OLTL Transcript Monday 5/30/05

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/30/05



By Boo
Proofread by Brandi

Natalie: Good morning.

John: You're here early.

Natalie: Yeah.  Couldn't sleep.  Figured I could get here early and clean up this mess after everything that went down yesterday.

John: Yeah, everyone's pretty shell shocked.

Natalie: Yeah.  I still can't believe that Colson's a murderer.

John: Yeah, go figure.  You know, when he was D.A., he brought a lot of my arrests to trial and he got convictions.  I didn't see this coming.  Makes you wonder if you ever really know someone.

Natalie: Oh, I think you can.

[Music plays]

Dr. Jamison: Looks like we're done for the day.

Jessica: Ok.

Dr. Jamison: Good luck, Jessica.  You're doing very well.

Jessica: Am I?  Because I have to be honest with you.  This is getting a little bit frustrating.  I'm trying to be patient and everything, but I really -- I really want to get better.  I really need to get better.

Dr. Jamison: You will.  We'll find all the answers you're looking for.

[Intercom buzzes]

Dr. Jamison: Yes?  I'll be right there.  I'm needed in the E.R.  You're more than welcome to stay here if you like.

Jessica: Thank you.

Dr. Jamison: Ok.

Jessica: Oh, my God.  No.

Tess: Jessica.  Jessica. Please, give me a break already.  Could you be any more of a whining, sniveling little wuss?  I mean, come on.  "Doctor, please, help me.  I really want to get better.  I need to get better."  What a drag, honestly.  Oh.  Need a drink.  That's what I need.  It's got to be happy hour somewhere.

Todd: Jess?

Renee: Where am I?  Let me go!  What do you want, money?  Is that why you kidnapped me?

Man: Just relax.

Renee: Relax?  You kidnapped me!  Took me out of my house, brought me to God knows where!

Man: Wait here, ok?

Renee: "Wait here."  Do I have a choice?  God.  Oh, my God!

Asa: Well, well, well.  Aren't you a sight for sore eyes, honey.

Reporter: Commissioner Buchanan, any response to the claim that the charges against Daniel Colson are nothing but a personal vendetta?

Bo: This is private property.

Reporter: Well, on the allegations that the former D.A. is gay and committed two murders, do you have any --

Bo: I want you to get off the premises right now or I'll arrest you. You know, all of you.

Reporter: Ok, ok, but you're going to have to make a statement eventually.

Bo: I know, but do you want to be locked up when I finally do?

Reporter: Ok, let's go.

Bo: Thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Bo: Rachel.  I didn't know you were in town.

Rachel: I took the redeye.  I got in a little while ago.

Bo: Oh, good, good.  I'm glad because I think Nora can use all the support she can get right now.  Is she here?

Rachel: She's upstairs, resting.

Bo: Can I come in?

Rachel: No, you can't.

Asa: Oh, am I glad to see you.

Renee: You did this?  You had me kidnapped and brought here.

Asa: I miss you like crazy!

Renee: Really?  You look good.

Asa: Come on.  Give Asa a nice big kiss.

Renee: You are one rotten son of a bitch, Asa Buchanan.

Duke: Couldn't agree more.

Tess: I didn't know you were a patient of Dr. Jamison's.

Todd: Not in this lifetime.  Shrinks give me the creeps.

Tess: I know what you mean.  Some of them, I guess, not all of them.  Anyway, what are you doing here?

Todd: I was trying to dig up some good, old-fashioned dirt.  Apparently Colson saw this cat Jamison, so I figure there must be some juicy stuff in his patient files.

Tess: Great.  So you're going to rip him off.

Todd: I didn't say that.

Tess: I don't care, Todd.  Go for it.

Todd: Yeah.  Hey -- hold up a second.  You feeling ok?

Tess: Yeah, I'm fine.  I guess it's just this whole therapy thing that I'm doing.

Todd: Yeah, I heard.

Tess: I got to ditch him soon anyway.

Todd: Why's that?

Tess: Just doesn't do it for me.  I don't know.  Does have a -- quite a racket going on in there, though.

Todd: A racket?

Tess: Oh, yeah.  What would you call sitting on your butt, racking in the big bucks, listening to crazy people talk about their problems, on a 45-minute hour nonetheless?  Quite a cushy job.  Oh, what are we, in the newspaper business, right?  Great.

Todd: You're different.

Tess: What do you mean?

Todd: I don't know -- you seem a little off.

Tess: Off, how?

Todd: I don't know.  You just don't seem like yourself.  Well, I think I know what's going on.

Evangeline: How are you doing?

Antonio: I'm hanging in there.

Evangeline: Good.  I'm glad.

Antonio: Hey, I wouldn't have made it through last night if it weren't for Jessica.

Evangeline: Well, you know, when push comes to shove, she really was there for you.  Wish she could have been more help.

Antonio: You know, Jessica's not the reason I lost custody of my daughter.

Evangeline: You didn't lose custody, Antonio.

Antonio: No?  Sure as hell feels like I did.

Evangeline: I understand.  It was your attitude you have to check.

Antonio: Attitude?  You mean, my temper.

Evangeline: The existing custody agreement will be re-evaluated in six months.  There's a good chance you'll get Jamie back if you -- if you -- if you're willing to --

Antonio: Change?  Huh?  Put on a cool front?

Evangeline: Look, I'm on your side, Antonio.  But yes, you do have to reign in your anger.

Antonio: Oh, now, I'm not supposed to be angry?  Huh?  I sat there and watched them take my little girl away.  I can't even visit her without supervision.  I'm not supposed to react to that?

Evangeline: Ok, I know it's hard.  But, the only way you're going to get Jamie back is if you play by the rules.  Show the judge you're willing to make an effort.

Antonio: I am a good father, damn it.  I can't change who I am.  I don't want to.

Evangeline: No one's asking you to suddenly become a different person.  But you have to realize that -- that cooperating is not necessarily a bad thing, and neither is change -- if you're open to it.  You don't want to lose your daughter just because you're --

Antonio: Stubborn?  Is that what you think?

Evangeline: Aren't you?  I have to go take a shower.  I'll talk to you later.

John: The last few days, it's been hard.

Natalie: Yeah, I know.

John: You know, I don't think I'll ever forget the look on Lindsay's face.  She was just standing there looking up at Colson, knowing that he had killed her daughter.

Natalie: It wasn't the way you wanted it to go down, was it?

John: All hell broke loose, Natalie.  It was hard on everyone -- Nora, Riley --

Natalie: And you.  It was hard on you, too.

John: Yeah?  How so?

Natalie: Because it was really chaotic, a nightmare.  And I know you hate that more than anything.

John: You're right, I do.

Bo: Rachel, I know Nora's going through it right now.  She's got to be --

Rachel: Upset?  Humiliated?  Mortified?  Take your pick.

Bo: I know.  Colson betrayed her in the worst way possible.

Rachel: You're right.  She loved him.  She believed in him.  She thought they were building a life together, and that turned out to be a total lie.  That, and he's a murderer.  Bo, she invited him into her life -- into Matthew's life.

Bo: I know.  It makes me sick to even think about it.  But I don't blame Nora.  I don't.  I want her to know that.

Rachel: What makes you think she cares what you think?

Bo: Well, I led the investigation of Daniel's involvement in this whole thing.  So, I think that there are some things that I need to say to her.

Rachel: How about "I'm sorry"?  Do you have those two little words in your playbook, Bo?  Because if you don't, you aren't going anywhere near my mother.

Bo: I know you love your mom, and I respect the fact that you're protective.

Rachel: Which you obviously were not.

Bo: Look, despite the way that this whole thing played out, I'm not sorry for finding out about Daniel Colson and making sure that he pays for what he did.

Rachel: That is not the issue, Bo.  We're family.  So, just spare me the official police commissioner line, ok?

Bo: Yeah, we've always had a good relationship.  I mean, even when Nora and I divorced.  But I don't understand why -- why are you making this all about me?

Rachel: Because yesterday was a three-ring circus and you were the ringmaster.  You exposed Daniel in the most hurtful way for my mother.

Bo: I did everything I possibly could not to hurt your mother.  Now, if you want to blame somebody for what she's going through right now, you blame Colson.

Rachel: Oh, I do.  But I blame you, too.  And as for my mother -- I don't think she would ever speak to you again if it weren't for Matthew.  Now, please leave.

Bo: No, I -- no, Rachel, I'm sorry, I can't do that.

Asa: What the hell are you doing here, Duke?

Duke: Are you ok?

Asa: No.

Duke: I'm not talking to you.

Renee: But how did -- I don't -- how did you get here?

Asa: Hey, you didn't know about him?

Renee: No.  Of course I don't.

Duke: Well, I saw you get hauled off by that guy back at the house.  I didn't know what was going on -- if you were getting kidnapped for ransom, or what.  But I had a feeling that you were involved somehow, so I had them followed.  And then I stowed away on the plane.

Asa: Huh.  You're quick, I'll admit that.  Anyway, I'm -- I'm glad you're here, Duke.

Duke: Grandpa, I -- how could you do this?  Any of this?

Asa: Listen, I know you both have a bunch of questions.  And I will answer all of them -- now that I've got my plan worked out.

Duke: Oh, great.  So while you've been down here, you've figured out how to stay out of jail for the rest of your life, I take it?  Or maybe how to keep Todd Manning from killing you with his bare hands when he finds you?

Tess: Trust me, Todd, you don't have a clue about what's going on with me.  Actually, you don't have a clue about anything.  And the sooner you realize that, the less of a car wreck your life is going to be.

Todd: Hurrah!  Where is that coming from?

Tess: Hurrah!  Maybe it's coming from the fact that you think you can read me like a little book.

Todd: Well, I do know you, Jessica.  And you're not acting like yourself.  So, this doctor's got you drugged up, doesn't he?

Tess: Yeah, Todd.  You're right.  The doctor has me on some medication.  It must make me a little bit edgy.

Todd: No kidding.

Tess: Sorry that I bit your head off.

Todd: What's he got you on?

Tess: Uh -- he's got me on some anti-depressants, you know.  But the funny thing is they actually cause anxiety.  It's sort of a side effect.

Todd: Well, maybe you should go off it.

Tess: Well, Dr. Jamison says that in the long run, it's actually going to make me calm.  Actually, a little less eager to please.

Todd: Well, if it's worth anything, I like you the way you are -- without all these special effects.

Tess: Really?  Well, I've been so bummed lately, I've been a drag to be around.

Todd: Why is that?

Tess: I'll give you two words -- Antonio Vega.

Evangeline: Sorry if I got in your face.

Antonio: Yeah, me, too.

Evangeline: Look, I was just in the shower and I was thinking -- we're both -- we're both on the edge about the judge's decision, but it's important that we don't look at it as a defeat.

Antonio: Don't sugarcoat it.  We lost.

Evangeline: Not technically.  But it was close enough, and I hate losing -- with a passion.

Antonio: Yeah, well, then maybe you can relate to how I feel -- not just losing a case, but losing my daughter.

Evangeline: I do.  And I promise you, I will do whatever it takes -- whatever it takes -- to get you full custody of Jamie.  But you have to work with me.

Antonio: Hmm -- by changing who I am?  Because who I am's not good enough?

Evangeline: Antonio --

Antonio: I jump through hoops for the judge saying, doing anything just so that I can have the right to raise my own daughter?

Evangeline: If that's what it takes, yes.  Isn't the whole point of this to get Jamie back?  So if you have to cooperate to impress the judge to do that, what is the big deal?

Antonio: Yeah, of course.  Yeah, you're right.  Lying, cheating, stealing -- doing whatever I have to do.

Evangeline: No, no, that's not what I said, Antonio.  I have a better idea.

Antonio: I'll tell you what, Evangeline, I'm going to get my daughter back, and I'm going to make R.J. pay for what he did.  How does that sound?

Rachel: We have nothing more to say.

Bo: Please.  Just hear me out.

Rachel: Fine.

Bo: I handled this case the best way I knew how.  And it wasn't easy. I mean, I worked to make an arrest, and that's what they pay me to do.  I couldn't alert Colson to what was going on.  When I found out the truth, I got Matthew away from him.  And I tried to get your mother away from him, too.  I left her I don't know how many messages.  And by the time I finally caught up with her, there's Colson up there.  He's about to take the oath as lieutenant governor.

Rachel: Look, I saw the footage on the news.  I saw how you handled the arrest -- with the media there, half the town looking on.

Bo: Then you saw how many chances I gave Colson to take it inside and get out of the spotlight.

Rachel: What I saw, Bo, in your eyes, was satisfaction.  Maybe even the tiniest smile.  You didn't care how it affected my mother.

Asa: Let me tell you something, Duke.  There is not a cell big enough or strong enough to hold Asa Buchanan.

Renee: Bo is not going to let this go, Asa.

Asa: I can handle Bo.  There's another story.

Duke: Well, what about manning, huh?  He's out for blood.  I mean, grandpa, you hid Blair in a mental hospital.  You kept her from her kids.

Asa: Oh, shut up!  I've just about had this.  No more talk about this.  I got my wife, my grandson here.  This is family time.

Duke: Oh, give me a break.

Asa: I missed all of you.  How's everybody doing?

Renee: Stop it, Asa!  Just stop it!

Asa: What the hell is wrong with you two?

Renee: Do you have any idea what you put us all through?  What you put me through?  Lying in bed awake every night worried sick, wondering if you were still alive, wondering where you were!  Do you even care?

Asa: Of course I do!  But I didn't have a choice!  I had to wait till things settled down, cooled off.  Till I had my plan in the works.  That's the reason I -- I sent for you.

Renee: You had me dragged from our home.  Handcuffed and blindfolded!

Duke: What the hell were you thinking?

Asa: I missed this woman so much that my -- that my teeth hurt!

Natalie: Hey.

John: Hey.

Natalie: I've got that research I told you about.  Hope it helps.

John: Oh, these the -- the psych files on "The Killing Club" victims?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Hey, thanks for taking the initiative on that.

Natalie: Well, I know that everyone lets me get away with a lot more because Bo's my uncle, but I got to tell you the truth -- I really like working here.

John: Well, for what it's worth, I think you're doing a good job.  Especially since you -- you've had to deal with some things.

Natalie: Yeah.  Like the waitress that was murdered.

John: You know, Natalie, I've been doing this for a while.  I've seen some things, but walking in and finding that girl, thinking it was you --

Natalie: You don't have to explain.  But I've been thinking -- I was the killer's real target, right?

John: Possibly.

Natalie: John --

John: Yeah, that's what we think.

Natalie: Ok, well, I have an idea that maybe might flush him out.

John: Yeah?  What is it?

Natalie: Well, you're going to hate it, but just hear me out, ok?  Use me as a decoy.

John: You're right, I hate it.

Natalie: Ok, John, just -- just listen.  Put -- put me in a situation or a place where you think the killer might strike next.  You know, maybe one of the murders he hasn't copied from Marcie's book or --

John: Forget it.

Natalie: John, why?

John: Natalie, I'm not using you as bait to catch a killer, end of story.

Natalie: John --

John: Hey, listen to me.  Put it out of your head.  I do not want to hear you mention this again, do you understand me?  Good.

Todd: Vega bringing you down?  Why don't you dump him?

Tess: No.  No, I didn't mean that.  It's just, you know, we've been through a lot lately.  But I really, really, really love Antonio.

Todd: He's not right for you.  Hey, listen, if he -- if he ever hurts you, I'd be the first in line to take him out.

Tess: No.  Antonio would never hurt me.  Would he?

Evangeline: Wow, Antonio!  Great idea!  Very productive!

Antonio: Yeah, well, why should R.J. get away with what he did?

Evangeline: You're right, you're right, he shouldn't.  Getting revenge on R.J. is exactly what you should be focused on.  Although the problem is, whatever you have planned, he's going to smell it coming a mile away, and he's going to blow the whistle on you so fast, the judge will grant him full, permanent custody of Jamie.  I guarantee you, you will lose your daughter.

Antonio: Not if I'm careful.

Evangeline: You know what the best part is?  I get to lose a case I could've won if I didn't have a client that wasn't so unbelievably spiteful.

Antonio: That's what this is about -- your perfect record.  You know what?  I lost my daughter.

Evangeline: No, this is about having a client who could win, but he is too damn proud and pigheaded.

Antonio: Everything I'm doing is for Jamie.  R.J. can't give her what she needs.

Evangeline: No, Antonio, this is all about one person, and I'm looking at him.

Bo: You're wrong, Rachel.  I didn't enjoy what I had to do.

Rachel: Oh, come on, not even a little bit?

Bo: I always enjoy catching the bad guys, but knowingly hurt your mom?  No, never.

Rachel: You know, I actually think you believe that.

Bo: That's because it's true.  You know, I've run off every shark reporter that's trying to get an official statement from her.  I've worked overtime to make sure that this case is airtight so that Daniel Colson will be convicted.

Rachel: Yeah, that's what you're best at.  It always has been.  But while you were so busy getting the bad guy, it would've been nice if you would've given some thought to my mother and spared her a shred of dignity in this horrible moment in her life.

Bo: I didn't have a choice.

Rachel: Oh, yes, you did.  You could've waited till Daniel was sworn in as lieutenant governor and this whole thing could've been played out in private -- I mean, if he was guilty.

Bo: No -- what do you mean, "if"?  He's guilty.  The guy did it.  He killed two people and then he used his power and influence over my department to cover it up.

Rachel: Then the swearing-in would've been null and void and he wouldn't have been lieutenant governor.

Bo: I can't turn back the clock.  But just for the record, I had the full support of the attorney general's office and we were in complete agreement on how to handle this whole thing.

Rachel: I used to be in awe of you -- how you kept your personal life and your professional life separate.  It's what made you so good at what you do.  It's a shame that you had to lose a little bit of your humanity in the process.  Now, I'll tell my mom you stopped by.  But don't wait for any invitations back anytime soon.

Renee: Um -- I want to thank you for making sure that I was safe.  You have turned into such a loving, caring human being no thanks to your great-grandpa here.

Asa: Um -- Duke?  Ahem.  Tell me about Buchanan enterprises.  My sources tell me you and Kevin are keeping it afloat.

Duke: Well, maybe but not for long.  I mean, grandpa, the company is in serious trouble right now.  If for no other reason than that, you have got to come back to Llanview and straighten things out with the family business.

Asa: I couldn't say anything with Renee here, but I can't do that.  I can't come back home right now.  I got other things to handle. 

Todd: I'm serious, though, Jess.  If you're worried about whether or not he's going to hurt you, maybe you should slow things down with him a little bit.

Tess: No.  No, I'm sure I'm just being silly. Antonio -- he would never hurt me.  He's just a very passionate man.  You know, I'm sure if you didn't know him, you would think that he's a hothead. And his temper, I guess, has gotten him into trouble before.  It made him lose custody of his daughter.

Jessica's voice: No!  You can't do this to us.  Antonio and I love each other.

Todd: Hey.  You ok?

John: Hey.

Evangeline: Hey.  You just getting in?

John: No, I just -- just had to take a little walk to clear my head.

Evangeline: Is everything ok?

John: Just have a lot of work to do.

Evangeline: Yeah, I -- I can imagine.  This whole department must still be reeling from the news about Daniel.  You're sure there's nothing else wrong?

John: That and just Natalie comes in this morning with this crazy idea about how she wants to be the bait to catch "The Killing Club" killer.

Evangeline: What?  That is crazy.

John: What is it with people not thinking things through?

Evangeline: She really upset you.

John: You know what?  I don't want to get into this right now.

Evangeline: Get into what?

John: This.  All this, you know?  We're pretty sure Natalie was the -- the actual target, you know.  That poor girl -- she just got killed because she looked like her.

Evangeline: Yeah, I know.  We've talked about this.  Look, I don't want to argue with you, either.  It's been a bad enough day already.

John: Hey.  Look, I'm -- I'm sorry.  What's going on with you?

Evangeline: Just I -- I got into a run-in earlier with Antonio at the gym.

John: Yeah, and, um, I'm sure he must be pretty busted up about losing custody of Jamie.

Evangeline: And before that, I called Nora.  I wanted to stop by.  Couldn't get through.  I'm just so worried about her.  She's my friend.  I want to help her.  I don't know how.

John: Just be there.  Listen when she's ready to talk.

Evangeline: You know, a couple of times she tried to talk to me about calling off the wedding and I, brilliant, perceptive attorney that I am, actually discouraged her from calling it off?

John: Don't do that.  None of us saw this coming.

Evangeline: I was working out earlier and I was thinking, you never really can know a person, not really.  You only see what they allow you to see and if you love them, you trust that what you see is real.

John: Nora probably just needs some time, but she's strong.

Evangeline: You would never keep a secret from me, would you?

John: Like what?

Evangeline: I feel like there are a lot of things you don't say, and I know there are a million thoughts going on in that head of yours -- you know, work, your friends, hopefully some thoughts about me.  But I don't know what they are.

Natalie: John, I need to talk --

Evangeline: What, Natalie?  What is it now?

Duke: So what are you saying, grandpa?  Are you going to stay here in South America and be a fugitive for the rest of your life?

Asa: No, I didn't say that.  I know there a  little trouble back home.

Duke: "A little trouble"?

Asa: Which I told you I could handle.

Duke: Ok . So you kidnapped Renee and brought her down here to keep you company -- that's your way of handling things?

Asa: She didn't get hurt.  Ok, so she got a little rattled.

Duke: "Rattled"?  Do you have any idea of the risk you took?  I mean, you put Renee's life in danger.  What if something went wrong?

Asa: It didn't, and I would die before anything happened to that woman, along with anybody else I love.

Duke: All right, so what now?  What -- what's this plan you have going?

Asa: Maybe we could open a Buchanan enterprise branch down here -- you know, a fine little restaurant -- and let Renee run it.

Duke: So you want us to live here permanently?

Asa: You got to, like, see the big picture, Duke.

Todd: Jess, what's wrong?

Tess: Ahem.  It must -- must be that medication.  It gives me wicked headaches.

Todd: Hey, does Viki know about what's going on with you?

Tess: No, Todd, she doesn't.  She -- I -- listen, she has enough to deal with now with that virus thing that she's going through.

Todd: I think she'd want to know.

Tess: Well, thank you, but I'm a big girl. I can handle it myself.  Thanks for the concern, though.  Anyways, this has been nice.

[Todd laughs]

Tess: But I got to go freshen up and then I think I'm going to go grab myself a double latte.

Antonio: Todd?

Todd: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.  You seen Jessica?

Todd: Here?

Antonio: Yeah.  I'm supposed to pick her up.

Todd: What's she doing at the hospital?

Antonio: Having a checkup.

Todd: Hope it's not serious.

Antonio: No, no, nothing serious.  So have you seen her?

Todd: No.

Tess: Don't you ever pull that crap on me again, Jessica.  Do you know how hard it is to keep up with you and every Todd, Dick, and Harry that you know in this town?  Back off!

Jessica's voice: Who are you?  Why are you doing this?  Let me out!

Tess: No.  No way.  This is my show now.  I'm in control.  My mother always said, "don't slump.

Natalie: Sorry to interrupt.  You know what?  I can do this later.  John, don't forget you have a task force meeting in 15 minutes, ok?

John: Thank you.

Evangeline: I -- I don't know what's wrong with me.  I keep snapping at people, you know?  I -- I shouldn't have come here.  I'm -- I felt like I needed to see you.

John: Hey, hey.  Hey.  I'm glad you came.

Evangeline: Thanks for saying that.

John: Look, you know, you had -- you had a tough loss in court, and this run-in with Antonio -- it doesn't sound like it was a picnic.

Evangeline: Yeah, I guess things are still raw for both of us.

John: You are still a great lawyer -- you know that?  One ruling doesn't change any of that.  And this isn't over, right? I mean, they hear it again in six months?  Yeah?  So you get Antonio's kid back then, right?

Evangeline: How is it you always know what to say to make me feel better?

John: Guess it's just my sparkling personality.

Evangeline: Yeah, that must be it.

John: Hey.  You think there's any chance we could get together later?  I mean, I shouldn't be too late.

Evangeline: I'd like that.

John: Me, too.  Ok.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Get out of here.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: All right?

Natalie: Hey.

John: Hey.

Natalie: Look, I know you're on your way out, but I just -- I wanted to say that idea about me being the bait to catch the killer -- I know that's not the way things work around here, but I do want to help.

John: It's ok.  It's ok because it's not going to happen, all right?  I -- I appreciate the idea, as crazy as it was.  Now, I got to get to that meeting, all right?  I'll see you later.

Natalie: All right.  Well, I'll just take those papers down to forensics that you wanted --

John: They're on top of my file box right there.

Natalie: Ok.

John: All right, I'll see you later.

Natalie: Rex?  Hey, it's Natalie.  Listen, I need your help.  I have an idea.  I want to run it by you.  Call me at the office as soon as you get this.  Bye.

John: Hey, left a couple of messages for you.  How you holding up?

Bo: Hey, you know if Colson's had any visitors since we booked him?

John: Just his lawyer.  Catch up with you later.

Bo: All right.

Bo: When Natalie gets back, tell her that I'm going to be unavailable for a while.  I've got to go down and see one of the prisoners.

Duke: Hey, grandpa, what do you mean, "the big picture?"

Renee: You know, Asa, I have to hand it to you.  This is -- it's really a nice place.

Asa: Now, do you really think I would've brought you down here if it wasn't?

Duke: You know what?  I'm going to leave you two alone, but we are not done yet.  We have a lot to talk about.

Renee: He's right about that, Asa.  You cannot hide here forever.  I meant what I said earlier -- you really do look good.

Asa: You're not going to sucker-punch me again, are you?

Renee: I thought that I was never going to see you again.  I thought this time -- this time I've lost him forever.

Asa: Come here.  That's never, ever going to happen, honey -- never.

Tess: Do you think that you're figuring things out, Jessica, hmm?  You're not.  We're going to play by my rules now, so you just sit back, shut up, and leave me the hell alone.

Jessica's voice: No!  I won't let you do this.

Antonio: Are you sure you haven't seen Jessica?  I was supposed to pick her up.  I was running late --

Todd: What, do you want me to say it in Spanish?

Antonio: That was very funny.

Todd: Hmm.

Antonio: She wouldn't do that.

Todd: Oh.  I don't know what to tell you, man.  See you.  Oh, hey -- I heard that R.J. really crushed you in court, took away custody of your kid.  That's a real bummer.

Antonio: Hey.  There you are.  I was looking for you, you all right?  Something wrong?

>> On the next "one life to live" --

Antonio: Don't you ever interfere with my business again.

Tess: Stop it, Jessica.  I own you!

Natalie: I have a plan to catch "The Killing Club" murderer.

Lindsay: I would like you to take me to see Daniel Colson right now.

Daniel: Are you going to beat me up, teach me a lesson?

Bo: No, Colson.  I'm going to kill you.

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