OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/17/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/17/05



By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Todd: I've told you everything.

Blair: I'm just asking if you think that there's a chance that Margaret might be carrying your child.

Todd: The test was negative.

Blair: I know that's what you said.

Todd: Yeah, that's what I keep saying! Why do you want me to keep reliving it? She took the test. It was negative. And then she lost control, and all bets were off. The test was negative, Blair.

Blair: But the test could be wrong, Todd.

Todd: She's not pregnant.

Blair: This is Margaret we're talking about here. I'm asking you, do you think there's any chance that she could actually be pregnant with your child?

Will: Look, Mom, I realize that this is hard for you to accept, but I heard Daniel Colson tell Nora the results of Jen's autopsy. There doesn't seem to be any doubt that Jen killed herself.

Nora: You know what? I loved what you said tonight. I think Jen would have loved it, too.

Matthew: I thought it would make me feel better.

Nora: Did it make you feel better?

Matthew: I just wish she was still here.

Riley: Hey, brother, listen, I miss her, too, a lot. But what you said today made me feel a lot better, okay? Thank you. Let's go in here.

Nora: Help me understand something. Why were you so upset at Jen's service?

Daniel: I shouldn't have been there, and I shouldn't be here. Not after what I did to Jen.

Nora: What happened to Jen is not your fault. Look, Jen had a lot of issues. Sam always used to worry about her. He said that she had -- she was troubled like her mother, and her troubles just got the better of her.

Daniel: Yeah. I guess.

Nora: I don't want you thinking that her suicide was your fault.

Bo: You sure you can handle this?

Rex: Yeah, if I can make it through the service, I can do this.

Bo: Thought you were going to pull a no-show.

Rex: Almost did.

Bo: Natalie talk you into it?

Rex: Yeah. I know about the autopsy.

Bo: Well, it's standard in this kind of situation.

Rex: I'm talking about the one that's going on right now with John and his brother.

Bo: How do you know?

Rex: I followed them.

Bo: Oh.

Rex: They just better, you know, treat Jen right.

Bo: They will.

Rex: When I was in the church today, I actually prayed. I asked whoever's looking over Jen now to help John and Michael to find out how Jen really died and who did this to her.

John: How we doing?

Michael: We're taking our time. You know, John, I'm not a pathologist, okay, so this isn't going to be your by-the-book autopsy.

John: Something tells me the one the medical examiner did wasn't, either, so go ahead and throw out whatever books you want.

Michael: You okay, bro?

John: Not my first autopsy.

Michael: Well, the original M.E. seems to have followed procedure. I don't see anything out of the ordinary thus far.

John: See, the thing is, Mikey, if Jen killed herself by running that tube to her car's tailpipe, her fingerprints would be all over it.

Michael: And they weren’t. Wait a second here.

John: What?

Michael: Yeah. Absolutely.

John: Hey, Mike, you going to tell me, or do I have to guess?

Michael: I think I just found what we're looking for.

Natalie: Just sit right here.

Viki: Honey --

Natalie: I'll get you something to eat.

Viki: Darling, I'm not an invalid.

Natalie: Well, I know you're not, but I want to prevent you from becoming one. You know, you are still fighting off this virus. You shouldn't even have gone today.

Viki: Well, you know something? Jen was my daughter-in-law once, and I really did get to know her last summer, and I cared about her.

Natalie: Well, that's admirable, especially after what she did to Joe.

Viki: She was part of our family, honey. Besides, Lindsay asked me to speak and I couldn't possibly refuse, knowing what that poor woman is going through today.

Natalie: Because of Megan?

Viki: Yeah. Megan was very much in my heart today. I wish you'd known your sister.

Natalie: Jess has told me a lot about her.

Viki: I don't know what I would ever do if anything happened to you or Jessica.

Natalie: Mom, don't even think like that.

Viki: Well, I can't help it. You know, I pray to God every single day to keep you safe and healthy.

Jessica: There's something really wrong with me, Dr. Jamison.

Dr. Jamison: You said in your message you heard a voice inside your head?

Jessica: Yeah, but it's more than that.

Dr. Jamison: Try to relax, Jessica.

Jessica: Try to relax? I think that I'm going crazy, okay?

Dr. Jamison: Just try to slowly and calmly tell me what happened.

Jessica: I was at a memorial service for someone today -- my former sister-in-law -- and her brother was there -- Will. He -- he and I used to -- we used to be together. He was the father of our baby, Megan. We lost her.

Dr. Jamison: Go on.

Jessica: It's just -- I was nine months pregnant, and I got hit by a car. It was a hit-and-run, and I gave birth to Megan, but I lost her. She didn't make it. I fell into a coma, and when I woke up, I didn't even remember being pregnant.

Dr. Jamison: That's not uncommon in circumstances like that.

Jessica: Yeah, well, eventually, I did remember. And I remembered that it was Dorian that was driving the car that hit me, and that's when things started to happen.

Will: Rex Balsom, right?

Rex: Yeah. Who wants to know?

Will: I'm Will. I'm Jen's brother.

Rex: Oh. Right. Jen told me a lot about you. She thought you were the best, man.

Will: Yeah, she told me a lot about you, too. You were a real great influence on her, "man."

Rex: I loved her.

Will: Hmm. Oh, is that why you scammed our dad's house from her and then hooked up with our mom, then taped the two of you together?

Rex: Look, I'm sorry.

Will: Well, it's a little late for being sorry because that tape ended up all over the internet and made Jen look guilty of killing Paul Cramer. So why would you think that you're welcome here?

Bo: Um, excuse us for a second, Rex.

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: Will.

Will: Bo.

Bo: Hey. Look, I know Balsom’s no saint, but he did work hard to clear Jen when this whole thing started.

Will: Yeah? Why? What's in it for him?

Bo: Nothing, for all I know. Except that I know that he loved her. I think he still does. Hey, Will, I know you got a lot to deal with right now.

Will: Yeah, well, that's the thing, Bo, is I don't know what. See, Colson says that the autopsy proves Jen committed suicide. But my Mom seems convinced that somebody killed her. Which one is it, Bo?

John: Come on, Mikey, what do you got?

Michael: Jen definitely didn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

John: How do you know?

Michael: Look at the eyes, okay? Now, you notice how they're dotted with petechial pinpoint hemorrhages?

John: Translation, Mike.

Michael: Okay. If she had died from carbon monoxide poisoning, the conjunctivae, the whites of her eyes, would be consistently pink.

John: But they're not.

Michael: Which means that she died from suffocation. Look, okay, now, note the tattooing of her skin. Now, had she died from C.O. poisoning, she would have a nice, fleshy, pink color. She doesn’t. She's purple.

John: Which means?

Michael: Which means that either the original autopsy was wrong or it was compromised. Either way, John, Jen didn't kill herself.

Dr. Jamison: When you said things started to happen -- what things?

Jessica: I'd go to Dorian’s house, and I'd set up things. I -- I played a tape of a baby crying. I planted things in rooms. I wrote her scary notes. But the thing is, the only reason that I know this is because people told me that I did it. I don't exactly remember it happening at all.

Dr. Jamison: I read that your doctor diagnosed it as posttraumatic stress disorder.

Jessica: But things are starting to happen again. I'm losing really big chunks of time, just like before. But, I mean, it happened again last night, and I'm hearing this voice inside my head.

Dr. Jamison: What's the voice telling you, Jessica?

Jessica: It's telling me to do things -- things that I don't want to do, things that I did to Dorian right after I lost my baby -- and it's getting louder and louder and louder, and I feel like I'm going out of my mind.

John: See, the autopsy report says Jen's blood had a high level of carbon monoxide in it.

Michael: It's wrong.

John: You sure?

Michael: It's wrong, John. I'll run the blood test again, okay, but everything that I've seen here shows that Jen didn't kill herself. Now, it's going to take a lot more to prove that it was murder.

John: I know. I know. There's this letter that she sent Riley that could be construed as a suicide note. Colson was closing in on an arrest. She broke up with her boyfriend. Everything points neatly to a suicide.

Michael: Yeah. Marcie thinks that it's her fault because of the suicide in her book.

John: No, I don't think this has anything to do with "The Killing Club" murders. Doesn't fit. None of it makes sense.

Michael: What are we supposed to do with any of this? I mean, none of this is admissible in court. This is an illegal autopsy. John, you should've got somebody who was licensed to do this, somebody who was licensed to perform autopsies.

John: I don't trust anyone else, Mike. If you're right, this autopsy report has been corrupted. I need to know the second opinion isn’t.

Michael: If anybody finds out what I have done here tonight, you and me both, guy -- we are going to lose our careers. We can kiss them goodbye.

John: I'm willing to risk it, Mike. You want out, no hard feelings. I understand.

Daniel: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Mark.

Mark: I can't stand this, being here with you and not being able to be with you.

Daniel: Yeah, well, it's not easy for me, either.

Mark: Then let's get out of here.

Daniel: Not now.

Mark: When?

Daniel: Look, I'm expecting a phone call. If they're going to be making me Lieutenant Governor, I should get word any minute.

Mark: What's taking so long?

Daniel: I don't know, but the call's going to happen. And when it does, I'll get you a job in Harrisburg. While Nora’s in Llanview, maybe we can be together. But we can't mess things up.

Mark: Look, I hope you're right. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Bo: The department looks into every suicide, just to make sure there's no foul play. That's standard procedure.

Will: Yeah, but this is more than that, isn't it? You think Jen might have been murdered?

Bo: We're going to find out exactly what happened to Jen. Now, that's all I can say about it. As soon as I hear something definitive, you're going to hear it, too.

Will: Okay. All right, thanks, Bo. I'm going to talk to R.J.

Bo: All right.

Daniel: What was that all about?

Bo: Excuse me?

Daniel: Jen's death was ruled a suicide, but you're telling Will Rappaport that you're going to look into it further.

Bo: Yeah, I'm being thorough. Why are you so worried about it?

Blair: Oh, here it is -- "Frequently asked questions about home pregnancy tests."

Todd: What's it say?

Blair: It says, "Most early pregnancy tests are 99% accurate --"

Todd: See? There you go.

Blair: "Depending on when they are taken. And if the test is taken too early, it could give a false negative." Hmm. So, when did she take the test?

Todd: I don't know.

Blair: Think. After it happened, how soon did Margaret take that test?

Todd: Maybe -- maybe it was the next day. I don't know. I mean, it was very soon after.

Blair: Well, the next day is too early. She's pregnant, Todd. She's pregnant with your child. I know it.

Viki: Honey, I'm not hungry.

Natalie: Well, I know the routine. You just pick, and I'll finish the rest.

Viki: I love you so much.

Natalie: You've been telling me that about a hundred times today.

Viki: Well, I don't think you can ever say those words enough.

Natalie: Mom, you know, just because Jen took her own life, you know I would never do that. You know that, right?

Viki: No, I know that. I know that. You have too much fight in you. Besides, you have your plans.

Natalie: What, John?

Viki: Yes, you've made your intentions very clear, haven't you?

Natalie: I don't want you stressing out.

Viki: I don't want you being hurt.

Natalie: Well, I've been hurt several times in my life. I've turned out okay. See?

Viki: So that's your very subtle way of shutting me out?

Natalie: What, like I always do?

Viki: I didn't say that.

Natalie: I know. I mean, I have. I know I have.

Viki: And you had good reason to. I didn't come into your life until you were a grownup, and then I did really horrible, awful things to you.

Natalie: No. Not you. Niki Smith, the person who lived inside of you -- she's the one who did those horrible things, Mom.

Dr. Jamison: What does it feel like when this voice talks to you, Jessica?

Jessica: Well, it's not always a voice. Sometimes it's -- it's a feeling. It's something driving me, taking control, telling me to do things. Like at the custody hearing today for Antonio’s daughter, I had to fight back so hard.

Dr. Jamison: What do you think might have triggered it?

Jessica: They were talking about Antonio’s affair. Hearing about him sleep with another woman.

Dr. Jamison: And you wanted to strike back?

Jessica: No, not me. No, it was something or someone inside of me.

Dr. Jamison: But you were able to get control?

Jessica: Well, I had to. I -- I couldn't let Antonio down, not after the fire. I mean, it was my fault. I was the one that was supposed to be taking care of Jamie.

Dr. Jamison: But you still don't remember?

Jessica: I wanted to tell my mother about it. But she got sick. She has a heart condition. So I couldn't tell her. I just figured that she'd understand better than anyone.

Dr. Jamison: Why is that?

Jessica: Because my mom -- she had -- she had the same thing, I think.

Dr. Jamison: What is it your mother had?

Jessica: Dissociative Identity Disorder. Do you think that's it? Do you think that's what I have?

Dr. Jamison: I can't begin to make a diagnosis yet. We just started to work together.

Jessica: But it's possible because my mother had it?

Dr. Jamison: There can be a genetic predisposition. But -- but it doesn't necessarily mean you're suffering from it, Jessica.

Jessica: What else could it be?

Dr. Jamison: Any number of things. Whatever it is, it's serious, especially given the experiences you had when you lost your daughter.

Will: See? There you go. Now it's a bird.

R.J.: I hope you don't mind my bringing Jamie, but her baby-sitter had to take off, and I just won't leave her by herself.

Lindsay: Mind? I love Jamie, you know that. I remember when Sam used to do that trick with the kids when they were little, and Will figured it out. But Jen thought it was pure magic. She was wide-eyed, just like Jamie is now.

R.J.: It's okay. It's okay.

Lindsay: She was so precious at that age. She loved everything -- jumping in puddles and running headfirst into every experience. I must have saved her life every five minutes. But I couldn't save her this time.

Bo: What's the harm in John McBain looking into things?

Daniel: Because the evidence is all in. Jen committed suicide. She was a troubled young girl who more than likely killed Paul Cramer, too. That's it. Case closed.

Bo: Yeah, but some things about it don't quite sit right.

Daniel: What things?

Bo: We'll keep you posted. It's not likely we'll find anything anyway, right?

Daniel: Well, just make sure you keep me in the loop this time. I want to be in on everything. I owe Jen that much.

Rex: The guy's so slick he could slide under a door. He doesn't give a damn about Jen. He just wants the case closed so he can ride off into the sunset like some big political hero.

Bo: Hmm.

Rex: Jen's dead, and he's still dogging her. What?

Bo: Nothing.

Rex: No, you just thought of something. Is it something Colson said?

Bo: No, it's nothing he said.

Rex: Then what?

Bo: I saw him right before the autopsy.

Rex: And what? What happened?

Bo: Back off, Balsom.

Rex: Why? You don't trust the guy, or else you wouldn't be having Michael McBain doing another autopsy on the side. So, what do you think? Colson paid off the M.E.?

Bo: Let's not jump to that right away, okay?

Rex: Okay, but if the autopsy is wrong, then --

Bo: We're not going to know anything for sure until Michael finishes the autopsy. Now, if you don't calm down, I'm going to have to lock you up in a small room somewhere until you learn how to keep your mouth shut.

Rex: Okay, okay. All right, I'll chill. I just -- I just can't be here right now, okay? Everywhere I look, I see Jen. I can't deal with it.

Michael: Just as I thought.

John: What?

Michael: You notice there's some slight bruising -- it's slight, but it's there -- around the sternum area.

John: Could've been from when Balsom did C.P.R. on her. I've heard about that.

Michael: No, no, those would be much deeper bruises. But these -- these are slight because her heart had stopped way before Balsom ever got there.

John: What about all this bruising on her arms?

Michael: Could be a definite indication of a struggle. Okay, let's see what you've got inside of your lungs.

Nora: Why do I feel like there's something you're not telling me?

Marcie: I -- I don't know.

Nora: Hmm. Why are you so worried about me suddenly?

Marcie: Well --

Mark: Because Marcie’s worried about everybody. It's "The Killing Club" murders. You know, she's afraid that anybody who gets involved with her will be the next victim.

Nora: Well, that's very sweet of you, but I hardly fit the profile.

Mark: You're the D.A.'s wife. I mean, he wouldn't let anything happen to you.

Nora: Well, thank you. I'm glad to see someone else feels that way about Daniel.

Mark: God, you were going to tell her about --

Marcie: No, no --

Mark: You were going to tell her about Daniel and me.

Marcie: No, okay, I wasn’t. I wasn't going to tell her about you and Daniel.

John: You know what, Mikey? I'm about to give you a compliment. You really know what you're doing.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's because I'm the genius of the family.

John: Yeah, I'm going to let you have that little dream for the remainder of this autopsy.

Michael: All right. We got blood. We got blood in Jen's lungs, and you got your proof. Jen died from manual asphyxiation.

Will: So, Bo said the police are looking into what happened to Jen.

Lindsay: Do you believe me now?

Will: I don't know, Mom. You know, the autopsy report --

Lindsay: Is wrong. Jen did not kill herself, do you hear me?

Will: But she's still gone, Mom. Either way -- either way, Jen's still gone.

Lindsay: I know.

R.J.: Hey, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hey!

R.J.: Sorry, but we're going to have to take off.

Lindsay: Oh!

R.J.: All right?

Will: I'm going to go get some air.

Lindsay: Okay.

R.J.: Let's put you here, Jamie.

Lindsay: Bye, honey. Are you leaving so soon?

R.J.: Yeah. Believe me, we would stay, but -- well, you know, there's someplace I need to be.

Lindsay: Oh, my gosh. Today's the custody hearing. I was supposed to testify for you.

R.J.: Hey, Lindsay --

Lindsay: Oh --

R.J.: Don't even worry about it.

Lindsay: No, I can handle it. I --

R.J.: Believe me, I have been where you are, and there wasn't much that I could handle.

Lindsay: I want to help you.

R.J.: You can help by not testifying. I'm not going to put you up on the stand and have you say how wonderful I am with Jamie, not -- not today. I wouldn't do that to you.

Lindsay: I'm sorry, R.J.

Matthew: You know, talking about Jen and looking at her pictures -- it's not as good as having her here.

Riley: I know, buddy. I know. But at least we got those, right? And we got our memories with her, and we got those together, okay?

Marcie: I wasn't going to tell Nora about you and Daniel, okay?

Mark: Didn't sound that way to me.

Marcie: Look, maybe I couldn't help Jen, but I can help you and I can help Nora and I can help Daniel.

Mark: What are you talking about?

Marcie: You know you have to break things off.

Mark: Look, I already told you I can't do that, okay? Hey, things are going to change. They're going to get better, you'll see.

[Phone rings]

Daniel: Daniel Colson. Yes, Governor.

Rex: Well, thank God it's just you.

Bo: You may want to rethink that.

Todd: You're overreacting.

Blair: No, I'm not! She's pregnant, and I know it.

Todd: Margaret knew what she was doing when she took that test. It was negative, and that's why she lost it. That's why she tried to blow me up! That's why she went after you and left you for dead. Now think about it. I know Margaret. If she was pregnant, we'd have heard about it by now. She'd be sending us notes. She'd be making phone calls, more post cards. I mean, if -- if Margaret was pregnant, it wouldn't be any fun for her unless we were suffering.

[Lullaby plays]

Rex: You want to lock me in a cell for this, go ahead, but Colson's pulling something.

Bo: Balsom, there's something you've got to learn. If you're ever going to toss someone's office, you got to do it right. Now, I want you to pick up all of this stuff that you've thrown around the floor, and you put it back where it belongs. I will find the connection between Colson and the medical examiner.

John: So if Jen was manually asphyxiated, that proves she was murdered.

Michael: Blood in her lungs, ruptured vessels around her eyes, the bluish color of her lips and fingertips -- yeah, I'd say that that all adds up to a possible homicide.

John: Possible? There were fresh bruises on her shoulders and her arms. That indicates sign of a struggle.

Michael: John, I'm playing devil's advocate, okay? These bruises -- they could've happened anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

John: What, are you a lawyer now?

Michael: No. But you're going to be up against one.

John: You know what? You're right, Mike. I got to cover all my bases, so you're going to have to find me something else.

Michael: John, I --

John: We're not leaving here, Mike, until you find something.

Natalie: Okay. Mom, let's make a pact. We're not going to talk about John McBain or Niki Smith, things that are very stressful to think about.

Viki: For me or for you? I'm right, aren't I? Is Niki Smith still there between us?

Natalie: Mom, we're not even talking about a real person here.

Viki: Oh, no, no, no. No, she was very, very real to me. And she hurt you terribly, and I would understand if you were still afraid of her.

Natalie: It's not Niki Smith that I'm afraid of, Mom. It's you.

Jessica: So this multiple personality thing -- this could be what's affecting me because of my mother?

Dr. Jamison: We'll need to run some tests. We need to make sure we know what's going on with you.

Jessica: More tests?

Dr. Jamison: This may take some time, Jessica.

Jessica: Well, I don't have any time, okay? How can I trust myself to be around the people that care about me? Antonio's little girl could've died in that fire, and it was my fault. I can't allow myself to be around her if there's any chance at all that -- that I could harm her in any way.

Dr. Jamison: Here's what we'll do. I want to step up our sessions. And I'm going to prescribe an antidepressant. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the symptoms. But more than anything, you need support, someone who can keep an eye on you, who can be there if you have another one of these blackouts.

Jessica: Yeah, well, I already told you, I can't tell my mother.

Dr. Jamison: What about Antonio?

Jessica: I don't know.

Dr. Jamison: Do you trust him?

Jessica: Of course I do, with my life.

Dr. Jamison: Then I'd suggest you talk to him. You're going to need someone to help you through this, Jessica. You need support. Will you be all right?

Jessica: I'll talk to Antonio.

Dr. Jamison: Good.

Jessica: Thank you.

Tess' voice: What a bunch of garbage. Forget Antonio. Let me handle it all for you, Jessica. I can make it easy. I can make it fun. All you have to do is let me. You know you want to. So come on. What are you waiting for?

Todd: Think about it, Blair. The only contact we've had with Margaret is that one post card. There was no hint of a baby.

Blair: I can't help but be a little freaked, Todd.

Todd: She put you through a lot. I understand.

Blair: She hates me. She hated me because you loved me and I was the mother of your children.

Todd: See, now, if she was having one of her own, she wouldn't have gone after you like that.

Blair: Unless that test was wrong.

Todd: It wasn't wrong. The test was negative. She's not having my baby. You are the only one who will be the mother of my children.

Blair: Todd, I love you. You know that, don't you?

Todd: Yes. I never wanted to tell you what Margaret did to me.

Blair: You did, and now I know. And we can deal with it, and we can finally start to heal.

[Lullaby plays]

Viki: Why are you afraid of me?

Natalie: Not you, but I'm afraid of you being disappointed in me.

Viki: Oh, my God. Do you have any idea how much I admire you?

Natalie: No.

Viki: Baby, you have been through so much in your very young life, and you came out stronger than ever. I'm sure that's why Niki Smith attacked you, because you were just too strong for her.

Natalie: Has she ever tried to come back?

Viki: Well, no, not -- not recently. I don't need her anymore, you know? Although, in the past, I tell you, I had to really, really fight to keep her in her place sometimes.

Natalie: Yeah, well, just let her try to come back. She's going to have to deal with my bad side.

Viki: Well, I don't think any of us want that.

Natalie: Good point.

Tess' voice: Let it go, Jessica. Let me take care of everything. Antonio hurt you before, and he'll do it again. You don't need a shrink. You don't need the meds. All you need is me.

Jessica: Shut up! I don't need you, I don't need you. Antonio? Yeah, it's Jessica. I'm fine; I'm fine. I just got out of a session with Dr. Jamison, and I need to see you right away. I need to talk to you.

John: You see anything?

Michael: Ha-ha-ha. See for yourself.

John: Yeah?

Michael: Go ahead.

John: What is that? Is that plastic?

Michael: Looks like it to me.

John: Jen could have breathed it in when she was being suffocated. It could also indicate that she was murdered.

Michael: No, no, no. The only thing that it indicates, John, is that she breathed in some foreign object.

John: What are you trying to do?

Michael: I'm trying to stay objective here.

John: No, I don't think you are. I think you're trying to convince yourself of something you already know, Mike. Look, we're not -- we're not trying to publish some paper in a medical journal. We're just trying to catch a bad guy. I need you to tell me what this really all means.

Michael: Somebody killed Jen. No doubt about it.

Nora: Daniel? What is it?

Daniel: That was the Governor's office. He's appointing me Lieutenant Governor tomorrow.

Rex: I'll be damned.

Bo: What?

Rex: Daniel Colson? His first name isn't Daniel. Try Theodore.

Bo: Ted.

Rex: You got that. My money says it's the same Ted that Paul Cramer’s been blackmailing.

Bo: Colson's the guy we've been looking for all along.

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Evangeline: We need to talk about John.

Michael: Jen didn't kill herself. She was murdered.

Bo: All the pieces are coming together right now, and it's enough to finger Daniel Colson for murder.

Nora: Daniel? What's wrong?

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