doing?

John: I guess you're right -- I don't get it.  I thought we knew who we were to each other.

Evangeline: Who am I?  Who am I to you?  Are you just -- are you in this with me because it feels good right now?  Or is it more than that?

John: More than that and you know it.

Evangeline: That's the point -- I don't know it.

John: Ok. Your turn to be honest.  Why'd you come here today?  What do you want?

Evangeline: Honestly?  I came here to end this.

John: You really want to end this over something you think I told Natalie?

Evangeline: That's not why.

John: But that's the bottom line, hmm?

Evangeline: No.  No, this is just about you and me, just you and me, and you're not in this all the way.  Emotionally, I'm doing all the heavy lifting here.

John: I wouldn't be in this if I didn't want to be.

Evangeline: And you don't say things you don't say mean, which is why you cannot tell me that you love me.

John: I see.  And if I told you I loved you right now, would you believe me?

Evangeline: Not for a second.

Jessica: Why won't you hypnotize me?

Dr. Jamison: I told you, Jessica -- it can be dangerous.

Jessica: I don't care.  I need to know more about Tess and I need you to meet her.

Dr. Jamison: Jessica --

Jessica: Listen, doctor -- I know firsthand from my mother that hypnosis is very effective in cases like hers and mine.

Dr. Jamison: Jessica, no two cases are exactly the same.

Jessica: Well, we've both suffered from alters.

Dr. Jamison: That's your diagnosis.  And maybe you're right, but maybe you're not.

Jessica: Well, we're never going to find out unless you hypnotize me, are we?  Listen, doctor, Tess is very strong and opinionated and she is very, very smart.  She only comes out when it suits her purpose.  She -- she's not going to come out here in front of you unless you make her.

Dr. Jamison: While you're under hypnosis --

Jessica: Please, I'm begging you.  Help me find out who Tess is and what she wants so I can finally get my life back.  Please?

Antonio: Don't think of it as a threat, Jackie.  Call it a friendly suggestion.

Jackie: From the "mobbed-up"  Santi?

Antonio: No.  From Antonio Vega, who plucked your sorry ass out of the fire more times than I can count.

Jackie: And you're doing this just to get your kid back from R.J.?

Antonio: This is just the beginning of what I'm going to do to get my kid back.

David: What guy are you talking about?

Todd: The guy that was sitting there talking to you.

David: Oh, uh -- Spencer.

Todd: So you do know him.

David: Oh, I just met him, got sucked into talking sports with him, you know.

Todd: Must've been a one-sided conversation.  I didn't know you were a fan of anything but money.

David: Well, it's worked for me so far.  Why give up on it now, right?

Antonio: I want you to go over to Capricorn.

Spencer: Well, hello.

Blair: Hi.  You're still here.

Spencer: Yeah, yeah.  I'm here.  The hospital keeps finding excuses to keep me here, you know.  The truth is I really am enjoying my time here in Llanview.

Blair: Well, it can be a nice place to live.

Spencer: Which brings me to the next obvious question, which obviously I probably shouldn't ask, but --

Blair: Oh, me being here?

Spencer: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Well, I was just about to step in the shower.

Spencer: Well, that explains it, then --

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: The "do not disturb" sign, I mean, right?

Blair: Well, that -- actually, Todd and I spent the night here last night, kind of a long-overdue getaway, very spur of the moment.

Spencer: Hmm.  That's the best kind.

Blair: Yeah.  We've had a rough stretch of a couple of months actually.

Spencer: Well, you'd never know by looking at you.  No, you're just -- well, you're a beautiful woman, Blair.

Blair: Well, thank you.

Spencer: You're welcome.

Blair: And I want to thank you for helping my son.

Spencer: Glad I was there to help.

Blair: Me, too.  I swear if I -- if I had lost him, I -- I don't know how I can ever thank you.

Blair: I'm -- I'm sorry.  I -- it's been a really long year for me, kind of tough and if I had lost my son -- I'll just never forget you for what you did for me and my family.

Spencer: And I'll never forget you.  Oh, especially your wonderful, kind gift.

Blair: Now, why is it that every time I thank you for something, you end up thanking me for something?  You're a nice guy, aren't you?  And don't thank me for saying that.  I'm actually surprised some little snack-cake intern or nurse hasn't just snatched you up.

Spencer: Or a surgeon?

Blair: Or a surgeon.  Um -- have a nice day.

David: What the hell do you think you're up to?

Antonio: Look, I'm not asking you to hurt him, all right, not physically anyway, I just need some leverage.  He's been playing pretty dirty, I need to fight back.

Jackie: Why with me?

Antonio: You knew him when he wasn't so legitimate, and I got a gut feeling he's making his way back in that direction.

Jackie: Yeah?  Why?

Antonio: You don't need to know why.  You just need to be there when he makes that move.  I'll take care of the rest.

Jackie: Still doesn't smell right.

Antonio: You -- you like flying under the radar, Jackie?  Keep bending the rules?  Keeping up a legitimate front?

Jackie: Oh, whoa, whoa.  Antonio, you're not a cop anymore.  You got no pull.

Antonio: Well, you don't think I still have connections in high places?  Think about it, pal.  Think about how serious I am.

Jackie: I'll be in touch.

Todd: Whatever you can do for me.  I'd appreciate it.

Todd: It's really clever, isn't it?  "Hog-tied, mob-tied"?

Antonio: You know, you want to go after me, you be my guest.  All right?  But when that trash starts affecting my kid or Jessica, you and me -- we got a big problem.

Dr. Jamison: You're a bright young woman, Jessica, who's desperate for answers.  And you've obviously done your homework.

Jessica: So you'll do it?  So you'll put me under?

Dr. Jamison: You understand the risks?

Jessica: Yes.

Dr. Jamison: We can give it a try.  But if I see anything at all I don't like --

Jessica: You'll bring me out.  Got you.  No problem.  So can we do it now?

Dr. Jamison: If you're ready.  Lean back, try to relax, and we'll begin.

Nora: Hey. How are you doing?

Matthew: Ok.  I missed my room.  You know, my computer and music and stuff.

Nora: I hope you understand why you weren't here, why you had to go to aunt Viki's.  It just was a crazy time, and everything was upside down.  And the press was outside the door, and I just -- I didn't feel very well, and I didn't feel like I could take care of you.  I could barely take care of myself.

Matthew: Maybe I could have helped, mom.  I'm not a baby anymore.

Nora: I know.  And you know what?  I'll have to remember that next time.

Matthew: I know you feel bad because Mr. Colson fooled you.  But I feel bad, too.  I could have stopped the wedding, and I didn't.  And I'm really sorry.  It's all my fault, everything that happened.

Nora: No, it's not.  Matthew, it's not your fault.

Matthew: Dad's always talked about how he follows his gut.  If I just would have followed mine, maybe Jen would still be alive.

Nora: Oh, no, sweetie.  No --

Matthew: And you wouldn't be so --

Nora: No, no, no, no, no, no -- shh, shh, shh.  No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  Oh, this isn't your fault.  Please, sweetheart, this is not your fault, ok?

Bo: Where'd you get that?

Rex: Hmm?

Natalie: Uncle Bo, honestly, he's just here hanging out with me.  He's not going to get into any trouble.  By the way, somebody's waiting for you in your office.  I didn't think you'd mind.

Bo: It -- oh.  Hey.

Paige: Hi.

Bo: Surprise.  You ok?

Paige: Yeah, I just -- I just wanted to touch base with you.

Bo: You can touch anything you want.

Paige: You know, I -- I really do care about you, Bo.

Bo: Ok, that's starting to sound like the opening line to, like, a "Dear John" letter.

Paige: No, no, no, no.  It's just the opposite, actually.  I'm -- I'm here for you, 100%, and I don't ever want you to think otherwise.

Bo: Why would you ever think I would?

John: You think the way to move forward is to end this?

Evangeline: I tried -- I tried to be patient.  I tried to appreciate what you were able to give me.  I tried to be grateful for what we have.

John: You shouldn't have to feel grateful.

Evangeline: Can you just -- can you let me finish?  I tried because I know that you were trying, but it's -- it's not working. 

John: I don't want this to be over.

Evangeline: I believe you, but sometimes it's not about what you want.  And frankly, what you're able to give me -- it's not enough.

John: I tried.  I really tried.  I wanted to find love again, but I don't know how to do it.  So, whatever went wrong wasn't your fault.  It's me.  It's all me.

Evangeline: I know.

Evangeline: It's over.

Dr. Jamison: Can you hear me, Jessica?

Jessica: Yes.

Dr. Jamison: Good.  You're doing great.  And when we're done, you won't remember anything you've said under hypnosis.  Do you understand?

Jessica: Yes.

Dr. Jamison: All right.  What about you, Tess?  Do you understand?

Tess: Of course I understand.  I'm not an idiot.

Dr. Jamison: Do you know who I am?

Tess: Yeah, I know who you are.  You're Jessica's little whining post.  And you want me to give you all the answers.  Does that about cover it?

Dr. Jamison: Just one question.

Tess: Fire away.

Dr. Jamison: What happened to Jessica that made her create you?

Antonio: I have two concerns in my life.

Todd: Only two?

Antonio: Jessica and my little girl.  And I'll do anything to keep them safe.

Todd: So I guess I should watch myself?

Antonio: You got the message.

Todd: Yeah, I got it.  I got one for you.  I think you're bad for Jessica, in more ways than someone like you could possibly understand.

Antonio: Try me.

Todd: Not enough time.

Antonio: It mustn't have took you that much time to print that trash.  Kind of makes you want to take a shower after you read it.

Todd: Probably a lot like how a person feels doing business with Jackie Mc Naughton.  Oh, yeah.  You and Jackie Mc.  Yeah, that's -- that's real rag material there.

Spencer: No more questions, David. No more ultimatums from you for me to leave town.  I've had it with you --

David: I'm not getting off your back -- ow!

Spencer: Don't push me.  You know what can happen if you push me too far.

David: What, are you going to kill me?

Paige: You know, with -- with everything as crazy as it has been, I want you to know that -- that you're the one.  You're it for me, and I just -- I just hope that doesn't scare you away.

Bo: No.  It makes me feel absolutely incredible.  Because I need you.  Life's just been hell lately, and I need you.

Paige: Yeah, it's been hell for me, too.

Evangeline: Well, at least we don't have property to divide, assets to split.  We don't have anything like that, do we?

John: What we had, no one could ever take away.

Evangeline: For what it's worth -- I still think you're one of the good guys.  You've always tried to be as honest as you could, and it's not your fault that I just -- I can't handle it.  It hurts.  It hurts too much.

John: I'm sorry.

Evangeline: I know.  But that doesn't change anything.

John: Wait.

Evangeline: John, please -- please, just -- the easiest thing in the world for me would be to forget everything that just happened and to run back into your arms, but I -- I can't.  I -- I can't, I'm sorry.

John: Hold all my calls.                

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dr. Jamison: What are you protecting Jessica from?

Michael: I am so sorry.  I can't believe that you and john split up.

Todd: We got to get on with our lives.

Margaret: Daddy fought so hard to bring you into the world.  You will look just like him.  

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