OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/6/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/6/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Brandi

Roxy: One potato, two potato, three potato, four -- five potato, six potato, seven potato, more --

Bellman: Rent day?

Roxy: Eight potato -- you bet.  I feel like that mogul with the TV show.  You're fired.

Bellman: Why?

Roxy: That's a joke.  Don't you got a TV set?

Bellman: I got a hot plate.

Roxy: Well, get some culture.  Go get yourself a TV set.

Bellman: Give me a raise.

Roxy: Now, you're really fired.  Hey, fix that tie and go back to work.  Well, well, well, if it isn't Johnny Mc Bain just waltzing in here.  It's rent day, so come on, fork it over.

John: I got a check for you upstairs, Roxy.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, I'm sure you do.  You know, for just a minute, I had a feeling that you might be moving out.

John: Why is that?

Roxy: So you and your honey over here could shack up.

Rex: I am telling you, Natty, those frat boys were so wasted, they couldn't tell the difference between a side pocket and a corner.  You could have taken all their trust funds combined.

Natalie: Oh, goodness gracious, Rex.  I like a challenge.  Robbing those K.A.D. Guys for pool -- it's just not my style.

Rex: All right, do they even keep beer in the fridge around here, or do I got to call a butler?  Oh!  Dessert's on me.

Natalie: No.  No more for me.  Isn't closing up Rodi's -- wasn't that enough for you?

Rex: Oh, come on.  Just one more beer to wash down the tiramisu?

Natalie: Yeah, you got it.

Rex: We got it!

Natalie: I really had a good time tonight.

Rex: It's because you had all that face time with Mc Bain.  Yes?

Natalie: No.  Yes.  But, you know, it was nice.  We talked.  He's a good friend.

Rex: A good friend you wouldn't mind seeing naked.

Natalie: Rex!

Rex: Well, it's never going to happen if you don't make a move for him.  Why don't you just go for it, Natty?  Bust a play for Johnny boy and see what happens.

John: Hey, listen, since technically you are my landlord, I will inform you that I'm neither moving out or moving in with anyone.

Roxy: How come?  Hey, is he one of those dudes who won't even stash his toothbrush over at your place?

John: Am I one of those dudes?

Evangeline: John and I are very happy with things exactly the way they are, thank you.

Roxy: Hey, whatever floats your boat.  But, as long as he pays, he stays.


John: Capisce.  I'm on it.  I'll be right back.

Roxy: Soon.

Michael: What's going on, John?

John: Mikey.  Hey, you just getting in?

Michael: Yeah.  I just pulled a double at the hospital.  Hey, listen, man, why didn't you call me back?

Evangeline: Oh, that's my fault.  I made him turn his cell phone off at the wedding.

John: That reminds me.

Michael: Right on.  So, what do you got, man?  I mean, you got any new connections between Marcie's book and these killings?

John: I'm working on it, Michael.

Michael: That's it?  You're working on it?  What are you waiting for, John?  I mean, what if the killer goes after Marcie next?

Marcie's voice: "Dear Julie, I'll never forget our time together at the shack.  Stay out of trouble.  Love, Marcie."

[Knock on door]

Marcie: Who is it?

Mr. Walsh: It's us, Marcie.

Marcie: Oh.  What are you guys doing here so late?

Ron: You want us to leave or --

Marcie: No! No, get back here.

Blair: Take me upstairs, Todd.  It's been a long time.

Todd: Yeah, since before our wedding.

Blair: Yeah, the wedding that didn't happen because of Margaret.

Todd: Well, come on.  We're not going to talk about her.  Let's -- let's do it.  Let's go upstairs and not waste any more time.

Blair: Ok.

Dorian: Blair?  Are you out of your mind?

Todd: Get out, Dorian.

Blair: How did you get in here?  So much for this tight security,Todd.

Dorian: Who do you think's been taking care of your children while you were missing?  I had an extra key made while Todd was out gallivanting with his lunatic paramour.

Todd: I was not -- I'm not going to explain anything to you.  Get out now before I throw you out.

Dorian: Why did you let this cretin talk you out of leaving the hospital --

Blair: I am fine, Dorian.

Dorian: Blair, you should be recovering still.  He convinced you.  He talked you into it --

Blair: No, I wanted to come home.

Dorian: Then why didn't you call me?  Why didn't you do that?  I could have taken you home to La Boulaie, where you could be with your family.

Blair: He is my family now, ok?

Dorian: Oh.  Please, Blair.  Pack your bags.  I'm begging you.

Blair: Now, why in the world would I do something like that, huh?

Dorian: Because this time, if you stay with him, this time you will end up dead.

Natalie: You did not just say that.

Rex: Yeah, I did.  If you're so hot for Mc Bain --

Natalie: Which I'm not.

Rex: Why don't you just go for him?  Ok, where do these people hide their spoons?  Whoa.

Natalie: What?

Rex: All right, how many people live here?  There must be 50 forks.  They all match.

Natalie: Did you know Roxy didn't even have two forks that match?  Oh, my God.  Do you remember the spoons?

Rex: She kept putting them in the sink and then running the garbage disposal.

Natalie: Yes.

Rex: They were sharper than the knives.

Natalie: I know.  Tiramisu and beer -- honey, you're a class act.

Rex: Well, Lindsay taught me a thing or two.

Natalie: Ok, ew.  Eating, not listening.

Rex: All right, then let's talk about you and Mc Bain.

Natalie: Ok, let's not.

Rex: I saw you looking at him at the wedding.

Natalie: Rex --

Rex: He was looking at you.  I'm telling you, he's feeling you.

Natalie: He's feeling Evangeline -- which is probably what he's doing right now.

Rex: Hey, Jen's got a boyfriend.  That's not stopping me.

Natalie: And so what, you're the poster boy for romance?

Rex: Like we're so much different.

Natalie: And what does that mean?

Rex: Back in the day, the old Natty would never take no for an answer.

Natalie: Well, maybe the old Natalie grew up.

Rex: Bull.  She just got her butt kicked and to think that I used to look up to you.  I thought you were tougher than that, that you wouldn't give up until you got what you wanted.  Where'd that Natalie go?

John: Hey, do me a favor and get me that number, will you, jack?

Michael: Hey, do not walk away from me, John.  What, am I wrong?  Marcie wrote the book.  She's got to be on that hit list someplace.

John: You're not wrong.  It's a long list, Michael.  Right now anybody that worked on that project could be a target.

Michael: Well, then, she is in trouble.

John: Thanks, Jack.  Roxy, do me a favor and give me a minute here?

Roxy: Yeah, don't forget the rent, buddy.

John: I won't forget the rent.  Look, if the killer is in fact using Marcie's book as some kind of guide, yeah, she could be.

Michael: What are we supposed to do, John?  What, do we just sit around and wait for the next person to get whacked?  That person could be Marcie.

Evangeline: Michael, just calm down, please? Let john take care of this?

Michael: Oh, yeah, yeah, he's taking care of things.  He's out doing weddings while Nick Messina is stalking Marcie.

John: Mike, settle down, all right?  Relax.  We have Marcie with 24-hour protection, but go back a second.  This guy Messina -- he was one of the love crew, right?

Michael: Yeah.

John: All right, do you know where he is?  You know where he lives?  He's the one guy on the list I haven't been able to question yet.

Michael: Well, I just ripped him a new one for sneaking around Marcie's place.

John: When were you going to tell me that?

Michael: I -- I tried, John.  I tried to call you.  You never picked up the phone, ok?  What is it, John?  Do you know something about this nick kid?

John: No.  I'm always a little suspicious when someone becomes scarce during a murder investigation.

Marcie: Well, come on, take your coats off.  Come on in, make yourselves at home.

Ron: Ok.

Marcie: It's so great to see you guys.  Dad, why didn't you tell me you were coming into town?

Mr. Walsh: Since when I do need permission to see my kids?

Ron: Well, actually, he came to see me, see, but, my place is being painted, so we thought maybe we, you know, could crash here, right?

Marcie: You guys realize you're horrible at poker, right?  You have terrible poker faces.  Who told you about the murders?

Ron: Michael.

Mr. Walsh: He's worried about you.

Marcie: Well, I'm fine.  You can see I'm fine.

Ron: Marcie, this is serious, ok?  Look, you wrote that book, and now people are being murdered.

Marcie: Hey, you don't think I know that, Ronnie?  All right, Julie and Hudson were my friends, and now they're dead because of me.

Mr. Walsh: That's not what he meant, Marcie.  We're worried, too.

Marcie: Well, I just want them to find out who's ever responsible for th--

Michael: So why didn't you tell me you couldn't find Nick?

John: Because I'm in the police business, Michael, and you're in the hospital business.

Michael: Marcie is my business and you should have told me.

Evangeline: Michael, why don't you just tell john what happened so he can figure out what to do with it?

Michael: I found nick creeping around Marcie's apartment.  He said that he'd been real messed up since Julie died.  You know, he said that -- he said that he was in love with her.

John: Did Messina say where he was living these days?

Michael: No, but I'm pretty sure Marcie could find out.

John: Yeah? Can you call Marcie and ask her?

Michael: You know, I'm trying to --

John: Mike, just make the call.

Ron: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  What the hell are you doing here?

Marcie: Ronnie, Ronnie, it's ok.  It's just Nick.

Nick: Marcie, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to scare you.

Marcie: Well, how did you even get in here?

Nick: Oh, I still have my key from when I lived here.

Marcie: Oh.

Nick: It's just habit. I just walked in.

Ron: Yeah, well, you don't live here anymore.

Marcie: So, what are you doing here?  Is everything ok?

Nick: Well, I just felt like a jerk, coming here all lit up like that, you know?  Getting wasted isn't going to bring Julie back.

Marcie: No.

Nick: I don't blame Michael for throwing me around, either.

Marcie: No, you were upset.  I completely understand.

Nick: And I lost my wallet.  I think maybe I dropped it when Michael grabbed me?

Marcie: Oh, well, I haven't seen it.

Nick: Oh.  Well, do you mind if I look around?

Marcie: No, go ahead.

Nick: Ok.

Ron: I'll help you look.

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Hello.

Michael: Marcie, it's me, Michael.

Marcie: I thought you might call.  My dad and Ron are here.  You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?

Michael: Oh, listen, don't be mad.  I was worried about you.

Marcie: Actually, I'm really glad they're here.  Nick just came in.  He almost scared the life out of me.

Michael: Nick came back?

John: Hey, is he there now?

Michael: Is he -- is he still there?

Marcie: Yeah.  He's looking for his wallet.

John: Let me talk to her a second.  Hey, Marcie, are you alone with Messina?

Marcie: No, no, dad and Ron are here.  Is there something wrong?

John: No, no problem.  Do me a favor.  Can I speak to Ron for a second?

Marcie: Oh, yeah, sure.  Hold on.  Ronnie?  The phone's for you.

Ron: Hello?

John: Ron, hey, it's John Mc Bain.  Hey, be cool about it, but can you do me a favor and keep Messina there until I get there?

Ron: Ok, not a problem.

John: I'm on my way.

Ron: John wants to talk to Nick.  He wants us to keep him here.

Marcie: I don't know.

Nick: It's got to be somewhere.  Oh.  I found it.

Marcie: Oh.

Nick: Look, I'm sorry I scared you -- twice now.

Marcie: It's ok.

Nick: I don't know, I'm just -- I'm not thinking straight anymore.  I'll see you.

Marcie: No, no, no, you can't leave yet.

Nick: Why not?

John: I'm sorry.  I don't know how long I'm going to be.

Evangeline: Go.  Just go.  Don't worry about it.

John: Ok.

Michael: I'm coming. 

John: No, you're not.

Michael: I am, and don't give me any crap about it being police business, ok, because it's Marcie we're talking about, and I'm going.

John: Michael, you did the right thing calling her family, all right?  Now, look, I'm going to call a surveillance team on my way over.  Just relax, ok?

Michael: What if Marcie needs me?

John: I'll have her call you.  Ok?  Bye.

Michael: No, forget it.  I'm going.

Evangeline: Michael, he'll call us.  Just let him do this by the book.

Michael: Fine.  Fine.

Nigel: Detective Mc Bain.  Oh, dear.  Ms. Williamson.

Evangeline: Nigel, hi.

Nigel: Oh, dear.

[Bell rings]

Roxy: Ooh, la, la.  Where you been, sailor?

Nigel: Oh, around.  Detective Mc Bain must be hot on the trail.  I do hope he's found Mr. Buchanan.  Then again, perhaps not.

Roxy: Oh, I know what he's not doing -- paying his rent.

Nigel: I don't think you need to concern yourself with that, Roxanne.

Roxy: Oh, I think I do.  But, you know what? We can lock him out.  We can take his stuff.  We could try to sell it.  Ever seen his crib.  He ain't got squat. So, what's going on with your boss man?  Any word yet?

Nigel: I'm afraid Mr. Buchanan is still incommunicado.

Roxy: South America -- oh, baby, I wish I was there.  You know, when they find him, they're going to fry his butt for what he did to Blair.

Blair: Dorian, calm down.  Todd is not going to hurt me.

Dorian: Not that he isn't capable of it.  No, no, no, all you need to be is in his proximity when one of his enemies takes you out in the crossfire.

Blair: Dorian, please.

Dorian: Would you please remember the chamber of horrors you've just gone through with Margaret Cochran?

Blair: Ok, you know what?  I am in no mood for this tonight, really.

Dorian: You're exhausted.

Blair: Yes.

Dorian: You should be in the hospital recovering.  Darling, don't you see, this is suicidal.  You're coming back here to live with a human time bomb.

Todd: Hey, Dorian, would you rather leave through the door or a window?

Dorian: Blair, please, get your things and come live with me.

Blair: Just stop!  Stop right now.  I know you think that's what's best for me, but right here, this is what's best for me.  Todd -- he is my family, this is my home, and this is where I want to be, ok?

Todd: You heard her.

Dorian: Yeah.  Sweetheart, just remember, I will always be there for you.

Blair: She loves me.

Todd: Yeah, in a sick, dysfunctional way.

Blair: Come here.  I want to get back to where we were before, before we were so rudely interrupted.

Marcie: I -- I thought you might want to have this.

Nick: This is why I couldn't leave?

Marcie: Well, the thing is --

Nick: Marcie, you already gave me a copy of your book -- at the book signing you did on campus, remember?

Marcie: No, I know.  This is Julie's book.  The police found it in the car, and -- I don't know -- I thought that you might want to have it.

Nick: "Stay out of trouble."  Bet you never thought you'd be saying that and she'd die a week later, huh?

Marcie: No.  And I feel so responsible, Nick. I'm so sorry.

Nick: Marcie, Marcie, it's not your fault that she died in that wreck.

John: What makes you think somebody's at fault?

Rex: You're not the same as we were when we were growing up.  I mean, before my aunt came and took me from Roxy.

Natalie: And you would remember this how?  You were, what, 4?

Rex: I remember running away.  Roxy was passed out on the couch, and I packed my Mr. T lunch box with chips and a soda and took off.

Natalie: Mm-hmm, all the way around the corner.

Rex: And you found me and said you wanted to run away, too.  You took me by the hand and we broke into that old theater.

Natalie: It was abandoned.  There wasn't really much to break into.

Rex: But we were breaking the rules and you were calling the shots.  Then you ate all my chips and said we couldn't run away anymore because we didn't have any food left.

Natalie: You were always an easy mark.

Rex: Exactly my point.  You used to look for marks.  Now you're the mark.

Natalie: Excuse me.  When someone comes into town and pretends to be my dead husband, I think I'm a little entitled to be freaked out.

Rex: It's not just that.  It's all of this -- this house, the money.

Natalie: Yeah, but I don't want the money.

Rex: And what's up with that?  The only reason you rolled into this town was for payback.  Then you finally get your hands on the golden goose, and you give it back?

Natalie: Ok --

Rex: What's up with that?

Natalie: I found out that I don't need it.

Rex: Oh, please!  Nobility is highly overrated.  Believe me, I've tried it.

Natalie: Yeah, you tried it with Jen, and that's your problem.

Rex: At least Jen hasn't rolled over and died.  I mean, don't you get tired of whining all the time?  I mean, yes, all the stuff with Cristian sucked, but come on, life --

Natalie: Hey, you need to be quiet.

Rex: Oh!  Did I hit a soft spot?  Is little Natalie's going to cry again?  "Boo-hoo.  Oh, I live in this big house and the hot cop won't ask me to the prom."  Oh, come on!  Scream, yell at me, do something!  The old Natalie would have got what she wanted, but you're too much of a wuss.  Will you do something?

Rex: Oh, it's on.

Natalie: God, Rex.  No, don't, ok?  Don't you dare have a food fight in my mother's kitchen, ok?  Put it down.  Put it down!

Rex: Yes!  Now, that is the old Natalie!  Go after Mc Bain like that and Evangeline won't know what hit her.  It's all you, Natty.  If you want him, all you got to do is go for him!

Nick: What are you doing here?

John: You're a tough guy to track down, nick.

Nick: Did Michael send you?  First, he throws me around, now he sends in the heavy artillery?  What, is this about Julie and Hudson?

John: Could be.  What do you know about them?

Nick: I know that they're dead, and that Michael thinks that I had something to do with it.  Is that what he told you?

John: No, no, he just told me about you sneaking around outside Marcie's house.  So, when was the last time you saw Julie?

Nick: Oh, come on!  Julie died in a car wreck.  How could that be anything but an accident?  Wasn't it?

John: Here's how I think this is going to work.  I'm going to ask the questions, you're going to answer them.  Did you see Julie the night she died?

Nick: Yes.  We all did.  She was here working on Hudson's memorial. And then she left to have a couple of drinks with her new bosses and we were supposed to get together later, but she never showed.

John: Get together where?

Nick: My place.

John: Anyone see you there?

Nick: I didn't kill Julie!  I was in love with her!  Ask Marcie.

John: Marcie?

Marcie: She never said anything to me about you guys.  Nick, I never saw you guys together.  I only know what he told me the other night, John.

Nick: Look, we were together for a while, but we couldn't tell anybody.

John: Ok.  I heard somewhere that Julie's new job was going to take her out of town.  Were you upset that she was leaving?

Nick: I wanted her to get that job.  Ok?  I was happy for her.  Why are you asking me all this stuff?

John: You ok, Nick?  You seem a little tense.

Nick: Well, what do you expect?  Huh?  You just told me that my girlfriend was murdered!  Why would somebody want to do that to her?

John: How'd you get along with Prescott, Nick?

Nick: Pretty well, I guess.  I mean, we all lived here for quite a while, so --

John: Did the two of them ever get together without anybody knowing?

Nick: She wasn't like that.  What are you getting at here, man?  Huh?  Is that what Michael was talking about the other night?

John: Nick, I sense anger, and we're just talking here.

Nick: I don't have to take this.

John: Sit your ass down.  You're going to answer my questions.  We can do it here or we can do it at the station.  Either way, I'm going to get what I want.

Blair: All right, big guy, no more talking, no more interruptions.  Just us.

Blair's voice: Dorian, calm down.  Todd is not going to hurt me.

Todd: Sorry.

Blair: Todd?

Todd: I can't do it. 

Blair: What's wrong?

Todd: I don't know.

Blair: It's Margaret, isn't it?  Dorian's got you thinking that she's going to come back and hurt us.

Todd: Yeah, I guess so.

Blair: You know, you're not responsible for what Margaret did to us, Todd.

Todd: Well, I played her, though, didn't I?  I made her think I wanted her and now we're all paying for it.  I am, you are, the kids are and I hate when Dorian's right.

Blair: Oh, Dorian's not right. Margaret's insane.

Todd: Yeah, and she's still out there.

Blair: Well, I don't want to keep looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life, and I don't want Dorian telling me how vulnerable I am.  I mean, you know how scared I am that Margaret's going to come back.  What if she --

Todd: Margaret is not going to get anywhere near us.  She will be dead long before she ever gets that chance.

Nigel: I do wish Mr. Buchanan had taken the high road in this instance.

Roxy: I think he thinks that he did.

Nigel: Oh, but he could have been Ms.Cramer's savior, the one to reunite her with her family and now, he's the apparent villain and a fugitive from the law.

Roxy: Hey, toots, they're going to fry his butt.

Nigel: Perhaps.

Roxy: Perhaps nothing.  He had Blair locked up.  He's telling everybody that she's nuts.  No, come on, he's going to do hard time.

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan has faced legal difficulties in the past and still remained a free man.

Roxy: Oh, yeah.  Money talks and bull chips walk.  Yeah, way of the world, Nigel.

Nigel: Oh, the rich are different from you and me.

Roxy: Yeah, well, they got better shoes, I can tell you that.

Michael: I'm going over there.

Evangeline: Don't, Michael.  John knows what he's doing.

Michael: John should have called by now.

Evangeline: Look, it hasn't been that long.

Michael: Really?  Is that why you keep looking at your watch?  Evangeline, I'm worried.

Evangeline: I can see that.  But Marcie is fine.  She has John there, she has her brother, her father.  She's perfectly safe.

Evangeline: Have you told her yet?

Michael: Have I told her what?

Evangeline: Have you told Marcie that you still love her?

Michael: Love is just a word.

Evangeline: You and your brother must see the same movies.

Michael: What's that supposed to mean?

Evangeline: Look, as far as I can tell, Marcie still loves you, too, so what's the problem?  Why aren't you together?

Michael: Well, the problem is that there are just too many problems.

Evangeline: Such as?

Michael: Such as fighting over nothing, fighting over everything, fighting because we're fighting.

Evangeline: Sounds familiar.

Michael: No, look, you and john don't fight the way I do with Marcie.

Evangeline: Well, we -- we disconnect, you know?  But, we keep working on it, you know?  I love him too much to give up.

Michael: Is love enough?  I mean, what about all that other stuff?

 Nick: I didn't kill anyone.

John: Well, then you got nothing to worry about.

Nick: Why would somebody want to kill Julie and make it look like a car wreck?  And Hudson died in a fire!  How are those connected?

Marcie: Someone's copying my book.  The murders are happening exactly the way that I wrote them.

Ron: John can handle this, Marcie.

Marcie: I'm sorry.

Nick: That's what this is all about?  I haven't even read Marcie's book yet!  Any nut job could be out there copying this!

John: Do me a favor, Nick.  Write your name and address down in this book.  Give me a phone number, too, please.  Are you going to be there when I come looking for you?

Nick: Unless I'm out killing somebody, yeah.

John: Keep mouthing off, kid.  Next time we'll do this down at the station where I don't have to be so charming.  Believe me, whoever did this is going down for it.  You understand?

Nick: Good, because whoever did kill Julie, I want them to burn for it.  Thanks for the book, Marcie.

Natalie: Rex, you and Roxy have got to stop it with this whole John thing.  It's not going to happen.

Rex: If it's because you honestly don't want him, then I will keep my mouth shut.

Natalie: Thank you.

Rex: You look me in the eye and tell me you don't dream about him putting his hand on the small of your back, pulling you in for a deep, wet kiss.

Natalie: Shut up.

Rex: I knew it!

Natalie: It's not high school, Rex.  I'm not going to come up with some kind of crazy scheme so I can steal someone's boyfriend.

Rex: Who says it has to be crazy?  It just has to be effective.  It's not illegal.

Natalie: It's not me.

Rex: It is you.

[Knock on door]

Natalie: What the hell are you doing?

Dorian: I want to see your mother immediately, and I refuse to take no for an answer.

Todd: You don't have to look over your shoulder.  It's only a matter of time before I find Margaret.  You don't have to be afraid.

Blair: What would have happened to Jack and Starr if they had lost both of us, Todd?

Todd: It didn't happen.

Blair: I don't want someone raising our children.  That's our job.

Todd: And we're going to do it.  I'm sorry, I --

Blair: What?

Todd: This is not how I imagined tonight going.  I was hoping to sweep you off your feet and have you all to myself.

Blair: I'm here, we're home, and we're safe.

Todd: You're my home.

Blair: I love you, Todd.

Todd: And I love you, too.  I'd do anything for you.


Rex: Isn't it a little late, Dorian?

Dorian: Really?  I am so sorry, Natalie.  It's just that I saw the lights on and I thought, well, perhaps that your mother was still awake, pacing the floor, worrying about her impending indictment for embezzlement.

Natalie: Good night, Dorian.

Dorian: No, no, I'm not leaving until I speak to your mother.

Natalie: She's sleeping.

Dorian: Wake her up.

Natalie: I don't think that I will.

Dorian: Do not cop an attitude with me, young lady.  You have no idea what's been going on between our two families.  My nieces -- Blair -- her life is once again being destroyed by Todd, thanks to your mother.  And my niece, Kelly -- well, she's -- she's been seduced into Kevin's clutches again.  And I can promise you I will be damned before I allow a member of the accursed Buchanan family to lay a finger on my daughter, Adriana.

Rex: Ugh!  I thought Roxy had a mouth on her.

Dorian: Excuse me.  What brings you here at this hour of the night?  Applying for the post of cabana boy?

Natalie: Ok.  That's it.  You may leave.  You have once chance to walk out of here right now without my foot up against your back.

[Rex makes karate sounds]

Dorian: Oh, please!  She's only bluffing.  Why, your mother's precious code of honor would never condone physical violence.

Natalie: Look, lady, where I come from, we eat people like you for lunch.

[Rex whistles]

Natalie: So don't you mess with me.

Dorian: Obviously, you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't -- fill in the blanks.

Natalie: Ugh.

Rex: Hmm!  She's back!  Watch out, Llanview.  Old Natalie is kicking tail, taking names, and open for business.

Michael: John.  What's going on?  How's Marcie?  Is she ok?

John: She's fine, all right?  I got a unit out in front of her place, and she's inside with Ron and her dad.

Michael: Did you bust Nick?

John: Didn't feel right, Mike.  He couldn't come to terms with Tanaka and Prescott being murdered.

Michael: So you got nothing out of him?

John: Well, it didn't --

Michael: Come on, John!

John: It didn't help that you tipped him off!

Michael: Yeah?  Well, what was I supposed to do?  Marcie was -- Marcie was in danger, ok?

John: Right!

Michael: He was stalking her!

John: Right!  He told me you accused him of murdering them!  You gave him a heads-up.

Michael: Yeah, well, I didn't know what else to do, ok?  He was -- he was stalking her.

Evangeline: Ok, look, it's late.  It sounds to me like John handled things with Nick.

John: Yeah, for now.

Evangeline: Ok, so let's call it a night.  How about that?  Why don't we call it a night?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Michael: Ok.  I don't think I'm going to get much sleep, though.

John: Give it your best.

Michael: Hey, John?

John: Yeah.

Michael: Thanks.  Thanks for looking in on Marcie.

John: You'll be all right?

Michael: Yeah.  Yeah.  I'm going to be ok.

Roxy: Mc Bain?  Check, please.

Marcie: You really don't have to spend the night, daddy.  I'll be fine.

Mr. Walsh: Are you kidding?  This place has more traffic than grand central station.

Ron: Yeah, even after midnight.  So, I think you can just forget about it, sis, because you're not getting rid of us.

Marcie: Ok.

Todd: I guess Dorian really spoiled the mood, didn't she?

Blair: The mood is perfect.  I just want you to hold me.  Hold me like this forever, Todd.  Never let me go.

Natalie: Look, Rex, just because I bounced Dorian out of here does not mean that anything has changed.

Rex: Yeah, right.  Whatever.

Natalie: I'm serious.  Ok, the old Natalie was a mess -- dysfunctional, mean.  I mean, who wants any of that?

Rex: And being a doormat like the new Natalie is so much better?  Why can't you be the old Natalie who doesn't do all that bonehead stuff?

Natalie: And just go after what I want?

Rex: Or who you want.  So long, Natty.  It was good to see my sister again.

Evangeline: You're actually going to bring Roxy a check tonight?

John: Yeah.  I mean, unless you -- unless you want her knocking on the door all night.

Evangeline: No.  Bring her the check tonight.  Then I can have you all to myself.

John: I can't do that.  Stop it.

Mr. Walsh: Well, I'm beat.  I'm going up to bed.

Ron: I'm right behind you, Pops.

Marcie: Ok.  I think I'm going to stay up a little bit longer.  I'm still a little wired, ok?

Mr. Walsh: Not too late.

Marcie: Yes, daddy.

Mr. Walsh: You need your rest.

Marcie: Yes, daddy.

Ron: Good night.

Marcie: Good night.

[Gas hisses]

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: You won't even get in line for the girl you say you love!

Jen: Stop it!  Stop it!

Riley: Come on, come on!

Rex: Hit me!  Hit me!

Daniel: Hello?  Hello?  Is that you?

John: Whoever killed them, they're out there right now targeting someone else.

Michael: Oh, my god!  Marcie!  You got to wake up!  Please wake up!

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