OLTL Transcript Monday 5/9/05

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/9/05



By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Blair: Why didn't somebody wake me up? Hello? Hello? Where is everybody? Hmm. "Blair, I love you. Be back soon. Todd." Ooh -- "Happy Mother’s Day." Hmm.

Starr: Mom? What are you doing up?

Dorian: Oh, my gosh! Oh! Oh, no!


Dorian: Oh, my God.

Adriana: Mom, what are you doing?

Dorian: Trying to stop this infernal noise!

Adriana: Oh, my God.

[Alarm stops]

Adriana: There.

Dorian: Oh, thank heaven. Thank you, Sweetheart.

Adriana: What are you doing in here?

Dorian: Oh. Baking cookies.

Rex: Like it?

Roxy: I love it. I think this cost more than that pink convertible you got me. Oh, look, it's engraved!

Rex: Oh, yeah, the engraver blew it. I told him to write --

Roxy: I don't care if he blew on it. "To Lucy. Love you always, Bill." Who the hell is Lucy?

Natalie: Is that the bracelet you found under the bar at Ultraviolet?

Roxy: Hell with it. I can be Lucy.

Natalie: Here.

Roxy: What's that?

Natalie: Happy Mother's Day, Roxy.

Roxy: Ah! What does it say? Oh, wow, I love it, I love it. You two kids are the best brats a mom could ever have -- so let's drink.

Natalie: I can't stay long.

Rex: Why, you going over to Viki's to drop off a "Quicky Viki" T-shirt?

Roxy: Hey, Honey, why don't you stay a while? Why don't you let your good twin take care of Viki for a change?

Jessica: Can't be. It's the only thing that makes sense. The lost time. That guy that said that he knew me. The bruise. Oh, my God, I can't have it. I don't have it.

Viki: Jessica? Are you all right?

Nora: Thank you so much, Sweetheart. They're beautiful.

Matthew: Daniel has a surprise for you, too.

Nora: He does?

Matthew: Where is he?

Nora: Uh -- he had to go to the office.

Bo: I was just there. I didn't see him.

Nora: Well, maybe he's getting my surprise.

Bo: See you.

Nora: Bye, Paige.

Paige: Bye-bye.

Lindsay: My daughter's going to be joining me. She's just running a little bit late.

Maitre d': No problem.

Lindsay: Jen, where are you?

Daniel: Please, Jen, don't do this. I didn't -- I didn't want to.

Daniel: God help me.

Kelly: Huh. I didn't think you knew that many words. I'm impressed.

David: Some of us are just naturally gifted. What are you --

Kelly: Ah, yes -- at cheating.

David: Cheating is an art, just like embezzlement. What are you doing here? It's Mother's Day, you know.

Kelly: I already called my mother, and she didn't know who I was.

David: You should go see Dorian. She's like a mother to you.

Kelly: Yeah, I think I'd rather be alone today.

Dad: That's not going to go over very well with Dorian. She expects tributes on a day like this.

Kelly: Well, if you're so worried about her, why don't you go home? I thought the two of you made up.

David: Oh, we did -- for about a millisecond, and then things fell apart again.

Kelly: Why?

David: Because of you.

Dorian: Oh. Well, I always did like the burned parts.

Adriana: Maybe I should've gotten you a fire extinguisher for Mother’s Day.

Dorian: Hey.

Adriana: Or cooking lessons.

Dorian: No fair. I know how to cook.

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: I'm a little rusty, but baking cookies is so basic, right? I'm sure even Viki knows how to bake cookies, though I'm sure hers turn out way, way too sweet, just like the lady herself. However, hers probably don't turn out like hockey pucks.

Adriana: Well, it'll be our little secret, Mom.

Dorian: I am a bit disappointed, though. You know, baking cookies always make a house smell so good.

Adriana: Theoretically.

Dorian: Don't clean up, Honey. Um -- Esmeralda. She'll do it when she finally gets here.

Adriana: No, Esmeralda quit. It's Tatiana now, remember?

Dorian: Why do I even bother learning their names?

Adriana: Mmm.

Dorian: Come sit. What are you eating?

Adriana: Mom, cookie dough's the best part. Didn't you know that? Why do you think they make cookie-dough ice cream?

Dorian: Mmm.

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Mmm, that's delicious.

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: I mean, like, what's the point in baking the stuff?

Adriana: I agree.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Adriana: Mom, you know, you don't need to cook to impress me.

Dorian: That's a relief.

Adriana: I mean it. I mean, you're not the type of mother that cooks or does laundry or spends all her time cleaning house. But you're incredible and surprising, and I love you more every day.

Dorian: Even if sometimes you want to disown me? Oh, now. What's this?

Adriana: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Jessica: I don't know how to tell you this.

Viki: Darling, I think you know you can tell me anything, don't you? Sweetheart, I know you've been so upset for a long time.

Jessica: I've tried not to show it. I'm sorry.

Viki: Sweetie, you're my child. I know when there's something wrong, and I know that something has been wrong for quite some time. You can trust me, Honey.

Jessica: You know, maybe -- maybe it's not what I think.

Viki: Well, what do you think it is?

Jessica: Mom, I'm -- I'm scared.

Kevin: Hey! Happy Mother’s Day.

Viki: Kevin, hi!

Kevin: Sorry I'm late. Got into it with Todd.

Viki: You what? How -- get into it how?

Kevin: Oh, Asa, you know. Look, I don't care how many times you tell me the guy's changed -- you okay?

Viki: Uh, yes, I'm fine. I'm fine, it's nothing.

Jessica: Mom, you don't look very good.

Viki: No, no, no, I'm fine, I'm fine. It's nothing. Go ahead. What were you saying?

Kevin: Forget it, this is your day. Happy Mother’s Day.

Jessica: Mom!

Kevin: Whoa. Mom? Mom?

Paige: Well, here, we have the Mother’s Day brunch menu, huh? Oh -- we've got the "Mom-osa." And let's see -- "Mom's favorite French toast," with her favorite eggs, of course. You can't do without those, can you?

Bo: Oh, no. Uh-uh.

Paige: I don't know, maybe I should have the -- the childless woman's menu.

Bo: We can go somewhere else if you want.

Paige: No. No, I just -- I've got to be honest, Mother’s Day makes me a little sad.

Bo: I know, it doesn't matter how long it's been since they passed away. Just you always miss your mother.

Paige: Yeah.

Rex: Good going, Roxy.

Roxy: What did I say?

Rex: Good twin/bad twin?

Natalie: No, she's right. I kind of have been the bad twin lately, chasing after John and trying to make him jealous.

Rex: Life's too short, Natty, and you ought to know. "The Killing Club" killer almost turned you to tempura a la --

Roxy: What?

Natalie: Uh -- it's nothing. It was -- you don't know that.

Roxy: Hey, back up a little, would you?

Natalie: It's the waitress at the diner.

Roxy: The one who got fried?

Natalie: She looks a little like me.

Rex: A little?

Natalie: Yeah, a little. She just -- she has red hair. Rex has a vivid imagination.

Rex: Then so does McBain because he agrees with me.

Natalie: Okay, well, can we not tell Viki about this, because she's not feeling well and I really don't want to dump this on her.

Roxy: Oh, good, so dump it on me. So you almost got cooked, huh?

Natalie: Okay, let's change the subject. Did you ever find Jen?

Rex: No. Her cell must be off or something.

Riley: Lindsay, I need to talk to Jen.

Lindsay: Well, that's not going to happen today. She and I are having brunch together undisturbed, especially by you.

Riley: It's important.

Lindsay: She's not even here.

Riley: Where is she?

Daniel: You didn't deserve this. You had a family, friends -- Riley.


Blair: Where's your brother?

Starr: Dad said that they needed some guy time. But you need to go back upstairs.

Blair: I need to go back upstairs? I just spent all afternoon upstairs. Besides, I think we could use a little girl time.

Starr: You just want your present, don't you?

Blair: Oh, it says right here that it's my special day.

Starr: You're impossible.

Blair: Oh, so beautiful. Here you go. Hmm. Oh. "Happy Mother"?

Starr: You didn't let me finish it.

Blair: It's perfect. Because it's true. I'm the happiest mother in the whole world.

Mark: Roxy? Hey, how are you?

Roxy: Hey, Markie! Give me some sugar, baby!

Mark: Hey, any news about "The Killing Club" killer?

Natalie: Actually, nothing new. John and Bo, they're doing the best they can to try to catch him.

Mark: I've been thinking about Julie and Hudson all day. I mean, their moms must be --

Roxy: Weeping and wailing. You know, if psychopaths off my kids, I'd miss you, too.

Mark: Happy Mother’s Day, Roxy.

Roxy: Thanks, baby. Bye. He's a real good kid. You know, I thought he had a crush on me until I found out that he played for the other team -- if you know what I mean.

Rex: Yeah, Rox, we know what you mean.

Natalie: Okay, well, I have to go. Happy Mother’s Day.

Roxy: Hey, and you, too, baby.

Natalie: Bye.

Rex: Bye-bye. Bye, bye, bye.

Kelly: What did you do?

David: I didn't do anything. I tested her. I just wanted to see what she would do if she thought that you and Kevin were sleeping together.

Kelly: Well, that's irrelevant because we're not.

David: Dorian doesn't know that.

Kelly: Oh, my God! You told her that Kevin and I are sleeping together? I've got to go. I've got to go before she does something that we're all going to regret.

Dorian: And this would be you --

Adriana: The first day of school.

Dorian: Oh.

Adriana: I put pictures in here from special moments growing up. I thought if you had the pictures, you wouldn't feel like you missed out on everything.

Dorian: This is the most beautiful gift. Thank you.

Adriana: I love you, Mom.

Dorian: I have an awful lot to make up for.

Adriana: Stop, okay? It's Mother’s Day. Let's forget all the bad stuff and just celebrate today, okay?

Dorian: Okay.

Adriana: At least with a cup of tea, if not cookies, right?

Dorian: First, talking to Cassie on the telephone, now this? I'm really very happy.

Adriana: Could be happier if you had David back in your life.

Dorian: I told David that I would allow him to come home.

Adriana: You'd allow him?

Dorian: He refused because, you see, he will never change, and that's the main reason that I kicked him out.

Adriana: I thought it was the other way around.

Dorian: Whatever. The point is he is never going to be able to understand why I worry about my family.

Adriana: Okay, yes, worrying is normal. Obsessing is not. Why can't you trust us?

Dorian: Honey, I do trust you implicitly. It's the rest of the world that I don't trust. You have led a very sheltered life.

Adriana: And I can take care of myself.

Dorian: You are never going to have to take care of yourself because I will always be there for you. I will never abandon you. I will never allow you to be hurt by anybody you love or anyone who says they love you. Never! I would not allow you to suffer that kind of pain.

Adriana: That you suffered?

Dorian: I was going to say that some people suffer.

Paige: It's a medical emergency. I don't know how long I'm going to be, but I can come back when I'm finished.

Bo: I like the sound of that.

Paige: Okay.

Lindsay: I don't think you should be here when Jen arrives.

Riley: You don't understand. She wrote me a letter and convinced me how wrong I was. I was just looking at the evidence.

Lindsay: Which didn't prove anything.

Riley: I know that now. I was stupid to not have faith in Jen, okay? But I do now. I know she didn't kill Paul.

Lindsay: And what if you change your mind? If you really loved her, you wouldn't have doubted her in the first place.

Riley: I'm sorry.

Lindsay: Just leave her alone, because what you're offering her now is too little too late.

[Phone rings]

Daniel: Governor. Yes, it was a good meeting. Nora will make a fine asset to the administration. The Cramer case? Well, we're doing our best, sir. I -- I realize that. Don't worry. I have a feeling we're going to find Cramer’s killer very soon.

Daniel: If I do this right, I can still have my life.

Starr: It's a shark tooth. Whenever you're scared or in trouble, you just hold on to it and remember that you're a Cramer woman and that you're fierce.

Blair: Oh, did you come up with this great idea all by yourself?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Ooh. Well, I love it. Want to help me put it on? Hold my hair up for me.

Starr: Yeah, okay.

Blair: Great.

Starr: Got it?

Blair: Yeah. I love this.

Starr: I missed you so much.

Blair: Oh, sweetie, I missed you, too.

Natalie: Hey, where's Mom? What's -- what's going on?

Jessica: Listen, she passed out.

Natalie: What? Where is she?

Jessica: She's in the living room with Dr. Miller.

Kevin: Hey. How is she?

Natalie: Oh, my God.

Paige: Now, she's not in any immediate danger. See, in the case of an organ recipient, rejection is an ongoing process, and fortunately, the medications that we give to prevent rejection, it also weakens your body's defenses and it increases the chance of other infections.

Jessica: So she has an infection or --

Paige: Yeah. Yeah, that is my initial diagnosis at this point. , Her blood pressure is somewhat elevated.

Natalie: She's going to be all right, isn't she?


Rex: Yeah, I've seen a lot of her lately.

Riley: You know, I don't buy the whole hero act, Rex. Jen's scared and you're just taking advantage to get what you want.

Rex: I didn't steal Jen away from you, Colson. You lost her all by yourself.

Riley: Yeah, well, now I'm going to get her back.

Rex: Before or after your daddy sends her to prison?

Riley: She's not going to prison. She's innocent.

Rex: You think she's guilty as sin.

Riley: I know she's innocent. I believe in her. So there's no reason we can't get back together. You goat

Daniel: Jen was distraught. The evidence against her overwhelming, it was only a matter of time before [jumbled]. We only needed one more clue to tie her to Cramer’s murder. Yeah, she's an impulsive girl. The thought of prison, the death penalty -- it was too much. She gave up.

Daniel: She'd rather die than face the consequences.

David: Ah. Dorian would love to go there. No, stop it. You're not together anymore. She's out of your system. Ahem. 21 across. "Oscar Wilde’s blank 'Gray.'" I don't know. Ugh! Dorian. I cannot get this woman out of my system.

Kelly: I know what David told you, and I need --

Dorian: It's unbelievable. I mean, really, is your memory that short? Have you truly forgotten everything that Kevin has done to you?

Adriana: Okay, this is what I was talking about.

Kelly: Dorian, who I sleep with is none of your business.

Dorian: Have you forgotten that he stole your baby, that he drove Cassie out of her mind, that his grandfather tried to kill Blair?

Adriana: Okay, what Asa does does not mean --

Dorian: The Buchanan men are poison to the Cramer women, and you are back in bed with the worst one of them?

Kelly: No, I'm not!

Dorian: You mean you're not sleeping with Kevin?

Kelly: No.

Dorian: So David --

Kelly: He lied. He was testing you, and you failed.

Dorian: I knew you would never, ever get involved with that snake.

Kelly: Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Natalie: Should she stay in bed?

Paige: Well, absolutely, while she's fighting the infection, and we need to work on getting your blood pressure down.

Jessica: Well, how do we do that?

Paige: Well, the easiest way is to take stress out of your life. Okay? So I want you to call me if anything at all changes.

Viki: I will. Paige, thank you. Thank you so much.

Paige: No, it was my pleasure.

Viki: Thanks.

Paige: All right.

Viki: Okay.

Natalie: I'll walk you out.

Paige: Okay.

Jessica: Can I get you something to eat, Mom?

[Phone rings]

Viki: Oh, no, no, I'm fine.

Kevin: That's all right, I got it. Hello? Joey. About time. Listen --

Viki: No! No, Kevin, that's my Mother’s Day phone call. Please. Please? Thanks. Darling. Hi! How are you? Oh, I'm fine. Thank you. Oh, thank you so much, Sweetheart, and thank you for the gorgeous, gorgeous flowers. Well, obviously my Mother’s Day wish is for you to be here with us, but since you can't be, this is certainly the next best thing. No, that's fine. No, give me a call later, then. Okay, I love you, too, Honey. I'll talk to you later. Bye-bye.

Viki: What? Okay, I'm sorry. I mean, I was stupid. I didn't call a doctor as soon as I didn't feel well, and I won't do that again, okay? But you heard the doctor; I'm going to be fine. And I'm very sorry that I frightened you all, okay? Can we salvage what's left of the afternoon, please?

Natalie: How about some tea?

Viki: Tea would be lovely. Thank you, babe.

Kevin: I'll help you.

Viki: Thank you, Kevin. Sweetheart, come sit. Honey, what where you going to say to me when Kevin arrived? What do you think is wrong?

Matthew: Can I say something? I know I've been a pain in the butt about trying to get you back together, but I'm cool now.

Nora: You are, huh?

Matthew: Yeah. And it's okay if you marry Paige, too. There's Courtney. Can I go say hi?

Nora: Uh-huh. So, is there something you want to tell me?

Bo: I'm not getting married. I don't think marriage is something you should rush into too quickly or for the wrong reasons.

Nora: Okay, Bo, you got to stop, okay? Daniel and I are doing just fine.

Bo: Oh, I'm glad for you.

Nora: Thank you. So, Bo, how long is it going to be before you have to arrest Jen?

[Car runs]

Daniel: Can you meet me at the hotel room? I need to see you.

Viki: Jessica? Sweetheart, what is it? What is wrong?

Jessica: You know, I don't even remember what I was going to say.

Viki: Oh, come on, babe. You were so upset.

Jessica: Right. You know, I was just, uh, upset because I -- I took the stand today for Antonio’s custody hearing and I just -- I feel like if he loses, it's going to be my fault.

Viki: No, it won’t. Good heavens, honey. Look, Evangeline is not going to allow R.J. to spin this his way, okay? Besides, family court judges, they deal with this all the time. They're used to it. I'm quite sure they will award custody to the right person.

Jessica: And you mean Antonio by that?

Viki: Well, of course Antonio, honey. Who else? I mean, you know, it has to be Antonio. Oh, good. Good. Well, folks, this is my day, so we're going to celebrate me. Yay, me.


Viki: And I would like you all to make a very little fuss over me now. Oh, honey. Honey, honey, honey. Yay, presents. I love presents. Kevin!

Kevin: Yeah, it's nothing.

Viki: Oh, Sweetheart, this is -- this is really beautiful. Thank you, Darling.

Jessica: Okay, I'm next.

Viki: Mother's Day colors. Jessica! This is fabulous.

Jessica: Yeah, well, I made it myself.

Viki: Yeah, right. But you sure can shop. Oh, this is beautiful. Thank you, Sweetheart.

Viki: Thank you, baby. "Mother." All right if I read this aloud? "What do you give to the mother who has everything? Love, wisdom, beauty, grace -- all the things I hope to have myself someday. You have given me more than I ever thought possible, and I promise that I'm going to do everything I can to make you proud of me every day for the rest of my life. I love you, Mom. Natalie." Thank you. You know, guys, you children, you're my gift. You've given my life meaning. You know, I don't know what I would do without you.

Dorian: I don't know what I'm more upset about -- the fact that you want to get back with Kevin or that David tricked me. The man is shameless.

Kelly: Well, he did manage to prove his point. You haven't changed. You're still smothering us.

Dorian: I am not trying to smother you. My goodness, I love you and I respect you, and, despite whatever you may think, I trust you.

Kelly: Really.

Dorian: Absolutely. 100%.

Adriana: Great. I'm going to go see Duke.

Dorian: What? Adriana!

Adriana: Bye! Happy Mother’s Day!

Dorian: Am I really that insufferable?

Kelly: You aren't insufferable. You're a bit of a control freak. But I know that everything you do is out of love. And you've been more of a mother to me than my own mother ever was.

Dorian: Melinda loved you.

Kelly: I know. And it's not her fault that she got sick. I'm lucky. I had two moms.

Starr: There should be a kid's day.

Blair: A kid's day?

Starr: Yes. Don't you think Jack and I deserve a day, too? I mean, I know that I do. I deserve a whole week.

Blair: A whole week? Well, how about I share my special day with you, and we'll call it -- let's see, what could we call it?

Starr: "Mother and the best daughter in the world" day?

Blair: Now, why didn't I think of that?

Starr: I get a present, though.

Blair: Oh, you get a present?

Starr: I have to.

Blair: Come here, you little operator, I'll give you a present. As you lay sleepin' on my chest, a million thoughts run through my head. Someday you'll think you're too big to hold. You'll spill milk on my favorite dress, fall down and scare me to death, and you'll refuse to do anything you're told, and I'll be so mad that I'm almost in tears, but you'll smile that smile, and they'll all disappear. Yeah, sometimes you'll hide your perfect wings, but through these eyes all I'll ever see is that sweet angel of mine.

Kelly: Hey.

Kevin: Hey.

Kelly: Come on in.

Kevin: I just wanted to come by, check on you, see how you were doing.

Kelly: I'm fine. I was going to go to the cemetery and be with our son.

Kevin: I'd like to go, if you don't mind.

Kelly: Okay.

Jessica: Are you sure that you don't need me here?

Natalie: I'm here.

Jessica: Okay. Okay, but I'm going to call you later.

Viki: All right.

Jessica: Okay.

Viki: I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Natalie: Bye.

Jessica: Bye.

Viki: Hey, how are you?

Natalie: I'm good.

Viki: Are you good?

Natalie: Yeah.

Viki: You seen any more of Ron Walsh, hmm?

Natalie: Ron. Um -- yeah, a little. I mean, I guess. We've had a few drinks here and there. I'm keeping my options open.

Jessica: Okay. Okay, so if this is true, then there's another person living inside of me. And I can't tell Mom. It'll kill her.

Jessica: I need help. I need to tell Antonio.

Tess: Oh, I'm sorry, Sweetie. Hmm. You're not telling anyone about me. Not now, not ever.

Rex: Jen! Jen, where are you? Jen. Jen, Jen, wake up! Jen! Jen! Jen, wake up! No!

Bo: Paige must've gotten hung up at the hospital. Think I'll give her a call.

Lindsay: Bo?

Bo: Hmm?

Lindsay: I just heard you and Nora talking about Jen being arrested.

Bo: That's all it was, though, Lindsay. It was just talk.

Lindsay: But Daniel's got it in for Jen, and Nora’s on his side.

Bo: Time-out. Look, one thing I do know for sure is that it breaks Nora’s heart to see all this evidence pile up against Jen. Just like you, she's worried that Jen might get arrested.

Lindsay: Then why is she letting Daniel railroad Jen?

Bo: Just because she's married to the guy doesn't mean she controls him.

Lindsay: Yeah, no kidding.

Bo: What does that mean?

Lindsay: It means that a woman has to keep a very short leash on a man like Daniel. And from what I hear, she doesn't know where he is half the time. Now, he's not known for his reliability. But I wouldn't be surprised if he's already cheating on her.

Daniel: I had to see you.

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Rex: Jen's gone, Bo.

Bo: This is about Jen.

Nora: Bo, what is it?

Lindsay: Bo, just tell me what it is!

Daniel: I was this close to being everything I've always wanted to be, and I don't want to let anyone get in my way.

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