OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/13/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/13/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Brandi

John: We're all tired.  I know nobody got any sleep last night.  This guy's still out there.  He's struck twice.  We've got to move fast.  Now, we looked at the surveillance footage for all the book signings, and one guy made a repeated appearance.  We want to find him, we want to question him.  This is what he looks like.  So we're going to go back to any place they had a book signing, we're going to ask some questions, we're going to show this picture around, see if anybody recognizes him, if anybody knows anything.  Any questions?

Detective: No.

John: All right, fellows, let's get to it.  Good luck.

Delivery man: Do you know where I can find Natalie Vega? These are for her.

 Natalie: Thank you for calling.  Mom appreciates all the support she can get.

Jessica: Hey, what's going on with mom?

Natalie: Yeah, right.  What's not going on with mom?

Jessica: No, seriously, Natalie, what happened?

Natalie: You don't know?  I mean, are you kidding me?  She got -- the L.U. board asked her to -- actually forced her to resign.  You didn't know this?

Jessica: My God, is she ok?

Natalie: She's dealing, but, Jessica, I left you, like, 18 messages on your voicemail.  I mean, how could you not know?

Jessica: Well, the batteries in my cell phone died, ok?

Natalie: It was all over the news.  Where have you been?

Viki: You know, Bo, I really appreciate everything that you are doing to clear me of this embezzlement charge.

Bo: I just think it's wrong that you had to resign over it.

Viki: Yeah, it is.  And I understand you said so to the university board.

Bo: Well, I told them the truth, you didn't do it.  The check was forged, and I'm going to do everything I can to find the person who did do it and make sure they're in prison on a felony conviction.  That's if you want me to.

Dorian: David. Oh, David, David, David, David

David: Leave me alone.

Dorian: Honey, come on, David, wake up.

David: I'm not -- ow!

Dorian: Come on.  You're not still angry with me, are you, hmm?

David: Unless today is our wedding day, yes, I'm still angry with you.

Dorian: Sweetheart, we will set a date, I promise you.

David: Are you serious?

Dorian: Absolutely.  Now that my mission has been accomplished, there's nothing standing in the way.  Ta-da!  Oh.  I have to admit, when I forged Viki's signature on that check, I thought aliens had abducted my brain, but it worked, it worked!  Don't you see?  Viki is finally experiencing a total public humiliation!

David: Let me see.

Dorian: Ok.

David: "Llanview University president Victoria Davidson was forced to step down after the university board voted unanimously to request her resignation."

Dorian: Wait a minute.  You mean they gave her the option of resigning?

David: Well, that's what it says.

Dorian: That's no good.  She got me fired.  This doesn't settle the score.

David: What?  As far as I'm concerned it does.  Game, set, match to Dorian Lord.  So, how about this weekend?

Dorian: What about this weekend?  What are you talking about?

David: Oh, nothing important.  Just our wedding.

Dorian: Honey, we are going to get married.  Just not yet.

David: Well, of course not yet.  You haven't extracted your pound of flesh yet, have you?  You just -- you don't get it, do you?

Dorian: Get what?

David: Dorian, the reason that I slept out here on the couch is because you're still obsessed with Viki.

Dorian: Wasn't that silly?  I mean, we have a little spat and you go sleep on the couch, leave our bed?  Honey, I love you.  I just cannot let Viki get away with what she did, that's all.

David: Whatever Viki did to you in the past, she's certainly not doing in the present.  This obsession is coming between us, and if it doesn't stop --

Dorian: David, what?  Are you threatening to leave me?

David: I'm not threatening you.  If you don't give this up, I'm out of here.


Blair: Oh, Todd, thank God.  Somebody's tripped the alarm.

Todd: No, it was me.  I just punched the wrong numbers.

Blair: Well, are you sure?

Todd: Yes.

[Alarm stops]

Todd: There you go.

Blair: Oh.

Todd: I didn't mean to scare you.

Blair: Well, you did.

Todd: Oh.

Blair: But you know what, I'm ok after your special surprise last night.  Well, now that we know the alarm works -- take that, and let's get the kids back here from Viki's, ok?

Todd: Oh.

Blair: Oh, look at you guys!  I missed you guys so much!

Starr: We couldn't wait to get back home.

Jack: We missed you, too!

Blair: Oh, I missed you more.  Come on!

Jack: Can you help me find my super ranger saber?

Blair: Hmm, super ranger saber?  I think that's lying on your bed.

Starr: You know what, Jack, come on, I'll help you find it.

Blair: Great.

Jack: I want to show it to grandma.

Starr: Shh, Jack --

Blair: Grandma?  Oh, mama!  It's so good to see you.

Addie: Maybe you shouldn't be so glad.  I talked to Margaret.

Blair: Mama, where did you see Margaret?

Addie: At St. Ann's.

Todd: When?

Addie: Before.

Blair: Before what, mama?

Addie: Before your wedding.  But, you didn't really have a wedding, did you?

Todd: But you haven't seen her since?

Addie: No, I thought she was gone.  Has she come back?

Blair: Um, we don't know.  We don't think so.

Addie: Well, then why are you so scared?  You don't think she's going to try to kill you again, do you?

Blair: Mama --

Addie: Please tell me you'll be all right.

Blair: We're going to be fine.  We have lots of security to keep her away from us, ok?

Addie: I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you!

Blair: Oh, mama, shh.  It's ok.  It's ok.  Everything's going to be back to normal, ok?

Addie: Todd said you couldn't be normal till you saw me.

Blair: Well, you know what?  That Todd is right.

Addie: I still don't understand why Margaret did all those awful things to you and Todd.

Blair: Well, there's some things that we might not ever understand.  Right, Todd?

Todd: Yeah, yeah.  I had the guy that released Margaret from St. Ann's fired.  I think this is all his fault.

Addie: No, it wasn't.  It was my fault.

Blair: How is it your -- what fault --

Addie: All of it was my fault.  Margaret did all those awful things to you and Todd because of me.

Viki: Look, you need to find Margaret Cochran.  I don't want you to waste your time or resources on me, ok?

Bo: Viki, look, I don't want to let whoever did this think that they can get away with it.  You did too much good for that university.  You took a bunch of floundering students, encouraged them to build a community center.  Everybody that loves that place, they have you to thank for it.  So let me find this person, huh?

Viki: I already know who did it, ok?

Bo: Who?

Viki: I can't prove it, but trust me, this person has to live with who they are and what they've done, so hopefully, hopefully that will be sufficient punishment.

Dorian: Come on, David, you can't be serious about really leaving me.

David: Did you even notice that I wasn't on my 2/3 of the bed last night?  Or were you too busy plotting how to get Blair away from Todd or Kelly away from Kevin or boil Viki in oil to even notice?

Dorian: I was up all night plotting --

David: Hmm.

Dorian: How I could make things up to you.

David: Were you really?

Dorian: Yes.

David: I think maybe you could give me a sample, somewhere between here and here?

Dorian: Yes.  Right there.  And there.  And there.  Sweetheart, you just can't expect me to let the girls' lives just fall apart, hmm?

David: Dorian, your girls are women.  Listen to me, they've got lives of their own, which you could have, which you should have with me, instead of revolving your world around --

Dorian: Oh, please, you make me sound like the little old woman who lived in the shoe.

David: Yeah, well, you used to be the hot woman who lived for new shoes.

Dorian: Is that what you want me to be?  Shallow, self-serving, hedonistic?

David: Music to my ears.

Dorian: Oh, David.

David: Come on, admit it, you were a lot happier when your life revolved around me.

Dorian: You certainly were happier.

David: I was!  It was a lot of fun!  Admit it, it was fun.  It was --

Dorian: I'm not going to admit anything.

David: Say it.

Dorian: I'm not going -- no.

David: Say it!

Dorian: All right, it was a lot of fun.

David: It was a lot of fun, wasn't it?  We could have a lot more fun, too, on our honeymoon, life here at La Boulaie, our lives together.  Isn't that what you want?

Dorian: Yes, of course it is.

David: Then why are you pulling away from me?

Dorian: You're imagining things.

David: No, I don't think I am.  I'm the only one here who's talking about leaving, and you're doing very little to stop me.  So help me out, because if you want me to walk out that door, you're doing a damn good job of making me do it.

Dorian: David, of course I don't want you to leave.  I adore you.  It's just --

David: It's just what?  What is it?  Talk to me.

Dorian: Last night when I couldn't sleep, I -- I kept thinking about how I felt being all alone in our bed, and I realize it is my fault.  Ok, there!  I said it!  But, darling, I love you, and I don't want to lose you.

David: Maybe that's the reason.

Dorian: What reason?

David: If you marry me, then I'm yours to lose.  But if you don't, if you end it first --

Dorian: Stop right there because I would still lose you.

David: Yeah, but you'd be doing it on your terms.  You don't want to be fired from this relationship.

Dorian: Honey, I think you have been watching too many reality shows.

David: Wait a second here.  Listen to me.  I didn't get much sleep last night, either, and it wasn't because this couch was killing my back.  I've been thinking about this, and you need to trust me.  You need to trust that I'm not going to hurt you.

Dorian: Trust you?

David: Trust my love for you.  Marry me.  Not today, not even next week.  How about June?

Dorian: June?

David: Yeah.

Dorian: A June wedding?

David: Why not?

Dorian: What?  Me as a June bride?  You wouldn't expect me to wear a white dress, would you?

David: You've never been one to stand on convention.  That's one of the things I love most about you.

Dorian: All right.  We'll get married in June.  But with all the trappings, and it is all right if the girls are my bridesmaids?

David: Of course it is.

Dorian: Ah!  Oh, David!

David: Anything you want.  I just don't want to spend the rest of my life without you in it.

Adriana: Hey, I'm home!  Ooh, sorry.

Dorian: No, no, that's all right.  Thank goodness you're home.  We were so worried about you.

Adriana: Well, I called.  I told you not to worry, that I was with a friend.

Dorian: Yes, but you didn't say where you were exactly or with whom.

Adriana: I have to go unpack.

Dorian: No, you don't.  Excuse me, you were gone for two nights, and I think you owe me an explanation.

Adriana: I had a good time, ok?  I'm not going to let you ruin it.  Can't you just let me be happy?

Dorian: You were with him, weren't you?

Adriana: Yes.  I was on Asa Buchanan's island and I was with duke.

Viki: So you went to St. Blaze looking for Asa, huh?

Duke: Yeah, a lot of good it did.

Bo: Yeah, but you tried, you know?  I appreciate that.

Duke: Well, he must be really laying low somewhere.  But the trip wasn't a total waste.

Viki: Why?

Duke: Adriana came with me.

Viki: You're kidding.  Dorian allowed that?

Duke: Dorian doesn't actually know, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Natalie: Are you ok?

Jessica: I will be.  Now that i know that it's just stress, all I have to do is learn how to relax.

Natalie: Well, you figure out how to do that, let me know, ok?

Jessica: How you doing?

Natalie: Hanging in there.

Jessica: Natalie, you're doing way better than that.  I can tell.  I mean, this thing that happened with Cristian, with the guy posing as him?  You're handling it so well.  Better than I would be.

Natalie: Well, I don't -- I don't know that I'm really handling it.  Just I'm creating more distractions for myself, a little personal drama.

Jessica: With John?

Natalie: Not John.  Someone who's available.  Marcie's brother, Ron.

Officer: Lieutenant, there's a call for you on line five.

John: Line five?

Officer: Yeah.

John: Thanks.  Mc Bain.  Hey, you know what, I don't buy it.  No, you know what, someone had to have seen that guy somewhere at one of those signings.  Yeah, I got the list right on my desk, all right?  Just get it --

[Vase shatters]

John: I got to call you back, all right?  Yeah, I'll call you back.  Ugh.

Michael: Hey, what -- what's going on, John?

John: Nothing much.

Michael: Huh.  You destroyed the flowers that Ron Walsh sent to Natalie.  Imagine that.

John: Don't touch anything.  I can handle this myself.

Michael: I don't think so, bro.  I think you can use all the help you can get.

John: I didn't intentionally dump the flowers, Mike.

Michael: So it doesn't bother you that Ron Walsh and Natalie are dating?

John: They went out for a couple beers, man.

Michael: So it does bother you.

John: Nice try.  It's not going to work.  How's Marcie?

Michael: Oh, she's really freaked about these "Killing Club" murders.  She's not just scared, she's -- she's guilty, you know, like she feels like this whole thing is her fault.

John: Yeah, well, that can happen.

Michael: You would know.

John: We're not talking about me anymore.

Michael: But you got to admit it, John, this case is starting to get to you.  We're talking about another serial killer here.

John: Well, thank you, Dr. Freud.

Michael: Are you telling me this isn't personal at all?

John: It's not like it was with Caitlin.  I can handle this one.

Michael: So you're not on this thing 24/7?  Getting plenty of rest, not missing any meals?

John: Do you want this case solved or not?

Michael: John, you got a whole team of people working for you.  You got bodyguards on every potential victim.  You have to understand you can't do this whole thing yourself.

John: Right back at you, bro.  I heard you got Marcie living at your place.

Michael: She's staying with me.  I'm sleeping on the couch.

John: Oh, the couch?  Well, I'm sure you're getting plenty of rest.

Michael: What was I supposed to do, John?  This maniac almost killed Marcie, her father, and her brother.  I mean, if a guy like Ron Walsh can't protect her --

John: What am I going to do about these damn flowers?

Michael: Well, you know what Freud said -- "no such thing as an accident."

John: Well, then Freud was nuts, because this was.

Michael: Oh, so you destroying that beautiful bouquet of flowers that Natalie's boyfriend, Ron Walsh, sent to her -- that was a coincidence, right?

John: No, no, I did it because I'm secretly in love with her.

Jessica: You're dating Ron Walsh?

Natalie: We went out once.

Jessica: Well, are you going to go out again?

Natalie: Sure.  Actually, today.

Jessica: Well, don't sound so excited.

Natalie: It's a beer, Jess.  You know, it's not like he's the great love of my life.

Jessica: Natalie, it'll happen again, ok, with the right guy.

Natalie: Just having fun.  Let's not make it into a big deal, ok?

Jessica: Well, if you can.

Natalie: I told you, Ron, he's --

Jessica: Available.  Yeah, you said that.

Natalie: Yeah, you got it.

Jessica: Unlike John.

Natalie: What does this have to do with John?

Jessica: I'm just making sure that you're just not trying to make him jealous.

Natalie: You know, Jess, come on.  I am so over John.  I like Ron.  You know, he's really nice, not to mention gorgeous.

Jessica: And available.  Just what you said.

Natalie: I got to get ready for work.

Jessica: Oh, don't worry, I'll clean this up.

Natalie: Thanks!

Jessica: Huh.

Jessica: How did I not know about this?  Where was I last night?

Viki: Morning, darling.

Jessica: Mom, I am so sorry about your job.  I wish I had found out earlier.

Viki: That's all right, darling.  How are you?  Have you heard from Dr. Miller?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, I'm ok.  Nothing a little rest and relaxation won't fix.

Blair: We're not mad at you.  How could we ever, ever be mad at you?  In fact, you know what?  When I thought I was dying, you came to me in a dream and you told me that I had to fight for my life.

Addie: I had a dream, too --

Blair: You did?

Addie: When you were gone.  It wasn't such a nice dream.  It was about your funeral.

Todd: What's that?

Addie: Did you have the same dream?

Blair: You know what, mama, let's not talk about sad things.  Let's talk about happy things, ok?  Happy, happy, happy.

Jack: Grandma?  I can't find my super ranger saber.

Addie: Aw, Jack.

Starr: I'm sure she doesn't really care about it, Jack.

Addie: I like the lone ranger.

Jack: Then what are we going to play?

Blair: Tell you what, why don't we play in the park?  Did you notice how beautiful it is outside?  Let's go to the park and have a picnic and we'll celebrate us all being back together.

Addie: I love the park.

Blair: Yeah, I know you do, mama.  I do, too.  That sound good?

Jack: Yes, mom.

Blair: Great.

Dorian: Adriana, you cannot expect me to approve of you going off to an island somewhere with someone when -- when they happen to be a Buchanan!

Adriana: I don't care if you approve.

Dorian: Oh?  Do you care about getting pregnant like you almost did with River not too long ago?

Adriana: I did not sleep with Duke, ok?  Give me some credit!

Dorian: I would love to, but you're very young and very naive.

Adriana: And I've learned from my mistakes!  I'm not a child!

Dorian: Then stop acting like one.

Adriana: I don't need to listen to this.

Dorian: Yes, you do, and you will listen!

Adriana: Or what?  What are you going to do?  You going to stop me from seeing Duke?  You going to lock me up in my room?

Dorian: Yes, if I have to!  I'm not going to allow another Buchanan to do to you what the others did to your cousins!

Adriana: I'm not them, and Duke is not like his family!

Dorian: Oh, yes, he is!  He's very much like them!

Adriana: Ugh!

Dorian: I will not let him hurt you!  I'm not going to stand by and allow that, not when I'm here to protect you.

Adriana: It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Dorian: There, you see?  It's already started.  They're turning her against me.  And, Adriana, you are letting them.

David: Dorian, you've got to leave her alone.

Dorian: How can I when another one of Viki's spawn is trying to ruin my family?

David: I'm sorry.  I got to go.

Dorian: Where are you going?

David: To pack my bags.  ( Whistling )

John: Thank you.

Michael: So you're finally admitting to it.  You're in love with Natalie.

John: It's what they call a joke, Mike.

Michael: You weren't smiling.

John: You ever heard of sarcasm?

Michael: Ok, the only thing left here to do is salvage the flowers, stick them in a new vase, and hopefully Natalie won't find out that you destroyed her flowers in a fit of jealous rage.

John: Ok, or here's a thought -- I could tell her the truth that it was an accident.

Michael: She's not going to believe that, John.  These flowers came from another guy.

John: All right, you know what, I really don't see what the big deal is about any of this stuff.

Michael: Yeah, well, Evangeline might.  Remember her?

John: You know what, you have actually officially turned into a complete pain in the ass.

[Phone rings]

John: Mc Bain.  Oh, hey.  Yeah, no, I missed you, too.  No, I grabbed a couple hours of sleep here at the station.  Yeah, no, no, I -- I think I could take a break here in a little while.  Yeah.  I'll see you then.

Viki: I loved working at the university, I loved working with the students on the love project, I --

Jessica: I know, I know.

Viki: I actually had planned to set up a scholarship fund in Hudson and Julie's memory.  I hope my replacement continues with that.

Natalie: You should do that.  Let uncle Bo figure out who forged this check.

Jessica: Oh, we already know who did that.  It was Dorian.

Viki: Yeah, but it's going to be very hard to prove.

Natalie: Yeah, but we have to prove it and nail her.  I mean, otherwise, what's mom going to do, lie down and take it?  That's not her.

Viki: Should I leave?

Natalie: No, no, mom, I'm sorry.  I just -- I hate seeing you stiffed like this.

Jessica: Well, I don't think that's it good that she dwell on it, either.  I mean, ok, you lost your job at L.U., and that's terrible, but this is a perfect opportunity for you to go back to "The Banner."

Natalie: You know, that's a great idea!

Viki: Well, thank you.  It's not something that I haven't thought of.  You two are just amazing.  I mean, who cares what my job is.  I've got you!

Natalie: Aw.

Adriana: Mom, you ok?

Dorian: As if you care.

Adriana: Maybe you should try focusing on your own life rather than trying to take over mine.

Dorian: But you don't understand.  Being your mother is my life.

Adriana: Then where were you when I fell off my bike and had to get stitches, or when I had bad dreams at the convent school and there was nobody there to make me feel better, or when I played cello in my first concert and all the popular girls made fun of me and labeled me a geek?

Dorian: I thought you understood why I had to give you up.

Adriana: Yeah, I know, you were afraid of my father.

Dorian: I was afraid of what he would do to you.  I didn't care about what happened to me, not at all.  I only wanted to protect you.  And though you may resent me for it now, I can tell you, given the same circumstances, I would do exactly the same thing again.

Adriana: Ok, mom, look, I'm just trying to say that I grew up.  The good thing about not having you around is I learned to take care of myself.  So please just trust me and let me be happy, and be happy with me.  If you did that, we would be fine.  

Dorian: Yes, we could be very happy because we found each other again.  So why don't we go on a trip together?  Why don't we go on a European tour?  Yes!  Let's leave right now!  It's spring.  It'll be gorgeous over there, and if we're having so much fun, we won't -- we won't come back till the end of the summer.  Just you and me, sweetheart.  Oh, we're going to have so much fun together.  Wouldn't it be marvelous?

Adriana: It would be, if I didn't know that the real reason for the marvelous trip was just to keep me away from Duke.

Dorian: I promise you something -- if we go away together, when we come back, if you still feel the same way about Duke and he has waited for you, well, then, I'll be happy for you.  How does that sound?  Adriana?  Come on, honey, that's -- that's a great -- would you please get out of my way with that silly suitcase?

David: Dorian -- Dorian.  I'm leaving, too.

Todd: Skyler, get in here!

Skyler: Yes, Mr. Manning?

Todd: What is this?  What is this?  I told you I wanted a lousy picture of Asa.

Skyler: I thought an old mug shot would be --

Todd: This is too good!  Now, Mrs. Bigelow would've known that.  Mrs. Bigelow would've been able to get a picture of him shaking hands with Osama Bin Laden, or she would've manufactured one!

Skyler: I'm sorry, sir.  I'll try to find a better one -- I mean, a worse one.

Todd: Mrs. Bigelow I wouldn't have had to ask twice!  She would've known this!

Mrs. Bigelow: Mr. Manning, when have I ever not done a job to your satisfaction?

Todd: Never.

Mrs. Bigelow: Thank you.

Todd: But you were right about Flynn.

Mrs. Bigelow: Of course I was.  Sounds like Mr. Ross didn't tell you anything that I hadn't told you already.  Kale, lemon juice, with just a dollop of garlic.  Keeps the mind sharp, focused.  You'll need me at the top of my game, right, Mr. Manning?

Todd: Dig in.

Mrs. Bigelow: You told me to use every spare minute fact-finding on the Santi family.

Todd: Jeez.  A little warning?

Mrs. Bigelow: Now, roll over and drop 'em.

Blair: You're kidding.

Mrs. Bigelow: I don't kid.  You should take a look at these poll results.

Todd: Hey, did you get it?

Mrs. Bigelow: Oh, don't I always?

Todd: Damn it, Margaret, why'd you have to take her out?

Todd: Hey, it's me.  I just wanted to make sure you guys got home from the park ok.

Blair: No, look, we're fine.  It's too bad you had to leave the picnic early.

Todd: Well, I had to do some work.

Blair: Everything ok?

Todd: I'll tell you later.  I got more work to do.  I'll see you guys at home.  Ok, bye.  I'm going to hunt you down, Margaret.  You and Asa both.

Blair: Ok, everybody, what's for lunch?  Lunch?

Jack: I want peanut butter and jelly.

Blair: Peanut butter and jelly.

Addie: I want peanut butter and jelly.

Starr: Can I have a grilled cheese, please, mom?

Blair: A grilled cheese?  Ok, I -- shh, be quiet.  Starr --

Starr: Mom --

Blair: No, just go back in there.  Ok, you've got three seconds to tell me what you're doing and who you are.

Dorian: Oh, come on, David.  I promised I'd marry you in June, didn't I?

David: You also promised that you were going to change.  You know, all Adriana wanted was your blessing.

Dorian: How can I give her my blessing?  Duke is just as bad as his great-grandfather.  Yes!  I mean, luring her away to some island to search for Asa?  Oh, come on.  He only wanted to seduce her and turn her against me.

David: No, you're the one that's doing that to everyone.  Don't you see this?  Your biggest problem, Dorian, is you.

Dorian: Well, actually, I'm pretty happy with myself.

David: Really?  Well, I'm glad to hear that because that's all you've got now. Goodbye.

Dorian: David?  Don't go.  My life goes a million miles a minute.

John: Give me that tape, will you?

Detective: The guy at all the readings is a Rusty Mancini.

John: Does he have an alibi for where he was during the murders?

Detective: Out of state both times.  It checks out.  He was getting autographs for his real estate clients.

John: I thought this was going to be something.  All right, keep looking.

Detective: Yep.

John: All right, except for this one, what do you think?

Michael: Uh, well, I guess it looks ok.  Do you know where the card is?

John: I don't know.  Yeah, where's that card?

Michael: I don't know.

Natalie: Oh, flowers.

John: Uh -- they're yours.

Natalie: Thank you.  Thank you so much.  They're gorgeous.

Michael: Yeah.

Blair: Start talking.

Ginger: My name is Ginger Foley.  I'm house-sitting for the Lamberts while they're in Europe.  I was just passing your door and I dropped my purse.

Blair: I'm sorry.  I guess I was just a little anxious.

Ginger: It makes sense, given all that you've been through.

Blair: How do you know anything about that?

Ginger: Blair Cramer, right?  You've been all over the news.  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to scare you.

Blair: I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to scare you, either.

[Phone beeps]

Ginger: A message.

[Voicemail beeps]

Tess' voice: Ginger. Hey, it's Tess.  Just checking in to make sure you're all right after that creep hassled you last night.  But, we ended up having a blast after all, huh?  It's great to have somebody to hang with.  Call me later, ok?  We'll see what kind of trouble we can get into.

Bo: Well, I got to get back to the office.

Jessica: Well, thanks for stopping by and checking in on mom.

Bo: Sure.  How are you doing?

Jessica: I'm fine.  Why?

Bo: Well, because Dr. Miller was concerned that you missed a counseling session.

Jessica: She told you?

Bo: Well, you know, I had to work a little to get it out of her, but, hey, I'm your uncle, ok?  I worry.  What's the story?

Jessica: Something came up.  But, I'm going to call today, make an appointment with the therapist, and I'm going to keep it this time.

Bo: Hey, that's my girl.  You know, I hope you feel a lot better soon.  Um --

Jessica: Those aren't free, you know.

Bo: I'm good for it.

Jessica: Yeah.  Hi.  This is Jessica Buchanan.  I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. Jamison today.  Yeah, I can hold.  I got to find out what's wrong with me.

Viki: Adriana!  Hello.

Adriana: Hi, Mrs. Davidson.  I'm sorry to bother you.  I just wanted you to know I think it's terrible that you were forced out of L.U.

Viki: Thank you.  Anything else on your mind?

Adriana: Oh, well, I called Duke and -- hey.

Duke: Hey.  Did you talk to your mom?

Adriana: Uh --

Duke: You ok?

Adriana: I don't care what she says.  I'm not going to stop seeing you.

Viki: Adriana, your mother thinks she's protecting you.

Adriana: From what?  Being happy?  Because I am. I'm really, really, really happy.

David: If you're asking for a second chance, you're going to have to do a lot more than set a wedding date.

Dorian: Oh, really?  Well, let's get a couple of things clear here.  You are not leaving me.  I am kicking your butt out!

David: Oh, is that so?

Dorian: Yeah, that's so!

David: Great.  That's fine by me.

Dorian: I believe you may have forgot-- oh, yes!  Forgotten a few tasteful clothing items -- this gorgeous jacket I bought you!

David: Thank you.

Dorian: Don't forget that one, too.

David: Great.

Dorian: And, oh, yes, some of your other things you keep throwing around the house.  There you go.

David: There's my fencing mask.  Hey, while you're out it, why don't you give me back the jewelry that I gave you, ok, huh?  How about that?  That way you won't have any reminders of me.

Dorian: Oh?  The jewelry you bought me with my money?  Trust me, I'm not going to have any trouble forgetting you.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: The man won't last a day without me.

Rex: I think I have an idea who's been setting you up.  Do you know a guy named Ted?

Daniel: You'll help me, Nora.  I know you will.

Marcie: Who's the lucky girl?

Ron: Natalie Vega.

Marcie: What?

Natalie: I think that it bothers you that someone else sent me flowers and that you broke them on purpose.

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