OLTL Transcript Friday 5/27/05

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 5/27/05



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Blair: So you doing all right, big guy? We sent your sister home, but I think you're going to have to stick around for a little while longer. You feeling all right? You know what -- whoa, don't say anything, just nod. Good. Good. How's he really doing?

Spencer: Well, his vitals are good. His tracheotomy wound will heal in a week or two, and he'll be running around in no time.

Blair: Good.

Todd: So, what's a super doctor like yourself doing in Llanview, anyway?

Spencer: I was giving a lecture on a medical procedure that I developed.

Todd: Then you're leaving soon?

Spencer: Oh, I might stick around for a while.

Todd: Why?

Blair: Todd -- would you excuse us a second, Dr. Truman?

Jack: I'm thirsty.

Spencer: You're going to be home soon.

Blair: What the hell are you doing?

Todd: Just making conversation.

Blair: No, you're not, Todd! The man saved your son's life, and you're giving him the third degree!

[Phone rings]

Todd: Talk to me. No, wait a minute. Don't cover that. How exciting can a swearing in of a Lieutenant Governor be? Puts his hand on a bible, he takes an oath, and then he does a photo op. Wait. Hold on. Daniel Colson's guilty of what?

Evangeline: Great, reschedule my 7:00. Tell Mr. Waxman I'll have to call him back. If I hurry, I still have time to catch the reception for Daniel Colson.

Woman: You haven't heard?

Evangeline: Heard what? I've had three depositions since the Vega hearing. I haven't even had a chance to catch my breath. What did I miss?

Woman: Commissioner Buchanan and John McBain just busted Colson for killing Jen Rappaport and Paul Cramer.

Evangeline: That's not even funny. Don't even joke like that.

Woman: I am not kidding. And wait until you hear the motive.

John: Back it up. Officer, will you help me get these people out of here!

Reporter: What kind of evidence do you have against D.A. Colson?

John: Look, we'll be holding a press conference. I don't think so. Look, we know you all have a job to do, but so do we, and right now we need a little consideration and privacy. Thank you.

Natalie: John -- John, is it true that Daniel's guilty?

John: I can't talk right now, Natalie.

Natalie: John --

John: Look, you'll have to find out like everybody else.

Reporter: Lt. McBain, can't you tell us anything?

Second reporter: Come on; throw us a crumb!

Natalie: All right, look, you heard him! Everybody back off before I bust you myself! Come on’ get out of here! Let's go, let's go! Let's go!

Bo: He's all yours.

Nora: Would you give us a minute, please?

Bo: I'm not leaving you alone with the guy.

Nora: This is between my husband and me. Please?

[Bo sighs]

Bo: Don't even think about pulling anything.

Rex: You want to get pissed at somebody? Try your old man. He's the one who lied to you, and he's the one who killed Jen.

Riley: Shut up.

Marcie: Look, we are all upset here, okay, so let it go, Rex.

Riley: I bet you both really enjoyed this, didn't you? Watching it play out, watching me and my dad get destroyed.

Lindsay: Nobody had a good time! There's nothing good about this! Whatever's happened, Jen's gone.

Rex: Come on, Lindsay, you don't need this.

Riley: What? What, you running away again? I always told Jen you were sick. Why don't you come back here and face me?

Marcie: Riley, don't!

Riley: Look, just stay out of my way!

Marcie: No, look -- what are you going to do? What, are you going to go after Rex the way you went after Mark? If you want to punch somebody, punch me!

Evangeline: This is Evangeline Williamson. Can I please have John McBain? Yeah, I know he's busy, but this is important. All right, what about Bo Buchanan? Is he there? Nora Colson -- is she there? Okay. All right, fine. Thank you. Amy, reschedule my next appointment. I'm going to the station. I need to be there for Nora.

Natalie: Excuse me, but did you hear me? If you don't move your butts, you can cool them in the can. Come on, let's go, guys. Let's get out h here. Go, go, go, go, go!

John: Now listen, I don't want those people coming into the door again. You secure it or you're out. Thanks.

Natalie: Anything else I can do for you?

John: You know what I need? I need someone that can make things sane around here again.

Natalie: Then I'm your woman.

Daniel: Oh, thank God. Listen, Nora. Listen, Bo railroaded me. He's been trying to do that ever since we got together. I'm innocent, Nora. You know that.

Nora: I don't know anything anymore.

Daniel: Well, you know me. You know me better than anyone else in the entire world. Nora, I love you, and you love me.

Nora: I thought so.

Daniel: No, you do. I -- I realize that Bo has turned your world upside down right now. He's made you doubt me, doubt your own feelings. Nora, think -- think about our vows. Think about Paris.

Nora: No, I don't want to think about that right now.

Daniel: We were happy, Nora. You can't deny --

Nora: Were!

Daniel: No, we can still be happy. No, I'm going to fight these charges. I'm going to fight Bo. We'll both fight Bo, together. You and me against the whole world, if we have to, and we'll win, Nora, because I'm innocent. I didn't -- I didn't kill Jen, I didn't kill Paul. I couldn't do that. I couldn't do that to anybody. Listen, I know that you know that's true, deep inside. Believe in me, Nora. Believe in yourself. Believe in the love we have for each other.

Spencer: This is a prescription with care instructions.

Blair: Rest, plenty of fluids, and video games?

Spencer: Doctor's orders.

Blair: Well, thank you so much, Dr. Truman, so much.

Spencer: It's all right. Call me in a few days.

Blair: Okay.

Spencer: And it's still Spencer.

Blair: So what was the phone call about?

Todd: Oh, nothing much. Daniel Colson was arrested for murder.

Blair: What?

Todd: Yeah. And he's gay.

Blair: What? Daniel Colson?

Todd: Yeah, he killed Jen Rappaport to cover up for killing Paul Cramer, who was blackmailing him because he has a gay lover, so -- you know what? I can't really buy a headline like this.

Blair: No, no, no, no, no, Todd.

Todd: I don't think so. I think this is the biggest story in town, and I'm going to run with it.

Blair: You can't do that. I think you should be more sensitive to the people involved, Todd. I mean, I know you don't think much of Nora, but she helped -- she helped me find you, she helped me find Margaret, and you don't want to humiliate her like that.

Todd: She humiliated herself, I think.

Blair: I know --

Todd: I'm running with it. I don't care.

Paige: Okay, I got her all stitched up. She's ready for I.C.U. Make sure that --

Spencer: Excuse me. Sorry. Well, hello, Dr. Miller.

Paige: What the hell are you doing here?

Spencer: Sure wish I had a picture of that.

Paige: What?

Spencer: The look on your face.

Paige: I'm just surprised to see you, that's all, all right?

Spencer: Well, I was just in town giving a lecture on a new surgical procedure that I developed, and I thought I'd stop by and check out the facility beforehand. It's a good thing, too. I just saved a kid's life.

Paige: You know, you're as humble as I always remember you being.

Spencer: Part of my charm.

Paige: To some, I suppose.

Spencer: You would know.

Paige: Good luck on your lecture.

Spencer: It was really nice seeing you again, Paige.

Nurse: Are you all right, Doctor?

Paige: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. It's just -- it's just been a long day, that's all.

Marcie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about your dad and Mark. It's just that, you know, you were dealing with so many things, and -- you have to believe me, okay? I did not know that the police thought that your dad was --

Riley: A killer? Bo knew. John McBain, Rex. You talk about a setup --

Marcie: No, I don't think that was it. I think Rex was just trying to help Jen. He was just trying to figure out who killed her.

Riley: I just can't believe it.

Marcie: Look -- look, you have so many things that are going through your mind that you have to think about right now.

Riley: Starting with the fact that my father turned me against the woman I love to protect himself.

Marcie: You're hurt, and you're angry.

Riley: Because my dad has been lying to me my whole life about being gay! He gets married, he has a kid, he treats his wife bad. I wonder why. I think he hates her. I'm pretty sure he hates me. And I don't know why.

Marcie: Look, I don't -- I don't know what your father is thinking. But he doesn't hate you.

Riley: Yeah, well, you know what? I hate him. I hate who or what he is! You know, I don't even know what that is! I don't even know who or what I am now.

Natalie: L.P.D. I'm sorry, the commissioner's not available. You're going to have to call back later.

Michael: Is my brother around?

Natalie: He's in his office, but it's not a good time right now.

Michael: Yeah, I know. I was down at City Hall when the whole thing went down. I think Marcie’s still there with Riley. Man, talk about getting blindsided-

Natalie: Yeah, you know what? I feel really bad for Riley, but I don't have time to play catch up with you.

Michael: Did I ask you to? I came here to make a statement about the autopsy.

Natalie: Oh, the official one, or the one you did without anybody knowing?

Michael: How did you know about that?

Natalie: I work here.

Michael: Look, I didn't ask for the attitude, okay? You know what? I'm going to find John.

Natalie: No, no, no, no -- sit, sit, sit. I will find him. Just stay out of the way.

Bo: Hey.

Evangeline: Bo, I just heard what happened. How's Nora?

Bo: She's devastated. I mean, you can imagine.

Evangeline: Well, where is she? I want to talk to her.

Bo: Not just now, okay?

Evangeline: Is any of this stuff about Daniel true?

Bo: Yeah, I hate to say it, but, yes, it's true. He killed Jen Rappaport and Paul Cramer. I'm sure of it.

Evangeline: My God. God help Nora.

Bo: Yeah. God help her.

Daniel: You have to believe me, Nora. I love you. I would do anything for you.

Nora: Including killing someone who found out your secret? Isn't that what happened with -- with Paul Cramer? He found about you and Mark Solomon. Is that what happened with Jen? Is that why you killed Jen?

Daniel: No. No!

Nora: So then why? Why did you do it, Daniel? Why did you take that beautiful, young girl's life? A girl who was like a daughter to me? A girl that your son loved?

Daniel: I didn’t. I didn’t.

Nora: But you did have an affair with Mark Solomon, right? You're gay, and you married me.

Daniel: No, I married you because I love you, Nora. I love you!

Nora: Don't you dare! Don't you dare come near me! Don't you touch me ever again!

Marcie: I know who Riley Colson is. He's an amazing musician. He's an artist. He's a great friend. And he's someone whose heart is this big, and it is filled with love.

Riley: No, not anymore. Because you know what? I am Daniel Colson's son. And do you know what that is? I don’t.

Marcie: Don't do this, Riley.

Riley: He convinced me that Jen was a killer and that she killed Paul Cramer, and I bought into it. Until I got my head straight, and then, you know, it was too late. She was gone.

Marcie: She still loved you.

Riley: Well, she shouldn't have. Because I let her down. And if I hadn't --

Marcie: What? What, do you think you would have been able to stop your father from killing her?

Riley: I don't know! I don't know anything right now. I just know that Jen's gone, and she's dead.

Marcie: Well, Riley, where are you going?

Riley: I don'. I -- I hate myself. I got to get out of here.

Marcie: Riley!

John: Hey.

Evangeline: Hey.

John: You heard what happened?

Evangeline: Yeah. And I'm devastated for Nora.

John: Have you seen her?

Evangeline: Not yet. No, Bo said it wasn't a good time, but I just -- I can't imagine what she must be going through right now.

John: You won't have to. Just turn on the evening news and your friend's private nightmare will be replayed over and over for the whole world to see.

Evangeline: And why? That's what I want to know. Why did it have to go down like that?

John: Would you excuse me for a second? What are you two doing here?

Bo: Hey.

Paige: Bo.

Bo: I guess you heard, huh?

Paige: No, I just wanted to see you.

Bo: Oh.

Paige: Heard -- heard what?

Bo: You haven't seen the news?

Paige: No, I've been in surgery all day. What happened?

Bo: Oh, honey -- listen, we got to go someplace quiet to talk, okay? I've got a lot to catch you up on.

Michael: Okay. I waited. I'm done. If Evangeline can get in to see my brother, then so can I.

Natalie: Evangeline's with John?

Michael: Well, that got your attention.

Natalie: Well, she shouldn't be bothering him.

Michael: Well, maybe she isn’t. Maybe he likes having people that he cares about around him, and maybe he'd be upset to find out that you're shutting them out. Okay. I'm sorry.

Natalie: I'm sorry, what? I really can't hear you. You have to say it louder.

Michael: I said I'm sorry. You happy?

Natalie: Ecstatic.

Nora: I mean it. Don't you -- just step back. Step back! Just don't take one step closer because I will use this. I swear I will use this!

Daniel: Please, Nora, I -- I wouldn't have hurt you. I could never do that. To see you with fear in your eyes --

Nora: Isn't that a look you're kind of used to? Isn't this the look that all your victims give you?

Daniel: Nora, please --

Nora: I swore I would never be a victim again in my life. I swore I never would after Troy -- I hate you for having reduced me to this! I hate you for that! I can't believe I'd fall in love with someone so --

Daniel: So you do love me?

Nora: No!

Daniel: Yes, Nora, you loved me, until people started spreading lies about me.

Nora: Before!

Daniel: Before what? Before Bo started accusing me? Nora, he has nothing but circumstantial evidence! It's all hearsay.

Nora: And what about Mark Solomon, huh? He says you're in love, that he's your lover.

Daniel: God, Nora, Mark Solomon is an obsessed kid. He -- he'd been hounding me for a job. I -- I barely know him. He's been calling me, stalking me --

Nora: Oh, will you stop lying about it?

Daniel: You're going to believe a screwed up kid?

Nora: I don't believe you! It's all been lies. It's just all been lies. Paul, Jen, Mark, even me. Even me, Daniel, damn it! Admit it. Just go ahead and admit it. Say it. You never loved me. Say it. Say it!

Blair: Are you sure it's all right for him to go home?

Spencer: She always worry like this? Yeah. He's a tough little guy. He's going to be just fine.

Todd: Hey. You got to see this.

Blair: What is it?

Todd: Be right back, buddy.

Reporter: Lieutenant Governor Appointee Daniel Colson's secret sex life was revealed today amid accusations of murdering Jennifer Rappaport and Paul Cramer.

Todd: See? Everyone's going to run with this.

Reporter: No comment yet from Commissioner Bo Buchanan, who was on hand for the arrest and whose ex-wife, Nora Colson, is married to the accused.

Lindsay: We have a right to be here.

Rex: And we're not leaving.

John: Will you excuse me for a minute? If you're looking for trouble, you couldn't have picked a better day.

Rex: We just want to be here -- that's all.

Lindsay: Because the man that murdered my daughter is here.

John: I know, and he's being processed.

Rex: Where?

John: All right, I'll tell you what -- sit tight. I'll see what I can do, but don't get any ideas about playing hero. Understand?

Rex: Got it.

John: Just give me a minute. It's McBain. Balsom and Lindsay Rappaport are here. Just keep them away from Colson, okay? Thanks.

Evangeline: You really think they might go after Daniel?

John: I wouldn't blame them for wanting to.

Evangeline: What a mess.

John: It didn't go down like we wanted it to, but once the attorney general gave us the go-ahead, we had to make a move.

Evangeline: Right in front of everyone -- the press, the TV cameras?

John: We offered Colson privacy. He wouldn't take it.

Evangeline: What about Nora? Did anybody think about her?

John: No. Like I said, maybe it could've been handled differently.

Evangeline: "Maybe"?

John: We tried to get to the ceremony before it began, but it started early.

Evangeline: And you guys couldn't have waited until after?

John: Doesn't work that way for us, Counselor.

Evangeline: So there was nothing personal about this arrest?

John: For me? No. Are you talking about Bo? Well, his son was living with a murderer, so, yeah, for him maybe it was personal.

Evangeline: What about you, John? Couldn't you have remained objective?

John: Are you trying to blame this on me?

Evangeline: Look, my best friend's life was just shattered in a million pieces on broadcast television and you're telling me that you couldn't have done anything to stop it.

Bo: Are you okay?

Paige: You know, I'm the last person you should be worrying about right now.

Officer: Commissioner, Lindsay Rappaport just showed up.

Bo: All right, thanks. I'll call you later, okay?

Michael: So, how's Riley?

Marcie: I'm really worried about him, Michael. You know, I tried to talk him down, but he just -- he ran right off and I couldn't stop him, and I don't know where he's going to go or what he's going to do.

Michael: I could -- I could ask John to send a unit out to look for him.

Marcie: I don't want anything else happening to anybody else that I care about, Michael. I mean, if I lost one more person, I wouldn't know what to do.

Michael: Come here. Come here.

Natalie: What are you doing here?

Rex: What do you think?

Natalie: Rex, please, just -- just go home. Let the police handle this this time, please.

Marcie: Lindsay, maybe I should take you home.

Lindsay: No, I have a right to face the man who murdered my daughter.

Marcie: Oh, I know, but it's just going to make you feel worse.

Lindsay: I couldn't feel any worse. He took away the one thing that meant anything in my life.

Bo: Lindsay? I know what you're going through, and you know that I do, but you shouldn't be here right now.

Rex: We're not going anywhere.

Bo: You've got to let us do our job.

Rex: Do your job? You wouldn't even have Colson if it weren't for me.

Bo: You know, Balsom, that's true. And I appreciate everything you did, but it's in our hands now. And I'm warning you, Rex -- don't do anything to screw this up.

Rex: That's why we're here -- to make sure you don’t.

Lindsay: No, he's right. We want to make sure that Daniel's caught. And one day he'll have to face me. One day, I want to make sure that he feels the pain that I have felt.

Daniel: I do love you, Nora. I never lied to you about that.

Nora: But you were cheating on me. You were having an affair.

Daniel: No, I told you about him.

Nora: Mark wouldn't just make this up! You're having an affair with him. Daniel, you're gay.

Daniel: No, no, I'm not gay.

Nora: Stop lying about it.

Daniel: Nora, I'm not gay, I'm not gay. I never have been, I never will be!

Nora: Then why were you at a gay bar? Why would Mark say you are? Why would he say you're lovers? He has nothing to gain by that! I bet I could find lots of other people who would say so, too. Daniel, come on. For God's sake, you have been outed. There's just no getting around it.

Daniel: No, no. See, Nora, you -- you don't understand.

Nora: What is there to understand?

Daniel: It's, uh, like -- it's just like with my drinking, Nora, I couldn't help it. It's -- it's the same thing. Nora, it's like a disease.

Nora: Don't you dare! Being gay is not a disease! What is sick is killing people --

Daniel: No, I didn't kill anybody!

Nora: Get away from me! You are nothing but a liar! Nothing but a liar! You sat there at Jen's memorial service right next to me, stoic and all emotional, when you were the one that heard her last words. You were the one who -- who took her last breath. It was more than Jen's life that you destroyed! My God, your son -- you destroyed Riley's -- his whole life. And what about my life? Did you think it would never be found out? Daniel, what was going on in your head?

Daniel: I didn't kill anybody, Nora. You got to believe me.

Nora: Are you insane?

Daniel: No. I'm your husband.

Nora: No, you're not. No. You're not the man I thought I married. You are -- I -- you -- you're some monster.

Daniel: No, I'm not. I'm not -- I'm not a monster. You -- you know me.

Nora: No. No, I don't really know anything right now. I don't -- I certainly don't know you or who you are.

Todd: I want everyone who's breathing on this Colson thing. Interview the family. And see if you can find this guy who claims to have had an affair with Colson -- Mark Solomon? No, I haven't seen him on TV yet. Yeah, maybe we can get an exclusive. Hey, here it is, your headline -- "Double Life, Double Homicide." Got it?

Paige: Is Dr. Truman still in?

Nurse: He's in with the Mannings, but I hope he doesn't leave too soon.

Paige: This is a hospital, not a singles club.

Nurse: I'm sorry, Doctor.

Todd: Hey. So -- so it looks like you know this Dr. Truman guy, right? What's the word on him?

Natalie: Nora, Nora? Can I get you anything? Can I do anything for you? Are you sure? Just let me know if I can help.

Nora: You knew, didn't you?

Natalie: I didn't -- I didn't know anything for sure. I just know that Uncle Bo didn't want me to let Matthew go back home.

Nora: Oh, my God, Matthew. Oh, my God.

Natalie: Nora, you need to take a minute here and just pull yourself together. All right. I know what this is like -- marrying a man who's not at all who you thought he was. It takes a while to believe it, believe anything. Everything seems like it's not real. And you start to wonder about everybody. But do not do that, Nora. Okay, you need to trust in the people who love you even if you don't trust in yourself right now. Believe me. Okay, this is how I got through the ordeal with Cristian, I'm telling you -- my family, my friends.

Nora: Friends? Who are they supposed to be?

Lindsay: This must have been where Daniel waited for her by the car.

Rex: Oh, don't -- don't do this to yourself, Lindsay.

Lindsay: I'm okay.

Rex: Are you sure?

Lindsay: I've been beating myself up wondering what I could've done to stop it, thinking that I'd missed all the signs. Then it turns out that Jen didn't take her own life -- someone had taken it from her. You tried to tell me. But part of me just wasn't sure. And now I know. Now I know there was nothing I could've done to protect her. But there's something that I can do now.

Michael: Lindsay, we should really get you upstairs. You should -- you should rest. You know, I could prescribe you something to help you calm down.

Lindsay: No, I don't want to be numb. I want to feel this. I need to feel my life.

Lindsay: And I need to say goodbye to my daughter.

John: So, you're blaming me for what happened to Nora.

Evangeline: How it happened -- on full display for everyone to see.

John: Bo calls the shots. That being said, I would've done the exact same thing.

Evangeline: Look, I don't want to blame you. It's just that two of my friends took major hits today.

John: Oh, yeah? Who else?

Evangeline: Antonio didn't get custody of Jamie.

John: I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Evangeline: Yeah. You know, it's just for six months till the judge can re-evaluate, but I let him down. And now I find out about Nora, you know, and I want to help her, but I guess no one's going to let me see her, so --

John: First off, you didn't let Antonio down. And secondly, Nora just has a lot to work through right now.

Evangeline: I know. And I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take this out on you.

John: Hey, wait. Where are you going?

Evangeline: You have a lot of work to do, and I'm better off alone right now.

John: Hey. In case you change your mind about being alone.

Natalie: Hey. Your brother came by to see you earlier, but I think he left with Marcie.

John: You know, Natalie, days like this I think I shouldn't have dropped out of bartending school.

Natalie: Hey, I know it sucks sometimes. But there's nothing more that you could've done. You did everything you had to.

Paige: Most people in the medical profession have heard of Dr. Truman. He's a world-renowned surgeon.

Todd: Is that all he is to you?

Paige: Why?

Todd: I don't know. It just seemed like it was a little more --

Paige: You know what? You've been playing investigative reporter far too long, Mr. Manning.

Blair: Any news?

Todd: I'm working on it. Well, looks like you picked the right time to come blowing into town.

Spencer: Isn't it always this exciting?

Blair: Oh, yes. It's always this exciting.

Spencer: Sounds like my kind of town.

[Music plays]

Singer: I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh I want to hold you high and steal your pain away I keep your photograph I know it serves me well I want to hold you high and steal your pain

Singers: 'Cause I'm broken when I'm open and I don't feel like I am strong enough 'cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome and I don't feel right when you're gone away

Singer: The worst is over now and we can breathe again I want to hold you high you steal my pain away there's so much left to learn and no one left to fight I want to hold you high and steal your pain

Singers: 'Cause I'm broken when I'm open and don't feel like I am strong enough 'cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome and I don't el right when you're gone away

Singers: 'Cause I'm broken when I'm open and I don't feel like I am strong enough 'cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome and I don't feel right when you're gone away

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Antonio: I'm going to get my daughter back and I'm going to make R.J. pay for what he did.

Todd: You don't seem like yourself, and I think I know what's going on.

Bo: Can I come in?

Rachel: You aren't going anywhere near my mother.

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