OLTL Transcript Tuesday 4/5/05

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/5/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Brandi

Antonio: Here you go.  It's been a long day for you.

Tess: That's the way it goes sometimes.

Antonio: Right.  Ahem.  You ok?

Tess: I'm fine.  I just should've come right home and not gone to Nora's wedding.

Antonio: How about I rub your shoulders?

Tess: No.  Like you said, it's been a long day.  I'm just going to go upstairs, I'm going to go to bed.

Viki: Jessica, Antonio. Look what you left at the wedding.  I couldn't believe you forgot it.

Tess: Yeah, right.  I'm going to go to bed.

Viki: Jessie, don't you want to take this with you?

Tess: No, actually, I don't want to take it with me, thanks.

Dorian: Here is to you, my darling, for putting up with my hopeless despair, my -- yes, yes, yes, my unflagging optimism, then my rage, and now my undiluted joy that Blair is home safe and sound.

David: To undilution.

Dorian: You know, I saw her just a little while ago in the hospital.  She seems fine, but as long as she stays with that rat, she'll never, ever be safe.

David: Hey.  Not tonight.

Dorian: No.  Of course not, because tonight is your night, my darling.  I am going to show you how much i love and appreciate you.  You are going to have 100% of my undivided attention.

David: Now that I'll drink to.

Dorian: Adriana.  I just realized -- have you seen or talked to her today?

Duke: That guy was a dead ringer for Asa.

Adriana: Yeah.  A whole lot nicer, though -- not that it takes very much.

Duke: Yeah, I mean, what Asa did to Blair -- you know, there aren't enough words.

Adriana: I can think of a few -- hateful, despicable, cruel, terrible and so far, he's gotten away with it.

Duke: We will find him.

Adriana: And even if we do and bring him back home, do you really think your family's just going to stand by and watch him go to jail?

Duke: Hey, I'm part of that family, too, ok, and as much as I love my great-grandfather, he's going to have to answer for what he did.

Adriana: It's Blair's worst nightmare, you know.

Duke: What is?

Adriana: Winding up in an institution like her mother and aunt did.  My mother told me Blair's always worried about ending up just like them.

Duke: Asa must have known that.

Adriana: Of course he did.  So, he tortured her with it.  I know he's family, but as far as I'm concerned, there isn't enough punishment in the world for what Asa did to Blair.

Blair: I am fine.

Todd: I'll be the judge of that.

Blair: Todd, 48 hours sleeping in a hospital -- it's what I needed, rest, and I got it.

Todd: Yeah, you look a little better.

Blair: Thank you.

Todd: How many fingers am I holding up?

Blair: Five.

Todd: Uh-huh and who's the handsomest man on earth?

Blair: Brad Pitt.

Todd: Ok, I'm going to haul your butt back to the hospital.

Blair: Two fingers and you, Todd Manning.  I adore you so much and as much as I adore our beautiful children, I'm actually glad that you took them over to Viki's.  I'll think they'll be safer there just in case Margaret happens to show up here.

Todd: They'll be back as soon as I get the security system installed.

Blair: Well, look at you.  You've thought of everything.  Except where's the food?

Todd: I got that covered, baby.  I got a great dinner, I got some red wine.

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: Ah! That's dinner!

Blair: I'll get it.

Todd: You get it.

Blair: I'll get it.

Margaret: Hello, Blair. Long time no see.

Blair: No.

David: I have not seen nor heard from Adriana today, but that does not mean that there's something wrong.

Dorian: She's clearly been distancing herself from me lately.

David: Dorian, drink your champagne.

Dorian: It's just I don't understand why she's suddenly developed this chip on her shoulder.  We used to be so close.

David: Close?

Dorian: I am, after all, her mother.

David: Yes, you are, and she's been back in your life for all of a year now and I don't think you've really been spending that time getting close.

Dorian: Oh, you mean we could never be as close as Viki and Jessica?

David: Or for that matter as close as my aunt Rose and fat cousin Mae.  Talk about two peas in a pod?  A really big pod, if you know what I mean.

Dorian: I just thought Adriana understood why I was forced to give her up.

David: She understands.  I understand.  You wanted to keep her away from Manuel Santi and his thugs, as far away from them as humanly possible.

Dorian: Absolute--

David: What?  Are they here?  Did they hear me?  Dorian, you've got to let your girls lead their own lives.

Todd: See you.

Blair: I thought I saw Margaret.  You know, like the time that she came over here with that lingerie, saying that she knew what would turn you on.  I should've known back then that she wanted me out of the picture so she could have you all to herself, make you fall in love with her.

Todd: Nah, it didn't happen.  It couldn't have happened.

Blair: What'd she do?  What did she do to try to get you to love her, huh?

Viki: Jessica, what on earth is the matter with you?

Tess: I'm sorry, mom.  Really, I don't know what just came over me to make me jump at you like that.  I must be really exhausted.

Antonio: I think it's more than that.

Tess: What?

Antonio: I think catching that bouquet may have a put a little pressure on her.  Listen, honey, I don't ever want you to feel pushed into anything, especially when it comes to our relationship.

Tess: Thanks.  Really, I don't know what I have done to deserve you.

Antonio: Why don't I -- why don't I throw these away if they're bothering you?

Tess: No, no, please.  I'm going to take them upstairs and I'm going to put them in some water.

Starr: Jess, you caught the bouquet.  That's awesome.  Maybe that'll actually be a wedding that I'm invited to.

Tess: I just hope there's some hot guys there.  I live for hot guys.

Starr: So, Antonio, are you and Jess going to get married or just engaged again?

Viki: Starr, you can't ask a question like that.

Antonio: It's -- it's ok.  Jess and I, we're taking it slow.  How's that?

Starr: Well, as long as it's not too slow.  My dad spent a long time trying to be with my mom again, and then this crazy lady had to try and wreck it all.  You guys are really lucky that you don't have anybody trying to mess it up for you and Jess.

Tess: "What's wrong?  What's wrong, my perfect little princess?  What's wrong?"  Ugh.  Oh.  Then there's Antonio.  "You know I always love you, Jessica.  I love you so much.  I want to suck the life right out of you!"  Ugh, I can't take it anymore!  I can't be around them anymore.  Oh, I cannot keep this sweet Jessica act up anymore.  I swear, I got to get out of here. I have to get out of here.  Damn, that's a long way down.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Jess?


Antonio: Jess?  You in here?

Duke: So have you talked to her?

Adriana: Blair?  No, she was still in the hospital when we left and if I were her, I would stay there and put a big sign on the door that says "no visitors" for my mother.

Duke: Now, why would you say that?

Adriana: Because she's going to drive her nuts insisting that she should leave Todd when she isn't insisting that Kelly stay away from your dad.  I mean, the reason she's not insisting that I do something is because she doesn't know where I am.

Duke: Yeah, and you like it that way.

Adriana: I love being here with you, spending the night together.

Duke: You don't know how long I've thought about that.

Adriana: Me, too.  But --

Duke: Yeah.  Adriana, I want you.  But, I don't have to tell you that. You know, but I want -- I want this to be good, you know, for the both of us, ok?  You know, and I know it will be, whenever it happens.

Adriana: Oh, my mother would not believe this.  Just the thought of the two of us alone in a hotel room?  She would just think the worst.

Duke: You know, maybe -- maybe we should head back to Llanview.

Adriana: What?  Why?  Because I'm not ready to make love?

Duke: No, no.  It's because I don't want you to stay here with me as a way to get back at your mother.

Kelly: Thank you.

Kevin: You bet.

Dorian: What is that girl thinking?

David: First of all, Kelly's not a girl and who cares what she's thinking?  Isn't this supposed to be the night that you're just thinking about me?

Kevin: So, I guess Blair's coming home from the hospital tonight.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, I heard you were there after she was admitted.

Kevin: Yeah, I drove my mom over.

Kelly: How did Todd react to that?  What's going on with you two?

Kevin: What?  I don't know.  Nothing.

Kelly: No, there's something different.  You two are acting differently around each other.  You haven't taken a swing at each other since he got back.

Kevin: I don't know, you know, maybe it's because I saved his life.  Who knows?

Kelly: No, there's something else going on.

Kevin: Todd told me some things about what Margaret did to him.  It was bad.

Kelly: I can imagine.

Kevin: Yeah, and I just don't know how Blair is going to handle it when it all comes out, you know?

Kelly: When what comes out?  What did he tell you?

Dorian: David and I came here to celebrate, but how can we possibly do that when you come in with him?

Kevin: It's nice to see you, too, Dorian.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Kelly: Dorian, I'm just having dinner with my ex-husband, ok?

Dorian: No, it's not ok, especially not in that top.

Kelly: Ugh.

Kevin: We're not planning a bank heist or a military coup.  We're not even planning on eloping tonight, I don't think.  Are we?

Kelly: I don't know, the night is young.

Kevin: The night is young.

Dorian: I am so glad you both find this so amusing.

Kevin: It's just dinner, Dorian, really. Don't freak out.

David: Well, look at that.  Nothing to see here except the subpar table that Kelly and Kevin have been seated at in the corner.  Why don't we go sit at our superior table?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

David: Nice to see you both.

Kevin: Yes.

David: You see that?  Do you see that?  You and I can have fun on our own.  That thing's going to take care of itself.

Dorian: Oh, really?  How dare he try to seduce my niece when he should be out there bringing his grandfather to justice.

David: Kevin's a moron.  Bo's on the case.

Dorian: Oh, and you're not going to fall for that, are you?  As usual, the Buchananís are protecting each other.  They never have to pay for anything that they do.  Look at Viki.  You know, embezzling funds from the university?

David: Now, just so I know that you know, you remember you're the one that forged that check, right?

Dorian: You and I are the only ones that know that.  So why hasn't Viki lost her job yet?

Starr: Oh, aunt Viki, I forgot to tell you -- someone important-sounding from L.U. Called.  I left the number in the library.

Viki: Oh, thank you very much.

Starr: Are you in trouble?

Viki: I hope not.  In any case, it's nothing for you to worry about, ok?  By the way, Lois told me that you and jack were, like, perfect tonight when I was at the wedding?  What's up with that?

Starr: How was Matthew?

Viki: Oh.  Matthew seemed all right.

Starr: He didn't want his mom to marry what's-his-name.

Viki: Yeah.

Starr: He really wanted his parents back together.

Viki: Well, that sounds familiar, hmm?

Starr: Only in my situation, it worked out a little better.  A lot better.

Viki: Yeah.

Starr: Almost.

Viki: There's no "almost," darling.  Your parents are back together.

Starr: Margaret.  I hate her.

Viki: Starr, Margaret is a woman who is very sick up here, ok? And the police will find her and she will be punished for what she did.

Starr: Yeah.  I guess.

Viki: You guess?  Why, you don't think so?

Starr: My dad says that we have nothing to worry about and that Margaret will never come back to Llanview, but we don't know what that crazy woman could do next.

Viki: You're really scared, aren't you?

Starr: Don't tell anybody, aunt Viki.

Viki: Oh, no.

Starr: Please?

Viki: No, no.

Todd: I did everything I could to make her realize how repulsive I found her, but she wouldn't take no for an answer.  She wouldn't listen.

Blair: What'd she do?

Todd: Doesn't really matter, does it?

Blair: Well, yeah, it matters.  It matters to me.  I want to know what she tried to do to you.

Todd: Well, she tried to be like you.  She tried to look like you.  She tried to sound like you.  Remember the song you sang to me on New Year's?

Blair: Yeah?

Todd: Well, she got a recording of it and she was lip-synching to it.  It was terrible.  That's Margaret.  But, I'm telling you, it doesn't make any difference.  Because you're here and I'm here.  We're both safe and we're together.

Blair: Ok.  What else did --

Todd: What do you mean, "what else"?

Blair: What else did she try to do to you, huh?

Todd: Isn't that enough?

Blair: Well, Todd, this woman obviously wants you to love her.  I mean, did she try to make you have sex with her?  Well, did she? 

Adriana: I came here because I wanted to help you look for Asa.

Duke: It was also a great excuse.

Adriana: Not an excuse to get back at my mother!  An excuse to be with you alone on a beautiful island!

Duke: Well, then why do you keep bringing her up?

Adriana: Because you're the one that keeps telling me to call her!

Duke: It's because I don't want her to worry about you.  No, that's not the reason.  It's because I'm crazy about her daughter, ok, and I don't want her crawling all over you when you get home, telling you that I'm just another Buchanan bad guy out to make your life miserable.

David: See?  Wasn't this a good idea?  Now we can pretend that Kelly and Kevin aren't even here.

Dorian: But they are.  No, no.  I realize there's nothing I can do about that.

David: That's my girl.

Dorian: Yes.  I just will have to keep the faith that eventually Kelly will realize what a duplicitous, empty suit Kevin is and that -- ahem -- Blair will finally toss Todd out like the days-old garbage that he is.  And that Asa will rot in jail and that -- that Viki will get thrown off her high horse and land in the same jail, right in the cell next to his.  Mm-hmm.

David: That's an awful lot of faith to keep track of.

Dorian: Well -- where were we?  I know.  100% of my undivided attention.

David: Hmm.

Dorian: Darling?

David: Hmm?

Dorian: Tell me something.

David: What?

Dorian: What are Kevin and Kelly doing?

David: You got to be kidding me.

Dorian: You're right.  Excuse me.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Oh.  Excuse me.

David: Yeah.

Dorian: Really --

David: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: I'm sorry.  Just -- yep -- hello.  Adriana, I was beginning to get worried about you.

Adriana: Don't.  I'm fine.  I'm just -- I'm going to spend the night with a friend.

Dorian: Who and where?

Adriana: Sorry, mom?  Oh, you're breaking up.  I just didn't want you to worry, ok?

Dorian: What --

Todd: No, Blair.  Even Margaret Cochran's not crazy enough to equate sex with love.

Blair: You're telling me that she didn't try to have sex with you?

Todd: No, what was worse than anything Margaret could've done to me was the thought that you might have believed that note that she forced me to write.

Blair: Oh, Todd, I told you that -- that I believed it at first, but then I didn't.  Let me have that arm around.  I know something's bothering you.  I wish you'd tell me what it was.  I know it's big.

Blair: Why can't you tell me what it is?

Starr: I just wish we could catch Margaret so that we could lock her up for good.

Viki: Yes, honey, so do I.  You know, sweetheart, even though Margaret's crazy, she was also fairly clever, and I think she knows a lot better than to ever show her face around here again, especially anywhere near your family.

Starr: Yeah.  Plus, my dad installed all this new security.

Viki: Oh, yeah?

Starr: A new security system, and we have bodyguards.

Viki: Sounds like your father's got it all covered, huh?  Do you want hot fudge?

Starr: Yeah.

Viki: Ok.

Starr: And whipped cream.

Viki: Oh.  All right.  Here you go.

Starr: Even though Margaret creeps me out, I mean, I'm just so incredibly happy that my mom and dad are back home.

Viki: I know you are.  We all are.  Let me just put this away.

Starr: I wish you were as happy as I am.

Viki: Why would you say that, honey?

Starr: You're in a lot of trouble, aren't you?  I read it in the paper and plus what's up with Jessica?

Viki: What do you mean?

Starr: Why has she been acting all weird lately?

Tess: Please leave me alone.

Antonio: Jess, I'm worried about you.

Tess: I'm fine.

Antonio: Please don't turn away from me.  Look at me.

Antonio: I want to help you.  I want to help you.  If there's something wrong, we can fix it.

Tess: No.

Antonio: Talk --

Tess: No.

Antonio: You have to talk to me, Jess.  Ok.  Ok.  I'll go, I'll go.  But, you -- you call me when you're ready to talk.

Jessica: Antonio?  Wait.  There's something I want to tell you.

Jessica: I don't know how to put this.  I don't know how to tell you.

Antonio: Just say it.

Jessica: There's something really wrong with me. Just now you were talking to me, and you were being sweet.  I don't know how you got here.  I don't -- I don't remember how I got here.

Antonio: We came from Nora's wedding.

Jessica: Nora's wedding?  It's -- it's over?  I missed it?

Antonio: A lot of it.  But, you were there at the end.

Jessica: Antonio, I don't remember that at all.

Antonio: Ok.  Ok.  Just tell me, what do you remember?

Jessica: Ok.  We were at the hospital and -- finishing up the test.

Antonio: Mm-hmm?

Jessica: And then you went to go get the car and then I was here. I was in the bedroom.  Did I have a blackout?  What's happening to me?

Antonio: Ok, there's got to be some kind of explanation.

Jessica: What?  What kind of explanation can there be for this?

Antonio: At the hospital, they gave you a tranquilizer.  Maybe you had a bad effect.

Jessica: Maybe.

Antonio: But you don't think so?

Jessica: I don't know!  What happened between the hospital and -- and now?  Did we go right to Nora's wedding?

Antonio: We started to.  But, then you told me Paige had to do some other tests.  Then you told me to go to the wedding and that you would catch up.  When it started getting late, I called you.  You told me you were stuck in traffic.

Jessica: Antonio, I don't remember any of that at all.

Antonio: Come here.  It's going to be ok.  It's going to be ok.

Jessica: How is it going to be ok?  I was sleepwalking first, and now I'm having these blackouts?

Antonio: I know, but whatever it is -- whatever it is, whatever's wrong, we'll handle it.

Jessica: Ok.  You're right.  Ok.  Ok.  But, we'll handle it, ok?  You and me.  I didn't even want my mom to know that I went for tests.  And now this? If this is something really bad, I don't -- I can't even imagine what it's going to do to her.

 Viki: Jack!

Jack: I couldn't sleep.

Viki: Oh.

Jack: Can I have some ice cream?

Viki: Ice cream at this time of night?  Sure.  Why not?

Starr: I don't think so.  It's mine.

Viki: Come on, you have mine.  I'm not going to eat it.  Ugh!  There you go.

Jack: Aunt Jessica's upstairs with that guy who's here all the time.

Starr: His name's Antonio, goofball.

Jack: Anyway, she was crying.

Starr: Was it a good kind of cry, like when mom was crying because she was so happy to see us at the police station?

Jack: No, the bad kind, like she did when dad was gone.

Todd: The only thing I'm thinking about is taking care of you.  But, every time we talk about Margaret, you go crazy.  You know, listen to me, once that moron installs that security system, this place will be a fortress and you will be well-protected.

Blair: Every time I close my eyes, Todd, I see you tied up on that bed or feel myself in that trunk.  I swear, I don't even know how you found me.  All I know is that I was determined to get out of that trunk and get home to my children.

Todd: I'm very sorry that all that happened to you, but you are here now and we are both alive, we are with our children.  They are beautiful and smart children.

Blair: Yes, they are.

Todd: They love us.  So the only thing I want to do is take care of you and then fall asleep.

Blair: After we eat.

Todd: Yes, after we eat --

Blair: Yes.

Todd: We'll fall asleep and I'm going to watch over you and I'm going to think how lucky I am to be your man.

Blair: What's that?  What happened, Todd?

Todd: I don't know.

Blair: Don't let go of me.  It's Margaret.  It's Margaret.  She's back!  It's Margaret.

Todd: Come here.

Blair: It's Margaret. She's back, Todd.

Todd: Just relax and stay calm.

Blair: Don't tell me to relax and stay calm, Todd.  That woman broke into this house before and stole something.  She could've came in while I was at the hospital.

Todd: No, she couldn't have.

Blair: Well, you could be wrong.

Todd: If Margaret is in this house, I'm going to kill her.

Blair: No, just call the cops.  I want you to call the cops now, all right?  Just please --

[Knock on door]

Man: Mr. Manning?  You without power in there?

Todd: Who's there?

Man: I'm with the security company.  We're rigging up your alarm system and we blew some fuses.  We'll have it up in a minute.

Todd: All right, well, I hope this new system's more efficient than the installer.

Man: Top of the line.  I'm sorry for the trouble.

Todd: You ok?

Blair: Yeah.  I'm fine.

Todd: You sure?

Blair: No, I'm not sure.  No.

David: Stop worrying about Adriana.  She's fine.  She called.  Everything's a-ok.

Dorian: You're right.  I'm sorry and we do have a lot to celebrate, don't we?

David: Yes, we do.  Blair's alive.

Dorian: And safe and sound in the hospital -- where I'm planning to go first thing in the morning because I'm determined to talk her out of going home with Todd.

David: Great, you do that.

Dorian: Oh, no, David, David, please. I've done it again, haven't I?  Oh, please, please, darling, for-- oh, no!

David: What is it now?

Dorian: Look!  They're dancing!

Kelly: Nice.

Kevin: Yeah, it is nice.

Kelly: I was talking about the song.

Kevin: Oh.

Kelly: Do you remember it?

Kevin: Of course I remember it.  Uh -- no, I do, I do.  They played it at our wedding, yes.

Kelly: You know, I told your mother that I was sorry that she couldn't be at the wedding.

Kevin: Well, that's ok because it was the best day of my life.  Until, of course, you put ace in my arms.  Then that was -- I'm sorry.  It just sort of slipped out.

David: You know, in case you're looking for me, I'm about two inches to your right.

Dorian: Oh.  Yes, thank you, I'd love to dance.

David: I'm going home.  You can join me if you like.

Dorian: David?

Antonio: Your mother knows there's something wrong.

Jessica: What?  How?

Antonio: I told her.

Jessica: Oh, God.

Antonio: At the wedding, I was worried.  She actually --

Jessica: Actually what?

Antonio: Nothing.  It's --

Jessica: Actually what, Antonio?

Antonio: It's not important.  Ok.  She actually talked to you about your tests.  But, you don't remember that, either.

Jessica: No.  No, I don't remember that.  I don't remember being places, I don't remember talking to people, I don't know what they said to me.  Listen, please, please, my mom can't know about this, ok?

Antonio: Ok.

Jessica: What's this?

Antonio: You caught it at Nora's wedding.

Jessica: What was it doing on the floor?

Antonio: I don't know.  I don't know.  But, you kind of snapped at your mom just now when she gave it to you.

Jessica: What?

[Knock on door]

Viki: Jess? Look, I'm sorry.  Honey, Jack told me you were crying?

Jessica: It's nothing, really.  Nothing.

Viki: Antonio?  Oh, for heaven's sakes.  Look, this business of shielding me from things unpleasant -- this really has to stop.  Honey, my health is just fine.  Please, honey.  Why won't you let me help you?

Tess' voice: Just keep your big mouth shut.

Kevin: Well, I'm sorry that Asa sighting didn't work out.  But listen, why don't you just pack it up and come on home?

Duke: You know, I think I should probably, you know, at least give it another day.

Kevin: All right, well, it's your call, son.  Listen, if you do find Asa, let me know before you tell Bo, ok?

Duke: Oh, right.  Talk to you later.

Kevin: All right.

Kelly: So, what is your plan?  Find Asa and then protect him?

Kevin: No, I mean, I think he should pay for what he did to Blair.  I just -- I don't think he should spend time in prison, that's all.

Kelly: Then how is he going to pay?  Is he going to write a check?

Kevin: No, he's not -- I don't know.  But we'll figure out something, ok?

Kelly: Ok.

Kevin: Look, Kelly, tonight has been a really nice night, all right?  We got past Dorian.  Can't we just move past the asa issue, too?

Kelly: Sure.  Yeah.  You know, um, I'm kind of tired.  I think I'm going to call it a night.  I don't know if this night's working out the way we hoped it would.  I'm -- I'm going to go home.

Jessica: I'm sorry, mom.  I'm just -- I'm -- I'm really -- I'm not feeling like myself.

Viki: Honey, I can see that.  But what is it? What's wrong?

Jessica: At the hospital, Dr. Miller gave me some meds, and I think that's it.  And, well, I was crying because I -- I was upset about how I reacted to the bouquet.

Viki: That's all?

Jessica: Mom, the last thing I would ever want is for Antonio to think that I didn't want it.  I mean, I know that we have stuff to work out, but I couldn't imagine my life without him.  Really, I didn't mean to worry you.  I'm sorry.

Viki: It's all right.  You know, baby, whatever you're going through, I am always, always here for you, ok?

Jessica: Thank you.

Jessica: I meant what I said.  I was never so happy than to see you walk through the door a little while ago.  I felt so lost.

Antonio: I will never let you get lost.  I will always find you.  Always.

Dorian: I beg your pardon?  What do you mean, you're not allowed to give me that information?  I am Dr. Dorian Lord.  I used to be your boss!  What?  Ok.  Blair has gotten herself released from the hospital and she didn't tell me.

David: Well, maybe she doesn't want you to know, Dr. Lord.

Dorian: She doesn't want me to know because she sneaked out with Todd.

David: She lives with him.  She loves him.  It's her problem.

Dorian: But Margaret Cochran is still out there somewhere, lying in wait for Todd.  As long as Blair is with him, her life is in mortal peril.  Anyway, I'm so sorry Kevin ruined our celebration.

David: Kevin didn't ruin our celebration.  You did.  You did that all on your own.

Blair: Do you know how long it's been since I felt your skin against my skin?  Hmm?  I just want to get back to the love we had before.  I missed you, Todd.  I missed you.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: Why don't you just go for it, Natty?  Bust a play for Johnny-boy and see what happens.

Michael: What if the killer goes after Marcie next?

Marcie: Who is it?  What are you guys doing here?

Blair: Take me upstairs, Todd.

Dorian: Blair!  Are you out of your mind?

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