OLTL Transcript Wednesday 5/11/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/11/05



By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Blair: Hey, Ginger.

Ginger: Happy Mother's Day. I'm sorry it's a little late.

Blair: Oh, you didn't have to do this.

Ginger: Oh, well, you know my mom and I are kind of on the outs right now. And it's a thank-you present to you, you know, for making me feel so much at home here.

Blair: You are so sweet. Come in while I open it.

Tess: Perfect. Perfect. And they're friends, too. God, I hate this town.

Ginger: It's aromatherapy. It's great for stress.

Blair: Oh, well, then I'll have to burn it at both ends. It smells great.

Ginger: So where is everybody tonight?

Blair: Well, the kids are asleep, and I really don't know where Todd is.

Woman: You can just put it anywhere.

Todd: [Disguised voice] Yeah, I'll just put it here on the desk.

Woman: Yeah.

Kevin: Good job. I've been over these numbers. Did a good job.

Duke: Well, I just figured we'd get a head start on Friday’s meeting.

Kevin: So did you get a hold of the board members?

Duke: It's taken care of.

Woman: Mr. Buchanan, did you hear? The main suspect in Paul Cramer’s murder just committed suicide.

Kevin: Well, who is it?

Woman: Jen Rappaport.

Kevin: You've got to be kidding.

Woman: No. It's on the news right now.

Reporter: I'm here live on the scene, where earlier tonight, Jen Rappaport, who, according to police sources, is the primary suspect in the murder of Paul Cramer, was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning inside her car. Rappaport is the daughter of local art dealer Lindsay Rappaport, who herself made headlines only a year ago for murdering her ex-husband.

Rex: Get the hell out of here!

Reporter: What are you doing?

Rex: She didn't kill Cramer! She didn't kill Cramer!

Natalie: Don't!

Rex: Go to hell!

Bo: That's enough! All right! Look, this is a police investigation. I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Put that down. Please.

Natalie: John --

John: Natalie, what's up?

Natalie: Listen, I think you need to come down here to Lindsay’s art gallery. I think my Uncle Bo’s really going to need you. It's the Cramer case.

John: I'm on my way.

Natalie: Thanks.

Bo: Find something?

Rex: This.

Bo: All right, we'll bag it.

Rex: No, no, it's not evidence. Okay, it's from a board game that Jen and I were playing together last night. Our last night together.

Bo: All right.

Natalie: You going to be okay?

Rex: Yeah, as soon as I find this Ted. He's the one who did this to Jen, I know it. And I am going to see him burn for this.

Daniel: Paige, thank you so much for staying with Matthew.

Paige: No problem. You know, if there's anything that I can do to help, just let me know.

Daniel: Thanks. Bye.

Daniel: How is he?

Nora: Got him asleep. Marianne called, said she'd come by in case we need her.

[Phone rings]

Nora: Oh, God. Hello. Hello. Who is this? Who is this? Answer me, damn it!

Marcie: If anyone knows where Jen is, it'll be Rex.

Nick: Right.

Marcie: I just hope that he's here.

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Hello.

Michael: Marcie, it's me. Where are you, honey?

Marcie: I'm at Ultraviolet. Why?

Michael: I need to see you.

Marcie: Is something wrong?

Michael: Just wait there, okay? I'll -- I'll be right over.

Marcie: Okay.

Nick: What's wrong?

Marcie: I don't know. It was Michael, but he sounded really weird.

Nick: He's a weird guy. What can I say?

Marcie: Stop it.

Mark: I just heard the news. I'm so sorry.

Marcie: What news? About what?

Mark: You mean you two don't know?

Marcie: No.

Mark: It's Jen.

Marcie: What about her?

Mark: She -- she killed herself tonight.

Marcie: What?

Kevin: I can't believe Jen's dead.

Duke: I didn't know her very well, even though she was married to Uncle Joe. You know, we should probably call him.

Kevin: It's going to be tough on him.

Duke: Yeah.

Kevin: Lindsay, too, losing a child.

[Phone rings]

Duke: I'll get it, Dad. This is Duke Buchanan. No, I understand your concern, but we're rebounding already. In fact, we are projecting gains in the next quarter, and the end of the year's looking even better. No, sure. I'll make sure it all gets faxed over to you. Okay, yeah, we'll meet later this week. You, too. What?

Kevin: Nothing. Just you're a true Buchanan through and through.

Ginger: Tess. You weren't leaving, were you?

Tess: Well, I knocked on your apartment door and nobody was home, so --

Ginger: Oh, no, I just stopped by my neighbor's place real quick. Why don't we go to my place?

Tess: Okay.

Todd: All right.

Kevin: We can only put out so many fires.

Duke: Dad, I really think we can hold this thing off. Just take a look at the spreadsheet.

Todd: Yes, sirree, we're up and running. All right. Come on, somebody make a slip about Asa so I can go get him.

Blair: What you listening to, Todd?

Daniel: Who was it?

Nora: I don't know. They hung up -- again.

Daniel: It's probably a wrong number or kids playing phone pranks, that's all. Why don't you just take it off the hook and we'll go upstairs to bed, okay?

Nora: I can't sleep, with Jen, and Riley’s a mess. I wish he'd call or something.

Daniel: He will. There's nothing we can do until he does. Look, maybe I can, I don't know, take your mind off of things?

Nora: Oh, Daniel, you can't be serious. Really? Now? I don't think so.

[Phone rings]

Nora: It's Riley?

Daniel: Let's see. Hello. Yeah, hello, Governor. Oh, we're fine; we're fine, thank you. No, no, we don't have the details on Jen Rappaport’s suicide yet, but the police found a bandana with blood on it in her car, and they're running it for a match against Cramer’s blood. Thank you, Sir, just doing my job. Right. Yeah, you, too. Bye.

Nora: Was he congratulating you?

Daniel: He's just -- he's just glad that the Cramer case appears to be solved, that's all.

Nora: A young woman died tonight, a young woman that is almost like a daughter to me.

Daniel: Nora, where are you going?

Nora: I'm going someplace where I can mourn Jen and I don't have to watch you pat yourself on the back.

Michael: Marcie. You heard?

Mark: Yeah, I told her. I'm sorry.

Michael: Come on. Excuse me, guys.

Nick: Come on, everybody, break it up.

Marcie: Michael, is it true?

Michael: I'm sorry, Sweetie. I am -- I am so sorry.

Marcie: No, there -- there has to be some kind of a mistake, right, because it can't be Jen.

Michael: They found her --

Marcie: Michael, it just can't be.

Michael: In her car in the garage at the gallery.

Marcie: No. No, okay, because she was my best friend, Michael. She was the only friend I ever had.

Michael: I really wish that I could tell you that this wasn't happening.

Marcie: She died because of me, didn't she? Michael, she died because of me. I did it --

Michael: No, no. You didn't do anything.

Marcie: Yes, I did. Michael, I killed her. I mean, she's dead because of me. I know it.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh! What are you doing? What are you doing here?

Rex: Where's your brother's stuff?

Kelly: You cannot just barge in here like this! You got to go!

Rex: Not until I get what I came for!

Kelly: Fine, then I'll call the police.

Rex: No, you're not! You're going to give me your lousy brother's stuff now!

Michael: Marcie, listen to me. You didn't have anything to do with Jen dying.

Mark: Marcie, Michael’s right.

Nick: And there's no way you could have.

Marcie: No, look, you just need to tell me the truth, okay? I want to know -- I want to know exactly what happened. I need to know everything.

Michael: Okay. Jen died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Marcie: What?

Michael: She connected a hose to the exhaust pipe of her car and put it in the window.

Marcie: No.

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: No, she didn't, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, please, Sweetie, just try -- just try not to think about it, okay? Just try and put it out of your head.

Marcie: No, I -- I got to get out of here. I got to go.

Michael: Marcie -- I got to -- I got to –

Kevin: Well, you've definitely done your homework.

Duke: Just doing what I can to try to help save the ranch.

Kevin: I remember when you were born I hoped for something like this, the two of us working together for the family.

Duke: Well, are you surprised?

Kevin: Well, not because of you. I'm the one who was the S.O.B.

Duke: No, Dad, you had your reasons.

Kevin: Well, none of them were good enough. Thanks for sticking by me.

Duke: Well, I got to -- I got to take off, go check in with Adriana.

Kevin: Yeah, okay, have fun.

Duke: All right.

Kevin: Hey, Duke.

Duke: Yeah?

Kevin: Thanks for everything tonight.

Duke: Yeah.

Kevin: Really. All right.

Todd: I was just downloading some music for Starr’s MP3 player.

Blair: Yeah. You were spying on the Buchanans. Where's the mike this time? Is it at the mansion? In their limo?

Todd: I'm trying to protect my family.

Blair: You keep going after the Buchanans like this, you're just as obsessed as Margaret.

Todd: You don't know what you're talking about.

Blair: Because you won't talk to me. You won't tell me.

Todd: I don't want anyone to hurt us again. Why can't you understand that?

Blair: You don't understand that that's exactly what you're doing and you're just using Asa and Margaret as an excuse, Todd.

Todd: An excuse for what? To keep you safe?

Blair: You know what I'm talking about. And if you keep on doing this --

Todd: What?

Blair: I don't know how we're going to make things better, Todd.

Todd: Maybe we're not! Jessica, what are you doing here?

Tess: I just came by to say hi to you and realized the time and I got to meet somebody. I got to go.

Todd: Do you know if Viki’s home? I need to see her.

Tess: You know, she's resting. Now is not really a good time.

Todd: Is something wrong?

Tess: No, everything's fine. Just chill, okay? See ya.

Kelly: Back off, Rex, or I really will call the police.

Rex: Go right ahead. I'm not going anywhere.

[Phone rings]

Kelly: Hello.

Blair: Hey, Kelly, it's me.

Kelly: Hey. Can I call you right back?

Blair: No, no, you can’t. I need you to come over here right now. Todd has walked out on me, and I don't know where he is, so come on over here.

Kelly: All right. I'll be right over. You really have to go, and so do I.

Rex: Okay, you know what? Look, I'm sorry if I came on a little strong, but I need to see Paul's things.

Kelly: Why? What difference does it make now?

[Phone rings]

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: It's Bo Buchanan.

Rex: What? Did you find something?

Bo: Natalie was worried about you. She was afraid that maybe you went off and did something stupid.

Rex: I'm at Kelly Cramer’s.

Bo: What are you doing there?

Rex: Well, I want to look through her brother's stuff, but she's not giving it up.

Bo: Put her on.

Rex: The Commissioner.

Kelly: Hey, Bo.

Bo: Look, I hope Balsom’s not giving you too hard a time, but he's had a real rough night. Jen Rappaport killed herself.

Kelly: Oh, my God. Yeah, he -- I'm sorry. Thank you for letting me know.

Bo: He's trying to clear her name, so if you can do anything to help --

Kelly: Sure. Yeah, I'll do whatever I can. Thanks. I'm really sorry. I had no idea about Jen.

Rex: I need Paul's stuff.

Kelly: All right. I've got to go see Blair. If you want, you can look at what I have outside. The police have already been through it, though.

Rex: They might have missed something.

Kelly: I don't know what. There's not much there.

Rex: Maybe something that could tell us who killed both Paul and Jen.

Kelly: Bo said Jen killed herself.

Rex: She didn't, okay? She was murdered. I'm going to prove it.

Natalie: It was a game piece from a game that Rex and Jen played last night.

Nora: Rex didn't have an inkling that Jen was thinking of doing something like this?

Natalie: Not a clue. He's a real mess.

Natalie: Thanks for coming.

Kelly: Hey. What's going on?

Blair: I caught Todd spying on the Buchanans again, Kelly, and I told him that he was just avoiding our real problems.

Kelly: Well, what did he say?

Blair: Well, he shut down and he walked out on me.

Kelly: He'll be back.

Blair: I've been down this road so many times with Todd. All of our secrets always destroy the love that we have.

Kelly: That's why you can't let this happen, not if you want it to last.

Blair: Of course I want it to last.

Kelly: Then fight for it, even if it means fighting with him.

Blair: Well, I don't know what I'm fighting for, and that's why I really need your help here.

Man: Some I.D.?

Todd: Are you kidding? Get out of my way.

Man: Not till I see some I.D.

Todd: Hey -- we need to talk.

Tess: I'm --

Ginger: Mr. Manning? What are you doing here?

Tess: Thanks. Ow.

Todd: So what did you mean when you said Viki’s resting?

Tess: I meant that she's tired.

Todd: What's wrong with her?

Tess: I don't know. Do I look like a doctor?

Todd: Oh, you look my niece, but you're not acting like her. What's up with you?

Rex: Okay. If I were a scammer like Paul, where -- wait, I am a scammer like Paul. So, where would I hide the dirt on somebody I was blackmailing? Actually, I wouldn’t. I'd put in plain sight; only nobody would know that's what they were looking at.

Natalie: I'm -- I don't know, I'm real worried about Rex. The way he blew out of here, I don't think he's handling this very well.

John: How about you?

Natalie: Me? Well, it's no secret how much I hated Jen. But I didn't want her to die. God, I didn't want her to die. You know, we actually got friendly once. But I was so awful to her. How -- how could I do that to her? How?

John: Come here.

Paige: Nora.

Bo: Hi.

Paige: What are you doing here? Didn't I just leave you and Daniel at home?

Nora: Yeah. I just -- I needed to come here and try to make some sense out of this.

Paige: Well, I'm -- I'm glad you have Daniel to help you through all of this.

Bo: Where is he?

Marcie: Where is she? Where's Jen?

Nora: The coroner has already taken her.

Marcie: Commissioner, do you think that this has anything at all to do with "The Killing Club"?

Bo: We don't know anything for sure yet.

Daniel: We know exactly what happened with Jen. She took her own life because she couldn't live with herself for killing Paul.

Bo: And that makes it all real neat and tidy for you, doesn't it? How can you be so sure?

Ginger: Oh, my God. He's here.

Duke: Hey.

Ginger: Hi. I didn't know if you remembered who I was.

Duke: Well, it's Ginger, right?

Ginger: Mm-hmm.

Duke: Duke. So how's it going?

Ginger: Good. So are you here for a good night or --

Duke: Oh, actually, I'm here -- I'm looking for Adriana. You haven't seen her, have you?

Ginger: No.

[Phone rings]

Duke: Excuse me. Hey, you. You on your way? No, no, that's okay. I understand. All right. I'll call you later, babe. Bye-bye.

Ginger: Adriana?

Duke: Yeah. Her mom is going through a little bit of a breakdown, so she's staying home with her.

Ginger: Well, you know, we might as well make the best of it. Hey, can we get a beer over here?

Tess: Well, Uncle Todd, this has been fun and all, but I'm going to go back to my friend.

Todd: "Uncle Todd"? Jessica, why are you hanging out in this place? Now, where's Antonio? Why aren't you off with him saving whales or something?

Tess: Why aren't you off with Blair killing the whales or something? Listen, get a life, Uncle Todd, and stop interfering with mine, okay? Unless -- that's it. You don't want to deal with your life. I mean, you'd rather be here hassling me than at home with Blair.

Kelly: Blair, I would love to help you, but if Kevin knows what Todd’s secret is, I don't think he's just going to come out and tell me.

Blair: Well, you have to get him to tell you. You were married to him. You know how he works. You have got to help me do this.

Kelly: I'll try.

Blair: No, you have to do more than try, Kelly. My whole life, my marriage depends on it. Now, come on, please.

Kelly: All right, all right. Kevin's at B.E. I will swing by there and see what I can find out.

Blair: You are an angel, and I appreciate it so very much.

Daniel: You think I wanted any of this to happen? My son is devastated. We all are. Jen may have shot Paul, but she's not a killer. She did what she did for whatever the reason that was tearing her up inside.

Bo: If she killed Cramer.

Daniel: Why else would she commit suicide?

Marcie: Maybe because she was going to prison for something that she didn't do.

Michael: Come on. Let's go.

Natalie: I'm sorry.

John: It's okay. You and Jen had a history. I got that.

Natalie: Yeah, but I can't help but think that maybe that had something to do with what happened tonight.

John: What are you saying? You drove her to this?

Natalie: I could have been more decent to her. I mean -- it's too late.

John: Natalie, you can't blame yourself for something you had no control over. Take it from somebody who's be been there.

Daniel: Nora, I just --

Nora: Well, I assume Marianne is at home?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. She's with Matthew. Listen, I -- I didn't want you to misunderstand about the governor's phone call tonight --

Nora: You know what, Daniel? I'm not really interested in understanding you or your political ambitions right now. What I am trying desperately to understand is why a young girl who had everything to live for, a young girl who I loved very much, decided to take her life tonight.

Mark: Why didn't you tell me about this?

Daniel: Excuse me. You are?

Mark: Please don't do this right now. I need you. Jen was a good friend of mine.

Daniel: Excuse me. Mr. Solomon, look, I'm sorry about your friend, but this is an ongoing investigation and I really can't discuss it.

John: Hey. I got your back on this.

Bo: Well, I think I've got it covered.

John: This one's personal for you, Bo. Sometimes that makes it difficult to see clearly.

Bo: Yeah, but your plate's full right now with "The Killing Club" murders.

John: Not so full.

Bo: Thanks. Why don't you take a look around?

John: Okay.

Paige: That couldn't have been easy for you.

Bo: What?

Paige: Admitting that you need help.

Bo: I guess we all do from time to time.

Paige: That's why I'm here.

Rex: Ahem. I need to talk to you.

Bo: Give me a second, okay? What's going on?

Rex: I think I found something that could tell us who Ted is.

Duke: Yeah, Adriana. She is so amazing. I mean, how she can make anybody smile. You could be the crankiest old coot, but you see her and you just can't help it. I've never met anybody like her.

Ginger: You guys have been together, what, like, forever?

Duke: No. Actually, it's just been, like, I don't know, a couple months.

Ginger: And you're that much in love?

Duke: I guess you could say that.

Ginger: You don't know?

Duke: Well, we sort of -- we decided to take things slow. You know, we don't want to screw anything up.

Ginger: Oh, no. I mean, you wouldn't want to do that. Taking it slow is exactly what you should do.

Tess: So, you want to dance, or are we done here? Great, that's great. Thank you.

Todd: How many of those have you had tonight?

Tess: You know, Todd, just get home to Blair, okay? She's probably flipping out right now. Unless, you know, you want to stay here and hassle your niece a little bit more instead of going home to the woman that you love. I'm not going to judge.

Kelly: Did you call Joey about Jen?

Kevin: Yeah, I couldn't get a hold of him.

Kelly: He was so in love with her once. You know, they split up, but he's going to be devastated.

Kevin: Yeah, I know.

Kelly: What?

Kevin: I just was remembering when you were taking all those pills.

Kelly: Kevin, you can't possibly think that I would ever consider doing something like that.

Kevin: Well, I thought about it. I mean, I was concerned.

Kelly: Kevin, no matter how bad things are, I would never consider killing myself.

Kevin: I'm glad to hear that.

Kelly: Things always get better. I mean, look at Todd and Blair. Things are going really well for them right now. I just hope it lasts.

Kevin: Oh, why wouldn't it?

Kelly: Oh, I think you might know why.

Kevin: What? What are you talking about?

Kelly: Todd is keeping a secret about what happened with Margaret in that cabin. Blair needs to know about it.

Kevin: Not my news to tell.

Kelly: Well, someone has to, or else it's going to destroy whatever chance they have, and I really don't want whatever it is to come between the two of us either.

Kevin: This is Blair and Todd’s issue. I got nothing to do with this.

Kelly: Well, we've been put in the middle of it. Now, I'm asking you to tell me what happened between Todd and Margaret.

Marcie: Jen gave me this necklace. I want her to have it back. Michael, why didn't she call me tonight? I mean, why didn't she tell me how bad it was? I mean, she could always call me. She could always call me about anything.

Michael: I don't know why.

Marcie: I should have seen it coming, Michael. And I would have -- I would have seen it coming if I wasn't so wrapped up in all of my own problems.

Michael: No, Marcie, you can't put this on yourself.

Marcie: I want her back. She was my best friend, Michael. I want her back. I want her back.

Mark: Hey. You hanging in there?

Nick: Just brought it all right back, you know? Julie, Hudson.

Mark: Well, at least the rest of us still have each other.

Nick: Oh, yeah. Too bad Jen didn't think so. This is what happens when you keep secrets, man. Always messes with you in the end.

Bo: We already searched Cramer’s things.

Rex: Yeah, but nobody knew about Ted back then. Check this out.

Bo: "Ted D. 15,000."

Rex: It's got to be bucks, right? Cramer was doing late-night pickups for this Ted, and now we know his last name starts with a D.

Bo: Yeah, well, it narrows the field, but it's still not enough.

Rex: Yeah, but we're closing in, right?

[Phone rings]

Bo: What do you got? Okay, thanks. Bad news. It looks like Colson may have been right about Jen killing Cramer. We've got proof.

Daniel: Bailey.

Bailey: Oh, Daniel. I was just leaving you a note. I heard about your son's girlfriend. I wanted to see how you're doing.

Daniel: Ah, yes, as well as can be expected, I guess. Come on in, come on in. So, can I get you something to drink, anything at all?

Bailey: Oh, that's okay. You know, you look like you could use one, though.

Daniel: Yeah, you have no idea. The governor's giving me atta-boys for breaking the Cramer case, my son's not doing too well, and my wife thinks I don't give a damn.

Bailey: That's terrible.

John: No, listen, I want every file and I want ever piece of evidence related to the Cramer case and I want it ASAP. Thank you.

Natalie: I've got exactly what you want right here. My turn to help you.

Nick: I didn't really have anything personal. Jen thought I was a creep most of the time.

Marcie: Jen loved flowers.

Nick: Thanks.

Bo: The bandana we found in Jen's car had Cramer’s blood on it.

Rex: I just -- I just don't understand. I mean, this bandana showing up after all this time, after it had been searched.

Bo: Maybe she hid it somewhere.

Rex: Where? You looked everywhere. It was planted by this Ted D. That's who offed Cramer, and that's the one who killed Jen. And I swear he better hope that you find him before I do, because I'm going to tear the son of a bitch apart who did this to my girl.

Nora: Excuse me.

Bailey: I just came to express my sympathies and to let you know the governor's office will do anything we can to help.

Nora: I'm so glad my husband has the support of the governor's office.

Bailey: Well, take care. I'll let myself out.

Daniel: Thanks. Thanks again, Bailey.

[Door closes]

Daniel: Nora, listen, about earlier tonight, I'm sorry about Jen. I'm looking at her as a case, and I should be looking at her as --

Nora: Daniel, I don't want to talk about Jen. There's something else I want to know.

Daniel: What?

Nora: Are you -- are you having an affair?

Marcie: I want to say a prayer. God, please watch over Lindsay and Riley, and even though I don't like him very much, please watch over Rex, because in his own way he loved Jen. Well, wherever Jen is, I pray that she's finally found peace. And I pray for us to understand whatever secret she may have taken with her to her grave.

Nick's voice: This is what happens when you keep secrets, man. Always messes with you in the end.

Duke: Wait a second. You ride, seriously?

Ginger: We should totally go riding sometime.

Duke: Yeah! That'd be fun.

Ginger: Why don't we get another round?

Duke: You know, I can’t. I should probably call it a night. But I've had a great time, Ginger. It's nice talking to you.

Ginger: It was really nice talking to you, too.

Todd: Hey, hey! Wait a minute.

Tess: Listen; go home to your wife now, okay, killer?

Todd: "Killer"?

Kelly: Kevin, I know there's a secret and I know it has something to do with what happened with Margaret in that cabin.

Kevin: I can't talk about it.

Kelly: You already have. It has to do with Marty Saybrooke, doesn't it?

Kevin: No, it --

Kelly: Well, then why does her name keep coming up? And why do you keep mentioning this woman that Todd raped? Kevin, when Margaret had Todd tied up, did she force herself on him? Oh, my God. Did Margaret rape Todd?

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Evangeline: I know exactly who you're obsessing about.

Tess: Jessica isn't exactly my roommate.

Ginger: Well, then who is she?

Blair: I know what Margaret Cochran did to you.

Rex: Jen did not kill herself. She was murdered.

Mark: I'm actually here to see you, Mrs. Colson. There's something you need to know. .

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