OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/7/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/7/05



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Paige: Ok.  Look, I want you to let me know if the headaches persist or if you have any dizziness or disorientation.

Rex: I can't believe you kept me in the hospital overnight.

Paige: You have a concussion.  I needed to observe you.

Rex: Well, observe this.  It's going to take a lot more than getting clubbed in the head to keep me down.

Bo: That's because you have a thick skull, Balsom.

Rex: Bo, would you tell your girlfriend to chill?  I'm fine.

Bo: Well, you've got to be.  I mean, you're still running your mouth.

Paige: Look, I'm going to get his paperwork processed so I can get him out of here.

Rex: Works for me!  So, you heard about last night, huh?

Bo: How you and Natalie almost got yourselves killed out there in the woods?  Yeah.

Rex: It was Natalie's idea.  I just went in as backup.  Ok, go ahead, now's when you give me the lecture as to how I'm not a cop.

Bo: Actually, I'm glad you were there for your sister.

Rex: So you approve of the idea?

Antonio: Wow, spread yourself thin, R.J. you're going to have to get your hands on some substantial cash soon or you're going to be in trouble.  Question is, where does a guy like you go for a quick score, hmm?

Jessica's voice: You're not going to beat me, Tess.  I'm stronger than you.

Tess' voice: Maybe in your dreams, princess, but I'm on top outside, where it counts.

Jessica's voice: No!  You're not going to beat me.  I'll never let you control me -- never!

Tess: Never say never, buttercup.

Duke: Hey, relax, tiny, I was just taking a walk.

Asa: I am running this rodeo, and I'm moving the damn timetable up.  Why?  Because I said so.  Now, drag your ugly hide over here now.

Duke: So what have you got planned now, Asa?

Pilot: Damas y caballeros, bienvenidos a argentina.  We'll be landing soon.  Please make sure your seat belts are fastened as we prepare to descend.

Woman: Will this be your first time in Argentina?

Adriana: Yes.  I'm meeting my boyfriend there.

Woman: Oh, I'm sure he's going to be excited to see you.

Adriana: Well, actually, it's a surprise for him -- and his family.

Spencer: No, no.  No need to make up my room.  I'm just getting in.

David: Ah!

[Spencer laughs]

Spencer: You been picking locks again, Dave?  Thought I told you to stop that.

David: I thought I told you to stay the hell away from Llanview.

Bo: You're just lucky that Mc Bain showed up in time to bail you out.

Rex: Yeah, dude should wear a mask and a cape.

Bo: He is one of the good guys.  Seems to me like you're ready to join that group, too, huh?

Rex: Believe me, after seeing what Paul Cramer did with his life and everybody else's, I kind of lost my taste for the dark side, always looking for the quick, easy buck, not caring about who I step on to get it, never thinking about how it'll affect people.

Bo: Yeah, Cramer made a mistake when he stepped on Colson.

Rex: And Jen wound up getting killed.  I've learned all I want about living on the edge.

Bo: I'd like to believe that.

Rex: Oh, come on, admit it, you were worried about me and you came by to check on me.  I'm growing on you.

Bo: Oh, God, I hope Paige can prescribe an ointment for that.

Rex: We bonding, Bo?  Is that what this is?

Bo: I don't bond.

Rex: Well, too bad because I'm on a roll.  I'm kind of digging this nice-guy routine, and in fact, I'm going to go bail someone out of a jam right now.

Bo: Yeah, well, you'd better wear a helmet because you probably need it.

Rex: Oh, that's cold-blooded.  You know, I could have brain damage.

Bo: Got to have one first.

Rex: Ooh!  Commissioner's on fire!

Bo: Hmm. Stay out of trouble, Balsom.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Hello?

Rex: Antonio, it's Rex.

Antonio: What have you got for me?

Rex: Well, it depends.  Do you have any of Carlotta's breakfast burritos?

Antonio: Just get over to my place.

Rex: Can't vanquish evil on an empty stomach.  I'm going to take this.

Nurse: Hey!  Excuse me.

Jessica's voice: It's locked.  I'm onto you now.  You're not going to get away with stealing my life.

Tess: Well, we'll just see about that.

Jessica's voice: All this time, you knew all about me, and I knew nothing about you.

Tess: Get out of my head!

Jessica's voice: You don't like it, do you, playing on a level field?  Well, I know what you've been doing, and I learn more every day.

Tess: What do you know?

Jessica: I know what a whore you are.

Tess: Really?  And I know what a pathetic priss you are.  You know, you really deserve that self-righteous jerk Antonio.  But me?  I need a real man.

Jessica: How did you get in my head?

Tess: And maybe if you had a backbone, you would've dumped latin boy when he, I don't know, cheated on you.

[Tess laughs]

Tess: But no.  No, not little miss crybaby.  No, she couldn't even sleep with her own husband to get back at him.

Jessica: Tico never loved me.

Tess: And Logan and Robert and, oh, all the others.  They didn't love me, either.  But didn't stop me from rocking their world.

Jessica: How could you do that to me?  How could you do that to Antonio?

Tess: Payback's a bitch, and so am I.

Jessica: I'm going to stop you.

Tess: You'll have to take control first, and that ain't going to happen.

Jessica: Fine.  Enjoy yourself -- alone in the bedroom.  I locked you in.

[Knock on door]

Lois: Miss Buchanan?  Is everything all right?

Tess: Yes, Lois.  Um -- I just lost my key under the door.  I locked myself in.  What an idiot, huh?

Lois: I'll unlock it for you.

Jessica: No, Lois, don't do it!

Tess: Thanks, Lois.  You saved my life.

Spencer: How many years has it been now?

David: Not enough.

Spencer: Ooh.  Somebody's been working on their game face.  I'm terrified.

David: Where were you?

Spencer: When, last week, last month, last decade?

David: I -- I waited up all night for you.

Spencer: Well, I hope you enjoyed the Bordeaux.

David: It was a bit pretentious, but I considered the source.

Spencer: Well, I'd ask you to pay for it, but I know how you are about that sort of thing.

David: I thought we had an agreement, Spencer -- you stay in your part of the world, I stay in mine.

Spencer: Well, is it my fault that Llanview hospital is in desperate need of a brilliant surgeon?  Now, how am I supposed to turn down a humanitarian request like that, huh?

David: Say no.  It's easy, just like inflating your own ego.

Spencer: Davey, Davey.  You need to lighten up, man.  And anyway, I can really see why you like it here.  Fascinating people, you know?

David: Spencer, you take Kelly off your hit list.  She's off-limits.

Spencer: Oh, why is that?  Is she your latest shill?  Listen, believe it or not, I do have a medical career to focus on. I assisted in the O.R. last night.  Just had to stop by here, grab my lecture notes before my meeting with the hospital board.  That is if these activities meet with your approval.

David: It's been a long time, hasn't it, so I'm going to give you one warning.  You get on the next plane and you get out of here.

Asa: You caught me, son.  I was just making supper reservations.

Duke: You said something about moving up the timetable.  Would that have anything to do with what happened to Blair?

Asa: Why -- why in the hell would you ruin my morning by mentioning that hellcat's name?

Duke: Do you even know what you did to her, I mean, to her family?  Blair's the mother of two children, grandpa.

Asa: And she's a conniving, evil damn witch like the rest of the Cramer women!  If I had my way, boy, I'd exterminate the whole lot of them!

Duke: You're serious, aren't you?

Asa: Like a damn heart attack.  Wait a minute.  Let's just forget -- forget Blair.  She's -- she's yesterday's news.

Duke: You know what?  You can use that as your defense, right before uncle Bo locks you up.

Asa: Nobody is going to lock anybody up, you got it?  I saw an opportunity.  I exploited it.  Strictly business.

Duke: Oh, like the business that you sent into a tailspin because you decided to disappear?  The business that dad and I have been busting our tails to save for you?

Asa: You're like a wild mustang, boy -- lots of fight, but no brains.

Duke: Look, grandpa -- teach me.  I mean, obviously it's no use us locking horns here.  Why don't you tell me about this new deal you're working on?  Maybe I can give you a hand.

Bo: Doctor, I have this ache and I think I need some special attention.

Paige: Hmm. Maybe you need some more of that lunchtime therapy?

Bo: That's what I was thinking.

Marcie: Hey.  I'm sorry to interrupt.  Have you seen Michael?  I thought he was on duty last night and I was looking for him.

Paige: Yes, yeah, he was.  He's catching a few winks in an open room.

Marcie: Oh.

Bo: Is everything ok, Marcie?

Marcie: Yeah.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.  You know, I just need to see him, that's all.  Thanks.

Marcie: Michael?  Michael!

Michael: What?  Oh!  Marcie, are -- are you ok?  Is everything ok?  Did someone else --

Marcie: No, no, no, I'm fine.  No, everything's fine.  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Michael: I was out.  I was having a dream, about you.  Really freaked me out to see you standing there.

Marcie: Yeah, a little freaked out.

Michael: Hey.  Hey.  You ok?  You're shaking.

Marcie: I know, I -- I actually had a dream about you, and -- only it was a nightmare.  I -- I dreamed that Hayes killed you.

Michael: Oh, sweetie.  Relax.  Don't worry, ok, it was just a dream.  John traced the arrow back to Hayes, and if Hayes has been running around town killing people, I swear to you John is going to nail him to the wall.

Marcie: Ok.

Bo: Bad news.  We didn't have enough to hold him.  Hayes lawyered up and he walked last night.

Marcie: Oh.

Jessica: You're not going to get away with this.

Tess: Looks like I already have.  Ah, voicemail.  Ugh, you're not coming out.  You can't get to me.

Jessica: Looks like I already have.

Tess: I want to go out!  You can't stop me!

Jessica: You're getting easier to fight.

Tess: Shut up.

Jessica: It's Antonio, isn't it?  I love him, and that makes you weak.  My mom told me that it was her love for Ben that pulled her through.

Tess: Yeah, perfect Viki.  She's so wound up, she split six times.  Keep on listening to her, Jessica, we'll see what happens.

Jessica: You're afraid of Antonio.  We're going to beat you.  We're going to do it together.

Lois: Miss Buchanan, are you all right?

Jessica: Yeah.  Yeah, Lois, I'm -- I'm fine.  Thank you.

Jessica: And if anybody's looking for me, I'm going to be at Antonio's.

Rex: Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

Antonio: No worries.  You talk to R.J. since last I saw you?

Rex: Well, we're supposed to meet for a drink later, but I could tell he was off his game.

Antonio: How?

Rex: He was nice to me.  But I'm going to look at the books a little later and see how bad it really is.

Antonio: Ok, what else?

Rex: I talked to an assistant manager.  I guess R.J. was pretty much working the phones all day yesterday sucking up to the bank.

Antonio: Looking for cash.

Rex: Didn't look like he found any.

Antonio: Good.  Thanks.

Rex: I'll be in touch.

Antonio: Yeah.

Antonio: So the bank's sweating R.J. now all I have to do is turn up the heat.  All right, looks like R.J.'s not going to have time to play grandpa.

Antonio: You'll be home soon, I promise.

Asa: You know, boy, you ought to play more Texas hold 'em and you'll learn how to cover your bluff.

Duke: Grandpa, I'm not bluffing.  I mean, if you need some backup dealing with your mystery man, then you got it. I mean, come on, I held my own over at B.E.

Asa: All you want is to find out what old Asa's up to.  And you're not above lying to do it.

Duke: Why would I lie to you?

Asa: It's exactly what I'd do.

Duke: So you know everything, don't you, Asa?

Asa: Well, I know you called your little chickadee.  She's got you roped and tied.

Duke: I had to let her know what happened to me.

Asa: Bull.  You are like all the Buchanan men when those Cramer women come around shaking their little tails.  You know something?  Listen to your own kin right here.  Watch your back and watch your wallet.

Duke: Adriana's not like that.

Asa: Oh.  So you don't think she'd ever go behind your back?

Duke: No.

Asa: Boy, I got a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Adriana: Ok.  I'm here. Now what?  What would my mother do?

[Speaking spanish]

Maid: Si.

Marcie: John said that Hayes was involved, and then he just lets him go?

Michael: Yeah, I mean, Hayes owned the crossbow that was fired at John and Natalie.  What more do you need, Bo?

Bo: Hayes said he bought that crossbow and some other items for publicity for Marcie's book.

Marcie: He's sick.  He's just sick.

Bo: He also said that the crossbow was stolen from his car.  We have confirmation that he did file a report that the car was broken into.  This guy may be a bottom feeder, but we can't arrest him for that.

Marcie: All I wanted to do was write a book.  You know, I didn't want to write some how-to guide for some sicko to start going and killing people all over town!

Michael: Marcie, John and Bo are doing everything they can.

Marcie: Yeah, well, it's not enough!  Ok, people are dying, people we know, people we care about!  Do you know the body count that we're looking at if this maniac isn't stopped?

Bo: Marcie, it took us a while to bust Colson, but we finally did it.  We stopped him.

Marcie: Yeah, well, it wasn't before he killed Jen, was it?

Spencer: Davey, come on, man.  You're just not a very good thug, I'm sorry.

David: Spencer, just tell me why the hell you're here.

Spencer: I'm saving lives.  I'm a doctor, remember?

David: You are a lot of things, none of them any good.

Spencer: I think the little boy whose life I saved in the O.R. the other day would disagree.  So would his family.  Oh, yeah.  You must be up to a major con if you're this upset to see me.

David: You know, why don't you tell me what you're up to right now, because if you don't, you know that I'll find out and you know that I'll hold it against you and I will burn you with it.  It's your choice.

Spencer: You disappoint me, Dave.  I mean, you're paranoid, man, and you're certainly no fun anymore.  Of course, I guess a Moroccan prison will do that to a guy.

David: That's it.

Spencer: No, you listen to me!  You're going to do exactly as you are told, because if you don't, people are going to get hurt.  You remember the last time, don't you, Dave?  Come on.

[Pager beeps]

Spencer: Listen -- it's probably the hospital.  Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out -- unless, of course, you've got something else you want to get off your chest?

David: No, as a matter of fact, there is something.

Spencer: Ow. Ow, ow.  I don't know about you, Dave, I'm starting to feel awfully nostalgic.

[Spencer laughs]

Spencer: Just like old times.

David: Yeah.

David: Ow, son of a --

David: If you think I'm going to let you out of my sight, you got another think coming.

Antonio: Hey.  Oh, wow!  Hey!  I guess everything turned out well at your work emergency yesterday, huh?

Jessica: Uh, yeah, yeah, it did.  I'm just so happy to see you.

Antonio: Um, I -- I could tell.

Jessica: I need you back in my life like this.  What's wrong?

Antonio: Jess, I need you to be honest with me.

Jessica: I am being honest with you.

Antonio: Todd told me what you've been saying, that you blame me for your emotional problems.

Jessica: No, Antonio --

Antonio: It's ok if that's the way you feel.  But if that's the case, honey, then -- well, then maybe we should look at this some more.

Jessica: What are you saying?

Antonio: I'm saying that maybe we're not ready to get back together yet.

Marcie: I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry, that sounded awful, and I don't blame you for Jen's death, Bo.

Bo: Marcie, you're right.  You know, we busted Colson, but it wasn't soon enough to save Jen.  I'll live with that for the rest of my life.

Marcie: I know, and the last thing you need is for me to be making it worse by blaming you.  I'm so sorry.

Bo: No, no, hey, it's ok.  Look, we're going to get this guy, too, ok?  We're going to stop him.

Marcie: I know.

Bo: Listen, I'm going back downtown.  Can I give you a lift down there?

Marcie: Can I ride in the squad car?

Bo: Well, it's actually my car, but I'll put the light on top for you.

Marcie: That would be great.

Bo: Ok.

Marcie: Thanks, you know, for everything.

Michael: Anytime.

Paige: Oh, you know, you always know the right thing to say.

Bo: Hmm, yeah, but Jen's death was rough on everybody.

Paige: How's Nora doing?

Bo: Not good, but it's not like she talks to me about it.

Paige: You know what you need?  You need some serious R and R.

Bo: Yeah.  I'd like to slip between the sheets for about a week and just never come up for air.

Paige: That sounds good.

Bo: Yeah.

Ginger: Adriana Cramer, you are the toughest person to get a hold of.  Listen, call me back, unless you want me to think you're blowing me off.

Rex: Adriana spent way too much time around nuns to blow people off.

Ginger: You know her?

Rex: Yeah.  We go way back.  Mind if I sit?

Ginger: Whatever.  I'm Ginger.

Rex: Rex Balsom, Llanview's friendly neighborhood superhero.

Ginger: Hmm.

Jessica: I don't know why Todd would make something like that up, that I would blame you for my problems.

Antonio: Well, he said it came from you, honey, and he sounded pretty sure of it, almost protective.

Jessica: When was this?

Antonio: Yesterday, at the hospital.

Jessica: I know what it must be.  He must have misunderstood me.

Antonio: So, then, you did say something about us?

Jessica: Well, not that you were upsetting me.  I said that we were both very hurt with the situation about Jamie, and I also said I thought that my problems may be to blame for you losing Jamie for the next six months.

Antonio: Oh.  Ok.  He didn't mention anything about Jamie.

Jessica: It's ok.  I'm going to set him straight about us, ok?  Antonio, you're the only thing holding me together.  I can't do this without you.

Antonio: No, that's not true.  You already are.

Jessica: Well, it's true that I haven't told you everything about my sessions with Dr. Jamison.  But I'm getting stronger every day, ok?  But I need you to make me a promise.  I need you to promise that whatever happens or whatever you hear that you're not going to forget how much I love you.  Ok?  Can you promise that you're not going to forget?

Antonio: I won't.

Jessica: What's all this?

Antonio: R.J.'s financials.  He's building a house of cards.  He's mortgaged up to his teeth.

Jessica: Are you sure this is a good idea?  I mean --

Antonio: It's all legal.  I pulled it from public records.  From what I could see, he's maxed out with legitimate lenders, which means he's going to turn to the street to get more cash or he's going to reopen some of his illegal operations just to stay flush.

Jessica: Either way, it's not going to look good to Jamie's custody hearing judge. How can I help?

Antonio: I'd love to get something specific from the bank.

Jessica: Well, we know that R.J. was doing dealings with Tico.

Antonio: In legitimate ventures, yeah.

Jessica: Well, as the former Mrs. Santi, I'm sure I could call the bank and pull some strings, get the details.

Antonio: No.  No, there's no way I'm letting you do that.

Michael: Oh, my -- that's Spencer Truman.

Paige: The one and only.

Michael: He wrote a great book on arterial transplants.  I've read it three times.  How did we ever get him to lecture at this hospital?

Paige: He's just a doctor, Michael.  Would you stop gushing?

Michael: No, he's not just a doctor.  He's a medical genius.

Spencer: Dr. Miller.

Paige: Dr. Truman.

Man: You two know each other?

Paige: We've worked together.

Spencer: You know, if you're still looking for a new chief of staff, you'd be more than lucky to snap up Dr. Miller here.  I couldn't think of a better candidate.

Jessica: Why won't you let me help you?

Antonio: Because I remember what Tico did to us.

Jessica: I can handle this.  Hey -- trust me.  If it's for you or Jamie, I'd do anything.

[Antonio speaks spanish]

Jessica: Oh, what do you mean, you knew?

Antonio: I knew.  I knew that if I took that Santi money I would never get rid of him.

Jessica: You did that for Jamie.

Antonio: Yeah, and a lot of good it did.

Jessica: Come on. R.J. beat us because he took cheap shots and he pulled strings.  Now it's our turn to fight back.  Listen, let me do this for you.  Let me do it for us.

Antonio: Fine.

Jessica: Hi.  This is Jessica Buchanan.  Can I please speak to the bank manager?  Thank you.

Ginger: So, you're a superhero, huh?

Rex: Yep.  My mask and cape are at the cleaner's.

Ginger: You must be pretty popular.

Rex: Well, it depends on who you talk to.  It's a small town.

Ginger: I love this town.  I mean, you have no idea how boring my hometown was.  We never had headlines like this.

Rex: Yeah, I'm glad you're enjoying the local scandals.

Ginger: This D.A. guy is a complete joke.

Rex: Daniel Colson is a twisted freak who's going to get the death penalty.

Ginger: You know him?

Rex: Yeah, unfortunately.

Ginger: Is he really gay?  And what about this guy that he killed and that baby he stole?  And this girl, she sounds --

Rex: Jen!

Ginger: What?

Rex: Jen Rappaport.  Ok?  She's not some girl.  She had -- had a name.  It's Jen Rappaport.

Ginger: What's your problem?

Rex: My problem?  My problem is Jen was a beautiful, smart young girl who never caught a break, not up until the day she died, ok?  Ok, and you can all read about this garbage, ok, and you can talk about it, but you never knew her!  All right, and I --

Paige: As much as I appreciate Dr. Truman's endorsement, I'm quite happy where I'm at, thank you.

Spencer: And she's modest, as well.  The truth of the matter is Dr. Miller really never has gotten the recognition she deserves.  Shall we?

Man: Mm-hmm.

David: Dr. Truman?

Paige: Yes, right here in Llanview.

Asa: Duke.  By the way, have you seen the stables?  Nice day for a ride.

Duke: I am not on a vacation, grandpa.

Asa: No, but why don't you make yourself comfortable, because you sure as hell aren't going anywhere else.

[Phone rings]

Asa: Excuse me.  Yeah.  Yeah, he's here.  Ah, perfect.  Make sure the posse keeps a close eye on him.  Vamanos, boy.  Ok.  Now send in that rattlesnake.

Adriana: Duke.

Duke: Hey.

Jessica: Thanks, Janet.  I can't tell you how much this has helped.

Antonio: Damn, you're sexy when you're running down a lead.  I take it you got something.

Jessica: I did.

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: Do you know that R.J. took out a second mortgage on Capricorn?

Antonio: I was hoping to find that out from Rex later today.

Jessica: Wow.  He must be really tapped out.

Antonio: Hmm. Well, that means he -- it's just a matter of time before he crosses a line.

Jessica: And we'll be waiting for him.

Antonio: "We"?

Jessica: You're not doing this alone.  I need Jamie in our life just as much as you do.

Antonio: I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that.  I found this in the bookshelf this morning.  I would love for you to start wearing it again.

Spencer: Now, this is something we love to see -- doctors instilling a sense of teamwork with the nurses.  Believe me, the patients know when there's tension on the floor.  You know, I think we could use more doctors like --

Michael: Mike -- uh -- Michael --

Nurse: Dr. Truman, you have a call on line three.

Spencer: Excuse me.

Michael: Mm-hmm.  That was brilliant.  I couldn't even spit out my own name.

Paige: You're just a little starstruck.

Michael: Well, can you blame me?  I mean, come on.  Spencer Truman.  I mean, the guy is a --

Paige: I know who he is, Michael.  Just keep your eye on the ball, all right?

Bo: Hi.

Paige: Hi.  What are you doing back here?

Bo: Well, I dropped Marcie off at the coffee shop, and we had a real nice talk on the way over.

Paige: Oh, good.  Good, that's good.

Bo: Are you ok?

Paige: Yeah, yeah, I'm ok.  I was -- I was just thinking how much I miss talking to you.

Bo: You know, I get mad at my old man sometimes.  But I swear, when he picked you as his doctor, I think that was one of the luckiest days of my life.

Marcie: Rex?  What you doing here?

Rex: I'm looking for this girl.  She's new in town.  She was talking about all this crap in the paper about Jen.  I kind of wigged out on her.

Marcie: Look, Rex, I --

Rex: You know what?  Don't say it.  I'm not really in the mood to have you tell me what a jerk I am.

Marcie: I wasn't going to tell you what a jerk you are, even though you really can be sometimes.  Look, look, what I -- what I'm trying to say is that I haven't given you enough credit.  You were really there for Jen, and you helped Bo nail Daniel, get the proof that he needed, and, you know, you've been really great with Lindsay and everything.

Rex: No, you know what?  You're right.  When Jen really needed me, I wasn't there for her.

Marcie: Yes, you were . You were there for her more than anybody, and she knew that.  She still knows it.

Rex: You know, I still have her number in my speed dial. Number one.  The past two days, I've been calling it just to hear her voice on the mailbox.  Lindsay must have canceled the service, though, because today I got "number no longer in service."  But I couldn't take her off my speed dial.

Marcie: You will, you know, when you're ready.

Antonio: I know we have a lot of work to do on us.  But if -- if you're willing to wear it, then I would like to give this to you as an -- as a kind of engaged-to-be-engaged ring.  If you want it.

Jessica: Yes, please.

Tess' voice: You call that a stone?  Well, who cares, right?  I'm just going to hock it anyway.

Jessica: Ahem.  How does it look?

Antonio: Beautiful.

Nurse: Dr. Truman's only been here a couple of days, and he's already saved a little boy and scrubbed in on a quadruple bypass.  All anybody really wants to know is if he's single.

David: Oh.

Man: The O.R. is on five.

Spencer: Lead the way.

Asa: Long time no see, compadre.  I'll bet you thought you'd never run into me again, did you?

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